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We’re a vibrant, forward-looking education provider, respected for the high quality of our programmes with employers actively seeking out our graduates both here in New Zealand and worldwide. A unique difference about our college is that we have a large number of both domestic and international students. At EDENZ you can enjoy mixing with Kiwis as well as people from other countries! The quality of our training has been formally recognised by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), awarding EDENZ Colleges the highest rating possible as a Category One education provider with ratings of Highly Confident in Educational Performance and Highly Confident in Self-Assessment. For almost 30 years EDENZ Colleges has been educating the world for success. So whether you’re a student from New Zealand or overseas, you can be sure we have the right course to realise your education and career goals. With 3 Colleges and 2 Academies: ESOL College (English Language Courses), TESOL College (English Language Teacher Training), Business College, the New Zealand Film Academy and the Digital Media Academy (3D Animation), students have a wealth of recognised study options leading to further education or specific vocational outcomes. This is why we ensure our learning programmes are academically rigorous and closely connected with industry. Graduates of EDENZ Colleges are highly employable and sought after. We have many success stories of people who have taken their EDENZ Colleges qualifications all over the world. Are you ready to be our next success story? Thank you for your interest in EDENZ Colleges. We are proud of our history and are dedicated to helping you build the future you want. We look forward to having you join us as a student and as one of our successful alumni. Join us in our college environment that provides: Success for life.

Rob Simpson




WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? EDENZ Colleges is committed to offering students the highest quality education within a warm, caring environment. And for almost 30 years, EDENZ has built its reputation on this promise and delivered on the results. It’s this balance between academic excellence and a personal approach to student satisfaction that sets us apart. Your success is our passion. That’s why we strive to make your experience satisfying on multiple levels. Whether your goal is academic, social, personal, practical, or something completely different, EDENZ equips you with the skills, experience and qualifications you need to realise your dream. Are you looking for specific training requiring specialised skills, like 3D Animation, Film or English language teaching? Perhaps your focus is in the world of Business Management or you need to improve your English language skills. Our 3 Colleges and 2 Academies will put you on the road to success.


ESOL College TESOL College

Business College

DMA Digital Media Academy NZ New Zealand Film Academy FA

On your journey, you’ll need help from the right people. Our team of over 60 professional teachers and support staff have the best national and international experience with years of expertise and connections to industry. Our team has the time, knowledge and patience to answer your questions or provide you with academic assistance or practical advice on matters like visas and the cost of living in New Zealand. And we’re not just good at our jobs. We’re people too, and we love making new friends.


Our philosophy in developing business leaders is to bring together students from a diverse range of industries and professions with an assortment of age, experience and culture. We then expose our students to innovative training delivered by our experienced and knowledgeable academic staff and present them with scenarios and situations they would face when working in New Zealand. By using this cohort approach, our business programmes provide students with teaching that combines practical and theoretical knowledge and is applicable to a number of different workplaces and industries like Health Services, Government, Not-for-Profit, Small Business and Multinational Corporations.

DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS (LEVEL 5) The Diploma in Business provides students with a broad range of knowledge and skills crucial to successfully operating in the New Zealand business environment. Students will gain develop vocational skills relevant to clerical, administrative and junior management that will allow them to operate successfully in related occupations or to undertake higher education study. Students will complete 6 courses in this programme drawn from the New Zealand Diploma in Business.

Programme Outline 1. Business Communications Business Communication introduces students to current communication theory and principles and an understanding of how communication functions in the workplace. Students also gain an awareness of the impacts of emerging technology on communication and skills that can be effective adopted to enhance interpersonal, group and organisational communication. Key topics include: • Communication theory and principles • Interpersonal communications • Intrapersonal communications • Group communications • Organisational communications. 2. Principles of Marketing The Principles of Marketing course equips students with a broad understanding of marketing principles. This includes understanding the product, price, promotion and distribution options and how to create a marketing mix for a specific target market. Key topics include: • The marketing environment and marketing information systems

3. Organisation and Management Students will gain an understanding of the factors that influence management and the organisation and how these factors interact in a business environment. Key topics include: • Purpose and philosophies of management • The influence of environment • Ethics and social responsibility • Problem solving and decision making • Planning and control • Leadership, motivation and delegation • Team dynamics. 4. Accounting Principles Students will gain an understanding about financial statements and reports to enable them to analyse and interpret business performance. Key topics include: • Accounting & the business environment • Financial statements & components • Budgeting • Analysis and interpretation of financial statements. 5. Business Computing Students will gain a working knowledge of information technology and how it relates to a business environment. Key topics include:

• Major markets, segmentation, and target markets

• Hardware, software and system components

• Consumer behaviour

• System security and control

• The marketing mix

• People and ethical issues.

• Coordination and control.

• Data communications and the Internet

6. Economics Students will develop an understanding of and apply elements of economic theory to contemporary business issues. Key topics include: • Supply and demand and pricing • Pricing and output decision making under different market structures • Strengths and limitations of the market • Free trade theory and practice • Macro-economics and current issues. 7. Introduction to Commercial Law Introduction to Commercial Law provides students with a basic knowledge of commercial law in a New Zealand context to enable them to apply legal reasoning and to develop an organised approach to problem solving. Key topics include: • The basis of New Zealand law • The law of contract • The law of agency and tort of negligence. • Consumer protection • Special Topic – recent law changes in the New Zealand commercial environment. 8. Statistics and Financial Mathematics for Business Statistics and Financial Mathematics for Business develops student skills in summarising, analysing, interpreting and presenting data, making predictions based on this data and applying financial mathematics to aid in business decision making. Key topics include: • Data types and graphical formats • Correlation and regression • Time series analysis • Random sampling techniques • Financial indices • Financial mathematics • Probability distributions • Process variation and control charts.

This Diploma also includes the added bonus of a week of General English to help refresh your English and study skills for your year of study focused on Business.

Entry Criteria Academic requirements for EDENZ Level 5 Diplomas are: • Satisfactory completion of NZ High School or equivalent, or • Aged 18 with relevant work experience, and • IELTS 5.5 (or equivalent, including EDENZ Placement (ESC) Test). For students who fail to meet this criterion with no band lower than 5.0, English bridging options are available through EDENZ Colleges.

Duration One year full-time study (depending on your academic performance during this programme). After completing one year, graduates can progress to the New Zealand Diploma of Business.

Intakes in 2015 9 February, 25 May, 31 August.

Visa Student Visa (followed by one year Post Study Work Visa then possibly two year extension).

NEW ZEALAND DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS (LEVEL 6) By the end of this two-year programme, graduates will have developed a broad range of business knowledge and skills enabling them to undertake further study in business or apply their vocational skills relevant to clerical, administrative and junior management occupations in any organisation. To gain entry into the New Zealand Diploma in Business, students must first complete the Diploma in Business (Level 5). Graduates will have the skills necessary for employment at a junior management level in organisations such as: • Tourism • Health Services • Hospitality

2. Operations Management Students will gain an understanding of operations management and apply techniques to ensure efficient and effective production of goods and services. Key topics include: • Quality management techniques to improve operations

• Banking

• Facilities and resource management for efficiency

• Retail

• Project management techniques

• Engineering

• Performance measures and performance management

• Finance • Customer Service

Programme Outline To complete the NZ Diploma in Business Level 6, students are required to take a total of 12 courses, or 6 courses if they complete the Diploma in Business Level 5.

• Supply chain and inventory management. 3. Leadership Students will understand and apply leadership concepts within a business content. This incorporates the developing of a personal plan to develop leadership capabilities. Key topics include:

1. Applied Management

• Concepts of leadership and relationship to organisations

Students will apply management concepts learnt in the Diploma of Business (Level 5) by:

• Cultural influences on leadership, social responsibility and expectations of leaders

• Identifying a business problem and writing a business proposal (eg in Health Services)

• Evaluating current abilities and leadership potential

• Using management concepts in developing recommended solutions

• Researching, comparing and evaluating leadership concepts.

• Critically reviewing a completed project.

4. Human Resources Management Students will develop an understanding of the roles, functions and application of HRM within contemporary New Zealand organisations. Key topics include: • Job design and contribution to organisational effectiveness • Recruitment and selection strategy • Designing an induction programme and a training and development plan • Performance, remuneration and rewards management. Additional courses that may also be offered by EDENZ Colleges include: • Academic Skills • Accounting Practices • Introduction to Commercial Law • Quantitative Methods • Management Accounting

This Diploma also includes the added bonus of a week of General English to help refresh your English and study skills for your year of study focused on Business.

Entry Criteria Academic requirements for EDENZ Level 6 Diplomas are: • Satisfactory completion of NZ High School or equivalent, or • Aged 18 with relevant work experience, and • IELTS 6.0 (or equivalent, including EDENZ Placement (ESC) Test). For students who fail to meet this criterion with no band lower than 5, English bridging options are available through EDENZ Colleges.

Duration Two years full-time study or one year study if having previously completed the Diploma in Business (Level 5).

• Principles of Tourism

Intakes in 2015

• Fundamentals of Small Business

9 February, 25 May, 31 August.

• Financial Accounting


• Market Research • Business Finance • Auditing • Market Planning & Control • Tourism Industry Management • Buyer Behaviour • Strategic Planning for Small Business.

Student Visa (followed by 1 year Post Study Work Visa then possibly 2 year extension)

DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS (LEVEL 7) This Diploma is designed to provide career-minded students a robust understanding of management theory and practice within a business. On completion, graduates are well prepared for management roles in their chosen industry or profession. Examples of industries or professions that would benefit from this programme include: • Financial services (e.g. accounting, banking or insurance) • Information Technology (e.g. e-Business, Graphic Design or e-Commerce) • Tourism • Hospitality

4. International Business Context Students examine underpinning concepts of international business and how these impact the decision-making process in their organisations environment. Topics include government economic policies and regulations, cultural and political issues, foreign investment and international trade.

• Health Services

5. Business Ethics

• Education

Students examine and identify ethical issues confronting managers and the framework to solve these complex problems with ethical judgments. Students are expected to develop an understanding of their managerial responsibility to their stakeholders and their legal obligations within their environment.

• Engineering.

Programme Outline 1. Organisations Students examine the practical functions and practices of organisations and become acquainted with practical skills and knowledge to enable them to be more effective in management roles. 2. Strategic Management Normative theories and models of strategy, policy and decision making are examined so students can critically assess their value to the organisation and its stakeholders and formulate successful solutions for both public and private organisations. 3. International Marketing Critical international factors that impact marketing effectiveness are examined so students understand how these can successfully be managed in both local and foreign environments.

6. Human Resource Management Students examine the human resource function in an organisation including the legal and ethical issues relating to employment, the link between employee effectiveness and organisational effectiveness, and related issues such as health and safety, performance reviews and performance rewards. 7. Interpersonal & Organisational Negotiations Students are introduced to practical principles that form the theoretical basis for successful negotiations. This includes techniques that can be employed in dispute and conflict resolution, the roles of the participants in conflicts, and the need for enhanced communication skills.

8. Strategic Information Systems

14. Business Research Methods

Students explore how cost savings can be made through the efficient use of information systems and how these systems can add value to an organisation’s services and products. Students also examine strategic information tools that may be employed to achieve efficiencies, market growth, and competitive advantage.

Students develop an appreciation of the skills and techniques involved in undertaking business research. Skills developed in this course will be foundational to designing and conducting independent studies.

9. Accounting for Decision Making Students are equipped with the tools to understand the accounting process and financial management of an organisation. This includes the role of accounting in performance measurement and accountability, standard accounting reports, cost behaviour and budgeting, and the application of cost management. 10. Marketing Planning & Strategy Students use marketing strategies within the context of the New Zealand market to understand the marketing drivers of a changing society and the need for strategic analysis and planning based on sound and reliable research. 11. Marketing Research Students become familiar with current research techniques, research management and design, and the application of research to variant consumer groups. This includes the processing of data and analysis and integration of the results to assist with strategic decision making. 12. Financial Institutions and Monetary Theory Students develop an in-depth understanding of the function and structure of financial markets, including the range of financial market operations in New Zealand, and the causes and effects of change in financial markets. 13. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Students explore the process, opportunities and issues that exist when bringing innovative ideas to success and present a business model that builds a viable plan for an innovative idea.

15. Applied Statistics for Business Students are introduced to practical statistical methods to increase their breadth of statistical skills. The course emphasises the application of statistical tools to solve problems involving real data in a range of business scenarios.

Entry Criteria Relevant background in business either through qualifications or experience. Recognition of Prior Learning from previous qualifications will be made at the discretion of EDENZ Colleges. English Entry: IELTS 6.0 or equivalent, with no band lower than 5.5.

Duration Two years full-time study. EDENZ may recognise prior study and reduce the programme duration accordingly.

Intakes in 2015 9 February, 20 April, 20 July, 12 October.

Visa Student Visa (followed by 1 year Post Study Work Visa then possibly 2 year extension).

OUR GRADUATES Chetan Rudra India

Diploma in Business

The whole point of why EDENZ is different is the multicultural experience. It is like a university and polytechnic and you can’t get that anywhere else. I am now a business development manager for an immigration company and I will soon be a licensed immigration adviser.

Piyasup Sutthitrairong Thailand

Diploma in Business

EDENZ is a friendly place for you to settle down and get the most out of study and it’s an ideal place for people to seek a new opportunity.

Kitchie Minamin Navarrete Philippines

Diploma in Business

Studying Business at EDENZ Colleges provided me with the skills and knowledge to start my own successful business. The expert teachers were caring and supportive and I met lots of friends from around the world.


Accommodation has a major role to play in a student’s experience at EDENZ Colleges.

Accommodation is arranged as a ‘fixed term’ package, including food (Snells Beach Campus only). Accommodation must be separately applied for and booked in advance. This arrangement gives confidence and security to students. Any alternative arrangements or approval of changes can only be made with the agreement of campus management.

AUCKLAND CITY CAMPUS EDENZ Apartments Enhance your study focus by waking up in a shared apartment (either single or shared rooms available) on the top 2 levels of our Auckland City Campus. It’s a great way to save on the cost of public transport and never be late for class. An onsite supervisor is in residence 24/7 to maintain student safety and monitor behaviour. Accommodation residents have access to public telephones (national and international calls) and the internet (Wi-Fi and Desktop PC internet data plans available to purchase at reception). Contact EDENZ Apartments on (09) 309 5208 and ask to speak with Student Services or your regional marketer.

SNELLS BEACH CAMPUS EDENZ Dorms & Private Units (for Block Courses, Specialised Courses and Retreats)

Snells Beach Campus accommodation provides an ideal base for study and recreation, and is located within the beautiful, peaceful surroundings of Snells Beach. With dorm rooms and private units (single, shared) available*; everything needed is on-site with the added convenience of all accommodation being fully catered. Experience our Snells Beach Campus; enjoy the social life and make new friends. Campus facilities and accommodation are operated independently from EDENZ Colleges. The team will gladly help with any queries regarding campus facilities or accommodation. Contact Snells Beach Campus on (09) 425 4054, ext 200 or by email at *Rooms are subject to availability criteria. Students are assigned rooms based on an assessment of needs and in accordance with Campus regulations.

EDENZ HOMESTAY (AUCKLAND) Homestay is the best way to start your stay in New Zealand, even if your plans are to become independent or to go flatting with friends. Starting with a homestay allows you to adjust to the New Zealand way of life, familiarise yourself with the transport systems, and discover the options available. Homestay also offers you a chance to practice your English, and provides that extra care needed while you settle into a new culture. All of our homestays are checked carefully and must pass a detailed evaluation process. Contact EDENZ Homestays on 021 518 839.

HOW TO ENROL DOMESTIC STUDENTS STEP 1 Complete the EDENZ Colleges Application form online or by downloading from the College website. Include: I. A certified copy of your current passport or birth certificate. II. Proof of prior education & learning (tertiary and secondary school academic transcripts) outlining your previous training (school or other training courses, polytechnic, university) within the last five years. III. One-page essay about why you would like to study at EDENZ Colleges. IV. Also refer to the Entry Criteria on pages 34-35 in the main EDENZ Colleges Prospectus for additional requirements specific to your programme of study.

STEP 2 Complete online or email your completed application pack to: or post to: EDENZ Colleges Registrar PO Box 10-222 Mt Eden Auckland 1446 A letter of offer is made to successful applicants.

STEP 3 Student applies for a student loan (if applicable) through StudyLink when their offer of place letter has been received. The Application Form (and Accommodation Application if applicable) must be signed by a parent or legal guardian for students aged under 18 years at the programme start date.

Financial Assistance for Domestic Applicants If you’re a domestic applicant (NZ Citizen or Permanent Resident) you may qualify for a Student Loan or Allowance from the New Zealand government (Ministry of Social Development). To find out if you do, please visit studylink.govt. nz There is a wealth of information on this site, including online forms and calculators to help you work out how much you could be getting.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS STEP 1 Complete the EDENZ Colleges Application form online or send your completed application pack to your agent or contact to one of our regional marketers who will send you an application form directly. Complete the EDENZ Colleges Application forms, and include: a) A certified copy of your current passport. b) Proof of Prior Education & Learning (tertiary and secondary school academic transcripts) outlining your previous training (school or other training courses, polytechnic, university) within the last five years. c) Reference letters as written by previous employers, tutors or personal associates. Referees may be contacted. d) International Students must provide evidence of suitable English proficiency i.e. a certified IELTS document showing relevant score as required for the course you have chosen to apply for. e) Also refer to the Entry Criteria on page 34 in the main EDENZ Colleges Prospectus for additional requirements specific to your programme of study.


STEP 3 Apply for a student visa. Visit

STEP 4 Once visa is ‘approved in principle’ by Immigration pay the programme fees. Include payment for Medical and Travel insurance to cover the full length of your stay or purchase your own.

STEP 5 EDENZ Colleges will send a receipt of payment for you to send to immigration to get your visa.

STEP 6 Book your flights and contact our student support services with your arrival time and date.

STEP 7 Contact EDENZ when you have arrived and make arrangements for your orientation and introduction to the course. Bring your original passport with you.

A letter of offer is sent to you for provisional entry. All information in this document is correct at the time of printing, EDENZ Colleges reserves the right to make any alterations if necessary without prior notice.

STUDENT PATHWAYS Business College is just the beginning Graduating from our Business Diplomas can launch your business career in New Zealand or overseas.




Entry level clerical, administrative or junior management positions in a range of industries in New Zealand or overseas.

Graduates can pursue further study or access a wider range of clerical, administrative or junior management employment opportunities.

Level 7 graduates are degree qualified. This provides them with a greater range of business employment opportunities at a more senior level.


All our teachers are highly qualified, with real industry experience in the fields they teach. They are also dedicated to helping every student reach their goals.

Nathan Polley Qualifications

Master of Business Administration Bachelor of Business (Management/Marketing) Graduate Certificate in Ministry (GradCertMin) Nathan has significant international experience in consulting, training and management having previously been a trainer and office manager of a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia, a Senior Consultant with PwC in Papua New Guinea and the Global Finance Training Lead for Fonterra internationally. Nathan brings a strong commitment to ensuring all students achieve and excel both in and out of the classroom. Nathan has also submitted a Graduate Diploma in Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Leadership and is currently completing a doctorate (PhD).

Kevin Sherriff Qualifications

Master of Business Postgraduate Diploma of Business Bachelor of Arts Diploma of Management (Operations Management) Kevin was born in Australia and educated in NZ and has over 25 years’ of experience across three major NZ industries - Dairy, Telecommunications, & Education. Kevin has been involved in a range of disciplines either as an employee or in his own ventures including; production/operations management, personnel management, technical consultancy, & customer sales & service. He has tutored management studies at both government and private tertiary institutions. Kevin is studying towards a Diploma of Adult Education and is currently completing a thesis on Brand Management, which concludes his Master of Business (Marketing).

Jan Duncan Qualifications

Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Commercial law Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) Diploma in Teaching Graphic Design Certificate Trinity Certificate in TESOL Jan has a background in design and has worked as an illustrator of books, magazines and newspapers. She is a trained educator and has taught Science/ Chemistry at secondary level and Commerce subjects at tertiary level. Prior to working at Edenz, Jan worked in the Anthropology and Education Departments at The University of Auckland.

Yury Zhukov Qualifications

Master of Arts Bachelor (Honours) in Political Studies, Second Class First Division Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Yury has a Master of Arts by Research degree from the University of Auckland. He has extensive experience working in international marketing and communications having provided B2B support to a number of international projects in Russia, Germany, Sweden, and Austria. Before coming to New Zealand he had been teaching Professional Communication in the Moscow State Linguistic University for two years. He has excellent knowledge of academic and business research.

Stuart Halstead Qualifications

Post Graduate Certificate in Education Bachelor of Business Studies (Marketing) Diploma of Business Stuart is a dedicated and innovative teacher with over 10 years multinational business experience, having worked at Mobil Oil, NZ Dairy Foods (now Fonterra). He also has 3 years New Zealand small business experience and 6 years teaching experience. Stuart is currently studying towards a Master of Business.

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS What jobs can I apply for after I finish the course? Most students apply for a variety of entrylevel office jobs after graduation, with many going into retail, administration, marketing, or junior management. Whatever path you chose for yourself in the future, we’ll try our best to provide you with a solid set of skills to help you become part of New Zealand’s workforce.

Will my education help me find a job? It definitely won’t hurt your chances. On top of providing practical skills in the classes, we run job search and career advice workshops; we give you opportunities to go into internships in your area of interest; and we are always ready to give you advice on the subject. We make sure that by the end of your studies you have all the qualities that Kiwi employers value the most in their prospective employees.

Business sounds very generic. Will I be able to work in any industry of my choice? Our goal is to provide you with the foundation that will allow you to work in any industry of your choice. Even though every job is unique, you should have skills that are transferrable between industries and that will serve you well, whatever job you do. Examples would be Professional Communication, Computing, Organisational Behaviour, and many others. To sum up, yes, you’ll have a skill set that can make you a great employee on whichever path you choose.

I have studied one of the subjects before. Can I receive recognition of prior learning? Even though this is theoretically possible it depends on where you studied, when, at what level and your practical experience. It may not be possible if your subject was done as part of an overseas qualfication. At EDENZ we make sure that our programmes prepare you for life in New Zealand, and what you may have studied in another country may be quite different when applied to the Kiwi environment.

So, what else can I do apart from study? EDENZ offers a variety of extracurricular activities. Plus, if you study business, it doesn’t mean you can’t get involved in activities organised by other schools. If you are passionate about movies or animation, we have events that will help you explore your artistic side. Do you want to sing in our choir? Do you want to start a band, try kayaking, or help make a video game? It’s entirely up to you how involved you become in extracurricular activities.

Is New Zealand safe? New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world. Like every country, there is some crime, but if students are sensible, the risks are very low. There is no religious tension in New Zealand.

How safe are the fees that I pay to EDENZ? EDENZ is registered with New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), and is required to hold students fees in a Trust Account, so that they can be refunded if the student does not start the course for some reason.

Is New Zealand nice to live in? The 2014 Mercer Quality of Living Survey ranked Auckland 3rd equal place in the world on its list, while The Economist’s World’s Most Livable Cities index of 2014 ranked Auckland in 10th place.

Can EDENZ arrange accommodation for me? Yes, in fact you can choose between our City Campus or Snells Beach. In the city you can stay in one of our shared apartments on the top two levels of our Airedale Street Campus. It’s a great way to save on the cost of public transport and you’ll never be late for class! A hostel supervisor is in residence 24/7 to maintain student safety and monitor behaviour.Accommodation residents have access to public telephones (national and international calls) and the internet (Wi-Fi and Desktop PC internet data plans are available to purchase at reception). Our Snells Beach Campus is a 1 hr drive from central Auckland and situated on a 32-acre site in the semi-rural, coastal town of Snells Beach. Block courses, specialised courses, and retreats are held at this campus. The campus is entirely self-contained, equipped

with lecture theatres, classrooms, a fully functional kitchen, café, TV studio and onsite accommodation. The interaction between international and domestic students, as well as the interaction with both College staff and staff from our various onsite businesses, creates a stimulating cultural experience and a distinctive learning environment. You can also stay with a real kiwi family and practice your English outside of class. Our Homestay department carefully selects suitable Homestays for our students. Their homes are regularly inspected to ensure quality and safety, and all students are placed in single bedrooms. Other facilities such as bathrooms, TV and phone/internet (if available) are more commonly shared with the host family. Many business students go to a Homestay for their first few weeks, before finding friends to share an apartment with.

Can I keep in contact easily? The internet is widespread, and students have plenty of access for email. Many students find it simple and cheap to get a new SIM card for their GSM phone while in New Zealand, rather than having to buy a new phone.

To request an application form or information on specific, week-by-week course content, intake dates, fees and the entry criteria, please visit our website:

Queen Street

Wellesley Street

Wakefield Street

Airedale Street

EDENZ We are here


Mayoral Drive




CONTACT US Auckland City Campus



85 Airedale Street Auckland CBD 1010 New Zealand

0800 EDENZ NZ (0800 333 6969)

+64 9 309 8136


+64 9 309 5208

2015 EDENZ Business College Brochure  

Find out more about what studying at EDENZ Business College is about

2015 EDENZ Business College Brochure  

Find out more about what studying at EDENZ Business College is about