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As a golfer whenever you hear another golfer try and sell you a golf swing, that's described as the perfect golf swing then straight away you'd have to be skeptical, right? But time and time again you hear the term used and common sense dictates that an action as imprecise as the the golf swing just doesn't go well with the word "perfect". Therefore it really does make you wonder, does the perfect golf swing actually exist? Well maybe yes or maybe no, but I'm wondering that if we were to apply some logic to the perceived contradiction we may be able to come up with an answer. First of all there is no question that many golfers believe it exists because these three words are searched for so frequently on the internet and secondly many golf coaches, golf pro's, marketers of golf swing training aids and authors of golf books give the impression, ever so subtly, that it might be achievable. So instead of asking if the perfect golf swing actually exists then maybe we should be asking, what's the best way to go about achieving it? So lets pretend it does exist. Therefore the best way to answer that question is to actually look at the golf swing itself. Firstly, as we've already stated, the golf swing is such an imprecise action as there are just so many variations, theories and methods of learning it that it's enough to drive a new golfer to despair. But if you think about it there is a reason for all the different variations, which in reality are probably all good golf swings. The reason why they all exist is because all golfers are different. What works for one golfer may not work for another. Now most golfers already know this but there are also many golfers that still persist with a swing that's not working for them just because it's been sold to them as a great swing that works for everyone else. Therefore if you're struggling with a swing never believe that you are the exception. So how does a golfer know who to listen to or more importantly how do you know if the golf swing that you're being taught will work for you? Well the answer to this is fairly simple and here's how to find out. Write down on a sheet of paper a step by step description of how to conduct your golf swing. Start with everything that happens from the commencement of the backswing through to the position you should be in at the top of your backswing then continue through the downswing, hitting the ball and then the follow through. Now the first rule here is to commit it to memory and if you haven't then you should. You need to know it off by heart because if you don't know it you won't be able to do the next step.

Therefore once you've memorised it you then need to recite it back in your own mind. Now I know you're now wondering where this is going but bear with me because the next point is important. I'll bet you can't recite your swing in your mind in the time it takes to actually execute the swing. Of course you can't and no one can because the golf swing is all over in about 2 seconds. It's a very fast action, therefore the only way to learn it is to embed it into your subconscious by training your body through repeated practice. But here's the catch, most golfers can understand most golf swings and then they can memorise them into their concious mind but then when it comes to converting that knowledge and training their body and subconscious mind to firstly learn the swing and then consistently repeat it over and over again they find it difficult. And the reason why is simple. It's a combination how they practice the swing and secondly the degree of difficulty of the swing itself. So first of all let me say golf practice is a whole new topic and probably should be spoken about more thoroughly at another time but the degree of difficulty of the swing is crucial. How easy or difficult a swing is to master will have a direct relationship on ultimately how successful you as a golfer are at mastering it. If the swing is promoted as the best swing ever but is complicated and difficult for an individual golfer to master then why persist with it? So therefore it doesn't matter if the swing is perfect or not or whether it's used by your favourite pro or not. The bottom line is this, if it's too complicated for you to learn (as an individual) then you're just wasting your time. So this begs the question, what should a golfer look for in a swing. Well firstly, as a golfer you need to ask yourself if you understand the swing you're being taught, then if you can easily memorise it and then finally do you think that with practice you'll be able to convert it into an action that you'll be able to repeat over and over again. In other words is it complicated or is it simple to learn. Now I watched an internet video recently where a golf pro demonstrated how to hit a driver. It went for 5 minutes and was so, so complicated that I lost interest after 2 minutes. At the end he finally demonstrated the swing at normal speed and hit the ball. The swing looked great but in the end it was very complicated. Now some golfers will then say but that's just the way the golf swing is. It is complicated! Well not always, but getting back to the video, it's fair to say that most golfers could eventually understand it and then eventually memorise it but how long do you think it would eventually take to train the body to be able to repeat it consistently, if at all? Therefore the bottom line is this. Not every golf swing is for everybody. What works for one golfer may not work for another. Therefore if you're being taught a swing that's not working for you ask yourself, do I understand it? can I memorise it? and do I think I'll be able to train my body to repeat it consistently? If the answer is yes to all three then you're on a winner. If it's no then ask yourself, why? I'll bet that the reason you come up with is, it's just too complicated. So therefore what you need to do is find a simple golf swing, one that's easy for you as an individual to replicated.

Remember we as humans, can sometimes get conned into believing that if it's complicated it must be correct. Don't let that happen to your golf swing. Therefore to answer the original question, is there a perfect golf swing? Well maybe, and if there is it will be different for different golfers but remember if you keep it simple you'll greatly increase your chances of mastering it.

I hope that you've found this article of interest and helpful. If you'd like to read some more about the perfect golf swing as well as some golf swing training tips then it can all be found at my Golf Blog.

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