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Country Club News January 2009

January Birthdays: Billy Archer Lynsey Auld Karen Baker Robin Beattie Fiona Boyd Sylvia Cairnduff Jill Corr Jenny Crooks Jess Dhak Alex Gordon Yvonne Hayes Eric Jenkinson Jennifer Kennedy Jill Kennedy Jenny Leslie Dylan Lyness John Marks Richard Matthews Martin McClinton Sharon McGuigan Janice McKillop Darryl Mooney Adrian Moriarty Yvonne Morrow Adrian Mulvey Martin Newell Terry Nicholson Kevin O’Hara Alex Price Norma Rompante Dariusz Rygier Alan Todd Yvonne Walker Brian Waugh David Wilson Ryan Wilson Anne Younge

Happy Birthday—we wish you all the best

Health & Fitness Team

Top tips… Achieve your goals in 2009 Build Good Habits. Habit is one of the things that keeps us going to the gym long after the zest of our New Year’s Resolution(s) has worn off. Building healthy habits takes time (21 efforts they reckon) but it’s the perfect way to start the new year and to make sure you give yourself the best chance of achieving your goals in 2009. Goal Setting. We all regularly apply goal setting to every day life - every time you make a list of things you want to do for the day. Goal setting for your fitness goals is just as easy and will help keep you on track. Start with what you ultimately want to achieve. Now, what steps do you need to take to achieve this goal? Finally set goals for each workout - you might want to run an extra 100m, or row for an extra minute. Challenge yourself. Understand your body. Everyone’s body is different; I might need less sleep than you, you might be more flexible than me. Identifying your weaknesses, areas you need to improve or ’niggles’ will help your body stay fighting fit and will keep you improving year round. Listen to how your body responds to a new stimulus and adjust accordingly. Nutrition. Eat right for your body. Understanding how much food your body needs each day is vital to achieving either weight loss and muscle gain. We all know that if you eat too much you’ll put on weight, but the same thing applies to not eating enough. If you don’t consume enough food/ calories you’ll run the risk of bringing your metabolism to a grinding halt & you will be depriving your body of the energy it needs to survive, let alone exercise. Eat the right foods. Eat whole nutritious foods. Lots of veg, some fruit, nuts and lots of clean protein. Try to stay away from sugars & refined carbohydrates. Eat things you need to cook yourself things out of a packet aren't good for you.

Downsize. The majority of us eat too much. Portion sizes are one of the most easily modifiable factors in any diet. It’s also one that can make a significant difference to your calorie intake, caloric balance and therefore body shape. Eat smaller portions. Simple. Try something new. Take up a new sport, activity or hobby. Adding new activities to your training schedule not only adds variety & fun to your routine but it challenges your body to perform under a variety of conditions - improving your results & all round fitness. Train Hard. Whether you’re doing cardio or lifting weights, there’s no point in going through the motions. You need to challenge your body in order to see physical change. The more you push your limitations the greater benefit you get - physically and mentally. Get a new program. Hit a plateau? One thing that will stop long term progress is not renewing your program often enough. It’s important to keep your schedule fresh so your body doesn’t get used to it. Our bodies are pretty smart - give it the option and it will take the easy way. Keep challenging yourself and keep your body guessing to continue to see results. Sleep more. Sleep deprivation has been clinically shown to be associated with mental, emotional & physical fatigue as well as with decreased alertness & cognitive function the day after. The kicker is that getting adequate sleep is also a factor in assisting with weight loss and maintaining a healthy immune system. So go to bed a bit earlier and feel better for it the next day. At the end of the day motivation that keeps you going comes from within. It’s about wanting what you want, and being willing to sacrifice in order to get it. Nothing I can say will give that to you.



You should be trying to boost your metabolism. Eating too little will bring it to a grinding halt.

1kg = 2.2lbs 1 inch = 2.54cm

Body factors: BMR & Caloric Requirement All your good intentions and New Year’s resolutions are more likely to be put aside if you’re not prepared and armed with a plan, knowing what you have to do to achieve your goals (remember the goal setting thing on the other page?!). One of the major challenges when devising a plan to lose weight is knowing exactly how much fuel your body needs.

Using your BMR figure, you can then calculate your daily caloric requirement using a simple formula. Multiply your BMR by the following numbers: 1.2 if you’re sedentary, 1.375 - light activity 1-3 x/wk 1.55 - mod activity 3 - 5 x/wk

1.725 - hard activity 6 - 7 x/wk And by 1.9 if you do very hard Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is sports every day, train twice a day the amount of calories your body needs purely for survival - every- or have a very physical job. thing from breathing to sleeping & I.e. Cal. req. = 1516.9 x 1.55 growing new bones. It’s important = 2351 Calories per day because it provides a baseline - the absolute minimum calories that you This is your daily caloric expendineed to maintain and healthy state. ture. Eating calories in excess of Your BMR is inherent, everyone is this amount means you will put on different and it’s a major factor in weight. Consume significantly less determining your daily caloric re- than this amount of calories and quirement, which is also affected by you’re depriving your body of not only essential nutrients, but forcing your lifestyle and activity level. it into a state where it relies on breaking down your muscles for To calculate your BMR fuel. This state is not healthy and WOMEN: BMR = 655 + (9.6 x will bring your metabolism (to a weight in kgs) + (1.8 x height in grinding halt; making it even harder to lose fat in the long run. cms) - (4.7 x age in years). MEN: BMR = 66 + (13.7 x weight in kgs) + (5 x height in cms) - (6.8 x age in years). i.e. 655 + (700.8) + (288) - (126.9) BMR = 1516.9 cal

Weight Loss. The only rule you need to know when it comes to weight/fat loss is that a negative calorie balance is essential to lose weight. I.e. you must ingest less calories than you expend. How to calculate this and break it down

into achievable, daily amounts is also simple. Just follow the instructions below. For 1kg of fat loss over 1 month you need to create a 9000cal deficit. If you burn 900cal per week (approx 3 x 45min sessions) you’ll expend 3600cal per month through exercise. Take this amount from your monthly deficit target (9000) to find the dietary caloric deficit required. This figure of 5600 (9000 - 3600) is then split into the specified number of days to get approximately 200cal per day. Split your daily calories into 5 (i.e. 2351/5 = 470.2). This number represents the amount of calories you can consume per meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner). Take the other two ‘meals’ and divide them between your snacks. (i.e. 940 / 3 (snacks) = 313 cal). Of course you also need to eat the right food. Last month we did an article about foods, diet and food timing. Follow these basic principles, using the numbers above, exercise consistently & you’ve developed a plan to achieve your weight loss goals in 2009.

Playing with Push ups Push ups are one of the best, and simplest exercises to build upper body strength. They can be functionally applied to any strength training program as a method of pre-fatigue, superset or for pure strength development. Variations of push-ups can also hit muscles in different ways, requiring improved neurological conditioning and muscle fibre recruitment. To do a correct, full body push up, support your weight on your toes, which should be lined up directly





below your ankles. Your hands should rest directly under your shoulders with your body rigid. At the bottom point of the push up, your chin should touch the ground, but the abdomen should not. Push back up so the elbows are straight but not locked. Complete all this without flexing your body. Variations on the push ups include: DB Push ups - hands on 2 dumbbells under the shoulders. 3 Point Pushup - lift either a hand or leg (easier) and complete the

push up as prescribed. Boxers Push up - should be completed on the knuckles with the wrists kept straight. Unstable Push ups - a) hands on Fit-ball, b) feet on fit-ball, or c) both hands and feet on fit-ball. Hands can also be placed on an unstable bar (i.e. barbell). Performing unstable push ups improves the recruitment of core muscles such as serratus anterior & intercostals as well as the shoulder stabilising rotator cuff.




Healthy Nosh: Chilli Crab Linguine

(thanks to Mens Health)

What you need: 400g linguine pasta

5 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 large red chilli, finely chopped 1 lemon, juice & zest + 1 lemon to garnish 4 spring onions, thinly sliced 200g white and 100g brown crab meat A handful of fresh flat-leaf parsley, chopped Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste A bag of watercress, to garnish


What you do: 1. Boil the linguine in salted water for 89 minutes until al dente. Drain, cover and set aside.

2. Return the pan to a low heat and throw in the olive oil, garlic, chilli and lemon zest. Heat until the mixture sizzles gently. 3. Chuck in the linguine, crab meat, lemon juice and spring onions & toss over a medium heat for 2-3 minutes to warm the crab through. Any longer will dry it out and destroy flavours, so keep it snappy. 4. Add the parsley and a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Serve immediately

Diary of a newbie...Torment, Torture & Triumph I wanted to get a little fitter, I wanted my body to be more toned, and I figured I needed a little help.

makes me do). Could this “gym thing” possibly be working?

WEEK 1 Torment!! I have tormented myself: from motivating myself to going twice per week, to using the strange equipment, and to following my programme (which is basic). I’m a bit worried. I have never been to a gym in my life.

WEEK 5 The terrible twosome of Torture and Torment are gone. They are not here this week. Encouragement from the fitness team is good. I won’t go into the details-suffice to say Leonie doesn’t get called those names for nothing!!!! Me, the bike, the treadmill, great buddies really enjoying ourselves this week. The cross trainer isn’t so bad. As for the rowing machine I guess I will just have to put up with it. Result...I must remember to buy a belt for my trousers, they just won’t stay up. I worked for 3 hours in the garden, cutting trees, raking leaves, you know the usual manual labour that no-one else will do. I didn’t notice it at the time, and I didn’t feel tired. I just kept going, my stamina was good. Mmmm could this “gym thing” be working.

WEEK 2 Torment and Torture. Why did I join the gym? I am not a “gym person” (ok I’m not a fit person either). I keep reminding myself why I am here, I need to get fitter, I want to get fitter and I get encouraging looks and nods from the fitness staff. But…the rowing machine refuses to make friends with me, it is so demanding. WEEK 3. I am still torturing myself. I have to come straight from work. I know if I go home I will not come back out and do this. The rowing machine and cross trainer are still tormenting me, but with the treadmill and the bike I’m doing ok. They like me. So far, so good… I have stuck with the programme and I attend Pilates every week WEEK 4 Still a bit of torture going on. There must be something wrong with the rowing machine, or me. I just don’t get it. The treadmill, looking good, and me and the bike are going places. The cross trainer? I think it and the rowing machine would make a really good couple!!! Getting there... Some colleagues in work asked me had I lost weight, and one person actually suggested I looked taller!!! (That’s all that stretching Victoria

Week 6 Triumph!!! Hallelujah The rowing machine and I are friends. We are all best buddies, they are great. I feel great doing this. In fact I felt so great I had to go and tell Leonie. She just smiled that shy wee smile of hers that says, I knew this would happen, what took you so long!!! I sleep better, I have more energy and stamina. All in 6 weeks. I made the right choice, joined the gym, and got fitter. I also see a real change… I am starting to enjoy this! I went home from work tonight before coming on over to the gym!! If you’re thinking about the gym make the right choice, take up the challenge and choose your fitness, your health, first, and the Fitness Team will be there for support and help all the way, You’ll be glad you did.

I must remember to buy a belt for my trousers, they just won’t stay up...

Stuff you need to know... 2009 Opening Hours Monday - 8 am — 10 pm Tuesday - 7 am — 10 pm Wednesday - 8 am — 10 pm Thursday - 7 am — 10 pm

Ladies Golf Lessons

Class timetable A new 6 block course of both Yoga & Pilates classes will commence on January 7th. Yoga classes will now begin at 8pm.

Friday - 8 am — 9 pm Saturday - 9 am — 5 pm

Why not try out a new sport, while the lessons are so affordable. For just £5 per session Andy will provide advice & support and show you the way. Starting Thursday January 15th 10.30 - 11.30am followed by tea & coffee All beginners welcome.

Sunday - 9 am — 5 pm Last entry, 45mins before closing time.

Ashtanga Yoga Victoria is considering running an Ashtanga Yoga course starting mid February. Ashtanga yoga is a fast paced, more demanding form of yoga which is an ideal companion to regular gym visits. For regular gym goers it is a low impact way to assist with weight loss, improve flexibility and improve bone density. Unlike regular yoga, Ashtanga yoga is a moderate cardiovascular workout as well. Each 90 minute session begins with a warm-up of Sun Salutations designed to warm up the body before the main stretch exercises. These classes will be run separate to all Edenmore memberships. For more information contact Victoria Cunningham on 07734 650 517

January Newsletter 2009  
January Newsletter 2009  

Nutrition. Eat right for your body. Under- standing how much food your body needs each day is vital to achieving either weight loss and musc...