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November 2012 Volume 2 Issue 11

spreading compassion to all sentient beings and Living in healing and peaceful world Editor

Maryam Morrison

Front Cover by Photographer: Scott Detweiler

Styles by: Twig Noir, Hair: Jessica Rondinelli, Emma Harris, Mua: Colour Law, Body Art: OttosAir Kustomz Eden Magazine is an independent monthly online magazine. Our aim is to create a better environment where we live among other living being in peace and harmony. We support artists that their work match our criteria. If you would like to submit your artwork, article or/and your Photography For our future issues please contact Maryam Morrison at; or 2 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2012

Seth Nayes



By Katerina Kostaki

8 Light Cleansing

By; Michele Rabbitt Billman

12 The 3 Day Purge By Elliot Eli Jackson



Karma & Soul By: V. Ravi


The Imeccable

By Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

28 The Mediterranean Monk Seal

32 The Astral Plane

By Abhishek Agarwal


3 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2012

Born with a full head of copper red hair in the north woods of Iron Mountain, Michigan. Seth Nayes spent most of his time running amok throughout the forest or at his grandparents Lakeside Bed and Breakfast in Florence, Wisconsin greeting it’s patrons and swimming through the rusty waters. He was pulled abruptly from his relaxing life to the volatile, Lac Du Flambeau. Where he faced hardships of rejection, molestation, fighting and home battles. Bouncing back and forth between family members until Ojibwe Language teacher, Anne Wewasson gave him a beautiful home on the outskirts of the reservation to spend some of his teenage years. Eventually, the tormented child burned his bridges and ran off on his own, rebelling against those who loved him. After graduating high school in Minocqua, WI, he moved to Green Bay to chase his 4 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2012

Seth Nayes “Sweet Nightmares” Photographer AND Sleeping Model: Nicole Jolly, Ghost: Seth Nayes

dream of becoming a professional wrestler. Continuing the fight, Working throughout the Mid Western Indy Circuit. The dangerous lifestyle eventually caught up with him. After a shocking end to a match, Seth realized he needed to take a step away and re-evaluate where he was going in life. His spirit was looking for something more. With more lights, more glitter, more affirmation. He moved to Madison, Wisconsin and found the glamorous, over the top, talented, Peach Pies Caburlesque. Finally a place of acceptance, warmth and glory where every shape, size, gender identity and style could celebrate what they are. Now Madame Envy. She will never forgot the twists and turns of the yellow brick road.


Photographer: Shana Diephuis “Madame Envy performs Time of the Season”


Photographer: Koltz Photography, MUA: Alex Kriescher


The word “philotimo” (Lover of honor), which is purely a Greek word, is very difficult to be found in an English dictionary, as the definition of this word has been infused and inherited in the collective unconscious of the Greek culture.

horizons. Existence of which I had never anticipated before. According to the thesis of Ninon Chrysohoos & Robert Porter Lynch

(1): philotimo (Love of honor) means “ Many Greek friends might smile when philo-love + timi-honor” and it is considreading about the importance of «philo- ered as an “extremely sensitive region timo», knowing by experience what that of men’s souls that gives forth gallantry, essentially means.... nobility and moral pride; it is the sense of honor and dignity.” Eventually the more I get in search for the meaning of the word “philotimo” , the (2) : more I consider that its significance is deeper and extending beyond historical, Also according to the website of the Encyphilosophical, psychological and social clopaedia of Orthodoxy 8 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2012

hilotimo P Love of Honor & Ungratefulness

By Katerina Kostaki

(3): philotimos is someone who lives, thinks and works with an honest and full of virtue way in any situation. He who acts with love, kindness, responsibility, pain and compassion for others. Someone who is generous in a few words

I would like to add to the above mentioned statements that Philotimos (similar word: generous) acts by heart, because he thinks that is really good (anc. Greek : «αγαθόν») for someone to help his fellows, even though they do not recognize or overlook it many a time.... (My personal opinion).

Ancient Greeks believed that someone should be “philotimos” , as the opposition «AFILOTIMIA» ( the lack of value/honour ) was a shame. Of course, Ancient Greeks had developed an amazing system of values, so that someone in order to gain understanding must have depth to the very etymology of words and their interpretation, and the fact itself they had comprehended in order for a society being functional should rely consciously on - not imposed by humans - Laws, but Universal Laws (Divine).


Aside to that implication, Laws and Values are related to Harmony and Order in conjunction with the cooperation (Synergy) –(4).

and supremacy. (This is an issue that I will possibly explain in a later newsletter of mine). All this occur in a society that constantly refuses to cut grasps with Matrix, where the co-operators or By this way they suppressed their fear of associates (of the society) are afraid betrayal and the possibility of someone to allow themselves risk by following a putting his merit over the merit of all. brighter and less materialistic way. Even nowadays modern Greeks state that someone has to appeal on some- Maybe that is the reason for philotimos/ one’s philotimo, to touch his willing to of- generous people being paid in the curfer help and assistance . rency of ungratefulness, due to their accordance to laws and values rooted Philotimia’s or generosity’s true mean- in their subconscious and for transcending and application has been circum- ing the shackles of conventional reality. vented and remains on risk of being diminished not only from dictionaries, but The soul of a philotimos/generous man/ from our society we live in. woman is full of experiences, ideals, virtues, knowledge and wisdom. The arc of philotimo is too small to stop All these co- exist to create an integratthe lack of values, selfishness, the little ed man, for Knowledge without Wisdom and large merits, and fears of people. cannot exist as well as without impleIn front of philotimo a detrimental selfish mentation. Knowledge itself without the tendency of people to think and act by «Synergy» of Wisdom, Virtue, Justice, mind ( and not by soul ) is heightened. Valour Prudence cannot exist. «Why should I help someone, if not having benefit?», is an intimate question posed by someone who thinks selfishly. Or in the worst case to use the phrase: «The end justifies the means»-(5), which is more tragic, because it is used in many ways even for supposed spiritual and holy purposes, such as spreading Spiritual / Universal Laws! Of course now we are getting to the abuse of the very good intention for offering and love.

The ideas and goods are born and implemented by people who are carrying the legacy of our Creator’s values, because they allowed themselves to listen to the voice of their heart and overcome their “ego”. Creator cultivates the image, literally « embroiders » on a transcendental canvas, what is transferred from the human soul, known as “creations”.

Then, someone who is philotimos/ generous risks to become a victim in the“ altar ” of individual plans and aspirations or of the insatiable foresight for control 10 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2012

Creator not only has spoken within, but was heard too! Those who work by Philotimia (Love of honour) and truly act according to this value, definitely flee away to Light, because they risk their aid for good deeds towards their fellows, even though they do not expect anything in return.

Katerina Kostaki is a visionary artist, spiritual author, poetess, freelance In contrast to those who watch the Light, article writer but touch it with them fingertips like a ,mentor and distant star in the sky, for they fly bound- video creator. ed to the “dark machine of Matrix”, reluctant to offer and share their love and She was born in 1966 in Athens , understanding residing within, due to their Greece. She was awarded as Mentor fear of losing .... for participating to the European Union Program entitled “Implement” (MayCopyright Katerina Kostaki October 2006) in contribution with two Visionary author-poetess International Universities: Institut Technik Undbildung and Deis-Cork Institute of Technology. She attended lessons on Counselling on 2007. SOURCES: (1) Greeks_Created_the_First_Age_of_Innovation_V1.31.pdf (2) (3) (4) (5) ends_justifies_the_means_mean the_means Twitter:@katerinakostaki e-mail:

She took a distant learning course on “ALCHEMY OF TRANSFORMATION ” by Classic Insight Org. (former Online Humanities Org.) on 2010. Her work related to spirituality, spiritual coaching/ counselling, mythology, esoteric research, self esteem, relationships, self improvement, historical reviews, Nature protection, New Age, mystery and metaphysics has appeared in several publications (trade –union, local and cultural) both in print and online. She writes and translates her books/articles /poems/newsletters from Greek to English language herself.

11 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2012

Being aware of your surroundings is importa the real world, but you never expect to ha Having an intruder trying to invade your hom helped them enter into 12 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2012


Cleansing Michele Rabbitt Billman

ant for your personal safety while out and about in ave your defenses up while in your own home. me is a terrible thing especially if you unknowingly o your own personal space. 13 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2012

One of my friends was offering a free online tarot card course, she was an amazing card reader, I thought being taught by an expert it would speed up my learning curve. I had been fascinated with tarot cards my whole life, being a Pisces, I knew I had the potential of reading the cards with my intuition. The thick guide book that came with each card deck always intimated me so I never bought any. When I shopped at the local mall for the recommended tarot card deck, my family tried to steer me away from a particular set. They told me “buy any deck but NOT that one”. They only had one Rider Waite decks at the store and it came with the guide book plus a “dummie” book bonus! For once I lucked out and got a great deal, but my family was not happy with my good fortune. I was so excited to get my cards home and get acquainted with them, I ripped open the box without reading the directions and started automatically shuffling them. A chill went down my spine as I was handling them, I could feel these cards had a connection to the spirit realm right away. As I looked through the each card I had to admit I was disappointed in the graphics of my first set of tarot cards, even creeped out by the violent images. I would had preferred angels or fairies but the online course picked to use the Rider Waite set. Both guide books that explained all the meanings of the images made my head spin and I felt more confused about the cards. Before my online class started I decided to let my intuition guide me instead and let the cards “talk to me” while I practiced with them. I was sur-

prised how I could create my own meanings that made sensed to me. Every time I got my tarot card set out my family would give my a hard time about the “creepy cards” and resisted a reading with them. I thought they were being closed minded about the whole experience. A few weeks later my mom who was left alone in our house, mentioned that she could have sworn she heard someone walking on the roof with heavy boots. I figured she was just hearing the house shutters fluttering in the wintery wind. A few days later, my son Jacob stayed home from school, he had the touch of the flu. While he took his nap in my bedroom he woke up to someone pounding on the wall next to the computer desk, he rolled over to see the computer chair turn toward the desk and heard the keys clicking on the keyboard. My son, Jacob, looked around the house for me thinking I had come home early from work, he only found his grandma taking a nap in her bedroom. When I got home he voiced his concern of having a ghost in the house, I assured him he was just having a vivid dream and not to worry about it. As I told my son that all was well, I noticed my dog cowering behind my bedroom door with a pitiful look on his face. That night I awoke to my husband getting back into bed in the middle of the night. He told me that he swore he heard someone walking and moving things around in the kitchen. I relayed the other stories about my mom and Jacob hearing strange noises and how the dog was acting spooked lately. My grandma had passed away about four weeks prior to all this strange activity

14 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2012

started, we decided it was grandma coming back to check up on us all. We both managed to fall back to sleep knowing grandma was looking out for us. That same week when I was home alone I had my own experience. I was savoring the time of having the whole house to myself. I sat down in my bedroom to use the computer when my dog slunk between my legs. I thought my dog was sensing a storm coming, when I heard distinct footsteps moving around in the living room. My dog hid under my computer desk leaving me alone to investigate the strange noise by myself. When I walked into the living room the silence was overwhelming, the whole house was quiet, too quiet. The air in the room was very heavy, to the point where I had to take a deep breath in order for my lungs to function. I could feel an eerie presence nearby staring at me. I wanted to run out of the room and join the dog under the computer desk but I knew I had to stand my ground with whatever was in the room with me. I demanded the invisible presence to “knock off the noises and leave my family alone�. I was alarmed that the spirit always targeted someone when they were alone and vulnerable. I had to admit I was officially creeped out and no longer desired to be alone in the house. have had spirits in the house before but never felt too frightened or threatened by them, this one was different and was definitely not my recently passed grandma. I dreaded being home alone, I felt like a sitting duck waiting for someone

to pounce on me. The spirit obeyed and left my family alone, but now it was fully focused on my dog and I. I tried to ignore the presence thinking it would get bored when I was not reacting to all the strange sounds but the activity in the house just escalated. There would be energy shooting around in whatever room I occupied, sounded like a thousand grasshoppers ricocheting off the walls and ceiling. The attic rafters would creak and groan like it could not take the inside pressure anymore, felt like roof wanted to blow right off. I knew I had to find a solution very soon, at one point, the presence was trying to invade my body and talk me into hurting my family. I finally contacted a friend of mine who specialized in house clearings. I took a few photos around the house to help her connect with my situation since she lived four hours away. She was alarmed to how many spirits were roaming around in my house. She mentioned the wall by my computer chair in the bedroom had a portal to the spirit world. In her minds eye she saw a large male spirit attached to a recently purchased item, he created this portal by punching a hole into the next realm. I was relieved to hear I was not going crazy, but mortified that it was my fault that I had a spirit invasion in my home. No wonder my family hated these cards the whole time and wanted me to buy another deck, they could feel the negative spirit attached to these cards. I felt it too but chose to ignore my feelings, thinking my imagination was overreacting.

15 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2012

Knowing my house was like Grand Central Station between the fourth and third dimensions, I needed to immediately correct this situation before it got out of hand. I was hoping my friend could come over and expertly cleanse my house for me. She told me I had to do it personally, I was responsible for bringing in the main spirit into my house. She also told me to dispose of the tarot cards and everything else that came with it off site. She felt that would help correct the main problem of the negative spirit from bothering us since he was attached to the cards. Then I would have to cleanse the house from top to bottom with the Light of our Higher Power Source. I was scared I would not have enough power in myself to cleanse my personal space but I knew I had no choice in the matter. I disposed my cards and all the guide books like she told me, my family could tell when they got home I had disposed of the cards without asking me. The energy in the house was lighter and brighter. I could tell there were some lingering spirits when my dog was still cowering behind my bedroom door. I waited until I was alone in the house to do the Light Cleansing. My spirit guides told me there is no right or wrong way of clearing out unwanted energies from the house, it was all about the intentions of cleansing my personal space that really mattered. First, I placed my hands in a prayer position and deeply breathed in and out until I could feel my pulse in my hands and feet. Second, I said a quick protection prayer and visualized a golden

light nbubble around me. Third, I stood in the middle of the house and visualized a brilliant white Light coming down from the Heavens. I saw my house glowing from the inside out, like a super bright lighthouse connected deeply to the Earth. I allowed the energies to go up into the Light or down into the Earth to be neutralized. I made it known by my intentions that they only have two choices, they had to choose up or down, staying in the ouse was not an option. I let my intuition guide me on when the spirits made their choice. Fourth, I went into each room and visualized a Light bomb going off inside it, so bright it would hurt my eyes if I could physically see it. I “saw” all the furniture, cupboards, corners, windows, duct work, electrical outlets, toilets, plumbing, closets, attic spaces, crawl spaces, being flushed out with Light from Heaven. Before I left each room, I visualized a pink mesh over all the walls, especially over any openings like spiritual portals, windows, toilets, electrical outlets, duct work, etc. This would keep out unwanted energies. Fifth, I finished by placing a golden bubble around the whole house for spiritual protection. I thanked my spirit guides and my Higher Power for the Light Cleansing and for extra spiritual protection. I walked the dog around the house in all the rooms to see his reaction, he was relaxed and happy, all the spirits were gone at last. This Light Cleansing took me about 15 minutes or less and was a total success. I never doubted my ability for controlling and defending my house after that incident.

16 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2012

All properties and spirit energies are unique, allow your intuition to guide you on where in the house to start the Light Cleansing. You can just visualize the Light Cleansing going into difficult places like the crawl spaces and attic areas. You can even add this to your house cleaning ritual to give your house a energy boost. Fortunately, I have never had another problem since that initial Light Cleansing. Now every time I work with the spirit realm, I start with a golden bubble around me and a quick protection prayer to keep me and my personal space safe. I have since worked with other card decks and thankfully never had another spirit invasion.

Michele is a Reiki Master Teacher, writer of children short stories, intuitive artist and photographer. Reiki healing energy has enriched her personal and professional life. Michele allows her Reiki energy to be an inspirational tool for all her creative activities. By entrusting the Reiki energy during the creative process she has produced stunning images with her trusty digital camera. Trees and flowers are Michele’s main focus of her digital manipulated artwork. June of 2011, she debuted her “Magical Flower Garden” series in Chicago at the historic Fine Arts Building located on Michigan Avenue. Those same images of her flowers will be published soon in a coffee table book featuring unique flower art. Michele is currently working on a new series showcasing her beloved trees, it’s called “Enchanted Trees”. To see her unique fine art of nature, go to her website: she can be reached by email:

17 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2012

Monthly Message from Source

The 3 Day

Purge or Cleanse

By Elliott Eli Jackson

18 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2012

All of the information that WE give to you is for your personal benefit and the benefit of your others. Some of you may remember this information, many don’t. This is why WE come to you; WE desire for you to be always at optimum health and performance.

fluorine, cobalt, iron, manganese, lead, lithium, aluminum, strontium, silicon, arsenic, bromine, and vanadium in miniscule amounts. You are also tissues formed into organs that carry out certain tasks. You are comprised of ten complex systems that function for your being, your body. These systems are skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive. This is what you are! All of these portions of the universe work together in unison to allow you to walk and talk speak and love.

WE speak to you now about the need from time to time to purge or cleanse you body of toxins. Fore, know that because you live on earth, you are and have become susceptible or prone to overexposure to some portions of the universe. Many of these portions should not be within your (physical) being that is, in the amounts Now, as stated at the beginning of this that they are. article, there are many chemicals and minerals which your being should only Now, what do WE mean? have trace amounts of, those amounts that are set by the physical laws of the This is what you are on a physical level - universe; those laws or parameters that a carbon-based unit. But, you are much make you who you are in regard to the more. You are cells containing approxi- encasement that contains your spirit. mately seventy to ninety percent water. This is to say that in truth you or your A vast portion of you is oxygen, which body is made up of everything that is forms most of your body mass. Now, contained within the universe in some again, carbon is the base of your amount. However, some portions, due molecules which are organic. You are to your personal intake of foods, liquids, six basic elements entwined to form that and the general exposure to the air that which you understand as your body. you breathe, may and do oftentimes become imbalanced. These imbalances 1. Carbon bring about most, if not all, of the sick2. Nitrogen nesses and illnesses that your kind 3. Hydrogen experience, yes, due to the fact that you 4. Calcium place (consciously and unconsciously) 5. Oxygen unnecessary items or substances into or 6. Phosphorus on your being. Further, your being holds within it sodium, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, copper, molybdenum, selenium, chlorine, iodine, 19 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2012

The Purge

Now, the reason it is not a good idea to fast for more than a three-day period is as All you need is 3 days or 72 hours of con- follows. suming only water and small portions of raw vegetables. First, this is all the time you need. Within this 3 -day time frame, if you drink *WE have explained before that WE wish water and intake small portions of raw to assist you in enabling your bodies and vegetables, your digestive system will minds to move towards how you once adjust and remove the unnecessary were. And, the following can help you. particles that need to be removed. Your Your bodies should be purged or cleansed blood, which is your life force, will be periodically. Yet, there is a proper way cleaned. Further, if you partake in this to accomplish such. We do not use the practice any longer than the three-day words right or wrong. Fore, in reality there period suggested, certain things begin only is. Yet, still anything you do within to occur within your body. Now, any of this life of yours should be done in an your medical doctors should be able to effort and attempt to raise your vibrational verify for you the following: level in all areas of your fourfold being. With this being said, fasting should be Within less than one day, the basic accomplished on a limited basis, only energy requirements of your being will once or twice a year. Anything more than begin to be affected or be altered. this can be dangerous to your being. Glucose and glycogen are stored within When fasting is planned or undertaken, your bodies in only small amounts. When it should be for no longer than a three- these two things are not refilled or replenday period. Additionally, a purge should ished by intake, the liver and other porbe for the purpose of cleansing the body tions of your being are affected. However, of unneeded and un- necessary toxins the quantities of triacylglycerols can and only. Some will tell you that you need to will provide the necessary energy repurge to get closer to US, that which you quirements. You can, for up to seventy call God or Source. Yet, WE inform you days and over a year in the case of obese that you have no need to fast to get closer persons, maintain the basic energy to US; WE are always with you, in you, requirements with the triacylglycerols under you, over you, WE are totally around that are stored within your fat cells. And you. This information should also sepa- if certain body protein is available, one rate many of you from fanatical groups could fast longer, but WE tell you once and individuals that do not have your again this is unnecessary and unneeded. best interests or unbeknownst to them, The human glycogen in the liver will fall theirs, at heart. Fore, remember, many to about nine percent of its needed conhave been given or led to believe in false centration and stay within this limit for ideas and notions. the 3 day purge.

20 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2012

Your muscle glycogen will decrease. Your blood glucose level will remain acceptable. However, once the amount of metabolized glycogen Within the second or third day, the amounts of nitrogen excreted in the urine will increase. Amino acid catabolism will start and the body proteins will degrade. Therefore, those biological functions that depend upon protein as fuel will become impaired or not normal (as defined by what they should be if proper daily nutritional intake is achieved. Now because your brain has a high metabolic rate, it normally uses only glucose as fuel. During a fast, when the glucose level falls, many disturbances in the functions of your central nervous system will occur. Now, since the liver glycogen is almost depleted after the first day of fasting, blood glucose must be manufactured from other sources to meet the needs of your brain. Therefore, it would be a good idea or decision, for those of you who feel it is important for you to fast any longer that you should, to do some serious investigation. And of course, WE fully support personal investigation. Therefore, WE are telling you that during a purge your body will naturally make for you a series of (unconscious) calculated choices to utilize the body protein during the fasting or purging to keep the central nervous system functional. However, only three days of this is all that is needed. Now WE also tell you this because WE LOVE YOU, and because you need all of your being to be functional at all periods of time. There is much for each of you to complete in the course of one of your days. Therefore, LOVE YOURSELF and

do not place unneeded stress on your bodies! *Some of the information in the above article may be found in Source’s book to mankind through Elliott, From God to You: Absolute Truth.

Elliott Eli Jackson is an inspirational speaker, Reiki Master, and author of The Sapiential Discourses which is to be released this year. He has also authored the best-selling nonfiction book From God to You: Absolute Truth, and Cacophony, a collection of poetry about life, love, and spirit. Elliott channels All there is, was, and ever shall be. Elliott and his wife Diane tour America presenting workshops in which Source speaks through Elliott to the audience, answering questions as well as giving spiritual guidance.

21 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2012

PLEASE Don’t Buy Products that were tested on


For the list of all companies with PETA 22 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2012

Ask Ellen Heller


Spirit-Minded (Advice Column)

Kind Guidance for Creating and Accepting Spiritual Health “All questions can be sent to:

Question: Dear Spirit-Minded: I have an ill spouse and feel like running away. This person has been very deceiving and basically although I truly feel Love and intense caring, the past behavior towards me causes me to feel that I am torn between wishing to help or caring for myself by leaving. I feel that I am being used and that if my spouse was well, I would again be mistreated. Spiritually I feel we are completing some mission, or am I just being ‘codependent,’ as some counselors insist? Signed: Feeling Guilty Answer: Dear Feeling Guilty: Guilt is a wasted emotion. Both parties get nothing from feeling that way. Dwelling on the past only produces more feelings of anger, remorse, and hatred. Rather,

why not dwell not on your spouse, but on what you wish to be in relation to the illness, your spouse, and seemingly forced servitude? In your greatest and grandest version and vision of yourself, what do you see yourself BEING? If you left, would you feel good? It all comes down to loving yourself, and if this is a very hard decision for you to make for yourself, try deciding for someone you love, such as your child, parent, or other loved one. What would you tell them if they were in your situation? For in the highest state of Being Love, it is always about loving Self, This must never be confused with being self-centered, but rather, loving yourself AS you love others. The answer then comes instantly. Blessings!


Karma and Soul Part Two

24 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2012


Upanishads by and large describe the Brahman by negations and affirmations. Brahman cannot be physically described because He does not have a form. Brahman is nothing but potentially existing energy that is neither apparent nor realized. Manifestation of the Brahman in all shapes and forms is the reality and due to lack of adequate knowledge, shapes and forms are realised by us as independent entities. This deceptive and shallow knowledge is known as maya. Kausitaki Upanishad (Ch.1) says “the one who involves in actions like yajna reaches the Heaven. This is because by doing auspicious acts he accumulates good karmic account. Once this positive account is exhausted, he is reborn. The other one, who understands this truth, performs actions without attaching importance to the fruits of his actions. He transcends the Heaven, merges with the Brahman, and is not reborn.” It is now apparent that reaching the Heaven is not the end of journey for a soul. Heaven or any such planes are only places of sojourn for a soul.

(Thirumular Thirumantiram) says “Sunder your desires even for Shiva. If you have more desires, you have more sorrows. The more you give up, the more your bliss shall be (verse 2615).” The Sage says that one should not have desire even for the Brahman. When soul was originally created by the Brahman, it was endowed with free will and the creation was meant to exist that way only. God did not contemplate any law for the souls as He decided that souls should be controlled by their own free will. God has endowed the souls with unrestricted freedom to think and act. Souls started abusing this free grace of God by perverting the free will and failing to realize that they are bound by law of karma, which is also known as law of the Lord. This law will never be made flexible. Right from the day of creation, this law has not undergone any amendments. This failure to understand the reality is known as ignorance. Newton’s third law is “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Law of karma by and large is based on this theory. For an action done with intent on the fruit of action, that action has to be neutralized by a reaction on the same plane where the original action had taken place. If someone at some point of time in his life tortures an animal, in future births the reverse action takes place when the soul of the animal tortures the soul of the man. But their gross forms could differ. But neither of them knows whether this is an original action or a reaction.

Karma accrues not only through thoughts and actions, but also through desire. Desire could be in any form. It could be in the form of greed, affection, lust, etc. Desire can be explained as the feeling that accompanies an unsatisfied state of mind. Therefore, desire largely depends upon one’s deprivations. Desire becomes instauration point of mind affliction. Scriptures accentuate so much of importance for withering desire, knowing its potency to cause across-theboard infliction on one’s karmic account. Original action means that reaction is to Ancient Tamil treatise of Thriumular happen subsequently. Reaction means

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equal and opposite reaction to an original action that had already taken place. Law of karma can also be called as the law of cause and effect. As we sow, so we reap. Karma is one single factor that decides the destiny of a life. Karmic imprints on a soul unfold through a physical body in which the soul incarnates. As discussed in part 2, the nature of incarnation of a soul depends upon the nature and potency of its karmic imprints. Karmic imprints are formed by body, mind and intellect. This is the reason for utmost importance given to these three in Self-realisation. Out of these three, intellect is only a spin-off of mind. When mind becomes purer, it is known as intellect. Basically, only the body and mind are responsible for all karmic afflictions. Body is the gross form of creation and mind becomes subtle form of creation. When one persists more in body than mind, he loses the God given opportunity of liberation or salvation, as final salvation can be attained only through a human birth. It is also widely believed that traces of previous births are always found in the present birth. Plato calls the souls as ‘un-generated and immortal”. Possibly Plato’s definition can be explained this way. It is un-generated because souls exist right from the beginning of creation and immortal because, souls being subtle matters cannot be destroyed. At the time of death, the soul leaves the body. The body without life is known as ‘preta’ in Sanskrit. When body becomes preta, certain samskaras are performed to preta before it is consumed either to fire or to earth. Samskaras mean impressions. It is the subtle form of activity and

knowledge. When knowledge ceases to exist, only the impressions remain. After death of the physical body, all actions reside as impressions. In the stage of deep sleep stage, anthakkaranam resides in ajnana or nescience. In the case of a Self-realized person during his life time, ajnana ceases to exist, but its impressions continue to remain. Samskaras, therefore is a way of manipulating subtle things. According to various theories, preta is an intermediate body that the soul acquires ten days after death. Various parts of this preta are created over a period of ten days when pinda offerings are made daily. Pinda is a ball of cooked rice with ghee and sesame seeds. That is why that pinda offering along with water (sometimes tender coconut water) is considered very essential ‘śrāddha’ rights to appease the hunger and thirst of preta. Any rites performed after offering a body either to fire or earth is known as śrāddha. The ten day śrāddha period is based on the basis of gestation period of ten lunar months for a human embryo. According to Vedas and Upanishads, nothing follows the preta except the good karmas done by that soul. Biological body is made up of five basic elements viz. akash, air, fire, water and earth. Biological body is perishable. Within the biological body, there is jīva body. This is a replica of the gross body, but in the size of a thumb of the biological body. Maha Narayana Upanishad (71) says; ‘aṇguśtramātrah puruśah’ which means that the person (puruśah) dwelling in the body is in the size of the thumb.

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This is known as subtle body or ‘linga saria’ and is imperishable. This ‘jiva’ body which is also known as soul is embedded with karmic deposits. This ‘jiva’ body or the subtle body consumes the pindas offered by the progeny of the dead for ten days and attains preta sarira only on the tenth day. Till tenth day from the day of death, the subtle body remains in an impure condition. The impure condition of the subtle body remains for ten days till it attains its preta sarira. The impure subtle body is said to be roaming for ten days where it lived during its life time. This is the reason for purifying our body after offering condolence during the first ten days. There is a ritual called ‘sapindikarana’ at the completion of 12th lunar month from the day of death. After performing this ritual, the soul leaves the preta body and enters ‘bhoga-deha’. Bhoga means experience. During its ‘bhoga-deha’ period the soul is said to experience the result of its karmic account. This experience is called heaven and hell. If the experience of the ‘bhoga-deha’ is good, it is considered as heaven and if the experience is bad, it is considered as hell. From heaven or hell the ‘bhoga-deha’ comes back to earth, leaves the ‘bhoga-deha’ and enters another embryo in the earth in the form of rebirth either as a human or one in animal kingdom or one in plant kingdom. By remaining in preta sarira or bhoha sarira the soul merely experiences the result of its karmic account either in heaven or hell and this experience is no way absolves the soul from experiencing karmic account in the same plane the karmic account was accrued. In this case, it has to experience the result of its karmic account only in the earth and not in other

planets. After understanding the process of death, it would be easier to understand the process of birth. If the process of birth and death are understood, understanding karma and soul would be much easier. Souls undergo many processes to refine and mollify themselves to merge with the Brahman. Such seasoning and mollification happens with the intent to merge with the Brahman ultimately. Again such a process depends upon the quality of the soul, which in turn depends upon its experience. The origin and the ultimate destination of the soul is the Brahman. Brahman, the Creator is capable of absorbing any number of souls without undergoing any modifications, the unequalled nature of the Brahman. But merger is possible only when the soul is able to realize the Brahman. This realization happens during several births. The gross body and mind alone is not a life. Life is the manifestation of the Brahman in the form of a soul. If a bulb can be called a gross body, the soul is the electricity. Without electricity the bulb cannot burn and without the bulb, the electricity is of no use. Some scriptures differentiate between soul and jiva. According to them, soul is unconditioned and jiva is conditioned. The soul enters different bodies during its different incarnations. During its sojourn in a body, soul causes attachment, desire, hatred, enmity becomes susceptible to all sorts dyads. Ignorance is the main cause for dyads and The Vedas, The Bible, The Koran etc endeavor to root out this ignorance.

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By Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song 28 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2012

“The Impeccable Warrior… lives in a conscious state…truly accepting and experiencing Life as a Sacred Being on a Sacred Journey… They know they are assisted by a Timeless, Compassionate Wisdom that whole-heartedly respects and honors them.”

Since the beginning of time, there have been Impeccable Warriors of Light in every spiritual tradition. These are the beings that choose to take FULL responsibility for their state of being and surroundings. An Impeccable being chooses to learn from everything in their path. They choose to monitor their usage of energies with great vigilance. In this way, they do not allow themselves to be led into negative actions and reactions by the negative forces. Walking the Spiritual Path as an Impeccable Warrior is achievable by everyone. The Impeccable Warrior respects and recognizes that other worlds exist beside them, whereas the masses walk through Life with their eyes closed or only partially open. Endeavoring to become an Impeccable Warrior of Light is the same goal as desiring to be absolutely free of all false understanding.

The Impeccable Warrior has come to understand that the Supreme Intelligence of this Universe is NOT limited. It is always beckoning us to open up to the greater realities existing in the many realms of the spirit world. By walking with their eyes FULLY open, the Impeccable Warrior does not get caught off guard…they are not surprised by the unexpected. The Impeccable Warrior’s mission on Earth is to whole-heartedly serve the forces of Light. They do this through their steadfast Devotion to the forces of Good and the Positive Spiritual Principles that support humanity’s awakening. Whether that Impeccable being is a Shaman, Lama, Rabbi, Medicine Woman, Song Keeper, Healer or Priest…THE GOAL IS THE SAME.

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An Impeccable Being lives, breathes, eats, drinks and sleeps their Path. THE PATH LIVES WITHIN THEM… IT EMANATES FROM THEM WHEREVER THEY ARE…IN WHATEVER THEY DO. They don’t just teach or preach it… it is a Way of Life for them. The Impeccable Warrior of Light will not accept being bound by chains, bars and fences of narrow perceptions. The goal for them is to be FREE…free of the negative emotions, delusions, expectations and regrets that constitute the petty, limiting ego. The Wise Warrior is driven by a hunger for True Knowledge, for an expansion of awareness…not by that which further inflates their ego. The Impeccable being can be a mother, father, schoolteacher, bus driver, accountant, beggar or any other position in society. The position one holds or any other outer appearance is not an indicator one way or another of someone’s spiritual attainment. Impeccability becomes a part of us through utilizing Life’s experiences to grind our petty ego to dust. One who commits to the path of Impeccability is committing to ending their stream of drama…the “suffering over the suffering.” Our whole purpose in re-incarnating on Mother Earth is to transcend challenges and then help others do so also…the goal of our experiences is to reach a point of Light where we no longer allow trials to separate us from our Light Nature. Heroic Beings all suffer either from one thing or another, be it the effects of old

age and illness, or the dark forces using the weak people around the Impeccable Warrior to create blocks and disturbance. So outer/surface suffering will continue to occur as the karmic seeds planted through past actions and past lives continue to blossom. However, by choosing to not “suffer over the suffering” the Impeccable being will not waste their Golden Energy in complaining, whining and wallowing in the ‘poor me’ syndrome. An Impeccable Being firmly holds the attitude that all matters All Ways work out for the best. They are able to see how all ‘seeming’ suffering brings forth some form of blessing and they discern what that blessing is, through application, prayer and contemplation. In this way, they are at peace with their adversaries and obstacles. They see challenges and blocks as their ‘friends’ who assist them by pushing them to excel to a higher level of consciousness and IN THIS WAY, THE IMPECCABLE BEING IS ABLE TO MAINTAIN INNER PEACE, IN THE MIDST OF TRIALS. The Impeccable Warrior of Light does not allow themselves to be utilized by the dark forces and therefore does not feed any negative energies. As soon as the Warrior Of Light senses any disruptive energy moving towards them, they will immediately go into action, dissolving and transforming those forces attempting to glum onto them. By doing so, the Impeccable Warrior of Light is all-ways uplifting every thing and every one that crosses their path.

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AND YOUR SACRED DUTY Regardless of whether you are an old or new soul, innumerable factors need to come together in just the perfect way for re-incarnation to be granted here. It may take hundreds or thousands of years for that window of opportunity to present itself and when it does there is great rejoicing on behalf of the soul. Our sacred duty is to appreciate, to be great-full and be fully committed to our assignment here. By being totally present here, we are able to receive and accept the Divine gifts that are All-Ways being bestowed upon us. The Earth experience is an amazing one; it is the place we come to for the sacred purifying process, giving us the opportunity to grow spiritually and know ourselves as creators. This is a marvel-us arena that grants us the profound opportunity to master immense spiritual principles such as forgiveness, Compassion, Courage…Strength, Universal Love and Balance…while being surrounded by conditions which can plunge us into an abyss of illusion.

can fully accept that which is gifted unto us…when we can identify the blessing in every occurrence and see the beauty in all that appears before us, THEN it is easy to celebrate Life on the Radiant Jewel. Beings who are able to maintain The Great Attitude (gratitude)…sing and dance their way through Life…for they see the scintillating Divine Creative Force forever birthing blessings for everyone. To become a Great Warrior, one must have great Teachers and great adversaries as well. For only through the actual challenge are we able to take the wisdom shared with us by the Teacher and find a way to make it work for us, in our own individualistic way! Our Sacred Duty is to DILIGENTLY employ the Positive Principles. By unswervingly applying them to every challenge, we insure our triumph on behalf of the Legions of Light. God’s perfection is in BOTH the challenges and rewards that appear before us. By walking through Life with this conviction, we are able to full-fill our sacred duty, which is to praise and enjoy Life to the highest degree. As we develop an unwavering Faith in God’s perfect plan, we truly honor Life on the Radiant Jewel by Joy-fully appreciating every minute of it.

We come to this phenomenal playing field to experience the dance of the polarities, the cosmic battle between Good and Evil. Yet, we do not have JAI JAI MAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! to cry and wail our Life away. It is the VICTORY TO THE LIGHT! greatest opportunity to even have the chance to tackle and transform the many psychic impressions we are carrying around within us.

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The Mediterra The Mediterranean monk seal is a close relative of the Caribbean monk seal and is one of the rarest animals in the world. Adult seals measure about 7.8 feet in length on average and can weigh up to 690 lb. Males are slightly larger than females. Their smooth coats are generally brown or gray on the back and lighter on the belly and they resemble robes of Franciscan friars, giving them the name, “monk seals.” There is also a white patch that appears on their bellies, and other irregular light patches are not uncommon. Mediterranean monk seals prefer to live on coastal areas in groups or “colonies.” They appear to be social and have been seen in groups from 20 to 300 seals. The seals have also been found in caves resting or mating. The cave usage seems to be in response to human disturbance. 32 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2012

anean monk seal They prefer to be active and feed during the day, feeding on a variety of marine organisms, including eels, tuna, sardines, and also octopuses. Mating occurs from September to November and the seals prefer to mate in the water. Females give birth to only one pup and may not give birth to another for two more years. The bond between the mother and pup is said to be strong and they remain together for up to three years. The Mediterranean monk seal species was nearly wiped out due to hunting for its skin in the 1800s. Today, the main threats are killing by fishermen who consider the seals competitors for fish, accidental entanglement in fishing gear, human disturbance, and habitat loss. This species is now protected by law by many countries.

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The Astral Plane is very real, seeming much more solid and vibrant than the Physical world. It’s a world without any need for money, work or any of the other trappings of a physical existence. Those who have visited the Astral planes find themselves in an environment where all senses seem greatly magnified. These senses are not our normal physical senses, but inner astral senses. 34 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2012

The Astral Plane And Its Divisions By Abhishek Agarwal

Thoughts can actually be seen to take shape instantly and anything desired can be instantly manifested by means of the powers of the imagination in the very process of creation. This is also why the Astral worlds are known as the “desire worlds” and the Astral body known as the “desire body”. This fact that Man creates with his thoughts and feelings in the Astral world shows the truth in the occult statement that Man is a “god in the making”. It shows that we can be supremely creative. Once you are out in the Astral plane, you will find that it vibrates at a much higher frequency than the Physical plane. There is no gravity on the Astral plane. Time and space are distorted as compared to the Physical. As a result, time can pass differently than in the physical. Here, thought plays an integral part, and simply imagining something in the Astral can cause it to form. Since this is where all of our hopes, desires, and dreams can essentially become reality, the Astral plane is also known as the emotional plane.

In the Astral plane there is no need for food, clothing, shelter and sleep. We have true freedom. It is our will that sustains and heals us, and our will that creates the realm in our image. The Astral planes are made of focused mental energy. In the spirit world thoughts create reality, and we frequently create what we are familiar with. Divisions Of The Astral Plane : The Astral Plane is divided into Lower, Middle, and Higher. Each division contains multiple divisions of varying vibratory rates. The Lower Astral Planes : Are described as darker more primal realms. Some have described them as the place of Dante’s inferno while others think of them as purgatory. They are where the souls of the lost reside. Residing here are many beings including people who are outof-body, both consciously and sub-consciously, people who are dreaming, the deceased, and even beings that never existed on the Physical Plane at all. Communication with all of the above is possible while Projected.

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The Middle Astral Planes : Are the realms of divine inspiration free of earthly desires and conflict. The beings in these dimensions cause many of the artistic and technical breakthroughs on Earth by sending silent messages to its inhabitants. This is the place where many of us journey for guidance and healing. These realms are frequently a reflection of the world we live in now. They contain the same vegetation, animals, and even our own created structures.

of the Christian God, the Buddha, and other great beings

The Middle Astral is a plane full of rainbows of vivid colors and exquisite beauty. It would be an impossible task to try and rationalize this place. This plane is full of thoughts, dreams, and ideas, which are manifested as real objects. Everything including inanimate objects has auras of energy emanating from them in vivid and bright colors. Time here is very distorted and it is possible to see future or past events.

This awareness often leads people into pantheism, the belief that all life is sacred and should be protected from the lowliest worm to the greatest killer. In other instances the traveler will not turn toward pantheism but in either case will become truly aware of this fact on a constant conscious level.

People who have successfully consciously projected to Middle Astral Planes have described unseen colors and sounds, breathtaking landscapes and scenery, and even some things beyond our comprehension. This place is purer in its formation. The needs and the strife associated with the Physical world have been left behind. It is a place of peace and utter bliss - one might go as far as to compare it to the Garden of Eden.

The higher astral planes are where we begin to reach toward self-godhood, becoming fully aware and acknowledging that all life is symbiotic and connected for the “good” of all. We realize that each individual is an essential link in the chain of life and existence in the physical world affects all of the other realities we do not perceive.

The Middle and the Higher Planes are where the true path to spiritual and physical healing lies. This is where our perceptions of life grow and expand by leaps and bounds freeing us from many of the stigmas of society and its imposed morality.

When we begin traveling through the Astral realms, we generally first enter the Lower planes where the Physical world is still visible, though distorted by our emerging perception. But as we move into the Middle planes we will notice that The Higher Astral Planes : Are the realms the Physical world becomes less and less called Heaven by Christians, the Sum- noticeable until finally we move completemerland by spiritualists. This place is ly away from it into the Higher planes. beyond the comprehension of most people, as they are said to be the home 36 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2012

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