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December 2011 Volume 1 Issue 12

spreading compassion to all sentient beings and Living in healing and peaceful world Editor

Maryam Morrison

Thank you for all your support and love through the year. Speical Thanks to all of you for your contributions; SiriSat Julia Claire, Rosa Furoghi, Pouyan Khosravi, Linda Dimichele, Laurence Overmire Sunish Subramanian Kunju, Farah Ravon, Vafa Animal Shelter, Bahramji, Jen- Irishu, Ellen Vaman, Farzad Golpayegani, Diana Brandon, Gina Lake, Ashley Christudason, Turiya Nada (Tapasyogi Nandhi), Sara Beberman, Gio Berishvili, Mamak Khadem, Sandra Murphy, Sally Morningstar, Dawn Dancing Otter, Sandrine Auriac, Mike Pabst, Alida Fehily, Kathleen Farago May, Bill Bouard, Angelica Georgiles, Nina Diaz, Katerina Louisa Katsanis-Semel, Heather Auria Gaines, Heidi Sawyer, Steven Redhead (Philomind), Shaghayegh Farsijani, and Mashti (Mad Nordheim). Front Cover artwork by Kathleen Farago May ~ Back Cover Photography by Anna Larsson Eden Magazine is an independent monthly online magazine. Our aim is to create a better environment where we live among other living being in peace and harmony. We support artists that their work match our criteria. If you would like to submit your artwork, article or/and your photography. For our future issues please contact Maryam Morrison at; or 2 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • December 2011

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Mashti (Mad Nordheim)

Steven Redhead

Shaghayegh Farsijani




Macrobiotic Diet

Seeing Your self as Spirit..

Past live regression

3 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM • December 2011

Mashti Mads Nordheim

MASHTI aka Mads Nordheim was born in Oslo - Norway he was surounded with music from birth because of his father, the well known modern classical composer Arne Nordheim. When he was small his house was always filled with music, and the greatest classical musicians from all over the world came to their house to play and try out new things with his fathers new music pieces, and it was very inspiering to watch them work, There Mashti felt the desire and loonging to only do music for his whole life, when he was 6 his father gave him a drumkit for birthday, and after that he started to play piano, bass and percussion. In 1979 Mashti moved to Copenhagen - Denmark where he got involved with the underground music scene as a keyborard player and bass player, but from the end of the 80..s he got totaly in to electronics, samples and computers for making music, he has been making music for documetaris movies, art instalations and cd..s, he has also been working as a DJ for the last 18 years in Denamark, Holland and India, Over the last decades he has been working with electronic music and combining the electronic style with the acoustic and old traditional music from different parts of the world such as India, Iran and Turkey. Mashti´s music is a special combination between the ancient and traditional, connecting with the modern and technical. Fusion is the word to describe his music, but actually a new word needs to be found, because he has taken it to a whole new level. It has the energy to carry a power flow. The length of the songs allows a deep, slow driving bass line to hypnotize you as other instruments and sounds carry you to other places, it has incredible energy. Mashti´s music is not only a great listening experience, but also magical journey thru time and space. In November 2008, Fuat Talay and Mashti’s album ‘Sufisticated’ was nominated and was on the shortlist of three top nominees – for the Danish World Awards. “When I travel I always bring my studio with me, when you record in different countries with different musicians everything gets flavored by where in the world you are, and the energy that is there, sometimes you can almost smell and taste in the music, for me this is a process that I love ! For me making Music is a way to stay sane in a insane world!! Fusion is the key to everything.” says Mashti.


Mashti is a composer, producer and musician on the three albums with Bahramji: SUFISAFIR (2008) SUFIYAN (2009 DIVANEH (2011) Remixes for AMBIENT GROOVE new york on the CD´s: Footsteps in Afraica the remixes (2010) Kunadalini Remix (2011) Composer together with Mangesh Dhakde of the soundtrack for the Award winning documentary: LAKSHMI AND ME by Nishtha Jain ( raintree films ) Best documentary international film festival Bucharest 2008. Best long documentary Flahertiana festival Russia 2008. Special jury award cinema verite festival Tehran 2008. Silver Apricot golden apricot festival Yerevan 2008. Best documentary, Indian documentary producers association India 2007. Nominee for the silver wolf award, IDFA Amsterdam 2007 Mashti also Appers on the following combilation CD´s: Buddha-Bar IX. Buddha-Bar XI. Buddha-Bar XII. Buddha-Bar XIII. Kumharas 7 ibiza sunset ambient. Café Oriental 6. Namaste identity. Namaste Cultures. All the music from Mashti is recorded and mixed at: Mashti Milega Mobil Studio.

To listen Mashti’s music please visit;


Steven Redhead (Philomind) In the November issue Steven took us on a journey of why life doesn’t need to be difficult, if we avoid being trapped by self imposed limitations. In this issue Steven takes us on a journey to finding the solution for a potential new beginning in life. 8 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • December 2011

Life really wasn’t meant to be DIFFICULT.

The Keys

aiming to achieve your bliss, no matter what that might be, no matter what the The keys, laws and rules to creating a consequences you appear to face. better life are not hidden, they are there for anyone who looks to see them; that Life is made up of a mass of distractions is if we have the energy or forethought and diversions that will use up your life to actually take the time to determine if you are not careful, finally leaving you what these elements to a better life without any of the benefits of achieving actually are. We have many experiences your true one and only life purpose; which in life but most of us just let them slip by usually turns out to be what gives you without a second thought. Yet these the most pleasure. Any change of life experiences are intended to put us into a purpose offers us some insight into the frame of mind, to learn or grow, to create freedom of choice that we have in this life. within our minds a chain of thoughts that will lead us to a better understanding of To enrich your life you should enjoy each things, to a better life. moment for what it is; were important you should look for the greater purpose Each issue we face in our life is the or meaning of that particular moment, its result of our previous actions or thoughts; value and purpose in your life. Even the each thing that occurs in our life because most insignificant thing that happens to us we gave it the energy to exist, we did will have deeper meanings if we only take something to start the off the reaction, the time and effort to look for what they without this integral igniting part of the are, then try to understand them. creative process nothing would ever come see the light of day. The ‘Key’ points to focus on in our life are often overlooked due to the hustle and Almost everyone instantly takes the bustle of our daily living, rushing here normal conformist way through life, we and there, this to do, that to do, all these have been programmed like this from things complicate our lives beyond life’s childhood by schooling, our families, true meaning, its real intent and purpose. our friends, by society. Yet the less easy route through life though will offer With our mind we can be the master of far more rewards and pleasure of the time and our universe, this is all within experience than if you simply are bound our ability. Our destiny is entirely under by the norms and expectations of society. our control, driven by our desires from the The true joy and wonder of life can only higher consciousness, our sub-conscious be yours if you follow your own intuition and conscious mind. 9 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • December 2011

Overcoming life’s challenges

how to resolve matters.

Using our intuitive senses we can analyze then understand each situation we are faced with well; then come to a conclusion how we will learn from the experience, or how we will react or resolve the situation in order to positively contribute to our total life experience.

Overcoming any obstacle will give us strength that will be available in the future to give us comfort in times when we are challenged by some situation or event. If the issue you face is too difficult for you then seek help, you may not find this immediately, but it will be forthcoming if you are persistent.

Our intuition is our greatest gift and asset, if we pay little attention to intuition or give intuition little credibility then the intuitive senses will not have the chance to fully develop, or become accurately fine tuned. Always give your intuition full credence by focusing upon them to gain full insight; then rather than just a flash snap shot that quickly disappears, our intuitions will become more common, more accurately detailed. The focused energy that we give our intuitions will empower them causing intuition to occur at greater frequency, thus increasing our ability to understand our life and which road we should travel. There is a solution to everything No matter how dire the situation may seem there is always a solution to every issue or problem that may exist. Sometimes this may seem elusive, but perseverance linked with a desire to solve or overcome the issues that you face will gradually bring to your attention the path or direction to take that will shed light on

At times you may feel at a loss and overwhelmed by whatever you are facing. No matter how extreme the circumstances there is always a way available for you, it may not be quite obvious, but by searching mentally, seeking out guidance from deep within your conscious and subconscious, your spirit, your intuition the solution will be forth coming. Without surrender, you should always proceed to go forward, doggedly, determined, unceasing, never surrendering to what fate may choose to create to disrupt your life. You are the architect of your own destiny, so use your willpower, your connections to your spirit to manipulate your life to best suit yourself. The key point to always remember is that you only you should make the choices that control your destiny, so never simply submit to what happens, but create your own life path, your own fortune, based upon what you really desire.

Correction to Page 10 of November issue typing errors: 1. The True joy and wonder of life can only be yours if you follow your own intuition, aiming to achieve your bliss. 2. Steven takes us on a journey of finding a solution for a new beginning. 10 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • December 2011

About Steven Redhead (Philomind) Born in the U.K., Steven Redhead is the published author of 3 self motivation books, a published songwriter, member of the British Poetry Society, who also has published articles both in spiritual magazines in Asia and the USA as well as independent web-sites. Now living in the south of Spain; he spent 32 years based in Japan working with large companies in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Brazil, assisting their businesses to succeed and prosper. Steven has over 35 years experience writing motivational spiritual philosophy that is intended to inspire people into asking themselves the questions that will lead them to ‘The Solution’ they are seeking. His writing has been extensively on subjects related to Life Paths, Self-Help, Laws of Attraction (LOA), Intuitive Spiritual Philosophy, The Meaning and Purpose of Life, and other Metaphysical Thoughts. The extended knowledge and ideas amassed over the years are gathered together in the Book of Life Series, the first three books are; The Solution, The Laws of Creation, Creating Your Reality. He has a novel insight into the Laws of Attracting what you truly desire by harnessing the Power of Creation to achieve your goals. ‘The Laws of Attraction’ taught how to attract what you want; ‘The Laws of Creation’ shows how to ‘Create’ in reality the life you truly desire.

Website: http://www.lifecoachingsystems. com/ Facebook Page: PowerOfCreation Where to find Steven’s books: YouTube Video: watch?v=brNUrlca1Aw iTunes:



Shaghayegh FARSIJANI Your Lift They told me to draw a heart I parked and built a clock I blew lines for it shaped like vein-like gulfs And in the moment I drew arrows to give it light. But my love, your green swallows grew wrinkled with nights From my smoked ignorance. I am a parrot flickering too many metals But it is fruit season now. The water talked to my eyes, The dawn played dice with my dreams And I wonder When the flute of your eyelids Will unite with the empty wave of my body? 12 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • December 2011

Awaken deep emotions inside you and take you to a place

where only you know the destination

I talked with Shaghayegh a couple of months ago, and immediately discovered her soft and unique personality. She informed me about her new book, “Lacking Lips of Time”. A poem series of love in the garden of fully colorful life journey through out the worlds. Born in Tehran, Iran this is where many of her feelings came from while she was growing up. The richness of her Persian culture and inherent definitely is existing throughout her poetry. Her Compassion towards life is a main path leading her inspiration for write such inspiring poems. “My compassion towards life allows me to weave life’s images with sensuous and romantic human feelings taking me to another level of emotion, The highest level which is ‘Love’”. She says. Her new book “Lacking Lips of Times” is about our inner feeling, the feeling of deepest emotions that are hidden deep inside us that we might not be aware of, or as Shaghayegh says “Feeling the inner, deepest emotions of gratitude and romance that may have been shyly resting inside your soul. Or even decaying.”

she traveled to many different places. Shaghayegh being an enthusiastic and passionate reader allowed her to enjoy learning about different cultures and places. This passion allowed her to adopt dashes of varieties of cultures to create a new path of writing. As she cited her favorite is always travelling to cities where great artists have visited in order to feel or try to feel how they were being inspired in creating various forms of Art. Being part of those moments is her great passion. All this brings Shaghayegh Love and compassion toward others and herself, this is what she love to share with all of her readers “to love yourself and others”, She believes.“What better way to live life than with the highest level of energy which is Love? Live life and have the utmost amount of fun while doing it.” This amazing poetry book is worth to read, to go with Shaghayegh to the land of love and beauty that our life offer us.

The book website is; and the book also has a Facebook page, Or you can contact me at; After Shaghayegh left her hometown, 13 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • December 2011



14 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • December 2011

A macrobiotic diet (from the Greek macro = large & bios= life), is a dietary regime that involves eating grains as a staple food supplemented with other wholesome foods such as vegetables and beans, and avoiding the use of highly processed or refined foods. The macrobiotic diet supports an Eastern philosophy of balancing foods to attain a balance of yin and yang. To achieve that balance, foods are paired based on their sour, sharp, salty, sweet, or bitter characteristics. Yin foods are cold, sweet, and passive while yang foods are hot, salty, and aggressive. Some foods are prohibited because they contain toxins or fall on the Article & Photography far end of the spectrum, making it difficult to achieve by Ellen Vaman and respect a Zen-like balance. This diet / philoso- phy was developed by a Japanese educator named George Ohsawa. Ohsawa believed that simplicity was the key to optimal health and he emphasized on including locally grown whole grain cereals, pulses (legumes), vegetables, seaweed, fermented soy products and fruit, into meals according to the principle of balance (yin / yang). Other important inclusions in this diet are; nuts and seeds, beans, brown rice, soba (buckwheat noodles), mild natural seasonings, fish, & mild (non-stimulating) beverages. vegetables containing alkaloid solanine (nightshade family; including tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplant - also spinach, beets and avocados) are not recommended, or used sparingly at most, as they are considered extremely yin - & also because of their effect on calcium balance (they can contribute to excess loss of calcium). Macrobiotics also addresses the manner of eating by recommending against overeating, and requiring that food be chewed thoroughly before swallowing. It is generally considered an approach to life rather than a diet regime alone.

15 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • December 2011

Some general guidelines for the diet are the following: Whole cereal grains, especially brown rice: 50-60% Vegetables: 25-30% Beans and legumes: 5-10 % Miso soup: 5% (1) The remainder is composed of fish and seafood, seeds and nuts, seed / nut butters, seasonings, sweeteners, fruits, and beverages. I would like to mention here that one notable downfall of following strict Macrobiotic diet is that it can be deficient in several important nutrients including; calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and iron, and is, therefore, not recommended for children, adolescents, or pregnant or lactating women. However, all of these nutrients can be available in properly planned macrobiotic diets which suits each individual.

A list of some example foods used In Macrobiotic diet : wholegrains (used often): brown rice, spelt, barley, millet, whole wheat, whole oats, rye, buckwheat, corn Cracked/ flaked grains (used occasionally): bulgur (cracked wheat) rolled oats, cornmeal, rye and barley flakes, quinoa, couscous, amaranth Flour products (used occasionally): soba (buckwheat noodles), bread (unyeasted sourdough), pancakes (homemade), udon (whole wheat noodles). Vegetables (used often): water cress, spring onions, parsley, leeks, chives, kale, dandelion greens, Chinese cabbage, bok choy, mustard greens, turnip, onions, red cabbage, shiitake mushroom, cauliflower, broccoli, pumpkin, cucumber, endive, green beans, mushrooms, romaine lettuce, snap beans, snow peas, sprouts

On the other hand, because low-fat, high fiber diets are often recommended for cancer and other chronic diseases, the macrobiotic diet having such qualities has been used by people with these conditions ( or as a prevention against these conditions). For example the phytoestrogen content of many legumes / vegetables may be protective and Beans (used once a day): reduce the risk of estrogen-related used more often; lentils, cancers such as breast cancer. chickpeas, black soybeans, azuki beans, black beans However, further research maybe needed to clarify some of these claims. used occasionally: kidney beans, lima beans, mung beans, black-eyed peas, soybeans, splits peas 16 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • December 2011

soybeans, splits peas, pinto beans Special foods (soybean products): Used occasionally. tempeh, natto, dried or fresh tofu Sweet and Sweeteners; pure maple syrup (sparingly), brown rice syrup, apple / grape juice, barley malt Seasonings for cooking: Used often: unrefined white sea salt, brown rice or barely miso Used occasionally: white miso, wasabi, tamari, mirin, ginger, garlic, brown rice vinegar

Fruits: apples, pears, apricots, cherries, grape, peaches, pears, plums, raisins, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, honey dew melon, watermelon Other foods of importance; Oils; coconut, sesame, olive, safflower Pickles; sauerkraut (naturally fermented), cucumber (brine), horseradish (brine) * for samples of Macrobiotic receipes :

Sea vegetables: dulse, agar agar, wakame, nori sheets Beverages: green tea, herbal tea, yannoh (mixed grain coffee), carrot or other vegetable juices, kukicha ( Japanese twig tea), organic wine, sake, Foods occasionally used: Fish (non fatty - 2 3 times a week): examples are; snapper, flounder, cod Seeds and Nuts: sesame seeds and tahini (sesame butter - and also other nut butters), pumpkin seeds, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, coconut




Seeing Yourself As Spirit And Realizing

You Are Divine By Cindy Roskamp Artwork by Maryam Morrison

18 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • December 2011

We are spiritual beings journeying ing our awareness to our true nathrough this life in a body that we ture. We are motivated by love that have chosen for our expression. expects nothing for itself in return because we realize that we are As I have meditated on this only fulfilling our purpose statement and internalized its meaning, I have been made Our mind will and emotions are aware of how very fundamentally all part of this body but they are life changing this statement really more than we have understandis. If we can grasp the meaning ing of. They are actually bridges of this statement and learn to connecting the spiritual and practically live it out in our daily lives the physical. They are tools to we will be able to transcend our express our spiritual beings in ego nature and view our lives from the physical world. Ego makes a whole new perspective. Sudden- them take on a life of their own ly our lives are not just about what when we disconnect from our happens to us on a day by day ba- spirituality. The more strongly we sis. identify with this form and the ego the less perceptive we are of our Our logical thinking and reasoning connectedness to the things of are not nearly as controlling. Our spirit. Our bridge goes no where perceptions that we gain through except back to self and that is all this body and the limitations we there is. impose on ourselves through this body somehow fade in their We spend a great deal of our time importance because we realize this in this life identified with our form body is just a temporary shell, a cas- rather than our spirit and when ing if you will, for something much this is where our awareness is, more infinite, much more pure. we are concerned only with our individuality, and that which feeds Our awareness of all that we are our separateness. We believe takes on a new meaning because in our rightness, judgments and we realize that we are not just this experiences and we use them to body we are much more. What we shape our personhood. As all is desire in this lifetime our goals and moved in our lives to bring these aspirations all change with this one things to our reality they become little statement. more and more concrete and harder and harder to break through All that we experience in this body the walls of our defensiveness doesn’t just happen to us any more and protection until we block out all and we come to realize that it has but the faintest view of our spiritual higher meaning, teaching us, mov- nature. 19 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • December 2011

Even our actions and motives that seem right and good come with attachments to self and how we can be fulfilled and we are tangled up in expectations of how others will react and what they will or will not give us in return for our goodness. Each and every thought and decision that we make in this life reflects either form or spirit. So how can we achieve alignment of our spiritual self and our ego self and bring ourselves to a knowing of the true divinity that we have as spiritual beings? How can we turn what comes to us in form as growth for spirit? The first step is to have awareness of ourselves within each of these natures. Know how your ego tends to express itself and know your Divine attributes as well. Be an observer and watch where your thoughts go. Are they rooted in the form and perpetuating self and separation, or are they rooted in spirit perpetuating love and connectedness? The very act of awareness brings change so the more awareness we have in our daily lives, the more we can change where we live that day, that moment.

in this life and the more we can realize our very purpose for becoming form in the first place to love and to serve mankind. While awareness is important, it is not enough. We need to take those areas of awareness and move them towards the spiritual action. Viewing the ego as an indicator of areas we can change to manifest spirit. We are powerful beings in spirit and we can change all that we choose to change. Our mind will and emotions will show us where the changes need to be made and through our conscious thought we can transform these weaknesses to our strengths. If we will this change to place it will take place. If we allow the working of spirit to transform us to this state. We need to ask for guidance from all the beings within our energy that are there to bring understanding to us. Our guides and teachers are all part of a number of beings who want to help manifest our spiritual nature in our form. In essence helping us remember who we are in this life and what our purpose is for coming here.

The more that we can know our spirituality the more brightly we can shine



We have a great deal of power when we realize our Divinity, a great deal of power that we can use for the good of mankind, to bring healing and light and as we do this we bring this love and healing to ourselves. We are no longer the powerless beings bound to this world and the limits it perpetuates on our beings. We find ourselves in a place above that, a place that is totally connected to our fellow man and All that Is. We also need to see all of what we experience in this lifetime in the physical as things that move us spiritually. There is spiritual meaning behind all and when we will allow ourselves to raise above the physical manifestation of circumstances we begin to see the spiritual connection, the moving of all things to a higher and more beautiful purpose. When we start to understand that our very purpose for coming into this form is to love and to serve all then we can reconnect the bridge between the physical and the spiritual and our connectedness moves us toward wholeness and deep joy which is our birthright and the very expression of God through us. We will more completely realize who we are in truth through our Divinity and we will see the falseness of everything else because the light of our

being will expose it to us. We will move ourselves back to our origin, our very roots, our spiritual nature, and there and only there will we find peace.

Cindy Roskamp Cindy is a spiritualist and a medium. She does mediumship and energy readings at her website: She has her doctorate in Metaphysics and Spiritual Awareness

21 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • December 2011

Past Life regression To Heal Mind Body And Soul Let me start with a famous quote by Delmore Schwartz “Only the past is immortal”. Not only our ancient scriptures, sages and infinite souls like Yogeshwar Krishna, Mahavira and Buddha knew about past lives, reincarnation, soul memory and advocate these but fairly astonishing developments are coming out of the research conducted by modern day physicians and physiatrists of the West. Past life regression (PLR) gives a means of contacting the memories of the lives prior to this one. By using PLR, the lessons for this life can be reaffirmed, issues that occur across several lives revisited and identified, and see the true form of the soul through its journeys which remain buried deeply in our memories or sub consciousness. PLR is a kind of revolution in consciousness. By experiencing near death experiences, out of body journeys, astral travels, age regression, accessing to akashic records, apparitions of the deceased, activating the subconscious mind and a host of other remarkable phenomena of the spiritual world, one can not only remember its own past life but can also 22 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM • December

understand the soul purpose of life. Each experience is unique and these lives are so different and the experiences so varied, that recalling them is difficult when we are already immersed within this life. PLR takes place in stages, guiding first to the altered state of sub conscious mind, then into the gallery of windows/ doors to past lives, then into 3 past lives, astral world and finally back to the physical world. People from all walks of life, in all the countries of the world belonging to all the possible religions, explore past lives for a wide variety of reasons. Such as to remove the Past Life ‘chains’ that tie to poverty, modern-life physical ailments or ill-health, fears, phobias and emotional problems. To develop hidden talents, end the struggle of current life, spiritual understanding, and much, much more including Relationships, Dreams, Addictions, Personal Problems and so on. PLR is based on the Universal concept of Law of Karma. Alike any other science it has its own understanding, technique, belief, evidences, conceptions, contra and non contra indications and scope of application. 2011

Past Life regression To Heal Mind Body And Soul By; Acharya AnujJain



What is Past Life regression Therapy relationship problems. (PLRT)? It defuses negative patterns, find reason A new age holistic approach of healing for present life problem and difficulties, in which you are guided to a time and set positive change in motion. before birth in the present life, that is, into another life, to uncover and heal the What is the benefit of PLRT? causes of problems and difficulties that have arisen in the present life. PLRT helps to develop your potential, unlock latent talent, create better underPLRT works on the body, mind, emotions standing of others and life situations, and spirit. Its object is to make life easier, reveal your life purpose and reason for better and more fulfilling, in this present incarnating, and initiate new patterns moment. of response. You can rewrite your LIFE SCRIPT, release all previous unwanted What is the basis of PLRT? conditionings, blockages and emotions which you don’t require and attune to Past life therapy is based on the the ultimate source of knowledge or conprinciple of cause and effect (also known sciousness. as KARMA). What has been set in motion at some time in the past creates an effect Is there a difference between reliving on a person’s physical, mental or spiritual past life and having past life therapy? well being now. Taken simply it means that Definitely. Therapy means healing. for every action there is a consequence. Therapy shifts your focus from “Who was I” This cause may be a desire, thought, approach to “Aha, so that’s why…” feeling, emotion, vow, promise, decision, evasion or traumatic experience, amongst The therapeutic work involves freeing others. It teaches that sufferings are not something which has become stuck in the because of BAD KARMA or punishment, past, the burden of which has been carit is our soul choice to learn higher ried forward into the present. lessons. You remain no longer a spectator, but take What can PLRT do? charge of your life with the real knowledge of the higher self. Past life therapy can be helpful in many different areas: stress, anxiety, phobias, and irrational fears, health How is PLRT done? problems, removing fear of death, understanding disorders, family dysfunction, Through hypnosis, guided meditation addictions, sexual difficulties, hard luck and other non hypnotic techniques, and jinxes, financial problems, marital and 24 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM • December 2011

the subject is taken gradually from the present moment to childhood memories, womb life and then to concerned significant past lives and finally to life between life state. Lives and finally to life between life state. The participant firstly integrates, then disintegrates and finally transforms the issues under the series of guidance by the therapist. In the safe environment and process the subject relive the old live and release the patterns which are not conducive for the present life. Subject continues to be in a state whereby simultaneously he remains conscious of present moment and past lives both. Subject remains in the state whereby he remembers each and every insight of the session.

I meditate for peace, and awaken today

25 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • December 2011

About Front Cover

Kathy May, digital artist & web designer, began her career as Kathleen Farago, printmaker & painter. Kathleen born in Budapest, Hungary, & currently lives in Ottawa, Ontario.

“Here, A Miracle Occurs” is one of her recent digital art. To contact Kathleen please visit: http://​ http://​​kathmay or in facebook:​kathleen.f.may

26 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM • December 2011

About back Cover

Zabuza is a 9,6-10 kg male who is more than just a cat to his owner Anna Larsson. He follows Anna almost every where in the house. He eats with Anna, and as Anna says he talks to me all the time and sometimes I am wondeing if he is more than cat. Well Zabuza certainley changed Anna’s life with his unconditional love. The bound and love between Anna and Zabuza is blessing for both, as they share their life together they walk in the same path where this journey takes them. Anna refer him as a KING of the house, and we sure Zabuza is a happy king living with Anna.

Sharing some beautiful moments

Vafa Shelter

needs your help Many beautiful animals needs a loving home.

For adoption please contact: Share with us those moment that you captured 27 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • December 2011

S*Angel Spirit Zabusa ( Zabbe )

Eden Magazine  

The Eden magazine focus on Animals Welfare and Environment Protection, " spreading compassion to all sentient beings and Living in healing a...

Eden Magazine  

The Eden magazine focus on Animals Welfare and Environment Protection, " spreading compassion to all sentient beings and Living in healing a...