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November 2011 Volume 1 Issue 11

spreading compassion to all sentient beings and Living in healing and peaceful world Editor

Maryam Morrison “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” ~ Steve Jobs 1955-2011 ~ Front Cover artwork by Nina Diaz ~ Back Cover Photography & artwork by Maryam Morrison Eden Magazine is an independent monthly online magazine. Our aim is to create a better environment where we live among other living being in peace and harmony. We support artists that their work match our criteria. If you would like to submit your artwork, article or/and your photography. For our future issues please contact Maryam Morrison at; or 2 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2011

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Nina Diaz

Steven Redhead

Bee Happy By Ellen Vaman





It all starts with compassion

My Silence Companion

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“Technical skills can be learned by almost anyone who has the determination to pursue it, but innovative ideas and the ability to express them come from some place beyond the material world” Carole Ann Borges



A Visual Artist!/profile.php?id=1118816092&sk=wall

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Nina Diaz is a self made artist. She has been making art as long as she can remember, but there was a pivotal moment when Nina was 5 her teacher called her an artist. Than she considered to call herself an artist. Since that day, as a child and teen Nina played with art to see how good she could be, to impress people and to gain appreciation. At the age of 24 all of that changed. Nina was embarking on a more spiritual journey in her life, and it reflected her art as well. She was determined to understand and express spiritual growth in life and artistically. Nina finds art as a sort of push and pull. Mistake then correction, as is everything in life. When creating a piece she is only thinking about lines, contrasts, textures, colours, composition ect. “I’m not worring about bills, relationships, work, dramas, government, money, so it’s a great meditation” she replies. Some of her pictures are thought out and composed and others just create themselves, as if they were creatures peeking through a wormhole from another dimension. Nina only being the vessel in which they choose to filter through. That’s when it starts getting really fun. “Visual art is the way I have chosen to express myself and it always starts with a feeling a feeling that needs to get free” as she says. 6 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2011


Steven Redhead (Philomind)

Everything in the Universe is in a constant state of motion;

don’t be the only thing standing still.


Life really wasn’t meant to be difficult. We all create the chains that bind us, that limit us, that hold us back or even stop us from achieving our true potential in life. Some people even metaphorically crucify themselves upon a cross of their own making, like some modern day martyr. When things run out of control it is because we failed to control how reality plays out. How you manage and control reality will come to determine your life. Yet life was never meant to be difficult, we just make it that way so that it fits into societies and our own indoctrinated belief concepts of what things should be like. We make bridges or barriers; create unnecessary self-fulfilling prophecies, and give life to issues or problems that don’t even deserve the light of day. Challenge who you can be, don’t let fate control your future. Fate can come to rule our life if we don’t decide for ourselves exactly what we want. It fills in the bits like a mischievous mistress. You can either follow your dreams with determination and persistence until they become true or you can be blown by the winds of fate were anything can happen.

complacency. For many the status quo is far more acceptable than taking any supposed risk of change; yet there is always greater risk by being passive or living a dreary predictable life, going nowhere or around in undeviating circles of routine. Change is one of the most vibrant elements we can use to create a different tomorrow. The cost of change is what tend to keep us bound to a situation; because we are afraid to trade what we currently know for uncertainty; yet whenever we do set ourselves free of what ever is binding us we will always find a better tomorrow, a better life that is waiting for us should we chose it. Don’t be a creation of circumstances, create your dreams; start to take full control of your destiny.

Through misleading education we are lead to falsely believe that some things are difficult to achieve; when in fact things are as difficult as we wish or make them. The effort to escape the chains that we bind ourselves with is never an easy task, unless we simple cease to give energy in the form of thought that created these Life was meant to be a wondrous psychic bonds in the first place. The issue adventure; yet we trade that ideal for is not what you may be facing, rather your whatever we have because of our interpretation of it. 9 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2011

You shouldn’t blame others for the conditions you endure; we each have the freedom to follow which path we desire in life. Always think in a positive light to create a better world for yourself and others. Destiny is not fate, it is a course that we must find, then create; this is our true life path which we must follow in order to achieve those things that are of utmost importance to our higher consciousness. When things run out of control it is because we failed to control how reality plays out. Take control of your reality now by consciously deciding how things will be. Seek your life purpose, then with clear focus aim all your energies at bringing this destiny into your reality.

desire. Life is made up of chances to make choices, decisions of what we wish to do; the accumulated result of those choices is what we call our life. Learn to create your own miracles, don’t just wait for miracles to happen. Infinite possibilities do exist by keeping focus on what you really want. The quality of your life will be governed by the effort you make to giving your life quality.

Life is indeed a gamble, the ultimate game of chance, based purely upon having the ability to make the right choices at the right time. Always ask yourself what are you doing to create your reality rather than leaving things to fate. Don’t be blown around by the winds of time, avoid being a creature of circumThe future won’t wait for you, if you don’t stance. create your own destiny fate will. You should become the element of change Life is not about finding your true self, through controlling your thoughts. but creating who you wish to be. As we reinvent our life endlessly we should We can set ourselves free from what open our minds to the infinite possibilities confines or limits us by removing or that do exist. Remember you never win eliminating anything that is undesirable in or lose in life if you realize that it is all our life, no matter what or how high the just for the experience. Life is exactly cost might be. Everyone has time wasting what you make it; it can be a heaven habits, things you do that serve no purpose or hell, it’s all up to you. or benefit to anyone. Simplify your life by getting rid of all the things that are totally true joy and wonder of life can only be unnecessary trappings, be they physical yours if you follow your own intuition or mental. Once your life becomes unclut- aiming to achieve your bliss. tered you will feel a burden is lifted, you become free to be who you really are. In the next issue, Steven take us to the journey of finding a solution to the new What keeps things as they are is our beigining of life. inability to comprehend how things can be. Open your mind to the infinite possibilities that exist for you; then create within your reality the things that you 10 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2011

About Steven Redhead (Philomind)

Born in the U.K., Steven Redhead is the published author of 3 self motivation books, a published songwriter, member of the British Poetry Society, who also has published articles both in spiritual magazines in Asia and the USA as well as independent web-sites. Now living in the south of Spain; he spent 32 years based in Japan working with large companies in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Brazil, assisting their businesses to succeed and prosper. Steven has over 35 years experience writing motivational spiritual philosophy that is intended to inspire people into asking themselves the questions that will lead them to ‘The Solution’ they are seeking. His writing has been extensively on subjects related to Life Paths, Self-Help, Laws of Attraction (LOA), Intuitive Spiritual Philosophy, The Meaning and Purpose of Life, and other Metaphysical Thoughts. The extended knowledge and ideas amassed over the years are gathered together in the Book of Life Series, the first three books are; The Solution, The Laws of Creation, Creating Your Reality. He has a novel insight into the Laws of Attracting what you truly desire by harnessing the Power of Creation to achieve your goals. ‘The Laws of Attraction’ taught how to attract what you want; ‘The Laws of Creation’ shows how to ‘Create’ in reality the life you truly desire.

Website: http://www.lifecoachingsystems. com/ Facebook Page: PowerOfCreation Where to find Steven’s books: YouTube Video: watch?v=brNUrlca1Aw iTunes:



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Bee HappY By Ellen Vaman Photography by Ellen Vaman

Due to a recent holiday in New Zealand I came to know about Apiotherapy and the importance of a top quality honey (Manuka) - and also many other bee products. The word Apiotherapy means the use of bee products to promote well being.

are proven to have anti-cancer properties & I also found articles & papers claiming propolis and honey to be powerful, natural antibiotics - (in New Zealand as well as Australia some hospitals & healthcare practitioners now use honey-soaked gauze as wound dressings in skin injuries I became interested to know about the & burns). effects that these products can have on health and healing - so I started If you look back through history, you will researching & making inquiries while trav- find that people of nearly all cultures have elling through New Zealand. collected honeycombs and used royal jelly and other beehive products for A local pharmacists told me that a few of nutrition and therapeutic purposes. the components of propolis and royal jelly 13 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2011

Let’s look at some of these products and their properties: Royal jelly Royal jelly or bee’s milk (now a very common commodity in health food stores) is secreted by special glands in young worker bees. It is a thick creamy liquid, which is mixed with honey and is fed to all bee larvae for the first three days of their lives and is also used exclusively for the nourishment of the queen bee. It is a complex substance that has been found to be rich in proteins (such as gelatine, a precursor of collagen which accounts for royal jelly’s ability for keeping youthful skin), vitamins, minerals, amino acids, Essential fatty acids, hormones such as pheromones (a chemical that triggers a social response in members of the same species, often functioning as an attractant of the opposite sex) - and many other elements that are yet to be identified.

coronary artery disease, anaemia, arthritis, depression, diabetes, asthma, malnutrition, atherosclerosis and ulcers 8. to promote sexual vitality and rejuvenation, and reverse impotence. 9. to keep smooth, youthful skin and ward off skin aging Bee pollen Bee pollen is the dust-size male seed found on the stamen of any flower blossom. The pollen collects on the legs of honeybees as they move from flower to flower. Bee pollen is among the oldest known dietary supplements. It was used in medicine and as a rejuvenator by the early Greeks, Egyptians and ancient Chinese and was called fountain of youth. It is rich in vitamins, especially B vitamins, and contains trace amounts of minerals, enzymes, fatty acids, protein, antioxidants and other substances.

Royal jelly is used for a wide spectrum of health benefits:

Bee pollen is used for a wide spectrum of health benefits:

1. for energy, stamina and physical strength 2. for healthier nervous system ,healthier liver and for building tissues and muscles 3. to stimulate and boost immune system, and fight bacterial and viral infections 4. to support wound healing 5. for weight control 6. to regulate endocrine system and achieve hormonal balance 7. for various physical conditions such as

1. enhancing the immune system through its antioxidant properties 2. controlling weight 3. relieving allergy symptoms (however it can instead cause an allergic reaction in some susceptible individuals, so testing before regular use is recommended) 5. increasing strength 6. enhancing vitality and stamina 7. slowing the aging process, and prolonging life.

14 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2011

Propolis Propolis, is a mixed product of material that bees collect from pollens and tree barks, and a secretion of bees. Bees use the propolis along with beeswax to construct their hives. Propolis has antibiotic activities that help the hive block out viruses, bacteria, and other organisms. It has been traditionally utilized for years as a natural antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory or analgesic in Eastern European countries. It contains protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals but the main effective component of propolis is a flavonoid, the effects of which are reported to be as follows:

and breast-feeding have not been sufficiently evaluated, women should not use it during these times unless directed to do so by a physician.

1. anti-asthmatic, anti-inflammatory and pain-killing (analgesic) activity 2. anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-tumour activity 3. protective function for liver 4. anti-diabetic activity 5. strengthening activity for blood vessels 6. it may also be helpful in protecting against / shortening the duration of the common cold. Propolis is generally non-toxic, though allergic reactions have been reported. These reactions are typically limited to skin rashes, however, as with other bee products, more severe allergic reactions are possible. People who are allergic to bee products should not use propolis unless tested first by an allergy specialist. As the effects of propolis during pregnancy

http://www.ellenlove​ http://www.facebook.​com/ellenvaman


Prichard M, Turner KJ. Acute hypersensitivity to ingested processed pollen. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Medicine 15:346-347, 1985. 1.Is honeybee pollen the world’s only perfect food? (Booklet) Phoenix, AZ: CC Pollen Company, 1984.

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KaTransformations Katerina Louisa Katsanis-Semel

16 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2011

Often when I am meeting new people, I am asked, as many of us are, what my profession is. In my case, I am blessed to share that there is a unique answer to that common question. What is my profession, exactly? I feel so privileged to assert that my profession is the same as my spiritual calling. I consider myself to be, essentially, a vehicle for Spirit. I am here to serve. I am here to be a clear channel for good. I am here to be a stand-in for love, and for love’s offerings, to the best of my ability. Technically, I am an “intuitive healer,” though the healing work that I offer can take many forms. Sometimes I offer healing work through individual intuitive counseling sessions; sometimes my healing work, however, takes the form of small group (or even large group), sessions. The largest group that I have ever spoken in front of was at The Los Angeles Convention Center, years ago, and that crowd was over two hundred large! I was giving a theological talk entitled, “In this Age of Science and Technology, how can we Accept the Realities of Miracles?” At times the skeptical aspects of ourselves can feel hard-pressed to identify miracles, especially when so much of our global society is now influenced by scientific and technological intervention. Yet whenever I am feeling skeptic, I remind myself of the healing work that I do, and how healed I have become through what I have given to others. For I truly witness that whenever I move my ego out of the way, and allow Spirit’s grace to fully enter into my consciousness, that miracles happen. Seemingly

incomprehensible connections are made, synchronicities emerge, and dormant memories are claimed. Truthfully, miracles are sometimes as subtle as practical, emotional and spiritual possibilities coming into existence that one previously did not think of, let alone entertain. All I know is that when I step into this “miracle consciousness,” before I serve, I do not feel nervous. I do not even feel nervous about praying for people, giving them psychic feedback, or listening to their most private struggles. And even if I do feel nervous, as I slip more deeply into a surrendered space, the nervousness falls away. In this space of spiritual surrender, all that remains is a heart-to-heart connection. In the domain of “linear time and space,” I have been offering professional healing work for about 10 years. Sometimes I can hardly believe that it has been a decade, and that reality, in and of itself, is a miracle to me. I became really focused with this work about 5 years ago. Through a series of serendipitous, wondrous occurrences, I began offering my intuitively-based counseling sessions at The Chopra Center, in New York City. The Chopra Center was co-founded by Doctors David Simon and Deepak Chopra. Though we offered daily meditation and hatha yoga sessions there, our financial income was primarily brought in through the body treatments that we offered there, such as massages, facials



and therapeutic baths. So most of our services were physically-based work. But as word spread about my spiritual gifts and my training (with Doreen Virtue), I was given the invitation to offer services to the general public. I feel proud to share that I was actually the first person whose services were booked via our computer software system, who was not offering ayurvedic services! I never fully believed that that could have happened, until it did. I guess that my faith, even if tiny and partial, made me whole.

ness.” In this miraculous, indescribable zone, things effortlessly unfold. In this paradigm of consciousness, that one can enter into, when one operates less from one’s ego, and more from one’s inner essence, anything can truly happen.

As I now look ahead, I look forward to seeing how my spiritual business, will unfold, and what can occur as my business savvy, and my spirituality, matures. Currently, I offer personalized guided meditations, Angel Therapy®, Mediumship work, Receiving the encouragement of the and energy healing work through my Chopra Center staff meant so much to business’ umbrella. My offerings may also me, as even for a holistic health center be found via iTunes and whose work was based on the principles of yoga and ayurveda, my work was One day, I would like to devise my own pretty leading edge. form of healing work, and teach it to others. One thing is for sure - when one Shortly before the Chopra Center in teams up with Spirit, the sky is not the New York closed its doors, I branched limit. Rather, it is only the beginning. out, and founded my own business. I officially began my LGBTQ-friendly coun- Katerina (“Kat”) Katsanis-Semel, seling business, “KaTransformations, in New York, 2011 . service to your transformations,” during the summer of 2008. It was another incredible personal and professional milestone. I loved the process of creating and co-designing my website, The entire process was a leap of consciousness for me, because I did not think, say, when I was a teen, that as a young woman in my twenties, I would have been giving healing work with the encouragement of Deepak Chopra. I also never imagined that I would end up launching my own business. But those two case-scenarios are, in my mind, examples of “miracle conscious-

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Fatherhood in the Animal World

Image: Wikimedia Commons/Mtpaley

These are the few example of how a male plays a big roles as a father Darwin frog (Rhinoderma Darwini) fathers carry eggs in the vocal pouch. The female sea horse (Hippocampus) deposits eggs into the pouch on the male’s abdomen. Unlike most birds, it is the Emperor Penguin fathers who sit on top of the nests. Wolf father help feed, protect, and play with their pups. In some cases, several generation of wolves lives in the pack, giving pups the care of grand parents, aunts/ uncles, and siblings in additional to parents. Dolphin fathers help in the care of the young. 19 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2011

It all starts with compassion

It starts with you! 20 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November


We begin with compassion. What is compassion? “The meaning of compassion is to recognize the suffering of others,

then take action to help.“ By: Heather Auria Gaines

My nephew Shawn is only 4 years old, but when his dad was getting stressed out he said something amazing...He said “Daddy it is ok to be mad. I will always love you. I see that you are really sad.” and gave him a big hug.

When I saw him give a hug and his daddy cry of happiness, I saw the impact of my words and actions on my nephew. I decided that I want to help more kids and families to bring compassion into their homes.

I taught him about feelings at the age of 4. I spoke about how his emotions come and go and how he can see them like clouds floating by. I said it is good to honor how you feel. Yes, feelings are our inner compass to help guide us. But when we get caught up in them they actually can cause us to act out and say or do things they do not mean because they are sad. So when you are angry good chances are that you are really sad. I told him when he feels this way he can focus on his breathing and count to 3 calmly. I told him when mommy and daddy say they are mad that they are sometimes sad and they may need space or a big hug and some love. I told him he can ask mommy and daddy if they want a hug. He loved this. Even though he is 4 I did not under estimate him. Kids know more then we may like to think.

Compassion is an amazing seed within each of us that makes it possible for us to recognize someone’s suffering and something within us bubbles with an understanding leading to us to take action to help bring peace and support to be there for another human, animal or even the planet. Compassion goes beyond the artificial barriers (social, economic, and religious) we some times feel caught in. It makes us aware of the common thread between humans, animals and this planet. We are all seeking connection, compassion and love. When we are able to pause for a moment and notice another’s suffering is can awaken in us a desire to help a stranger, with no motivation other than that person is in need our compassion goes into action.

21 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2011

Empathy is being to recognize and to relate to another’s suffering. We know what it feels like. We relate. We have an understanding of how it feels, in which we may have been through a similar situation or at the least felt the same way.

Bringing it home to your kids/family/ community this holiday season:

1. Teach ‘perspective talking’ by labeling another person’s feelings for your child. Say something like, “I wonder why she did that?”or “She must be feeling really frustrated right now.” Or “I wonder what When we open our hearts, the the teacher was feeling?” desire within us rises to want to bring happiness to them, thus leading us to 2. Tell your child about something you take action. This action can be inward did this week to help another person when as a simple wish of happiness and your child wasn’t there. safety to the other. It also leads us to take action to bring about a positive 3. Enlist your child in helping or comfortchange. ing a smaller child or pet. 4. In an age-appropriate way and without overburdening them, put words on your own anxieties, hopes, frustrations and satisfactions, so your children can see you as a person, not just a caregiver.

The holidays are rolling around the corner. It is a perfect time to find away to allow compassion in your heart to grow. You can volunteer on your own but it is more fun with your kids, family, school, friends or even work 5. Involve your child in compassionmates. ate action – whether helping a preschool teacher put things away or serving in a During this holiday season I plan on soup kitchen. volunteering and giving back. My family is going to be collecting toys 6. Look online for local volunteer opfor christmas, going into the soup portunities. You can google: volunteering kitchen and I am hoping with my plus the state you are in. friends to help put together a holiday christmas party for kids in the city. If you live in Connecticut you can go to:

You can also go to this site which serves the USA:



I would love to hear your thoughts and responses at:

I also welcome you to my website:



My Silence Companion By Maryam Morrison

Training is for all dogs regardless of their age or ability, although working with deaf dogs can be more challenging than the others, but there is no reason to think that a deaf dog can’t be train. Deaf dogs can become wonderful companions, since they cannot hear people or animals approaching them, they can get startled easy, which this can lead to fear and possibly an aggressive response from them. With correct training we can reduce this behavior easily.

Training in general is always a key to communicating better with your dog, however, with deaf dog it takes a little longer and your patience is requires. Your hand signal is going to be the only way your dog understand what you want them to do, so you need to make sure you use the same hand signal every time, if you are not consistent then your dog is going to have a hard time to understand you and most likely this will lead to him possibly ignore you. In general, hand signals are very important and to learn to communicate with your dog through “body Language”.

Although deaf dogs cannot hear you approaching, but they are very tuned in to their other senses. Like vibration and Using treats, toy or even physical praise lights. can help to get your dogs attention. Each dog is different on what motivates them. One thing we need to remember is Make sure if you are using treat, select to never surprise a dog. If your dog is a treat that your dog is not getting on a sleeping you want to gently wake him up. daily base, and it is always helpful to do the training before meal time. 24 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2011

As it is important for your dog to learn all the hand signals, especially for your deaf dog, “Watch Me” and “Come” are the most important ones. To teach your dog “Watch Me” you can hold the treat in your fist and bring it to your dog nose (make sure he cannot get the treat) than as you raising the treat to your eye level, your dog most likely will follow your hand because there is the treat and this is how you shape this hand signal.

and make full eye contact when you talk to him. Make training part of the everyday routine. When your dog is looking at you make sure to acknowledge this behavior and praise him. Your dog needs to learn to focus on you. Deaf dogs are visually oriented, so use visual cue. The one advantage when you training a deaf dog is, he or she is not distracted by noises and other sounds.

Trust and bonding are the key for you For further information or training contact and your dog to help the process. Unlike hearing dogs, your deaf dog will need you to be more specific on your hand signal 25 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November 2011

Lacking Lips of time A sensuous poetry collection into the unknown she will awaken deep emotions inside you and take you to a place where only you know the destination

BY Shaghayegh Farsijani

To purchase this book please refer to or

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Sharing some beautiful moments

Vafa Shelter

need syour help Many beautiful animals needs a loving home.

For adoption please contact:

Share with us those moment that you captured 27 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM • November



Eden Magazine  

The Eden magazine focus on Animals Welfare and Environment Protection, spreading compassion to all sentient beings and Living in healing and...

Eden Magazine  

The Eden magazine focus on Animals Welfare and Environment Protection, spreading compassion to all sentient beings and Living in healing and...