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The Wainwright Society 10th Anniversary Lake District Tree Of Light It’s Time to Spot the Difference Kings How and the Bowder Stone Because its There Distribution 5200 phone: 01768 899111


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The Penrith Co-op Society

For a large range of ideas for home visit our Home furnishi

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Just arrived, Eden Gold, new to you Local Keswick Co-op

St James Court, Keswick CA12 5EF Tel: 01768 772688 LakesLocal

phone: 01768 899111

Unit 1 Packhorse Court Keswick CA12 5JB O1768 775656

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Dear Residents and Businesses

r furnishing your ing departments


Welcome to your Lakes Local publication; this month we have a number of commercial statements to make but before that, I would like to share with you all the positive responses to our decision to expand Lakes Local into the Cockermouth area from the November issue. My thanks to Adam at 4 Play Cycles, Jimmy at Lake District Outdoor and the positive response from RTSN Huddart Supplies Ltd suppliers of quality pet and wildlife products. My thanks also go to Marcus at Fagans Jewellers, who is already a fond follower of our sister publication Eden Local over in the Eden Valley and my thanks for the positive reception when meeting Colin at the Cockermouth Independent Travel Agents. The point that I’m trying to get across is that it isn’t just about advertising but about the great afternoon I had in Cockermouth meeting a range of local businesses. So the good news is that from 29th October your Lakes Local publication will be distributed to Cockermouth through the doors of every business and residential property in CA13, taking your Lakes Local distribution up to around 12,500 copies.

As I mentioned last month, we are always on the hunt for local stories and to help local organisations, clubs and charities to promote their events and activities in anyway we can; it’s as simple as dropping me a line. We don’t have a big team here at Cumbrian Local publications, as we will be known from 1st October, but many hands make light work and we are always looking to encourage new writers, so please feel free to send in your stories but make sure they are positive. We don’t do bad news as a policy because the last thing you want to have to read is anything negative in a free publication that is coming through your door.

Address 19 Burrowgate Penrith, Cumbria CA11, UK

Have you signed up for your new Members Card, it entitles you to savings and offers from many local businesses, see in store for details.

19 Burrowgate, Penrith CA11 7TD Tel: 01768 862366

Press releases, which are sent out to a range of publications with the hope of being printed, don’t always make it into Lakes Local. We tend to leave these releases for the local news press who cover such stories more than adequately and do a fine job. We do make the odd exception. ‘Odd’ in the right context – that it is a really good cause. For that reason I have given Doug Lowther a full page on the Keswick Rotary Club’s Lake District Tree of Light on page 14. My thanks to Doug for sending this release for publication which we hope will rally support for a worthy cause. Apart from my time in Cockermouth, I have also spent a few days in Carlisle preparing for the launch of Border City Times. However this hasn’t stopped me from being able to spend some quality time in Keswick as I do every month. The work Lakes Local does with the Local Co-op continues to be very busy and productive. I also fitted in another trip to Fitz Park Dental Practice. From last months article I picked up on a simple but effective piece of advice; after brushing teeth, they advise not to then wash away with water all the good work that the tooth-paste has done to protect your teeth throughout the coming day. I think the word obvious was there but it hadn’t been for me and I suspect many others! And finally my congratulations to David Jessop, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom installer, who has just been listed on the Cumbria County Council ‘Buy With Confidence Scheme’. He called me not just about the award but also the positive response from the simple coloured boxed advertisement in the CABusiness column, which he claimed was the most effective and rewarding advert he had ever placed. Thank you David. I’ll be back next month with your November Lakes Local. Please drop me a line with ideas, or any questions you may have to phone: 01768 899111


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Pages 6 – 7 It’s not just another Kitchen Showroom it’s a range that can make your Kitchen unique to you from John Richardson and Son

Always looking ahead from today with Love Solar Renewables


Page 9 The Halloween Festival that won’t just give you a seasonal spooking-it’s a must try family event

Opening Editorial Now at Your Local Co-op The Kitchen unique to you Love Solar Renewables Halloween Festival and Fun Pumpkin Bread with Peter Sidwell Don’t keep going around with your Payroll A Healthy Mouth at Fitz Park Lake District Tree of Light 2012 Autumn promotions with Eden Valley Eden Lakes & Country Wainwright Walk Pot Place & Cumbria Oak

Page 10 – 11 You can carve it out, but here some more ideas on what you can really do with your Pumpkin this Halloween from Peter Sidwell

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Page 13 Open wide for another tip from this month’s Healthy Mouth article from Fitz Park Dental Practice

Page 12 If you’ve been around the block trying to sort out the payroll for your business and you’re still not sure then this month’s Payroll article from the independent Full Circle Accountancy; Payroll – ‘It’s time to get Real’ may help LakesLocal

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Page 14 Some key local news from Doug Lowther about this year’s Keswick Rotary Club’s Lake District Tree of Light

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Your local update with tradition with our regular Wainwright article from Derek Cockell of the Wainwright Society

It’s time to boot up again for another walk from Keith Wood, this month it’s Kings How and the Bowder Stone

Page 22 “Because it’s there” is our first article from local climber Ron Kenyon

Walking with Keith Wood 20 – 21 Because It’s There 22 HQ Auto and Leisure Centre 23 Peaks & Pathways with Nick Wells 24 - 25 A note to businesses 26

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Lakeland Sheds 27 Interior and Exterior Stone 28 Would you like to fly and be on standby?


CA Business 29 And Finally to Afternoon Design


Crush and Go


Coal in Cumbria


Peaks and Pathways, compiled by Nick Wells this month takes us to Catbells. You can catch up with Nick on Eden FM Radio with his regular programme on Sundays, Talk the Walk on 9am till 11am

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October 2012

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The Wainwright Society 10th Anniversary Lake District Tree Of Light It’s Time to Spot the Difference Kings How and the Bowder Stone Because its There Distribution 5200 phone: 01768 899111


Special thanks to local photographer Keith Wood for our Cover Page Lakes Local Notice: Lakes Local prints various articles, features, and advertisements. Although these appear in Lakes Local, any opinions expressed are the opinion of the author, these are not necessarily the opinion of the publisher.

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Enjoying the search for a new Kitchen is having the o quality of the workmanship. The new Kitchen Centre with 20 fully fitted kitchen displays for you to enjoy. quote, so please drop in to discuss your new Kitche John Richardson and Son, paint department, shop a

John Richardson & Son

Quality Timber Suppliers • Home Improvement Centre LakesLocal

phone: 01768 899111

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opportunity to look at a range of designs, feeling the e showroom is now open at John Richardson and Son From design to installation, we offer a no obligation en project. The showroom is on the top floor of the and counter.

Roper Street, Penrith Tel: 01768 895000 Mon-Fri 7.30am - 5.00pm Sat 7.45am - 1.00pm phone: 01768 899111


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Renewables The summer is over and with winter fast approaching, we are all starting to think of preparations for the winter; getting the oil tank filled up; restocking the log pile, filling the coal bunker and maybe shopping around for a cheaper electricity provider. It’s an expensive business keeping our properties warm and cosy over the long Cumbrian winters and as the price of electricity, gas, oil and even wood and coal continues to rise year on year our bills look set to keep on rising for the foreseeable future. What are the alternative heat and electricity generation technologies out there to help reduce our bills in the future? 1) Solar PV (Solar Electric) is still one of the best investments that you can make. Solar PV saves on your electricity bills and generates a financial income guaranteed for the next 20 years; earning and saving up to £1000 per year. 4 KWp domestic system; Approx. cost; £7000 2) Solar Thermal (Solar Hot Water ) - depending on your hot water usage and lifestyle a solar thermal (hot water system) can provide between 60-80% of your total hot water demand; Approx. cost; £5000 3) Air Source Heat pumps; Air source heat pumps absorb heat from the outside air. This heat can then be used to heat radiators, under floor heating systems, or warm air convectors and hot water in your home. An air source heat pump extracts heat from the outside air in the same way that a fridge extracts heat from its inside. A well installed heat pump will give out 4 units of heat for every 1 unit of electricity put in. When replacing electric heating a saving of saving up to £800 per annum can be made; Approx. cost; £6000-£10000 4) Biomass & Wood Pellet Stoves; Wood-fuelled heating systems, also called biomass systems, burn wood pellets, chips or logs to provide warmth in a single room or to power central heating and hot water boilers. A stove burns logs or pellets to heat a single room - and may be fitted with a back boiler to provide water heating as well. A boiler burns logs, pellets or chips, and is connected to a central heating and hot water system. A wood-fuelled boiler could save you nearly £600 a year compared to electric heating. Biomass boilers for domestic application should be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) in 2013; Approx. Cost £10,000- £15000 Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a UK Government scheme set up to encourage uptake of renewable heat technologies among householders, communities and businesses through the provision of financial incentives. Only commercial systems at present they qualify for the RHI. Domestic systems are due to be awarded the RHI in 2013. Rates are still to be set.

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899 722 Mob: 07775 897980


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Pumpkin Autumn is the season for pumpkins, but you can always substitute with roasted butternut squash at other times of the year. Tasty and crunchy, this bread is great torn into chunks and served with a hearty soup.

Ingredients 100g (31⁄2oz) pumpkin 1 tsp olive oil, plus a little extra for roasting 300ml (1⁄2 pint) water 1 tsp fast-action/easy-blend yeast 1 tsp granulated sugar 500g (1lb) strong white bread flour 1 tsp salt 1⁄4 tsp ground white pepper 50g (2oz) good local blue cheese 50g (2oz) toasted walnuts Salt and freshly ground black pepper


phone: 01768 899111

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by Peter Sidwell

Here’s how... Preheat the oven to 200°C (400°F), gas mark 6. First, roast the pumpkin. Cut it into quarters or eighths, season with salt and pepper and rub a little olive oil into the pumpkin flesh. Place it on a baking tray and roast in the preheated oven for 30 minutes or until the flesh is tender. When it is cool enough to handle, peel or cut the skin away and mash the sweet orange flesh with a fork or blend in a food processor until smooth. To bake in a breadmaker Place all the remaining ingredients, except the toasted walnuts, with the mashed pumpkin into the bread pan by following your manufacturers’ instructions regarding the order of liquid/dry ingredients. Place the walnuts in the nut/raisin dispenser (if available) and set your machine to the basic/normal raisin setting, large loaf, medium crust. If you do not have a nut/raisin dispenser, when the machine indicates (with a beeping sound), add the toasted walnuts and close the lid. To bake by hand Place the water, yeast, sugar, 1 teaspoon oil and pumpkin purée into a large mixing bowl. Add the flour, salt, white pepper, blue cheese and walnuts. Using your hands, mix together until it forms a dough and comes away from the bowl – it should take about 3–4 minutes. Transfer the dough onto a lightly floured work surface and knead (see basic instructions on page 27) for about 5–10 minutes. Return the dough back to the bowl, cover with cling film and leave in a warm place for 30–40 minutes to double in size. Scoop the bread back out and give it a simple knead for 1 minute. Transfer the dough to a 1kg (2lb) non-stick loaf tin and leave it somewhere warm to prove for 30–40 minutes or until it has almost doubled in size. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 200°C (400°F), gas mark 6. Bake the loaf in the preheated oven for 40 minutes until it is golden on top. To check if it is cooked, carefully slide the loaf out of the tin and tap the underneath. If it sounds hollow it is cooked, if not, return it to the oven for another 10 minutes. phone: 01768 899111


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Payroll – It’s “Time to get Real”

Does your business employ staff? Then you will have a payroll. Do you know what’s happening from next April? No? Not sure? In that case read on! In April 2013 HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) will introduce a new way of reporting PAYE – it goes by the snazzy title of “Real Time Information” or “RTI”. RTI is a system for reporting pay, tax, National Insurance (NI) and other data to HMRC that will be collected every time a payment is made to an employee. If you use payroll software, this will collect all the relevant data and send it “online” to HMRC (but note - RTI does not affect payment methods). To make sure you are indeed still paying attention - RTI will become mandatory between April & October 2013. Ok - so what are the key changes? Well, here are three you should be aware of. Employers will send information electronically to HMRC about employees’ pay and deductions before or at the same time as they are paid. This is called a Full Payment Submission (FPS). The annual process of submitting “End of Year” returns (P14s for all employees, P35 summary, and declaration) will cease. New starter forms (P45/P46) will not be submitted to HMRC.

And how will RTI affect my business? First - let’s look at your payroll data. It’s essential that your payroll is correct. You won’t be able to make RTI submissions to HMRC without the key details for each employee. Second - employee payments. RTI requires details about the tax and NI treatment of payments each time a payment is made. This means that details about e.g. tax free payments will be included in the RTI submission together with data such as hours worked. Thirdly HMRC will know immediately the tax liability each month – and that means it becomes so much easier for HMRC to be paid on time!

So what happens next? HMRC will be sending cunningly worded invitations to join RTI (it’s compulsory don’t forget!) with a date to submit your employee details by. In simple terms employers will submit an Employer Alignment Submission (EAS) to align employee records with HMRC records before submitting other information. So here is an opportunity to ensure that all your employee information has been checked and verified.

This sounds like a lot of work – how can Full Circle help? Full Circle Accountancy runs cost effective payrolls for a number of its clients and uses software that will be RTI compliant. Our clients’ payrolls will meet the new RTI standards. We can make sure yours does too – give us a call on 01768 580058 or email hello@

Are there any advantages to RTI? The most obvious is that there will be no annual end of year returns. In theory it should also mean more frequent updating of tax codes and reduced levels of under/ overpayments. It could be the opportunity to streamline your payroll e.g. if you have weekly paid staff, it might be worth shifting to a monthly payroll to reduce the number of submissions. LakesLocal

phone: 01768 899111

Full Circle Accountancy can make it all plane sailing - call us on 01768 580058 or email

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Helping you have a Healthy Mouth As well as containing sugars many of the foods/drinks already discussed are also acidic. Patients suffering from acid erosion can complain of sensitivity but many are unaware of the problem until it is too late and the teeth have to be restored with fillings, veneers or crowns. Our tips for preventing decay and acid erosion are: • Limit the consumption of food/drink containing sugar to mealtimes. This reduces the number of times the teeth are exposed to plaque and dietary acids each day. • Ensure you keep your intake of carbonated drinks and fresh fruit juices to an absolute minimum. • Dilute fresh juice with water. This is especially important for children. • Don’t add sugar to tea/coffee etc. • Don’t brush immediately after a meal. The plaque acids soften the teeth and brushing will wear the teeth away! Wait at least one hour for the saliva to remineralise the teeth. Following last month’s article on dental hygiene we thought it would be a good idea to discuss diet and its effect on the teeth. There are two major ways in which diet can affect the teeth. The first is the way that sugars in our diet interact with the bacteria on our teeth to produce plaque acids resulting in tooth decay. The second is acid erosion which is caused by the action of dietary acids on the teeth causing the loss of their hard enamel coating. Dentists, Simon and Stewart, are in agreement that there has been a major increase in acid erosion in recent years. Foods that have a high sugar content include fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolates and biscuits. Even products labelled as “containing no added sugar” can contain high levels of natural sugar. Fresh fruit juices, smoothies, honey, fresh fruit and flavoured waters are often considered to be healthy alternatives but can be high in sugar. Once something sugary is placed in the mouth the plaque acids produced start to weaken the tooth structure which eventually results in the formation of a cavity, tooth decay and often pain.

• Brush thoroughly twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. • Babies should be encouraged to drink from a cup as early as possible in order to prevent prolonged exposure of the teeth to potentially sugary drinks. Juice/cordial should never be drunk from a bottle. If you require any further information or want advice on any other dental issue please contact the Fitz Park Dental Practice where the staff will be delighted to help.

Fitz Park Dental Practice, 31 Station Street, Keswick, CA12 5HH Tel 017687 73020 Email General Dental Council registration numbers (G.D.C. numbers) Stewart Blayney 59384 and Simon Welch 75410

phone: 01768 899111


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LAKE DISTRICT TREE OF LIGHT Keswick 9th November 2012 - 6th January 2013.

2012 at the start of the Keswick Christmas Lights event and will immediately be followed by a procession of local schoolchildren to Moot Hall in the Market Place. A group of children will be singing a piece of music written especially for the occasion by Russell Burbush of New Arts North and they will be accompanied by other children waving white glow sticks to symbolize the Tree of Light. The tree will remain illuminated until 6th January 2013. Keswick Rotary Club invites you to make a donation to the Lake District Tree of Light to celebrate the life or memory of a loved one, or to mark that special occasion such as a wedding, birth or anniversary. The name to be celebrated will be displayed on a board at the foot of the tree and will be published in local newspapers. It will also appear in a Book of Celebration on where there will be space for people to add a short message, if they so wish. Donors will also receive an attractive Christmas card in acknowledgement and appreciation of their generosity. The Lake District Tree of Light is the magnificent beech tree that stands behind the Cenotaph at the junction of Station Street and Penrith Road in Keswick, in one of the most beautiful parts of the Lake District. Promoted by the Rotary Club of Keswick, The Lake District Tree of Light will again be illuminated with over 5,000 white lights over the Christmas season. Last year, the year when the tree was founded, it proved to be extremely successful and raised over £4,000 for Help4Heroes and local charities. Following this success Lesley Garrett CBE, whose love of Keswick and the Lake District is well known, kindly agreed to be the Patron of The Lake District Tree of Light.

Donations can be made by post online via PayPal, and donations may be gift aided where the donor pays sufficient tax. To make a donation simply visit or contact Colin Grant, Sour Riggs, Thornthwaite, Keswick, Cumbria CA12 5RZ. Tel 01768778288 Leaflets and donation forms are also available on the Rotary stand in Booths Supermarket in Keswick.

A donation to The Lake District Tree of Light provides an opportunity to celebrate that life or occasion and at the same time to support worthy causes and those less fortunate than themselves. The money raised will be distributed by Keswick Rotary Club and one of the main charities this year will be the Pride of Cumbria Air Ambulance. Others will include Keswick Out of School Club, The Calvert Trust and St Johns Ambulance (Keswick Branch). The tree will be lit at 6.30pm on Friday 9 November th


phone: 01768 899111

Lake District Tree of Light Committee, Keswick Rotary Club, Atherstone, Portinscale, Keswick, Cumbria, CA12 5RQ Tel: 017687 72719.

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Windows, Doors, Conservatories Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms & Solar

For all your home improvements

New Windows, Traditional Styles, Sliding Sash 30% off

New Doors Secure and dry for the winter 20% off

Kitchens and Bedrooms up to 50% off installed by Christmas

Visit out showroom or give us a call Friargate House Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7XR Open 8.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday, 10.00 - 1.00pm Saturday, or call us for an out of hours appointment at home

Telephone: (01768) 866790 Fax: (01768) 891030 Email: phone: 01768 899111



Lakes & Country

It’s Time to Spot the Difference The scent of Autumn is in the air and it won’t be long before we see the trees starting to change colour, bringing that time of year when our wonderful scenery takes on a spectacular new look. After the wettest summer for 100 years, we can only hope for a calmer, brighter conclusion to the year. July and August have been busy months at Eden, against what might have been called the normal run of things. These months usually present a bit of a lull, as the holiday season takes over and families are more distracted by keeping the kids entertained over the school break. The average number of viewings this year in July and August was about 20% above the average for the earlier part of the year – the three months before. More importantly, the number of offers received on properties in this period nearly doubled. There is definitely more willingness of buyers and sellers to work harder to reach deals. I hope that these levels of increased activity continue during the last quarter of the year. There are so many sellers whose plans are on hold because they cannot get a sale and we are working very hard to create

opportunities. If you are one of these then now is a good time to take stock of your position and to call us for a review of your progress. Many people are surprised to learn that September, October and November are often busy times of the year for selling houses, as buyers refocus on their lives after the summer distractions. It’s a good time to take a look at your external photography before the whole scene changes. And to take a good look at the presentation of your property from the standpoint of a buyer. Realistic pricing and top flight presentation are fundamental. I have been reviewing properties on the market in and around Keswick and I have to wonder whether sellers of properties have ever looked at the internet advertising of their home. I wondered whether you have had a close look at this?

What do you think - do the photos do the property justice? Would you go to view your property based upon what you can see? What impression does a buyer get? What investment has your agent made to present your home for sale? Impressing, inspiring and inviting buyers to take a closer look is at the very heart of what we do at Eden. We make a difference for all our clients by creating the best first impressions. We take full advantage of the marketing opportunity which the internet provides. We create superb visual presentations with professional photography as standard, and a really smart and effective sales brochure. We know from experience that buyers simply ignore property which is poorly presented. If you’re serious about selling, there’s no place for external photos taken on a dull day, or for interiors which are poorly lit, badly shot or which simply don’t tell the story of your home.

We are based in Penrith, which is a focal point for house buyers; Keswick is part of our patch, as it’s closer to us that many of the places where we sell houses. Because buyers search for their next house on the internet by location, we are able to sell houses all over North Cumbria. We attract and work with buyers from the local area, all over the UK and abroad and we sell around 40% of our clients’ houses outside Cumbria. Our recent sale of a fine house at Braithwaite, brought two interested parties who competed to buy the property. One came from London and the other from Lincolnshire.

So that you can spot the difference, take a look at our website www.edenestateagents. Can you imagine how your property could look?

We have something very different to offer house sellers, because of the visual presentation and the way we look after the needs of the buyers. If you would like to hear about a different way to sell your property please call me, without obligation. I can then explain to you some of the other unique elements of our business, which make for a better sale of your most valued asset. Helen Miller, Sales Director

01768 869000

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The Wainwright Society 10th Anniversary and 2012 Wainwright Memorial Lecture The date, 9th November, is significant for members of The Wainwright Society. On 9th November 1952, Alfred Wainwright commenced writing the first page of his iconic Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells. Years later, he wrote about how he came to begin writing the Guides. ‘Somebody once said (it would be a Chinaman, of course) that a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. November 9th 1952 saw my first step. It was a good evening for me. It was a winter’s night, but I spent it going up Dove Crag and was lost to all else.’ Fellwanderer 1966 The ascent of Dove Crag from Ambleside was Wainwright’s first page of The Eastern Fells, which he wrote on that November evening. Over the next thirteen years, he spent most free evenings compiling his seven guidebooks, his ‘love-letter’ to the Lake District fells. Exactly fifty years later, on 9th November 2002, ninety-eight people gathered at Ambleside Youth Hostel and formed The Wainwright Society. The inaugural meeting was followed by a walk to the summit of Dove Crag, which Alfred Wainwright had described on the first page he had penned. This November, the Society is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. From small beginnings, the Society has grown to nearly a thousand memberships. The Society is celebrating this milestone with a number of events during the Anniversary Weekend of 9 – 11 November including the 10th Wainwright Memorial Lecture (see below), a walk to Dove Crag from Ambleside and an anniversary party. LakesLocal

phone: 01768 899111

: © Alan Hinkes

The 2012 Wainwright Memorial Lecture The 10th Anniversary weekend begins on Friday 9th November when the speaker at the Wainwright Memorial Lecture will be the celebrated mountaineer, Alan Hinkes OBE. Alan Hinkes is the first Briton to climb the world’s highest mountains: the fourteen 8000m peaks. Alan began his mountaineering career whilst at Northallerton Grammar School, North Yorkshire. He progressed to the Alps with ascents of many difficult mountains, including the notorious North Face of the Eiger, eventually graduating to the Himalaya. Alan was awarded the OBE in the 2006 New Year’s Honours. He is an Honorary Citizen of his home town, Northallerton. He is involved in charitable work for Water Aid, the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, Duke of

Edinburgh’s Award and Mountain Rescue. He works closely with the British Mountaineering Council. The Lecture takes place at Rheged, Penrith at 7 p.m . on Friday 9th November and tickets, priced at £15 can be purchased from Rheged (Tel. 01768 868000). Prior to the Lecture, there will be a display of drawings and other artefacts from the recentlyacquired Wainwright Archive, held in the Archive Centre in Kendal. If you would like to know more about the Society, log on to the website at or email Derek Cockell Press & Publicity Officer, The Wainwright Society

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phone: 01768 899111


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Walking with Keith Wood

Kings How and the Bowder Stone A short steep climb to the commanding viewpoint of Kings How, returning past the geological wonder of the Bowder Stone. 1. From the National Trust Bowder Stone Car Park, leave through one of the pair of gates at the back of the upper Car Park. Take the left hand gate on a fairly clear path through the birch trees heading towards a displaced giant slab of rock, fallen from the crag on the right at some time in the past. Continue on the path through the light woodland, gently rising to the remains of an old slate quarry. 2. Follow the clear path forward round the base of Kings How, swinging around to the right shortly after leaving the slate quarry. After a short climb, a small grassy plateau is reached, marked by another huge rock fallen from the crag. Continue on through the bracken slightly downhill now heading towards a drystone wall. Through a gate in the wall, continue to follow the path through the birch trees on these lower slopes. 3. The path crosses a stream before the path markedly LakesLocal

phone: 01768 899111

steepens to start to head up the fellside through the trees. Repaired in many places, this popular lakeland path rises relentlessly through the mixed woodland on its journey to the heather covered upper slopes. After the steep climb, the path levels out and crosses a wooded glade passing into the open and continues to swing around to the right. Ignore a stile over a fence to the left and keep on the stony path which starts to rise again. After another climb through the trees the path flattens out and opens out onto a heather clad bowl with the rocky heather faced summit to the front. This bowl is marshy in places but the path skirts around on the right, keeping the feet dry. Cross over the stream flowing out of the marsh and the path once again starts to climb. The route levels out again on a grassy path through more silver birch and starts to swing to the left just before a wall and then climbs again. Continue on the path to the summit passing by a stone plaque to King Edward VII. 4. The rocky summit is reached marked by a small stone cairn and the views open out to the north across Derwent Water to Skiddaw. From the summit the path continues over the fell heading south towards Glaramara, immediately starting to lose height and in the middle ground you can see a drystone wall which is the next point on the route. Dropping down the slope the path levels off as it meets a right to left path with a lonely silver birch, take the right hand path heading towards

LakesLocal • 21

bottom can soon be seen. 6. The path reaches the road at a stile over a wire fence with the river at the other side of the road. Cross the stile and turn right to walk beside the road around the corner. At a footpath sign ‘Public Bridleway Bowder Stone’, pass through a gate on the right side of the road to pick up the clear stony path running parallel to the road through the trees towards the Bowder Stone. 7. At the Bowder Stone, climb the steps to top before continuing on the path to return to the Car Park on a well laid access track through the trees.

Borrowdale through the bracken on a green path. The path swings back round to the left and continues heading south towards the wall, losing height all the time.

For full details of the route with map and photographs are in “ Boot up Derwent Water”, which can be found in many local outlets including Penrith Outdoors, internet shops or directly from the author at:

5. The path soon reaches the drystone wall, turn right and continue on the path heading down the fellside with the wall on your left. Before long re-enter the upper reaches of the Borrowdale woodland, the path descending steeply down the fellside into Borrowdale. Pass through a collapsed drystone wall and continue heading down the steep sided slopes. The path heads south again towards Glaramara which feels like the wrong direction, but stick with it as the path reassuringly swings back around to the right. The busy road at the phone: 01768 899111


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Ron Kenyon posing for a photo on a boulder below High Crag above Buttermere

This is the famous statement said by George Mallory when asked why he climbed mountains. The word climbing now however has a very wide spread of activities. In the 1920’s climbing in mountains in the Alps and beyond for many was the main focus and their activities were leading towards this. Now “climbing” is very diverse stretching from bouldering on small boulders through to climbing huge mountains in the Greater Ranges – encompassing climbing on crag; ice falls and climbing walls as well as walking and spreading into ski touring, fell running and mountain biking. For many mountaineering is the main aim with trips to the Alps and beyond and linked to this will be the other facets of the sport however some may be focused on a certain segment such as bouldering; trad crag climbing; sport climbing or just climbing walls. In this area we a blessed with a wide spread of climbing activities and many people discover this whilst here and many others move to this area because of that. I was introduced to walking in the Lakes, many years ago, by my aunt Kate and a little later to rock climbing LakesLocal

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by Keith King who taught at the Penrith Grammar School – life changing experiences !! Why does one climbed ? Big question with a lot of answers ! • Feelings of elation at accomplishing a climb or frustration at not doing it. • Communing with nature on a crag as a peregrine falcon or raven flies past. • As with most activities the making often life time friends around whom your life will often revolve. • Ability to “escape” and recharge the batteries • And many more. There are many parallel worlds in the cycles of human activities. Sports such as Rugby; Football; Cricket, Athletic and Badminton can consume one’s life with training, matches; coaching etc or be done in a more leisurely fashion. You may be active in organisations such as the Lions club or Savoyards or Penrith Players or Penrith Show. There are many subcultures in the Eden area and you may be involved in just one or many and such involvement will usually bring pleasure and fullness to life.

Climbing with its diverse spread of activities is a microcosm of these parallel worlds. In future articles I will try to explain and highlight these activities and help to explain what is out “there”. Ron Kenyon Ron has been climbing since the 1960’s; he has climbed through the UK and Europe as well as Morocco and USA; was a past Vice President and Honorary member of the Fell and Rock Climbing Club and one of the founder members of the Eden Valley Mountaineering Club in 1975. Ron was one of the instigators of the Eden Climbing Wall and he was a member and deputy leader of the Penrith Mountain Rescue Team for 25 years.

Ron Kenyon leading route called “The Steel Band” on Iron Crag above Thirlmere (photo by Nick Wharton)

Delivering The Full Service

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We hear the term, “all under one roof” used many times in marketing and advertising. But on this occasion I can truly say that HQ Auto & Leisure Centre have everything under more than one roof, such is the range of services they offer. HQ Auto and Leisure; a long established, independent, family-run business, have a multi functional site catering for a wide range of every day needs in; motoring, touring and commercial driving.

Batteries • Laser wheel alignment • Suspension • Shock absorbers • Alternators Starter motors • Towbars • Brakes • Exhausts • M.O.Ts • Servicing • Repairs All makes of Tyres • Vehicle Caravan & Motorhome sales We fit and service domestic, commercial trailers and leisure vehicles On the leisure side of the business in addition to the mechanical and servicing of Motorhomes there is another factor that has to be considered. Lets’ face it, a Motorhome is a house on wheels and whilst the wheels do have to comply to MOT standards just the same as a car e.g. brakes, exhaust and suspension you also need professional testing of the household aspects such as the gas boiler, electrical charging circuitry, water system and damp proof testing. This is called a Motorhome Habitation Annual Service Schedule

will often mean avoiding potentially costly repairs. Warranty conditions usually stipulate a requirement of an annual damp check to ensure continued validity of water ingress damage warranty cover.

Regular checks are essential especially when it comes to damp proof testing when early detection and rectification

Foster Street, Penrith, CA11 7NZ

HQ also have a shop which is stocked with all the essential everyday equipment and accessories for your Motorhome or Caravan.

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Peaks and Pathways by Nick Wells

Catbells is one of Lakelands great favourites, a family fell standing on the west side of Derwent Water overlooking Keswick. Following the description of the ascent by the Wainwright Society in an earlier edition of Lakes Local, I just had to give it a go, the following is the report of my experience climbing this great little fell. No Keswick holiday is complete without a visit to Catbells, a low altitude makes its summit easily reachable, but for the more adventurous it is the first step on a glorious ridge walk along the side of Borrowdale. The name Catbells might have might have derived from Cat Bields, ( the shelter of the wild


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cat ) although this has been disputed by the authorities, however the crags below the top on the west side have the name of Mart Bield (the shelter of the Marten ) which supports this suggestion. The best way to walk Catbells in my opinion, would be to take the ferry accross the lake from Keswick arriving at Hawse End, or you can take the road through Portinscale towards Newlands arriving near Hawse End. At the foot of Catbells, there is a small field provided for parking by a farmer for free, bless him. I made my way along the road for a hundred yards or so, through the kissing gate and on to the path at the foot of the mountain. As I zigzagged up toward the lower

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sumit I thought of Peter Rabbit, this of course was his home after all. From the lower summit I was taken down to a depression, then up steeply along an easy rock stairway to the main summit. The view from here is one of the best in the Lake district for me, albeit I was on a mountain top Derwent Water felt so close, spanning from left to right busy with ferries, small sailing boats and school parties in kayaks. Causey Pike towers up to the west, and the hamlet of Little Town can be seen down below, but it is to Derwent water that the captivated gaze returns again and again. From the summit I went on down to Hause Gate, there is no gate here but a geographical term for a

way or opening through the hills or across a ridge. Hause is another good Lakeland name for a pass. From here I took the very steep descent down a well constructed stone staircase arriving at the Old Green Road very close to the lake. It must be about a two mile walk back to the car from here, so an ice cream from the van along the way was very welcome. I must have walked about four and a half miles in all, and took two and a half hours. I would grade it as easy. If anyone would like to suggest a walk, please email me at

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A note to businesses that need or would like to advertise In last months Lakes Local, you will have seen a few notes on the distribution and expansion of our three locally based Cumbrian magazines. Here is the map again as a reminder with the figures. For those of you not familiar with the history of the “Local” publications, Eden Local was launched in November 2010 as an independent family owned business. It was launched to offer an affordable choice for those who wished to advertise their products and services to the local community. The distribution on launch was around 5,000 copies in the Penrith area. We now deliver some 22,400 copies of Eden Local each month, 5,200 copies of Lakes Local (from 22nd October 12,500) and from November will be launching Border City Local into Carlisle. Here is the sales pitch: Even if you haven’t got an advertising budget or this year’s budget is already committed, or for those of you with nothing left in the pot for this year, here’s a thought for 2013. At Cumbrian Local Publications we don’t insist on 12 month contracts - if you advertise for 7 months in the year you still get 12 month rates. You can advertise for just one month at a time, but with the CA Business small ads, which start at only £10 per month, we do ask for a 3 months commitment. For the smaller businesses that need to be seen we can get your message through almost 60,000 doors from 22nd October to 10th November for just £49.50. This is a coloured box advert in Lakes and Eden Local, with the bonus of


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Border City Times 21768 Lakes Local


Eden local 23262

being in the first issue of Border City Times (Carlisle). Cumbrian Local Publications are not just delivered to every home by Royal Mail in CA1 1, CA1 2, CA2 5, CA2 7, CA3 8, CA3 9, CA4 0, CA 4 9, all of CA10, CA11, CA12, CA13 and CA16 but also to every business address, which of course, includes all those people working from home. For the seasoned advertiser, we have a few thoughts for your consideration. If you do currently advertise in print please ask what the actual distribution is of the publication you have chosen to advertise in. If it is distribution based on sales ask for the last three months actual sales figures, not the average. If it’s distributed by collection point ask how many and how the distribution can be monitored or quantified. Readership is the key statistic.

Cumbrian Local publications are free to the residents and businesses of Cumbria. As each new letter box opens in the postcodes we cover, a copy of Lakes Local, Eden Local or Border City Times will be delivered, including to holiday homes. New people moving to the area may not buy or collect a local publication but they will get a Cumbrian Local Publication through their door within a month of moving in. We also offer “free to read” publications on our website. With our best intentions we support all that is local, however we do shop around the UK for the best printing prices for our own publications and the print services for some of the 60 customers associated with the publication, which is why you can advertise in your Lakes Local from only £10 per month.

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InterIor Stone Care n Slate, Travertine, Marble, Limestone, Sandstone n All Restored back to new, Stone stripped and re-sealed n Pitted repairs, filled back with resin all types of Stone n Marbles and granite polishes n Kitchens, Conservatories, Hallways, Bathrooms, Fireplaces, Headstones. Full after care advice given and Free Bottle of Specialist Stone Cleaner with all projects Supporting hospice at home

Give us a call on 07818 323843 or email for quotations : phone: 01768 899111


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Lakeland Sheds Milestone House sits alongside the A6 about 1 mile north of Penrith and has panoramic views of the Ullswater Valley and the Blencathera gap towards Keswick.

an amazing environmental roof matting, which is pre-sown with seeds, so that the roof becomes a living habitat for insects and butterflies!

There is no one better to advise you on ‘shed types’ and ‘shed construction’ than those who live in the countryside, where often a good weatherproof and well constructed ‘shed’ is a building of necessity, the quality is so good you can move your structure from home to home it really will be built to last.

Whilst using best quality materials in all aspects of local manufacture, they keep their eye on costs for their customers working with budgets and offering three different ranges of timber. One way of saving on cost can be by using an inter-locking frame called Ecogrid which takes the place of the usual concrete base.

• Potting sheds • Green houses • Cold Frame’s Sheds • Log Stores • Tack rooms • Stables • Home Office • Summer Houses • Playhouses • Pet houses • Bike store • Garages • and even metal sheds too. Don Gowland started Lakeland Sheds with a mission to provide a completely bespoke service to customers requirements in terms of height, length, shape and levels of insulation for example. To put your own personal touch you can choose from 16 colours, water based animal and environmentally friendly. They have even sourced

With over 25 years of experience, Don can help you at all stages from the production of plans and drawings to the final construction. Throughout you get support on your decisions with advice and help on the selection of materials, eco-friendly systems and preservatives and ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the construction. So for a quality service, using locally milled wood and built with local hands, a friendly professional service from start to finish you must contact Don, tell him what you want, you can even give him a sketch or drawing, and he will work with you to realise your dream on your plot be it large or small, awkwardly shaped or a tight gap.

Custom Built Sheds, Summer Houses & Garages. Bespoke and top quality

- not shed loads of money! Unit 6 milestone House Penrith Tel: 01768 840378 / 07557442777


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Full coloured ad boxes from £10.00. To advertise in this section call 01768 772112 or email



Ron’s Caravan Services

North Cumbria’s Only “Approved Mobile Workshop”

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AndrewServices Briscoe Cleaning and Supplies Have 3 carpets cleaned for the price of 2 till end of October Tel: 01768 867765 / 07850805251

Low rates, great vehicles & a free pick up service! For cars, people carriers or vans, pick Enterprise. We ‘ll pick you up. Enterprise-Rent-a-Car Haweswater Road, Penrith, CA11 9EU Tel. 01768 893840


• Very competitive rates, no call out fees • Independent & locally based in the Penrith area • Domestic & commercial work undertaken • 24 hour - Emergency locksmith • Experience auto locksmiths, offering a range of lost car keys solutions, including car keys cut to code • All work guaranteed Call Monument Locksmiths today on

07877 690 267 or 01768 806 014


Dave Jessop 35 Years Experience all work guaranteed

TEL: 07795805558

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And Finally...... So as we draw to a close this month’s Lakes Local, we also must prepare for the close of summer, which I have to say at the time of putting this Lakes Local together seems to have arrived, with some glorious weather. It’s anyone’s guess what it will be like when this comes through your door. I do hope the weather holds out for the Egremont Crab Fair and the World Gurning Championship.


Eden Valley


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The distribution for the November edition of Lakes Local is in two parts; commencing on 22nd October to CA12 Keswick postcodes concluding with deliveries to the new Cockermouth and CA13 postcodes from 29th October. Advertisement booking for the November Lakes Local must be made by Friday 28th September with another reminder that the distribution is to approximately 12,631 addresses. Where has 2012 gone? As we start to think about preparing for Winter, let’s hope we have a long, mellow Autumn before British Summertime ends on 28th October. My thanks to all those who have assisted with this publication and thanks to you for taking the time to read through this month’s Lakes Local.

Printer - Stephens & George Print Group, Goat Mill Road, Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil, CF48 3TD

Problem with your PC or Laptop? We are your local, mobile IT specialist. Telephone: 01768 864800 Mobile: 07876 128911 E-Mail:

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Sponsored by Eden TheValley Moles Windows, in the Hole H & H Reeds Printers & your local A Taste to Experience CA Co-operative Society Now at Your Local Co-op Take a Local Break Kendal Calling Spot the Spud Business

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Solar PV & alternative energy solutions See page 4 & 5 for more details phone: 01768 899111


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Beacon Computers

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September 2012

The Wainwright Society 10th Anniversary Lake District Tree Of Light It’s Time to Spot the Difference Kings How and the Bowder Stone Because its There Distribution 5200

Until Next Month


Distribution 22,400


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Crush and Go

You can fill a skip or you can hire one of these

The 5000 series will crush concrete, kerbstone, marble, paving slabs, bricks, tiles, blocks, stone, porcelain, flint, gravestones, etc. Output will vary according to jaw setting, loading method, loading equipment, input material, and familiarity of the loading operator. In excess of 15 tonnes per hour has been achieved. On site recycling • Simple to use • Safe & efficient • Transportable Can produce 80 ton per day • Turn waste into reusable aggregate The hire charge includes the provision of a trained operative.

Telephone Mark Fleming on: 01768 864 546/545 07717291131 or email phone: 01768 899111


Heating your Home for Less • Special Offers on Bulk Orders New Product for October, Ferguson • Dual Fuel Discounts Long lasting Night Logs • Delivery within 48 hours or Cash & Carry Service • Top Grade Hetas Approved Fuel • Coal, Anthracite & Smokeless Solid Fuel • Quality Kiln Dried Logs • Seasoned Fire Wood • Wide range of Heat Logs • Biomass Pellets • Multi Fuel Stoves • Fire Sundries Tel: 016973 61038 View all our products or shop online at Coal in Cumbria products now available from your local Keswick Co-op and delivered to your door. Tel: 01768 772688