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November 2012

Keeping You Warm This Winter A Walk with Keith Wood Home Comforts 2013 Log on to Community Radio Christmas Magic at Dalemain


Solar PV & alternative energy solutions

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The Penrith Co-op Society

For a large range of ideas for home visit our Home furnishi

Unit 1 Packhorse Court Keswick CA12 5JB - Google Maps

eswick CA12 5EF - Google Maps Address Pack Horse Ct

Lake District National Park, Keswick, Cumbria CA12 5JB, UK

the coop St James Court, near CA12 5EF, United Kingdom


Street, Cumbria CA12 5EF 87 72688


Hawkshead and Claife

C/o Hill Top,, Near Sawrey,, Ambleside, Cumbria LA22 0LF 015394 47997

Just arrived, Eden Gold, new to you Local Keswick Co-op

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Dear Residents & Businesses

r furnishing your ing departments


A warm welcome to the 7th edition of Lakes Local and a big hello to the homes and businesses of the CA13 postcode areas of; Cockermouth, Loweswater, Thackwaite, Eaglesfield, Bridekirk, Pardshaw, Embleton, Bewaldeth, Lorton, Brandlingill, Papcastle, Blindcrake, Deanscale, Great Broughton, Routenbeck, Mosser, Dovenby, Buttermere, Southwaite, Brigham and Tallentire. For the benefit of the new readers, this month’s publication will have some background information about Lakes Local. Since its launch to Keswick and the surrounding areas in May 2012 Lakes Local has been delivered through doors via the Royal Mail door to door service. There is more information on page 14 and 15 about our business and the reasons behind what we do. Meanwhile, with the extension into CA13 we have jumped from a distribution of 5,075 copies and will now be going into to a further 7,102 homes and 417 businesses giving a total distribution of around 12,674. With our other two titles we are close to a 58,000 distribution through doors every month in Cumbria which automatically increases every month as each new letter box becomes available. The magazine is free to you and whilst we don’t take press releases

Address 19 Burrowgate Penrith, Cumbria CA11, UK

Have you signed up for your new Members Card, it entitles you to savings and offers from many local businesses, see in store for details.

(the local papers cover these more than adequately) we do like to receive any interesting stories. Additionally we like to help local charities and local organisations with their communication, so we do allocate space for events and community activities. In order to keep the flavour of a local magazine, we are looking for local people to come forward and help with the development of Lakes Local in the CA13 area. This month we have some of our regular outdoor features from the Wainwright’s Society (P19) and Walks from Keith (p16 & 17) and Nick (p18). This month we visit two of the Lake District’s Grisedale’s, firstly Keith takes us on a leisurely stroll up Grisedale Valley near Ullswater and then Nick takes us on a high level expedition up Grisedale Pike near Keswick. My thanks to all those who have helped with this month’s Lakes Local and a big thank you to all those businesses for making this publication possible. If you are one of the 981 businesses that we deliver to and would like to be in future publications details are on pages 14 & 21. This is our 37th magazine to be published since Cumbrian Local Publications (formerly Eden Local Ltd) was launched to a small distribution area of Penrith on 15th November 2010. This issue and all the previous magazines are all available to read ‘free’ online at . Until next month please enjoy your Lakes Local and drop me a line with any ideas you may have-we always love to hear about what local people are up to. Lee Quinn

19 Burrowgate, Penrith CA11 7TD Tel: 01768 862366

Special thanks to local photographer Keith Wood for our Cover Page which is: Looking towards Derwentwater and Skiddaw from Kings How And special thanks to Paul Whitterick of Witt-Woo Photography and to Keith Wood co-editing phone: 01768 899111


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Page 7 How did it start, where is it now and what comes next for the local Cumbrian Community Radio project?

Page 8 Recycled and Sustainable; Keeping you Warm this Winter


Page 9 Solar PV (Solar Electric), Solar Thermal (Solar Hot Water), Biomass & Wood Pellet Stoves; the costs presented

Now at Your Local Co-op


Opening Editorial


Pot Place & Cumbria Oak


Log on to Cumbrian Community Radio


Keeping You Warm This Winter


Love Solar Renewables


Tips from Fitz Park

10 - 11

Eden Lakes & Country

12 - 13

Your Lakes Local

14 -15

Page 10 - 11 More important tips and advice from Fitz Park Dental Practice

Page 16 - 17 Page 12 - 13 LakesLocal

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Eden Lakes & Country

A Walk with Keith Wood: Grisedale from Patterdale

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Page 19 The Wainwright Society Waymarking the Coast to Coast Walk

Page 18 Peaks and Pathways with Nick Wells: Grisedale Pike

e Polar Bear eet Bjorn th Come and m

Walking with Keith Wood

16 – 17

Peaks & Pathways Nick Wells


Wainwright Society Derek Cockell


Eden Valley Home Improvements


Home Comforts 2013


Christmas Magic at Dalemain

20 & 24

And Finally


Come and feed the Rein deer

A great day out for all the family!

wine and mince pies Come and enjoy mulled in the medieval tea room

The Dalemain Page 22 & 24Magical Christmas Make a start onFair the festive 2nd, 3rd &the 4thMagical of November 2012 season,

Order Now for Your New Kitchen 23

Dalemain Mansion & Gardens, Ullswater, Cumbria

Dalemain Christmas Fair

Open 10.00am – 6.00pm daily Entrance: £5 Kids Free Concessions: £3 Find out more at: LakesLocal •

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November 2012

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Solar PV & alternative energy solutions

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Cumbrian Local Publications distribution 58,200 01768 899111 Lakes Local Distributionphone: 12,800


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Email: Cumbrian Local Publications Ltd Sandgate House, 33 Sandgate, Penrith Cumbria CA11 7TJ Lakes Local Notice: Lakes Local prints various articles, features, and advertisements. Although these appear in Lakes Local, any opinions expressed are the opinion of the author, these are not necessarily the opinion of the publisher.


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Log on now to community radio in Cumbria.

Over recent months, I have posted some updates about Eden FM Radio, the project which started back in 2010. For the new readers of Lakes Local here is a brief introduction and update about the project and the relevance of how a studio in Penrith can be of use to the communities of both Keswick and Cockermouth. In June 2010, Eden FM Radio Ltd, a ‘not for profit’ business run by volunteers within strict guidelines registered its intentions with radio regulator Ofcom that it wanted to apply for a full-time FM Community radio licence for Penrith and the surrounding areas. Meanwhile, the project needed to get off the ground and needed exposure and recruits. The process of actually applying would take up to 3 years and much had to be achieved so that Eden FM Radio would actually be in a position to apply and to meet all the necessary requirements. Eden Local as a publication was launched in November 2010 with one of its aims being to promote the campaign for Eden FM Radio. The following November 2011, Eden Fm with the support of 22 volunteers, local businesses and some funding for licensing from the Penrith Lottery together with some funding for equipment

from the Eden District Council Community Fund switched on for its first 28 day trial transmission. Volunteer presenters from Carlisle, the Eden Valley and the Lakes came together (80% of whom had never presented before) and were heard live on 87.7 FM. It was a 28 day license on an FM frequency and after the transmitter was switched off Eden FM remained live on the internet. With limitations on short –term licensing Eden FM had its second transmission in the summer of 2012. It is now preparing for what we hope will be the final 28 day trial transmission this November. At the time of this update, Ofcom have now confirmed that Eden FM Radio can finally apply for fulltime Community Licence. With a busy programme of live radio running 24 hours a day together with the huge task of final application process to complete, we now need more presenters and volunteers across a number of disciplines. If you have an interest in supporting a Cumbrian based community radio we would like to hear from you- NOW. Call 01768 899101 or email

phone: 01768 899111


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Keeping you Warm this Winter

We have a full range of recycled products and wood products, either recycled from our waste or taken from sustainable forests grown specially for use Getting you Started

Kindling, nets, bags and bulk

Heat Logs

(made from recycled sawdust in house)

Keeping you Dry - Made to measure, specific to your needs Log store

Keeping you Going Softwood £49 and Hardwood £59

Don’t get up! Delivered free

nets, bags and bulk

If you are ordering for winter, why not order some salt with you wood delivery?

John Richardson & Son Roper Street, Penrith Tel: 01768 895000 LakesLocal

Mon-Fri 7.30am - 5.00pm Sat 7.45am - 1.00pm phone: 01768 899111

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The summer is over and winter is fast approaching, we are all starting to think of preparation for winter; It’s an expensive business keeping our properties warm and cosy over the long Cumbrian winters and as the price of electricity, gas, oil and even wood and coal continues to rise year on year it is time to look at the alternatives What are the main sources of alternative renewable heat and electricity available to help reduce our domestic bills today and for the future ?

Solar PV (Solar Electric) is still one of the best investments that you can make. Solar PV saves on your electricity bills and generates a financial income guaranteed for the next 20 years earning and saving up to £1000 per year annual return on investment. 4 KWp domestic systems. Approx. cost £7000

Solar Thermal ( Solar Hot water ) depending on your hot water usage and life style a solar thermal ( Hot water System) can provide between 60-80% of your total hot water demand. Approx. cost £5000

Biomass & wood pellet stoves Wood-fuelled heating systems, also called biomass systems, burn wood pellets or logs to provide warmth in a single room or to power central heating and hot water boilers. Pellet stoves and boilers burn pellets from a hopper either attached to the stove or detached up to 15 m away. Pellet boilers and stoves are fully automated in the same way your gas or oil burner is with full thermostatic control. They can even work in conjunction with your existing oil or gas boiler. No need to replace your existing system. Wood Pellets are clean, cheap, reliable and easy to use. A wood-fuelled boiler for could save you over £600 a year. Domestic biomass boilers are eligible for a £900 grant. Prices for a domestic application range from £3000 - £20000 depending on size of system

Tel: 01768 899 722

14 Hartness Road, Gilwilly Industrial Estate, Penrith, CA11 9BD phone: 01768 899111


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Oral Cancer Awareness As November is Mouth Cancer Awareness month we decided to use this article to raise awareness of a disease that is rarely talked about in the press but whose incidence is increasing dramatically. Between 1997 and 2008 the number of detected cases has increased by 46% to 5,790. Over 20,000 people have lost their lives in this time. Potentially 30,000 people could lose their lives in the next decade unless awareness is raised. When visiting the dentist for a routine check-up each patient is examined for potential signs of oral cancer. Dentist Simon Welch said, “It is vital that soft tissues of the mouth and head and neck region are regularly checked for signs of change. Early identification of a potential problem is essential to allow it’s effective treatment. The five year survival rate of mouth cancer

patients is 50% but early detection increases the survival to 90%.” Dentist Stewart Blayney agreed saying, “It is also important to carry out regular self examinations. This is a simple and potentially life saving process.”

Look for: • • •

Ulcers which do not heal within three weeks Red and white patches in the mouth Unusual lumps or swellings in the mouth

Know the risks: Smoking is one of the key factors in increasing an individuals risk of developing mouth cancer. Approximately a fifth of the U.K.’s population smoke. The WHO estimate that 50% of smokers will die of a tobacco related disease – this includes mouth cancer. Excessive alcohol consumption increases the risk factors by 4%. Individuals who smoke and drink in excess are 30 times more likely to develop mouth cancer because the alcohol aids the absorption of tobacco into the mouth. Diet is related to an increased incidence of the disease. People who eat a diet that is low in fruit and vegetables are more likely to develop mouth cancer and research is also showing that foods high in Omega 3 and fibre LakesLocal

phone: 01768 899111

LakesLocal • 11

can lower the risk of developing the disease. The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is being increasingly linked to mouth cancer. Recent studies show that younger people are at risk and that HPV may rival tobacco as the key risk factor for developing oral cancer within 10 years.

Who is at risk? Traditionally nearly half of the mouth cancers diagnosed in the UK population are in people aged 65 and over and a quarter of cases are diagnosed in people under 55. Men are twice as likely to develop the disease as women. The incidence peaks in men who are between 60 and 69 and women who are over 80 years of age. However, there is an unquestionable increase in the incidence and mortality rates in the young and middle aged. These people have been exposed to the usual risk factors of tobacco and alcohol but the period of exposure is much smaller which suggests that there may be other risk factors involved.

The key message to take from this article and Mouth cancer Awareness Month is, “if in doubt get checked out”. As ever If you require any further information or want advice on any other dental issue please contact the Fitz Park Dental Practice where the staff will be delighted to help. As part of Mouth Cancer Awareness Month we are running several clinics where we are providing free screening sessions for anyone who has any worries or concerns. Please contact the Practice for further details.

Fitz Park Dental Practice, 31 Station Street, Keswick, CA12 5HH Tel 017687 73020 Email General Dental Council registration numbers (G.D.C. numbers) Stewart Blayney 59384 and Simon Welch 75410

phone: 01768 899111


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Lakes & Country

It’s Time to Spot the Difference Part 2 In these difficult economic times, the estate agency business is a tough place to be. Not just because the market is slow and sales are hard to put together, but there’s so little excitement around. Vendors are still resisting lower valuations but buyers won’t offer unless a property is priced into the market. The main reason we are so passionate about what we do is the buzz we get from achieving a great result for our clients. It’s what make good professionals tick. So, we take our pleasure in a smaller number of achievements and it’s great to hear positive opinion from the people we deal with - both our seller clients and the buyers who are trying to find their dream property from our stock of quality houses. In recent times, we’ve had a number of these and they generated good feelings across the office. Helen, our Sales Director, got a big hug from a happy client whose sale had just

completed. She came to the office to share her excitement and to thank us for what we’d done. Nice to hear .. but the real satisfaction came from the fact that she said that she was so glad that she’d chosen Eden as her agent. We have looked after her and believed in her property at a difficult time; we went the extra mile to achieve around £60,000 more for her property than others had advised her it was worth. She is so happy that she had faith in our approach. The Eden mantra has always been presentation, presentation, presentation and this is the epitome of what we do for our clients. Doing the best by the property to do the best for our client. Creating the best first impressions. Then, a couple of days later, the buyer of one of our lovely Lake District cottages called in to the office. The property she has


phone: 01768 899111

LakesLocal • 13

just agreed to buy had been on the market for just 15 days! From the Cambridge area, she’d seen the property in our marketing material - website and glossy brochure - and made a point of telling me that she thought our brochures are fabulous, simply the best in the area. Again, a frisson of excitement. In a world of cheap offers and free this-that-and-theother, we stick to offering a great value service by putting a large investment of our expertise and commitment into the houses that we sell, and making sure we work with our clients to achieve the best we can. Then there was the sale of an exceptional small property in Penrith where we received an offer from a buyer in France, purely on the strength of our website presentation. These achievements are the property of our multi-talented team of friendly and motivated staff, who tackle the challenges of the property market every day. An extraordinary bunch by any standard and they are the reason we’re able to keep a positive view at all times. One of those people is Associate Director Gillian Charlton, who this week passed an impressive milestone when she achieved 40 years service in the business. Her first position was as a junior with The Lowther Estate office and by way of takeovers and mergers, she ended up working for the company taken over by Eden Estate Agents when we founded the business in 2005. She is a tremendous asset to the firm, handling all the administration and supporting the sales and marketing functions as well as following the sales we make through the legal process. She tells

01768 869000

me she’s only had one day off sick in 40 years! At the other end of the long service spectrum, Natalie Sayer has joined the firm, working in sales and as a valuer. WIth property sales at low levels, we decided that the most effective way to try to make a difference was to add to our property selling resources, rather than make recessionary cutbacks. Natalie graduated at Leeds University before working in a demanding sales environment in Manchester. So, she has the wider view that we need, and a wealth of local connections and knowledge, having spent her formative years in the Penrith area. A great addition to a dedicated team. The passion and commitment of our staff and our presentational skills are the key parts of our firm’s culture of putting clients first, which makes the difference that our clients experience in their dealings with us. If you can see the importance of that difference and would like to sell your house with us, call to arrange a marketing appraisal, without obligation. Nick Miller, Managing Director.

phone: 01768 899111


14 • LakesLocal

Lakes Local - What’s it all About? Get your name or your story through doors with Cumbrian Local Publications.

Background A warm welcome to everyone who has picked up this copy of Lakes Local from their doormat or post-box for the first time-particularly all those in the CA13 postcode area. Firstly a bit of history about Cumbrian Local Publications, the publishers of your new free Lakes Local. The first of the “Local” publications; Eden Local was launched in November 2010 to offer an affordable choice for those who wished to advertise their products and services to the local community around Penrith and the Eden Valley. The distribution on launch was around 6,000 copies in the Penrith area. We have now grown to deliver some 22,000 copies of Eden Local each month across the whole of the Eden Valley. May 2012 saw the launch of Eden Local’s sister magazine-Lakes Local with an initial distribution of 5,200 copies into the CA12 postcode centred on Keswick rising to 12,800 copies in November with the addition of the CA13 postcode centred on Cockermouth. And now we are also tremendously excited about the launch of Border City Times, a free to read publication distributed to around 22,000 Carlisle homes and businesses. Over the course of the last couple of years we have also published a local business guide and guide to places to eat in the Eden Valley, in addition to producing bespoke newsletters, LakesLocal

phone: 01768 899111


magazines and leaflets for a number of high profile local businesses. Already looking forward to next year we have our Home Comforts publication out 7th January 2013, going through 38,000 doors. More about this on page 21. We are also planning a new innovative guide to England’s own “Route 66” following the A66 coast to coast route from Workington to Redcar, which will be out late spring. Cumbrian Local Publications is an independent family owned business based in Penrith with supporting facilities in Keswick, we aim to promote all the best that is local, whether it be local businesses, local produce, local charities, local entertainment, local events or local sports. We never write bad news. We employ a small dedicated team of local staff and are proud to have just taken on our first apprentice, who has joined our design team. We are also proud supporters of

Eden FM, the local community radio station in Penrith and a proportion of our revenue as a key sponsor go to support this brilliant local initiativeyou can read more about Eden FM on page 18.

How to get involved with Lakes Local We do like to support and promote local events, so if you are a charity, a community group or organisation and need to promote your event let us know. Alternatively you may be a local group or a local resident with a great story or hobby that you would like to share or you may just want to see your story in print- as an individual there is nothing like getting your first piece of work published- it’s a moment that you will remember forever. So if you want to share your news , publicise an event or simply have a great story to tell, just drop us a line to: lee@cumbrianlocal., or call us on 01768 899111

LakesLocal • 15

Why and how to advertise in Lakes Local Cumbrian Local publications are free to the residents and businesses of Cumbria including every business address, which of course, includes all those people working from home, including those people with a mobile business. Additionally all the publications are also available free to read online outside Cumbria across the world via our website As each new letter box opens in the postcodes we cover, a copy of Lakes Local, Eden Local or Border City Times will be delivered. This will include holiday homes as well as full-time occupied properties. New people moving to the area may not buy or collect a local publication but they will get a Cumbrian Local Publication through their door within a month of moving in. For a business an investment in advertising is an investment in your future. A piece of advice I give to all businesses contemplating a marketing strategy or currently involved in advertising is simply the importance of asking the question; “When you advertise in print what is the distribution?” Whilst some publications are sold and some distributed for free, the question always has to be “but how many?” Don’t just ask for the average, ask for the actual figures for the last six or

twelve months. Ask for clarity regarding the geographical area that the publication is distributed in and how. With a paid for publication its effective distribution isn’t just how many are printed, it’s how many were actually sold. With a free publication there could be two questions; “How many were distributed for collection” and “How many were collected and how is this monitored”. If it is posted how reliable is it and who posts the publication? Actual readership is the key statistic. Eden Local, Lakes Local and the new Border City Times are distributed via the Royal Mail door to door service. Usually out on a Monday close to the end of the month they are posted through every business and residential door in the selected postcodes.

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The Eden Local is sponsored by Eden Valley Windows

April 2012


Eden Valley


Directory Lakes Local lunch Jacob the next generation Do you play Golf? Spreading the word, Jane’s Dream Eden FM radio programme guide

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May 2012

Worldly Tastes Gluten free is on the menu Farm shops and local produce Shopping, eating & exploring A walk on the wild side Cumbria’s best kept secrets Border City Times •

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November 2012

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Designing Dreams into Realities Local pound spent in town The car in front is an Aygo Do you Play Golf? Cricket Corner

Rod & Reel Tea room at Cocklakes Farm shop Locally sourced fresh quality meat, produce and provisions More details page 15 and 17

The new title; Border City Times, with a launch distribution in to Carlisle postcodes that includes areas of CA1, CA2 and CA3 is approximately 21,763 doors A complete listing of postcodes is available at

Windows, Solar, Doors, Conservatories, Kitchens and Bedrooms

(01768) 866790 Eating out in Eden • 1

Eating Out in Eden

Lakes Local goes to the CA12 and CA13 postcodes with a total distribution by the Royal Mail Door to Door service of 12,631 copies In the Eden Valley the Eden Local publication goes through a total of 23,232 doors.

EdenLocal •

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Pumpkin Bread with Peter Sidwell A Walk with Keith Wood The Best is still to come Log on to Community Radio Christmas Magic at Dalemain To order your takeaway on make a reservation call 01288 819409


More details on pages 10 - 11 30/34 Bochergate, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA1 1QS

Cumbrian Local Publications distribution 58,200 phone: 01768 899111 Border City Times Distribution 22,000

Border City Times

Our price guide is available on our website. As part of the celebration of the expansion of Lakes Local, the launch of Border City Times and the second anniversary of Eden Local we have an introductory price offer of 25 % off all bookings made before 31st December 2012. You can advertise in your Lakes Local publication from just £10 per month, or you can advertise in all three main door to door titles for £49.50 per month. This is a coloured box advert in Border City Times, Lakes and Eden Local magazines. And finally, here’s a thought for 2013. At Cumbrian Local Publications we don’t insist on 12 month contracts - if you advertise for 7 months in the year you still get 12 month rates. You can advertise for just one month at a time, but with the CA Business small ads, which start at only £10 per month, we do ask for a 3 month commitment. For more details on distribution, advertising rates and booking schedules call us on 01768 899111, e-mail or go to ; there is also a link on our website to plot our distribution. phone: 01768 899111


16 • LakesLocal

Walking with Keith Wood

Grisedale from Patterdale A delightful walk to explore one of the side valleys heading up from Patterdale, following the route of the Coast to Coast in parts and an ancient packhorse route between Patterdale and Grasmere

ravine before opening out into Grisedale itself.

1. Park either at the George Starkey Hut or the main Car Park opposite the Patterdale Hotel. From here walk back along the road towards St. Patrick’s Church. Pass the church on the left and continue along the road with the Old Police House and Patterdale Mountain Rescue Headquarters on the right hand side.

3. Very soon a T-junction is reached, to the right is the path to Helvellyn and the return route, but continue straight on the main track up the valley, through a gate signed Private Land – No Parking. A little further on where the track swings to the right leading to a farm, continue on the track up the valley with the wall on the left. At a small farmstead, now holiday cottages, with a range of outbuildings, pass through a five bar gate and continue along the level heading up the valley. Pass through a series of gates. St. Sunday Crag now towers to the left, to the right can be seen Dollywagon Pike, Nethermost Pike and Striding Edge up to the right. This path along the valley is following the Coast to Coast route which goes from St.Bees in the West to Robin Hood’s Bay in the East.

2. Where the road passes over a beck take the side road up to the left, now keeping the beck to your right hand side. The road swings around to the right signposted ‘Helvellyn and Grisedale Tarn’. This narrow surfaced lane rises quite steeply, with Grisedale Beck flowing swiftly in the deep wooden

4. At the point where Nethermost Beck comes crashing down the fellside on the opposite side of the valley are the remains of mine workings and below, crossing Grisedale Beck a wooden bridge. Leave the main track which now continues up to Grisedale Tarn and aim for this bridge through


phone: 01768 899111

LakesLocal • 17

what can be wet and boggy ground. Once over the bridge pass through the gate in the wall follow the track up the fellside towards Eagle Crag, this is a wide well laid out track which once served the mines, whose spoil heaps can be seen directly ahead on the face of Eagle Crag. At the remains of a building turn right onto a cobbled path which marks the start of our return leg along Grisedale back towards Patterdale. Cross over Nethermost Beck on a wooden footbridge; Place Fell now in the foreground. This is now steady, easy walking undulating through glacial remains.

from Striding Edge, take a right turn through a gate in the wall and head down the track which then meets the road leading to the kennels of the Ullswater Hounds. Pass through a kissing gate and onto the tarmaced road. Heading to the right, continue on that road until it meets the main route. Turning left, retrace the route back along the steep lane down towards Patterdale, turning right and the main road for the short walk back the car.

5. The path passes behind the farm seen on the outbound route, parallel to the intake wall, rising slightly up the fellside and then passing through an ancient cast iron posted gate.

For full details of the route with map and photographs are in “ Boot up Derwent Water”, which can be found in many local outlets including Penrith Outdoors, internet shops or directly from the author at:

6. When the path joins the route coming down

phone: 01768 899111


18 • LakesLocal

Grisedale Pike Peaks and Pathways by Nick Wells

Situated on the Western side of the Lake District, Grisedale Pike stands out from afar. The Pike, although of slender proportions towards the top, is broadly based occupying the west side of Coledale. Park up at the car park just west of Braithwaite Village on the Whinlatter Pass Road, from here follow the Old Mine Road for three miles. This part of the walk is easy and without incident, until a barrier of rock extends across the valley like a huge dam. This is Force Crag with water cascading over its lip, overlooking the spoil-heaps and buildings of Force Crag Mine below. You can escape from Coledale by crossing the beck, walking around the left side of the crag and onto a well made zig-zag path which leads to Coledale Hause. A faint path leads away to High Force with more cascading water from Pudding Beck, here too are more spoil-heaps and disused buildings. The mine was used for extraction of baryte (a weighting agent for drilling fluids), and LakesLocal

phone: 01768 899111

was only closed in 1991. From Coledale Hause you have easy access to four peaks, Eel Crag, Grassmoor, Hopegill Head and Grisedale Pike, even Whiteside is within reach. Turning left at the Hause takes you towards Grisedale Pike over a subsidiary summit and onto the main summit. From here you can see out into the Irish Sea, round to the Scafells, then around to Pike of Stickle in Langdale, Helvellyn in the Eastern Fells and round to Blencathra and Skiddaw. From the summit I descended down a very steep path to Sleet How, through some heather onto a lawn-like path and eventually back to the car park. This walk is about eight miles long and took me four hours. If anyone would like to suggest a walk, please email me at

LakesLocal • 19

The Wainwright Society Waymarking the Coast to Coast Walk walk has become, arguably, the most popular longdistance walk in Britain and it has been estimated that some 5000 – 7000 walkers complete the crossing from coast to coast, annually. Wainwright’s original route was updated in 1994 to avoid sections where there was no public right of way. In 2010, Chris Jesty completed a major revision of the guidebook, updating the text and maps to take account of the changes in the landscape that had occurred. In the Vale of Mowbray section, eight miles of road walking between Ellerton Hill and Oaktree Hill has been re-routed on to public footpaths. This revision has now been accepted as the definitive line and it is this route that will be waymarked.

Alfred Wainwright photograph by Derry Brabbs

The Wainwright Society is delighted to announce that permission has been granted to waymark the route of Wainwright’s Coast to Coast Walk. The agreement follows discussions with all the local authorities that lie along the route of this iconic long-distance walk. Parts of the walk have been waymarked already, but a new waymarker, featuring Wainwright’s AW signature, will appear on finger posts where the route crosses a public road. The Society hopes that the waymarking will be completed during 2013, which is the fortieth anniversary of Wainwright’s guidebook, published in 1973. The Society is planning events to celebrate this anniversary in 2013. Alfred Wainwright devised the walk, which passes through the Lake District, and dedicated the book to, ‘the second person (unidentifiable as yet) to walk from St. Bees Head to Robin Hood’s Bay.’ Since then, the

Part of the Society’s rationale behind the desire to have the Coast to Coast waymarked, is to accord public recognition of the route on the ground. It is not intended that the waymarks should mark every step of the way as the essence of the walk is that people should guide themselves across the route using the guidebook, and, more importantly, a map and compass. The Coast to Coast crosses a number of remote areas of mountain and hill country and knowing how to use a map and compass to guide one’s steps is essential. A longer-term objective of the Society is to have the route marked on Ordnance Survey maps and there will be further discussions with the relevant authorities once the Coast to Coast Walk has been waymarked. If you would like to know more about the Society, log on to the website at or email Derek Cockell Press & Publicity Officer, The Wainwright Society

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Eden Valley and North Lakes Home Comforts Guide

As I have already mentioned on page 14, on 7th January 2013 we will be posting through your door our first Eden Valley and Lakes, Home Comforts guide. Will it be yet another design and interiors magazine? Certainly that is not the intention. The focus is on the word home; we have a whole list of headings ranging from traditional home improvement ideas, products and services through to working from home, shopping from home and not forgetting how the home looks both inside and out. Importantly we will be seeking out what we can get delivered locally in the area from local independents.

Eden Valley & North Lakes

Home Comforts Guide

Mobility, security, safety and energy at home are all areas that (excuse the pun) all come under one roof. We’ll be presenting simple affordable solutions from local suppliers. Other areas to be featured include; home entertainment, hobbies, small holdings, outbuildings and how to make the best of the space you have. We’ll have editorials and advertorials from local businesses. If you can think of a section you think we should include then drop us a line. To get this publication right I will be pulling in some expert advice and I will be gathering key pointers and advice from businesses and people that know everything there is know about our most prized possession. I’ll be asking Nick Miller, the owner of Eden & Country Estates, to once again give us his contribution as he gets to see more homes than most. We’ll also be sharing the experiences of the many people that work from home and will be looking at the financial implications of working from home. phone: 01768 899111


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And Finally...... Short and sweet as it is, please spread the word that another publication has arrived in Cockermouth. Having read this issue do you think that we have something that is different? Is there something special about a small business running a publication locally offering the community an opportunity to be involved with it? We hope next month that we will have some more local volunteers who want to be writers and photographers or some would-be radio presenters joining us in what we hope will be the start of a revolution in community communication.

Dalemain Christmas Fair

Thank you for taking the time to look through this months Lakes Local, Come and feed the Rein deer ar please send us any information you have about upcoming eventsBjoorrnany the Polar Be me and meet Co interesting stories. If you are one of the 981 businesses now receiving This Christmas treat yourself to a A experience great day Lakes Local, please drop us a line or give us call. We know we can save shopping like no other, you money and put your name through many doors. as on November 2nd, the out fortheall beautiful mansion of Dalemain on the family! My thanks to all those supporting the Lakes Local publication. The the fringes on the Lake District will Christmas edition will be out week commencing 26th November 2013 open its doors to entice you and and bookings for advertising space must be made by 4pm 5th November. your family with festive delights. A perfect day out for all the family Thank you all for taking the time to read your Lakes Local. wine and mince pies Come and enjoy mulled the spirit of Christmas will resound room tea in the medieval around the grounds as real reindeer stand guard and Bjorn the Polar Bear makes a special guest appearance.

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The children will be entertained as you source high quality gifts for your friends and family, browsing our stalls in the heated marquee whilst admiring the handcrafted products and homemade produce, you’ll be delighted with the range of gifts and seasonal fare on offer. You will be sure to pick up a unique gift that can’t be sourced elsewhere as you browse comfortably from the magnificent setting of the historic mansion and gardens in Ullswater. Already a hit with celebrities such as Kylie Minogue, Bjorn the Polar bear will entertain the children as you shop, as his Inuit handlers parade him around the grounds allowing a tactile experience unlike any other. The Dalemain fair is an event not to be missed and a perfect preamble into the Christmas spirit; just a few minutes from Junction 40 on the M6 this magical Cumbrian wonderland awaits you and your family. Join us on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of November and start your festive shopping with style.

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The Dalemain Magical Christmas Fair 24 • LakesLocal

on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th of�November 2012

Dalemain Mansion & Gardens, Ullswater, Cumbria A unique shopping event held at the historic Dalemain Mansion and Gardens in Ullswater, Cumbria, just a few minutes from the M6, junction 40. A huge and varied range of quality handmade products, ideal when looking for that unique special gift. Come and meet Bjorn the Polar Bear and feed the Reindeer, great fun for all the family. On site catering for teas, coffees, snacks and lunches. Dalemain Mansion is also open to visit and is decorated for Christmas

Wine Tasting

e e u q r a M d e Heat Medieval Tea Room German Attractions Style see reverse of leaflet Chalets Open 10.00am – 6.00pm daily Entrance: £5 Kids Free Concessions: £3 Find outphone: more LakesLocal 01768 at: