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Your Local Eggs available in all your local Penrith Co-op Society stores LakesLocal

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Our new ‘Local’ Medium Mature Cheddar The new Penrith Co-operative Society Medium Mature Cheddar, in association with Appleby Creamery

Brewed at Brougham Hall, by Eden Brewery for the Penrith Co-operative Society

Your Local Bacon from Wigton, Cured at Cocklakes Farm Shop (Highgate)

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Dear Residents & Businesses


Welcome to this month’s Easter edition of your Lakes Local, to all our regular readers and those receiving the publication for the first time who maybe on holiday. As Spring is in the air at Penrith Zoo it has been a quiet start to 2013 for our advertisers in Full Circle Nest Egg the Lakes Local we have now decided to produce the publication bi-monthly, so our next issue will now be Co-op Members News Letter May. In this month’s Lakes Local, we have our quarterly Keeping the Buzz in Local Penrith Co-operative Society members newsletter on pages 6 – 9. We welcome back some of our seasonal Cumbria Oak advertisers and some new businesses who have taken Philosophy of a Fellwanderer up our offer with our £25 per month advertising boxes. What’s in Your Food There is much national media coverage currently focused Let Jim Walton find the right car on the food we eat. Many of you have read quite a few articles in the Lakes Local since it was launched It’s about local people Eden FM promoting local food and the importance of supporting Shopping or moving call in your local butcher who isn’t just there for a Turkey at Christmas! This month is no different from any other. The regular points made about the benefits of low mileage food and eating local food that tastes like it hasn’t been messed about with, have suddenly become more of a national concern and media plate. Hats off to all those who have been supporting our local ambitions. There is much to debate. You can’t judge a book by its cover and it is clear that you can’t judge the contents Phone: of a box containing processed food by its nice, glossy photo on the front and its packaging. My thanks to Paul Witterick for some outstanding photos this month. Later in the year we will be looking at Paul’s expanding portfolio. We have some excellent food shots with no Front Cover – Chickens at Wetheriggs Zoo by trick photography! Paul Witterick. Printer – Bishops Printers, Have a great Easter, Lee Walton Rd, Portsmouth, Hants P06 1TR

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What’s in Your Food Finding You the Right Car The Buzz in Philosophy of a Fellwa Local nderer Local People, Local radio

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Spring is in the air at Penrith Zoo

Co-op Members News Letter

Keeping the Buzz in Local

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Philosophy of a Fellwanderer

What’s in Your Food

It’s about local people Eden FM

Every Hole in the Hedge An interesting caption, but this is the wording which best describes what Cumbrian Local Publications is aiming to achieve with its deliveries through doors. We can use 30 people in the Eden Valley and North Lakes to help deliver the publications or we can use 60. The quicker the magazines are delivered is where we want to be. The publication commences distribution on Wednesday and it is our aim to be finished with our deliveries by the following Saturday afternoon. Can you spare 2 to 3 hours a month? Would you like to

distribute you Eden Local to your village. This month, working with Letter box Link, we have recruited nine people to the existing team, but many hands make light work. When it comes to the more rural and remote areas, Cumbrian Local Publications is now building a database which you may want to help us with, so that we do cover every hole in the hedge. Please drop us a line if you are interested in helping out at or call 01768 899111.

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Spring is in the air at Penrith’s own little Zoo. This time of the year is synonymous with new birth and at Wetheriggs Animal Rescue & Conservation Centre this is certainly the case on two levels!

Not only are a number of animals due to give birth, the park has had a transformation with a new entrance and a Tropical House. You can even pop along and help bottle feed orphan lambs. Having just entered it seventh year since taking over the old Wetheriggs Pottery site, the animal rescue is home to over 1,500 animals. Having gained full charity status four years ago the trust now takes animals from mainland Europe as well as the U.K. being this country’s only general Zoo Rescue organisation. You can keep updated by listening to Terry Bowes on Eden fm every Sunday

between 3pm-6pm or on the Zoo’s website:- www.wetheriggsanimalrescue. Wetheriggs Zoo is also on Facebook and Twitter

Easter Egg or Nest Egg? Easter Eggs don’t last long these days do they? They seem to reduce in size each year and the chocolate’s getting thinner and thinner! Will that also be the state of your financial affairs in a few years’ time, i.e. a shrinking pot of money producing an ever decreasing income? It doesn’t have to be! There are numerous ways to save for the future and sufficiently diverse to suit everyone’s personal requirements and preferences. These might include cash deposits, shares, unit trusts, personal pensions, buy-to-let property, investing in your own business. Each one has different tax consequences and whilst saving tax is important you should have a clear idea about what your priorities are. Whatever you are considering there are some key factors to take into account such as your immediate personal and business cash needs, the simple fact that any investment should be a good investment and not just one that saves tax (and this includes investments in business assets); retaining some flexibility in your financial affairs is also important because your circumstances might alter. And of course you shouldn’t have all your eggs in one basket. So before the tax year ends take the opportunity to review your existing business and personal tax and investment strategies with us here at Full Circle. There’s bound to be an idea or two that will hatch. Contact Jonny Miller …… phone: 01768 899111

If you need help to improve your banking relationship contact Jonny Miller on 01768 580058 or

email him at


The Penrith Co-op Society Your Local Co-op

Welcome to our third newsletter, without doubt this has been our most successful method of communicating with you our member, and for getting new members so far this year alone we have welcomed over five hundred new members, who like you are enjoying the benefits that are associated with being a member and using the members privilege card at affiliated businesses who are offering discounts and special offers, more of that to follow. We have been fortunate in being awarded first prize in the Social Enterprise North West awards for the Best Co-operative in the region, recognition of the work that we are trying to do. Our store in Penrith has held demonstrations by some of our excellent local producers and their products are available for you to buy continuing our commitment to supporting the buy local theme and this will shortly include demonstrations at other stores just look out in-store for details. In times such as these it is important to thank you for your support without that we could not do the things we do, or bring you the local goods and services that ask for. I hope you enjoy the articles in this edition and your feed is always welcome

John Mills Chief Executive Officer

John Mills Chief Executive Officer

Excellence in Social Enterprise Award Penrith society was delighted to be awarded the prestigious award of ‘Best Co-operative in the North West’, this award recognises the important part that our staff play in delivering that little bit extra, and our work within the community in the bring the co-operative methods to business, for example bringing together the baker and the farmer to produce a collaborative product that we can offer you, making a win, win, win scenario for all parties

Your Members Privilege Card update We now have a growing affiliated number of local businesses offering card holders special services and discounts. It could be that you are buying a product in the high street, getting your car serviced, selling your house, or getting some maintenance done on your home. The businesses offering card holders special deals, will now be displaying the co-op card on their shop window or door. A mobile service or business with vehicles, may have the card visible in a window or on their vehicle. Offers will change and we will keep you posted on these. If you see the card on display, all you need to do is ask what is on offer. It could be on a whole range or part range of products or services. At present, these services are not yet available online. Here are some samples of what we have on offer • Penrith Outdoor Pursuits, have agreed to offer card holders 10% off their products in their Penrith store. • Jim Walton of Penrith has agreed to offer a 10% discount off their service bill, this excludes any other work such as MOT’s & repair work. • Hedgehog book shop, in the Devonshire Arcade Penrith is offering 10% off • Cumbria Oak, at the Pot place Garden Centre in Plumpton is now offering 7% off its products

For a better quality of life and better mobility in your own home Your Local Penrith Burrowgate store has a new range of mobility products and with an affordable range of chairs and beds that will help you get up everyday and sleep better at night.

Working in partnership creating a taste you can trust To achieve what we have in these last 9 months and to continue developing our range of locally sourced products, we work very closely with local producers and wholesalers. We have been fortunate enough to be able to introduce a range of our own, locally produced products and with the savings made in logistics and distribution created through working directly with these local businesses, we have proved that you can have quality, local products at very affordable prices without cutting corners. At a local level sharing logistics, collecting from farms after we have completed our own deliveries, is a huge saving to the farm. In linking with our local suppliers,

who are delivering to our stores and having them help move our products around our stores, this linked thinking has created more

savings and in working together like this, means better availability and a growing range of local products.

Your Local Penrith Co-operative store in your village has essential, everyday products, but we have introduced a range or local products and innovated ranges, which help us serve your community more than just a village shop. These stores are hubs at the heart of the communities they serve and we want to encourage local people, to shop locally and help us support local businesses, by offering the best range we can in these stores. Here are some examples of what we are doing.

Your Keswick Store is offering much more‌ As an innovative idea in the Winter months, we introduced a range of Winter fuels, which have proved a great success. With much focus currently on the source of our food, your local Penrith Co-operative Society have been raising the momentum on its campaign to source more local products. This campaign was launched at the end of the summer 2012. Working with Cocklakes Farm Shop (Highgates Turkeys), we have this month introduced more locally sourced cooked meats like roast ham, roast beef and roast turkey, sliced and packed with a local taste straight from the deli and sourced from local farms in Cumbria. Also available is our own award winning Penrith Co-operative Society Cumberland Sausage and a range of local sausages and bacon. Over the last 6 months we have been re-creating more traditional products like local beer, local cheese, local ice cream and traditional sour dough bread for our customers.

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Home Delivery

Local bacon now in-store

Ice Cream Demos over Easter with a Taste Of Eden Ice Cream, please see in-store for details

Table Top Tasters Building on the success of the in-store demonstrations at the Burrowgate store in Penrith, we are now starting table top demonstrations in all stores. It is essential to engage with our customers and not just put new local products on the shelf in the hope that they will buy them but get everyone, our staff, our local producers and our customers all involved in delivering a ‘Taste you can Trust’. This will include local ice cream, local cheese, local sour dough bread, local cooked meats, local beers and locally produced ready meals, made in Cumbria during March. The dates will be posted in stores in advance so you won’t miss out. Whilst our ‘Taste you can Trust’ roadshow will be a regular feature in our villages and in our Keswick store, we will be keeping our kitchen in Burrowgate busy with guest cooks and chefs. Please see in-store for details.

Preserve starter kits £29.95 Maslin Pan £29.95

Real Ham, Real Turkey, Real Beef all locally sourced from your local Co-op. A taste you can trust, now available in the Lazonby, Penrith, Keswick and Shap Stores

The Penrith Co-op Society

10 • LakesLocal

Ahh, there you are. Article is by Melanie Vincent

Well, the bees are still hibernating. I checked their feeders this morning and only one needed any topping up. Stuck my ear against the hives and only one of them is really ‘buzzing’ but I’m hopeful that I did in fact hear some buzzing from the other 2. Nerve wracking time of year really as a bee keeper. This is when it’s most likely that you will loose colonies to disease, age, temperature or starvation and you cannot look for fear of killing off weak colonies. Catch 22. The average temperature at the moment is a good 3-4 degrees C below where it ought to be at this time of year so I’m addicted to watching the weather on Countryfile every week. The bees which were born in september/october last year are getting really old and tired now and they are starting to die off in larger numbers. The queen needs to start laying up again but it takes about 21 days for a new worker bee to be born. Drones take about another 3 days to arrive. The queen takes the shortest time to arrive - just over 2 weeks - and she can live for years but from my point of view she will be replaced after 3 years if nature hasn’t already taken care of it for me. I saw some evidence of Nosema on 2 of the hives today. That is a kind of dicky tummy that the bees can get. Gives them the runs which can spread in the colony quickly. Bees are really clean, they will take out any dead bees or other rubbish to the entrance and drop it off the edge. This time of year there can be quite a few dead bodies inside on the floor of the hive. They always poo outside the hive - except when they are sick... The temperature needs to be in the teens before I can open them up and have a look to see how the colonies have fared over the winter. The big move they endured last november was very stressful for them, but they came from a very warm area which still had a reasonable nectar flow to their posh des. res. near Cockermouth, which is a lovely spot but isn’t as warm as Sussex.

I started keeping bees in Braithwaite under the ever watchful eye of Mr. B and did so for many years. Then I had to go south for a bit to help some family and of course I took my bees with me as West Sussex isn’t exactly local. They came back with me last autumn and they have a really great spot in the corner of a field with lovely views westwards, although I’ll bet the ladies aren’t bothered by that. There is a stream close at hand, the area is well fenced off. I had thought I’d be bringing the ladies back and setting them up on breeze blocks until I had built them a stand but I found to my great surprise that my friends had spent hours making the stand for me. I was a bit more than chuffed I can tell you. I have been feeding the ladies with Ambrosia which is a type of sugar syrup which is really thick and is very like honey. I like to feed colonies with as they don’t need to use up much energy to store it or they can simply eat it directly. I am hoping they will still have enough pollen to keep them going until the flowers open up. The new hives are (fingers crossed) on their way up from the Peak District and I will have to get cracking to make them up in time to get new colonies settled in. Then I’ll need to make up hundreds of frames too but we will cross that bridge when we come to it. I still need a shed but I may have resolved that issue, finally! Until next time…

Would you like to help deliver the small magazine with the largest distribution in Cumbria?

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What’s in Your Food Finding You the Right Car The Buzz in Philosophy of a FellwanLocal derer Local People, Local radio

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Philosophy of a Fellwanderer The more I read Alfred Wainwright, the more I realise that his philosophy of life was rooted in his love of the Lake District fells and walking. That love affair began in 1930, the day that he stood on Orrest Head and gazed in wonder on a scene that became his personal heaven on earth. But although he had yet to climb a mountain, he was already a keen walker and had been since he was a small boy. He had been brought up in Blackburn, a smoky mill town where the limit of ambition of many young people of his age and circumstance was to find a secure job in the local cotton mill. But Wainwright admitted that he was different. ‘I was different too in my liking for long solitary walks. … I ventured on all the nearby hills … and always with the summits as objectives. Some of my performances were remarkable for a little lad. Ill shod and ill clothed, with jam butties in my pocket, and no money for tram fares, I often tramped twenty miles in a day’s walk.’ Ex-Fellwanderer As well as a liking for solitary walking, Wainwright was determined that he would not end up in the mill. At thirteen years of age, he secured a position in Blackburn Town Hall, eventually becoming a qualified accountant. Perhaps it is not surprising that, years later he wrote, ‘Mountain climbing is an epitome of life, and good practice for it. You start at the bottom, the weaklings and the irresolute drop out on the way up, the determined reach the top. Life is like that.’ Fellwanderer And there were similar sentiments expressed in his Pennine Way Companion, where he wrote, ‘‘If you start, don’t give up, or you will be giving up at difficulties all your life.’ A Pennine Way Companion p. 170 AW’s ‘love letter’ to the Lake District fells, his series of Pictorial Guides, was only the first of a remarkable literary and artistic career, most of which was a product of retirement. In his sixties he still had a passion for walking and climbing, even if the summits were lower than in his younger days. In his introduction to The Outlying Fells he wrote, ‘People

are as old as they feel and life to me has never advanced beyond springtime. I still have the interests and enthusiasms of a sixteen-year-old: simple enthusiasms, restricted mainly to climbing hills and writing about them.’ The Outlying Fells of Lakeland Introduction p. ix In the same book he wondered what lay beyond life, ‘Dare we hope there will be another Orrest Head over the threshold of the next heaven?’ Yes, for Wainwright, the Lake District was his own personal heaven. In one of his last books he wrote, ‘We are promised God’s heaven. I wish I could think so. … I would not feel a stranger in heaven, having for so many years lived in the earthly paradise of Lakeland. There may be hills there to climb. There may be an opportunity for a pictorial guidebook to heaven. I may be permitted to come down occasionally and flap my wings over Haystacks.’ Ex-Fellwanderer If you would like to know more about the Society, log on to the website at or email Derek Cockell Press & Publicity Officer, The Wainwright Society

Shop local - Log on, buy online and save some time

Penrith Outdoor Pursuits your local walk in, login, outdoor clothing, equipment and lifestyle clothing shop 37 Middlegate, Penrith, CA11 7PT Tel: 01768 891383 Mon-Thurs 9.30-5.30 Fri-Sat 9.00-5.30


phone: 01768 899111

What’s in Your Food?

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By Lee Quinn

The word ‘processed’ when it comes to a part of any food chain, generally means a transformation of raw ingredients into food, or of food into other forms. Everyone has seen how a food processor, blender or mixer works at home, but we are in control of want goes in it. In February, I took some time out to discuss this with 3 local butchers who are also farmers in the Eden Valley and North Lakes. The current scares in what is in our food have seen a lift in sales. At auction, the prices are rising. Why is this? The simple answer is trust. The biggest day in the year is the busiest time for our local butcher. We treat ourselves to the Christmas feast. All through the year, you can actually use your local butcher and local, independent food halls. I also remember when I was a trainee butcher, the pictures on the wall of all the various cuts, the notice on the counter of where the meat had come from and who the owners were. This is how the trust for generations was built with the butcher.

This is a question that should be on everyone’s lips, but it’s long after the horse has bolted. Fancy packaging, E numbers and a lot of Latin can hide so much and out of sight is out of mind.

I believe there is a lot more to come and we are at the tip of this iceberg. It is a case of who will hit it next. If you can see it, maybe your eyes are a good test, however, if you are buying meat, ask about its origin, whether it’s beef. The meaning of ‘beef’ is far ranging. Would you eat a cow?

We order a steak in a restaurant. We decide on the cut; rump, sirloin, we know what a pork chop is, a breast of chicken and leg are. Should we not, therefore, know when we order fast food in a box in the form of processed food, the content or what part of the anatomy it is from. At the moment, it would seem we are now being persuaded by media that products should be produced closer to home. Some ingredients like a pork cheek that were once the key ingredient of a sausage and the rest of the head, are now quiet a delicacy. What can we eat and who can we trust?

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45 LET JIM WALTON FIND THE RIGHT CAR FOR YOU. One thing that is a must to virtually all of us living in the beautiful Eden Valley is the need to get around under our own steam, as public transport is very hard to rely on when you live in one of the most sparsley populated places in England, and that of course leaves most of us being almost totally reliant on the humble motor car, and of course the back up of your local car dealership. There are of course many car dealerships in and around our area, and Jim Walton ( Penrith ) Ltd, on Penrith’s Gilwilly Estate, have been supplying New and various makes and models of used cars, to customers far and wide for some 45 years now. However, what happens when you don’t see, or can’t find the make or model that you are looking for? The internet is of course a well used and important information tool, but do you really want the hassle of driving from one end of the country to the other, only to find your dream car is not all it was cracked up to be. There can be so many pitfalls in sourcing cars from further a field, and the time involved can seem never ending. If finding that dream car seems like a daunting task, then why not pop into Jim Walton’s and speak to Alan or Stephen and let them do the work for you. I for one was surprised when Alan Walton explained to me that although they have been associated with the Toyota brand for some 40 years and predominantly displaying Toyota cars, that they have many customers that ask them to source other makes and models from manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Ford, Landrover, Hyundai, Vauxhall to name but a few. Alan explained that the majority of customers these days want to be assured that their car has come from a reliable source, and has the backup from a reputable family dealership that can provide the service backup, and a good warranty package, as well as in many cases being able to take their current vehicle in part exchange. Jim Walton’s also has an exceptional reputation for its after sales service and, has technicians on site that have experience of working with Ford, Vauxhall, Volkswagen etc, and are all trained to use the latest diagnostic equipment available. So whatever make or model of vehicle takes your fancy this Spring, or whatever the budget, call into Jim Waltons, on Gilwilly Estate or give them a call on 01768-864555 and let them take the hassle out of finding your next car. LakesLocal

phone: 01768 899111

YEARS 1 96


Jim Walton (Penrith) Limited Cowper Road, Gilwilly Industrial Estate Penrith, Cumbria CA11 9BN Telephone 01768 864555

Fax 01768 867280

Parts Direct 01768 865428 Fax 01768 892979 Showroom open Monday to Saturday 8.30am - 5.30pm

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It’s about Local People Farmer. Community radio is about opening the door to the community in communication. Kevin is one of 6 new potential presenters that will be having a go at a show. Kevin’s choice is to finish his milking then get in to do a farm programme at the weekends, a chat show with some music and this may include his daughter, co presenting. The radio continues to attract all ages and varied backgrounds, some presenters like Dingle with the Wingo Show coming in on Wednesday night coming across the county from the other side of Cockermouth after a day on the Farm, to basically play some music and have a crack.

Last month in my Eden fm update I focused on the importance of keeping the project moving whilst we wait to here from Ofcom if our full time community application has been successful that we submitted at the End of January. There are no guarantees but every effort has been made to put a good application. If you go to the Ofcom web site you can search Eden FM and it will give you the listing of all the other applicants for our region. In February we launch our Business 300 draw which at £1 per month, £12 for the year gives a local business the opportunity of winning £300 worth of local advertising. The winner of our first draw Winner is Penrith Outdoor Pursuits If you would like to enter drop us a line at admin@edefm. Meanwhile, John Stewart has some details on how you can win a cinema voucher worth £10 January was our application month, February was our recruitment month and we now have some new starters in March, one of these is Kevin Beaty, a local Dairy

phone: 01768 899111

If you would like to give us 2 hours of your time at Eden FM and become a volunteer, either behind the scenes, on air or just doing what every you do best, drop us a line. Have a look at our website www.edenfm., listen on like give these lads a LIKE on facebook, support your local radio as best you can.

Sound and Vision on EdenFM has five £10 vouchers for the Lonsdale Alhambra Cinema in Penrith to give away.

We’ll be running a competition each week for five weeks starting Wednesday 13the March 2013, tune into at Wednesday 6pm to hear the question you’ll need to answer to win the voucher and details of how you can enter. Until then check out the Sound and Vision Facebook page

The Penrith Co-op Society


16 • LakesLocal

Make Ullswater Road Garage your refilling station this Easter

Westmorland hire vehicles from Ullswater Road garage We hire cars, MPVs, Vans and more. Whatever your requirements, whether you are on holiday, in business or moving house we will have the vehicle to suit your needs. We can supply compact and economy cars, 7 seater MPV’S and Minibuses, right up to vans, Lutons and small trucks. Petrol, Diesel, LPG and Bottled gas Fresh Locally supplied Greengrocery and local meat products from local producers An extensive range of household consumables, Newspapers and magazines, Beers wines and Spirits, Seasonal products and care products. Cash Point, Lottery and free parking

EastER OPEn timEs Sunday 24th March open from 8am & then 24 hrs Monday to Thursday until 10pm Good Friday 29th March Open from 7am Saturday 30th March until10 pm Open from 8am Easter Sunday 31st March then 24 hrs Monday to Thursday until 10pm Friday 5th April

Ullswater Road, Penrith Tel: 01768 864546


phone: 01768 899111