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A lighter way to shop – Starfruits Let’s Plough – it’s the new season The application of your life time Winning numbers Pride in Penrith Lottery Eating Out in Eden Issue Seven Distributed to Homes & Businesses in CA11 7, 8, 9, 0 & CA10 1

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Penrith Co-operative is your unique one stop shop Free home delivery is provided within the Society’s area of activities only. Please check before purchasing that free delivery is possible. also check what delivery date and time is possible. Our delivery vehicles are not refrigerated, so do not order chilled or frozen foods. if purchasing in store and asking for home delivery, please take these items straight home yourself once purchased.

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We also have branches throughout the area at Keswick, Shap, Lazonby, Hallbankgate, Westgate, Stanhope and St Johnsinfo@edenlocal.co.uk Chapel and our new home STORE in Keswick EdenLocal Frosterley, phone: 07881 530085 www.edenlocal.co.uk

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Dear Residents Without intentionally meaning to sound like I am welcoming you to a football match on a cold winters evening and you just opened the first page of your match day programme, I would like to offer you a warm welcome to the Eden Local community magazine. Welcome back to those readers who first received it through their doors last November and welcome to those new readers in postcodes CA11 9, CA11 0 and CA10 1, who are wondering what it is and where it came from and to those who are in postcodes CA10 2, CA10 3 and CA16, who may have picked up a copy in a local shop or post office. For those of you new to the free, independent publication, that is a blend of local news, activities, schools and business features, I hope this publication gives you a good idea of the story so far and its future. The publication contains features written by local people. Most are volunteers and it is supported financially by local businesses advertising. Eden Local is put together in Penrith and printed in Penrith. Your local community magazine is delivered by Royal Mail every month using the door to door service, distributed via regional postcodes. Eden Local’s first mile stone, was achieved by being launched to 6032 homes and businesses on the 15th November 2010, thanks to businesses in the community supporting it. It is a family business and not in any way a part of any commercial media group, organisation or company.

A lighter way to shop – Starfruit s Let’s Plough – it’s the new season The application of your life time Winning numbers Pride in Penrith Lottery Eating Out in Eden Issue Seven Distributed to Homes & Businesses in CA11

Windows, Doors, Conservatories Kitchens and Bedrooms

It was launched to offer a choice and affordable advertising to the community in a difficult economic time and to give young people and people of all ages in the area, an opportunity to write and publish work. Supporting local clubs, charities and local organisations where it can, as an alternative to the norm, this is Eden Local, based in Eden and produced by people in Eden. Linked closely to supporting local campaigns and good causes, it is driving the campaign for Eden FM community radio. As a ‘not for profit’ Ltd company, Eden FM is another project offering more opportunities, future jobs and experiences in the heart of Cumbria. At Eden Local, we do have a few key operating elements that we endeavour to maintain. We look for the positives and try not to print bad news, after all, the publication is going through doors as a free magazine. We do strive to support and boost the local economy and add to the existing communication channels. In doing this, however, we do not unfortunately take press releases as such. These are more than catered for and due to the production process of the Eden Local, from design to distribution, the news won’t be as current as the day it was posted. We do like good news stories, seasonal topics and getting behind the scenes, raising the profiles of people and businesses in the community. There is a lot more about the ‘Eden project with a difference’ throughout this 7th publication and as we prepare for the summer, Eden Local introduces its first supplement, Eating out in Eden. This will be a free guide, with a 10,000 distribution via over 100 sites. The Eden Local distribution for May will be in excess of 25,000. Please enjoy your Eden Local, your local community publication.

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7, 8, 9, 0 & CA10 1

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This months front cover is dedicated to my friend John ‘On the hill’

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Let’s Plough – it’s the new season at Carleton Farm


Free Coffee and Biscuits – The Stoneybeck Inn


Love Solar – Love photovoltaic


Volunteers needed for a special transmission


The application of your life time


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Eden Animal Rescue 23 The people behind the World Sheep Dog trials

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Talk the walk, Nick Wells


Climbing, where to begin?


“The Good Life” is just around the corner 29 Winning numbers Pride in Penrith Lottery


Eating Out in Eden - the new free guide



Front Cover Photo by Tommy Martin Eden Local Notice: Eden Local prints various articles, features, and advertisements. Although these appear in Eden Local, any opinions expressed are the opinion of the author, these are not necessarily the opinion of the publisher.

Suppliers of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables OFdays FRESH delivering toSUPPLIERS your door 6 a week, a weight FRUITand ANDoff VEGETABLES off your mind of your weekly shop 01768 890 255 and www.starfruits.co.uk info@edenlocal.co.uk

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Eden House of Cakes

We can recreate an object, a scene or theme so come in and talk to us about creating your dream Special occasions, Seasonal celebration, Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings, Christenings, Retirements, Corporate or even a gift, traditional or innovative.

Sandgate House Penrith CA11 7TJ Tel: 01768 899225 Email: info@edenhouseofcakes.com EdenLocal

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One less worry and a lot less for you to carry There are a number of ways a business can serve its customers. In today’s climate, if you can’t get to the shop, you can generally order it on line. On line of course doesn’t always mean in line with the environment and sometimes you get delivered as near to or ‘substitutes’ and with fresh produce, or should I say with the intention of it being fresh, how old is it? There is always the debate of dates like sell by, eat by, which then in turn for some is throw away by! Last month I wrote the first article on Starfruits, which helped them step up in their campaign to alert people to their home delivery service. Media in schools, via celebrity chefs and government campaigns have, I would hope meant that most people know what their 5 a day means. This month we are focusing on 5 a day, delivered to your door 6 days a week. Like a lot of shopping, you buy essentially in a weekly shop. However you do not need to buy all of your fruit and veg in one hit. Of course a lot of things dictate why we cram so much in to a weekly shop, only to see parts of the perishables in the bin, or on the compost ! So the equation includes our time as well as cost and potential waste of course. Many of you have also experienced the defying all odds struggle of protecting your apples, bananas, lettuce and pears, but somewhere between entering into a logistical challenge of loading our body weight into a trolley, we then negotiate the journey of lifting exercises and the ultimate lift into the boot of a car, or the obstacle course on the bus, which then poses the question, I hope you, your fruit and veg arrived home safely? To me as I see it, here are a couple of thoughts and a few questions. One is, which came first - the trolley or the fruit and veg? Are supermarket trollies custom built to nurture your weekly shop or destroy it? Many, many


David Whipp

years ago, around a camp fire, we used to sing a song, To market, to market went my brother Tim, when somebody threw a Tomato at him. ‘Tomatoes don’t hurt as he said with a grin but they certainly do when they’re wrapped in a tin (there is another version). The point is that metal and fruit don’t mix that well, but they can if they are in a reusable box, stacked professionally and safely in manageable weights, wrapped in a large metal tin on wheels and transported to your home or business. All you have to do is pick up the phone and dial 01768 890255, then a very nice man, will turn up at your door with your order and he’ll probably even place it on your kitchen table. Eating alone, catering for one or two, eating as a family, cooking for the masses? Starfruits can deliver your daily requirements, or your weekly requirements over 6 days, which can mean every other day, twice a week or in one drop. It is delivered when you need it, when it fits in with you and your fridge or pantry! No minimum orders, but please be realistic! Veg selections and fruit selections are always your choice..... Starfruits also have a selection of bakery items, a range of Eden House of Cakes everyday tea lines and a range of info@edenlocal.co.uk

Tel: 01768 890255 Mob: 07920 098milk 190and dairy produce like eggs,

butter. Make the call and make the comparison. It’s local fruit and veg (where it can be sourced) , a local company, supporting the local economy and supporting the Penrith pound. Are you prepared to save time and money on a weekly and daily budget? Take advantage of the order it as you need option and stop feeding the bin! Just scraps for the compost?. Veg out with your local family business, called Starfruits. Standard and sized to your needs and dietary requirements, veg and fruit boxes, your selection, your choice to your door. You don’t have to squeeze it in with that weekly shop anymore. One less worry and a lot less to carry.


9 Angel Square, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7BT Open Monday to Saturday 8 - 5 Sundays 10 - 4 throughout the summer Telephone: 01768 890 255 Telephone: 01768 866 573 Web: www.starfruits.co.uk Email: info@starfruits.co.uk


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Let’s Plough

the new season starts at Carleton Hall Farm. For the regular readers, I’ll be with you shortly. For our new readers, a swift update. Writing articles about the local economy is something I enjoy. Writing about locally produced food and raising awareness of businesses that contribute to the local economy is something I rise to. When I first wrote about Carleton Hall Farm, it was for the second issue of Eden local in December 2011. I have spent time with Neil Hodgson, his family, helpers and friends in the fields, in the sheds, in the shop and the odd day sitting around a table having a cup of tea. People still talk about the Carrots of Carleton article, the first article from Carleton Farm. The articles that followed were about leeks and I then spent two months talking about local potatoes, before we finally, in the last issue, started talking about the 52 suppliers that the farm shop uses. The articles underpin the farming year and like many farm families, out there in fields or sheds, mucking out at the weekend, tending their stock, braving the elements 7 days a week, EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085

sometimes our only reminder of our farming community is when the tractors come through the town, or those familiar smells catch the breeze. In the villages for many, it is not just a way of life but life itself. Recently, Neil asked me why do people come to the shop at Christmas, but then many of them we don’t see until following Christmas. Many local butchers and other producers echo this statement. Carleton Hall Farm, like many, is there 365 days of the year and this month as spring moves towards summer and takes over the routines, I found myself taking photos of the ploughing and that will be followed by the sowing. The carrots were still about when I put this article together and they still taste like real carrots, but as one season comes to an end in the farming calendar, this month I was out in the field as they were being prepared for the second ‘early’s’. That’ll be new potatoes to you and me, so they won’t be from Egypt! During April of course, as I write this, Neil will be planting barley and then early in May, he’ll take the 30,000 leek plugs (seed pots



to you and me) outside and sow these. Seven months ago, I was out watching the carrots, parsnips, swedes, leeks and kale being harvested as and when needed, all grown around where we live. Now the cycle is at the beginning, ploughing and sowing, a busy time for the Hodgson family. Beef cattle, a small heard of Friesians to milk twice a day and a shop that is open 7 days a week. Would you want it any other way in your community? As I closed the first article, I wrote about the farm. The point echoed is the same as it was then. An appeal to all those people who have local shops, local farm shops, that are not a great distance from where they live, please don’t drive or walk past them. Go in to the shop and don’t leave it until next Christmas. As for the ‘Carrots of Carleton’, which are coming to an end for this season like any locally produced product, whether this be an egg, a potato or a pot of jam, they are all very low mileage products and support the local pound in our local economy.

EdenLocal •

Indiagate, from the chopping board to the table experience Indiagate, 11a Burrowgate, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7TE tel: 01768 210020 / 01768 210050 At Indiagate this month, to summarise and catch up on the last 6 months, we have travelled around various regions of India, researching into the origins, the history, the ingredients and the influences of different cultures throughout the ages. The articles feature a dish from the chef’s specials as listed on the menu. I have

been fortunate, not only in being invited to see the food prepared and cooked but also in being asked to taste the dishes, whilst I discuss them with Abu, the proprietor of Indiagate. I then write about the signature dish. By no means am I critic. I just love food and when I write the articles, it makes me hungry because it’s like I’m eating the dish all over again! We visited the district of Shimla, in the north west of India, to rediscover the dish ‘Shimla’ in January. We were talking fruit, chilli and honey as I salivated on Modu Wala. By February, we were rediscovering the tandoor oven and the tanoo ovens of Persia (contemporary Iran). Further research took us to the Indus Valley, part of Afghanistan, Pakistan and north west India. By march, we were landing in Burma and Thailand to discover the origins and influences of Thai Indian food, the blends of our familiar turmeric, cumin and coriander with infusions of coconut, lemon grass and ginger. We also traced back the origin of black gold, a currency dating info@edenlocal.co.uk

back 4,000 years. That’s black pepper to you and me. The most recent article in April took a different direction, in that we talked about cooking times and preparation. In From the chopping board to your home, we looked behind the scenes at the preparation involved and a luxury of an invention called the India ‘Takeaway’. The advice that went with this article, was that you can take the night off with a takeaway from Indiagate Monday to Sunday. This month, I’m writing about a dish I discovered at Indiagate. Sometimes faced with the dilemma of what to choose, then the next dilemma is choosing chicken or lamb. I found the answer in a Murgh Masala, but why? Well, it a dish which has succulent marinated strips of Tandoori chicken off the bone and a spiced mince meat cooked together in a medium hot sauce. An interesting dish and mix of textures and flavours I put this as one of my favourite dishes, until I get to the next one!


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Conferences, Weddings, Food for the family, Meals & Deals

Since the refurbishment in Autumn 2010, to the opening in December 2010, Eden Local has been following the progress and events at the ‘new’ Stoneybeck Inn. With activities running most days in its 7 day week business, it’s not easy to keep up! Only recently they hosted the Eden District Council and CW Herald Local Heroes finals and awards ceremony with Helen Skelton. High profile events are becoming a well catered for theme of the Stoneybeck Inn. A menu of events and opportunities is one way of describing it. They offer a fine wine and dine evening catering for the regular wine tasting club, facilitated by Thwaites, where the group of 20 to 24 get to try a selection of 4 or 5 wines, whilst their taste buds go in to overdrive with a specially prepared 5 course dinner. There is the welcoming family atmosphere of the Kids for a penny on a Wednesday evening or the family gathering around probably one of the best carverys on Sunday.

*Terms and conditions apply. Offer until 30th June

Free Coffee and Biscuits on arrival for all delegates*

• EdenLocal

This month we are featuring the superb conferencing facilities that include a range of suites and syndicate rooms, like the large Ullswater conference and banqueting suite that can cater for up to 150 seated table guests, or 200 seated conference guests. Also attached is this month’s offer, which is a free coffee and biscuits on arrival voucher, which needs to be redeemed when you book a conference, valid to 30th June 2011, the conference must be before 31st December 2011.

The Windermere Suite, with a wall mounted screen and LCD, this room can function as a meeting, presentation or training suite. It can also be used for private dining for up to 20 delegates or diners. Ideal for business/working lunches for small groups.

The Coniston Suite, is an upstairs dining or conference area in the original building. There are stunning views from the windows looking out towards the Lakeland Mountain range. The room can cater for 40 seated guests

The Ullswater Suite, is in the new part of the Inn, it has a 20 foot high ‘pitched’ ceiling and exposed timber beam work. It is fully equiped with the latest tecnology - PA System, I Pod docking station, Blu-ray DVD and a projector which projects 10ft by 20ft onto the wall. It can cater for up to 150 seated table guests or 200 conference delegates seated, theatre style. Room hire rates from £45 The Buttermere Suite (no Image), located on the north side of the Inn, it is a private, elegant and bright dining or conference dining area or meeting room. This room caters for up to 20 seated guests and it is also ideal for business/working lunches for small groups..

The Stoneybeck I


phone: 07881 530085



i t a v nn-o

f o on

EdenLocal •

Fish on Fridays 6-9pm

for at y e s n Kid e Pen n o


meals for kids

Healthy Options, tes real food, real tas

Natural Smoked Haddock Topped with Poached Egg & Butter Sauce Lemon Grilled Red Bream with King Prawns & Chardonnay Cream Pan Seared Scottish Salmon with Prawn & Dill Sauce Classic Wainwrights Beer Battered Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas Sharing Platter of Tempura Prawns, Salad Leaves, Fresh Lime & Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce

The Sunday Carvery Probably the best in Penrith *Terms and conditions apply. 1 full paying adult. 2 children

d o o f

h t d an

o y y a ew

ts a e y l i m ur fa

The Stoneybeck Inn Bowscar, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8RP t: 01768 862369 e: enquiries@thestoneybeckinn.co.uk info@edenlocal.co.uk www.edenlocal.co.uk w: www.thestoneybeckinn.co.uk

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10 • EdenLocal

Driving Forward Ideas for a Car Club Local transition group Penrith Action for Community Transition (PACT) has taken the first steps to setting up a Community Car sharing Club in the Penrith and surrounding area, beginning with a feasibility study, funded by Cumbria County Councils Penrith Neighbourhood Forum, to establish what level of interest there may be. With fuel prices constantly rising along with the general cost of motoring, many are looking to find ways to reduce their motoring costs? Yet without a comprehensive public transport service across the rural District, many people currently have no real alternative to using a private car. A car club is a membership organisation providing car access on demand to its members. People arrange in advance when they want to use a car, book it, and pay to use it. The advantage is that individual members do not have to pay the whole cost of owning a car, but are able to use one as the need arises. For anyone wanting to lease their car to the scheme, all of the running costs are covered for them.

Members pay an annual membership fee, and are then able to hire cars by the hour. Vehicles can be picked up from convenient residential locations, exploiting the flexibility offered by smart card technology and online and mobile booking tools. “While clearly car sharing may well not be suitable for all motoring requirements, a car club could appeal to many diverse groups in our area”, explained Michael Hallam of PACT, who is looking to establish the scheme. “It could be very suitable for those

who don’t need a car on a regular basis such as those not owning a car but who would like to use one occasionally. Or those who own a car, which is used infrequently. There are plans to set up a network of car clubs throughout Cumbria, with one in Kendal already in operation and one soon to begin in Carlisle. Peter Ward, chairman of PACT says, “We see car clubs as offering an excellent way of helping individuals to reduce the total cost of motoring, as well as encouraging greener transport alternatives in our local area”. As part of the feasibility study, there will be a series of planned meetings for interested members of the public over the next few months and people who are interested in finding out more are invited to contact Michael Hallam at transport@penrithact.org.uk Notices of car club meetings will be displayed on the PACT website at www.penrithact.org.uk/car-club


phone: 07881 530085



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As many households and companies

see their energy bills rise, the cost of electricity, gas and oil continually increasing year on year, making an ever bigger dent on our already heavily burdened income, where will it end? Oil and gas supplies will ultimately become scarcer and more expensive, nuclear has its obvious drawbacks and wind turbines are not the country’s energy cure all. Questions have to be asked about what we are going to do and how are we going to do it? Is Solar Electricity (Solar PV) really a valid cost effective option and does it really work here in Cumbria? The concept is not just how money can be saved in energy bills but how income can actually be generated by homes and businesses, in the production and the selling back of solar energy onto the grid. Some of you will be familiar with ‘feed-in-tariff’. A click on to www.love-solar.co.uk will tell you all you need to know. Love Solar Ltd is an innovative and exciting local business, sourcing the best in solar energy products and components from around the world, but manufacturing their own bespoke mounting systems specially designed for Cumbrian slate roofs and installing them here in the Eden Valley and Cumbria. Love solar Ltd is a Cumbrian based solar PV design and Installation Company with over 8 years experience in the solar PV industry. Love Solar Ltd is fully MCS certificated and offers a professional, friendly and highly competitive PV design and installation service to schools, local authorities, communities, commercial, farm and domestic customers. The Love Solar team have successfully installed over 50 solar PV systems in the Eden Valley and Cumbria since they formed in April 2010 and they have an impressive customer base of teachers, doctors, farmers, retirees and professionals who can’t seem

to sing Love Solar’s praises loudly enough. With the introduction of the feedin-tariff in 2010, last year the installation of solar PV on your roof or on your land became the best and most secure form of investment around, and it still is today. When savings in the bank only get you 1-2%interest per annum (and even that’s not guaranteed), solar PV feed-in-tariffs (FITS) guarantee you a 10% -12% annual return on your investment, guaranteed for 25 years. Don’t forget you are not only getting the best investment deal around, but you really are doing your bit for the environment, by using your very own home produced solar energy. For every KWh (Unit) that you generate, you will save up to 0.5kg of Co2 from conventional energy sources such as oil and gas and that adds up!

So does solar PV REALLY work it Cumbria? With access to PV installations within the Eden Valley, Love Solar has real time data gathered over the last 6 years. The figures show impressively, year on year that the PV systems here in Cumbria meet and often beat the national average of 850KWh per year! Why is this so? The reason is that Eden Valley is within 2 rain info@edenlocal.co.uk

shadows, the Pennines on the East and the Lake District on the West. The Eden Valley is relatively dry with a surprisingly large amount of sunshine and things can only get better. With Love Solar using the state of the art PV technology and inverters that maximises and utilises whatever daylight is available, outputs and earnings are destined to keep on increasing. I’m even assured that they work very well with a dusting of snow! In brief, a domestic sized solar PV system on your roof or on your land, will allow you to

Get rid of your annual electricity bills forever •Receive a 10-12%+ annual return on your investment •Pay for your system in 8-10 years •Earn 43.3p for every unit generated, index linked tax free and guaranteed for 25 years •Save 0.5kg of Co2 entering the environment for every unit generated •Earn over £1600 a year in payments and save over £250 Next month we will be following up with more about Love Solar and some very exciting projects and developments that we are working on.


phone: 07881 530085


Eden Volunteers needed for a special transmission 12 • EdenLocal

First of all a huge thankyou to everyone who has contacted us so far regarding helping out at Eden FM, there’s no way we could operate a community radio station without you, and don’t worry if you haven’t contacted us yet – there’s still time! On the evening of Tuesday 22nd March we met with some of those interested in helping with the venture which we aim to have on air towards the end of November (subject to OFCOM’s approval). The location was the Cumbria Mini Centre on Ullswater Road in Penrith, which will be home to our studios and office in the very near future. Lee Quinn & I introduced ourselves and defined our roles in the project and then everyone else presented themselves, what their interests were and how they’d like to be involved in Eden FM. Lee, the brains behind Eden Local and Eden FM explained how community radio operates, how it is funded and the benefits to a local district such as Penrith. He registered our intentions to be considered as an area for licensing with Ofcom in June last year and we have now completed our application for an RSL (Restricted Service Licence) in November / December this year. Our intention is to broadcast full time on an FM frequency for 4 weeks (the term allowed on such a licence) and then continue broadcasting via the internet (and probably several subsequent RSL licences) until Ofcom hopefully award us a full time


phone: 07881 530085


community licence. We’d like to think this will take no longer than 2 years, however this isn’t 100% guaranteed. At present the studios are still an empty room but nevertheless Lee gave everyone the guided tour of our premises. It was very like looking around a house when you are house hunting and having to think in your mind where your furniture will go – it certainly required some imagination! Our aim is to have both studios ready by at least October so that presenters have plenty of time to familiarise themselves with all the equipment and can have plenty of practice sessions ahead of going on air. On the topic of presenters we are still looking for local people to take on presenting roles amongst other things. Maybe you are a budding presenter or maybe you just fancy the opportunity of talking on the radio about the music you are really passionate about. You don’t need to have any experience, just a willingness to learn and some enthusiasm. Community radio is, as the name suggests all about getting the community involved – so whether you fancy being a presenter, have engineering experience or would just like the opportunity to help us out answering the phone contacts me via bekah@edenfm.co.uk or bekah@edenlocal.co.uk


EdenLocal • 13






68 86454 5


7 01

ria minicentr



Your Specialist Used Mini Centre 57, Mini Cooper D, 1.6, Sparking Silver, Manual, 87k.....................£9995 07, Mini One, 1.4, Chilli Red, Manual, 38k......................................£9995 07, Mini Cooper D, 1.6, Pure Silver, Manual, 65k.........................£10495 07, Mini Cooper D, 1.6, Pepper White, Manual, 48k......................£10995 56, Mini Cooper, 1.6, Astro Black, Manual, 47k................................£9995 55, Mini One Convertible, 1.6, Chilli Red, Manual, 43k....................£9495 55, Mini Cooper, 1.6, British Racing Green, Manual, 60k.................£8495 55, Mini One, 1.6, Liquid Yellow , Manual, 38k.................................£7995 04, Mini One, 1.6, Chilli Red, Manual, 55k.........................................SOLD 04, Mini Cooper, 1.6, Electric Blue , Manual, 62k...........................£7995 03, Mini One, 1.6, Indi Blue, Manual, 60k......................................£6495 52, Mini Cooper S, Dark Silver, Manual, 84k..................................£6495 51, Mini Cooper, 1.6, Chilli Red, Manual, 89k...................................£5495 OTHER VEHICLES 05, Peugeot 206, 1.6 HDi GTi, Moonstone Blue, 27k.....................£6495 54, Citroen C4, 1.6 VTR+, Metallic Red, 80k....................................£3695 00 W, Citroen Saxo, 1.6 VTR, 3-door, Topaz Gold, 71k...............£1995 01, Swift Challenger 530 SE, 4-berth caravan....................................SOLD 97 P, Ford Transit auto sleeper, 2.5TD auto, Flair, 2-berth camper van, 44k............................................................................£14,995

Part exchange welcome, Finance available subject to terms

01768 864545


Opening Hours - Mon- Fri 8.30am-5.30pm, Sat 8.30am-12.30pm info@edenlocal.co.uk


phone: 07881 530085


An application of a life time Eden 14 • EdenLocal

the goal is your Community Radio Station Building on the update from Bekah, since the launch of the campaign for Penrith and the surrounding areas to have its own community radio, which was combined with the launch of the magazine in November 2010, interest has grown. In this time, the landscape of local radio has changed, especially when it emerged recently that the BBC is considering scrapping all but breakfast and teatime shows on local radio, filling the gaps with Radio 5 live. Within a month of the BBC announcement on 1st April 2011, Ofcom announced that it was starting the third round of community radio licensing for the UK. In simple terms, it posted on its website the guidance on timetable, frequency availability and application procedures. This meant that Eden FM should, if it is in a position to, be applying for a full time licence in region 4, which is North East England and Cumbria, which also has confirmed frequency availability. The strategy of launching a campaign for a community radio is dependent upon the winning post. Reflecting on my past experience of a successful campaign and a successful community licence application, my first thoughts weren’t so much that I need to get my skates on, but that I need a faster pair of skates! If Ofcom are on course with their applications in regions 1 to 3, the applications for region 4 will be invited from the second half of 2012. What does this mean? Eden FM would then have 12 weeks to submit a completed application. The standard form, which you can view by following this link http://licensing. ofcom.org.uk/radio-broadcast-licensing/communityradio/apply-for-licence/ is a 31 page document, with 9,455 words in 28 parts. The last one I completed with a team after a lot of hard work and late nights, ended up as 83 pages and 24,935 words! It’s a serious business, a business that requires a committed team, many of which will have experience and many won’t. Before the application is printed off for a full time licence, Eden FM has to test itself and prove it can run at least one or two short-term transmissions. It needs to raise money, needs to buy equipment and this campaign has already started. Fig 1 is the vehicle needed to be seen 365 days in the intended broadcast area. With a 9 meter telescopic mast, this ex-BBC vehicle will be key to the radio station for transmitting live broadcasts. It takes 7 to 9 computers, the software and hardware the same as any professional radio station. EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085


If you want to help, be a sponsor or advertiser or if you want to be a presenter, please drop me a line at lee@edenfm.co.uk Alternatively, you can write to me at the following address. Lee Quinn, Chairman Eden FM Ltd, Eden FM Studios, Cumbria Mini Centre, Ullswater Road, Penrith CA11 7EH It’s your local voice, on your local radio. Be a part of it and share in the ultimate community communication project of the future, Eden FM.


EdenLocal • 15

ar d n e l Ca rls Gi erland Live

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ays open and so do our windows

Make the most of your home and explore what Eden Valley Windows, Doors, Conservatories, Kitchens and Bedrooms can do to help you. Eden valley property owners have recognised for over 25 years that as a leading double glazing installer and repair company we work closely we our customers to make sure they get exactly what they need, within their

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Eden Esta

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ate Agents

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BANK HOLIDAY MADNESS Cumbria Employment Solicitors

The drag from New Year’s Day to the May Bank Holidays is over and some of us have had an extra day off this year for the Royal Wedding. I see many clients with holiday pay problems and set out below two common issues. Michael Bauer

Jan – Bank Holidays

Holiday and Sickness

Jan is annoyed because her boss refused to give her an extra day off for the Royal Wedding. Jan’s basic is 40 hours per week over 5 days but with overtime on Saturdays she averages 45 hours per week. With her overtime she earns £450 per week but when she is on holiday she only gets her basic pay of £400. She receives the minimum statutory amount of holiday. She is also upset that although with overtime she works a 6 day week, she only gets 28 days’ holiday, the same as her colleagues who work 5 days.

Holiday and sickness also causes problems. Even if you are on long-term sick you continue to earn your 5.6 weeks’ statutory holiday and can request to take and be paid it (at your usual rates) whilst off work. If your absence means that you will not be able to take all your statutory holidays in the holiday year then you should make a holiday request and take your holidays rather than risk losing them.

An employer must give staff a minimum of 5.6 weeks’ holiday per year. This can include Bank Holidays. So Jan is not due the extra day off for the Royal Wedding. Her holiday has been correctly calculated on her basic 5 day week and the extra Saturday does not count. The same is true for her holiday pay. She only need be paid her £400 basic when she is off. An employer can offer more than the minimum holiday. If your contract says that Bank Holidays are paid as well as your set holidays then you should have had an extra day off this year for the Royal Wedding and will get another extra day next year (5 June 2012) to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

If a period of sickness coincides with a holiday then you can take the time-off as sickness absence and request that you be “reimbursed” your holiday. We offer competitively priced specialist employment advice to employers and employees. We are happy to give free initial advice in the form of a preliminary assessment of the issue.

Please contact us in complete confidence on

017684 84938 or via


People, business and organisational development www.perennialprocess.co.uk EdenLocal

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2011 Tours & Short Breaks May 9th (5 days) Scottish Highlands & The Isle of Mull, DB + B


May 23 (5 days) Snowdonia & the Panoramic Welsh Mountains DB + B



June 6

(8 days) Spectacular Somerset - Weston-Super-Mare DB + B


June 20th (5 days) Stratford-Upon-Avon & Shakespeare Country DB + B


June 27th (5 Days) Gems of Northumberland DB + B


July 6




(3 Days) Hampton Court Palace Flower Show B + B

July 10th (8 days) The English Riviera and Devon Delights DB + B


July 30th (8 days) Llandudno Summer Fair DB + B


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Last month, I was fortunate to be invited into the practice at Carleton to commence on a series of stories that cover behind the scenes and in the community with Frame, Swift and Partners. The practice has always looked to be busy most days during this last month, just like the previous month when I visited. There are the routine operations, the challenging cases that require life saving urgency and then in the middle of all this, lambing arrived. In February and March, there were a few ewes being driven into the practice. Mainly prolapse cases that were swiftly taken care of, which one would hope lead to less complicated lambing. I couldn’t help noticing that in April, with all the normal everyday work, the partners are obviously out in the field more, but despite this, all the routines, by some miracle just carry on. It’s a strange thought, but when you walk into reception and it seems so quiet, behind those doors, it is such a different world that we don’t know about.

Fig. 1 I suppose I’m getting used to observing the neutering, dental work and tissue samples being taken. During my last visit, I observed a classic symptom of this time of year. A tick was being removed from a dog’s head, just above its eye. But then on that same day, you see something which is really quite amazing - the latter stages of the rebuilding of a dog’s shoulder to save a dog’s leg. Here is a story that, with the owners consent I can share with you of


• Small Animals • Farm Animals • Equine • Full Hospitalisation Facilities • 24 hour Emergency • Car Parking Open 8-30am to 6-30pm weekdays Saturday, 9am to 1pm Consultations by appointment Carleton, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 8TZ

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Fig. 3



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Fig. 2 another complicated procedure. It’s the story of Dorian, the one year old male, neutered cat, who lives on a farm. Yes it’s possible that it might be a story you never come across again. It was noticed by his owners, that his hind right leg was lame. It was at the beginning of March that he was taken into the practice. He was examined by vet, Alex Kirby, who suspected a fractured tibia just above his hock joint. Fig 1 X-Ray image, taken with the new digital radiography system, confirmed Alex’s suspicions.

EdenLocal • 23

Dorian was operated on by Alex and vet Jess Gillon and his fracture was repaired using a new generation fixator kit. Dorian probably didn’t know that he was the first animal to ever have this treatment with the new equipment, which as you can see from Fig 2 and in his pose for the camera in Fig 3 before going home, he is now well on the mend. To round off my month’s report for Frame, Swift and Partners, I sat down and discussed with Jess the final parts of this month’s article. Last month, we featured National Pet Month and we presented some top tips. In my closing statement, I mentioned that I would be looking at the links between the practice and Eden Animal Rescue. I did visit the centre in March to get an idea of what John Edmondson, Centre Manager and his team do and I was taken around the centre by Tricia Graham, Animal Administrator and former founder of Eden Animal Rescue. Going back to my conversation with Jess, it’s clear that there are a number links, professional and charitable that have become a working partnership for many years, which go back to the beginning when Eden Animal Rescue first set up back in 1995. Vet Sam Mauchlen, is the regular professional link who generally visits the Eden Animal Rescue centre in Hardendale, near Shap, roughly every third week. Vaccinations, examinations and administering treatment that can be provided on site, the staff at the Eden Animal Rescue, due to the remoteness of its location, have been given advice in minor small animal care, which helps when the site in Hardendale cannot be reached due to the adverse weather. The bond outside of the professional relationship, has seen a number of fundraisers by the staff at the practice for Eden Animal Rescue. These include a Mont Blanc climb and marathon, which are just two of the events that have been undertaken by members of the team. This extends further with the practice open day on 26th June, well open afternoon in fact, from 2 - 4 pm. There will be a behind the scenes tour, which I would recommend and outside there will be some attractions, a bouncy castle, Slee’s ice creams, pony rides and demonstrations by the police dog section and local dog trainer Jen Cartmeland. Volunteers from Eden Animal Rescue will be running their own stalls.

Sometimes, like people, the pets don’t get the life they want. At Eden Animal Rescue, its constitutional aims are to prevent cruelty to animals, relieve the suffering and distress of all animals in need of care and attention and to arrange for the provision of good homes for them. In a year, Eden Animal Rescue can care for up to 400 cats, 150 dogs and a whole list of other furry, fluffy and prickly lodgers. It’s a lot of work for the two part-time employees there, so they rely heavily on volunteers in a number of ways, which include fundraising, caring for the animals, helping in the shop, manning the office, helping with the admin and helping with the maintenance or donations of materials for the ongoing projects. Sometimes the list is longer than the volunteers, but the animals always come first and from my visit, if they could talk, I’m pretty sure they would agree.

Eden Animal Rescue will also appreciate it as well. Please show your support and go and have a look on Sunday 29th May from 2pm until 4pm as its Hardendale Open Day. As already mentioned, it’s the Frame, Swift and Partners event on 26th June from 2pm to 4pm. There are more events planned later in the year. For details of these, log on to www.edenanimalrescue.org. uk

I believe people need pets and pets need people. Some of the unwanted pets will need convincing, however, but out there is someone for them. Meanwhile, what can you do to help? It’s not all about money, but this does purchase what the animals need until a home is found. Many charities and Eden Animal Rescue isn’t excluded from this, have seen a downturn in sponsorship, donations and sources of funding. Please look at the website, call them or email them. I’m sure that whatever you can do will be much appreciated and I’m sure the staff at info@edenlocal.co.uk


The month of June is ‘National Microchipping’ month, which has nothing to do with microwaves or chips, but we will be looking at the importance of the latest generation of biothermal microchips. To celebrate this, Frame, Swift and Partners are offering a 40% discount on the cost of chipping throughout June. They should have enough chips to go around, but it’s probably best to phone and make an appointment. Between now and then, as previously mentioned, I will be catching up with Sergeant Mark Yielded of the Police dog section based at Carleton, Penrith. phone: 07881 530085


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September 15th, 16th, 17th & 18th 2011 “Meet some of the committee “ For the “World Sheep Dog Trials, Food & Country Festival” to be a success, requires a dedicated committee of people to organize this fantastic event. The committee is made up of twelve members, ranging from the local area down to Lancaster and even as far as Derbyshire. We are extremely lucky that everyone involved is keen for this event to boost the local economy and show off this beautiful County in all its glory. Not only is there a great deal of work involved in planning the site, the sheep at Lowther Park Farms need to be put through their paces also. When the lambs are weaned off their mothers, the ewes are given a couple of weeks rest before preparation really starts.

John Harrison admiring some of Lowther’s flock of mules. These sheep will play a huge role in the World Sheep Dog Trials in September

Months leading up to the event the sheep at Lowther Park Farms are given a full M.O.T. This involves, trimming of feet, drenching and worming. There are more than 1000 sheep involved with the trials, so there is a great deal of work involved with preparing them for the competition a head. The sheep also take part in a little training, by working sensibly with both the shepherds at Lowther to ensure they are ready to be put through their paces by various dogs and competitors from different nationalities. This is


phone: 07881 530085


Clare Savins - Organising Secretary Peter Horn - Shepherd Richard Price - Farm Manager of Lowther Estate


EdenLocal • 25

to make sure all sheep have a certain amount of respect for the dogs entered in the competition. A couple of weeks before the event commences, the sheep are quietly moved closer to the main trials field and split into various groups. This means the sheep conserve their energy, so they don’t have so far to go for the starting point. The release pen is where the competition starts; this is where the sheep congregate before being let out for each competitor. John Palmer, one of the committee members organizes the rotation of various volunteer’s, sometimes keen sheep dog handlers themselves. These groups of people are vitally important to ensure the smooth running and time in moving the sheep into their correct position on the field.

John Palmer - Trials Co-Ordinator Carol Palmer - Committee Member

Pictured on the opposite page are just a few of our dedicated committee members, the rest will be featured in the next addition of the magazine. Could I take this opportunity to reiterate to all local business’s, that if you would like to be involved in any which way, whether it’s sponsorship, trade space, gifts for the competitors goody bags we would really love to hear from you. Accommodation is still filling up within the local area, so we urge anyone that currently has a free holiday cottages, B&B or Hotel space to let us know. Don’t forget each evening of the event there will food and entertainment for all to attend. Entertainment details will follow shortly or keep an eye on the website.

John Harrison - Head Shepherd Peter Horn - Shepherd.

www.worldsheepdogtrials.org We hope you put this fantastic event in your Diaries and we look forward to seeing you there. Clare Savins (Organizing Secretary) clares09@btinternet.com

www.edenlocal.co.uk phone: Park 07881Farms 530085flock Edenof Local John andinfo@edenlocal.co.uk Peter working just a few of the Lowther mules.

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Animal Rescue Cumbria Welcome to all new readers of Eden Local. The Wainwright Society was formed in November 2002, exactly fifty years after Alfred Wainwright penned the first page of The Eastern Fells, which was Book One in his remarkable Pictorial Guides to the Lake District fells. The primary aims of the Society are to keep alive the fellwalking traditions promoted by Alfred Wainwright through his guidebooks and other publications and to keep faith with Wainwright’s vision of introducing a wider audience to fellwalking and caring for the hills. Wainwright’s had a love and admiration for animals, which stemmed from his solitary walking on the hills of northern England. In Book Seven of the series, The Western Fells, he told his readers, ‘These have been the best years for me, the golden years. … But, unexpectedly, it has been a profitable venture for me in terms of money, bringing me a small fortune, … Every true fellwalker develops a liking and compassion for birds and animals … and it seems to me appropriate that this windfall should be used to provide a refuge in Lakeland where ailing and distressed creatures can be brought for care and attention. I thought you would like to know this. You have provided the bricks.’ Wainwright’s dream was not realised for nearly twenty years, when, having become closely involved with a local animal charity, Animal Rescue, Cumbria, the royalties from sales of his books and sketches, together with the sale of the copyright enabled Wainwright, in 1984, to fund the purchase of a 4 1/2 acre property at Grayrigg, near Kendal. This place became the headquarters of Animal Rescue, Cumbria and was named Kapellan, meaning ‘bright place’. It is a place where unwanted animals, mainly cats and dogs, can find refuge until they can be re-homed. In 2008, the Chairman of The Wainwright Society, Eric Robson, was invited to open the new cattery.

Alfred Wainwright, photograph by Derry Brabbs

Kapellan is a fitting tribute to Alfred Wainwright and in his memory, the Charity became known as ‘Animal Rescue Cumbria - The Wainwright Shelter’, as the funding of the kennels and cattery was a direct result of the proceeds of his books and TV programmes. Further information about the Animal Rescue, Cumbria can be found at their website: www.animalrescuecumbria.co.uk If you would like to know more about The Wainwright Society, log on to the website at www.wainwright.org.uk or email publicity@wainwright.org.uk.

Cumbria Employment Solicitors Expert advice at an affordable price

• Specialist, high quality employment law advice for employees and employers • Extremely competitive rates • Free initial advice/assessment • Face to face service from a solicitor local to you

For a free initial assessment contact us on 017684 84938 or via our website at www.cumbriaemploymentsolicitors.co.uk EdenLocal

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Langdale Pikes By Nick Wells

The Langdale Pikes were our target today, The weather was sunny and we were really looking forward to it. As we entered the Langdale valley we could see the fortress - like range of pikes standing out like a mini mountain range. We parked in the New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel car park and started up Stickle Ghyll, a steep path which leads to Stickle Tarn at about 1900ft up. This was far enough for the ill equipped tourist. Pavy Ark and Harrison Stickle were Guarding the Tarn, and Amy said we should take lunch on the former. We made our way round the tarn while the

dogs took a refreshing dip in the water, and scrambled up the side of the Ark to the summit which sits 400 ft above the tarn. To our right was Harrison Stickle, so after lunch we headed over to the pike which is the highest of the pikes of about 2500ft. Looking across Harrison Combe, there it was, the distinctive cone of Pike Of Stickle. Both Amy and I have been looking at it from the fells around Keswick for some time now, wondering which pike it was. Standing on the summit at 2300ft, we looked across the langdale valley planning our future walks. Crinkle Crags and

Bowfell next time we thought. After Pike of Stickle, it was a short walk to Loft Crag ( 2200ft ) before we descended through Dungeon Ghyll passing its force and back down to the car park. The walk was about six miles in all, and took us five hours.

Email: nick@edenlocal.co.uk

“Heading out to enjoy the Great Outdoors?” Call in for some friendly local advice Good Selection of

WET WEATHER CLOTHING, RUCKSACKS, SLEEPING BAGS, TENTS, FOOTWEAR, LOCAL WALKS, MAPS, BASE LAYERS, FLEECE JACKETS AND TOPS, WALKING POLES, CLIMBING GEAR, CAMPING EQUIPMENT & much more “Everything you’ll need for a Great Day Out” 37 Middlegate, Penrith, CA11 7PT Tel: 01768 891383 Mon-Thurs 9.30-5.30 Fri-Sat 9.00-5.30 Shop online at www.penrithoutdoorpursuits.com info@edenlocal.co.uk


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How does one start climbing?

When I started climbing in the 1960’s Shepherds Crag in Borrowdale was the place. Starting with Brown Slabs one developed skills not only at climbing but also placing protection on crags to safeguard one’s ascent (Trad Routes) - this was before routes with in situ bolts (Sports Routes) had been established. Rock climbing on crags was the initial objective which often developed into mountaineering and ice climbing. Since then the development of climbing walls has now given a new starting point where climbing skills can be developed in a safe environment, with bolt protection. For many this is as far as it goes

especially now with many climbing walls around the country to visit. Many bolt protected routes have however been established on crags around the country and many climbers make the step outdoors onto these crags such as Giggleswick Scar and Foredale Quarry in Yorkshire and overseas on sun kissed crags around the Mediterranean. I enjoy clipping bolts with that feeling of safety however I also enjoy climbing a “Trad Route” where one must place one’s own protection (and remove it afterwards) leaving to route as you found it. This protection includes all sorts of devices such as nuts and cams which are inserted into crack or slings hung on spikes and then clipped to ones rope for safety. Often the step to Trad Climbing is daunting – there are no bolts to clip, these nuts and cams etc are often difficult to place and the brain is giving off negative vibes. Drop the grade at which one climbs from that used on a climbing wall and gain confidence in placing gear and then move back up the grades again – easy !! - well to a point ! It is very useful and much safer to start climbing with someone with experience – be that an instructor at the climbing wall; through school; with a climbing pal; through a centre such as Outward Bound or with the help of a local climbing club. You need to master the basics such as tying onto the


phone: 07881 530085



rope with the right knot – how to belay (control the rope) whilst someone else is climbing – follow the right commands to ensure that no one misinterpret what the other is doing – how to clip the bolts etc . When climbing Trad Routes it is especially important to have help and learn about rope techniques and about placing gear for protection. This all seems complicated but well worth going through to provide a safe base to work on and develop for the future. If you are taking children to be taught by an instructor at say a climbing wall have a think if you fancy having a go yourself - not only could you get into a new world but also be able to enjoy the delights of climbing with the children - until they start to burn you off !

What about the cost ? At a

climbing wall one would need climbing shoes (£30 – 90); a harness (£50 – 80); Belay system (£20 – 50); Chalk and chalk bag (not essential – or so you think) (£15) and Rope (use your pals or instructor) (£100+). Going outside there is the miscellany of gear which can add up to £500+ though this can be shared and built up over time. Interest in any sport or activity has to starts somewhere – and can lead to a lifetime’s obsession or just interest - and climbing can grab that interest.

EdenLocal • 29

“The Good Life” is just around the corner I relocated to Cumbria almost 11 years ago now, partly to be closer to my family who live near Appleby but I also had aspirations to lead a simpler, stress free life with no financial burdens. I hear you laughing at such a dream, and you’d be right. So far it hasn’t really happened - however things are slowly starting turn a corner. My partner Mike and I acquired a walled garden last year in which we plan to grow most of our own crops. Mike is a trained horticulturalist and has previously undertaken gardening phone in’s for Radio Cumbria as well as looking after several high profile gardens in the region during his career. We dabbled with growing crops last year, but due to bad weather for most of the summer and a complete lack of time and organisation struggled against the weeds. It would be fair to say that Mike did about 95% of the work and it was thanks to him that we had potatoes, rocket, spinach, radishes, beetroot, garlic, carrots and a huge supply of onions that we are still eating now. So far we (and I do mean we) have rotervated the soil, planted some fruit trees and planned the crops we would like to grow this year some of which we have started off in the poly tunnel. We have also allocated a small area of the garden for the children so that they can hopefully enjoy the experience of planting their own crops and seeing them grow. Whatever the size of your garden there are crops you can grow. A huge variety can be grown in pots and containers, perfect if you have very little room and are just starting out, and there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of eating something you have grown yourself. ..... And it’s good for you! I met Mike almost 3 years ago and we are very happy together, however contentment equals weight gain (nearly 2 stone in fact!) I am reliably informed that half an hour in the garden is as good for you as a work out in the gym, so as well as enjoying home grown

produce this summer I also hope to have a body like Elle Macpherson.

Jobs for May Growing in Cumbria can be tricky, always try to ensure you buy plants and starter crops that have been grown from seed in the area; they are more likely to be successful as they have acclimatised to the harsh weather we can experience in our region. You’ll still have to be on your guard to cover tender crops that will be vulnerable to any late frosts or persistent cold winds though.

frosts. You can cover them over with a fleece and also cover the foliage when earthing up.

Early May Sowing


Now is the time to sow Marrows, Pumpkins, Courgettes, Squashes and sweet corn but they must be kept in a frost free environment until later in the month or even the beginning of June when the risk of frost has gone. Mike was always told by time served gardeners that 7th June was the day when risk of frosts had gone.

Any newly planted fruit will benefit from having this year’s blossom removed to help them establish a good root system before the demanding task of producing a crop.

Any seeds that were sown earlier in the year will need thinning out, do this while they are still quite small to lessen the disturbance to the surrounding plants. Again keep under cover until the risk of frost and cold winds are over. As the plants become large enough plant greenhouse crops such as cucumbers, chillies, peppers and tomatoes in their final growing position. Although there are some tomatoes which have been bred for outdoor growing, Cumbrian weather hinders a successful crop, so only worthwhile if you have a very sheltered sunny position for them.

Weeds & Pests

As already mentioned the nights in May can still be chilly so where possible try to water in the mornings, so the plants are not sat in wet compost during the colder night time. Potatoes should already be planted and most should be poking their heads through the ground. However they can be susceptible to late info@edenlocal.co.uk

I’m not a fan of gooseberries however if you have them in your garden you need to thin them out to produce larger sweeter fruits.

Hoe the young weed seedlings off, before they have any time to establish; it’s much easier than when they have got their roots deep down. A sunny day with a breeze is best for hoeing as combination of sun and wind kills the seedlings. Aphids, Slugs and Snails will all be out in force from now. There is no sure fire way of stopping all pest damage, but spotting the problem early and stopping the pests getting to plague proportions is crucial. Welcome small garden birds as the blue tits will eat aphids, the blackbirds will feast on slugs and snails. Email your gardening questions to bekah@edenlocal.co.uk (and I’ll get Mike to answer them!) Next month growing your own – Jobs for June.


phone: 07881 530085


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First Driving Lesson FREE! Make sure your driving gets the best possible start with - CARLETON DRIVING SCHOOL To arrange a free lesson call or text Bert on

07715 177611 or 01768 864034

www.carletondrivingschool.co.uk Bert is a Grade 6 Instructor and is in the top 7% of Driving Instructors Nationally EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085



EdenLocal • 31

Nutkins Nursery will soon open all-year-round We are delighted to announce that the decision has been taken to extend the opening times of Nutkins Nursery. From July, 2011, it will be open throughout the year, providing outstanding care and education from Monday to Friday, on all days except Bank Holidays. Facilities are outstanding; parking and access could not be more straightforward –the town, the A66 and the M6 are all less than 5 minutes away. Groups are small and led by qualified and experienced staff, who make full use of the excellent outdoor and indoor facilities, including school hall, playing field, playground, covered outdoor play area, wildlife area, computer suite and much more. Do come and have a look round, to see how Nutkins can provide flexible year-round support for you and your child at very competitive rates.

01768 891291 www.hunterhall.co.uk office@hunterhall.cumbria.sch.uk

Don’t get stitched up with your Embroidery We cater for small and volume embroidery that will cover all your needs. Its your name, your logo, your design, with our quality, experience and service.

Log on to see our new on line catalogue www.samscottsuk.co.uk

Sam Scotts 14 Little Dockray, Penrith cumbria CA11 7HL 01768 866961 www.samscottsuk.co.uk info@edenlocal.co.uk


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Poignant and hilarious acting performances Emma Davies, year 11

For a lot of pupils at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, the activity doesn’t stop at home time, and the library is still a hive of industry long after most people have gone. Two hours of hilarity, excitement, poignancy and uncontainable energy awaited the audience at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School’s recent year 11 Drama shows. 25 budding thespians treated their friends and families to an unmissable and greatly enjoyable evening of four performance pieces which the students had devised for their GCSE Theatre Studies exams. Four different groups consisting of around six students each staged 30 minute plays, which were devised by the students themselves and loosely based around the theme of Dreams and Reality. The plays were at once contrasting yet interlinked, as the youngsters interpreted the given stimulus in very different ways whilst still using very similar material on which to base their performances. The audience were astounded by the sheer quality of the acting and whilst they were crying with laughter at times, the dramatic pieces also contained tragic elements which

were performed in a touching and moving manner. The actors themselves also clearly enjoyed the experience. Hannah Johnson, aged 15, said that “the adrenaline kick you get out of performing is just incredible, and the feeling of working in a team is unbeatable.” Similarly, 16-yearold Steve Harrison described the build up to the event as “stressful

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but extremely rewarding. It has inspired me to pursue a career in acting.” Overall, I was extremely uplifted to see these bright young people working hard and enjoying themselves so much. The quality of the performances was astounding, and I was impressed by the attitude and talent of everyone involved. Well done.

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CRICKET AND MUCH, MUCH MORE… With the cricket season less than three weeks away as I write this, there is an optimistic feeling around Penrith Cricket, Sports and Social Club both on and off the field. Anyone who has walked past the ground in Wetheriggs Lane must have been impressed with the look of the ground – square, outfield and surrounds immaculate.The efforts of the ground staff throughout the winter have been well rewarded.With Cricket Force day 2011 still to come when many of the outstanding jobs will be completed things can only get better still. A one day minor counties match – Cumberland against Staffordshire – takes place at Tynefield Park on Sunday 15th May when the club and its facilities will be in the spotlight. I am sure that the two teams and their supporters cannot fail to be impressed by what the club has to offer. The 1st and 2nd teams will both be looking for a good start and to win their respective leagues – the North Lancashire Premier Divison and North Lancashire Division 2 when the campaign gets underway, as well as hoping for success in the cup competitions.Both teams have been strengthened by the arrival of new players at the Club and 1st team Captain Nicky Burns and 2nd team Captain Darren Richardson will be looking forward, with cautious optimism to the season getting underway. The 3rd, 4th and 5th teams will once again be playing in the Eden Valley

League.All three teams have new captains and vice captains at the helm who will all be keen for their teams to do well and be challenging for honours at the end of the season. The junior teams’ season gets underway at the end of April and as usual we look forward to a successful season with young players enjoying the game of cricket and playing to win but also learning to play the game in a sporting and fair way. For the first time ever at Penrith we will have a junior girls team playing competitive league fixtures.The girls have been working very hard on their skills ver the winter months and as a result have improved tremendously. They have had a victory in a warm up game and things are looking good for them – good luck girls!!Additionally a women’s team will practice at the club and play a number of friendly

matches throughout the summer. Off the field there are social events planned starting with Wine and Ceese Tasting on Friday 13th May hosted by The Wine House of Penrith and Winter Tarn Organic Farm Cheeses.Visit www.penrithcc.co.uk for more details. There will also be a BBQ on Saturday 4th June when those attending will be able to enjoy some good food whilst watching the finale of the 1st team game against Keswick. A black tie Casino Night is in the planning stage and will be taking place on Saturday 17th September. Everyone is welcome at these events or just as spectators at matches – come on down to the club and give it a go.

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And Finally...... It’s another Eden Local complete! As ever, it’s hard to predict next month, but this month we have achieved our distribution of over 15,000 to residents and businesses in the area. On or around the 23rd of this month, we will be distributing the new Eating Out in Eden Guide to collection points across Eden for the summer visitors. This is the first of our supplements, but it does give Eden Local a distribution of over 25,000 making it probably the largest free community magazine in the area and due to the bank holidays and the June distribution starting at the end of May, this is potentially over 30,000 for May.

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If you would like to advertise in Eden Local, please email me lee@ edenlocal.co.uk. Affordable to most, we do have advertising that starts from around £25 for small box adverts in the classified section that we are building, subject to interest and a quarter page advert starts from around £67 per month. Could you design, print and get your business advertised and posted through over 15,000 doors for that price? My thanks to the team, Chris in design, the team at H & H Reeds, the growing team on board here at Eden Local and a special thank you to the local postie. Where would we be without them come rain or shine? Please drop me a line or give me a call if you would like to join the team, either by contributing to a report in a specialist area, or assisting with the launch of the publication into other areas.

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Refueling over Chris tmas? Ullswater Road For Open till 10pm Xmas

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6 & 7)

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Next month, the Eden Local first print run will appear in shops and high-footfall areas from around the earlier time of 26th May and on the website from around 27th. It will be coming through your doors from 31st May to 4th June.


Issue Three

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6,000 doors

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The locally sourc ed network Story Giants Seasonal Spring Windows, Doors Prep for NationalTips for selling your home , Conservatories Kitchens and Bedro 30 minutes with Pet Month oms the Mallet Issue Six Distrib uted to Homes & Busine

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6th April 2011

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A lighter way to shop – Starfruits Let’s Plough – it’s The application of the new season Winning numbers your life time Eating Out in EdenPride in Penrith Lottery Issue Seven Distrib uted to Homes

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Eating Out in Eden

Eating Out in Eden & visitor information

& visitor information booklet


You have just arrived in Eden. You are on holiday, on business or it might be both. It could be that you are looking at the future and plan to relocate. You check into your accommodation, pitch your tent, unhook your caravan, turn the key to your self catering accomodation, or park up your motor home. What comes next? Explore, unpack, eat, or do you pick up the most up to date Eating out in Eden and information booklet? Proposed contents: • Directory of eat in or take away food options - cafes, restaurants, pubs, takeaways, bakeries etc • Places to purchase food for self-catering FREE • List of Summer seasonal events in Eden • Moving to Eden article- Local estate agents Eden Local Summer Supp lement Issue One distr ibution 10,000 • Moved to Eden article - The experience • Shopping in Penrith - Double page feature containing shop information • Shopping in Eden - Villages, specialist shops etc • Supporting the local economy – Farm shops - specialist • Buy on line when you go home - Buy it today or buy online gift and seasonal ideas 365 days of the year • Things to do come rain or shine - Indoor and outdoor activities • Local help ie pets on holiday, dentist, doctors, garages etc - A feature on tips about pets on holiday by local vet • Centre page map linked with numbered advert /details in the guide - courtesy of Eden District Tourism • Minimum pages will be 30, maximum pages up to 60 for this trial and subject to local support Distribution across the Eden Valley via outlets whic h! include, garages, visitor attractions, bus stations, railway stations, taxi offices, B & Bs, campsites, caravan sites, self catering holiday homes, cafes, swimming pools, restaurants, pubs, takeaways, town shops, village shops, farm shops, leisure centres and tourist information sites. The magazine is a full colour A5 and you will need an A5 holder to display the free guide, unfortunately these cannot be provided. We have just over 100 businesses, that have regular or high numbers of vistors and who will be distribution outlets. If you would like the Eating Out in Eden Guide at your business premises, please email lee@ edenlocal.co.uk with your requirement. Last day of booking advertising or advertorial is 12th May for the Eden Eating Out Guide. The publication will be distributed on 23rd and 24th May to all distribution outlets for the summer, starting with a 10,000 print.



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