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Skelton Show 2nd July Peter Sidwell mackerel Saturday I want to tell you a story - Harry King Talk the Walk - Nick Wells Going Green at Eden Valley Issue Eight Distributed to Homes & Businesses in CA11 7, 8, 9, 0 & CA10 1


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Dear Residents It’s been a strange but busy month. I would like to thank all those people, who have received Eden Local for the first time last month, for their emails, phone calls and letters of congratulations. There are a lot of positive things happening out there at the moment. I would like to say a special thank you to Bekar, who has been working around the clock on the first Eden Local supplement, Eating Out in Eden. My thanks to Chris in design, who has worked through the night again on both magazines and a lot of websites. Our work for June will be focused on the new CA Business Directory. There is more about this on page 21. I would like to welcome Harry King, who is now on board with the Eden Local and Eden FM project. If you would like to help with Eden Local, please let us know what you can do and drop me an email at lee@edenlocal.co.uk. Lots to get through, but something that I need to raise is the calls I get about pot holes, planning applications and other complaints. Eden Local Ltd is an independent family run business, which I head-up and we are based in Penrith. We are not in any way connected to Eden District Council or any other businesses, apart from assisting with business development and promotional activity. There may have been some confusion in that until April, Eden District Council used the publication to advertise and promote council events. The Council have been supportive in advertising and the tourism department have also assisted us with our Eating Out Guide, as they would assist any business in an advisory capacity. The Eden Local logo was designed to represent the colours of the mountains, fells, lakes and rivers in the area in which we distribute and are the same colours as the Cumbria county flag. So please no more council services enquiries! As promised, I said I would mention some events that are coming up. There are quite a few shows and events as it’s that time of year. We have the Skelton Show of course on 2nd July (page 24). Over at the Ullswater Yacht Club on the weekend of 2nd/ 3rd July is the Lord Birkett Trophy, which attracts over 00 competing boats. The press releases are coming in thick and fast about the Lowther Country Fair that takes place at Lowther Castle over 13th and 14th August, not to be confused with the World Sheep Dog Trials at Lowther Park from 15th to 18th September (page 22-23).

Skelton Show 2nd July Peter Sidwell mackerel Saturda I want to tell you a story - Harry y King Talk the Walk - Nick Wells Going Green at Eden Valley Issue Eight Distributed to Homes & Businesse s in CA11 7, 8, 9,

0 & CA10 1

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The weather always decides Fine Dine and Wine - The Stoneybeck Inn Taste the experience - Jeera Alu explained Save time, save waste, save money Saturday morning mackerel with Peter Sidwell Local produce, the real thing The Good Life with Bekah Keen to go green in the Valley May and June have proved to be positive months Short, shallow, long, deep and with bubbles. for businesses and the local economy. Over at The Property Gallery - Eden Estate Agents Cocklakes Farm Shop, Troutbeck, known to most as the Highgate Turkey’s site, the Rod & Reel Tea Nutkins open all year round Room is now open, which is a walk through from the Working dogs in the community Farm Shop. Over in Kirkoswald, the village shop is now open. In Penrith on Thursday 6th we have the Tips for small Employers - Michael Bauer opening of Foundry 34, which used to be Scotts Fish CA Business, the real local directory Bar and Steak House. I asked Dan Harding what the The people behind the World Sheep Dog Trials Part 2 food would be like, ‘Traditional British food with a The Skelton Show 2011 twist’ I was told. I can give you a good idea of where I’ll be on the 26th! We have a fancy dress shop at 14 Walk the Talk - Nick Wells Angel Lane, thanks to Adam Shaw, proprietor of Bon “I want to tell you a story!” - Harry King Pantalon, which is opening on 4th June. It will have Will you get the signal? - Eden FM fancy dress costumes for sale and hire, along with Ready steady cook local concert and festival tickets on sale, dancewear To you to me to UUC and shoes. On behalf of the Eden Local team, well done and good luck to all these businesses. A local appeal Winning numbers Penrith Lottery Phone: 07881 530085

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National Microchipping month 40% off chipping throughout June

Open day 2 - 4pm Sunday 26th June to fundraiser in aid of Eden Animal Rescue Pony rides, stalls, Police dog section demonstrations, bouncy castle. Behind the scenes guided tour, tips and advicef from local dog trainer Jen Cartmeland

Front Cover Photo by Lee Quinn Eden Local Notice: Eden Local prints various articles, features, and advertisements. Although these appear in Eden Local, any opinions expressed are the opinion of the author, these are not necessarily the opinion of the publisher.



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The weather always decides

De-stoning the field We are now half way through our year of covering the full farming year with the Hodgson family at Carleton Hall Farm. After the ploughing in early spring, the fields get their seasoning of FYM (farmyard manure) and artificial compound. Then the next process is the ‘destoning’, which will be followed by the planting. But before that, we had to wait for the weather! During April and early May on my dog walks along the River Eamont, the water level was so low and the strength of the river weak, that the resident heron was comfortably walking across the river and standing in areas, that a few months earlier were a few feet deeper. Anyway, the rain came and like an on call service, I got the call and grabbed the camera after lunch. Craig Hodgson had made a start that afternoon with the de-stoning. What a great bit of kit it is, pictured above. The soil is taken up with the rocks and boulders, which are then sorted, the large ones are retained and the smaller ones, still

the size of an oversized cricket ball, are redistributed into the bottom of the furrows. When the tractor comes back the other way, they get squashed back into the ground, leaving the good sieved soil ridges for planting. This is not Craig’s favourite job! When I arrived, the hammer was out on this beast of a machine, but after a minor, metal on metal persuasion, he was off again at a speed of about 5 miles an hour. De-stoning is a process that can’t be hurried. The next day, I got another call around 6.30pm. We were off planting Wilja potatoes. It was back to the field and this time, another bit of simple kit was used, but again, a great bit of kit. The seed potatoes are in a large hopper, which has two dispensers. Either side of the dispensers are ‘ridgers’ as seen in the photo opposite. As the potatoes come out of the dispensers, the ridgers cover them over in soil, job done. That’s the potatoes, but there is still a lot to get in, but then again that’s all

down to the weather. What a gamble, what a headache. Back in December and January we had the freeze. Carrots and leeks were frozen in. Now, even in May when this article is written, we still have a bit of frost around. It seems to be such a balance of hope, too much rain, not enough, well its something I hadn’t really thought about much, but I know a few weeks earlier, when someone said to me ‘weather’s great, I hope it stays like this’, I was saying ‘no, we need some rain for planting’. My wife did look at me rather strangely! Meanwhile, I’ll be picking up on the planting again next month.


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Fine Dine and Wine Evening

EdenLocal • 5

To reserve your place, call 01768 862369, places are limited. This event will run on the 2nd Thursday of every other month Thursday 14th July, Thursday 14th September and Thursday 10th November 2011 7.30pm arrival for Drinks & Canapés, dinner will be served at 8.00pm

Sample Menu of a typical fine Dine & Wine Evening

Arrival Canapés

If you enjoy food that looks like a masterpiece, that takes your taste buds to the next level and is complimented by a range of fine wines, which makes that food even more special, then it’s time you booked yourself a place at one of the Stoneybeck Inn’s Fine Dine and Wine Evenings.

Crispy Prawns in Filo Pastry Mini Cumberland Sausage with Honey Mustard Smoked Salmon & Asparagus Croistini


Terrine of Corn Fed Chicken & Local Pork homemade fig chutney & toasted brioche

Fish Course

Fillet of Young Halibut chardonnay butter sauce & roast cherry tomatoes

Main Course

Seared Local Fillet of Beef with Roast Field Mushroom rosti potato, buttered asparagus & burgundy jus


Belgian Chocolate Terrine raspberry coulis & dipped summer fruits Followed by Freshly Brewed Coffee & Mints

Is it the simple things we enjoy most, or is it that sometimes we like to venture out?

It’s an evening of relaxing with a group of people, all sharing the same passion, which is to know more about fine wine and food whilst educating your palette. After several successful evenings, the doors are now open and more dates are available to join the Stoneybeck’s head chef, David Farrar, who will prepare and serve a 6 course meal. In association with Thwaites, Ken Tinning coaches guests through the tasting and selection of specially selected wines throughout the evening

£36.50 per person Specially selected wines to accompany each course will be announced on the evening

Bowscar, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8RP t: 01768 862369 e: enquiries@thestoneybeckinn.co.uk w: www.thestoneybeckinn.co.uk info@edenlocal.co.uk


phone: 07881 530085


11a Burrowgate, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7TE tel: 01768 210020 / 01768 210050

From the chopping board to the table This month’s ‘Taste the Experience’ discovery from the chopping board to the table, was no exception to the previous dishes when I met Abu, the proprietor of Indiagate. I had no idea which dish Abu had chosen for me, but whilst we were waiting for the dish to arrive, I made the point about how many people, who would be reading this article, would like to do what I’m doing. Well, I have had a few offers, but it’s the needs of the business I’m afraid so I’m happy to carry on! On that note, have you ever sat in the Indiagate looking at menu, thinking ‘I wonder what that is like?’ or a dish flies past, heading for another table and your sense of smell goes into overdrive? Your brain’s saying to you, ‘that smells fantastic’. Do you ever find out what that dish is, or do you ever ask? You’re probably thinking it’s fine for me as I get to taste a dish every month and write about it, but what if you decided to sacrifice your hard earned cash on a dish you didn’t like? Something Abu and I agree on, is that food is about people and


phone: 07881 530085

it’s about you enjoying your food, whether this be a takeway or a relaxing evening in the restaurant. So before I unleash this week’s dish on your taste buds, here is an idea. In June, from Monday to Thursday, Abu has agreed to let you ‘Taste the Experience’. For any table of four Eden Local readers, on these days, he will give you a choice of one free dish to try from the menu as an extra dish, so that you can ‘Taste the Experience’ at Indiagate of something new. Jeera Alu – from the chopping board to the table choice for June It’s no secret that ‘Alu’ is potatoes, but what is ‘Jeera’? Bombay Alu is spicy potato, Gobi Alu is cauliflower and potato, Sag Alu is spinach and potato and Chana Alu is Chick Peas with, of course potato. These are all on the menu and all translated as I have written here. So does this mean we all know what Jeera is then? I didn’t have a clue. My task each month isn’t just to eat it, but to discover the taste, research the origin and maybe let you know something that you didn’t know. In simple terms, the dish is ‘chopped’ potato. I had it to the two chilli strength, which was not my choice, it was Abu’s, but like any dish, you can choose the strength. If you see something on the menu with three chillies next to it and you prefer for the dish not to be so spicy hot, just ask for it to be prepared to a one or two chilli strength. I know this now! The dish for me was the Ferrari version of a Bombay potato! Different yes, but I’m now converted and into the fast taste lane! So what is Jeera? It is known as black seed, onion seed or black cumin. An herbaceous plant of no relation to the common garden, its botanical



name ‘nigella sativa’ is taken from the fennel plant of the buttercup family. I can see why it’s easy to say Jeera. There is a mass of history about the black seed, which was also discovered in Tutankhamen’s tomb. The earliest written reference to black seed is found in the book of Isaiah in the old testament. Isaiah contrasts the reaping of black cumin with wheat, ‘for the black cumin is not threshed with a threshing sledge, nor is a cart wheel rolled over the cumin, but the black cumin is beaten out with a stick, and the cumin with a rod’. (Isaiah 28:25,27 nkjv). From further research, the black seed pops up with Greek physicians of the 1st century, using it to treat headaches, nasal congestion, toothache, and intestinal worms. There are many references to the black seed as being good for the immune system and many other ailments. Another reference was the Arabic approbation ‘habbatul barakah’, meaning the seed of blessing. All in a tiny black seed and when you do look at the menu and think Bombay Alu, please look again. Taste the experience as Jeera Alu is a dish as Abu explained, that isn’t ordered as much as the other ‘Alu’ dishes. I’m hoping we may have discovered why this month.


David Whipp

Have you tried a local delivery from the local greengrocer? If you haven’t, could it be that: 1 You have plenty of time on your hands? 2. You never waste any fruit and veg or feed what was quality produce to the bin or compost? 3. You never run out of ‘fresh as the day you bought it’ produce from your weekly shop? 4. You might not have grasped the idea of supporting this local business? It could be of course that you already have your preferred greengrocer or supermarket, who source where they can from farms and businesses around the area where you live. We can often get comfortable and comfortable sometimes costs more. We don’t always like change and we forget that a few minutes on the phone calling Starfruits every other day, can save us time and money and helps the local economy. The end result is that you get the best in fresh quality produce at a very good price, delivered to your home or business for free.

Tel: 01768 890255

Call now on 01768 890255. It’s a weight off your mind and off your weekly shopping! info@edenlocal.co.uk


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8 • EdenLocal

Saturday morning Mackerel with Peter Sidwell A late story arriving one day after we went to print last month was the reopening of the newly refurbished Sands Cook shop and could there be a better way of doing this, if you brought in celebrity chef star of ‘Lakes on a plate’, Peter Sidwell. I was fortunate to meet Peter and have the opportunity to talk food and cooking, but then when he announced he was going to be cooking a simple fish dish for the gathering crowd to try, it made my day. The dish was fillet of Mackerel, scored and seasoned with salt and the zest of lemon and olive oil. Then straight into a hot pan, add a squeeze of lemon juice, cook for about for about - 3 minutes both sides, which he then served in a wrap with crisp lettuce, chopped capers, and sour cream. All in about 5 minutes, a simple snack, which I tested out on the family a few weeks later that went down an absolute treat. Please do try this at home. Peter, lives in Keswick and like many he is keen to see local food being sourced wherever possible. Originally from Yorkshire, one other tip he gave me was where to find great strawberries just on the border, which I will follow up. With an invite over to Keswick to the studio where Peter intends to do more filming rather than travelling to London, I hope there will be more stories and recipes to test and try, thanks to Dale at Sands for great Saturday morning experience.

Eden House of Cakes

The perfect start for girls and boys.

We can recreate an object, a scene or theme so come in and talk to us about creating your dream. Special occasions, Seasonal celebration, Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings, Christenings, Retirements, Corporate or even a gift, traditional or innovative.

Sandgate House Penrith CA11 7TJ Tel: 01768 899225 Email: info@edenhouseofcakes.com EdenLocal

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Local produce the real thing

It is a short drive west on the A66 from junction 40 of the M6 and by the time you get to thinking is it 5 - 10 minutes up the road, you are there. It is set back off the road on the left, directly opposite the Sportsman pub. Cocklakes has been the established site of Highgate Turkeys for many years, with the company taking this name back in the mid nineties, however, the farming and family generations go back much further. When was the last time you ventured over to what is now the site of the Cocklakes Farm shop and Fishery? I hope it wasn’t Christmas! During three visits to the site, I had a good walk around and met the owner Peter, Simon the Factory Manager and John, who runs the shop and has a wealth of experience as a butcher. John had the best knowledge of butchery I’ve ever encountered, in any type of meat preparation to the time you take it home. I could write thousands of words about how the meat is sourced from

its own farm. What is not from the farm, is sourced within 30 miles of the site. They have their own dedicated Saddleback pig producer for their sausages and their meat is quite unique, from the taste of the lamb fed with the sweetest turnips, the grass-fed beef matured for 1 days on the bone and the pies using their own prepared meat. Nothing here starts with a plastic vacuum pack before it goes on display. It is very much in keeping with traditional ways. Over the next few months, I will be back at the site and we will be looking at the production behind what you see on the counter and reviewing the local produce, beers, pies, the bacon cured on site and other products from the region, only available from Cocklakes Farm Shop. If you don’t think this makes it worth a visit to Cocklakes, then maybe the opening of the new tea room will. The Rod and Reel, which opened just a few weeks ago, is a good reason and on the menu, prepared by Kim and her team, are many of the foods you can buy. So info@edenlocal.co.uk

if you do fancy a short excursion, like many farms, the shop and tea room will be open 7 days a week. Open: Mon-Fri 9 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. Sunday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Troutbeck Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 0SG

01768 487 060


phone: 07881 530085


10 • EdenLocal

“The Good Life” is just around the corner

June on the allotment is the when all the hard work of the past few months begins to pay off. I feel like I have spent all of May pulling up weeds (although at least it was sunny), so I’m looking forward to eating some of my hard work!

Outside in the allotment Plant out

If you started your plants/crops off in a greenhouse, poly tunnel or on your kitchen window sill now is the time to sow many of them in the great outdoors. This includes beans, peas, salad leaves, onions, carrots and beetroot. Continue to sow quick growing salad crops every few weeks for a continuous supply. As space is probably at a premium utilise the space between slower growing veg to maximise the grounds productive area. Crops you planted early in the season should be in full production and as the risk of frost should be over now you can remove protective coverings, however as we are all too aware Cumbria’s weather can be unpredictable so it is always worth keeping half an eye on the weather forecast and protecting your crops should a cold spell develop.


Your home-grown potatoes should

be ready for lifting from now through to September, depending on the varieties and the growing conditions. First earlies can be lifted and eaten as soon as they’re ready. This will be when above-ground growth is still green, and usually as soon as the flowers are fading.

The Greenhouse / poly tunnel

phone: 07881 530085

this in the cool of the evening. Take off the watering can rose and water the base of the plants for maximum benefit.

Regularly prune tomato plants to remove unwanted shoots and leaves. The aim when growing a tomato plant is to have a single stem. Wait until four or five fruit bearing trusses have grown from the stem, then nip out side-shoots when they are about 1inch long.

Frequently inspect ALL plants for pests such as Greenfly, White-fly etc and deal with them as soon as possible, it is amazing how they soon multiply into plague proportions!

You will also need to tie in climbing plants such as Cucumbers.


Ventilation is the secret to keeping the plants growing and cropping well in these warm areas. Open windows and doors whenever possible. This will keep the temperature down and allow good air circulation. EdenLocal

Once plants show signs of “fruiting” (developing the crop) feed with high potash based fertilizer, ensuring you follow the manufactures directions.

As the days get warmer you need to ensure your plants and crops have sufficient water. Avoid watering in the middle of the day as the hot sun can scorch the plants, morning is still the best time to water and if additional watering is required do



Pests & weeds

Keep on top of the weeds or they will take over your plot!

And finally

Struggling with your crops, battling with pests or baffled by garden terminology – email your questions to bekah@edenlocal.co.uk Next month – July in the allotment

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No bones about it, just quality and service 11 Little Dockray Penrith Cumbria CA11 7HL T: 01768 866 624 E: sandwellfurn@aol.com www.sandwellfurniture.co.uk


Shows arr Alan C Beast

dar Calen Girlsrland Live


Spexy Tour ctober 30th O ÂŁ49.50

nd at Su th





Iron Maiden Live in Concert

Nig Saturday 4.50 Tour ÂŁ4 ober 15th Oct

The W iz of Ozard 2 nig ht Lond s in on


Dolly Par9t.5o0n ÂŁ7

ÂŁ379.00 Spectacular Somerset - Weston-Super-Mare DB + B

June 20th (5 days) ÂŁ349.00 Stratford-Upon-Avon & Shakespeare Country DB + B June 27th (5 Days)


July 6th (3 Days)


Gems of Northumberland DB + B

23rd July ÂŁ59.50

Paddy ness McGuin ht Live

June 6th (8 days)


ptem 10th Se

8 Au g ÂŁ199 ust

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show B + B

July 10th (8 days)

ÂŁ399.00 The English Riviera and Devon Delights DB + B

July 30th (8 days)

Llandudno Summer Fair DB + B


Call us on 01768 892727

E-mail us at sales@nbmtravel.co.uk | Web www.nbmtravel.co.uk | Fax us on 01768 899680 Visit us at: Cromwell Road, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7JW info@edenlocal.co.uk


phone: 07881 530085


The cost of electricity has risen sharply in recent years and looks set to continue its upward trend. So, why not protect your exposure to market volatility by investing in a fixed-cost green energy solution that will not only protect you against price fluctuations but will provide you with some welcome income for the next 25 years.

1 • EdenLocal

buyers will be only too aware that their energy co will be virtually free.

Take a walk in Eden Valley and get som

Protect your exposure to market volatility 4

Friargate House Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7XR

Open 8.00 am - 5.00 pm Monday to Friday, 10.00 am - 1.00pm Saturday EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085




EdenLocal • 13

me ideas on your home improvements

Keen to go Green in the Valley

Eden Valley home improvements for solar, for energy efďŹ cient windows, doors and conservatories and now your installer of recycled windows to the domestic and commercial sector. For the more details on all our ranges you can also log on to www.edenvalleywindows.co.uk where you can browse all our product brochures on PVCu and timber products and the latest breaking news on going green at Eden Valley Windows

m N m ow er O Sa n le

Windows, Doors, Conservatories Kitchens and Bedrooms



Telephone: (01768) 866790 Fax: (01768) 891030 Email: info@edenvalleywindows.co.uk edenvalleywindows.co.uk www.edenvalleywindows.co.uk www.edenlocal.co.uk

phone: 07881 530085


faderfsthis f o re o

14 • EdenLocal




l on t. t 20 a c ti n 1s Lo nta me ly 3 en ese tisetil Ju d E pr ver un r d Fo the ad vali on er is

% 5 2

You have to come in and see our Top names, priced from economy luxury, the best designs for you



If you’re going to get caught in a shower this summer make sure its from Penrith Building Supplies, we can help you make the most of your space.

Short, shallow, long, deep and of course with bubbles. The best range of baths are all on display in our showroom EdenLocal

phone: 07881 530085



EdenLocal • 15

extensive Bathroom range. y right through to affordable ur space and your budget.

Showroom Open Times Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5pm Saturdays 8.30am - 12pm 41 Stalker Road Gilwilly Industrial Estate Penrith, Cumbria CA11 9BG Tel: 01768 899999 Fax: 01768 890559 info@edenlocal.co.uk


phone: 07881 530085


16 • EdenLocal

Eden Esta

Royal Arcade | Kirkby Stephen


Old Forge | Low Hesket


Rayside | Stainton


Well Cottage | Low Moor


Scalegarth | Appleby


Barley Barn | Bowscar


Terraced cottage in secluded town centre courtyard, two bedrooms, kitchen, sitting room, study area, bathroom. Kirkby 017683 72855 www.edenestateagents.co.uk

A 2 bedroom cottage overlooking the green, with 2 storey outbuilding at rear; kitchen, sitting room, bathroom. Penrith 01768 869000 www.edenestateagents.co.uk

Distinctive spacious 5 bedroom family home set in elevated 3/4 acre gardens; walking distance to Appleby. Penrith 01768 869000 www.edenestateagents.co.uk

Contemporary 3 bedroom semi-detached house, formerly part of the village smithy, located in heart of village. Garden and parking. Penrith 01768 869000 www.edenestateagents.co.uk

3 bedroom cottage with amazing views to Lakeland fells and Pennines; dining kitchen, sitting, utility, master ensuite, bathroom. Penrith 01768 869000 www.edenestateagents.co.uk

Superbly presented 4 bed barn conversion in small courtyard development. Rural outlook, short drive to Penrith amenities. Penrith 01768 869000 www.edenestateagents.co.uk

www.edenestateagents.co.uk for the full picture visit our stunning new website

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ate Agents New! Eden Choice

Getting the best prices for our clients’ homes is our business. We attract the attention of buyers by using superb visual marketing materials and taking the time to present your property at its best.

Sycamore Barn | Reagill


Attractive 2 bed barn conversion, set in tranquil Eden Valley hamlet,with views of Pennines. Ideal investment or holiday home. Penrith 01768 869000 www.edenestateagents.co.uk

We have prime location offices and work with buyers to find them a property which fits their needs. Negotiations carried out at a senior level ensure the best outcome. We now offer our key services in a flexible package … Choose from our options at a price which suits you.

Kirk Dummah | North Stainmore £269,000

Book a free market appraisal appointment and wrap up the best quality and value.

Former Anglican church, 2 bedrooms, garage, parking, gardens, potential to upgrade unconverted space, fine views across Stainmore. Kirkby 017683 72855 www.edenestateagents.co.uk

Call Gillian Charlton on 01768 869000.

Robin Hill | Sandford

Hall Farmhouse | Crackenthorpe £440,000


Imaginatively extended 4 bed detached bungalow, with very spacious kitchen and receptions; on corner plot, lovely garden and outlook. Kirkby 017683 72855 www.edenestateagents.co.uk

Detached farmhouse, 4 bedrooms, generous plot with small paddock, garage, car port, large store, garden, open country views. Penrith 01768 869000 www.edenestateagents.co.uk

Presentation, presentation, presentation

18 โ ข EdenLocal

Nutkins Nursery Open all year round from July

โ ข Open from 8.15 a.m. to 5.30 p.m., Monday to Friday, all year round, except for Bank Holidays, though can be used during school holidays only if you wish โ ข Free government funding available โ ข Flexible sessions โ no minimum number and can be shared with other settings โ ข Fees similar to other local nurseries โ ข Easy access from Penrith, M6 and A66, with good car parking โ ข Fully qualified and experienced staff, superb facilities โ ข Daily literacy and numeracy sessions during term time โ ข Children leave Nutkins Nursery to go to a range of different schools Do come and have a look!

Nutkins Nursery, Hunter Hall School, Frenchfield, Penrith CA11 8UA 01768 891291 www.hunterhall.co.uk office@hunterhall.cumbria.sch.uk




phone: 07881 530085



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Working dogs in the community Over recent months, we have been looking at key links with the practice and its work in the community. This month, my time was not spent at the practice, but out and about with a customer who relies heavily on the efficiency, professionalism and working partnership of the team at Frame, Swift and Partners. Much of the work at the practice is with domestic animals, but in the area where we live, there is a big focus on working animals and livestock. I witnessed from behind the scenes, the important work with farm dogs in getting them swiftly back to health and whilst it seems strange to say, back to work. If I say working dogs, you may think Collies and traditional gun dogs like Labradors and Springers. Would you ever think of police dogs?

start our article with a question. When you think of police dogs, what image do you have? In just a second, is it a dog as big as a bear with snarling teeth as seen in riots or in a Second World War film? How often do we hear about the missing people found by a German Shepherd, or about drugs being found by the Springer Spaniel? Closer to home, I’m sure mountain rescue will have experienced the four legged helper assisting in locating missing people.

To get this article right, I met with Mark Yielder at Carleton Hall and to give you what I hope is a good insight and understanding with no shortcuts, this article will run on into next month’s publication. One would hope that at the end of the complete article, we’ll all have a great insight Some days when I have been at the into another type of working dog. practice, Jess Gillon (partner) has Writing the article based on my pages mentioned the links they have with of notes has been the easy part. the Cumbria Police Dog Section. Trying to get a good picture of an over Sometimes there is a link with Eden excited Spaniel with a tail wagging at Animal Rescue, the practice and the the speed of light has been the real dog section. So I thank Jess for the challenge! Over the next two months, introduction to Sergeant Mark Yielder, I will be writing about my experience the Dog Section Supervisor and of the Dog Section and the training of Instructor, based at Carleton Hall. We ‘sniffer’ or ‘tracking’ dogs used to find

drugs, explosives, people or money. I thought that might catch your attention! I am also going to present you with some facts about German and Belgium Shepherds, or as we usually refer to them, Alsatians. The dogs are out in the field most days. They are placed in extreme situations and relied upon to protect and save lives. Whilst fitness is paramount, accidents do happen and interestingly, in the relationship with Frame, Swift and Partners, the dogs tend to choose their own vet! The partners are not inclined to disagree with some of them! I’ll close this first part and introduction on a couple thoughts. I discussed some statistics with Mark and I think he said that when officers search, they have a 40% chance of finding what they are looking for. The dogs, however, have a 65% chance, but if you put them together, the results of the dog and handler team are significantly increased. Something else I’ll be covering, is that these dogs work for most of their lives and then they retire. The question is, like any retired police officer, does the dog actually stop being a police dog?


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TIPS FOR SMALL EMPLOYERS Cumbria Employment Solicitors

Small businesses employ 59% of the private sector workforce in the UK and are the lifeblood of the country’s economy. They must comply with the same tangle of employment legislation that large companies face but do so without the help of a dedicated human resources department. Consequently, ensuring that contracts and policies are in place and up to date can seem an inconvenient distraction from doing the work that actually pays the wages. However, the existence of basic contracts and policies can save employers a great deal of time, money and heartache. It is not as hard to achieve as you might think.

Michael Bauer

Employee Contracts

put these basic building blocks in place and when the time comes you will be glad they are there.

Whilst I would recommend that all staff be issued with basic contracts, there is no legal obligation to do so. However, within months of starting work all employees must be given certain written information including:

Policies If you have basic contracts in place a small business can manage with a disciplinary and grievance policy and an equal opportunities policy.

• Rate of pay and working hours;

The disciplinary/grievance policy is required by

• Entitlement to holidays;

law and is vital in the event that there is a dispute

• Amount of notice; • Details of disciplinary and grievance procedures. Whilst the duty to provide this information can be

opportunities policy can provide the employer with some protection in the event of allegations of

enforced in the Tribunal, the real reason to give it

discrimination or harassment.

is because it helps the employer. It is much easier to deal with problems if there is a written record of the respective rights and duties of the employer and employee. It does not take much time or money to

between employer and employee. The equal

We offer competitively priced specialist employment advice to employers and employees. We are happy to give free initial advice in the form of a preliminary assessment of the issue.

Cumbria Employment Solicitors Expert advice at an affordable price

• Specialist, high quality employment law advice for employees and employers • Extremely competitive rates • Free initial advice/assessment • Face to face service from a solicitor local to you

For a free initial assessment contact us on 017684 84938 or via our website at www.cumbriaemploymentsolicitors.co.uk EdenLocal

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Another new product from Eden Local

CAbusiness.co.uk is one website address that will be based on 28 post codes from CA1 to CA28. The reason behind this is that when you are looking for a local business, putting in your own postcode should be the best way to find that local business. Failing that, you can extend the search. Many nationally based web directories cannot achieve this because they do not have the local knowledge or local support. More importantly, if you are looking in CA11 via CA business, you won’t end up in CA1 or Australia. That’s because it is a local directory with a local search for local businesses and information. £70 per year is the cost of a trial subscription.

How is this subscription used? The £70 subscription is divided up in the following areas and goes towards: ► Firstly inputting your details, your name, contact details and relevant information that can be updated regularly on to the CA site via two databases. ► The Eden FM community radio project and includes promotional activity of CA businesses on the radio ► Advertising and promotional activity in Eden Local and its supplements ► Supporting local voluntary groups and charitable causes in the Eden Local distribution postcodes through promotional activity ► Future website development and administration costs ► Marketing activity, being seen in the community.

So CA will be not only be an active web based tool, but it will be promoted in other areas to generate interest and traffic to your business via a number of routes. This is just the start of something local that on the outside is small but on the inside is very big. For an additional £30 per year, your business can go into the Eden Local printed directory that will be produced every year and delivered through every door in postcodes CA10, CA11, CA16, CA17 and others commencing from 2012. Distribution 20,000 – 24,000 to be confirmed Like all Eden Local products, the directory will be available on line for purchase and distributed outside of Cumbria. info@edenlocal.co.uk


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September 15th, 16th, 17th & 18th 2011 “M�e� ��� �es� � ��� c�m�����” Following on from last month’s edition, I thought you should meet the remainder of the “World Sheep Dog Trials, Food & Country Festival” dedicated committee. The remaining person’s on the committee are all heavily involved in putting on this event, which may not come back to the North for a very long time. The knowledge of the committee is priceless when it comes to organising an event of this size. Our President Timothy Longton, has been a competitor himself over the years, so his knowledge and experience has been valuable when it’s come down to questions relating to the trials fields themselves. His wife Linda is also involved, organising the goody bags for competitors.

Tim Longton, President

The Chairman, of the committee is Nigel Davis who is an Agricultural Solicitor and he attends our meetings in his spare time! Nigel has been an incredible help using his wealth of experience to guide us through our planning. Probably one of the most important jobs is looking after the money, Sandra Fawcett has taken on this responsibility and ensured the smooth running of our accounts. Another of our committee members is Mike Beaty. Mike’s role is assisting with the organisation of the sheep and promoting the event at various nursery trials taking place


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Nigel Davis, Chairman & Rachel Capstick


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around the local area. Mike’s best known for towing his own toilet around. Ladies If you are ever get caught short you know who to run to! Rachel Captick is responsible for collating all the trade stand enquiries, which have filtered through over the last 10 months. This should enable us to have an interesting mix of trade stands for you to visit. If anyone is interested in a Trade Stand, please contact Rachel Capstick on: 01524 784260; rachelcapstick@agriculturalsolicitors.co.uk Finally I would like to introduce our PR and Marketing committee member, Robin Moule. Robin has coordinated and filtered press releases into various publications around the Country to give this event as much exposure as possible. As I’ve said before, none of the organising could happen without a dedicated group of people. The whole committee is very excited that this event has come to North and we hope you enjoy it as we are going too.

Tim & Linda Longton

Could I again take this opportunity to inform all local business’s, that if you would like to be involved in any way, whether it’s sponsorship, trade space, gifts for the competitors goody bags we would really love to hear from you. Accommodation is still filling up within the local area, so we urge anyone that currently has a free holiday cottages, B&B or Hotel space to let us know. Don’t forget each evening of the event there will food and entertainment for all to attend. Entertainment details will follow shortly or keep an eye on the website. www.worldsheepdogtrials.org We hope you put this fantastic event in your Diaries and we look forward to seeing you there. Clare Savins (Organising Secretary) clares09@btinternet.com Sandra Fawcett, Treasurer

www.edenlocal.co.uk phone: Park 07881Farms 530085flock Edenof Local John andinfo@edenlocal.co.uk Peter working just a few of the Lowther mules.

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Skelton Show

Sat 2 July 2011

Hutton in the Forest

The Cumbrian show season kicks off with the popular Skelton Show on Saturday 2 July held in delightful setting of the Old Park at Huttonin the-Forest. Whilst a traditional country village show, with both horticultural and agricultural exhibitors, it has earned a reputation for being an excellent day out in the countryside for all the family.

Skelton “The Big Village Show”

As well as a large selection of cattle, sheep and horses (including show jumping) there is a large marquee full of classes for children, cooking, painting, wine, floral arts, vegetables and walking sticks. Other attractions include a dog show, pet show, pony sports, vintage vehicles, over 100 trade stands, Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling and the ever

A great day out for all the family

he BigBig Village Show” “The Village Show”

popular terrier racing where you just need to turn up with your dog. The Skelton Food Hall provides a wide range of local produce and this year a re-branded Gifts and Crafts tent promises to add an extra dimension. The popular schools challenge, a Petwise mobile zoo and a wide variety of children’s entertainment complement the traditional Agricultural roots which Skelton Show is proud to maintain. This year the Committee are pleased to announce a full programme of entertainment including fast moving displays by the talented Steve Colley Motorbike Display team, Eden Valley Combustionaires Display and the Penrith Schools Transition Choir ‘Sing up’. Traditional music will be provided Penrith Town Band with music from the Andes provided by the Wayna Piccu Panpipes. A wide variety of food and bar facilities all add to the enjoyment of the day.

Schedules are now available from the secretary Mrs Antonia Reid on 01768 484122 or visit the website www.skeltonshow.com where trade stand and sponsor applications can also be made and paid on line. Judging starts at 9.30am with entertainment continuing until after 5pm.

Admission prices held at: Adults £8, Concessions £5, Children £3, Under 5 and Car Park free ENTRIES CLOSE 21 JUNE 2011 Full details available from


Saturday 3rd July 2010 List of Premiums


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Great Gable By Nick Wells

After viewing this great mountain from other peaks, I decided it was time to add Great Gable to my growing list of walks. I set off from Honister slate mine and took the west path up towards Drum House, an old ruin at the top of the ascent. Here you can either go right to Fleetwith Pike, straight on to Haystacks or left on the path I was taking towards Grey Knotts and Brandreth. Passing by Brandreth I headed along Moses Trod (reputedly a track used for the transport of illicit liquor in days gone by) to the summit of Green Gable, and then down to Windy Gap before quite a difficult scramble up Great Gable. This is not an easy walk,

and one needs to wear the correct footwear. Reaching the summit at 2949ft the view was excellent in every direction, I could see Wastwater at the foot of Scafell to the west. Moving round there was Sprinkling Tarn, and behind was Pike of Stickle and Harrison Stickle in the Langdale valley. To the North was Pillar and Haystacks on either side of Ennerdale.

I walked over to Westmorland Cairn, and looked down to see Tophet Bastion and the upper wall of the Napes before I headed off down to Windy Gap, here I went left down the head of Ennerdale, past Haystacks and back down to the slate mine. This walk is about six miles in all, and took me four hours.

I was here the week before with Amy, however it was low cloud and we could see nothing and we needed a compass to find our way off the mountain. It’s easy to see how people get into trouble in bad weather.

Email: sandwellfurn@aol.com

Treat your feet this summer

37 Middlegate, Penrith, CA11 7PT Tel: 01768 891383 Mon-Thurs 9.30-5.30 Fri-Sat 9.00-5.30 Shop online at www.penrithoutdoorpursuits.com www.edenlocal.co.uk phone: Park 07881Farms 530085flock Edenof Local John andinfo@edenlocal.co.uk Peter working just a few of the Lowther mules.

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In the words of Max

“I’m gonna tell you a story” Bygraves,

Born in Whitehaven in 1943 I first put my delicate size 7 shoes through the doors of Border Television at 8.30am on 31st July 1961. At that stage their television centre in Carlisle was far from complete and I was a raw recruit to my first job. As a Mail Room Assistant I was paid the princely weekly – or should I say weakly – sum of £4.7s6d. Little did I dream that I would walk the centres studios and corridors for almost forty years. Like the majority of Border’s 1 5 newly recruited staff, I was a television virgin and had to learn my trade as I went along. Despite having no skills to offer, I was very keen, and asked to be allowed to work in the studios after I had finished my day job. Management dithered over this request until I uttered the magic words: “Obviously I will work evenings for nothing!” To start with, there were only three of us on the studio production side. In getting programmes on air we thought nothing of working up to eighty hours a week. This was the way I learned my trade and infact I learned much much more than the studio side of Border’s operations. One thing has stayed with me from that day to this – my love of being part of a community that relied on and cared for its local media. I had always loved Cumbrians, but over the years I grew to cherish the deep loyalty shown by viewers and listeners to Border TV and BBC Radio Cumbria. We were known affectionately as “The Border”, not as Border Television. Unlike the stars of the big ITV companies, who were felt beyond reach, our presenters found themselves “public property”. As for myself, having progressed from Mail Room Assistant to become the youngest Studio Manager in the entire ITV network, I decided to apply for jobs with “the big boys”, and was offered a post with ATV’s “Crossroads”. But I quickly turned it down; when I came to it I had no wish to leave Cumbria and the people I loved. My feelings then and ever afterwards were encapsulated in an episode many years later. Following the tragic Lockerbie bomb, all the world descended on the small border town, intent on covering the sadness and heartache that overwhelmed its people. Border Television was involved, of course, but the Town Council informed the “vulture-like media” that they would be co-operating only with Border TV. Border was “their station”, and would still be around once other media had decamped; and indeed, it was. We were their community EdenLocal

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TV, they trusted us, and for our part we were proud to help in any way we could. You cannot manufacture that quality of relationship overnight: it has to develop slowly and grow naturally! I joined BBC Radio Cumbria in 2000, a year or so after the terrible outbreak of foot-and-mouth. Once again the community turned first and foremost to their local media. Precisely the same trust was shown during the Cumbrian floods. I was manning the phones one night and took a call of thanks from a lady who lived in The Eden Valley. I shall remember her exact words forever: “it’s been 48 hours since we were flooded and, apart from Radio Cumbria, we’ve not heard from anyone. Nobody else gives a damn about us. Thank God for Radio Cumbria”. I could give other examples, galore of “Community Radio” at work. Its power for good is largely unappreciated by magnates who believe that there is little life north of Watford! I have long been proud to work with people who live in what must be one of the most beautiful parts of our country, and equally proud to be part of a station that cares deeply about the community it serves. Here’s to Community Radio. Long may it reign! HARRY KING


Will you get the signal? Like many voluntary groups who have projects, they all require funding. Eden FM has short, mid and long term goals and its sights are set on becoming a full time community radio station, creating future jobs for local people, creating opportunities for youth, helping local businesses through promotional activity and low budget advertising. It will be the group of volunteers that in the short-term will support fundraising activities with other voluntary groups and charities. It is quite straight forward as we firstly need to raise £400 for the application fee for the temporary licence to broadcast at Christmas and if this is accepted, we’ll then need around £2,000 for the licence and £2,000 for the PRS (Performing Rights Society). This cost is based on a short term 8 day licence. Phone lines and computers are needed now. The system that is at the hub and heart of the radio costs £ ,000 and once purchased, will drive the station 24 hours a day during the short-term and if we are successful in our application next year, the full time station.

EdenLocal • 27


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It’s unfortunate that our recent application for funding to Eden District Council, that included some of these costs was actually turned down. As a result of this, the gap has now widened considerably in funding. So what do we do? We cut back and get on with it! The fundraising and applications will continue and as we get more information, we’ll update you in our regular Eden Local slot. As we prepare the application for our first short-term licence, there is some good news as donations of equipment are now coming in. Thank you to all these people and organisations. Our plan is to switch on, subject to our RSL application being accepted, on Friday 25th November and broadcast to 22nd December 2011. Will you get the signal? Below is a diagram which should give you an idea. This is one of the first topography reports that we have got based on the transmission site. Because of the lie of the land, it won’t be easy to reach everybody, but the transmission mission will be streamed live on the internet, so if you have a computer in an area that we can’t reach that easily, you can still hear us load and clear through your PC. Some more good news is that the man on my left is going to help, support and be working with Eden Local. Our target between now and the next edition of Eden Local is simple, to raise the £400 and send off the licence application. At www.edenfm.co.uk we have now posted details of the Friends of Eden FM membership, which comes with a small cost, which goes towards a big community benefit.



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Ready Steady Cook! By Lauren Goodson This year fourteen Queen Elizabeth Grammar School year nine pupils competed in the annual Ready Steady Cook challenge. It is run by the school’s DT food department. The students are given a brief, and several main ingredients to use and then have to plan a recipe using them, and later cook it. The pressure on the young chefs is quite intense, although one participant explained that that the students were more nervous whilst they were preparing: “Once you actually start working you concentrate on cooking rather than worrying”. Mr Douglas, a Geography teacher at QEGS, was the judge who had the demanding job of doing justice to 14 excellently prepared main course dishes and as many sweets. After spending almost an hour trying and sampling he finally declared four winners, Isla Black, Beth Eland, Harry Hogarth and Evie Howson. They will cook again at Ullswater Community College in July, where they will be judged by professional chefs. The prizes are donated by the Rotary Club.

For embroidery, school uniform and kit 14 Little Dockray, Penrith cumbria CA11 7HL

01768 866961 www.samscottsuk.co.uk EdenLocal

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GREENS VICTORIOUS IN LOCAL JUNIOR DERBY There is nothing like a local derby to get the adrenalin pumping and none more so than if the game is between a team of girls and a team of boys.In addition there was family rivalry – Mark Osborne managing the Lower Eden girls team based at Penrith CC and son Jonathon the Penrith Green team .This happened in a recent Cumbria Junior Cricket League under 11 match which was played at Tynefield Park on a bright sunny evening. The girls team went into the game unbeaten having beaten Lanercost in their first game of the season whilst the Penrith Green team had suffered two narrow defeats in their previous games. The girls team won the toss and elected to bowl.The Greens got off to a great start in the first over as Robbie O’ Neil stroked the final ball of the over through the covers for 4 runs.However the opening pair were then pegged back by some very tight bowling from Amy Hullock and Ella Telford.The batsman continued to find runs hard to come by with tight bowling from the girls attack particularly Libby Telford who bowled her overs for just one run. The Green team total however did profit from a number of wides being bowled throughout their innings so that they finished on 263 for 2 (teams start on 200 runs in under 11 cricket).There were wickets for Ella Telford who took 1 for 1 off her overs and also for Poppy Scholefield. In reply the girls innings got of to a great start with opener Amy Hullock scoring 11 runs including a superb cover drive to the boundary.However

the Green team bowled tightly and as the pressure mounted to score runs this resulted in a number of wickets falling at regular intervals throughout their innings.As the final few overs approached they needed quick runs , resulting in risky singles being taken and there being a number of run outs.This meant that the Lower Eden Girls finished just short of the Green team total on 244 for 10 wickets. The boys celebrated at the end whilst the girls were by no means despondent having put up a good fight and they were already talking of revenge in the return match in July!

Family “bragging rights” currently reside with Jonathon but as all who love the game know things can change very quickly indeed! If any girls or boys are interested in playing cricket then there are coaching sessions for boys and girls (age 4 to 11) on Wednesday nights from 6pm to 7:30pm. There are also girls only coaching sessions on Sunday mornings from 10:30am to 12 noon. for girls in school years 4 to 10.For further details please contact Mark Osborne on 01768 866906.

Batting For Local Cricket The cricket Specialists www.sportscraftcricket.co.uk

33 Middlegate, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7SY 01768 865833

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And Finally...... What a massive month and on to the 9th edition of Eden Local. If you would like more information about the publication, Eden FM or CA Business, please log on to www.edenlocal.co.uk. Details about advertising in Eden Local and other products are all available on the website. You can also download our media pack. Every month and more so since we have increased our distribution, we receive requests from many charitable organisations and good causes.

EdenLocal •

EdenLocal •

Janet O’Connor is just one of many who called and sent me details. Janet’s son Michael who is just having his 13th Birthday, has Beckers Intermediate Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (a muscle weakening disease which affects the whole body). Janet is on a quest to raise vitally important funds for research into this condition so that a cure can be found. Her fund raising target is £3,000. This is what Janet would like to say: ‘Michael’s godmother and daughter will be walking Hadrian’s Wall non stop (17-19 June). To sponsor us and therefore raise funds for the research into Muscular Dystrophy, go to http://www.justgiving.com/ Janet-O-Connor and donate’. More information on this condition can be found on the web site www.muscular-dystrophy.org As Eden Local becomes more established as a local monthly magazine, we will be promoting a regular ‘local’ good cause each month. We also have a page on our website for local charities, societies and organisations. Eden Local would like to wish Janet and her family the very best of luck with her fundraising for her charity. Happy Birthday Michael!

Issue One

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6,000 doors EdenLocal •

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Issue Two

Refueling over Christ For every day and

Open till 10pm Xmas

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mas? Ullswater Road

seasonal essentials

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Issue Three

Distributed though over 6,000 doors The Eden Valley Windo ws and Kitch ens

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Issue Four


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es in CA11 7 & CA11 8 Your New VeNue for eVeNts & CoNfer weddiNgs, eNCes

Now book iNg 2012 -2013


With so many stories to cover and with so many photographs taken, as Bekah and I start putting stories together now, as things sometimes move so fast, Eden Local and Eden FM are now on Facebook. So if you would like to catch things as they happen, join our groups. Until next month, thank you once again for having a read of your local magazine in your community, Eden Local.

availab ility remain the stoneyb eck ing for 2011! inn, bowscar, Penrith, Cumbria , CA11 01768 862369 8rP www.the stoneybe ckinn.co .uk info@edenlocal.co.uk


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Work to start on

Issue Five

Eden FM studios Pledging to Save Our Cinema Climbing, Becaus e its there The World Sheep Dog Trials, Food & Country Festiva l Penrith to Peter Kay and Back

Distributed to Homes

A lighter way to shop – Starfruits Let’s Plough – it’s Windows, Doors, Conservatories The application of the new season Kitchens and Bedroom s Winning number your life time s Pride in Penrith Eating Out in Eden Lottery

Winning numbers

Issue Seven Distribute d to Homes

Windows, Doors, Conservatories Kitchens and Bedroom s

& Businesses in CA11

& Businesses in CA11

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Telephone: (01768) 866790 www.edenvalley windows edenvalley1@btopenwo .co.uk rld.com More details on page 5

7, 8, 9, 0 & CA10 1

Telephone: (01768) 866790 www.edenvalley windows edenvalley1@btopenwo .co.uk rld.com More details on page 16 & 17

Skelton Show 2nd July Peter Sidwell macker el Saturday I want to tell you a story - Harry King Talk the Walk - Nick Going Green at EdenWells Valley Issue Eight Distribut

ed to Homes & Business

es in CA11 7, 8, 9,

0 & CA10 1

Fresh fruit and vegeta bles, delivered 6 days save time, save waste, a save money week, Call 01768 89025 5

13th April 2011

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If you would like a previous issue of the Eden Local magazine, that you may have missed, please email lee@edenlocal.co.uk

First Driving Lesson FREE! Make sure your driving gets the best possible start with - CARLETON DRIVING SCHOOL To arrange a free lesson call or text Bert on

07715 177611 or 01768 864034

www.carletondrivingschool.co.uk Bert is a Grade 6 Instructor and is in the top 7% of Driving Instructors Nationally EdenLocal

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