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Dear Residents & Businesses Welcome to your Cumbrian Local community magazine. It’s the month of May and let’s hope fine weather is on the way with May Queens, Maypoles and Morris men

Helping you sleep at night and get up in the morning, we have a ‘wide’ and ‘single’ variety of mobility beds, giving you a better quality of life and mobility in your own home

Beds for your budget 4ft and 4ft 6” beds with 4 drawers from £299 Its a thought worth sleeping on at your Penrith Co-operative Society 19 Burrowgate, Penrith CA11 7TD Tel: 01768 862366 Log on today and see what’s happening at your local Penrith Co-op Society, for special offers and in-store demos.

Many of you have been accustomed to receiving the Eden Local since November 2010. A few of you have witnessed the growth of this title and have received it as the distribution has increased in the last 12 months. It was May 2012 that the Lakes Local was launched and after a review of our distribution, I had to make a decision to go with a bi-monthly Lakes Local or take it forward further. You now have one magazine and this month it is 32,000 distribution through doors going out across Cumbria, in the Eden Valley, parts of the Pennines and the North Lakes region. There is a full listing of all the towns, villages and a map of the distribution area on our website at I offer a second welcome to the new readers of Cumbrian Local. Should anyone want to look back at the previous 45 publications, these along with our distribution dates and prices are all on our website. As the editor and owner of Cumbrian Local, it has been a busy time. There is a possibility that before the June publication is out, the other project I head up, Eden FM Community Radio may know if it has been successful in its application for full-time community radio license. Meanwhile, the full details are here on pages 24, 26 and 27 including the 7 day Eden FM programme guide. So if you want to log on to a local voice of your choice, it’s and all you have to do is click to listen. The focus on encouraging people to think local is really pushing forward now. We have a lot of positives this month, we have details of the honey project Cumbrian Local supports on pages 20 and 22. At the close of April in the Penrith Co-operative Society at Burrowgate Penrith, one of its four stores serving Eden and the North Lakes, we had a ‘meet the locals’ afternoon, which gave customers the opportunity to try local cheese, local pies, local gin and many more products all sourced and produced here in Cumbria. There will be more about this concept next month with products now being introduced that are ‘local’

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and ‘fair’. These products, made in Cumbria, would include local ingredients sourced from farms and local wholesalers. They may include Fairtrade product ingredients. Some of these were unveiled at the Co-op ‘meet the locals’ event. Whilst I do like to talk and eat food, this month we have the first of our In the Village – On the Green articles. It’s Langwathby and this article is also supported with a series of radio shows on Eden FM. My thanks to the many people who have helped in the village with this article and the radio production. The magazine wouldn’t be anywhere as near successful as it is without a good photographer and fully exposed this month and the centrefold is Paul Witterick, with a behind the lens look at Paul’s life and work. As any local magazine editor would know, getting the stories and getting the advertising and finance to design, print and distribute a magazine is a challenge. In April and again this month, I’m stepping away more from the computer and I’m actually out delivering as well. Why not, it’s great meeting the readers and the feedback has been brilliant, although for some a shock, because if I can’t find your letterbox, I knock on your door. At least one lady knows that. The Cumbrian Local isn’t a part of the local paper. Sorry to burst that balloon! My thanks to the people I met on route in Great Salkeld, Inglewood and the surrounding areas in April. My special thanks to the community groups now delivering the magazines in their villages and using the distribution payments for raising money for local groups and charities. Please enjoy your free to read Cumbrian Local. I may see you out and about. You might even have a listen to Eden FM. I’ll be back next month.

Phone: 01768 862394

Email: Cumbrian Local Publications Ltd

Unit 4D1 Ullswater Road Business Park Penrith, CA11 7EH Front Cover Paul Witterick - Langwathby May Queen Emily Atkinson and Attendants Sophie Thomas, Ellie Fairlamb and Freya Hale by Paul Witterick. Printer – Bishops Printers, Walton Rd, Portsmouth, Hants P06 1TR

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Langwathby May Day 1pm Saturday 18th May

In the Village On the Green The first day of May is known as May Day. It is when people celebrate the coming of Summer, with traditional English May Day activities like Morris dancing, the crowning of a May Queen and the dancing around a Maypole.

special and traditional time in the village year. My thanks to Chair, Sarah Greenop and Secretary, Julia Watchman of the May Day Committee for providing so much wonderful information about the day.

This month we are in the village of Langwathby. Cumbrian Local and Eden FM Community Radio have been capturing the spirit of the village, with simple intentions of reminding people of this

This article covers, in brief just parts of the activity but supports what is so much detail about May Day and Langwathby throughout May. On Eden FM Community Radio online, we have a dedicated

programme on Sunday mornings titled ‘In the village’ which is a series of recordings and interviews by the people of Langwathby covering generations of families discussing village life, how it is, how it was and maybe how it might be. There will be 3 programmes that go on air from 8am Sunday 12th , 19th and 26th May and are repeated 10pm the following Monday nights until 27th May. A village with a purpose, which is to keep alive the traditions of May Day as celebrated in Langwathby since 1905 (except for the war years). Money raised from the event is used to fund a Christmas party for all the children of the village and to buy a Christmas present for each child under the age of 13. In keeping with that tradition, the May Queen is chosen by putting the names of all 12 year old girls in a hat. The May Queen’s attendants must be chosen from school age village children – 6 girls of varying ages and two boys between 5 and 7 years old.

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carries on through generations. Included in the May Day celebrations is Flag Drill. As far as we know this was a part of the VE Day celebrations after the Second World War and has taken place each year since then. Planning ahead is the Christmas Party for village children, funded by the May Day event, which has taken place for at least 60 years and possibly much longer. One hundred years ago at least, a marquee was erected on the green after the May Day event and a dinner and dance was held for the villagers in the evening.

Originally the May Queen rode through the village on horseback but more recently tractor and trailer, wagon, or horse and cart have been used. The parents of the May Queen and retiring Queen present the bouquets at the War Memorial. Also the May Queen is asked to lay a wreath at the memorial on Remembrance Sunday. In celebrating the Maypole dance I am told a piece of music is used that is a very old and crackly recording, which they might like to replace but it is very traditional and was certainly used 60 years ago but played on a piano on the green. The children did many more dances back then than they do now, but the tradition of the dance

Through the heritage of this village, what it stands for like so many villages in Cumbria, it has been built on the foundations of its people, ‘valued citizens’ which was recognised by Jack Williamson who went to school in the village. He left to work elsewhere in 1904 but he had fond memories of the village and he later returned, working at Little Salkeld, before joining the police force and eventually becoming Chief Constable for Northampton Police Force. He loved the village and in 1973, the year Langwathby won best kept Cumbrian village, he awarded a certificate for good citizenship to Albert Graham who had worked tirelessly to help win the prize. The Jack Williamson award has been made every year since.

1pm Saturday 18th May At the hub is the pub – with Eden FM Community Radio Coming from Penrith, as you come over the ‘temporary’ bridge, across the Eden you snake around a hook of a road up hill as you come into the village. There are two things you see or maybe three. It’s a sharp turn, a village pub with an idyllic village green, just perfect. One of our first interviews on the ‘In the village’ Eden FM show is with Debbie Henderson, the landlady who heads up the hub that is the pub. In a short time since taking over the running of the Shepherds Inn at Langwathby, it has witnessed an innovation of ideas, an introduction of a varied menu for all the family, mini meals for small appetites and real ale, local beer of course. Debbie shares her experience from her childhood in Kirkoswald to what has been an amazing journey, which now means in the morning she has the room with a view as looks out on to the village green and has that real feeling of home. Log onto click and listen 8.00 Sunday 12th May ‘In the Village - On the Green’ part one.

Don’t worry Grown if you are in the away, Eden there Valley willfrom be ana Eden 6,000Local distribution waiting to forayou 32,000 whendistribution you return


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A Recipe for Life and a Dedication to Donald 1907 – 2013

From John Richardson and Sons, present and past employees, friends and associates

The trunk of a Sycamore tree which was dispatched by Richardsons from Penrith Railway Station in 1914 and is thought to be one of the biggest piece of wood that has ever left the station. On the left is T.H. Richardson (Father), Donald in the middle and his Uncle G.W. Richardson on his right.

It was an honour to trace the 160 year history of John Richardson and Sons in 2012 with the Eden Local publication and to have the opportunity of working with all areas of the business to collate the story and present the images of the family tree of the Richardson Family. A picture supplied by Donald of when he was a lad aged 7 with his dad, TW Richardson and his uncle GW Richardson, hadn’t been seen for many years and was uncovered. I was assured he enjoyed the three part article, which led to the 160th celebration day in the Timber Yard at the premises in Roper Street. A celebration of 160 years and a celebration of Donald’s life is what this short dedication is. Donald was the great grandson of the founder, John Richardson. There is to

be a Memorial Service at St Andrews Church, Penrith at 10 am on Saturday 11th May. I have been asked to enlighten a little about Donald. He loved music and he loved cars, especially Racing Green Rileys. His greatest passion though was his work. He had never been on a boat or aeroplane but loved the big dipper at Blackpool on the St Andrews church trips. In fact, he never went past Preston in a motor car and when asked about going on a complimentary world cruise when he was 90, he said ‘Maybe next time around I’m too old.’ He had some good advice in the recipe for life. Make sure you walk two miles a day; he believed that honey and raisins were the best things you could eat and he ate figs on a daily basis. So with the tip of his trilby hat, he would greet and say goodbye and this is how he will be remembered.

CumbrianLocal •

John Richardson & Son Quality Timber

Quality Timber Suppliers

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At John Richardson and Son we are here for all you home improvement project and DIY ideas Quality Timber suppliers, Quality Paint suppliers, Quality Service delivered every time

Roper Street, Penrith Tel: 01768 895000 Mon-Fri 7.30am - 5.00pm Sat 7.45am - 1.00pm Don’t worry Grown if you are in the away, Eden there Valley willfrom be ana Eden 6,000Local distribution waiting to forayou 32,000 whendistribution you return


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Meet the Locals

Penrith Co-op Society

Tastings of the new Langtons Gin at a Co-op store near you in May

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26th May 2013


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19th May 2013



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2nd June 2013


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Growing Old and being Bold In writing a number of articles every month, I meet and tackle many different perceptions. In a series of articles with images, we can generally see through what is real and what is not. What is your perception of a residential Care home? What do you know, or should I say what have you seen, read or heard about Care homes?

I have an elderly grandmother, who I am the key point of contact for. She lives about 6 hours away. At close to 90, she has a routine, which is her life that I can set my watch to. She is a 90 year old who took me on 50 years ago and as a child growing up, I had no idea that one day I would be making decisions about my nan’s life in almost a reversal of roles. Is it hard? Yes. Does it need to be? No. We have challenges throughout

our lives, like the stress of moving, relationships, finances and they are there from the time we are born until the day we die. Changes, which we aren’t prepared for, changes which given some thought we can prepare for. The day you feel you need or are forced to look after your parents, can come at any time. For me, at certain times in the night or early in the morning, it’s a time when if the phone rings, you worry first and answer second. I had a coffee with Euan Bell, who for 5 years has been running the Stobars Hall Care Home. We discussed just how many worries can be taken away, but also the stress. Under stress we are different people. It’s when the expression ‘what are you going to do when you grow up?’ changes to ‘what are you going to do when you get old?’; both stressful times for all those around and in some cases you might be on your own. Forget your perception. Getting old in some ways is seen as almost getting young. Old on the outside maybe but on the inside, an active mind is important. It’s important to have something to live for each day

STOBARS HALL Residential Home

The aim of Stobars Hall is to offer our guests maximum independence in order that they can lead full and varied lives, cared for by trained staff who provide physical, emotional and social support every hour of the day.

If you would like further details, or simply a chat about life at Stobars Hall, please telephone Euan or Beryl on

017683 71291

Stobars Hall, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, CA17 4HD CumbrianLocal

Out every month, free to read, no bad news, a positive in your post

or be involved in, not sat in front of a telly in a room to yourself. We have a perception of getting old regular meals prepared by chefs, a beautiful view every day, no phone calls from people trying to sell you things and no-one knocking on your door any hour of the day trying to sell you something. Security in your home 24 hours a day seven days a week and through just one door, 14 acres of beautiful gardens with no main roads to cross. It’s not a holiday, it’s the reality of what I started to understand when I visited Stobars Hall. Euan came from the hotel industry to Stobars Hall and his team of 28 staff, covering 24 hours every day of the week, have a style which makes you feel as if you are a resident in a hotel, but of course, a lot cheaper than a hotel and this is with full board, full time care, full days for its residents that need a full life. Next month I am going to meet some of the residents, talk to a few of the staff and present the activities and more about being old which is just a perception and title.

CumbrianLocal • 13

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Don’t worry if you are away, there will be an Eden Local waiting for you when you return


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Behind The Lens Paul Witterick

Cumbrian Local Publications photographer Paul Witterick lives with his wife, two children and their Patterdale Terrier “Sooty” in Appleby. Paul came to the Eden Valley back in 1993 when his parents took over The Hare & Hounds pub in Appleby.

and shutter speed, but the feeling when you look at a old photo, that nostalgia, that’s what did it for me.

“As a teenager, me and my older brother would go around the villages of Lancashire on our old BMX bikes taking photographs of tractors, farm implements and machinery, with a 35mm Practica camera, the days long before digital, it wasn’t until the prints came back from the lab, then we could see the fruits of our work, or maybe not as the case could sometimes be.

I never pursued the photography and got a “real” job once I left school and started dry stone walling for a local family company for five or so years which was a great craft to learn. For the next ten years I worked in the civil engineering industry for a couple of nationwide companies as a ganger (in charge of a small gang of men) which was a great opportunity to develop leadership skills, although it involved long hour and hard work, it was something that I really enjoyed, being part of a

I always had a love for photography, capturing the moment, o.k. maybe not a full understanding of exposure

These days everyone has a camera, be it on your phone, ipad whatever, I’m not that old (36) but the one thing you can’t get back are them times.

team and having to make decisions on your feet, often to a very tight time scale. All this was brought to an abrupt end early February 2008 when working a night shift on the M6 near Kendal, my colleague and I had just got back into our vehicle on the hard shoulder when we were hit by a 44ton lorry who was also on the hard shoulder, well let me tell you a lorry of that weight travelling at 60mph hitting a stationery vehicle, is not a nice situation to be in, to put it into perspective my colleague’s watch was later found 200meters down the road. After a year of pain killers, physiotherapy and thinking time it was the Lake District fells that rekindled my love with photography. As part of my rehabilitation I took to fell walking, well as we know you can’t get out on the fells without a camera (and other essential kit of course) So the decision was made, I was going to go back to college and learn from start to finish all aspects of photography. Night classes were booked and Kendal College became my Tuesday night for the next twelve months, along with some short courses and odd days here and there. It was then when it turned from a hobby to a passion, and did it get a grip! I couldn’t go anywhere without “framing up” everything that could be a possible photo. All I did was eat, sleep and live photography, it was all about how creative I could be,

CumbrianLocal • 15

whether fixing a camera to a suction mount inside of the car windscreen and driving through Penrith on a long exposure or sitting on the jetty at Ullswater and waiting for the sun to set, I just couldn’t get enough. So that was it Witt-Woo Photography was born, the name “Witt-Woo” certainly not a dull one! Where did it come from, well it’s just a play on my surname Witterick. When I’m not carrying the 6th member of the family (my camera) around with me I can often be found in the forest watching one of my other passion’s which is motorsport or rallying to be exact, more often than not it will be marshalling for local events or volunteering on test days with the M-Sport test team, which I’ve

been involved with for the last nine years, the camera stays at home on these days, it’s purely petrol head fun. When I’m not in the forest I may be in the “pit” covering a festival as an accredited photographer, which again is another pastime of mine, being a music lover and covering a music festival as a photographer is a fantastic job, and seeing your images being published by local and national press makes it even better, it also opens doors and the opportunity to meet some of your musical hero’s. I mean being asked to cover the Radio2 drive time New Years Eve show, at the BBC’s new Media City Studios in Manchester by Red Dwarf and Coronation Street’s Craig Charles was just a once in a lifetime opportunity.

But it not all about just pushing the button on a camera, a lot of my work involves getting out there and meeting a variety of people, whether it be the lady in the cake shop, the car dealer, the CEO of the local supermarket, it’s that social side of things also.

Paul runs Witt-Woo Photography, he has a small studio in Appleby, which is popular with family’s wanting portraits, and he is also available as a wedding and commercial photographer. For more info log onto

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Gowbarrow Fell Peaks & Pathways Nick Wells

Gowbarrow Fell is one of the best known of Lakeland’s smaller fells, mainly because of Aira Force on the beck forming its western boundry. The fell springs from a mass of high ground in the north and takes the shape of a broad wedge, tapering as it falls to Ullswater Lake. The lower slopes are wooded, but low crags and bracken make it difficult to access, except where they are traversed by the many green paths which makes it so popular. About Two miles from Glenridding on the A592 from Penrith, there is a National Park car park on the right, with a sign ‘ Aira Force ‘ on the roadside. Park in here and take the well trodden path passing the money tree and over the bridge, then follow the beck for about half a mile till you reach Aira Force. ( this is the main waterfall of about 50ft aprox ) From here you can either take the path and complete a full circuit back to the car park, or carry on toward Gowbarrow Fell. Heading on up you will pass High Force ( a smaller waterfall ), follow Aira Beck for about half a mile, then turn right towards the summit of Gowbarrow Fell at 1,579

feet. The views from here are spectacular, with Lake Ullswater right in front of you, then from left to right you have Hallen Fell, Beda Fell and Place Fell towering above the the far shores of the Lake. Ther are two paths down from here, one is a short cut back to Aira Force over Green Hill, or the longer path which takes you past the remains of an old shooting box, then down to Yew Crag and through a wooded path back to the car park. This walk is about two and a half to three miles long, depending

Click and Listen Log onto Eden FM radio

on which route you take from Gowbarrow’s summit, and I would grade it as easy. From here I took the very steep descent down a well constructed stone staircase arriving at the Old Green Road very close to the lake. It must be about a two mile walk back to the car from here, so an ice cream from the van along the way was very welcome. I must have walked about four and a half miles in all, and took two and a half hours. I would grade it as easy.

Business Leisure and Pleasure

Cowper Road, Gilwilly Industrial Estate, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 9BN

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Toyota Rav 4 From £22,595.00 CumbrianLocal

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Fortieth anniversary of A Coast to Coast Walk This year marks the fortieth anniversary of the publication of Alfred Wainwright’s Coast to Coast Walk. Since the book was published in 1973, thousands of people from all over the world have followed in Wainwright’s footsteps to make this one of the most popular walking routes in the UK.

interest it puts the Pennine Way to shame.

Following the decision of the local highway authorities in 2012 to grant permission to waymark the route, the Society decided to make the Coast to Coast walk its main beneficiary in 2013. Fundraising from our annual Challenge and sales of the 2014 Society calendar is being used to purchase waymarks and provide information boards at St Bees and Robin Hood’s Bay with the residue being donated to Mountain Rescue Teams that lie along the route of the walk.

‘Plan your own marathon and do something never done before, something you will enjoy, a route that will take you to places often read about but never yet seen.’

The Society’s Challenge in May will involve members in walking to entire route in short sections. As well as raising money for the waymarking of the Coast to Coast, members will record any access problems that they find and these will be reported to the appropriate authority. This route monitoring is part of the Society’s commitment as Responsible Organisation.

Derek Cockell Press & Publicity Officer The Wainwright Society

A Coast to Coast Walk p. v But Wainwright also wanted to encourage others to develop their own routes. In his conclusion, he wrote:

A Coast to Coast Walk, Some Personal Notes in Conclusion p. xiii If you would like to know more about the Society, log on to the website at or email

Following discussions with St Bees Parish Council, it was agreed that the Society would provide an updated information board to be installed on the ‘Wainwright Wall’ at St Bees. The board is going to be unveiled at a ceremony to be held at St Bees during May. A similar board will be installed at Robin Hood’s Bay later in the year. Wainwright was always very proud of his creation and in his introduction to the guidebook he enthused about the route he had devised: ‘The walk commences on the sea-cliffs of St. Bees Head, passes through the heart of Lakeland, and crosses the Westmorland limestone plateau, the Eden Valley and the Pennine watershed, whence it accompanies Swaledale and then aims across the Vale of Mowbray to the Cleveland Hills and North York Moors to end on the sea-cliffs of Robin Hood’s Bay. Surely there cannot be a finer itinerary for a longdistance walk! For sustained beauty, variety and

What is Route 66 England? It is going to be the best guide for the A66 in 2013 Mapping your business potential for the tourism industry At Cumbrian Local, we just don’t create, we innovate……

For more details call 01768 862394 or email Click and Listen ontoevery Edenmonth, FM radio Cumbrian LocalLog Out free to read, no bad news, a positive in your post

Book Now Out July 2013

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20 • CumbrianLocal

The Buzz at the Bank by Lee Quinn

It’s quite possibly the only deposit you could make in the current climate that would give you or your business some real interest. To stress the importance and the need to support bees and honey production in Cumbria, I recently attended a meeting with the Penrith Beekeepers Association and the team at the National Trust Property, Acorn Bank, Temple Sowerby. The project on the table for discussion which the Association and Acorn Bank have been working on is the funding and building of an apiary. In the last year I have researched into where you can buy local honey. It was near on impossible to find. Since then, through my work with the Penrith Co-operative Society in sourcing real local products, which links with the ethos of the Cumbrian Local publication, I have been gathering information on how, in the long term, my business as a small business but with the largest publication through doors in Eden and the North Lakes area, can help. I first met the secretary of the Penrith Bee Keeper Association, Joyce Rich at Dalemain House, on a day dedicated to creating the gardens for bees and I bought some honey. I met with Joyce and John Mills, CEO at the Co-op at her apiary and I was inspired by this. Melanie has been writing regular articles every month about the Bee Keepers season. The Co-op have invested in 10 bee hives that Melanie is now assembling (page 22). Getting back to the Bank, in summary, what the Penrith Bee Keeper association has been raising funds to do is build an apiary at Acorn Bank and have it up and running this summer. It serves as a centre for education, to encourage people to take up the craft, a centre to train and support new bee keepers, whilst under the supervision of the experienced keepers. They want to implement a structure of training for all levels, beginners and more experienced beekeepers in disease recognition, control and pest management .

Create an educational resource for: •

group /branch inspections for PBKA members held at regular intervals during the season

other training programmes including:

introductory training programmes

beginner/ intermediate levels leading to accreditation by the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA)

DEFRA/ BBKA training programmes about disease management and pest control.

Why is this so important? There are many reasons, ranging from the varroa mite and other viruses, to the decline in appropriate plants for foraging; the use of insecticides that reduce the bees natural resilience and importing the wrong bees, that can’t withstand the harsher climatic conditions of Cumbria. There are many more. Think where we would be without the Bee. Would you like to help? Are you a business that would like to sponsor a hive or support the Acorn Bank project. It’s an investment in nature. No guarantees, it’s a bit like the weather, but how sweet the sunshine could be. Please write to

‘Add a Buzz to Your Life’ Wednesday 29th May 2013 10.00 am - 4.30 pm at the Water Mill, Little Salkeld, Penrith, CA10 1NN. A day of Demonstrations, exhibitions and activities suitable for adults and children. Cooking with Honey - John Crouch . Developing a Bee Garden - Maureen Little. Film -The World of the Honeybee - Bee friendly Plants CumbrianLocal

The Out best everyrates month, in advertising, free to read,with no bad the best news, distribution a positive for in your localpost business

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Penrith Co-op Society Honey Project

Ahh, there you are. Article is by Melanie Vincent

What a hideous month that was. The last snow could hardly have had worse timing. I went to check on the bees in mid March and they were all 3 hives were buzzing away happily to themselves. Returning on Easter Day I found 2 hives had died during the last snowfall. They showed all the signs of starvation, even though they had plenty of stores as well as a feeder full of Ambrosia (the liquid feed which is as close to honey as humans can make) so that wasn’t why, it was old age. Most of the bees had been laid by the queen as eggs in september and october last year, so were roughly 6 months old. Ancient in bee years. Bees have an average life span of 6 weeks but over winter they are expected to live through to the spring. Some always die, but most pull through until the queen starts laying again. Unless there is a nectar flow, the queen will not lay eggs. There are plants which produce nectar and pollen during the winter months, but not enough to keep the queen happy. After the length of last winter it isn’t surprising that many bees simply couldn’t hold on any longer. If there are too few bees then there isn’t enough heat generated inside the hive and they all get too cold and die. So, I still have one hive which is ‘bouncing’ as my friend Mr. B would say. Plenty of baby bees, stacks of pollen going in, presumably stacks of nectar too, but the bees carry that in their tummies which isn’t as obvious to the casual observer. Hopefully the hive will do so well that I will be able to take a split (a type of fake swarm) off them in a few weeks. Fingers crossed. I had a look inside the hive for the first time yesterday and it all looks great. Lots of eggs, just hatched eggs, larvae in different stages and capped brood waiting to hatch, as well as new fluffy bees.

The Co-Op’s hives have arrived from the makers in the Peak District. 6 large boxes full of 10 cedar wood hives. Hopefully they should last for a long time without any form of paint or preservatives. Bees don’t like anything that smells like wood preservatives and many are not bee friendly. Lets hope I can locate enough swarms to fill them all! It will take a few days to build the hives but I do need some space to do it in. Which brings me back to the shed saga. Putting the roof on required help from a friend for a couple of hours but the rest of the building I put up on my own. I took pictures and put them on my facebook page jokingly calling it ‘Shed Wars’. Maybe I was tempting fate. The wind in the last few days has been blowing so hard that the shed tried to make a quick getaway through the back fence. The upshot is that I now have to dismantle the shed in order to put it back on the base properly and then rebuild it. Then properly bolt it down. I can’t quite decide if the shed or the wind is in my bad books. Maybe both. Until next time.

If you would like a friendly no


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93 001

w.r efl


6 017


Window Film & Tinting


for Conservatories, Offices, Shops, Public Buildings, Commercial Premises and Vehicles

We are the premier provider of window film and tinting solutions in Cumbria for solar film, security film, safety film, frosted effects and vehicles. t 1SPUFDU GSPN UIF TVO t &MJNJOBUF IBSNGVM 67 SBZT t 3FEVDF glare, reflection and fading t &OIBODF BQQFBSBODF t 3FEVDF IFBU CVJME VQ BOE IPU TQPUT t *ODSFBTF TBGFUZt *ODSFBTF TFDVSJUZ t 'SPTUFE &UDIFE (MBTT FGGFDUT t *ODSFBTF QSJWBDZ t 4BWF FOFSHZ

Reduce Heat & Glare in commercial premises

Reduce Heat & Glare in conservatories

Protect stock and reduce fading in shop windows

There has never been a better time to invest in solar

Love Solar has an unrivalled track record for customer service, quality products and competitive prices, with over 350 solar PV installations across Cumbria. We are a local company employing local installers and trades, carrying out local installations. Our reputation is everything; over 75% of our business comes from referrals from our happy customers.

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01768 899 722

Fe e EX de d i TE ad n T 1s ND lin ar t J E e iff ul D y! to

Solar PV is the best investment you can make with an Annual Return on Investment of over 17%. That’s an earning and saving of over £1,000 per year!

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Sound and Vision By John Stewart

When I was growing up in Dundee in the seventies, long before MP3 players and instant access to music we would save up our pocket money and once a week make a trip to the record shop and buy a single; one small piece of vinyl, two sides of a musician’s thoughts. Then the bus ride home till at last you could slip that record onto the turntable and play the song, play it till you knew all the words and your parents were shouting to turn the damn music down. Friday nights when we’d meet up with friends and bring those records to sit and listen and talk about the music, girls, school, football, girls, the music and yes you’ve guessed it girls. The radio is like an extension of that except, I come to your place and I bring all the music and now I talk about the cinema and the world and time and still the music. So who wouldn’t want to have two hours to play some great songs, to talk to friends old and new, to reach out and share the gift of music? Pretentious? Maybe, but I think radio has such a deep connection with people, it goes with us, shares our time, makes us smile changes our day helps our

troubles slip away. Nine years in the RAF, fourteen running a shop, seven years working in the Public Sector, time spent on hospital radios you could say I like to serve the community and hopefully I’ll continue to do that with Eden FM for many years to come. Forty years on nothing’s changed really, songs still hit the spot, still start the feet tapping, air guitar playing, singing along. Three minutes of escapism, memories of a kiss, first loves and lost loves, nights out, holidays and homes.

Music is the key that unlocks the door. Hopefully my show, Sound and Vision Wednesday’s 6 to 8pm, is a mixture of old memories and new ones waiting to happen. The show has been going nearly a year now and when I look back at all the music I’ve played it seems like a drop in the ocean of what’s still to come. I’ll play it all any genre any era as long as it tells a story or makes you dance or smile or cry. Of course there is a drawback to all this, you have to listen to me talk between the songs, but hey, send me a request and it could be you I’m talking about.

Log on Wednesday 6 pm - 8 pm for Sound and Vision Show sponsored by The Alhambra Cinema t ou ily oc m Cr e fa th

37 Middlegate, Penrith, CA11 7PT Tel: 01768 891383 Mon-Thurs 9.30-5.30 Fri-Sat 9.00-5.30


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t: 01768 865185 e: North Lakes Hotel & Spa, Ullswater Road, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 8QT *Terms and conditions apply. £75 is per person. One gift per customer. Subject to availability. Products included in this gift are 3ml-15ml trial sizes. Offer applies to new treatment bookings only and cannot be applied retrospectively. The last date to purchase this offer is 25th May 2013.


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Having a barbecue? Need some Gas? Need some charcoal?

Welcome to Ullswater Road Garage • 24 Hour Breakdown Recovery • Vehicle Diagnostics • Car Wash/Jet Wash • Petrol Forecourt - With LPG • Convenient and easy parking Situated east of Junction 40 on the A592 (Ullswater Road), which takes you into Penrith, we have the garage, which is convenient for all your everyday and weekly essentials and more. If you’re on holiday, you don’t want to be in a supermarket car park or queue. Save that moment for when you get home. Self catering, camping and those provisions for your day out or your walk.

OPENING TIMES Sunday 8am - 24 hours Monday 24 hours

Dairy, cooked meats, bakery, ready meals, pies, pastries, pizzas, sandwiches, fruit, veg and salad are all available. Everyday non perishables, non foods, pet foods, beers, wines and spirits and soft drinks are also available. Is it just like a supermarket? Well the prices are but the car parking and queuing aren’t, so drive in and fill up!

Tuesday 24 hours

Buy as you need, top up when your buying your daily read!

Friday close 10pm

Newspapers and magazines, special offers throughout the summer. Your oasis for this summer is Ullswater Road Garage

Saturday 7am - 10pm

Wednesday 24 hours Thursday 24 hours

Ullswater Road, Penrith Tel: 01768 864546


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