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Confusion over stolen

February 6, 2014

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The marriage is all over now


MONEY >> Partial amount retrieved by police has still not been returned NOKULUNGA NGOBESE



tokvel members of the Masisukume club are angry that the police have still not returned their money which was stolen from them, despite having arrested some members of the club. The KwaDambuza club was robbed of R184 000 last year December. At the time, The Witness reported that curry powder was wrapped in a handkerchief and was placed on Jabulani Mdlalose’ s face in order to distract him. Mdlalose (56) was in the company of two stokvel members when the incident happened. It was later established, through another member, that Mdlalose was allegedly himself behind the robbery, and had

shared the savings with four other members. Stokvel members said that despite a confession, and an amount of R80 000 having been retrieved, police say that only R19 000 was given to them and the suspects have since been released. Boni Zuma told Echo that many of the members do not even have food or money to send their children back to school, as they were relying on this money. “What is even more painful is that we see these people everyday and we even have recorded conversations of their confessions. We were due R10 000 each. We are now struggling because of a robbery. The most painful thing is to see the fruits of our labour going down the drain just like that, and it will be a criminal offence if we take the law into our own hands,” said Zuma.

The members said that it was agreed that the three allegedly guilty members were to be transported by a meter taxi after withdrawingtheamount,butMdlalose allegedly later changed plans at the last minute. They claim that the police retrieved R80 000 in Sobantu. To date, even the R19 000 that the police claim to have recovered has not been given back to the club. When contacted by Echo, Mdlalose said that the money had been stolen by criminals, and he is currently working at a farm so that he can pay it back. SAPS spokesperson Captain ThulaniZwanesaid:“Atthisstage, the case is still under investigation. Police are obtaining evidence and on completion of the investigation, the case will be submitted to the Senior Public Prosecutor (SPP) for a decision.”


DA Leader Helen Zille and her Agang counterpart, Dr Mamphele Ramphele, kissed to mark their political marriage last Tuesday. However, it ended five days later when parties failed to agree on issues, such as Ramphele taking a DA membership card. There was also unhappiness from some Agang members who said they were not consulted by Ramphele before she agreed to be the DA’s presidential candidate ahead of the elections this year.


February 6, 2014



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WITH a total number of 562 112 pupils who wrote the National Senior

Aids Help: 033 394 4444 Aids Hotline (tollfree): 080 001 2322 Gift of the Givers Careline: 033 342 2239/080 078 6786 Alcoholics Anon: 086 143 5722 or 033 345 6795 Famsa: 033 342 4945 Childline: 080 005 5555 Forest Fires: 033 330 8421 Safe City report crime via SMS: 083 767 7233 SPCA: 033 386 9267


TELEPHONE 033 355 1247 EDITOR CLASSIFIEDS 033 355 1343 REPORTER POST PO Box 362, PMB, 3200 COMPLAINTS 033 346 2156

Interview tips for job seekers


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Certificate examinations in 2013, only 61.4% qualified for admission to higher education. One of the main challenges that school-leavers are now facing is their first job interviews, said Dale Carnegie director of sales Neville De Lucia. Dale Carnegie Training is arguably the world’s most famous corporate training programme in Gauteng. The organisation provides internationally-renowned and accredited training to the corporate and private sectors, with the aim of equipping delegates with the skills necessary to


Scottsville: Central: Northdale:

033 386 1029 033 342 1200/(a/h) 033 346 0550 033 387 1681

improve their performance in the workplace. According to De Lucia, it is importanttonotethatsecuringaninterview is only half the effort. Once the door is open, portray the internal confidence and competencies externally. “Often we get so excited about the interview that the only preparation we do is the congratulatory high five to our parents or close friends. The objective is for you to indicate how you are a fit to the potential employer’s corporate environment.

“The first thing is to show your assertiveness.Itsimplymeansspeaking up and voicing your opinion when it is uncomfortable to do so. Give examples of how you overcame obstacles in your school environment, or at a present or past job you had as a scholar. Secondly, voice your skills with examples. Show the interviewers you have all these skills and arecapableoflearningthingsquickly. Communicate these in a calm and confident manner, without coming across as arrogant,” he said. Listening to your interviewer will



PORT Minister Fikile Mbalula has bashed on the national soccer team and called its players a bunch of losers. He said this at a press conference after the team were defeated 3­1 against Nigeria last Sunday in the 2014 African Nations Championship. NOMPENDULO NGUBANE finds out what people think of the minister’s remarks.

Thando Hadebe “I don’t support what the minister said. He has never been on the soccer field, played soccer or felt the tension of being on the soccer field. It would have sounded better if somebody else had made such a statement, it is disappointing to hear it coming from the minis­ ter.”

Sbongumusa Zondi “It was a good thing to say and the minis­ ter was right to say that in public. It will teach others a lesson to at least work hard if they know they are joining the national team. They earn so much money and yet they have lost the passion of being on the field. All they care about is the money they are paid at the end of the month.”

Siyanda Zondi “He did the right thing by making that statement. Our team has let us down in numerous games. Developing soccer at a lower level might better our squad. If they can look at soccer from a lower level, there is a lot of talent that could be discovered and that could be another way of uplifting the national team.”

Nhlakanipho Mbhense “It was not right for the minister to say such harsh words in public. The truth is, there is no different way Bafana Bafana would play their soccer. The kind of soccer they are playing is the kind of soccer that they know and it ends there. There won’t be change and people should accept that and move on.”

tell you about the job description and their corporate atmosphere. Listen attentively and show you are interested, said De Lucia. “Ask questions; always ask a question or two during the interview. They want to know you are inquisitive and not afraid to ask questions. Relax before the interview starts and make small talk with the interviewer to put yourself at ease. “You could talk about a sport that interests you, the summer holiday you have just had or a big event that just happened,” he said.

Strike leaves patients stranded NOKULUNGA NGOBESE >> HUNDREDS of patients collecting ARV treatment from the East Street Clinic at the corner of East and Boom streets were left stranded last week as staff dispatching the medication went on strike. Frustrated patients who spoke to the Echo said that they were not notified about the strike, and stayed for hours without getting assistance. One pa­ tient,whodidnotwanttobeidentified, saidtheclinicopensasearlyas7.30am, but they stayed till midday without be­ ing told what was going on. “Even those working at the filing sec­ tion were not there. If you are on ARV treatment, you cannot risk defaulting on the medication. Some of us have had our last pill, with the hope that we will get treatment and only to leave without,” she said. Another patient, who had come to col­ lect his medication, said that when he arrived at 7.30am, nobody showed up until9am,andthentheyweretoldthat the staff was on a ‘go slow’. “When you are on treatment, you have to eat. Some of us did not bring lunch and by the time we got assistance, we were already too hungry. Some of us missed work with the hope that we will get our treatment, and we have to make some other plan to collect our medication,” he said. An inside source said that although they have come up with a system to write the name of the pills inside pa­ tients’ files so that they can collect for themselves, they are concerned that some of the patients will take the wrong medication.Officials at the Department of Health were not availa­ ble for comment at the time of going to print.



Hundreds of ARV patients were left stranded last week as work­ ers at the Easte Street clinic went on strike.

BLUE Models Agency offers modelling courses for males and females regardless of their age, gender and race. All classes are offered by experts in every subject. For more information contact Bengs Nkosi at 083 526 1780 or email: bcankosi@web­ *** BONKE abesibongo sakwaMncwabe bacelwa ukuba baphelele emhlanganwe­ ni wabo ozokuba kwaMama uMaNdlovu Mncwabe eNhlazatshe ngeSonto lona leli ngo­9 ekuseni. Ngeminye imininingwane kungathintwa uJoice Mncwabe ku­076




THOLAKELE umfanyana obekusolwa ukuthi wagqitshwa ngunina emva kokuduka ngoncibijane ngonyaka odlule. Lokhu kungemumva kokuba umphakathi wase France e-phase 2 uvuke umbhejazane washo ukumqeda uNkk. Zodwa Shelembe ngoLwesithathu ngesonto eledlule bemsola ngokuthi wagqiba umfanyana wakhe uSphesihle Shelembe (10). Amahemuhemu asabalala kwaba ngawokuthi umfanyana wakhe wadutshulwa epulazini ayeye kontshontsha kulo umoba wabe esefakwa edamini. Emva kwalokho abangani bakhe bakhipha isidumbu edamini basiyisa kunina nowabe esemgqiba, lokho kwasabalala emphakathini. Amaphoyisa esiteshi sase-Alexandra amdedele uShelembe emva kokungatholi bufakazi obunqala mayelana nokuduka noma nokubulawa kwendodana yakhe. Ongudadewabo uNkk. Busi Ngubo usekuqinisekisile ukuthi indodana kaShelembe iyaphila futhi isezandleni eziphephile zosonhlalakahle. “Umntwana uyaphila futhi uphephile ezandleni zosonhlalakahle,” kusho uNgubo. UShelembe uqhutshwe umphakathi ukuba ayokhomba lapho egqibekhonaindodanaemvakokuthi kuthiwe uzivumela yena ukuthi uyigqibile indodana yakhe. Ngokuchaza kukaNgubo,uShelembeutheisizathu esenzaukubaavumeintoengekhoingoba wayewusaba umphakathi. Okhulumela amaphoyisa uKapteni Thulani Zwane, ngaphambi kokufika kwezindaba zokutholakala komfana, uthe okwenze adedelwe uShelembe ukungabikho kobufakazi obuveza ukuthi indodana yakhe yab-

Isibhedlela i­Edendale sigubha engu­60

699 7754 noma uBhekizitha ku­072 802 0971. *** KUCELWA bonke abantu ababesebenza eCorobrik (Magenqe) ukuba beze emh­ langanweni wabo ozokuba e­493 Boom street eduze kwaseMatsheni ngeSonto lona leli ngo 10 ekuseni. Shayela Mzwandile Zuma ku­074 562 2812 noma uMJ Ngubane ku­072 966 3087. *** KUFUNWA ubaba kaSphumelele Nene ozalwa uThulisile Bongumusa Nene on­ gasekho endaweni yaseNew Hanover.

Shayela usonhlalakahle uHlengiwe Mso­ mi ku­033 502 0074. *** KUFUNWA ubaba kaTholakele Dlamini. Kuphinde kufunwe ubaba kaDenica Maseko. Onolwazi akashayele usonhla­ lakahle uNobuhle Madlala ku­033 342 8971. *** KUFUNWA abazali baSbusiso Mthombeni eCommunity of Jesus Com­ panion eNew Hanover. uSbusiso wazalwa ngo­2001 kanti umama wakhe wamshiya esibhedlela azalelwa kuso. Onolwazi

akashayeleusonhlalakahleuTNkomoku­ 033 502 0074. *** KUFUNWA ubaba kaMbulelo Mhlungu ozalwa uTholakele Gladys Mhlungu on­ gasekho emhlabeni. Onolwazi akathinte usonhlalakahle uPhiliswa Zungu ku­033 505 0084 noma uJabulile Mhlugu ku­073 043 4073. *** KUFUNWA ubaba ka­Aphelele Bongeka noLuvulwethu Lonathemba Gasa aba­ zalwauThembekileAngelineGasaongas­ ekho. Shayela ku­033 502 0074.

February 6, 2014





IZAZISO Send your notices to Echo or e­ mail photos to

Utholakele umfana ‘owagqitshwa unina’ >> Utholakale ephila emva kokuba umphakathi usole unina ngokuthi umgqibile

UMNTWANA UYAPHILA FUTHI UPHEPHILE EZANDLENI ZOSONHLALAKAHLE ulawa. UZwane uthe lokhu kudale ukuba uShelembe adedelwe emva kokuphonswa imibuzo amaphoyisa futhi alikho icala elivuliwe. UMnu. Mduduzi Hlongwane osekomitini lewadi nokunguyena umphakathi oweza kuyena ukuzobika lolu daba, uthe uShelembe wazivumela ngokwakhe ukuthi ingane uyigqibile. “Wasithatha namanye amalungu omphakathi wasiyisa ebhilijini eliwelela eFrance liye eMbali Unit 15 nalapho afike akhomba ukuthi ingane uyigqibe khona. “Kuthe siselapho washintsha wathi asiye eMbali Unit 1 lapho kuhlala khona lezi zingane ezihlala emg-

waqeni. Wafike wathi ingane uyigqibe lapho nalapho futhi sangathola lutho. Nguyena futhi owasho nodaba lokuthi isidumbu somntwana salethwa kuyena abangani bendodana yakhe. Waphinde wathi isidunbu safika kuyena sesingenazo ezinye izicubu zomzimba,” esho uHlongwane. Ikhansela lewadi uMnu. Bongani Dlomo uthe into eyenza ukuthi umphakathi udaba uluthathele phezulu ingoba uShelembe unezigigaba eziningi ezingezinhle. Ukucacisile ukuthi uma umphakathi wase France kukhona osuke ukwenza uhlangene uye umbize. “Ngiye ngibe khona nami ukuze ngiqaphe isimo ukuthi abadlebeleki yini, esho uDlomo.

KUZOTHI ngo-1 March isibhedlela iEdendale sibe nomgubho weminyaka engama-60 sisebenza. Kulindeleke ukuthi izikhulu zikahulumeni zibe kulo mcimbi oyingqophamlando kwiSifundazwe sakwaZulu-Natal. Okhulumela lesi sibhedlela uSamkeMncubeutheukulungiselelausuku olukhululangomhlaka1March2014, kuzokuba nezifundo ezilandelayo ukufundisa nokukhumbuza ngom-

lando omuhle owakhiwa isibhedlela kule minyaka engama-60: •First lecture 1954 - 1974 kuzoba nomatron wokuqala omyama owaqala ukuqeqeshwa eEdendale njengomhlengikazi ngabo-1955, umama uMaud Monaheng ozokhuluma ngo-5 February 2014, ngo-11 am, eEdendale Hospital Nurses Home Hall


UNkk. Zodwa Shelembe efakwa emotweni yamaphoyisa eyophenywa maye­ lana nokuduka kwendodana yakhe uSphesihle Shelembe oneminyaka eyishu­ mi.

•Second lecture 1974 – 1994 kube nomhlonishwa u Dokotela Z Mkhize (ANC National Treasury General) owaqeqeshwakhonalae-Edendaleubudokotela. Uzokhuluma ngo-12 February 2014 ngo-11 am eEdendale Hospital nurses home hall •Third lecture 1994 – 2014. kube wuDkt.PPHargovanosebenzakhona esibhedlela ngo-19 February 2014

Entries for schools’ museum competition now open ECHO REPORTER



Lungelo Madlala from Carter High School was at the official launch of the Museum Passport competition at the Old Prison Museum in Burger Street last Friday.

ATTRACTIVE prizes, including a photocopier, digital projector and printer, are up for grabs for the winning school in the 2014 Museum Passort competition which was lauched last Friday. Winning pupils will get shopping vouchers, movie tickets, books, sunglasses, McDonalds food vouchers, stationary packs and much more. Thecompetitionwaslaunched at the Old Prison Museum in Burger Street. The competition, established in 2009 serves as an inventive way to get foot traffic throughthedoorsofthemuseums in the city. “The emphasis of this competition is to allow pupils the opportunity to access the resources that

the local museums have, and to offer to them an enriching learning experience,” said Viranna Frank of the KwaZulu-Natal Museum. It is now open and the KZN Museum, Old Prison Museum, Msunduzi Museum and PMB Tourism are eagerly waiting for schoolstomaketheirbookingsfor visits. Since, there are only four participating institutions this year, it is now more practical for schools to visit all in one day. The competition ends in May this year, so any school wanting to participate may collect their set of passports from any of the participating institutions. Schools have to visit all four places and stamp no more than 100 passports per school to qualify. Bookings must be made at each institution.

ngo 11 am. “Simema bonke abanethuba nabake basebenza lapha e-Edendale Hospital ukuthi beze bazolalela lezi zingxoxo ezakhayo nezinomlando ngesibhedlela sethu,” kusho uMncube.

481 Hoosen Haffejee Street, Pietermaritzburg, 3201 E&O.E Tel: 033 345 7775 / 033 345 6725 • Fax: 033 342 0714 Fax: 086 763 1038 • Delivery can be arranged OPEN ON SUNDAYS AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS 7 am-12 noon

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4 450 Church Street PMB (opp. Asmalls) • Tel: 033-345 3130

Your Pharmacy of Choice ACCU-CHEK


February 6, 2014



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January 16, 2014



Better schools to offer help to the worst ones PHUMLANI MFEKA






SPF 60



Underperforming schools will not be the only ones to roll up their sleeves and work harder, but also those that did well last year. KwaZulu–NatalHeadofthe EducationDe­ partment, Dr. Nkosinathi Sishi, said that schools that performed well will be now facing a targeted 100% pass rate in 2014. Sishi said those schools (that did well) will again be given the task of adopting un­ derperforming schools to mentor them so that they can produce better results.

He said the department has decided to in­ crease the average pass mark from 60% to 77,4% for all schools. According to him, schools that perform un­ der 35% will be regarded as schools at risk in terms of the South African Schools Act. “The principals of the schools that find themselves in this category will have to write to the head of the department to declare a turnaround strategy and it must be successful.All the schools that have performed well in the province are now forced to set a new target of a 100%

pass rate and 100% exemptions will be resources to the schools that need them. now targeted. We had 3 200 schools that were supplied All subject advisors will also adopt the with resources. We will continue with sup­ schools that perform below the 77,4% av­ plying the maths and science kits to erage pass rate. They will target specific schools that need them,” he said. commercial subjects that did not do well School Governing Body (SGB) chairper­ .” said Sishi. He said that maths and sci­ son, Reginald Chiliza, said they will have a ence are still the main targeted subjects. meeting where they will evaluate “The department will continue with that the matric results. programme and the principals have to “We will decided on the role we can play mentoreachother.Ourtask ofdealing with in helping the schools that underper the schools that lack ­ resources is still formed. We will do this jointly with the de­ a process. We are dealing with supplying partment of education,” said Chiliza.

Youth must look to the Seme legacy to realise their immense potential

ORGOTTEN like an ocean treasure, by minds inflicted with convenient amnesia, the people yearn for unspoke n history, whose imminent discover y fills many with terror, like the African Sun rises to shine in its glory, so shall we realise the vision we discover in a Doctor of Law arriving in South Afri- the political, economic and the ka Seme story’. social afca on a ship shortly. Indeed, in those What we as young Africans in Pixley ka Isaka Seme was an absofairs of their own land, and thus days,themainmeansofinternational South Africa today must learn from lute genius, to the extent that he tranembarked on a national campaig transport was by sea. And so on hearn thispart ofthePixleySeme story,fir scended 100 years into the future and stwhere he effectively mobilised tradiing of Seme’s imminent arrival, Afrily, is the reality that quality education today serves as an inspiration tional leaders, African academics, to cans and others flocked to plays a fundamental role in the life the sea intellectuals young Africans globally. When Seme of and professi onals shore to meet this extraordinary young Africans that intend on realiswas schooling in Inanda, the Ameriaround this idea of his of forming South African native. a ing their full potential. can Board of Missionaries soon South African Native Nationa l The white We also establis learn hment from Seme’s had no Congress. The 31–year–old realised that this little boy was not most Seme’s significant achievement, choice but to accept him for what that the only intelligent, but also precocio tour-de-force in succeeding to unite us, credentials he bore, because unity of Africans has the potentia educa- under one roof all the tribes industrious and well rounded in l to of South- achieve everything. His his tion is about documentary proof refusal to be and ern Africa: Zulu, Tonga, God fearing ways, and they subseThembu, a judge in a system that nothing else, not even colour of skin. deliberately quently arranged for him to go to the Pedi, Swazi etc, who agreed with him, Thedocumentaryevidenceinhisposeconom ically margina lises his own Mount Hermon School in Massach that the anti–tribal and unifying u- session buttressed only one people, yet creates an exceptio thing – Congress should be formed setts in the USA. and we him in those years, elucidat n for PixleySemewas extremelyintelligent es his This is where the giant that lay know for certain that Seme was doing and in him there was already a judge principled posture which we certainwithin young Seme was awakened. somethingthatnootherhumanbeing in waiting to serve the community ly, as young Africans, must emulate in before had done in a colonial He travelled a number of times in . South court. Pixley ka Seme was young when his efforts to study further, and thus Africa. Pixley then decides to appeal When he was asked to stay in Cape he founded the ANC, however spent a considerable amount of time he to someone and says: “Uncle, I’m culTown and be a judge, Seme respond exhibits impeccable humility and in England. In the United States, turally still too young to lead these selflessn he ed by saying “I am sorry but essinthewakeofmonumena Cape nations as president and was awarded the George William the Zulu tal power, by his gesture Town judge is the last thing I have to his uncle Curtis Medal by Colombia Univers in culture anyway demands that ity, mind for my role. My aim in the John Langalibalele Dube to coming hunter boy must hand be foundwhich is the institutions highest over his first ing president instead of back to Africa was to get a reconne him. Highly oratorical honour for his ‘The Regenc- passerine kill to seniors (“Inyoni educated as he was, he tion with the burial place of my umbilwas able to eration of Africa’ address. ishayelwa abakhulu”) and I have got maintain his respect for his ical cord”. culture, Upon his return, there was much this bird in the hand called the South He saw the unity of Africans as a his people and elders for he underabuzzin CapeTown–ablackman and African Native National Congress for stood very clearly that self-dete solution to this exclusion of natives in you, uncle”. rmination is married with self-knowl-

edge. The immense potential among the youth of South Africa will only be realised through quality education and economic liberation. The two are intertwined, interdependent and can never be separated! The plight of young Africans in South Africa calls for urgent and radical action that will see Africans own, manage and control the economy of their native land. This and more can be achieved if only we, the youth of this country, could follow in the footsteps of our forefathers who gathere d in 1912 to put aside our differences and unite under the banner of complete liberation, which is centered on economic freedom. As the youth we are left with the task of ensuring that a completely liberatedAfricanpeopleasenvisagedby Seme, and others after him, become s a reality in our lifetime. We all need to simply declare that ‘We are Africans , and we set our pride in our race against a hostile public opinion. Lala ngoxolo Sinono, isikhathi sokuthi kuhlakule thina sesifikile!

IKLONYELISWE ngomfaniswano webhola isikole samabanga aphezulu Intabende endaweni yaseNcwadi. Lokhu kwenziwe i-Themba Njilo Foundation ikhombisa ukuhlabeka umxhwele Ibhungu (19) litholene phezulu nenhlwath i layingqoba ngesenzo somfundi walesi siskole uDela- NOMPENDULO NGUBANE ni Dlamini (19) otholane phezulu nenyoka >> ekhanda nalapho ngabe sengitho la ithuba lokuyigwaza emsileni UDelani Dlamini zabe U laseNcwadi liqophe uminhlwathi ngenyanga kaDisemba ngonyaka landoIBHUNG sezikhwela phezu kwayo izinja emsilewasendaweni ngesikhathi libulala inhlwathi ni. Yalwa yaseNcw yaphinde yaphakamisa adi (19) ebisimise ikhanda mpo ilungele ukuodlule wagcina ngokuyibulala. ikhanda izama ukuhlasela okwesib onqobe inhl­ gadla kulo. ili, ngayigwaza ikhanda ngase ngigxob wathi ebulawe UDelani Dlamini (19) ongumfundi a UDelani waze wayinqoba inhlwathi nge- webang umkhonto ngonyawo ukuqinisekisa izikhathi ezin­ alesishagalombiliesikolenisaukuthi ungene tathu ngapham shi ­ umkhonto mabanga aphakeme eNtabende kwasiwombe sesithathu lapho ayinqamula Dayisa ekhand a,” elanda. bi kokuthi igcine eNcwadi uthi ubonga umhlamUqhube wathi ngokwenzenjalo ifile nya. bi wezinja zakhe ezingu 11 ayeham ba khona ikhanda. kwaba ukusinqoba isiwombe sokuqal nazo nokuyizona ezimsindise empini a ngokuyi bopha ikhanda ngentambo yakhe nehlwathi ebingamamitha amayayiboshelwe NgokuchazakukaMnu.ThembaNjiloon- athathu kuwo umkhonto nohhafu ubude. ayewuphethe. aiphephandaba iEchouthe gumsumnguli we Themba Njilo Founda- lokhuElandis “Ngayithwala ngaya nayo ekhaya kwenzeke ngenyanga kaDisemnalapho ubaba uSheshafike Dlamini ba ngonyaka odlule khona endawe , ni ophethe endaweni, wathi angime tion ekhuluma nabafundi balesi sikole yaseNcw adi kwaDayisa ngasezintabengapha ndle nayo ngingangeni egcekeni ezimbili. Uthe isigameko senzeke ni. Bagcwala ibala abantu bezobuk ngolweSine khona endaweni yaseNcwadi, ngesikh athi esendleleni ehlathini eya, yaqala yashintsha imibala iveza imibaolanda izinkomo ngezikhathi zehora la ehlukene. ubuqhawe bukaDelani bubahlabe umxh- lesibili ntambama. “Yavele yavuka yaphinda yabheka Echaza uDlamini uthe lesisehlakaphezulu, babaleka abantu ngaphin wele. lo asihlukile nokuphunyuka emlonye de ni ngayigwaza futhi. Lana izulu ebusuku wengwenya njengoba inhlwathi emvakwalokho, savukaekusenisathoUNjilo uthe akuyena noma ubani ongen- yayisizimiseleukugadlakuyenakodlena wa la ukuthi isanyak aza nokwagcina wagcina eyinqobile. ngokuthi ngiyalwe ukuthi ngiyinqu za into eyenziwa uDlamini kanti bona nokho“Ngaqal me a ukuthi ngisole ukuthi ikhanda,” esho uDlamini. kukhona okushaya amanzi ngeUthe emva kweseh njengeThemba Njilo foundation babone sikhathi lakalo uke izinja zami zikhonkotha into waphup ha kabi ephupha inyoka engapheli ngesikhathi sesiqala sihamkodwa kwaba into edlulayo. “Nangekuyinto enhle ukuthi bazohlomulisa isikole bela endaweni ekhuphukayo. Ngesikhathi sengibhekene nayo inyoka sikhathi zikhonkotha sasiqhubeka nolwaba khona uvalo oluncane kodwa ngomsebenzi omuhle walo mfundi weban- hambo kodwa ngokubona ukuthi ukukwakuphakathi kokuthi ngiyalwa khonkotha kwazo ngabe sengibh noeka ma ngiyayiyeka igadle kuphele ngami,” ga lesithupha (grade 8). izinja emva kwami. ephetha uDlamini. Okhulumela ezeM“Ngathi ngiphakamisa amehlo ami velo Wildlife uMnu. Musa Mntamb Njengenye yezinto ehlale iyisiko uma ngaphambili ngabona ngayo inhlwathi o utheinhlwathiyinyokaengenabungozi isiphakamise nokwakucaca ebantwini kanti ize igadle uma kuneiThemba Njilo Foundation ihambele ukuthi yayisizoikhanda gadla. Kwangicacela sidingo salokho. ukuthi ukubaleka ngeke kuze kungi“Lolu hlobo lwenyoka lugadla izikole, abafundi baphinde bahlomula kuphela uma lusuke luphazamisekile ngeziyalo. Okubalulekile ukuphuma esixukwini ungafuni ukufana neningi, kubeka yena. “Into ebalulekile ukugxila nasekunakekeleni imfundo yenu njangabantu abasha. Okuvele kuhluphe kakhulu laphaentsheniukuthiijahaizintozabantuabadaBAFIKE ngobuningi babo abazali bezingane zesikole ngoba udaba oselusezandleni zamaphoyisa. Okunye la okunokubheka imfundo nekusasa,” eqhusamabanga aphansi iMbubu eSweetwaters emhlan­ okuvelile ngalo mhlangano ukuthi othisha abazange ba. ganweni obubizwe umhloli uMnu. Sandile Zondi banikwe ithuba lokuphawula noma kube nemibuzo UDelani uthe ujabule kakhulu ngokuthi ngeSonto ekuseni. Kulo mhlangano bekubuthene abayibuzayo. isikole sakhe siqhakambiswe ngenxa Okunyeokwavezwaomunyewabazaliukuthiothisha othisha, abazali namalungu esigungu sesikole. yesenzo sakhe. Uthe lokhu ubengakulinIphephandaba i­ Echo lithole ukuthi kulo mhlangano bashintshwe bonke esikoleni. Lokho ukuhlabe dele kanti futhi ubengazi ukuthi kuzobunkudedelwe inkundla kubazali ukuthi baphonse imi­ wakuhlikiza uZondi wathi ngeke kuze kwenzeke. gazwa ubuqhawe bakhe. Umthombo waleli phephandaba udalule ukuthi ku­ buzo ababefisa ukuphenduleka kuyona mayelana “Ngiyajabula kakhulu ngesenzo seThemba nalesi sikole esesizakhele udumo ngezindaba zepoli­ nomzali owalibeka ngembaba ukuthi ingxabano Njilo Foundation. Asibancinyane nathi siyesikoleni idalwa uthisha oyisekela owafika kulesi tiki yangaphakathi esikoleni. isikole Intabende. Sizijabulele kakhulu Kuzokhumbuleka ukuthi iphephandaba i­Echo liqale sikole kwase kuzwakala ukuthi nguyena ozoba uthis­ ngezipho abasinike zona, Siyabonga kakhulu. ukubika ngezindaba zokungaboni ngaso linye kulesi hanhloko. Nami ngizizwa ngiyiqhawe futhi ngijabule “Nakhona lapho umhloli umchazele lo mzali ukuthi sikole ngosuku lapho izikole zazivulwa khona ngen­ ngalokhu,” kubeka uDelani. yanga edlule, nalapho abazali bamisa nse yonke into ngeke isikole senze omunye uthisha abe nguthis­ Uthishanhloko wesikole uNksz. Nomaxabefuna ukuthi kubhaliswe ngodli izingane ezin­ hanhloko ebe ekhona uThoola enguthishanhloko biso Phoswa uthe ujabule kakhulu. “Kuywesikole. gaphansi kweminyaka evumelekile esikoleni. angithokozisa ukuvelela kwalo mntwana Kuthe kusenjalo ngesonto elilandelayo kwashiswa Ikhansela lendawo uMnu. Mansizwa Sokhela uthe (uDelani)ngalendlela.Uwumntwanaosithanihhovisi likathishanhloko uNkk. Lindiwe Thoola oc­ naye waweyingxenye yomhlangano. Uphinde wathi dayo isikole kodwa osilelayo kakhulu ezifundhazwa ngabanye babasebenzi njengendlovu kay­ wayeyodlala indima yokuqinisekisa ukuthi isimo si­ weni. Uma nje singabheka ibanga akulo kule iphikiswa. Emhlanganweni wangeSonto abazali hamba kahle kanti futhi nabantwana baqhubeke minyaka anayo lokho kuyakhombisa ngokubabe nemibuzo baphinde bafuna ukuchazelwa uku­ nokufunda bangaphazamiseki. sobala ukuthi uyasilela. “Ngingasho ngithi okwamanje isimo sisahamba thi ngabe yini imbangela yokushiswa kwehhovisi lika­ “Ngiyakholelwa ukuthi ukugqama kwakhe thisanhloko. UZondi wacacisa kubazali ukuthi lolu kahle njengoba isikole sisaqhubeka nezingxoxo ngalolu hlobo kuzomgqugquzela kakhulu,” daba ngeke lwaze lwadingidwa kulo mhlangano ngaphakathi,” kubeka uSokhela. kusho uPhoswa. ISITHOMBE:SITHUNYELWE

Bafune izimpendulo ngokusha kwehhovisi eMbubu



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February 6, 2014



Creating a food­rich environment at schools helps to curb hunger.


Schools to learn to grow food JOANNE CARTY (CITIZEN JOURNALISM)


N the 20 years that Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) has been running Eduplant, thousandsofschoolshavelearnedhowtocreate food-rich environments. “Our workshops help schools use the resources that they already have to create permaculture food gardens,” said Joanne Carty, EduPlant programme manager. “One of these workshops is to be held at Ashdown Primary School in Pietermaritzburg on 1 March 2014.” The EduPlant programme is made possible through the generous and committed support of Engen and The Woolworths Trust. “We continue to be inspired by the successful implementation of these sustainable practices, the one at Alabama Primary School in Klerksdorp over the past two years,” said Carty. “A garden is not a nice thing to have – it is essential! Unemployment and poverty is so great in our communities that many children go home to empty kitchens. We use school gardens as a teaching tool to encourage pupils to have food gardens at home,” commented project leader Charlain Strydom. The project at Alabama started when their team attended the EduPlant Cluster workshops, where they gained practical skills in sustainable food gardening. EduPlant is changing the country, one school at a time, and helping schools put food on the table, using cultivation methods that are in harmony with nature. For more information, phone Hazel Moloi at 011 656 9802/3 or 071 865 2942.

KZN enlist help of Cuban doctors


0800 11 8000 900271/E

THE KZN health department has brought in 14 Cuban specialist doctors to practice mostly in rural areas. The doctors, who specialise in plastic and reconstructive surgery, maxillofacial surgery, ear, nose and throat (ENT), urology and generalsurgery,willbeintheprovinceforanunspecified period. Department spokesperson Desmond Motha said the doctors will be around “for more than a year”. MEC for Health Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo introduced the doctors during the official take over of McCord Hospital on Saturday. “This is a result of the Cuba-South Africa agreement to assist us in health care matters and in the production of more doctors. These doctors will ply their services in the rural areas where local specialists refuse to go,” said Dhlomo in a statement. He said the eight South African medical schools produced only 1 200 doctors annually andthatonlyafractionoftheseendupinpublic healthcare institutions. “Until the plus 1 000 medical students sent to Cuba last year come back as qualified doctors, the situation will remain dire for rural communities,” he said. The specialists will practice in the Amajuba, Umgungundlovu, Umzinyathi, Uthungulu and Zululand district municipalities. — Witness Reporters.

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I­DA ne­Agang bangehlelwa ukwethenjwa

February February 6, 6, 2014 2014

edendale edendale

ECHO maritzburg


Umkhulumeli waBantu

Dumisani Zondi


HE word drama refers to action, motion, conflict and resolution of conflict. The Oxford Dictionary of English defines drama as an exciting, emotional, or unexpected event or circumstance. Even breathing alone can be a dramatic act, and so are the acts of walking, sleeping, sitting, dancing, talking, interacting, silence and non-action. There can be no story without drama. We all have our own stories to tell. If everyone has a story that can be described as dramatic, how much more about the story of the self-proclaimed creator of the earth who was the Word that became Man, the Lord Jesus Christ? Hence, one must necessarily expect a lot of drama in the story of the author of life who graced this Earth in the form of a man they called Jesus Christ. People are interested in drama. If you tell ordinary people a story that is full of philosophical quotes and references, you are more than likely going to lose their interest, unless they are intellectually-inclined. The majority of people are not necessarily interested in philosophical or highly intellectual matters. If you want to tell them something that is philosophical or requires them to think deeply and interpret what they are being told, it must be presented by

IMIZAMO ye-DA yokufolosa ngomholi we-Agang uMamphele Ramphele okhethweni kushiye imibuzo yokuthi empeleni ubani obezozuza ngakho. Akukacaci kahle ukuthi yini lena eyenza uRamphele eqale avume ukuhola imkhankaso ye-DA yokhetho njengomuntu ongaba umengameli walo abuye ashaye ingiji-khwebu. Kodwa okucacile nje ukuthi no-

ma ngabe lo mshado uwuphelanga emva kwezinsuku ezinhlanu kodwa wona vele ububonakala ukuthi uyinto ezophela maduze nje, phambi noma emva kwalo ukhetho. Enye into ecacile manje ukuthi kungenzeka ukuthi kukhona amalungu ala maqembu angasabuthembi ubuholi bukaRamphele nowe-DA uHelen Zille. Phela bazithathele lesi sinqumo amalungu engaziswanga.

Why so much drama in the story of Jesus Christ ? someoneforwhomtheyhaverespect, look up to or like. Thestoryyouaretellingmusthave a clear storyline and be in simplified language, (with more action than talking if it is a film script), failing which you risk not being understood by your reader or audience. Christ uses parables, and his followers are interested in hearing what he has to say, not so much becauseheiseasytofathomorunderstand, but because of the person he is, was or always be, as a God in man. Obviously,theywouldnotbeinter-

ested to hear what he has to say if he is not a healer or helper, if he does not raise the dead, if he does not heal the sick, walks on sea water, orders the storm and the wind to be quiet, and duplicates food for the multitudes to eat. In the Holy Bible, his disciples want to know why he uses parables when teaching, effectively suggesting that He is risking not being understood by the ordinary folk. He replies by saying that it does not matter because not many will see heaven after all!

U‘mina’ ulibulele izwe


NGIBEnenhlanhlaemasontweniambalwa adlule okulalela intshumayelo eyethulwe ngomunye wabefundisi abadala osezibeka phansi izintambo, obeshumayela ngobuholi. UMfu Vido Nyobole ongunobhala jikelelewebandlalamaWeseli,iMethodist Church of Southern Africa (MCCSA), usemkhakheni walaba befundisi abangagcini ngokusabisa abantu ngokuthi bayosha esihogweni uma bengakholwa, nokuthi bayohlala eduze komdali uma bephenduka benze okulungileyo. Kodwa uyile nhlobo ebamba iqhaza ekucebiseni abantu ngokufanele bakwenze besanyathela

Into okungenzeka ukuthi ibangele iDA itatazele ifune uRamphele ahole wukuthi uma i-DA ingenzi kahle okhethweni kube khona ezokhala ngaye. Lokhu bekuyokwenza ukuthi kube khona abathi ukube uZille ubezibambele yena iqembu belingeke lingenzi kangcono. Lesi kungesinye sezizathu ezingazwakala kangcono ngoba phela kuzokhumbuleka ukuthi uRamphe-

kuwona lona omagada ahlabayo. Abaningi bayalazi iqhaza alibambile ezinhlelweni zokuthuthukiswa komphakathi (community development), nangesikhathi eyingxenye yekhomishini yamaqiniso nokubuyisana (truth and reconciliation commission). Ubeshumayela ngesihlava esibulala abaholi sokuzicabangela bona kuqala ngaphambi kokucabangela abantu ababaholayo. Uthe izinto zimapeketwane kanjena nje ezweni ngenxa yokuzicabangela kwabaholi. Okubi kakhulu, ngokusho kwakhe, ukuthi abaholi bavame ukuthanda ukuhola abantu bakaNkulunkulu bona bebe bengaholwa umoya kaNkulunkulu. Uthe ukuhola abantu ngentando kaNkulunkulu, ukwenza yonke into ngeqiniso. Le ntshumayelo kaMfu. Nyobole ingihlabe

But he does explain some of the parables to his would be promoters and these are a useful part of the Holy Bible to explain what the good Lord was saying to us. The story of human life revolves around drama. We are born, we live andwedie,orexitthestageoflife,and our children and their children remain behind to tell the story of our lives. Christ’s story was precisely like that, and even more than that. He was born, he lived, he died, and he was resurrected from the dead. And his followers from different

UBESHUMAYELA NGESIHLAVA ESIBULALA ABAHOLI SOKUZICABANGELA BONA KUQALA NGAPHAMBI KOKUCABANGELA ABANTU ABABAHOLAYO umxhwele kakhulu ngoba ukuba abaholi bayalithanda iqiniso, ngabe kunokuthula emhlabeni. Iqiniso alihambisani nomhobholo, amanga, ukukhohlisana, inhliziyo embi nokungabi nandaba nomakhelwane. Iningi lalezi zinto zihlala obala zithi bha uma sekufike isikhathi sokhetho. Sesike sasho kule ngosi yima sisazozibona izimanga zothando olusha, sizwe nezethembiso esihlale sizizwa minyaka uma sekusondele ukhetho, lunele ludlule kuthi nya. Esikhundleni salokho sibone ukuqhubeka kwegebe phakathi

la akanabo abalandeli abaningi obekungenza leli qembu limdinge noma ikanjani. Impela akukholakali ukuthi i-DA ibimfuna ngoba ipolitiki yakhe igxile kakhulu kwinkohlakalo kuhulumeni ngoba phela cisho wonke amaqembu,ngishoelibusayo,akhuzaumhlola ngalesi sihlava esicebisa idlanzana. Futhi impela kungenza kuphela umshado kuphele nokwethenjwa!

SIMPHIWE MKHIZE denominations the world over are tellingthestoryoftheircommonmaster as they seek to emulate him, and be like him and represent him in the Earth. One can’t but celebrate the story of this ancient Jesu who actually cemented his family of Christian followers that are today spread all over the world, working in different languages and operating within different cultures. I am fascinated by the dramatic events and way of thinking that is promulgated by this Christ who started and sustained this divine mission before and after he had died a physical death on the cross, and buried for three days in accordance with prophesy. Hence he is worshipped, talked about and his representatives are preachingandsinginghispraisesand honour to the glory of his father, the almighty God.

kwabadla izambane likapondo nabadla imbuya ngothi. Okunye okubuhlungu ukuthi kubonakala sengathi kunabantu abahlale belindele ukukhohliswa nokukhohliseka. Kukhona abasakholwa wukuthi uDkt. Mamphela Ramphele ucabangela umphakathi noma ududulwa wubu ‘mina’? Kwasayena uHelen Zille, ongumholiweDemocraticAlliance(DA),ulitshengisani izwe ngezinhloso zakhe, ikakhulukazi eyoku ‘thanda’ abamnyama. Asiqhubi ubandlululo kodwa kunezinto ezingeke zizitshwe ngoba kubalekelwa i ‘racism in reverse’. Izindaba ezibikwa oKhozini FM, zokuxoshwa kwesilomo uLinda ‘Mr Magic’ Sibiya, ngezinye ezithuse, zabuye zadumaza abantu abaningi kangangoba abaningi abakukholwa okubikwa ngaye. Sengathi imiphumela yophenyo ingangadumaza muntu. Njengobasitheubuholiobuhlebuhambisana nenhlonipho, ngabe siyaligwema iqiniso uma singayigxeki indlela aziphathe ngayo uMnu. Fikile Mbalula ekhwela ezehlela kubadlali beqembu lesizwe iBafana Bafana? Yena bani nje? Akusiyena lo osanda kuba nenkinga kaziphu njengoba esekwazi ukugxeka abadlali beBafana Bafana abahluleke emizamweni yokukhuphula igama leNingizimu Afrika? UMfu. Nyobole uthe: “Abaholi kufanele baqinisekise ukuthi ababaphathi kabi abanye abantu. Mabahlale benz a okuhle kwabanye abantu.”



February 6, 2014



Tatham Art Gallery Diary Tatham Art Gallery weekly diary from Friday, 7 February to Friday, 14 Febru­ ary 2014 Galleryopenfrom10amto5pm,Tues­ day to Sunday. Please note: The Gallery’s parking entrance is back to Commercial (Chief Albert Luthuli) road. The temporary entrance from Longmarket ( Langali­ balele) road is now closed, but can be used as an exit. Theupstairsgalleries,includingtheIn­ ternational Prints Gallery, have been rehung with old favourites. * Friday 7 February: 2pm to 5pm ­ Art Class registration. R60 per month. * Saturday 8 February: 10am to 3pm ­ Cafe Tatham open * Sunday 9 February: 10.30am ­ Generous Friends Exhibition opens in Schreiner Gallery At11:.0am­ConcertwithChristopher Duigan and Joanna Frankel. * Sunday 9 February: 5pm ­ Threads (Main Gallery) closes * Tuesday 11 February: 2pm to 4pm ­ Library open * Wednesday 12 February: 2.30pm to 4.30pm ­ Artist Forum * Friday 14 February: 2.30pm to 4.30pm – Art Class Looking forward: Sunday 9 February: Your last op­ portunity to see Threads (Main Gal­ lery). For further inquiries, phone Pinky Madlabane­Nkabinde (Education Of­ ficer) at 033 3922 811.

Generous friends exhibition at city gallery

MY ECHO SOAPIES GENERATIONS ISABEL is horrified by what she witnesses at the fight. Priska doesn’t realise she’s being played for information. Senzo catch­ es someone reading his journal. Ngamla finds out about MJ’s new ‘hobby’. Phume­ lele finally gets the scoop she was looking for. Ruby wants to prove she still has what it takes. Khethiwe is scandalised by what she sees in the newspaper. Patrick finally gets his revenge on Xolani. Cosmo is intrigued when a powerful player shows up at the fight. A security guard catches Senzo in the act. Scott warns Priska to keep her mouth shut. Jason is caught off guard by a shock revelation. Ngamla is frustrated when the woman he wants plays hard to get. MJ tells Bianca his big secret. Ruby is horrified when her dirty laundry is aired in public. ISIDINGO FRANK searches in vain for his son as Julian gives Calvin a terrifying ultimatum. Will Brad go through with his on­air apology? Agnes discovers that FacePage has its us­ es, but can she admit her change of heart to Zeb? Calvin risks everything to let Frank know what’s happened to him. Barker squares up with Bradley in his tussle with Frank and Benjamin. Zeb secretly reaches out to an old flame on the internet. Julian decides it is time he got what he is owed and Frank gets the call to action. Bradley deals with the fallout from his provocative apologythepreviousday.Zebfindsthathis ventureintosocialmediamakeslifepoten­ tially complicated. The silence from Calvin’s kidnappers is finally broken. Barker has a secret plan for Bradley. Zeb finds that cyberspace is not the private space he thought it was. Frank decidestogoitalonewithhandingoverthe ransom money, but Eddie insists this is a dangerous mistake. Brad’s suspension is lifted, but then a mysterious journalist starts looking for trouble. Lerato is deter­ minedtofindoutifZebishidingsomething from Agnes. SCANDAL DESPERATE to get out of the increasingly tightening grip of his past and attempts to save his brother, a guilt­ridden Kila makes arashdecision.LerumophonesAnzaniand what he hears on the other end of the line has him asking himself some serious ques­ tions.

Maletsatsi makes a shocking discovery which forces her and Palesa into a confron­ tation with someone who is dear to both of them. Anzani returns from Venda with another bombshell in her lap, and makes a resolution that disturbs Dorcas and strikes Lerumo dumb. When Kila fails to make the payment, Jafta makes an un­ nerving declaration. Shakira bags a story which looks set to send Scandal! sales sky rocketing. Maletsatsi prays for guidance when she finds out the crisis has escalated... and then she acts! Without her knowledge, Anzani’s secret is becoming a lot less con­ tained than she’d like it to be. With the Ncgobo brothers’ crisis threatening to de­ rail her business, a desperate Maletsatsi seeks help from a controversial source. Dorcas receives a call from someone who is very interested in both Anzani and Leru­ mo.Shakiraisforcedtoscrambletoputout fires. MUVHANGO THANDAZA returns to work. The whole family turns against Susan. Lerumo de­ cides whether he will accept the position as chairperson of the board. Lerumo tells Khomotjo what he has decided to do. Teboho gets a nasty surprise. Vho­Makhadzi insists that Susan be stripped of the regency. Mulimisi makes a staggering announcement, approved by Nethathe. Have Khomotjo and Tumelo lost against Lerumo and Nandi? Moriti arrives in town and drops a bomb­ shell on Lerumo’s lap. Pfuluwani pretends to support Susan. Moriti urges Lerumo to marry Khomotjo. Teboho is determined to land the cleaning tender at the local clinic. RHYTHM CITY MILES and Victoria react to a nasty article detailing their relationship. Lerato tries desperately to get ahead in the music busi­ ness. David pressurises Jimmy into doing evil deeds for him. Lucilla finds a very suspicious document belonging to DH. Lucilla manages to con­ vince herself that DH’s appointment with an estate agent means he is get­ ting itchy feet. Jimmy sneaks into jail. The

second press report on Miles’s private life is even more distorted than the first one. Lerato is panicking about her big perform­ ance at Kilowatt. David is slightly freaked out when Jimmy proves himself to be an enthusiastic killer. DH learns that Wu is dead. Lucilla tries to persuade DH to stop digging into Wu’s death. Stefanie plants a listening device into Lu’s bag. Miles wakes up to discover that Victoria is gone. DH invites Lucilla to come and see the house that he has chosen for them. Miles struggles to declare his feelings for Victo­ ria. Lerato feels humiliated when she cleans up vomit in the men’s toilet at Kilo­ watt. DAYS OF OUR LIVES NICOLE asks Chloe to be her maid­of­hon­ our. Bo asks Victor to call the governor to make sure Hope doesn’t go back to prison. Taylor and E.J. make an impression on each other but neither gets the others name. Kate tells Melanie that getting custody of Parker is a packaged deal with get­ ting back

together with Philip. Maggie is not happy to hear that Brady took Titan from Victor. Impostor Rafe freaks out when Allie tells him he bought the wrong cookies. Melanie tells Philip she wants to get back together. Chad applies for another job at Chez Rouge. Rafe makes it back to his apartment to see impostor Rafe and Sami making out. Gabi and Will go on a Valentine’s Day date. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL STEFFY’S world crumbles all around her when she witnesses Hope and Liam in the midst of a passionate encounter. Taylor learns of a secret that Steffy is keeping and promises to keep it to herself. When Hope tells her mother about the day that she spent with Liam, Brooke warns her daugh­ ter not to get her hopes up. Brooke pays a visit to Liam to ask him to make a final decision between Hope and Steffy. Bill finds out the hard way that Katie has put anendtohisdrinkingeventhoughhenever agreed to it. Pam goes out of her way to be there for Eric during his grieving, but she learns that she is doing more harm than good. Brooke gives Katie marital advice and then arranges for her sister and Bill to have a romantic geta­ way. Steffy wonders if she still has a fu­ ture with Liam and fears losing himtoHopeonce again. Bill and Katie share a much­needed evening together alone in Brooke’s cabin. Dayzee is confronted by a myste­ rious wom­ an from her past.


Kevin Smith plays Frank Xavier in Isidingo.


The Angel Gabriel (wooden sculpture) by Jackson Hlongwane.

THE Tatham Art Gallery is readying it­ self for the opening of the generous friends exhibition at its Schreiner Gallery this Sunday, 9 February at 10.30am. In a press release, gallery spokesper­ sonKobieVentersaidthattheopening speakers will be Brendan Bell and Christopher Duigan, a nd that the exhi­ bition runs until 25 May 2014 at 5pm. Safe parking will be available from the entrance in Chief Albert Luthuli street (Commercial Road). Venter said that since 1984, the Friends of the Tatham Art Gallery (Fotag), through its generous fund raising efforts, has assisted the gallery to acquire art works for its permanent collection. “This has occurred particularly at the timeswhenfundingfromtheMsundu­ zi Municipality for the purchase of art works has been reduced or cut alto­ gether,” said Venter. Some of the works on display are re­ cent acquisitions, such as oil paintings by Heather Gourlay­Conyngham and photographic prints by Kudzanai Chiurai. ­ Supplied.

U’Friji’ ukhala ngokuvalelwa amathuba ECHO REPORTER

UMCULI wasendaweni yase-Azalea owaziwa ngo‘Friji’ uJeffrey Xulu ukhala ngokukhishwa inyumbazane ozakwabo emculweni, kulandela ukuhambisa kwakhe isipho sosuku lokuzalwa kuloyo owayengumongameli ongasekho uMnu. Nelson Mandela ngo 2010. UXulu uthi ukuvela kwakhe emaphephandabeni ehambisa isipho sefriji alakha yena kuloyo owayengumengameli, kumenze waba nyamanambana kozakwabo njengoba kunezinkulumo zokuthi kukhona imali abuya nayo. Uthi kuyimanje uvaleleke ngaphandle emathubeni abaculi abasafufusa kuleli dolobha. “Kukhona nje neziteshi zomsakazo engizwe ngandlebenye ukuthi ngeke zisawudlala umculo wami ngoba vele nginemali. Angitshelwa nangemicimbieyenzekakulelidolobha yize kusuke kudingeka abaculi abazonandisa. Ngiye ngizwe ngayo ngomzuzu

wokugcina. Kamuva nje kulo mcimbi we-ANC obuseHarry Gwala, kudingeke ukuthi ngize ngikhokhe uR50 ukuze ngikwazi ukuthola ikhadi lezitatanyiswa (VIP)”, eqhuba. Uqhube wathi ngisho emhlanganweni yabaculi abafufusayo bakuleli dolobha, kuye kubekhona abamtshelayo ukuthi akafanele engabe uhlanganyela nabo, ngoba vele usephumelele. “Anginamali,namingiyazizamela njengabobonke abaculi abazamayo. Ngiyafisa ukungavaleleki ngaphandle, ngithole amathuba njengabanye abaculi”, kuphetha uXulu. Usihlalo wesigungu esengamele ezobuciko namasiko (Arts and Culture Council) eMgungundlovu uBotsotso Mahlaba uthe abaculi abaningi bayahluleka ukubekezela, bafune into esheshayo. “Singekuphike ukuthi asimniki ithuba ngendlela efanele, kodwa kuyabekezelwa kule ndima. Kungenzeka nokuthi akekho nasohlwini labaculi abakhona kuleli dolobha, njengoba kunamafomu umuntu awagcwalisayo ukuze sazi ukuthi ukhona. “Abaculi abangalindeli ukuthi ngoba bayaziwa, bazomenywa emcimbini. Kubalulekile nokuthi bahambe imihlangano lapho besuke beqeqeshwa nangokubhala izicelo ukuze iminyango ehlukene ikwazi ukubasebenzisa”


Umculi waseMgungundlovu futhi odume ngokwakha amafriji, uJeffrey ‘Friji’ Xulu ukhala ngokuvaleleka kwamathuba emculweni, emva kokuba eke wa­ hambisa isipho sokuzalwa kuloyo owayengumengameli ongasekho uNelson Mandela.


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THE MSUNDUZI MUNICIPALITY • Collect domestic, industrial, commercial refuse and garden COMMUNITY SERVICES sites PROCESS MANAGER: RISK MANAGEMENT • Administrative duties and vehicle care in terms of policy and CSE390004 VAC No: CSE01/14 procedure

SALARY R605 935.67. (E2) QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • Relevant Degree or NQF level 6 qualification in local government • Examiner of Licenses (Grade F), Traffic/ Metropolitan Diploma Certificate • Computer literacy • Relevant Security Grade • Knowledge of Fire and Rescue Services and Disaster Management • Minimum of 7 years at a Senior Management Level • A valid code EB driver’s license KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • Plan, direct and lead the key performance areas and result indicators for the Public Safety Emergency Services and Enforcement (Fire and Rescue Emergency Control Centre, Disaster Management, Traffic Police and Municipal Security) • Effective and efficient utilization, management and control of resources • Diligent and proper application of Parking, Fire, Street Trading by-laws and the provisions of the relevant Acts • Planning, organizing, control and execution of Fire and Rescue, Traffic Policing, Disaster Management and the Protection of Municipal Property in terms of the Acts • Compliance with the relevant and appropriate technical committees and bodies CPF, SSA, PROV Joint, PDMC and RTMC • Application of generally accepted, progressive and sound management practices and procedures in terms of acquisition and utilisation of resources and the directing applications and management of service delivery processes • Proper and diligent compliance with applicable national, provincial, local legislation and local Council policies, procedures and regulations • Promoting and Implementing the Municipality’s Integrating Development Plan (IDP) and City Development Strategy (CDS) • General report writing and communication • Financial planning, budgeting, control, management and accounting • Diligent and proper execution of Council decisions and work programmes and other incidental and/ or related responsibilities FACILITATOR (2 POSTS) CSP040013/7

VAC NO: CSE02/14 SALARY R230 780.30 – R301 843.81 p.a. (CU) QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • Grade 12 with Diploma in Community Development/Social Science or Equivalent - NQF level 6 • Community Participation/ Development and Communication Skills • Bilingualism – English/ isiZulu • 1-2 years relevant experience • A valid code EB driver’s license KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • Check on projects to ensure community needs/ wants are keeping in line with what the business unit can/ is providing • Attend meetings, to report back to Area Manager problems, progress and community interaction • Inspect progress on projects and collaborate with community • Organize, attend and chair community meetings/ forums to discuss community needs and resolve conflict solutions • Visit Municipal offices in the area to check on upkeep on premises and any public complaints • Compile and write operational and progress reports PRINCIPAL ADMINISTRATION OFFICER CSE030349 VAC NO: CSE03/14

SALARY R230 780.30 – R301 843.81 p.a. (CU) QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • Grade 12, Public Administration Diploma- NQF level 6 or equivalent qualification or Accounting qualification with knowledge of Municipal Systems • Computer literacy • Office applications • A valid code C driver`s license. KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • Controls the key performance areas and result indicators associated with the Administration of Finance, Human Resources, Stores and the provision of an effective administrative service for the Public Safety, Emergency Services and Enforcement Unit. • Dictating administrative reporting sequences, amending, alignment and implementation of policies and procedures, providing input into short to long term objectives setting • Providing operating advice, information and guidelines on administrative management systems, participating in administrative planning sequences • Executing general accounting procedures and processes in accordance with the Municipal Finance Management Act, IDP, Council Policies and associated Administration Procedures


SALARY R286 445.39 – R317 888.15 (D1) QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • Grade 12 with Degree/Diploma in Environmental Health • Must be registered with the Health Professionals Council to practice as an Environmental Health Practitioner. • 5 years relevant experience. • Computer literacy • A valid code EB driver’s license KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • Provide Environmental Health Management at a strategic and operational level. • Plan, lead, organize, control and direct Human Resources Line Management functions. • Provide an efficient administration service within the Environmental Health Unit. • Promote and develop Environmental Health projects, programmes and activities. • Assist with the monitoring and managing of the approved capital and operating budgets to ensure compliance with and adherence with the Environmental Health Unit’s policies, procedures and relevant codes of practice. • Coordinate and monitor sequences associated with the implementation of statutory Laws and By-Laws related to Traffic and Safety and as well as to Municipal Security.

SENIOR DRIVER (4 POSTS) CSE030545/84/85/86) VAC NO: CSE05/14

SALARY R105 653.78 – R120 293.59.p.a. (B2) QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • Grade 12 • Code 14 Driver’s license with PDP • 18 months relevant experience • Good Communication Skills KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS

The City of Choice hereby invites applications from competent, innovative and committed individuals for the following positions. The Municipality is committed to the aims of the Employment Equity Act.

• Trade tested Fitter and Turner • 2 years relevant experience in a similar environment • A valid code EB driver’s license • Must be able to supervise staff and complete internal documentation (including registers- as per Occupational Health and Safety Act on machinery and pumps, time sheets, job CLERK cards and progress/productivity reports CSP040028 KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS VAC NO: CSE06/14 • Responsible for coordinating and performing tasks associated SALARY with providing a Fitting and machining service for the Water R120 293.59 – R139 345.04 p.a. (B3) and Sanitation Support Services section QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • Supervision of subordinates with specific reference to job • Grade 12 with Secretary or Administration Certificate. planning, Health and Safety quality control • Computer literacy • Repair and installation of level control valves and pumps • Experience in Community participation/Development and • Please Note communication skills is an added advantage. • Must be prepared to be on standby and to work overtime if • Bilingualism (English and IsiZulu) required KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • Attend to questions and queries and assisting with the relevant MANAGER: INSTALLATION AUDIT information when possible. AND SERVICE INSTALLATIONS • General administration tasks including taking minutes at VAC NO: ISF05/14 meetings. SALARY • Types memos, reports, general correspondence. Captures R286 445.39 – R317 888.15 p.a. (D1) and retrieves data and information for reports and statistics. A 10% scarce skills allowance is payable subject to certain Prepare and confirm meetings. conditions QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS SENIOR LIBRARY ASSISTANT • National Diploma or National (N) Diploma Electrical and at CSE031736 least 3 years relevant post qualification experience in the VAC NO: CSE07/14 customer services section of the electrical supply industry SALARY associated with customer services. Installation audits and R155 838.88 – R175 368.29 p.a. (B5) service installations. Btech/Bsc Engineering will be an added QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS advantage. • Grade 12 • 1 year experience in management. • 3-5 years’ experience as a library assistant in a public library • A valid code EB driver’s license • Computer literacy KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • A valid code EB driver’s license would be an advantage • Prepare, motivate and implement annual operational budget KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS and a 5 year capital budget plan. • Performs activities, procedures and outcomes associated with • Institute controls for effective and optimum utilization of the provision of a comprehensive information, cultural and human, material and financial resources. recreational services to the community • Plan, evaluate and approve Customer Service, Installation • Communicates and executes specific procedural applications Audits and Service Installations implementation programmes. associated with the dissemination of information • Optimize performance of the department through the • Co-ordinates specific activities associated with promoting development of sound relationship with internal and external reader awareness and interest and provides information to customers. users • Interpret developmental requirements against the capacity and • Performs specific administrative and reporting requirements capability of the department to accomplish immediate, short which include managing and processing library membership and longer term service delivery objectives. • Prepare and present to the Manager: Customer Service, INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES revenue budget, forward plans, strategic intent and CHARGEHAND (WATER) interventions designed to drive transformation within the ISF021230 organization. VAC NO: ISF01/14 • Address technical issues with clients, by providing information SALARY and advice on Customer Service, Installation and Service R195 037.96 – R218 248.09 p.a. (C2) Installation. QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • Trade Tested Artisan Plumber PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER (CIVIL) • At least 3 years relevant post qualification experience including ISF021038 water maintenance management and supervision of staff VAC NO: ISF06/14 • A valid code EC driver’s license with PrDp SALARY • The successful applicant will be required to perform standby R317 888.15 – R334 748.14 p.a. (D2) duties A 10% scarce skills allowance is payable subject to certain KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS conditions • Reporting to the Foreman (Water) QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • Provision of guidelines and instructions to subordinates, • Grade 12 with BSc Degree/BTech Degree in Civil Engineering planning, scheduling, monitoring and implementation of work 3 year’s relevant post qualification experience in Roads programmes and procedures planning, design and programming. Registered or eligible for • The successful candidate will furthermore be responsible for registration with the Engineering Council of South Africa interacting with other units to facilitate isolation, disconnection, • A valid code EB driver’s license co-coordinating the installation of hydrants and laying of water pipes and the completion of internal transactional KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS documentation including time sheets, log sheets and progress • Responsible for the overall planning and design of roads and reports, including updating and liaising with Call Centre/ storm-water facilities. Dispatch clerks • Produce planning reports and implementation programmes for • Locating and restoring water faults (burst mains, leaks, meter roads and storm-water, leaks etc) • Have input to IDP and spatial development planning. • Further duties include the development of planned maintenance FOREMAN (WATER- REACTIVE MAINTENANCE) programmes, coordination and control of the development of ISF021229 asset management plans for roads infrastructure. VAC NO: ISF02/14 • Prepare and collate contract and tender documentation as well SALARY as the evaluation thereof and the preparation. R218 248.09 – R257 334.61 p.a. (C3) • Submit and present reports to Senior Management and Council QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS Standing Committees. • Trade Tested Artisan Plumber/ Fitter • At least 5 years relevant post qualification experience- of CHIEF TECHNICIAN which 1 year must be in water maintenance management and EQUIPMENT TESTING MV&HV PROTECTION supervision of staff ISF021700 • Computer literacy - competent in Excel, Access and MS word VAC NO: ISF07/14 • A valid code EB driver’s license SALARY • The successful candidate will be required to perform standby R286 445.39 – R317 888.15 p.a. (D1) duties A 10% scarce skills allowance is payable subject to certain KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS conditions • Reporting to the Superintendent (Water) QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • Provision of guidelines and instructions to subordinates, • Grade 12 with National Diploma (Electrical HV) or equivalent planning, scheduling, monitoring and implementation of work qualification. programmes and procedures • 3 years relevant experience in Electricity distribution industry • Completion of investigative reports, carrying out of site associated with MV&HV protection, commissioning and inspections testing. • Monitoring resource requirements and design specification • Must be registered or eligible for registration with the • Prioritizing routine and emergency jobs, including updating Engineering Council of South Africa and liaising with the Call Centre/ Dispatch Clerks • A valid code EB driver’s license • Locating and restoring water faults (burst mains, leaks, meter leaks, etc) KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • Checking and approving completed work • Manages the key performance areas and result indicators • Compiling and submitting reports as well as attending associated with MV&HV Protection, Commissioning and test meetings and liaising with the public. by implementing policies and procedures. • Optimize performance of the department through development PLUMBER/ FITTER (WATER & SANITATION) 2 POSTS of sound relationship with internal and external clients. 1SF021231/33 Interpretation of developmental requirements against the VAC NO: IS03/14 capacity and capability of the department to accomplish SALARY immediate, short and longer term service delivery objectives. R165 449.48 – R195 037.96 p.a. (C1) QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS MANAGER: LV WORKS AND NEW PROJECT PLANNING • Trade tested Plumber/ Fitter plus 2 years experience in a ISF021456 Municipal/ Industrial plumbing environment with steel, PVC, VAC NO: ISF08/14 Fiber Cement, HDPE pipes of various diameters SALARY • A valid code EB driver’s license R286 445.39 – R317 888.15 p.a. (D1) • Supervision of staff and able to complete internal A 10% scarce skills allowance is payable subject to certain documentation including Registers as per Occupational Health conditions and Safety Act on machinery and pumps, Time sheets, Job QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS cards and Progress/ Productivity reports • Grade 12 with BSc Engineering Degree / BTech in Electrical • Must be prepared to be on standby and to work overtime and Engineering (HV) or equivalent work in all weather conditions. • 3 years relevant post qualification experience in a planning and KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS design environment. • Co-ordinate and perform specific plumbing/ fitting activities • Ability to convert innovative ideas into practical solutions during installation, maintenance and repair works, including • 1 year experience at Management level supervision of subordinates with specific reference to job • A valid code EB driver’s license planning • Registration or eligible for registration with the Engineering • Health and Safety and quality control as well as site visits, Council of South Africa assessment of installation and structure requirements, KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS checking for seals and joints, reporting of defects to the Charge • Responsible for providing design and layout expertise to Hand, conducting of tests to establish functionality of valves, Planning section in their formulation of network and project flow meter etc and recording the outcome plans • Checking on the availability of resources, overseeing the • Produce preliminary designs for various elements of the operating of hand held equipment, laying of pipes and the project, ensuring the coordination of technical requirements preparation of areas for installation as well the alignment of between various functional groups to produce detail designs sections and tightening of coupling and elbows. which are in line with the approved preliminary designs. • Analyze existing reticulation and electrification system in terms FITTER/ TURNER (WATER & SANITATION) of present and future load requirements and provide input into ISF021417 the annual update of the Network and Business plans. VAC NO: ISF04/14 • Initiate, design and project manage electrification projects SALARY • Manage subordinates, equipment and material R165 449.48 – R195 037.96 p.a. (C1) QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS


VAC NO: ISF09/14 SALARY R139 345.04 – R155 838.88 (B4) QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • Grade 12 and 18 months relevant experience including dealing with public. • A valid code EB driver’s license. • Computer literacy – competent in MS Word and Excel KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • The incumbent will be responsible for investigating, researching and reporting public liability and insurance claims against Council. • Investigate general enquiries, internal and external. • Communicate with relevant operations staff on technical issues • General correspondence, administrative and clerical duties. MECHANIC CSP040335

VAC NO: IS10/14 SALARY R195 037.96 – R218 248.09 p.a. (C2) QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • Trade tested Diesel/Petrol Mechanic. • A valid code EB driver’s license • A valid Code C/EC1 driver`s license with a PrDP will be an advantage. KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • Repairs and maintenance of Council`s plant, equipment and vehicles. • Carry out repairs on a stand roster as and when required • The successful candidate will be required to provide his/her own tools.


MANAGER: TENDER DOCUMENTS & PAYMENTS MM0000070 VAC NO: FIN01/14 SALARY R456 334.32 – R503 906.93 p.a. (DU) QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • B Degree in Administration/ B Tech in Contracts/ Financial Management- NQF level 6 • 5-7 years management experience at a senior level in the Procurement field • A valid code EB driver’s license KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • Management of all aspects of contracts • Managers the key performance areas and result indicators associated with the Contracts • Policy Enforcement and monitoring functionality by implementing policies and procedures, investigating trends and current techniques and reporting on the appropriateness and benefits, and interpretation of developmental requirements against the capacity and capability of the department to accomplish immediate, short and long term service delivery objectives. CHIEF ACCOUNTANT FIN050016

VAC NO: FIN02/14 SALARY R456 334.32 – R503 906.93 p.a. (DU) QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • Grade 12 with B.Comm Degree (major in Accounting) or Diploma (major in Accounting) or equivalent (NQF level 6) with 5 years experience in Payroll of which 3 years must be management level • Computer literacy and knowledge of Payroll Software (knowledge of Payday will be an added advantage) KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • Plan, organise and manage the operations and activities of centralized Payroll function, ensures that all council employees including councilors are paid timeously, implementation of laid down policies and procedures providing input into finance planning • Direct and execute accounting procedures and processes associated with controlling the Payroll • Ensure compliance with Payroll relevant legislations • Supervise employees, monitor activities, and satisfy reporting requirements • Undertake duties on own initiative with little guidance SUB ACCOUNTANT FIN050047

VAC NO: FIN03/14 SALARY R165 449.48 - R195 037.96 p.a. (C1) QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • Grade 12 with National Diploma (Major in Accountant) or equivalent qualification NQF level 5 with 3 years experience in the creditors environment/ accounting environment dealing with creditors (of which 2 years must be at supervisory level • Computer literacy in MS Office and knowledge of PromiS accounting system KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS/ COMPETENCIES • Co-ordinate and control activities associated with payment to creditors • Check creditors reconciliations, supervise staff, ensure that all activities of the section are performed in relation to laid down policies and procedures • Attend to queries related to creditors payments, reconcile the creditors age analysis to general ledger, • Deputize for the Accountant in his/her present CLERK 1 (3 POSTS) FIN050033/36/38

VAC NO: FIN04/14 SALARY R120 293.59 – R139 345.04 p.a. (B3) QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • Higher Certificate/ Advanced National Certificate (with Accounting) or NQF level 5 with Accounting • 1 to 2 years experience in creditors section dealing with payments • Computer literacy – competent in MS Office Software • Working knowledge of Local Government Finance will be an added advantage KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • Undertake reconciliation of creditors accounts • Processing of payments to creditors in terms of MFMA • Performing of clerical duties as signed by supervisor • Attend to queries from suppliers and internal departments

THE MSUNDUZI MUNICIPALITY • Grade 12 • Degree in Public Administration (NQF level 7) • Supervisory and reporting requirements associated with VAC NO: FIN05/14 this post requires in dept understanding and knowledge of SALARY legislation requirements, acceptable practices and procedures R139 345.04 – R155 838.88 p.a. (B4) pertaining to committee functions QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • 2-3 years experience in a similar environment or have worked • Grade 12 and 18 months relevant experience that includes in a municipality dealing with members of the public. • A valid code EB driver’s license • Computer literacy KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • Must be able to manage the functions to ensure smooth • Provide a customer service to multi-metered, commercial and service to customers and council by allocating specific tasks domestic sites within the City. to staff members in order to achieve the planned goals set out, • Monitor the condition of the meters and activate specific ensuring agendas, compiling of minutes by committee officers maintenance sequences when required. are prepared timeously • Coordinate specific administrative and reporting requirements • Assisting committee officers with regards to queries to in the Section. executing their duties, approving and rejecting all annual sick • Disseminate functional and operational information on the leave forms for staff immediate objectives and current developments, problems and • Complying and planning a yearly, monthly and weekly constrains. calendars for meetings • Coordinate and control the tasks activities of personnel and • Canvassing budgetary requirements to the section in allocates and prioritizes outcomes. consultation with staff and aligning these to IDP of the council • Compiling reports for council and the Process Manager to CASHIER account for over expenditure FIN050231 • The incumbent must be able to supervise and control staff that VAC NO: FIN06/14 are under him/ her and control tasks/ activities associated with SALARY controlling personnel performance, productivity and discipline R105 653.78 – R120 293.59 p.a. (B2) QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS MANAGER TECHNICAL SERVICES • Grade 12 plus six months experience. VAC NO: CS03/14 • Computer literacy SALARY • Must have ability to deal with large sums of cash and must be R456 334.32 – R503 906.93 p.a. (DU) customer focused. QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • Ability to work under pressure especially at month ends. • Bachelor’s Degree in ICT KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • 5 years’ extensive experience in the computer industry with at • Receiving payments from the public and issuing receipts. least 2 years in management role. • Balancing monies, cheques and preparing of deposit slips for • Experience in networks, exposure to LAN WAN and mainframe banking. environment • Maintaining a safe and secure system of the safekeeping of • A thorough understanding of networking principles and cash, cheques and other forms of payments. operations are further requirements. • Filing and other administrative functions relating to receipting • Ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines and deal with and delegated by the Supervisor/Manager customers and suppliers at all levels. • A valid code EB driver’s license (not mentioned) ACCOUNTANT KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS FIN050252 • Implement new ICT infrastructure, based on new business VAC NO: FIN07/14 requirements and technological developments SALARY • Run the systems within the Technical Services by guaranteeing R218 248.09 – R257334.61 p.a. (C3) the availability and integrity QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • Support the end users in using these systems • Grade 12 with B.Com/B-Finance or Cost Accounting (NQF • Set up project planning and execution of these plans Level 5) • Monitor and optimize a professional service-organization by 2 -3 years budgeting and accounting experience. The managing the ITIL –processes, incident, problems, change and coordinative and reporting requirements associated with this complain management. post require an in-depth application of the procedure. • Create, maintain and monitor the relationship with external KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS service providers to optimize the use of external service • Provide information for the compiling of the Budget, knowledge at minimum costs. Management Accounting and Activity Based Costing • Manage and control the operational budget of Technical enhancement and activity plans. Services • Coordinate the recording and processing procedures of the • Achieve cost effective ICT Infrastructure. Budget Management Accounting and Activity Based Costing section. SAFETY SUPERVISOR • Update and maintain records/ information related to Budgeting VAC NO: CS04/14 , Management Accounting and Activity Based Costing SALARY functions. R195 037.96 – R218 248.09 p.a. (C2) QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS MANAGER: CREDITORS • National Diploma in Safety Management/10 Credits towards FIN050014 such a Diploma or SAMTRAC. VAC NO: FIN08/14 • Extensive experience in the Safety field. SALARY KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS R456 334.32 – R503 906.93 p.a. (DU) • Develop, implement and monitor safety, health and QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS environmental management programmes • Grade 12 with B.Comm Degree (Majoring in Accounting)/ • Ensure compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act equivalent qualification (NQF Level 6). and its regulations • Must have 4 – 6 years experience in the creditor’s environment/ accounting environment dealing with creditors of which 4 OCCUPATIONAL ENROLLED NURSING ASSISTANT years must be at Management level. 5004001 • Computer literacy in MS Office and knowledge of Promis VAC NO: CS05/14 accounting system. SALARY • Must be in possession of Code EB (08) drivers’ license. R120 293.59 – R139 345.04 p.a. (B3) KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • Responsible for planning, organizing and managing the • Grade 12 operations and activities of centralized creditors function. • Enrolled as a Nursing Assistant • Ensures that all creditors are paid timeously • Be registered with SANC. • Implement laid down policies and procedures providing input • 12-18 months experience in a Occupational Health into financial planning. Environment • Directing and executing accounting procedures and processes • An understanding and knowledge of generally acceptable associated with controlling creditors accounts. health care practices and procedures • Supervise employees, monitors activities and satisfies KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS reporting requirements. • Responsible for the execution of clinical treatment procedures • Undertake duties on own initiative with little guidance. in accordance with laid down guidelines, statutory Health and Medicine dispensing regulation and specific codes associated CONTRACTS ADMIN OFFICER with the profession MM0000074 • Assist win procedural nursing duties with regards to VAC NO: FIN09/14 Occupational Health, illness and injury and control infectious SALARY diseases and participates in Occupational Health & Safety R218 248.09 – R257334.61 p.a. (C3) awareness initiatives QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • Providing support with information distribution, demonstration • B Comm degree in Supply Chain Management/ National and counseling in order to ensure that objectives related to Diploma in Purchasing management/ Certificate in Purchasing affordable, accessible and cost or Logistical Management- NQF Level 4 • Provides support to professional nursing personnel in respect • Computer literacy (MS Office application) of specific applications associated with the provision of • 2 years relevant experience treatment for the Occupational Health Services • Computer literacy • The delivery of awareness and educational programmes on • A valid driver’s license clinical approaches to safe and Healthy living to employees KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • Perform administrative duties associated with the updating of • Coordinates and controls the procurement of materials/ items/ clinical records products and services, adhering to specific performance outcomes related to fair, equitable, transparent, competitive PRINTING ARTISAN and cost effective service, and undertakes clerical activities/ SGH010102 tasks associated with checking, verifying, updating, completing VAC NO: CS06/14 and submitting documentation, forms and schedules, in SALARY keeping with the Supply Chain Management Regulations R195 037.96 – R218 248.09 p.a. (C2) • Compilation of contract/ bidding documents, development of QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS service level agreements • Appropriate level of secondary qualification- NQF level 4 • Trade Tested as a lithographer/ photo-lithographer artisan CORPORATE SERVICES • Computer literate in office applications and packages INTERPRETER/ TRANSLATOR associated to the printing industry SG010069 • 3-4 Printing experience VAC NO: CS01/14 • A valid code EB driver’s license SALARY KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS R230 780.30 – R301 843.81 p.a. (CU) • Co-ordinate and control specific sequences associated with QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS operating the lithographic/ numbering equipment within the • National Diploma in Translation/Interpretation NQF Level 6 department • Minimum of 2-3 years’ experience in a similar environment • Co-ordinate the operating sequences of the off/ set printing • Computer literacy- all office applications machinery • Good command of English and one of the African languages, • Provides a printing function which includes printing on various preferably isiZulu sizes of printing material and substrates KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • Must be able to conduct him/ herself in a professional manner • Providing simultaneous and delayed interpretation into a and adhere to all the printing rules and regulations requested official language • Translating all relevant official documents including but not DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR - ICT limited to minutes, agenda reports, notices bylaws and policies CSP040065 • Compile agendas and attend to all relevant committee logistics VAC NO: CS07/14 • Report to the responsible officials any malfunctioning of the SALARY interpretation equipment and issue register for earphones R195 037.96 – R218 248.09 p.a. (C2) distributed QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • Diploma or Degree in Information Technology (DBA) or MCDBA SECRETARIATE MANAGER • 3 years’ experience in SQL Database Administration SG010050 • Skills required in VAC NO: CS02/14 • SQL Server 2005 or later SALARY • Database Administration R456 334.32 – R503 906.9 p.a. (DU) • Database Tuning QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • Database Management SUPERVISOR FIN050061

The City of Choice hereby invites applications from competent, innovative and committed individuals for the following positions. The Municipality is committed to the aims of the Employment Equity Act.

• A valid code EB driver’s license KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • Develops methodologies for the on-going assessment of database performance and the identification of problem areas • Develops security scheme(s) for the database environment, as well as assisting in disaster recovery if necessary • Effectively managing capacity and assist with capacity planning • Providing technical support for the database environment including overseeing the development and organization of the databases • Assessment and implementation of new technologies, and providing Information Technology with a long-term perspective on the relationship of database technology to the business opportunities facing the company • Quality assurance entails compiling and implementing relevant database policies, processes, procedures, and projects and ensures that they are effectively executed.

• Drawing up IGR/Fundraising programmes • Coordinating the publication of approved information in the community newspapers, mainstream newspapers and regional radio stations • Promoting sustainable tourism • Serves internal and external INTERNAL AUDITOR MM000012/13 (2 POSTS) VAC NO: CBU04/14

SALARY R218 248.09 – R257 334.61 p.a. (C3) QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • B.Com Degree or equivalent with Auditing or Accounting as Majors (NQF level 5) • 3-5 years’ experience in auditing • Computer literacy • Knowledge of Local Government legislation SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR • Knowledge of GRAP standards CSP040054 VAC NO: CS08/14 • Valid drivers’ licence • Honours B.Com or equivalent will be an added advantage SALARY • Completed articles an added advantage R218 248.09 – R257 334.61 p.a. (C3) KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • Plan own activities and assist with the business risk analysis • ND: Information Technology or MCSE, MCITP, N+ or relevant • Document information and transact flow qualifications • Minimum of 4 years working experience in the management of • Perform audit testing using audit procedures • Evaluates business processes through identification of Windows Server environment risks and controls within the business processes, standards • A valid code EB driver’s license operating procedures or/ and policies and procedures KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • Monitors daily performance of audit assignments to ensure • Coordinating the implementation of procedures, systems quality and timeous delivery and controls related to the receiving, updating and recording • Review working paper files and draft audit reports prepared by of Systems applications and activities associated with the junior staff Municipality’s Windows network servers • Monitors effective utilization of human resources on • Controlling the Windows operating system and add-on assignments infrastructure support products, ensuring the integrity of all server computer operating systems. • Own development and staff training, development, supervision • Implementing new software releases, applying ad hoc and management of less experience staff. upgrades/ patches to the operating system and liaising with the computer supplier’s technical staff to coordinate system DEVELOPMENT SERVICES upgrades PRINCIPAL LAND SURVEYOR • Monitoring the diagnostic and performance reports/ journals VAC NO: DS01/14 and support/ maintenance database to anticipate potential SALARY problems R317 888.15 – R334 748.14 p.a. (D2) • Coordinating the daily status of the enquiry service, ensuring QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS availability of the communications network, controlling access • B.Sc./B.Tech (Survey) and Registration with the Council for and monitoring/ maintaining hardware e.g. workstations, Professional and Technical Surveyors as a Professional Land network cables, devices, etc Surveyor • Coordinating and allocating system resources, according to • Minimum of 3 years post qualification experience required, of the systems operating requirements, validating requests and which at least 1 year must be at management level availability. • A valid code EB driver’s license KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS CORPORATE BUSINESS UNIT • To plan, organize and coordinate the operations of cadastral IDP MANAGER • surveys in the Human Settlements Branch of Municipality MM030107 VAC NO: CBU01/14 • Liaise with the Land survey Branch Manager on • Management of cadastral and engineering survey matters SALARY • Coordinate submission of records to the Surveyors-General R456 334.32 – R503 906.93 p.a. (DU) QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS CHIEF TECHNICIAN- CADASTRAL ADMIN • Relevant tertiary qualification (B Degree or equivalent)- NQF ISF020166 level 6 VAC NO: DS02/14 • 3-4 years relevant experience SALARY • The need for interpretation and understanding of strategic R286 445.39 – R317 888.15 p.a. (D1) objectives, procedures and principles in Local Government QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • A valid code EB driver’s license (not mentioned) • National Higher Diploma/ Degree or equivalent in Land KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS Surveying (Cadastral) NQF level 5 • Manage the functional key performance areas, processes and procedures associated with planning, drafting and review of the • 4-5 years relevant experience at Senior Technician level • Thorough knowledge of the SA Cadastral System and Integrated Development Plan subdivision of land, servitudes and other real rights, as well as • Interpreting and aligning objectives towards the the KZN Planning and Development legislation. accomplishment of specific outcomes and reporting on the application, intervention and achievement of developmental KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS initiative according to the vision strategies and policies of the • Manages the Cadastral Administration Section of Land Survey Integrated Development initiative in the interest of the local Branch community promoting sustainable development aimed at • Co-ordinating Administrative Applications: Co-ordinate the improving quality of life processes of subdivision and consolidation of land and other • Identify with the broad Integrated Development strategy and Cadastral administrative functions define/ address critical requirement to facilitates service • Supervision and control: Co-ordinates and controls the tasks/ delivery planning and objectives activities of personnel and allocates and prioritises outcomes • Co-ordinates key requirement associated with the formulation to ensure compliance with legislative requirements and and/ or review of the Integrated Development Plan deadlines. • Analyses and evaluates the organisation’s performance against specific objectives and deliverables encapsulated in Plan PRINCIPAL TECHNICIAN- CADASTRAL ADMIN ISF020168 MANAGER: RISK ASSESSMENT VAC NO: DS03/14 MM0000163 SALARY VAC NO: CBU02/14 R230 780.30 – R301 843.81 p.a. (CU) SALARY QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS R456 334.32 – R503 906.93 p.a. (DU) • National Higher Diploma/ Degree or equivalent in Land QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS Surveying (Cadastral) NQF level 5 • B Comm. Degree or equivalent with Auditing and Accounting • Computer literacy- CAD/ GIS experience as Majors • 2-3 years relevant experience in Cadastral administration • 5 years’ experience in risk advisory and internal auditing functions • Computer literacy • Thorough knowledge of the SA Cadastral System. • Knowledge of local government legislation KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • Knowledge of GRAP standards • Assists and takes instructions from Chief Technician (Cadastral • Honours B. Compt or equivalent will be an added advantage Administration) • Completed articles will be added advantage • Co-ordinates, collates, monitors and process applications with • A valid driver’s license a Cadastral implication • Certificate in Control Self Assessment will be an added • Provides comments and clearance on applications from a advantage. Cadastral perspective KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • Interpret the Unit’s strategy, develop actions plans, implement, • Establishes system for processing such application to ensure legal compliance and meeting of deadlines monitor and report on effective executive of such plans • Manages personnel and monitors outcomes to ensure • Provide quality effective, effective, efficient and cost-effective compliance. risk management function in the municipal council • Ensure efficient, effective and cost-effective utilization of resources and proper management of risk assessment reports, MANAGER: BUILDING CONTROL & SIGNAGE risk management strategy and risk management reports within ISF020010 the budgetary and time parameters VAC NO: DS04/14 • Supervise risk officers/ Champions in various departments and SALARY provision of training and development thereof R456 334.32 – R503 906.93 p.a. (DU) • Observe protocol and maintain internal and external audit QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS synergies and manage stakeholder relationships in relation to • Appropriate level of tertiary education risk management function • Architectural or Engineering qualification (NQF 6) • Provide input to review and development of policies, • Code EB Driver’s license procedures and risk management methodologies, monitor and • Computer literacy – Office applications enforce implement thereof. • 5- 7 years of relevant experience KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS MANAGER: MARKETING AND COMMUNICATION • Forward Planning - Identifies and defines the immediate, MM0000015 short and long term objectives/plans associated with the VAC NO: CBU03/14 development, administration and communication of Building SALARY Control & Advertising Signage R563 870.96. (E1) • Productivity/Performance and Personnel Management QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS Controls outcomes associated with utilization, productivity and • Diploma in Public Relations/ Marketing/ (NQF 6) in a relevant performance of subordinates within the section. qualification. • Financial Control – Budget- Prepare capital and operating • Computer Literacy – Office Applications. estimate and controls expenditure against approved budget • 4-5 year’s relevant experience. allocations • A valid code EB driver’s license • B Operational Management KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • Maintaining Service Delivery Standards - Manages and • Manage the development and implementation of the controls the planning and operational efficiency of specific municipality’s communications and marketing strategies approaches associated with delivery of core services (Building • Manage the implementation of the Public Relations Framework Control Signage Services). and Intergovernmental Relations Framework Act • Communication/ Legal Procedures - Disseminates functional • Manage and coordinate the effective functioning of the and operational information on the immediate, short and long municipality’s call centre term objectives and current developments, problems and • Manage the development and implementation of the constraints municipality’s strategy on Batho Pele • Administration – Coordinates specific administrative and • Manage and develop the implementation of the Municipality’s reporting requirements associated with the key performance Corporate Identity Manual and result indicators of the functionality. • Manage and develop the implementation of the Municipality’s Marketing and Branding


THE MSUNDUZI MUNICIPALITY The City of Choice hereby invites applications from competent, innovative and committed individuals for the following positions. The Municipality is committed to the aims of the Employment Equity Act.

the establishment of local economy forums • Consulting with key stakeholders e.g. Chamber of Business VAC NO: DS05/14 and Msunduzi Informal Economy Chamber etc SALARY • Executing appropriate applications and/ or assessing, R195 037.96 – R218 248.09 p.a. (C2) QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS analyzing and synthesizing relevant information to support • Diploma in Real Estate or facilities management development in a particular economic sector. • Computer literacy- MS Office Applications • 1 to 2 years relevant experience THESE POSITIONS ARE ON A 3 YEAR CONTRACTUAL BASIS • A valid driver’s EB driver’s license • Knowledge of matters relating management of rental real PROJECT MANAGER (5 POSTS) estate and tenants administration VAC NO: DS02/14 • Understanding of the National Housing Code in relation to SALARY the EDBS and EEDBS programs • The reporting and control requirements associated with this R317 888.15 – R334 748.14p.a (D2) post requires in depth understanding of the application of QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS the relevant legislative prescripts • Grade 12 and Diploma or Preferably Bachelor’s degree in KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS Project Management • Provides Administrative function pertaining to housing applications in the Section • Minimum of 5 years relevant experience • Issuing, receiving and verifying information recorded on • A valid EB (Code 8) driver’s license procedural application forms • Engineering qualification would be an advantage • Interviewing and explaining procedures to prospective KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS applicants • Performs/ task/ activities associated with the administrative • Planning- reviews of all preliminary reports, planning and reporting requirements of the functionality studies, prepare projects scoping and initiation, schedule • Preparing letters using standardized formats, to knowledge stakeholders meetings and facilitate site strategic meetings receipt and provide information on the status of applications • Coordinate – attend to resources allocation • Initiating the allocation of accommodation by ascertaining who the next qualifying applicant is and handing the papers • Project Control- maintain projects direction, deadlines and to the supervisor budgeted costs • Maintaining the Housing Application information record keeping system, updating files with current correspondence. • Communication-maintain communication with all personnel assigned and principals concerned and handles documents MANAGER: FORWARD PLANNING for communication CSP040398 VAC NO: DS06/14 • Personnel-determines project staffing requirements and supervises project staff SALARY R334748.14 – R370 350.09 p.a. (D3) QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS PROJECT ENGINEER (3 POSTS) • Degree in Town & Regional Planning VAC NO: DS10/14 • Registration with the South African Council of Planners SALARY • 5-7 years management experience in Town and Regional Planning R286 445.39 – R317 888.15 p.a. (D1) • Strong writing skills QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • A valid EB (code 08) driver’s license • Grade 12 and Diploma or Preferably Bachelor’s degree in KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • Manage the annual review of the Spatial Development Engineering and Project Management Framework • Minimum of 5 years relevant experience • Manage the preparation of physical development framework • A valid EB (Code 8) driver’s license for priority areas in the city • Manage preparation of Land Use Management Frameworks KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS (Plans that mediate the detail between the SDF/ LUMF and • Planning- includes reviews of all preliminary reports, the Land Use Scheme) planning studies, and bridge maintenance books; • Manage preparation of planning policy and strategy for the investigates site data; determines Seismic Retro profit city scour mitigation requirement, architectural features, basic • Coordinate the planning and implementation of special town planning projects structural geometric; review location of existing utility; • Manage development of GIS in support of the town planning prepare and schedule selection memo and stakeholders’ functions meetings; prepare and conducts site strategic meetings • Manage the evaluation and assessment of development proposals against spatial planning parameters • Coordination- structural details and design features within • HR and financial management for the SP functions the project; standardize details to permit reproduction and seek other methods of reducing plan costs and network with SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT FACILITATOR VAC NO: DS07/14 other engineering bodies SALARY • Project control- reviews completed general plans, estimates R218 248.09 – R257 334.61 p.a (C3) and keep records of project plans; review entire project, final QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS estimates road plan, monthly manhour; ensure summaries, • Relevant 3 year Degree/ National Diploma NQF level 5 Joint Movement sheet • Local Economic Development Qualification • Computer literacy- Office application • Communication- determine project staffing requirements KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS project staffing requirements and supervises project staff • Identifies and defines the immediate, short and long term • Personnel - determines project staffing requirements and objectives and plans for socio-economic development- by supervises project staff aligning it with relevant legislations e.g. the Business Act, KwaZulu-Natal Licensing and Business Hours Act, Asgisa, Generic Informal/ Street Trading Policy Framework TOWN PLANNER for Metropoitan and Local Municipalities, KZN Provincial CSP040404 Policy on Informal Economy, KZN Provincial Growth & Development plan etc VAC NO: DS11/14 • Facilitate the formation and support of sector representative SALARY bodies R286 445.39 – R317 888.15 p.a. (D1) • Consultations with key stakeholders e.g. NGOs, Civic QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS organizations, CBOs, SHO, Chamber of Business • Provide research, policy development capacity, project • Degree or Diploma in Town and Regional Planning management and conduct specialist studies • Minimum of 3 years acceptable Town Planning experience • Establish and maintain a “register” of stakeholders within • Strong report writing skills the municipality • A valid EB (code 8) driver’s license. RURAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT FACILITATOR • Registration or eligible to register with the South African VAC NO: DS08/14 Council of Town Planners is required. SALARY KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • R218 248.09 – R257 334.61 p.a (C3) QUALIFICATIONS/ REQUIREMENTS • The successful candidates will be required to initiate and • Relevant 3 year Degree/ National Diploma NQF level 5 manage Land Use applications and generally administer the • Local Economic Development Qualification Council’s Town Planning schemes. • Computer literacy- Office application • Undertake various special projects, feasibility studies, and KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS • Identifies and defines the immediate, short and long term other associated planning matters. objectives and plans for socio-economic development- by • Contribute in the reviewing of the Spatial Development aligning it with relevant legislations e.g. the Business Framework and other related strategic plans Act, KwaZulu-Natal Licensing and Business Hours Act, Asgisa, Generic Informal/ Street Trading Policy Framework for Metropoitan and Local Municipalities, KZN Provincial The advertising of these posts is authorised by the Municipal Policy on Informal Economy, KZN Provincial Growth & Manager: Mr. M.A. Nkosi. Development plan etc • Facilitate the formation and support of sector representative Written applications quoting the relevant VAC No., with CVs bodies that have two referees with current contact information • Consultations with key stakeholders e.g. NGOs, Civic (including certified copies of qualifications/certificates, ID and organizations, CBOs, SHO, Chamber of Business Driver’s licence) to be addressed to the Personnel Manager • Provide research, policy development capacity, project (Acting) and be posted in the box provided on Ground Floor management and conduct specialist studies • Establish and maintain a “register” of stakeholders within next to Security in Professor Nyembezi Centre or posted to the municipality Private Bag X321, Pietermaritzburg, 3200. Closing date: 17 February 2014 at 15h00 PROGRAMME MANAGER VAC NO: DS09/14 SALARY IMPORTANT NOTICE TO APPLICANTS R317 888.15 – R334 748.14 p.a (D2) No late applications will be considered QUALIFICATIONS/REQUIREMENTS • NQF level 6- A recognized degree with a working knowledge No faxed or e-mailed applications will be considered. of local economic development, formal/ informal economies, Applications submitted on a Z83 form WILL NOT be statistics, policy development considered. • Proven specialization and experience in Private Sector All interviews will be done in English. Development Should there be no correspondence from the municipality • Computer literate • A valid EB driver’s license within sixteen weeks after the closing date, kindly consider KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS your application to be unsuccessful. • Implement the Greater Edendale and Vulindlela Development CANVASSING OF COUNCILLORS AND/OR OFFICIALS WILL Initiative (GEVDI) Programme DISQUALIFY YOUR APPLICATION. • Developing Policy and aligning it with relevant legislations e.g. The Business Act, KwaZulu-Natal Licensing and THE MUNICIPALITY RESERVES THE RIGHT NOT TO FILL Business Hours Act, Asgisa, Provincial Policy on Informal THESE POSTS Economy, National Economic Development Medium Term The Msunduzi Municipality is Affirmative Action/ Employment Strategic Plan, National Development Plant etc • Facilitating the formation of sector representative bodies and Equity Employer.


February 6, 2014





THABO DLADLA SOUTH African football long left ICU, resides at cemetery - Sipho Kekana. ItisonlythelikesofFikileMbalulathatthink our game is in a healthy state. They need to be forgiven for ignorance on technical-tactical issues. However, he has no right to ridicule our footballers while there are no facilities in the townships. I think his office is as guilty as all of us on the state of football in this country. GordonIgesundmusttakefullresponsibility for the performance of Bafana Bafana. It is interesting to note excuses coming from all corners about reasons of poor performance. Generally, white football coaches are treated differently in South Africa. I shudder to thinkifitwasSteveKompela,forinstance,who had been in charge of Bafana Bafana. He would have been called all kinds of names. It is about time that people are judged on their talents and capacity instead of race/political connections. South Africa is a democracy and people need to be treated with decency. The minister had no business calling our footballers ‘a

Mediocre players are our failures bunch of losers’. How many times has he himself failed in life? Great sports people are the product of great sports leaders. Mediocrity in football points to mediocrity in both our Sports Department and Safa.Playerscannotdevelopthemselves–they need capable leadership. It is not possible to raise the dead. A new beginning is needed. I have doubts if South African football will get better. The thing is that we donottakeourselvesseriously.Youfindpeople with no history in playing and coaching football at a decent level occupying technical positions. It can only happen in South Africa that you have women as technical directors’ and technical committee chairpersons. The sad reality is that politics plays a role in most of our decisions. South African footballers are victims of poor football administration and education. The likes of Mr Igesund have been coaching for manydecadesinthiscountry.Iftheywerereally as good as most want us to believe, they would have players in Champions League teams. A coach’s job is to educate and develop players. This process does not end at the age of 16/17 years. It is ongoing until you retire from playing the game. Lastly, instead of criticising players and other people, it is important that we all take responsibilityforthestateoffootballinthiscountry. This includes leaders at government level, Safa, club, school, communities levels and parents. Problems have never solved themselves. We need to learn the importance of doing the work and talking less. Unzima lo mthwalo!

Umculo nebhola kugujwa olukaBob Marley

UBob Marley okuthiwa wayedlulisa okommese os­ hisayo ebhoteleni lapho ejika abanye abadlali. Ku­ zoba nekhonsathi lomculo nemidlalo yebhola yoku­ gubha usuka ashona ngalo ngoMgqibelo wona lo.


BHOLA likaNobhutshuzwayo liwubuciko. Liwumhlaba walo. Ngiyalithandangobakumeleubeyicikoukuze ulidlale. Inkululeko! Ibhola liyinkululeko!” Lo owayaziwa kakhulu ngamanoni amaculo akhe o-’One Love, ‘Buffalo Soldier’ ne ‘No WomanNoCry,uBobMarley,abaningibamazi njengomculi wereggae, abazi ukuthi nasenkundleni yebhola wayengabambeki. Ibhola lezinyawo wayelithanda kakhulu, lizaemvakomculo.UmauBobMarleyehamba amazwe eyocula, wayefuna ukuthi ngasosonkeisikhathiabenegunyalokusebenzisa inkundla yebhola. Yonke indawo la ehamba khona wayehlezi ephethe ibhola futhi edlalanabanyeabaculi,osaziwayobebholangisho nezintatheli. Kwakuyisemdlalweni webhola lapho uBob Marley walimala khona ubhozo eze ethola ukuthi unohlobo lomdlavuza owaphetha ngokuthatha impilo yakhe eneminyaka ewu-36. Kepha akaphelanga moya, waqhubeka nokudlala ejivaza imiyalo yadokotela yokuthi akazithibe.

UBob Marley wazalelwa eSaint Ann Parish eJamaica ngo 6 February 1945. Minyaka yonke amarasta ayahlangana agubhe usuku lokuzalwa kwakhe ngomculo. Kodwa kulokhu, okokuqala ngqa eMgungundlovu, abathandi bomculo wereggae nebhola likanobhutshuzwayo bazoba nethuba lokuhambela lo mcimbi ongajwayelekile ohlanganisa umculo nebhola likabhutshuzwayo iBob Marley Soccer Challenge and Concert ngoMgqibelo wona lo ezinkundleni zemidlalo zasePleseslear FET College eMbali eduze kwaseNdumiso. Imidlalo iqala ngo-8:30 ekuseni. Amathimu awu-8 azobe ebanga isicoco seBob Marley Cup. Amabhendi abazobe enandisa iRasta Rythms yasenamba 9 ne-Undivided Rootz yaseSgodini kanye noMC abakhukahlukene beDancehall reggae. Kungenwa ngo-R20 omdala ingane u-R10. Amathimu ajoyina ngoR500. Thintana noThami ku-078 797 3985. Eminye imibuzo ungayiqondisa ku-071 825 1284 noma ku-079 625 5660. –Supplied

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C AT E R I N G , c a t e r i n g equipment, kind & queen chairs from R500 a set for hire. Call 083 358 5425



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AVON Earn up to 30% discount. Iris


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February 6, 2014

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THREE door pub fridge for sale, in working condition, R7 000 onco. Contact: 073 449 3022.




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AZALEA: 3 beds, kitchen bath, lounge, garage, fenced, driveway. R280 000. 076 258 2481


NGITHENGA izindlu ngokheshi. Ezingaphansi kuka R140 000. 072 463 1630. WELLINGTON PROPERTIES PANORAMA: 2 bedroom R378 000. IMBALI UNIT 2: 2 bedroom R285 000. IMBALI UNIT 13: Vacant land 800sqm R205 000. Call: 071 438 4701. 082 966 3169



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ISAZISO SEENVIRONMENTAL AUTHORISATION Isicelo: Umgeni Water EIA No: 14/12/16/3/3/1/898 Isicelo sokulungisa kabusha iMidmar Water Works nama phayipi akhona, eMasipala waka uMngeni, KwaZulu Natal. Isivumelo salenthuthuko sesikishiwe eDAEA ngomhlaka 24 January 2014. Abantu abafisa ukubona lesivumelo bayacelwa ukuba bathinte uRoxanne Van Rooyen wakwaGreen Door Environmental, Block H, Quarry Office Park, 400 Old Howick Road, Hilton, ku P.O. Box 11, eHilton, 3245. Ucingo: 033 343 4176, ne e足mail: roxanne@greendoorgroup.c Ngaphansi kwa Chapter 7 kwemithetho 60 (1) ye Environmental Impact Assessment 2010 abafisa ukudlulisa icala banga thinteka ne Director: Appealsand Law Review, Mr. Z Hassam, naphambili kwamhlaka 13 February 2014. Bangamthinta ngeposi: Private Bag X447, Pretoria, 0001. Ngesandla: 2nd Floor, Fedsure Building, North Tower, Cnr. Lillian Ngoyi and Pretorius St, Pre足 toria. Nge Email: AppealsDirectorate@enviro Ngesikhahlamezi: 012 320 7561. Ocela icala kufanele abikele isicelo (Umngeni Wa足ter) nabantu abathintekile ngenxa yalesicelo naphambili kwezinsuku eziyishumi kwesaziso sokubeka icalo. Ocela icala fanele azisa lapho ezoyshiya isicelo secala nezinsuko ezobakhona leso足isicelo ukuze abathintekile bangazosibona khona.




Ukhokha R140 nyangazonke, amalunga ayishumi. Okutholayo: Coffin, R1 000, Hears, cross, gown, itende lasekhaya, itafula, izituli, kanye negroceries... 10 kg sugar, 10 kg flour, 10 kg rice, 10 kg mealie meal, 2 x 5 kg imithombo, 5 litre cooking oil, butternut, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, 1 portion chicken bag, 1 case cool drink, 1 case beer kanye nenhloko yenkomo.

Ukhokha R180 nyangazonke, amalunga ayishumi. Okutholayo: Half view Casket, R1 000, Hears, cross, gown, itende lasekhaya, umgodi (if town), indleko zaDokotela itafula, izituli, itende lasemathuneni, umshini, amadlelo aluhlaza kanye negroceries... 10 kg sugar, 10 kg flour, 10 kg rice, 10 kg mealie meal, 2 x 5 kg imithombo, 5 litre cooking oil, butternut, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, 1 portion chicken bag, 1 case cool drink, 1 case beer kanye nenhloko yenkomo.


Hlengiwe Memela, Zodwa Ndebele

Ukhokha R160 nyangazonke, amalunga ayishumi. Okutholayo: sikunika uhlaka lwe Casket olwehla ngomshini, R1 000, Hears, gown, cross, itende lasekhaya, itende lasemathuneni, itafula, izituli, indleko zikaDokotela siyakukhokhela thina, kanye negroceries... 10 kg sugar, 10 kg flour, 10 kg rice, 10 kg mealie meal, 2 x 5 kg imithombo, 5 litre cooking oil, butternut, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, 1 portion chicken bag, 1 case cool drink, 1 case beer kanye nenhloko yenkomo.


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edendale ECHO


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>> Steve Khompela’s tactics as a Maritzburg United coach will be tested in a PSL match against on song Kaizer Chiefs next Tuesday at home


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TVs WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE!! Tel 033 396 1475 • Shop 17, Polly Shortts Centre, Mkondeni Tel 033 342 3728 • Shop 1, 121 Peter Kerchhoff Street, PMB

hopefully I will be coming back to my homefor children. United management have also recently re- town,”said Wiltwer. The other KZN side, AmaZulu will visit Movealed that they have taken a look at a variety of trialists since returning to training in the new roka Swallow at Soweto’s Dobsonville Stadium year, but won’t sign any. The local outfit is still (3.30pm).Atthesame trying to bring along Bidvest Wits right winger, day and time, Golden Bhongolwethu Jayiya, on a loan deal. Arrows will host Echo has also learnt that the Free State Stars Polokwane City at midfielder, who once played for the Team Of KingZwelithiniStadiSolution Choice, Eastwood born Enver Wiltwer who um. – Jerry Barnes played under Steve Komphela for three seasons at Free State might rejoin United. The former Eastwood Secondary School pupil’s contract with Stars is Indawo yokulala nokuphumula, 1995 coming to an end in 50ml iphephile, Ihlanzekile June and he would Removes Razor like to come back Pietermaritzburg: 033 342 2510, 033 346 0361 Bumps & Pimples home. Ladysmith: 084 322 2872 “I’m not too sure Dundee: 084 927 6486 about my future at Durban: 073 219 8813 the moment but

405 CHURCH STREET, PMB TEL: 033 345 4924

E-TV Decoder

PMB Multichoice, Top TV and Openview HD Accredited Installers!




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were 700 Now

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Local soccer fans in for a cracker

Maritzburg United skipper Michael Morton and his team make will have their hands full when they play Kaizer Chief in an Absa Premiership match at Harry Gwala next Tuesday. The hard­working captain will reportedly be with the club until the end of June, when he joins SuperSport United.

ARITZBURG United and Kaizer Chiefs die-hards and soccer fans in KwaZuluNatal are in for a top draw match next Tuesday at Harry Gwala stadium. The Team of Choice management this week confirmed that KwaZulu-Natal soccer followers, especially from around the Greater Pietermaritzburg area, must relax because the crowd pullermatchisgoingtobeplayedatHarryGwala stadium next Tuesday at 7.30 pm. “It’s official and don’t even have any doubts. Maritzburg United will play Kaizer Chiefs at Harry Gwala stadium. What is important is to inform people out there to buy their match tickets early from the usual and official outlets. They are selling fast and likely to be sold out in a short space of time,” said United’s chairman, Farook Kadodia. Kadodia told Echo that two weeks ago, he was worried about the condition of the pitch at Harry Gwala stadium. “I must say it’s now a thing of the past. We are just glad that the club was able to make sure that the field is in a good condition standard.” Tickets are going for R60 for adults and R30


Echo edendale 6 feb 2014  

Echo edendale 6 feb 2014

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