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Edendale News 18 September 2013 Next issue: 23 October 2013


Message from the Principal Kia ora, Kia orana, Namaste, Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Ni hao ma, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Asalam alikum! Community Survey Thank you to all families who have already completed our community survey. This year we are surveying about education at Edendale, PTA/fundraising ideas as well as gauging interest for introducing a school uniform. We hope to have a record number of families participate and look forward to hearing from many more of our community over the coming weeks! The survey was emailed out last week and will remain open until 31 October. If you do not have internet access and would like a paper copy of the survey, please do contact our office staff and let them know. Thank you.

Marimba Festival Our thanks go to Jeremy Hantler for his work with our Marimba and ‘Beat It’ groups who performed publicly last weekend! There has been lots of positive feedback about our students and their music! We really appreciate you supporting our students at their weekend performance, Jeremy! Information about the event is below.

Last Saturday around 20 students from our school represented Edendale at the NZ Marimba Festival at ‘The Cloud’. The ‘Beat It’ percussion group had fantastic feedback from parents, students, and other music teachers. The Marimba group also stood out; not only as a well rehearsed unit, but as a disciplined and respectful bunch, who stayed quiet at the right time and listened well at the rehearsal as well as during the performance. Highlights included Georjah’s feature song on the Cymbal and the performance by Paige, Gloria, and Nyra in the tune ‘O Le Pepe’. The students had a blast, and we look forward to the 2014 festival. Jeremy Hantler Right: (from left) Tara, Winona, and Lois playing and listening to the conductor.

ICAS Mathematics

Our special congratulations go to Samantha (Y. 4) and Alex (Y. 6) who recently were awarded High Distinction in the ICAS Mathematics Competition! Congratulations also Ella (Y. 4), Christopher (Y. 5) and Joshua, Sean and Aditya (Y. 6) who each were awarded Distinction. Sarah and Eashan (Y. 4), William and Ryan (Y. 5) and Ankur, Tara and David (Y.6) were awarded Credit. Thirty-seven students also were awarded Participation. Well done to all, we are extremely proud of you! Great work! A summary is on Page 2.

Term 3 ends next Friday on 27 September. Have a safe and happy holiday break everyone!

Rosemary Vivien, Principal 2014 Year 5/6 MERC Camp Payments Our Y. 5/6 Team will be going on camp during Term 1 2014. Payments are now being taken for students who will be in these classes. All students are required to pay a deposit of $50.00 (which includes a $5.00 non-refundable deposit) before Week 4 of Term 4 2013. This will ensure our booking and confirm attendance. The remaining balance of $130.00 needs to be paid before Monday 10 February, Week 2 of Term 1 2014. Total cost of camp: $180.00 (You are most welcome to pay now if you wish to do so). Please send all payments (cash or cheque only) to your child’s class teacher (Mornings before 8:45am). Please note we regret that we are neither able to provide change (if paying by cash) nor take payments at the school office. Thank you.

Rosemary Vivien

Principal • Edendale Primary School, 419 Sandringham Road, Sandringham, Auckland 1025

Telephone: 09 846 6340 • Facsimile: 09 846 3997 • Email: or • Website:

School Information • Programmes • Awards Edendale Playground Winners (Positive Behaviour Tickets)

Lost Property

The following students were recently spotted playing well and being responsible. They have won sports equipment for their class to use for the next fortnight:

Please check for any items of lost property in the cupboard (by the office). We will dispose of any items unclaimed after 2.00pm, Friday 27 September.

Taonga Winner: Ethan, R. 6 Keeping our grounds clean and tidy: Rhia, R. 19, Angelina, R. 2, Isla, R. 5, Ashtyn, R. 10 and Ethan, R. 6 Playing nicely with others: Harry, R. 4 and Immanuel, R. 25 Helping others: Hiba, R. 12 Being thoughtful: Junior, R. 21 Helping in the library: Danielle, R. 26

Message from the ART ROOM

Our next school assembly is on Monday 21 October 10:00am.

Needed: Clean tin cans, containers, lids, newspapers and magazines. There is so much art going on, we are running out! Thank you from Kusam

ICAS Results: Mathematics Summary

Pre-enrolling students

Fifty-one students from Edendale participated. As we have not yet received the certificates in the mail; families will be informed once they have arrived. See the front page for further information.

Please remember to pre-enrol your pre-schoolers who are starting school later this year as soon as possible.

The following areas were tested:  Number and Arithmetic

  

You may pre-enrol when your child turns four. Please note that this does not mean your child can start school before they turn five!

Algebra and Patterns Measures and Units Space and Geometry

Proposed Flight Path Changes

Year Level

Edendale’s NZ & Pacific Average Average

Year Four (8)



Year Five (3)



Year Six (9)



Edendale APPA Choir Fundraiser Our APPA choir has been practising every week towards their performance in the Auckland Town Hall in November.

You are invited to our choir fundraiser to listen to our school choirs sing. By doing so you will help us raise funds to help us cover the costs of participating in the event.


Tuesday 24 September


Edendale School Hall




Gold Coin Donation Rosemary Vivien

The Ministry of Education is currently revising our accommodation needs and may provide additional classrooms when the Year 3-4 block is rebuilt.

We have recently learnt that the newly proposed flight path for Auckland will be directly over Epsom, Onehunga, Sandringham, Greenlane, Mt Eden, Mt Albert and One Tree Hill, and to date there has been little or virtually NO public consultation with any residents of Auckland city. Please read more information and consider signing the petition at the website address below:

Edendale School Term 3 2013 Holiday Programme (OSCAR-approved) Monday 30 September – Friday 11 October from 9:00am – 3:00pm for children aged 5 – 12 years There will be craft activities and trips out. Pre-care and post-care is also available. Enrolment brochures are available from the school office. All Queries: Please ring the school office on 846 6340 or 021 124 7571

Principal • Edendale Primary School, 419 Sandringham Road, Sandringham, Auckland 1025

Telephone: 09 846 6340 • Facsimile: 09 846 3997 • Email: or • Website:

School Information • Programmes • Notices Can you help out in our orchard?

Garden to Table News During the last 2 weeks you may have noticed some new additions to our garden area. On 4 September we were lucky enough to have a team of volunteers from ‘BNZ Closed for Good’ arrive at school. They spent the day laying sleepers, moving bark and constructing compost bins for us. We are not quite finished yet but the progress that was made was great, thank you BNZ! Thank you also to Matt, from ‘It’s a Wood Thing’ for making our new garden beds just in time for spring planting—we have almost doubled our growing space. Alongside our BNZ garden team the kitchen was a hive of activity with 3 pairs of extra BNZ hands whipping up our banana, chocolate, and kumara cupcakes for our stall. Despite the stormy weather we raised over $710.00, thank you so much for all of your support. Our Year 3 group harvested broadbeans (a bumper crop this year) and fennel. We made a fennel and broadbean risotto, not a grain of rice was left in their bowls! We also harvested carrots that we had growing under the broadbeans (great planting companions) to make little carrot cupcakes. Delicious! If you are finding the Countdown cutlery coupons sitting at the bottom of your bag we will gratefully accept them as we continue to expand our cutlery collection. Feel free to pop them up to us in the Garden to Table room. Thank you, Sarah and Jodie

A group of parents who meet on Wednesdays at 2:00pm to weed, mulch, prune, etc in the orchard would love more help! If you are able to come along and assist please contact Fiona Paul: 021 1742974 or 620 9498 or email:

Apple Stickers All Yummy apple stickers need to be in by this Friday, 20 September. Please send them to the school office. You can continue to collect Yummy apple stickers and barcodes from Yummy apple bags for the appeal next year.

News from Edendale’s PTA Cards, Calendars and Diaries This year your child has been working with Kusam to create beautiful artwork for you to create cards, calendars and diaries. They are also a great Christmas gift and an ideal way to allow all the family and friends to have a memento. Each classroom will have a clear folder with your child’s artwork in it, you can view it and then fill in your order form. Some of the older classes have the art on the wall of the classroom. Your child will know which one. Please don’t view during class time and please do not take your child’s artwork out of the folder. The folder will be available for viewing from 4 to 20 September. If you wish to submit a photo as well you can do that by following some simple online instructions. Please don’t forget to record your reference number on your order sheet. Please have your order in by Friday 20 September. Sausage Sizzle A very successful Sausage Sizzle was held on Friday 13 September! We raised $734.95! A big thank you to all those wonderful parents who helped with this fundraiser! The fabulous sausages came from Shefco Halal Meats Ltd, in Stoddard Road. The 2013 | 2014 Entertainment™ Book - ONLY 2 BOOKS LEFT TO SELL!!! The new book is bigger than last years. It is also filled with a huge range of discount vouchers for dining, travel and recreation. Books cost only $65.00 with $13.00 from each sale going to the school. To order books, please see the attached document. PTA Meeting The next PTA meeting will be held in the meeting room Thursday 19 September at 7:00pm. Please come and join us. Thank you, Edendale PTA Rosemary Vivien

Principal • Edendale Primary School, 419 Sandringham Road, Sandringham, Auckland 1025

Telephone: 09 846 6340 • Facsimile: 09 846 3997 • Email: or • Website:

School Information • Taumafai Art & Activities • Advertisements Artwork by R. 7

Tiaki Science Writing

Last Friday Taumafai had an EOTC evening. When the bell rang to go home and everyone else poured out of the school, Taumafai stayed! After a quick afternoon tea they began a rotation of 3 activities. In mixed class groups they competed in Orienteering and worked at finding pictures of different things around the school. Some were really tricky and the students needed a few hints from the teachers, one group even asked Rosemary for help! In the hall, other groups were finding their way over gym equipment blindfolded with only a buddy to guide them. Human pyramids were a challenge and some groups were very successful. Keeping a balloon in the air with different parts of your body was a lot of fun and after 3 rotations only 1 balloon was popped! Meanwhile in Room 6, the rest of the students were making puppets out of ice block sticks, pipe cleaners and material. Parent helpers were on glue gun duty and worked up a sweat.

Aeroplanes are like big birds. There are four forces that help aeroplanes to fly. Gravity which is the pull of the earth. Next lift which is the air pushing it up. Thrust when the aeroplanes run in the runway and drag pulls it back. Its machine helps it to go up. When it’s in the sky the wind pushes the wings up in the sky.

By Betty, R. 15 A hot air balloon helps you to land safely. It looks like a big balloon. The burner system is under the bag. The burner burns fuel to heat the air in the bag. Hot air is very light so it raises it up. By Olive, R.15

Finally after a lovely dinner of sausages and hot chips Taumafai was let loose in the dark! Going down the bush walk to the bottom field was scary…it was so dark. It was lucky we all had torches. Taumafai would like to thank the wonderful parent helpers and the PTA for their support and assistance on our EOTC evening. We couldn’t have done it without you. The students had a fantastic time and went home tired and very happy! Auckland Council Elections Voting for Mayor, Ward Councillors, Local Board members and District Health Board members gets underway from Friday 20 September. Voting documents will be posted to all enrolled voters between 20-25 September. Enrol and vote to be heard. Your community needs a strong voice. You need to complete your voting documents and return them by post, by 9 October to arrive in time for election day on 12 October. If your ballot papers do not arrive call Election Services on 973 5212. Visit for candidate profiles.

Term Three ends on Friday 27 September at 3.00pm. There will be no post school on this day. School Calendar 2013

Public Holidays falling on school days:

Term 3: 29 July - 27 September

Monday 28 October - Labour Day

Term 4: 14 October - 20 December Board of Trustees Next meeting will be held in the Meeting Room

Tuesday 24 September 2013 at 7:15pm All welcome to attend Rosemary Vivien

Edendale PTA Next meeting will be held in the Meeting Room Thursday 19 September 2013 at 7:00pm All welcome to attend

Principal • Edendale Primary School, 419 Sandringham Road, Sandringham, Auckland 1025

Telephone: 09 846 6340 • Facsimile: 09 846 3997 • Email: or • Website:

Edendale Newsletter 18 September  

18 September 2013

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