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Edendale Primary School

2013 – 2015 School Charter February 2013

Edendale Primary School Charter 2013 - 15 About Our School Edendale Primary School was established in 1909, being officially opened on May 29, 1909. A grant of £2,300 was made by the Education Department to build a school to accommodate 250 students. The roll opened with 146 students on the first day. By March 1913, the roll had grown to 642, at which point the Presbyterian Sunday School Hall was rented to accommodate growing numbers. An Infant School was opened on 29 April 1918; by June of the same year the roll had reached 800. Once Kowhai Junior High opened on October 1 1922, 188 Edendale students transferred. However, Edendale’s roll continued to rise, and at the end of 1925, the roll reached 929, being the third largest primary school in New Zealand. In 1926 Brixton Rd School was developed as well as Richardson Rd School in 1930, to cater for some of Edendale’s huge numbers of students. By 1950, Edendale had once again grown to 950; Wesley Primary was built in 1951 to cater for 250 of these students. After this, Edendale’s roll remained around 600 – 700 until the early 1960’s. Between 1965 and 1993, the roll steadily decreased from 572 – 340. It is noted that non-European students numbered 7% of the roll in 1966, and by 1984 this had risen to 53%. In the early 1990’s approximately 95% of the school was non-European. No ethnicities are specified. In the early 1990’s, approximately 20% of the students were Maori and 75% of Pacific island background. In 1993 the roll began growing once again. At the end of 2007, the roll was 592. The school hall was opened in 1956, built by the local community. The Board of Trustees completed a project to extend and renovate this hall mid 2004. It is now a wonderful multi-purpose facility for the school. In 1972, the original school building with its masonry walls was condemned, and the process for restoration declined due to the cost involved. The new plans for the school involved totally rebuilding, with 16 permanent, 3 portable and 2 semi-portable rooms. The new school was opened in late 1978 at a cost of $670,000 being designed to provide for both formal and open plan teaching and at the time, was the largest built in New Zealand of this style. A further building programme began in 1994 under the Eden-Epsom Development Initiative, set up by the Ministry of Education due to tremendous roll growth once again in the area. The new administration block, including a Music Room was completed in 1995 and officially opened in July 1996. An additional two prefabricated classrooms were initially brought on site, followed by another five. Subsequently, two classrooms were built adjoining the front of the hall, and the north wall of the hall was also upgraded. The Administration Block was a finalist in the Building of the Year, 1996 – one of the top five projects under $500,000. Balmoral Intermediate School also opened a Primary section to help cater for the large number of pre-school and primary school aged children coming into the area. In 1997, approval of a library and staffroom up-grade as well as two additional upstairs class spaces was gained, and building began once again. Building was completed providing the school with an up-to date Library facility, an ICT Suite and an Art -Technology Room. A KINZ Sandringham facility is located on the Edendale site previously occupied by the Kohanga Reo. The National Association of Kohanga wound up the programme at Edendale and sold the building to AKA in 2005. AKA up-graded the facility as a model, multi-cultural facility and opened for the community on 19 February 2007. Pre-school children use our school facilities from time to time and we also meet with staff. Edendale celebrated its centenary at Labour Weekend 2009, which was a wonderful time for both current and past pupils. Classes integrated aspects of the school’s past and present into class programmes as well as thinking about the future for the school. Students worked with the Principal and compiled a Centennial Publication as part of a Developing Talents programme. This will be valuable for future generations at our school.

The reunion committee was to be commended; (five past pupils including an organiser of the 75th Jubilee, a past teacher, a current class teacher, the principal and board representation). An open week with large numbers (approximately 400) coming to school during the weekend and attending two social functions and student performances contributed to the success of the weekend. A photographic record of the occasion has been kept. Two memorable events were the opening Powhiri on the Friday evening and having the oldest past pupil (ninety-four years) and the newest five-year old cut the centennial cake at the formal ceremony on the Saturday morning. The Library block, Prefabs and Administration area were designated as ‘leaky buildings’ with major issues in 2008. The Board of Trustees was delighted when the remediation project for the Library area and subsequently for the other buildings was approved by the Ministry of Education. It was noted in the 2010, 2011 and 2012 Charters that the Board of Trustees was still awaiting payment of outstanding funds from MOE for some accounts paid in relation to these projects despite a second independent audit of accounts showing approximately $190,000 owing to the Board. The Principal and Board Chair sought advice from the Auditor General as well as local MPs and in mid-2011, the Board Chair wrote to the then Minister of Education seeking a ministerial inquiry however received no response. In February 2012 the Board contacted the current Minister for Education and also forwarded copies of documentation to local MPs to further attempt resolution of this outstanding debt. A Ministerial Inquiry was undertaken at the Auckland MOE office and it was confirmed, after further auditing, that Edendale Board of Trustees was owed $185,000 by the Ministry of Education for remediation invoices that the Board had paid without prepayment from MoE. The funds were repaid mid-February 2013. Further leaky work needs to be completed by MOE in two classroom blocks and the hall; however the Board is reluctant to proceed with this until MOE has provided them with outstanding funds dating back to 2009-10 financial years and also provides the Board with a more realistic quote for the replacement of the hall roof. Today, Edendale continues to be a multi-cultural school with a very diverse community, which has changed significantly over the past twelve years. The community currently (February 2013) comprises the following major ethnicities (rounded): Groups








Indian groups








European groups








Pacific groups








Asian groups
















African/Middle Eastern/South American groups








In March 2010 the school zone was re-instated at the request of MOE and only ‘home zone’ students are able to be enrolled. The Board decided to not accept any out-of-zone enrolments in 2011-12 due to space constraints. This will continue in 2013. Edendale staff complement the diverse nature of our community. We welcome teacher trainees regularly throughout the year, as well as international educators, and occasionally, teacher trainees from overseas. Edendale was reviewed by ERO early in Term Two 2011. The review was most successful however took a quite different approach from previous years. Mission Statement

The Edendale Experience: Thinking, Learning, Creating!

Vision Statement Edendale School aims to be an exemplary learning community developing and providing educational and community programmes based upon authentic learning contexts. These will contribute towards providing students with the skills to develop a strong sense of identity, community and a sustainable future. We aim to continue to be renowned both locally and internationally as a school with a self-motivated staff of high achievers, students who strive for overall excellence, a highly committed and active Board of Trustees, and a dedicated, supportive and active Parent - Teacher Association.

Charter Guiding Principles (Draft 2013) 1. Curriculum and Students Edendale Board of Trustees will ensure delivery of equitable and quality learning opportunities for all students: o A balanced curriculum with a focus upon core basics of Literacy and Numeracy o Opportunities to develop creativity, use higher-level thinking skills for research and develop effective communication skills and proficiency in ICT across all learning areas o A sense of belonging, safety and fun o The ability and freedom to make responsible choices o Promote respect for one another, their own and the property of others, and the environment An active and healthy lifestyle programme will be delivered as per the Health and Physical Education Curriculum, which includes: o Pro-active attitudes with regular fitness, games and sports activities o Healthy eating habits including provision of ethnic foods in the lunchroom o Development of effective interpersonal and intra-personal skills o School-wide participation in the Road Sense and Sunsmart Programmes Edendale staff will encourage all students to strive for their full potential, recognising and addressing individual differences. Further opportunities will be provided to extend and enhance learning for more able students and to accelerate learning for those with identified needs as well as new learners of English. 2. Community The status of Maori as tangata whenua and obligations under the Treaty of Waitangi will be promoted and acknowledged, thus reflecting New Zealand’s dual heritage. The cultural diversity represented within the school community will be valued and celebrated and first-language use encouraged. Community-school partnerships with families, the local community, educational providers and visitors will continue to evolve. Edendale will regularly communicate with families via emailed newsletters, blogs, website, KnowledgeNET, meetings and annual reporting. A programme of self-review and quality assurance will be reported via newsletter contributions. 3. Personnel All staff and Board members are expected to be positive role models for the school community. The Board will encourage staff to be innovative and provide professional development opportunities relevant to current educational practice. Training opportunities will be available for Board of Trustee members. 4. Property and Finance Edendale Board of Trustees will ensure that all school facilities are developed, maintained and ‘user friendly’ and safe for the school community, and that all finances and assets are well managed in order to optimise student learning opportunities.

Edendale’s Initiatives and Future Directions Edendale School will continue to develop and provide educational and community programmes that contribute towards a sustainable future. This includes the following: Enviro Education Class programmes continue a focus on environmental issues where students use research and inquiry to problem solve. Participation in the active@eden three-year ICT contract 2006-2008 was a key factor in initially developing these programmes. We were part of the ‘Waste-wise’ programme for 2009-2010 and have been accredited. Edendale will continue with an Enviro programme independently from 2011 onwards. At the end of 2012 we again applied to become an Enviro School and have been accepted for 2013. Garden to Table Programme OPUS offered to draw up a comprehensive landscape plan for the school as a community service which was completed in March 2012. This includes both ornamental and food gardens and development is underway. In 2012 we were accepted into the ‘Garden to Table’ Trust programme; this trust funds a cooking and garden assistant for two years as well as providing for some of the infrastructure. Edendale was fortunate in having highly qualified community members come forward to take on these positions. Year Five and Six students participated in the programme during Terms 1-3 2012 and in Term Four the programme was introduced to students in Year Four in preparation for their participation in 2013. In 2013, year Five and Six participate in Terms One and Two, Year Three in Term Three and Year Four in Term Four. Years OneThree students continue to participate in Edendale’s ‘Food for Thought’ programme with their class teachers. Our amazing orchard and raised vegetable gardens (initiated 2009) are on-going and expanding for student use and integration with classroom sustainability programmes (produce for garden-kitchen-table). The orchard produces bananas, sugar cane, apples, feijoas, passionfruit, Chilean guavas, avocados and grapes. It is maintained by a small group of dedicated parents and community supporters and is now also used for our Garden to Table programmes. We have a number of ‘supporter businesses’ such as Telecom who have participated in ‘working for a day’ in our school grounds. In 2012 Years Four-Five students participated in Waikato University Research that is looking into benefits of the Garden to Table programme and will participate further in 2013 A group of Year Five-Six students undertook to build a greenhouse, supported by two parents and the caretaker using recycled products. This is used to grow seedlings for transplanting into the bigger gardens around the school. All school gardens are now ‘potager’ gardens. The sunny areas of the native gardens behind the Year Five-Six classrooms are also being converted to edible gardens. Communication and Feedback Student surveys to gain feedback regarding various aspects of school life and future development are now becoming a regular part of school consultation. Students were most recently surveyed about how they manage their learning in 2012. We encourage the community to participate in school surveys which are available on-line and via email: -

Charter and Strategic Planning


Student learning


Reporting to parents and three-way conferences




School uniforms (community not interested)


Community issues such as scooter use at school Families also have opportunities to interact with the school and its day-to-day activities through KnowledgeNET; school programmes, such as team and class news and events are now available on-line. PTA events, BOT priorities and other community activities are linked. Parent evenings about National Standards, KnowledgeNET and Mathematics were offered in 2012. Annual consultation evenings for Health and PE are held in August.

We began holding two rather than one Hui and Fono annually at the request of families in 2010-2011. However, in 2012, a small group of parents attended the June Hui stating that they did not wish the focus on student learning and programmes to continue; rather they wanted to focus on their own personal issues. Subsequently, in 2013 we will look at alternative ways to consult with the Maori community. Road Safety Our community has participated in the Auckland School Travel Plan Programme since 2007 when initiatives were instigated in adjacent streets to ensure safer walkways; the Auckland City Council signage for a slow speed zone around the school was installed on Sandringham Rd and Shorewell St early in 2008. The school’s Walking Bus programme was renewed in 2009 and a number of parents, keen to re-instate these, continue in 2013, to take a lead role in doing so. Artist-in-school Programme The Board began employment of a school parent as an Artist-in School to oversee the school’s Arts programme in 2009. Several murals and artworks have subsequently been completed including painted tiles for the Garden to Table kitchen and the Board has decided to continue funding the programme. Families and teachers speak highly of very successful lessons and outcomes. Our artist also manages the school kiln, purchased with funds raised by students; all have the opportunity to work with clay and have their work fired. It brings in a small income annually from hireage. The programme operates four days weekly. Art@Edendale – A Visual Arts Festival in Term Three 2011 was highly successful with a number of local artists and businesses donating goods and services to the school. The art auction and art-a-thon combined raised a total of $20,000 with proceeds supporting visual arts, literacy and environmental education programmes. We are extremely appreciative of the businesses/artists that supported our school and support them in return via website advertising. Music A musical production of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ took place in Term Four 2010, with full-capacity audiences. A DVD of the show was also produced. Concert evenings were held in 2011-2012. Following a very successful parent and student evening, students at Edendale were provided with opportunities to learn a range of musical instruments through an external provider. A teacher musician is also employed to take all classes across the school for music lessons while teachers are on fortnightly classroom release. This teacher is also working with a student percussion band and a drumming group. The school has two choirs, one at Years Three-Four which performs in the community and the other at Year Five-Six which is the APPA Choir.

Boys’ Class A Year Five and 5-6 boys’ class is now in its fourth year of operation (2013). Over sixty families annually register interest in having their children participate in this class. In 2012, research was undertaken comparing student progress in mainstream with this class. While academic results are very similar, the key difference appeared to be boys’ attitudes towards learning. Further research and surveys will be undertaken in 2013. Edendale has a focus on ensuring the learning needs of boys are met in all classes across the school and PD/continued research will be undertaken in this area. Physical Activity Our fitness trail (purchased with student fundraising and subsidised by the Board) is in regular use, and new sports uniforms have been purchased (sponsored by Friends of Edendale). IN 2011, Swimsation began a school-wide swimming programme at the school to which ninety per cent of parents subscribed. Beginning 2012, the programme will be free for all Y3-6 students. Developing Talents Programmes These include parent volunteers who have lead science-based learning groups for the past few years; we very much appreciate this community support for our students as the programmes are very successful. The 2012 programme, which will continue in 2013, included two groups of Year Six students and had a focus on genetics; this also integrated with our Garden to Table programme. Post-school We continue to develop a post-school service for Edendale families. As for school programmes, the well-being of all students is paramount and this is reflected in school policies and procedures which the post-school programme follows. A consistent, positive and child-focussed environment is provided. . An increasing number of families request this service; we currently cater for 40 students. We have surveyed families about the service every alternate year since 2008, with positive responses. The programme passed an OSCAR audit in late 2012 and received favourable comment. Café 419 Our lunchroom, run by a local family, has now been providing Heart Foundation approved foods and catering for the school’s diverse community for six years. It was a runner-up in the School Canteen of the Year competition in each of the four years it entered the competition. Facilities Review of accessibility for students with disabilities began in 2010 and in 2011 a project supporting the particular needs of ‘first-time enrolment’ students began. This has provided the school with a fully-equipped care room for a student at the school as well as wheelchair friendly access-ways around the school. The project was completed in2012. In 2011, our project manager undertook a condition assessment of the remaining 1970s buildings in the school as many of them need replacing due to leaky issues. It was anticipated that the process for replacing one building (Year Three-Four classroom block) might have been approved in 2011 as a condition assessment was undertaken in 2008, however MOE has requested a further assessment to be carried out prior to making any final decisions. In 2013, we continue to wait to see what will happen. Agreement was reached in 2012 with MOE to repair Room 16 however to date this has not eventuated and the project manager has had no further word from MOE. We understand leaking windows in Room 7 will be replaced in Term One 2013.

Plans for 2013 include: o

Continued focus on improved Mathematics achievement school-wide


Renewed focus on Inquiry Learning using Solo Taxonomy across the school led by team leaders


An emphasis upon student choice and personalised learning


Continued specialist visual arts and music programmes


Both girls’ and boys’ education foci across the school


Possible participation in a school-wide Reciprocal Teaching project – currently under discussion with Auckland University

Achieving Our Vision Edendale School staff, Board of Trustees and PTA will work co-operatively together with the wider community to achieve the shared vision for Edendale.

In order to achieve this we intend to implement and follow our school’s aims via: 1. The National Education Guidelines, Including the National Education Goals and the National Administration Guidelines, which provide direction in six areas of school operations as stated below: Curriculum Financial and Property Management

Documentation and Self-review Health and Safety

Employer Responsibilities Administration


The National Education Priorities (Literacy and Numeracy Strategy), National Standards as per the legislation and National Curriculum Documents


Edendale’s School Charter and Guiding Principles, Policies and Procedures and Annual School Planning Documents

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