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Rooms 24,25,28 and 29 Chosen Valley 5-7 September 2011

Mesfen, Room 24... “Today my favourite activity was Balance Island because you can fall in the water and get wet and my favourite recreation time was the long waterslide; I went head first and when I went head first my head was really cold and it was freezing ice!” Maansi, Room 29... Five Senses The bright sunshine shining through the lake The long, shiny, black water slide The delicious food in the kitchen The water from the lake. The fresh morning breeze The rough ropes of the confidence course Mr Wilson’s loud, strong voice The kids screaming from the flying fox. The crunchy apple crumble The saucy pasta Mir, Room 29... The wonderful grass running through my fingers The wet and coldness of the great pond The amazing flying fox over the great pond The wacky water side going down the hill The beautiful dinner that’s cooking in the kitchen The beautiful smell of nature The great sound of a go-kart running down the hill.

Abigail, Room 25... “When I arrived at the hall with my heavy bags it felt like I was in a jungle! Everyone was so loud I could hardly hear myself. When we hopped onto the bus excitement was rushing through the air; you could tell that everyone was happy and excited....” Marieta, Room 28... “We raced onto the field. The it was time for our second activity. Our team was doing flying fox. At first I thought it was easy, but, when I got up there I was scared! I really didn’t want to do it! But eventually I overcame my fear of heights and went. At first I felt like I was going to drop! I didn’t. I had a few goes and then...... The hooter went. Everyone rushed...” Naia, Room 28 (Camp 2) “My group’s first activity was archery and Balance Island, which is a group of activities that you have to get across using your balance. It looked really scary at first but eventually I realised the bridge wasn’t too bad. I had totally left any fears when I looked at the terrifying metal rope looking thing you had to walk across holding onto another one above you. When I first looked at it my blood pretty much drained out of me!!! Luckily once I got on I realised it wasn’t too bad until a gust of stuffy wind swept by and I was pretty much ready to fall off...”


Kayaking! Confidence Course! Flying Fox! Team Building! Bush Walk! Waterslide! Go-karts! Balance Island! Archery!

Sabine, Room 28... “During archery I was bored to death because I was horrible at it. But Balance Island was so much fun I went first and I was so stretching I felt like I would break in two but it was still fun. Then there was a bridge that was very wobbly and for one

With sincere thanks to: Zane Wilson, Team Leader (both camps!),Libby Snushall, Shamin Vasar & Steve Ramdhanie for leading and organising such a wonderful camp! To all the parent helpers, we couldn’t have done it without you! And well done to our great students for having a go at EVERYTHING!

Edendale Camp One  
Edendale Camp One  

School Camp at Chosen Valley