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Edendale News 7 November 2012 Next issue: 21 November 2012

THE EDENDALE EXPERIENCE: THINKING, LEARNING, CREATING Message from the Principal Kia ora, Kia orana, Namaste, Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Ni hao ma, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Asalam alikum! It is lovely to be back at Edendale after my period of leave. Everyone is working hard, teachers are writing end of year reports and Year 4-6 are also practising for their concert later in the term. My thanks to Jackie Procter and Jenny Tong for leading the school during my absence. It was interesting to learn of educational developments in the UK, such as consideration for phasing out national testing, only a day’s notice now being given prior to an OFSTED (ERO) review and the increased powers schools now have to ensure students regularly attend school. Welcome A warm welcome to all new families who have started at Edendale this week! We are delighted that you have joined our school family and look forward to getting to know you all. Gardens Our school gardens are looking great and are proving to be very productive right now. Our Garden to Table Blog will be updated in the next few days so keep an eye out for the photos of our parsnip harvest in particular! Survey: Students and Scooters at School In the coming week a survey regarding students bringing scooters to school will be uploaded onto our website and I encourage all families who are interested in this to reply to the survey and let us know what you think.

expressing the Board’s concerns about teachers being underpaid and their details being incorrectly recorded on the new system.

PAID UNION MEETING FOR TEACHERS Teachers from Edendale will be attending a meeting at 1.30pm on Tuesday 13th November at Balmoral School. Accordingly, the majority of the schools teaching staff will be unavailable after 1.00pm on that date in order to prepare children to go home and get to the meeting on time. NZEI is the union that represents primary teachers, primary principals and support staff. Under the Employment Relations Act, paid union meetings are a legal entitlement to discuss union business. Please make arrangements to collect your child at 1:00pm

Piano and Wind Instrument End of Year Concert THURSDAY 8 NOVEMBER 5.40pm in the School Hall The Piano and Wind Instrument students will be having their end of year concert tomorrow. Come along and see what they have been learning!

We are not opposed to the idea in principle, however storage and safety is problematic; a couple of areas have been suggested to us which are unsuitable due to health and safety reasons. We would like to be able to accommodate any requests we receive and Entry is free. the Board will look at your responses at their next meeting. Enjoy your week! Novopay A small number of our teachers continue to be affected in various ways by the shortcomings of this new system. Our Board Chairperson, Khylee Quince, has written to MOE on behalf of our staff, Rosemary Vivien

Rosemary Vivien Principal

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School Information and Programmes • Notices Edendale Playground

Please Note - Term 4 Calendar

Good Behaviour Tickets 13 Nov

NZEI Meeting: 1pm Finish

Taonga Winners: Ashton—Rm22

14 Nov

APPA Choir Performance (7.30pm)

These children were seen...

14 Nov

Junior Parent information Literacy/Maths 8.30—9.30am

23 Nov

Term Four New Parents morning tea


Yummy Apple Stickers Thank you to Bridget Williams and everyone for their collection of ‘Yummy Apple Stickers for Sports Gear on behalf of Edendale. $783, worth of sports equipment was earned from collecting Yummy Apple stickers this year. Well done and keep up the good work for 2013.

Keeping our grounds clean: Madeleine—Rm8, Olivia—Rm18, Stella—Rm16, Juwan—Rm12, Jaden—Rm11 Playing nicely with others: Ashton—Rm22, Melani—Rm7, Ollyncia—Rm4, Joseph—Rm28, Lawrence—24 Other great behaviour: Danny—Rm2

Reminder Next year we will be looking at making new uniforms for the cultural performances we have throughout the year. If you have some sewing experience please send expressions of interest to Rosemary. Thank you in advance for your offers in advance Desma Lai

Message from the ART ROOM Needed clean tin cans, containers, lids, newspapers and magazines. There is so much art going on, we are running out! Thank you from Kusam

Wanted Clean, empty, plastic cream bottles for activities. These can be dropped off at the school office.

News from Edendale’s PTA ‘Bangers Day’ Sausage Sizzle

New PTA Members

Thank you to everyone who has was able to help! It was the most relaxing sausage sizzle ever! We raised $805. A big thank you to all those wonderful parents who helped with this fundraiser! The fabulous sausages came from Sheffco Halal Meats Ltd, in Stoddard Road.

We always appreciate new members joining the PTA. If you would like to join us you can either email us on or come to our meetings. We meet once a month. Our next meeting is Thursday, 15 November in the meeting room (off the office foyer) at 7:00pm.

School Disco – Theme: Your favourite character

Wine Tasting Evening

To be held Friday 7th of December. Tickets are $2.00 per child. Edendale Primary students only. Consent forms will be sent home closer to the date, and must be completed, signed and brought to the disco on the 7th of December. This year we are splitting the disco into 2 time slots: Junior Disco – Years 0 to 3 5:00pm – 6:30pm Senior Disco – Years 4 to 6 6:30 pm – 8:00pm At this stage, we do not require further helpers for the night. Thank you to all who offered their help.

The above fundraiser will be hosted by David Iggulden, co-owner of the Hamden Estate vineyard in Martinborough to be held on Friday 9th November, 7.00 to 9.00pm in the school staff room. Tickets are $10 each and are limited to 30 people. There will be wine tasting, nibbles, discounted wine to purchase and lots of fun! For tickets, please email us at


Edendale’s Website Rosemary Vivien

Tom Cooper & Aamel Rahmati Co-Chairpersons

Garden to Table Blog

Garden of Eden Blog

News Blog

Principal • Edendale Primary School, 419 Sandringham Road, Sandringham, Auckland 1025

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Tarai Artists and Authors • Notices LIBRARY NOTICE

Garden To Table


Secret benefits This week our Year 4 students rolled up their sleeves and pitched in to turn our compost heaps. The oxygen added by aerating the compost helps the unseen decomposers (Fungi, Bacteria and Invertebrates), which helps the compost break down. Strategic planting A lot of seeds are being sown now by our classes, this will give the students experience with sowing seeds, watering and using hand trowels. Most keen gardeners will have their summer crops in the ground by now, for harvesting over Christmas and the New Year. We are starting ours a bit later, to harvest at the start of the next school year. An automated watering system is being installed to ensure the crops are well watered! License to thrive Now that pitch forks, hand trowels and watering cans have been mastered, the Year 4 classes are half way towards earning their tool licenses. Correct tool use is an essential part of being good, safe gardeners, and keeping a healthy productive garden. Mastering the art Our Year 4s are quickly picking up the art of cooking, they can use a variety of equipment and a bumper harvest from our gardens. They created a feast worthy of junior master chef, with cauliflower fritters with mint yoghurt, followed by beetroot cupcakes. Healthy and yummy!! Sneaky treat We managed to sneak Team Endeavour in for one last cooking lesson, they made banana fritters served with caramel sauce. A well-deserved treat after all their hard work this year. Are you the one we’re looking for? Just one more volunteer would make a huge difference to our programme. Start now for a few lessons till the end of the year to see how you like it. Classes run until the last week of term. Jodie, Sarah and Kim

All library books need to be returned to the library as soon as possible.

Tarai Garden to Table On Tuesday Room 6 went to Garden to Table. When we got to Garden to Table we sat on the mat, then we started to roll the dough out. Next we put the dough on a massive tray then we placed in to an electric pan. When the flatbread was ready it felt delicious and the dip felt fantastic. We cooked with Sarah, I was in charge with pouring the oil into the cup and Orrin poured the water and Abigail mixed, the dough felt Mushy dough then at lunch time Wendy and Jodie went down to the bottom field. We need to walk then we planted seeds. When we planted the seeds down at the bottom field the colour was bright blue seeds. When we got to class Jodie read a book to us, the title of the book was a mouse finds a seed. When I drew my picture it was from the book I felt happy when I finished my picture, I did a mouse and some daisies and a snail I felt amazing and happy and incredible. By Arius—Rm6



Edendale Student Code I am an Edendale student. Therefore, I show respect to everyone; I am kind to others; I behave in a sensible way. I take care of my school, my belongings and the environment. I am honest and reliable; I am responsible for my actions. I have fun with my learning; I participate at school and try my very best! Rosemary Vivien

Principal • Edendale Primary School, 419 Sandringham Road, Sandringham, Auckland 1025

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Tarai Artists and Authors • Notices SPORTS NEWS

2013 School Calendar

Soccer Coaching Soccer coaching is on Wednesdays 3:15-4:15pm on the bottom field. Cost: $8 per session. This should be paid to Mr Wilson in Room 24. Children must be collected afterwards by 4:20pm and must not play on the playground unsupervised. Forms are on the table at reception.

Rainy Day Notice will be given to cancel due to weather at 2.30pm on the day of coaching, and a note will be put on the ‘ticker’ on the Edendale KnowledgeNET page. Please check online.

Term 1: 7th February - 19 April Term 2: 6 May - 12 July Term 3: 29 July - 27 September Term 4: 14 October - 20 December Public Holidays falling on school days: Wednesday 25 April — Anzac Day Monday 3 June — Queen’s Birthday Monday 28 October — Labour Day

National Jandal Day Friday 7th December support Surf Lifesaving New Zealand by wearing your Jandals. Gold Coin Donation

Tarai Garden to Table On Tuesday I went to a cool Garden to Table, my group did sunflowers it was cool. We made a hole in the soil to put the seed in, then we put a little bit of soil and water in, to make the sunflower grow. Jodie and Wendy helped us plant the seeds. We all planted our seeds in the bottom field, and then Jodie said “come and line up” so we did. Jodie told us to draw a sunflower and I did. After morning tea and after lunch time we did garden to table again and we did the cooking. We made soft bread and beetroot dip and muffins. It was nice and delicious. I rolled the dough it was amazing.

Balmoral gr8 day out 12 Saturday 10th November Fun, Food, Activities & Entertainment for the whole family! Please see the attachment.

THANK YOU Edendale would like to extend a big thank you to the Sathya Sa i Organisation for continuing to donate sandwiches to the school every week.

By Suvetha—Rm6 Board of Trustees

Edendale PTA

Next meeting is a planning meeting

Next meeting will be held in the Meeting Room


Thursday 15 November at 7:00pm All welcome to attend

See our website for info on upcoming events, BOT news and more! Rosemary Vivien

Principal • Edendale Primary School, 419 Sandringham Road, Sandringham, Auckland 1025

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7 November 2012

Edendale newsletter  

7 November 2012