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PROSPECTUS All about us...

Parent/Caregiver Meetings, Term Dates and Public Holidays 2012 Parent/Caregiver Information Meetings 7 March

Family Picnic and Games Night (weather permitting)

14 March

National Standards Discussion with Team Leaders

1 May

KnowledgeNET and how you can use it

29 May

Boys’ Education and Learning

26 June

Hui and Fono

20 November

Hui and Fono

Terms One-Four (Please check in newsletters) Starting School Literacy Mathematics Health and PE Positive Parenting

Term Dates Term One

Thursday 2 February

Thursday 5 April

Term Two

Monday 23 April

Friday 29 June

Term Three

Monday 16 July

Friday 28 September

Term Four

Monday 15 October

Tuesday 18 December (School finishes at 2:00pm)

Public Holidays 2012 falling on school days Waitangi Day

Monday 6 February

Term 1

Anzac Day

Wednesday 25 April

Term 2

Queen’s Birthday

Monday 4 June

Term 2

Labour Day

Monday 22 October

Term 4

Greetings from the Principal DEAR PARENTS/CAREGIVERS AND STUDENTS Kia ora, Namaste, Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Ni hao ma, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Asalam alikum, Ni sa bula, Buenos dias, Hej! Dobro uttro. Greetings to all parents and caregivers. We extend a warm welcome to you and wish you a long and happy relationship with our school community. Edendale is committed to providing quality education opportunities, and we encourage our learning community to develop a passion for learning. We provide many occasions for you to be involved with your child at school; if you would like to volunteer as a helper, please collect a volunteers pack from our school office. Our school newsletter is published fortnightly on Thursdays, and is emailed to those who have provided us with an address. If you do not receive your emailed copy, do let us know and please also check your spam folder. A paper copy will be sent home to families with no internet access; we keep you informed of events, successes, curriculum and community information and also give reminders in our newsletters. From time to time we’ll ask for your feedback by way of community surveys which will have links to our newsletter and website. Please take the time to complete these so we can consider your ideas in our decision-making processes. You may also receive email links to our surveys from time to time. Our website is updated regularly; please check in and also use your KnowledgeNET login (available from your child’s teacher). We value your feedback regarding both our newsletters and website, so please do email us if you have suggestions or questions.

Each year at Edendale, we meet new challenges, learn new skills, and celebrate our efforts and successes. We have very many happy times, both in our academic pursuits as well as our more informal occasions. Our dedicated and professional staff embrace both the cultural diversity and the philosophy of our school. Our latest initiative is the Garden to Table programme; all Year Five-Six students participate. We are funded by the Garden to Table Trust in 2012-2013 and need to be self-sufficient as of 2014 so fundraising will contribute to this programme, which our students love. Younger students participate in Edendale’s Food for Thought Programme, so everyone has the opportunity to grow fruit and vegetables and participate in cooking activities. Our student management programmes focus on positive acknowledgement of students’ good behaviours; please note our procedures, which are set out in this booklet. As we are in loco parentis, we are legally responsible for all our students during the school day. At times we need to address inappropriate behaviours with students; Edendale expects families to support any disciplinary actions required; which may include written or verbal apologies, losing some of their playtime or telephoning parents to inform them about a situation. Our latest ERO report, completed in June 2011 may be viewed on We always do our best to ensure that you enjoy your association with our school. Thank you for your support and we look forward to getting to know you.

Rosemary Vivien, Principal

Read on to find out about... 

Our Board of Trustees, P.T.A. and School-Family Partnerships

Enrolling Your Child

Edendale Enrolment Scheme and Zone Map

Meetings with School Personnel

School Donations and Activity Fees

Travelling to and From School

School Procedures

Health and Medication

Requests for Leave

Post-School Care

Opportunities for Developing Student Talents

Café 419


Student Code of Conduct

Student Management Procedures

Playground Behaviour Code and Procedures

Other Safety Rules

Bicycles at School

Edendale in Action

Parent/Caregiver Meetings, Term Dates and Public Holidays

Edendale Primary School Original Building c.1909

Board of Trustees OUR BOARD OF TRUSTEES will be holding six meetings open to the public and three planning meetings in 2012. Meetings begin at 7:15pm and are advertised in our school newsletter. The chairperson is Khylee Quince. Our school community is most welcome to attend these meetings. Boards are elected by the parent community every three years. 2013 is an election year. Parent Trustees Principal Staff Trustee Khylee Quince Rosemary Vivien Desma Lai John Marsh Roshyn Singh Mike Maitland

Edendale Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A.) OUR P.T.A. also meets monthly; Parents/Caregivers are welcome to join us at these meetings which are advertised in our school newsletters. PTA elections are held annually in November. Chairs Secretary Treasurer Tom Cooper Sanj Smith Steph Cawte Aamel Rahmati Staff Representative Steve Ramdhanie

Parent Members Kathy White Chriss Bus Sarah Overhill

Our Goals:   

To support families in becoming involved in their children’s education. To be a link between the wider school community and the school. To raise funds for extra resources and educational opportunities for Edendale students.

School-Parent Partnerships PARENT-SCHOOL PARTNERSHIPS are designed to familarise you with curriculum teaching strategies to support children in maths and literacy, primarily. Our Public Health Nurse also offers a seminar on ‘Parenting Strategies’. These programmes will give you an insight and knowledge about children’s learning during the school day. Seminars are held in Term Two. All programmes are advertised in our school newsletter. WE REALLY APPRECIATE all involvement and voluntary assistance with school outings, camps and class visits. Please let your child’s teacher know if you are interested in participating at school in this way and ask for ‘Volunteers Information’ at the front office. YOU’LL ALSO HAVE OPPORTUNITIES TO  Come along to morning teas for new parents, held every term 

Receive fortnightly newsletters to keep you up to date with events, programmes, curriculum, successes and our student writers

Participate in school surveys regarding strategic planning and school activities such as PostSchool/Holiday Programmes

Enrolling your child... WE WELCOME ALL PRIMARY SCHOOL-AGED STUDENTS WITHIN OUR ZONE to Edendale School. We currently operate a restricted zone and encourage you to pre-enrol your child and participate in pre-school visits on a Tuesday morning (9:00 – 10:00am) for the four weeks prior to your child turning five. Please call at reception and complete the required visiting form. Please remember that it is a legal requirement for children to be accompanied by an adult caregiver for the duration of each visit. PLEASE BRING the following documents to the school reception when enrolling your child: Documents must be original. Photocopies will not be accepted      

Your child’s birth certificate Passport and student visa (if your child is not a NZ resident) Proof of address (a current utility or rates bill) Inoculation Certificate (not compulsory) Home, work and emergency contact numbers Email address (for newsletters etc)

PLEASE ENSURE YOU INFORM US OF: 1. Any custody issues relating to your child. We must have a copy of any legal documentation if one parent or another is prohibited from contact with a child. 2. Changes of address, telephone, emergency or email contacts. We need to be able to contact you at all times in case of an emergency for the safety and wellbeing of your child. ON YOUR CHILD’S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, please come to school with your child and call at the school office between 8:00-8:30am. Your enrolment will be finalised and you and your child will be taken to your classroom. We will make every effort to ensure a smooth transition to school for your family. Please ensure you provide proof of address, i.e. Utilities or rates bill on your child’s first day of school. This documentation must be an original and cannot be older than one month.

Meetings with school personnel... WE WELCOME discussions with parents and caregivers. This is what to do if you have a concern or a query. Make an appointment to see the class teacher. Generally, meetings with class teachers must be held before 8.15am or after 3.15pm. Please telephone our school office to make an appointment. 1. If necessary, please then make a time to meet the Team Leader and Deputy Principal 2. Please take all serious issues directly to the Principal. (Our Complaints Procedure is on our website - please see School Policies)

THREE-WAY CONFERENCES 20-24 February Goal Setting 15 June Mid Year Reports go home 19-21 June Three-way Conferences 12 December Summary Reports go home IF YOUR CHILD begins at Edendale part-way through the year, there will be opportunities for meeting with teachers regarding your child’s progress within the time-frame above. Please read our school newsletters for confirmation.

Edendale School Enrolment Scheme Home Zone All students who live within the home zone described below are entitled to enrol at the school. Arabi St Aroha Ave (2-36, 1-63) Balmoral Rd(228-280,243-277) Begbie Pl Calgary St Cambourne Rd (1-37, 2-24) Camden Rd Carrie St Columbia Rd Cornwallis St Coyle St Dominion Rd (727-815) Duncan Ave Eden View Rd Ethel St (2-42, 1-25) Euston Rd Fergusson Ave Fowlds Ave Freyberg Ave Gribblehurst Rd(67-91,66-90) Grove Rd

Halesowen Ave Hampstead Rd Harwood St Haverstock Rd Hazelmere Rd Highcliffe Rd Hulse Ave Huntingtree Ave Invermay Ave (odd numbers) Jason Ave Kenneth Ave Kerr St Kingsway Ave Kitchener Rd Kiwitea St Lambeth Rd Lancing Rd Leslie Ave (1-41, 2-28) Locarno Ave Marne Rd Mars Ave Mt Albert Rd (170-310)

Ngapawa St Oxton Rd Paice Ave (64-90, 63-91) Parrish Rd (1-29, 2-28) Parry St Patterson St Pickett Ave Renfrew Ave (even numbers) Sandringham Rd (190-692, 123681) Shaw St Shorwell St St Lukes Rd (90-110, 75-123) Taumata St Thanet Ave Tranmere Rd Truro Rd Vancouver Ave Wagener Pl Watea Rd Watson Ave Wembley Rd

Out of Zone Enrolments Each year the Board of Trustees will determine the number of places which are likely to be available in the following year for the enrolment of students who live outside the home zone. The Board will publish this information by notice in a daily or community newspaper circulating in the local area. The notice will indicate how applications are to be made and will specify a date by which all applications must be received. Applications for enrolment will be processed in the following order of priority: First Priority Second Priority Third Priority Fourth Priority Fifth Priority

This priority is not applicable as the school does not run a special programme approved by the Secretary for Education will be given to applicants who are siblings of current students will be given to applicants who are siblings of former students will be given to applicants who are children of board employees will be given to all other applicants

If there are more applicants in the second, third, fourth or fifth priority groups than there are places available, selection within the priority group will be by a ballot conducted in accordance with the instructions by the Secretary under Section 11G(1) of the Education Act 1989. Parents will be informed of the date of any ballot by notice in a daily or community newspaper circulating in the area served by the school.

HEARING AND VISION TESTS are regular for all five year old children and recalls can be requested by teachers and parents. We will notify you of dates in our newsletter.

Edendale School Home Zone

School Donations and Activity Fees SCHOOL

DONATIONS are a voluntary payment. They contribute significantly to school resources.

You may claim the donation on your tax return. School donations contribute towards ‘extras’ for our school community; the government funding covers ‘a basic education only’. We ask families to contribute a school donation of $160 per child per year. ($4.00 per week) There are options for payment of donations to the school. 1. Donation cost is $40 per child per term 2. Payments can be made periodically throughout the year to suit you.


ARE COMPULSORY and are to be paid within two weeks of enrolment if enrolling dur-

ing the year. The activity fee is non-refundable. Per annum $80 per child ( $2.00 per week) Per half year $40 per child (if only at school for half year) The activity fee pays a contribution towards:  The employment of our Artist-in-Residence, Kusam Fausett  Garden to Table Programmes  On-going maintenance costs of community-funded facilities such as our playground and shade sails. (The Ministry of Education does not fund maintenance of community -funded facilities.)

STATIONERY PACKS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE SCHOOL OFFICE Packs and single items i.e. exercise books, pencils, rubbers, book bags are available from the school office throughout the year at competitive prices.


Worms Eye View Auckland Photographic Competition 2012

Below Left: ‘The Knitting Tree’, 2011 Above and Below: Art@Edendale 2011 Below Centre: Pottery Sculpture: Christchurch Earthquake Memorial

Travelling to and from school... WE ENCOURAGE CHILDREN TO WALK TO SCHOOL wherever possible. Please note that there is no car access through the front driveway for families, except in special circumstances. There will be information about the travel plan developments in our school newsletter throughout the year. Our school joined the 40km speed zone programme in February 2008. Please walk safely to and from school 1. ALWAYS USE our pedestrian crossing and footpaths adjacent to the front of the school. Pedestrian crossings are for everyone, not just children! 2. ALWAYS USE the Sandringham Road crossing safely. It is supervised by teachers and trained student patrols between 8:20-8.50am and 3:00-3.15pm 3. ALSO USE the Shorwell St. entrance at the back of the school. It is supervised by a teacher between 3.00 – 3.15pm daily. Please do not use the KINZ carpark at all for Edendale dropoff and pick up purposes 4. ALWAYS AVOID walking across the driveway where cars are coming and going. 5. ALWAYS MINIMIZE opportunities for student/parent-caregiver injury. We regularly notice parents who cross Sandringham Road with their children adjacent to, but not on our pedestrian crossing. Sadly, we see children run out onto this very busy and dangerous road from between parked cars, with parents accompanying them. We do not wish to see our students injured or even killed as a result of this practice. The pedestrian crossings are there to help make crossing this main road as safe as possible. Please help to keep your own children safe and use the crossing. Simple as that! PARKING WITHIN SCHOOL GROUNDS is available, regretfully, for school staff and official school visitors only.

CYCLISTS 1. 2. 3. 4.

Our students are allowed to ride a bicycle to school only upon receipt of a written request and parent/caregiver signed agreement. A letter of approval from a parent/caregiver must be forwarded to the Principal before your child rides to school. New Zealand safety approved helmets must be worn. The school police liaison officer will test all bicycles for safety reasons at the beginning of the year. You will be informed of the time through our newsletter.

We recommend that you provide your child with a locking safety chain for the bicycle. We will take all care but no responsibility for damage or loss. Thank you for your co-operation.

School Procedures... SCHOOL HOURS are 8:50-3:00pm daily First Break

10.45am - 11.20am Second Break (Lunch) 1.00pm - 1.50pm BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS students gather in the front courtyard and wait for the 8.20am bell before proceeding to classrooms. They may enter classrooms if a teacher is present in the room. We recommend students arrive at school no earlier than 8.00am, and by 8.35am daily. N.B. We do not close school early on wet days. We finish school at 2.00pm on:  The final day of the school year  Three-way conference afternoons


YOU ARE UNABLE TO PICK UP YOUR CHILDREN AFTER SCHOOL and you wish another adult to do so

on your behalf, you must notify the school office or class teacher yourself before 2.00pm. Please note: We do not allow students to leave the school premises with adults who are unknown to us.

AFTER SCHOOL If you are late to collect your child/children please meet Years Four-Six students and younger siblings outside the music room (just inside the front side gate). Years One-Three students without older siblings wait in the front foyer. We are unable to arrange alternative pick up arrangements for students; these should be done at home and students should be made aware of who is collecting them from school - exceptions are emergency situations only. If you have not arrived at school by 3:20pm your child/children will be taken to Post-school in the Hall and you will incur a charge.


YOUR CHILD IS UNWELL in the morning, it is important that he/she is minded at home for the

day. Please do not send unwell students to school.


YOUR CHILD is going to be late or away for a whole day or more, please telephone reception:

846 6340 (press 1)

or email:

IF YOU REQUIRE your child to leave school during the day for any reason, please ensure you… 1. 2.

Send a note, phone call or visit to the class teacher. Pick up your child from school - we do not send students home unaccompanied during the day. BEFORE TAKING YOUR CHILD from class or from the school playground ensure you call at the school office and complete a leave of absence form; please let us know if there is an emergency that we should be aware of so we can support your child.



YOUR CHILD BECOMES UNWELL DURING THE DAY we will telephone and let you know so that

you can take your child home. Please call at Reception and you will be taken to your child, who will generally be resting in our medical room. Parents/caregivers must be available to pick up unwell students promptly. We are unable to care for unwell students during the day.

WE TREAT ALL MINOR ACCIDENTS at school. You will be contacted immediately in case of injuries to the head and also if there is any concern. PLEASE ENSURE that you… 1. Advise one of the office staff when collecting a sick child. 2. Have given us up-to-date contact numbers and addresses for home, work, your doctor and a friend or relative in case of emergency. 3. Upon enrolment, provide us with any medical details about which we should be aware.

Health and Medication

Requests for Leave



ENSURE ANY MEDICATION is handed to the class teacher to take care of, with instructions for administration. We do not permit students to keep medication in school bags for health and safety reasons. Students who suffer from asthma are responsible for their own inhalers. Other ongoing administration of medication to students at school will need written parental approval and given to your child’s teacher. Please note that we take all care but no responsibility for lost inhalers, Epipens, Anapens etc.

Please ensure that you have told your child’s teacher if there are any medical concerns.


YOU INTEND TAKING YOUR CHILD OUT OF SCHOOL for more than five days please be aware that

New Zealand Ministry of Education (MoE) legislation requires all students to attend school throughout the school year, excepting for official holidays.

However, the Principal may grant permission for a maximum of five school days under special circumstances. Any leave taken in addition to this will be without the permission of the school. It is expected that all students attend school for the whole of the school year, and that families take holidays within the official holiday periods. Where students are withdrawn from school for periods greater than fifteen weeks, we are required to remove their names from the school roll and re-enrolment upon return will be required with proof of residency within our school zone.


NOTE: Schools lose Ministry funding for students who are on extended holidays at 1 March

and 1 July of each year and do not return at the time stated in the letter (that requested leave).


ARE A SMOKE FREE SCHOOL. Please refrain from smoking at any time on school premises. It is

a government regulation that schools are smoke free zones.


TREATMENT A Dental Caravan visits the school at intermittent times during the year. If

you wish your child to have dental treatment, please contact the Wesley Clinic at Wesley Intermediate School on 620 2564.


CARE SERVICE is available from 3.15 – 5.30pm daily in the Hall. Maximum number is 45 students daily. Once we reach this number a waiting list will be put in place. Please see Emma Henry for our Post-School Policy and Procedures Booklet (also on website).


$18.00 per child per afternoon if on a casual basis

$15.00 per child per afternoon if on a regular basis (two or more afternoons per week)

Late fees apply!

Please ensure students know before they arrive at school...  If they are to be picked up from school at 3.00pm 

If they are to go to Post–School

For further information please contact Emma Henry at the school office during school break times. PLEASE NOTE THAT students still waiting to be picked up at school after 3.20pm will be directed to Post-School at a cost of $15.00.

Opportunities for Developing Student Talents Students who have a specific strength in a core curriculum area will continue to be supported in their own class/team programmes in maths and literacy. Edendale provides specialist activities such as junior and senior choirs, leadership opportunities, inter-school sports events, speech contest, art programmes and talent shows (from time to time). Participation in ICAS competitions is available in Spelling, Writing, Computer, Maths, Science and English. There are opportunities to participate in specialist cultural groups such as kapa haka. In 2012, all teachers will be up-skilled in planning for, teaching and assessing Thinking Skills based upon Solo Taxonomy. Students who have been identified as having specific abilities and/or talents are listed on our Developing Talents register. These students are monitored and offered additional programmes as available. The criteria are as follows: Developing Talents Register: Criteria Maths Numeracy Stage Other Strands

Both results considered on merit At least 1.5-2.0 years above that expected for class year level

Literacy PROBE - Reading Comprehension PRETOS - Reading Comprehension PM. Reading Test Writing Level STAR Y.3-6

All results considered on merit At least 1.5-2.0 years above chronological age Achievement in the higher percentiles for class level Stanine 8-9 for STAR (to be considered) Additional information is considered but is not a stand-alone criteria

Nominated curriculum areas of specific At least one in addition to the above e.g. Science strength and passion Social Leadership Skills

Interpersonal and intrapersonal abilities and qualities which enable students to act in leadership roles in addition to the above

ICAS Competitions

High Distinction, Distinction or Credit awarded (additional data rather than a ‘must’ as these competitions are optional)

Developing Talents Register: Area of Strength for participation in class and/or additional specialist programmes

as available Above average skill in one or more of the following: Science Maths Literacy Above Average Ability in…… (curriculum area)

Visual Arts Physical Education/Health Cultural Identity/Cultural Performance Creativity Shown in this area

ICT Performance Arts Music

Task Commitment in this area

Demonstrating within this area of expertise (at least 4/7 in each category)

Effective communication (written and oral) skills Effective listening skills Study and research skills Use of initiative in class setting Ability to self-evaluate critically Quick to learn new ideas Works comfortably with abstract concepts

Generates unusual insight Displays lateral thinking ability Questions arbitrary decisions Shows a high level of creativity, sometimes in unconventional ways Has a sense of curiosity Has a sense of humour

Likes intellectual challenge Is persistent in seeing tasks to completion Is a risk-taker Goes beyond the required minimum Works independently and co-operatively in groups Self-motivated

Cafe 419 CAFÉ 419 IS OUR SCHOOL LUNCH PROVIDER. Lunches must be ordered before 9:00am. This service for parents who want to purchase lunch for children as an alternative to making it at home, is run by a family from our school community. Children write orders on paper bags (supplied to all classes), put the money inside and place the bag in the class lunch box. The box is taken to the hall kitchen by the class monitor. The lunch and any change required will be delivered in the bag to your child’s classroom at lunch-time. YOU ARE ALSO WELCOME to come along occasionally and have lunch at school with your child/ children and their class. We encourage children to eat nutritious lunches; check out the menu at Café 419! Remember to choose healthy options when making lunches at home; we do not allow sweets and soft drinks at school. If you deliver lunch for your child during the morning, please ensure you call at the office before taking it to your child’s classroom.

Reminders... THESE STAY HOME, PLEASE… valuable items, toys, anything unsafe. We are unable to take responsibility for precious belongings. If items are brought to school that we consider to be dangerous or unsafe, we will telephone you and ask an adult to pick it up from the teacher. JEWELLERY WORN ACCORDING TO CULTURAL TRADITION, where appropriate is permissible. Other jewellery is discouraged for personal safety reasons. Make-up or glitter is to be saved for home, please. ALL STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO WEAR SUN HATS whilst playing outside and bathing caps must be worn when swimming in the school pool. We recommend that all students who are swimming, wear UV protective swimwear and sunblock as protection from the sun. PLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL CLOTHING IS CLEARLY LABELLED with your child’s name. Please help our students to be responsible for their belongings. Lost property is placed outside the library regularly. Any unclaimed lost property will be disposed of at the end of each month.

Student Code of Conduct

I am an Edendale student Therefore 

I show respect to everyone

I am kind to others

I behave in a sensible way

I take care of my school, my belongings and the environment

I am honest and reliable

I am responsible for my actions

I have fun with my learning

I participate at school and try my very best

School Camp 2011, Chosen Valley, Ararimu

Student Management Procedures Introduction Edendale is committed to providing and maximising opportunities for students to further realise their potential and manage themselves. We follow an approach which recognises basic needs i.e. sense of belonging, competence, fun, freedom and survival. These needs will be met in positive and constructive ways. Edendale recognises that all students are able to make valuable social contributions to the school community.

Procedures 1. Teachers and all other staff as appropriate, will: Ensure that students are made aware of: - Student Code of Conduct - Playground Behaviour Code - Outcomes expected - Consequences Ensure that class planning and programme delivery is differentiated, consistent and meets all student needs. Include opportunities, additional support where appropriate, and regular acknowledgement of students who manage themselves well. Act as positive role models in day-to-day interactions with students. Edendale reserves the right to put consequences in place for inappropriate student behaviour at, before or after school. There is an expectation that parents/caregivers will support the school and talk with their children about appropriate ways to behave. Parents/caregivers of students will be contacted as appropriate depending on the severity of students’ inappropriate behaviour. The code of behaviour and consequences will be communicated to the community via newsletters and website. The Principal will consult with BOT at the point of any student stand-down or prior to exclusion from school in accordance with current MOE Guidelines. A re-integration plan will be developed in consultation with families and other agencies as required, prior to re-entry, if a student is stood down.

Reviewed: March 2012

Playground Behaviour Code and Procedures ONE OF THE MAJOR AIMS OF OUR SCHOOL is to teach students to take greater responsibility for their own behaviour. It is important to make the school environment as consistent and predictable as possible, so students can be successful. We have five basic codes of behaviour within our plan. The codes are taught by each teacher and are a regular part of everyday school life. With clear rules and codes, students understand what is expected and why they should follow these. We encourage students to choose responsible and helpful behaviours. IF STUDENTS CHOOSE TO KEEP TO THE SCHOOL RULES, they will be recognised and acknowledged by teachers and the principal. We call this consequences for appropriate behaviour. IF STUDENTS CHOOSE NOT TO KEEP TO THE SCHOOL RULES they may be asked to explain their behaviour, to spend time away from the playground, to write a letter home or attend a meeting with their parents/caregivers. We call this consequences for inappropriate behaviour. CONSEQUENCES FOR INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR are designed in progressive steps. At any point, a student can take responsibility and choose more appropriate behaviour. If students continue to choose inappropriate behaviours, consequences will apply.

OUR CODE OF BEHAVIOUR When behaviour is appropriate  Informal recognition i.e. stickers  Positive behaviour awards/draws in Monday assemblies  Playground behaviour certificates for values  Acknowledgement in the school’s fortnightly newsletter 1.


No put downs, swearing or teasing

Toilets are not a place to play

Know the school boundaries and stay within them

Be careful near corners, do not run around them or through crowds

Move around the school carefully

Stay off the trees, steep banks and pool area, all walls and fences

Play carefully on adventure playgrounds, steps and rails

If orange cones are out, stay off grass and adventure playgrounds

Drink at fountains, no squirting or spitting

Leave rocks, sticks and bark on the ground

Play safe games always

Teachers must supervise all soccer, rugby and crowd games

No bullrush or play fighting

Other Safety Rules

Bicycles at School


Play safe games always

Follow the patrols’ directions

Stop, look and listen at the crossings

Walk bikes and scooters in our school grounds and across crossings

Wheelies are not to come to school

Always use footpaths and pedestrian crossings. This means crossings inside the school grounds as well as those on the streets. (Everyone!)

The barrier arms are not to be played with; costs may be incurred if these are damaged.

Permission to Ride a Bicycle to School 

Any student who brings his/her bike to school and does not comply with the following expectations will be asked to leave his/her bike at home.

Only students in Years 5 & 6 are allowed to ride their bikes to school unsupervised by a parent or guardian.

Students must have written consent by a parent or guardian, filed with the Team Leader.

Students must wear a New Zealand Safety approved helmet at all times when riding their bikes.

Students must dismount in the school grounds and when crossing the pedestrian crossing.

It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to ensure the bike is safe to ride and their child is competent to ride to school unsupervised.

The bike is to be secured to the bike rack on arrival at school. It is the child’s responsibility to look after his/her key.

A police officer will be requested once a year to check bikes and the children may be put through a safety programme to ensure they are aware of the rules related to riding a bike unsupervised.

Parent/Caregiver Agreement (To be signed) 

I understand the expectations for my child to ride his/her bike to and from school.

I understand if the expectations at any time are not met the school has the right to stop my child riding his/her bike to and from school.

I give permission for my child to ride his/her bike to school.

Edendale in Action

Above: Garden to Table Programme 2012. Right: Orchard

Potato Festival 2011

Class Display, Year Two

Fundraising for Christchurch, 2011

Sonshine Ranch, Year Four 2011

Kapa Haka 2011

Food for Thought Programme

School Photo taken for Edendale’s Centennial Celebrations in 2009. Our adventure playgrounds cater for students of all ages. All students are required to wear hats outside in Terms One and Four, as protection from the sun. Shade sails were installed in 2006—PTA project.

Edendale students performed at the Eden Park opening for the Rugby World Cup in 2011.

Contact us: Edendale Primary School

419 Sandringham Road Sandringham

Phone: +64 9 846 6340

Fax: +64 9 846 3997



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Edendale Prospectus  

School Prospectus 2012