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Edendale News 16 November 2011 Next issue: 30 November 2011


Principal’s Message Kia ora, Kia orana, Namaste, Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Ni hao ma, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Asalam alikum!

End of Year Procedures

New Parents Morning Tea Families new to the school in Terms Three or Four are welcome to attend a morning tea in the staffroom on Friday 25 November at 10:15am. Senior staff and PTA members will be present to talk with you and to answer any questions you may have.

We are rapidly approaching the end of the 2011 school year. Please notify the school office as soon as Election Day possible, in writing if: Please note that Edendale school hall will be used as a  Your family is moving out of the area and your chil- polling place for the 2011 General Election. dren are changing schools Auckland Primary Principal’s Meeting

 You have pre-schoolers who will be coming to Eden- Jenny, Jackie and I attended a breakfast meeting this dale in 2012 but are not yet enrolled

morning at which Minister Anne Tolley and Labour  You are going on extended holidays and will not be spokesperson Sue Maroney spoke about their plans for starting school on the first day (request leave from education over the next three years. It was an ‘interesting’ meeting. We learned that the current govthe Principal stating your return date to Edendale)  You have moved house and not yet given our office ernment is putting millions of dollars into a new nationwide educational intranet system. Apparently there has your new contact details been no consultation/discussion with schools about the  Your home phone/mobile number has changed reuse of this network. cently. We were also reminded about the number of schools Thank you for your support with this. with leaky building issues. Interestingly, our Board has APPA Choir not yet been repaid for approximately $190,000 of reCongratulations to our APPA Choir who performed so pairs undertaken at the school in 2009. We have apbrilliantly at the Town Hall last Wednesday night. You proached the Minister for Ministerial Review about this, looked great and sounded incredible - well done to you and followed up our written application with emails but all! A big thank you to Lesley Boswell (choir teacher) have had no reply at all. We intend to progress this for her work in training our choir and taking them to all issue shortly, watch this space. the rehearsals. Thank you also to Catherine Oxenham We also learned that Labour will make parts of National for her continued support of and work with the choir. Standards optional for schools and keep other parts compulsory.

Community Hui/Fono Evenings

It will be an interesting General Election this year.

We look forward to meeting all our Maori and Pasifika families at our end of year meetings in the staffroom; they are coming up on:

Eden/Albert Schools Cultural Festival 2011

Tuesday 29 November 5:30-6:30pm - Community Hui 6:45-7:45pm - Community Fono Class teachers will be contacting families shortly about coming along to meet with us. Please phone the school office if you have any enquiries.

Our Senior Kapa Haka group are readying themselves for their performance of the year. The Cultural Festival is on Saturday 26 November and our Senior Kapa Haka will perform on the outside stage at approximately 1:00pm. There will be performances from local schools throughout the day, food stalls and various fun activities. It would be wonderful to have a strong Edendale presence there on the day. It promises to be a great day for the whole community and very exciting for all involved. We look forward to seeing you there.

Rosemary Vivien, Principal Rosemary Vivien

Principal • Edendale Primary School, 419 Sandringham Road, Sandringham, Auckland 1025

Telephone: 09 846 6340 • Facsimile: 09 846 3997 • Email: • Website:

School Information Edendale Playground

Piano Concert Families, staff and students were entertained by Edendale’s budding young pianists at our Inaugural Piano Concert on Monday. It was impressive to see the results of hours of piano lessons and practice. Well done to the students involved, a show to really be proud of, and thank you to Fiona Bygrave, the piano teacher.



Eden/Albert Cross Country We sent a team of 9 students to represent Edendale at the Eden/ Albert Cross Country at Fowlds Park on Thursday 3 November. Results are as follows:

Good Behaviour Tickets Name

Awarded for:

Michaela - R9

Being really brave

David - R2

Playing nicely with others

Haoxin - R4

Playing nicely with others

Nivetha - R29

Being thoughtful

BJ - R28

Playing nicely with others

Joey - R8

Playing nicely with others

William - R18

Keeping our grounds clean

9-year-old boys: 11th Aiden B (R24), 20th Campbell M (R24)

Yasmine - R15

Being thoughtful

9-year-old girls: 9th Lauryn F (R26), 10th Eva W (R25), 14th Sabine P (R28)

Mohamed - R5

Keeping our grounds clean

10-year-old boys: 19th Max E (R24), 25th Michael W (R28)

Zanique - R6

Playing nicely with others

10-year-old girls: 8th Abigail R (R25), 25th Chantel Y (R26)

Katie - R19

Helping others, Being thoughtful

Leo - R20

Playing nicely with others

Aaliyah - R30

Playing nicely with others

Swimming 2012

Matthew - R27

Playing nicely with others

Please complete your registration form for Swimsation and return it to your child’s teacher by Thursday 15 December 2011. Year 1 students need to enclose full payment of $40.

Isaac - R4

Playing nicely with others

Manu - R10

Keeping our grounds clean

Tomas - R16

Helping others, Being thoughtful

Ella - R11

Keeping our grounds clean

Taylor - R11

Keeping our grounds clean

Lae - R22

Keeping our grounds clean

Thank you to Zane Wilson for organising and to all the parents who came along to support our team.

Soccer Coaching Soccer coaching is on Tuesdays 3:15-4:15pm on the bottom field with Coach Taka. The cost is $8 - please send this to Zane Wilson Room 24 on Tuesday morning. Please make sure children are collected by 4:20pm.

Upcoming Events Eden/Albert Athletics is being held on Monday 21st November at Margaret Griffin Park. Parents will be notified should their child be selected to represent Edendale.

Athletics Day

Zanique - Room 6 Katie - Room 19


Kabila and Koru teams will have their Athletics Day on Tuesday 22 November. Feel free to come along and watch your child participate in the track and field events from 9:15am to 1:00pm. Don’t forget hats, sunscreen and water bottles. If the weather poses a problem, the rain day will be Thursday 24 November.



Our email database has recently been updated. If you are not currently receiving school and team newsletters electronically and you would like to do so, please send an email to with your child’s name and room number.

All books are due back to the library by Friday 18 November.

Rosemary Vivien

Taonga Winners

We are still looking for an old bath tub (not plastic) for our worm farm. If you know of anyone renovating who will soon need to be rid of a bath tub, we would be delighted to take it off their hands.

Yummy Apple Stickers Congratulations everyone, $535 worth of sports equipment was earned from collecting Yummy apple stickers this year. Well done and keep up the good work for 2012.

Principal • Edendale Primary School, 419 Sandringham Road, Sandringham, Auckland 1025

Telephone: 09 846 6340 • Facsimile: 09 846 3997 • Email: • Website:

School Information

Koru Artists and Authors

Room 5

Room 6

The Koru team are learning about kites in technology this term. The children have been making some paper kites and learning to fly them. Shortly they will design, make and test a kite of their own. Here are Isla’s instructions for flying a kite.

We have been working on storyboards after watching Mary Poppins. This storyboard is from Nicholas and Danielle.

1. Put your back to the wind. 2. Hold one hand on the bottom corner of the kite. 3. Hold the winder in the other hand. 4. Let the kite launch and unravel the string. 5. Once the kite is in the air you can run or just stand with your back to the wind. 6. When your kite starts to drop, yank the kite and run a little bit. 7. When the wind dies down or you have to go, reel in the line and pack it away.

Room 7 has been writing instructions about flying kites. We had fun practising our kite flying skills to help us get the right steps to write about.

IT'S COOL TO WALK TO SCHOOL Come and join Edendale's very own walking school bus, the Edendale Energetic Express. It's a practical, fun way to encourage your children to exercise regularly and to learn how to be roadsafe. On the Edendale Energetic Express, your kids can walk to school every day. Parents and/or caregivers are rostered to walk 1-2 days each week. The route takes in Calgary and Arabi Streets, turning down Mars Avenue into Sandringham Road, arriving at school by 8:40am. If you are interested in finding out more, or if this route doesn't suit you but you are keen to explore whether a

walking school bus might work in your area, please call Carolyn for details on 09 620 2911. Needed in the Art Room: clean tin cans, containers, lids and National Geographic or Home and Garden style magazines. There is so much art going on, we are running out! Thank you from Kusam  EDENDALE



I am an Edendale student. Therefore, I show respect to everyone; I am kind to others; I behave in a sensible way. I take care of my school, my belongings and the environment. I am honest and reliable; I am Rosemary Vivien

Principal • Edendale Primary School, 419 Sandringham Road, Sandringham, Auckland 1025

Telephone: 09 846 6340 • Facsimile: 09 846 3997 • Email: • Website:

PTA News Please help: We are holding an Election Day sausage sizzle at school on Saturday 26 November 10am-2pm and we would really appreciate some help. If you are able to spare an hour or two, please email Thanks.

like sausage sizzles and various events), the more we can achieve. Even if you are unable to come to meetings, we’d love to have you on our phone tree. If you are interested, please send your name, number and email address to

AGM: We will have our AGM at the next PTA meeting this Thursday night, 7:00pm in the meeting room. It would be great to see some new faces and hear some new ideas. You might even want to stand for Chair, Secretary or Treasurer! Come along and meet the team and help us decide what to put on the cards for next year.

Toyco—Wagener Place, St Lukes: This store offers a discount to Edendale families and very kindly donates a percentage of sales back to our school. When making purchases, quote our account number (90002) or show a copy of our newsletter. Thank you Toyco!! It’s great to have this support from a store that has such a wide range of toys, puzzles and games.

Phone tree: Many hands make light work. Helping the PTA is a great way to contribute to our school community and the more helpers we have (to assist with things

Tom Cooper

- Chairperson

Measles Outbreaks So far this year, NZ has had 387 measles cases, 307 have been from the Auckland region and most have occurred since the start of the current outbreak on 30-May (278 cases). Most cases have occurred in unimmunised people, and immunisation remains the best way to prevent infection and spread within the community. Measles affects both children and adults, and is highly contagious. It is a highly infectious disease and is more serious than many people realise. Symptoms include fever, cough, red eyes and a runny nose, and then a rash which develops around 3 days after the other symptoms start. Complications can include middle ear infections, pneumonia, and, more rarely, encephalitis or brain inflammation. So far this year more than 70 people with measles have needed hospital treatment (around 1 in 5 cases this year). The best prevention is the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, free for all NZ children and for adults born after 01-Jan-69 who have not been fully immunised (if unsure, check with your family doctor). Prior to 1969, NZ did not have a national measles immunisation programme and as measles is so infectious, it is very likely that most people born before 1969 were exposed to the virus and developed immunity. People need to make sure their family’s immunisations are up-to-date.

A big thanks to all Edendale doodlers! We had over 2500 schools enter doodles in this year’s competition and we were thrilled with the incredible doodles that were entered. We want to pass on a huge congratulations to all who entered this year’s competition for showing their passion, talent and wonderful ideas. Although not everyone can be chosen as a finalist, we can honestly say we are so awed by the wonderful talent and effort gone into every doodle we received. Keep on doodlin’ and don’t forget to vote for your favourite winners at

Any student with measles must stay away from school for 5-7 days from the appearance of the rash and until recovery. Those unimmunised or with no immunity to measles, who have been in close contact with a measles case during the infectious stages, should stay away from school for 14 days from their last contact. This requirement is under the Health (Infectious and Notifiable Diseases) Regulations 1966 (Regulation 14). These exclusions also apply to students taking part in interschool sporting and other events. Being fully immunised means having the appropriate number of immunisations (1 or 2) depending on age. Adults and children aged 4+ should have received two MMR doses. For more information and advice: visit the Ministry of Health website measles, visit the Immunisation Advisory Centre website or phone them on 0800 IMMUNE (0800 466 863). If you think you or someone in your family might have measles, please phone your doctor or call Healthline 0800 611 116 for advice.

2011 School Calendar Term 4: Tuesday 25 October to Thursday 15 December 2:00pm PLEASE NOTE: On the last day of term, school will finish at 2:00pm and there will be no Post School. Board of Trustees

Edendale PTA

Our 6th December meeting is a planning meeting

Next meeting will be held in the Meeting Room

for Board members only

Thursday 17th November at 7:00pm All welcome to attend

See our website for info on upcoming events, BOT news and more! Rosemary Vivien

Principal • Edendale Primary School, 419 Sandringham Road, Sandringham, Auckland 1025

Telephone: 09 846 6340 • Facsimile: 09 846 3997 • Email: • Website:


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