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Accent colours are expected to change somewhat with a move away from coffee/ mocha tones that have enjoyed popularity in recent years to lighter, earthier, woody tones, light grey and increasingly popular red and blue tones. Make a statement with your roof by choosing COLORBOND® steel in Mangrove®, Terrain®, Ironstone® or Cove™.



These colours continue to be popular amongst architects, designers and builders. Light, crisp and clean. And with energy-efficiency in mind, consider COLORBOND® steel in Surfmist®, Dune®, Shale Grey™ or Evening Haze®.


These design classics are probably more at home on traditional buildings than cutting edge contemporary design. COLORBOND® steel in Classic Cream™, Cottage Green® and Manor Red® are colours that have stood the test of time.

dence CREATE YOUR COLOUR SCHEME It starts with choosing the colour of your roof. We’ll suggest complementary colours from Australia’s leading paint makers that go perfectly with your roof. Simply visit


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COLORBOND®, BlueScope and ® colour names are registered trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited. ™ colour names are trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited. © 2015 BlueScope Steel Limited ABN 16 000 011 058. All rights reserved. XX32830QD


IF YOU'RE SERIOUS ABOUT SOLAR... 25 It's got to be CSR Bradford

YEAR W ARRAn * TY Backed b y CSR Br adford

STOp EnERGY COSTS GOInG ThROUGh ThE ROOF! With energy costs predicted to continue to rise, now is the right time to plan for the future by installing a Bradford Solar PV (photo-voltaic) system that can save you over $1,500 per year.^ Bradford has solar systems to suit ever y requirement all backed by CSR the 150 year old company with 75 years of making Australian homes more energy efficient.

Get a quote today and start saving now.

Bradford Solar has a range of solar systems to suit your needs.

CALL 1800

332 332 TODAY

^Based on a 4 kW system. Solar generation as per Clean Energy Council calculations. Solar generation will differ for every home based on the efficiency of the system, the direction and angle of the panels and the efficiency of the inverter. *25 year limited performance warranty on solar panels only.

Publisher: Alan Phillips Home Option Gallery Sydney Showroom Open Monday-Saturday 22B Brookhollow Avenue Norwest Business Park Baulkham Hills NSW Phone: (02) 8860 9333. Thornton Showroom Open Monday-Friday Corner Thornton Road & New England Highway Maitland NSW Phone: (02) 4028 6256.


IT IS THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN WHEN YOU WANT TO BE OUTDOORS AND ENJOYING THE BEAUTIFUL WARM WEATHER. IF YOU’RE PLANNING AN ALFRESCO ROOM OR OUTDOOR LIVING SPACE FOR YOUR HOME THEN YOU NEED TO PUT AS MUCH THOUGHT INTO IT AS YOU WOULD ANY OF YOUR HOMES INTERIORS. HOME OPTION GALLERY IS THE GO TO PLACE FOR EVERYTHING YOUR HOME NEEDS TO MAKE IT AN ENTERTAINER’S DELIGHT. Kitchen Culture can design you the perfect outdoor kitchen – so complete that you won’t have to come inside for anything. Enjoying good times with family and friends will be more enjoyable than ever! Spring and summer living cannot be a success without the right cooling features and fans from Beacon come in all shapes, sizes and designer finishes so finding exactly what you want is easy. Stunning outdoor and interior tiles are available thanks to Di Lorenzo sourcing the world to find the very latest innovative products.

Speaking of innovative, Laminex clipwall is a product sure to impress – you literally clip it on and voilà you have a wall that takes the term feature wall to a new level. Well renowned Interior designer James Treble gives an insight into his Designer series. Home Option Gallery is privileged to have his designs services available for clients. These are just some of the exciting products and services profiled in this issue of Gallery. If you are building a new home, there is certainly plenty to look forward to!

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Tranquility captured The Seascape collection of four fully glazed finishes from PGH Bricks & Pavers™ is calm and tranquil. The colours in this collection include Pumice, Lagoon, Dusk and Sea Salt. Each evokes the serenity and calm of the sea and its surrounding landscape. These bricks need to be seen to be believed. ColourPicker allows you to select a specific colour from an image and match it to CSR Bricks & Roofing products.

Call us on 131 579 or visit

A better choice for asthma and allergy sufferers 2.3 million Australians suffer from asthma and one in three of us has an allergy Gyprock Sensitive has been approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice® program as a better plasterboard choice: • Enhanced mould resistance • Improved moisture resistance • Low in volatile organic compounds (VOC) • Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) accredited

Expect more from Gyprock® see more at



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Di Lorenzo deliver on dreams through amazing and inspiring tile collections.



Stegbar’s bushfire range of windows and doors


Interior designer James Treble has put together the Designer Style Series for Home Option Gallery.


Solar solution ticks all the right boxes


A FANtastic feature for any room!



Laminex Clipwall ...a revolutionary wall-lining system

The ‘Shaker’ style Moda door range from Corinthian..


Getting your outdoor kitchen just right!



A revolution in home cooling

Edmonds Odyssey is a revolutionary way to keep your home cool. Costing as little to run as a halogen downlight, Odyssey ingeniously takes advantage of natural temperature differences inside and outside your home to cool your living space and reduce your cooling costs. The sleek roof mounted ventilation unit is ducted to a ceiling grille. You simply set your preferred temperature with the touch pad control system and internal and external sensors intelligently work out how best to maintain a comfortable living environment. In fact with an Odyssey you may not need an air conditioner at all.

For more information call 1300

858 674 or visit

See how Odyssey works to keep your home cool

SOUNDSCREEN SEPARATES YOU FROM SOUND. Bradford SoundScreen’s proven acoustic performance provides peace and quiet where you need it most. Reducing noise transfer between rooms by up to 70%, SoundScreen is ideal for home theatres, allowing you to enjoy the whole home theatre experience without disturbing the rest of the family. In fact, SoundScreen creates quiet zones in any room in the home. Living rooms, nurseries, bathrooms and studys. Bradford SoundScreen included in the external walls at the time of building reduces external noises such as traffic, noisy neighbours and improves the thermal performance of the home.

SoundScreen – proven acoustic performance Reduces noise transfer between rooms by up to 75% Ideal to use around home theatres, living rooms, nurseries, bathrooms – in fact, any room in the house. Reduces external noise such as traffic or noisy neighbours, entering the home. Improves the thermal per formance of your home when installed in the exterior walls. Photo: Courtesy Carlisle Homes

Ask your builder to include SoundScreen in the walls of your new home or extension. For more information call 1300 850 305 or visit












The ultimate flat roof tile is now available in a comprehensive new range of colours that work perfectly with modern Australian architecture. Whatever your colour scheming preferences, Monier Horizon has a roof tile to match. With its streamlined and sophisticated appearance, Horizon is sure to enhance the look of your home. Learn more about the benefits of roof tiles at:

WWW.MONIER.COM.AU 1800 666 437





There’s one solar solution that ticks all the right boxes

MORE AND MORE AUSTRALIAN HOMEOWNERS ARE OPTING FOR SOLAR ENERGY SOLUTIONS. AND WHY NOT? WITH CONTINUALLY INCREASING ELECTRICITY PRICES, SMART HOMEOWNERS WANT TO BE AS INDEPENDENT AS POSSIBLE AND REDUCE THEIR ENERGY BILLS INTO THE FUTURE. By taking advantage of the large average roof areas of Australian homes and our perfect climate for solar power generation, many homeowners are doing just that. However, there is one issue that makes people apprehensive about committing to solar energy at home. And that’s the look of traditional bolt-on solar panels. They just don’t integrate into the design and look of the house and tick that ‘aesthetic box’. Because solar panels are independently mounted on top of the roofing surface, they will always look out of place, ruining the lines and aesthetics of the roof and your home. You’ll be glad to hear there is now a solution that ticks this final box – the Monier SOLARtile.

Monier SOLARtiles integrate seamlessly with your roof and appear just like roof tile, maintaining the roofline and aesthetics of your home. They are the first BIPV roofing product of their kind in Australia and have been designed specifically to maintain the look of your home and deliver high performance, clean, green energy. On top of this aesthetic advantage, unlike traditional bolt-on solar systems, the impact on natural wind flow around the roof and debris build up is minimised with Monier SOLARtile. There is also no need to cut, grind or drill through the existing roof during installation and, being a tile based modular system, SOLARtiles can be installed in any configuration to fit your

particular roof and energy requirements. So, it is possible to maintain the beauty and look of your roof, with its clean lines, as well as deliver high performance, clean, green solar power, without the look of unsightly bolt-on solar panels. Choosing Monier SOLARtile will result in a home that is great looking, energy efficient and sustainable into the future. Best of all, it will save you real money into the future as you reduce your energy bills. As far as solar energy solutions go, Monier SOLARtile really ticks all the right boxes.



CSR Cemintel’s new Designer Series™ is a unique lightweight walling solution which is leading modern design trends in Australia

innovative, distinct and modern An exciting new phase in design is now being offered to home owners looking to tailor the look of their home to their lifestyle. The new Designer Series™ range by CSR Cemintel™ allows home owners to create a contemporary and individual look for the exterior of their home, whether they desire to create a bold statement or complement the existing materials of their home. A first in Australia, Cemintel’s Designer Series™ is an innovative range of durable, pre-finished panels, which come in a variety of unique modern textures and colours and ideal for any façade application. The product offers versatility and is the ideal solution for a variety of walling applications ranging from upper storey designs and feature walls to the entire home. The Designer Series™ can also be used as a viable option to traditional construction materials such as brick, or to complement existing finishes. CSR Cemintel™ General Manager, Drew Spiden says, “The new Designer Series™ range allows home owners to create a point of difference by providing a series of unique finishes. It not only responds to modern trends, but it is set to push the boundaries in Australia. Put simply, Cemintel™ is changing the face of building. “The external façade of your home is representative of your style and taste. The materials you choose for the façade represent around 60% of the overall look of your home so it is important to think about the look you want to create.”

Changing the face of building Consisting of five different styles of panels, the Designer Series™: allows home owners to differentiate their home by choosing a bold and striking design or one which blends with the remaining exterior of the home. The range includes the ultra modern i-Cube, Textured, Slimline, Woodgrain and Smooth. The high level of texture and depth of colour means the Designer Series™ is superior to traditional walling solutions. It offers long lasting performance through a multi layered coating system, providing a highly durable finish that requires little maintenance. Drew Spiden says, “By international standards, Australia is traditionally a brick market, however there continues to be a strong move towards a greater use of different materials on the exterior

of homes. We believe that fibre cement is an ideal product to take advantage of this trend.” NSW based architect Steven Isaacs, of Architecture Saville Isaacs, agrees and says, “‘Good environmental design as well as cost effectiveness are increasing the move in Australia to exterior design solutions for homes.” Drew Spiden comments, “The external façade is obviously the first thing people notice in a home’s appearance and is arguably one of the most important factors affecting the property value, so it’s no wonder today’s design trends for exteriors call for the use of new and different building materials.”

Add value to your home In 2010, the Sydney Morning Herald ran an investigation into the renovations that can add value to your house, which concluded that improvements to the external façade of a home can add value of up to $100,000. Real estate Gerard Hill, Principal of Raine & Horne says, “When selling your home, the external presentation is one of the most important assets, and first impressions really do matter. Everyone gets the address and does a drive by initially. If a property doesn’t have curbside appeal then that’s where the interest ends.” “The things that potential buyers are looking for, in terms of the outside of a home, are: uniqueness, aesthetic appeal and the general condition. If a property requires work on the outside then people can only imagine what more is waiting to be done on the inside,” adds Gerard Hill. Gerard Hill says he agrees that improvements to the external façade of a home can significantly increase the value of a house. He says, “This is primarily because you are able to attract more buyers which results in greater competition.”

Create the look you want is a dedicated website which provides interactive tools to assist homeowners, designers and builders alike in selecting a Designer Series™ panel to suit their tastes and designs. The online visualiser will allow people to mix and match a variety of housing styles with different Designer Series™ finishes to create the look they want. The Cemintel™ Designer Series™ range enables

any number of designs to be created using the same innovative fixing system. Panels are simply attached to the house frame using a unique clip system, which delivers significant savings in installation time – making it appealing to both home owners and builders.

At Cemintel™, we continuously strive to improve the way building materials work, while at the same time providing a performance edge. We are proud to say that the Designer Series™ offers structural integrity and advanced performance, while also product innovation.

Cemintel™ Designer Series™ Range The Cemintel™ Designer Series™ is available in a variety of textures and colours: With an ultra-modern look, the i-Cube is stunning on any residential feature façade. A choice of three individual panels provides and enables you to match i-Cube with a range of colour schemes. The Textured panels offer a truly unique residential façade solution with a depth of colour and intricate texture not seen in the Australian façade market before. Available in natural tones, the pre-finished panels will complement any colour scheme and will create a point of difference to any home. The traditional Slimline design offers a distinctive look to any home as a full walling solution or when used as a feature wall. Woodgrain is a classic finish, ideal for a full wall or first storey wrap solution. Smooth is an affordable walling solution with a minimalist aesthetic. A high level finish and visible horizontal joints mean the Smooth panels are the modern walling choice.

For more information on the Cemintel™ Designer Series™, please call CEMINTEL™ (1300236468) or visit

Laminex Clipwall takes design and functionality up the wall… literally

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“It’s up to five times faster to install because it is completely prefinished and therefore eliminates the messy installation steps of sanding, filling, joining and painting.”

There are so many benefits of this unique and revolutionary product. It’s up to five times faster to install because it is completely pre-finished and therefore eliminates the messy installation steps of sanding, filling, joining and painting. The panels simply clip together thanks to the clever Uniclic technology and as a result your wall has virtually a seamless finish. It has the added bonus of being scratch resistant as the sturdy melamine layer provides optimum protection and longevity. As the melamine is sealed, it is splash-proof and yet easy to keep clean and hygienic by simply wiping it. Laminex Clipwall is UV resistant ensuring the panels retain their colour and continue to look great over time. It’s also environmentally friendly with carefully selected wood varieties. Fire resistant options are also available.

However it is not just the tremendous practical reasons that makes Laminex Clipwall so appealing but the aesthetic benefits are equally impressive. There are multiple decorating options. Your Clipwall can be digitally printed on, painted, screen printed and even covered with vinyl, textiles and wall paper. Due to the easy installation, your room can look completed in no time and have a real designer’s look and feel thanks to Laminex Clipwall. With colours like Soft White, Silicon, Brushed Metal, Marne Oak, Otter Linewood, Amazonian Linewood and Soft White Linewood your room can look as classic or as contemporary as you like and have a sleek and smooth finish or a more textured appearance. It sounds so simple to install and get the look you want –that’s because it is! Laminex Clipwall is innovative technology at its very

best. When planning a wall with a difference, whether it is in your home’s entry, living areas or master bedroom Clipwall is the easy choice and the designer choice!



FSA /COR0071


“When designing an interior, it’s key to remember that the first thing people are going to see as they enter the room is the door.” GEORGIA EZRA G.A.B.B.E INTERIOR DESIGN


















THE DECO COLLECTION The Deco Collection uses clean lines and geometry to open up a world of modern design for your home. When Georgia Ezra, of G.A.B.B.E Interior Design, is tasked with creating a stylish, modern room, she starts with Corinthian. For some design inspiration, watch Georgia style this room at

“Doors are the perfect way to express personality and add interest. I love to experiment with colour through doors, sometimes even using a subtle contrast to the wall colour will create an interesting effect” SALLY KLOPPER, SALLY CAROLINE INTERIOR DESIGN

Make a statement in your home with ‘Shaker’ style Moda door range from Corinthian. THE DOOR TO A HOME STARTS ITS STORY AND IS OFTEN THE LAST TO LEAVE AN IMPRESSION, WHICH IS WHY AUSTRALIANS ARE DEMANDING GREATER CHOICE IN DESIGNS, COLOURS AND TEXTURES OF DOORS FOR THEIR HOMES. Australia’s leading manufacturer of interior doors, Corinthian Doors is proud to announce its second major release for 2015 with an expanded range of ‘Shaker’ style doors – The Moda Collection. Inspired by the classic American Shaker door aesthetic principles, the Moda Collection now covers 24 unique designs incorporating horizontal and vertical rails that are perfect for an array of architectural designs. Strong ‘Shaker’ style door trends have been seen across Europe, and are now starting to make their mark in Australia, with many interior designers including these simple, timeless designs across cabinetry in kitchens, bathroom and wardrobes. Sally Klopper, Director at Sally Caroline Interior Design believes that the doorway into a space sets the mood and helps tell the individual story of the home. “Every design decision is based around creating a home that is harmonious,

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individual and authentic. The door begins the story and sets the tone for the rest of the journey so it’s vital that this design element is well thought through, meaningful and relevant.” “Truly great interiors are created from thousands of minute carefully though design details adding up to create something magical. Doors are the perfect way to express personality and add interest. I love to experiment with colour through doors, sometimes even using a subtle contrast to the wall colour will create an interesting effect,” added Klopper. Each door within the Moda Collection has been factory-primed on all sides and edges,

creating a superior finish with any paint sheen, whether it is matt, semi-gloss or full gloss. Moda takes design one-step further with infill options including MDF, Clear Glass and Translucent Glass, enabling flexibility for homeowners looking to conceal or reveal. Door installation doesn’t have to be hard work either. Corinthian’s Pre-Hung Door System comes complete with everything you need for seamless installation. Pre-machined and matched hinge positions on both the frame and the door provide a perfect match for simple installation. Athina Solomou, National Marketing Manager – Doors Group explains how this is the perfect time to launch the Moda Collection into the market. “This is an ideal period to capitalize on the global ‘Shaker’ trend by providing more options for our customers to choose from. The simple and classic door designs in the Moda range provide variety and versatility for a range of consumer styles and tastes,” Ms Solomou commented. With 24 fresh designs to choose from, Corinthian offers the latest contemporary designs and boasts the largest range of internal doors in Australia. The new Moda Collection from Corinthian is available at all good hardware stores. For further information please visit:



Ordinary is not an option Merbau is a luxurious long lasting hardwood timber. It is an ideal solution for the harsh Australian environment as it is termite resistant, durable and stable. Discover for yourself, the extraordinary range of Merbau windows and patio doors from Airlite.

For further information visit

sliding door system

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Stegbar’s bushfire range of windows and doors AS THE WEATHER WARMS UP, WE ARE REMINDED OF THE DANGERS OF SUMMER. MAKE WISE CHOICES WHEN YOU SELECT WINDOWS AND DOORS. CHOOSE STEGBAR FOR PEACE OF MIND. The Australian bush offers an unbeatable standard of lifestyle and home design opportunity, but the highest standard of protection against the ever-present threat of bushfire is also a vital consideration for bush living. With innovative design, unsurpassed craftsmanship and leading edge technology, Stegbar’s bushfire range of windows and doors offers superior solutions to meet the aesthetic and functional building and renovation requirements that are unique to bush living. Stegbar’s highest Bushfire Attack Level-rated windows and doors come in Cedar as well as Merbau and Aluminium to look good inside and out while offering the best protection. The Stegbar range of Western Red Cedar, Merbau and Aluminium windows and doors meets the latest and most stringent Australian bushfire standards. This extensive range of windows and doors is regulated to Bushfire Attack Level 40 (Very High, or the highest rating outside Flame Zone) and has been independently tested by the CSIRO to comply with the requirements of Australian Standard AS1530.8.1 to meet AS3959 specifications.

Australian Standard AS3959 was revised in response to Victoria’s tragic Black Saturday fires in 2009 and referenced by the Building Code of Australia as the new standard in every state from May 2010. The Standard is the building and construction requirement for bushfire-zoned areas and covers all aspects of the external built environment which includes windows and doors. Stegbar’s premium BAL 40 range eliminates the need for bulky shutters, fire curtains or screens on fixed glazing to help achieve stylish, unobtrusive and protected living in a bush environment. The range offers superior solutions for builders and renovators who desire complementary building materials for homes in the inspirational setting of the Australian bush. Stegbar’s most innovative form of bushfire protection sets the new standard for Australian bush living. Stegbar is a member of the JELD-WEN Windows and Doors family. JELD-WEN has a reputation with homeowners, renovators, architects and builders as being synonymous with innovation, quality and service. For more information visit






More Flame, Less Frame.




Discover the new AF700 gas fireplace that redefines its category.

Multiroom DX Series

High Efficiency DL Series

Ambient ST900

Outdoor Gas EF5000

Freestanding FS730

Outdoor Wood EW5000

DX Series Multiroom Gas FIreplaces

Double sided fireplace This dual sided, see-through gas fireplace doubles the flame and doubles the impact. Complete the look by adding in the reflective side panels to elongate the firebox for an infinite flame effect.

Flame with function

Smart fireplace

Space heating with our unique DX Series Multiroom heat ducting.

You can control your fireplace with ease via the web or a Smart phone app.

This fireplace heats the far corners of the same room or heats multiple rooms within your home.

Never arrive home to a cold house again. Turn on your fire before you leave work then walk in and enjoy.

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fan atastic feature of any room ...indoor and out

THERE IS PLENTY TO LOVE ABOUT SUMMER AND THE WEATHER IS ONE OF THEM BUT NOBODY LIKES TO FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE. FANS ARE A GREAT WAY TO CREATE THAT SOOTHING BREEZY EFFECT THAT WE ALL CRAVE ON HOT DAYS AND NIGHTS. The functionality of fans has never been more superior and their aesthetic appeal is more impressive than ever. Even the most contemporary interior is catered for when it comes to choosing a fan. Today’s diverse range of fans makes them an ideal addition to any room. In fact choosing a fan is actually a smart choice. Did you know that ceiling fans can make you feel up to 8 degrees cooler by providing an effective breeze and proper air circulation? Combine that with your existing air conditioning system and you’ll even be able to save up to 40% on your cooling bills. Most standard fans run on AC power and will use roughly the same energy as a 60 watt globe, but new fan technology utilizes DC (direct current) power which uses 40% less electricity than their AC counterparts making

them a more energy efficient option. Check out the Airfusion Climate range to see some great DC fans. Size matters when choosing a fan. You also need to consider the size of your room. Sounds simple, but this is often something that gets overlooked. To make the most of your fan, small to medium sized rooms are perfect with a 122cm fan, where as larger rooms that are about 6x6m would require a fan upwards of 132cm. The fan is a must for today’s outdoor spaces. Hard to have the perfect alfresco room without one. No point having the fancy furniture and built in outdoor kitchen if everyone is sweltering. The right fan will help create a comfortable environment to really enjoy outdoor entertaining. >

Images courtesy of Beacon Lighting:



When it comes to the type of blades and what will be best, the number of blades on a fan doesn’t make a great deal of difference in performance so it’s really just choosing a style that appeals to you the most. Now there is a difference in what the blades are made of. Timber blades or acrylic blades are generally quieter than metal blades so would work better in rooms that you don’t want a lot of noise such as a bedroom or study. Metal blade fans can move more air than timber blade fans but are a little bit noisier so are better suited to being in living rooms or kitchens. If you’re near the ocean, you’d be wise to look at a fan with 316 grade stainless steel blades and those of you in humid climates might also look at acrylic blades, as they won’t warp over time. Now that you’ve got a good idea of what consider when looking for a fan, you can put it to use and decide on the perfect fan for you! Don’t forget that a lot of fans also have a reverse cycle that will allow you to use them in winter to better circulate the warm air from your heating. In fact they are wonderful to use in conjunction with a fireplace or standing heater because they help get that room warmer faster. So even after the sweltering heat of summer has subsided, your fan can be used all year round! Don’t underestimate its many benefits. Their advantages are simply FANtastic.

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“fans can make you feel up to 8 degrees cooler by providing an effective breeze and proper air circulation.”



abbey shutters & blinds

complete window solutions

Abbey Shutters and Blinds offer a complete window solution for all types of interior design and budgets. From plantation shutters, venetian blinds, roller blinds, romans and verticals. We offer the best advice and customer service to help you make the right decisions.

GETTING YOUR OUTDOOR KITCHEN JUST RIGHT THE DIVISION BETWEEN OUTDOORS AND INDOORS CONTINUES TO BE LESS AND LESS OBVIOUS. OUTDOOR ENTERTAINING AREAS ARE BECOMING MORE INTEGRATED WITH HOUSE DESIGN. INDOOR LIVING AREAS ARE FLOWING OUT TO EXTERIOR SPACES WITH VERY LITTLE SEPARATING THE TWO. The Australian climate lends itself to outdoor living for a significant part of the year. There is nothing like sharing a meal with friends and family on a warm summer evening. However with alfresco areas becoming more and more useable all year round, an outdoor kitchen can be beneficial in all seasons. Kitchen Culture specialise in kitchens – inside and out. The outdoor kitchen deserves as much thought and planning as the one you are having inside your home. In fact it may well need more thought because the complete outdoor kitchen is a new concept for modern housing. It’s no longer a case of where to locate the BBQ. There is a lot more to it now as the outdoor living area is fast becoming a fully functional extension of your home.

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Planning and designing is the initial step. Where do you want the facilities to be and what will you have? These days it is common to have a built in BBQ as well as oven, fridge, grill, cupboards, sink, benchtop and the list goes on…. Even if you plan to eventually have some of these items in the future you need to allow for their inclusion now especially when it comes to power points, plumbing, ducting, lighting even a place to store firewood if you want a fireplace. When you are cooking in the outdoor kitchen, what perspective will you have? Can you still see children playing in the pool, or play equipment? If you have small children these considerations maybe important when deciding where to locate certain features. How will you heat and cool the outdoor

kitchen? Fans and heaters are also something to contemplate. Even getting the right exhaust for your range hood is important. You want this room to functional, safe and useable all year round. Give thought to the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor kitchen. What feel do you want it to have? Will the cabinetry echo the theme of internal rooms or be something different? Will you have pendant lighting or downlights, what furniture are you planning to have – table, chairs, lounges? Think about the above and discuss your vision for your outdoor kitchen with the experienced staff from Kitchen Culture and they will help turn it into a reality. Do this room right and it is likely to be the best part of your home!

I want to Hettich my kitchen. “After seeing your gorgeous new kitchen we’re going to Hettich our entire renovation: kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom!” “Hettich has thought of everything: soft close drawers and doors, designer handles and fabulous lighting.” “I’m off to our local Hettich Endorsed Showroom to get our plans started!” Find your local Hettich Endorsed Showroom at



Only Smeg provides genuine design choice. THERE’S FASHION AND THERE’S DESIGN WHICH ENDURES OVER TIME.

SMEG IS LOCATED IN EMILIA-ROMAGNA IN THE “BREADBASKET” OF ITALY WHERE FOOD AND SHARING A MEAL WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS IS THE VERY ESSENCE OF LIFE. It’s close to the ancient city of Parma where buildings of extraordinary architecture are adorned with priceless works of art; and the city of Modena, known as the “capital of engines” where the factories of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani and Maserati are located. A short drive to the west is Milan, the Interior Design Capital of the World. Set in such inspiring surroundings, it’s no surprise that Smeg is one of the world’s leading appliance manufacturers, with a focus on leading-edge cooking technology and inimitable style. Smeg believes in offering the consumer genuine design choice. It is the only brand to continually collaborate with the world’s leading architects and designers to produce beautiful and long-standing style. Smeg has several options in its range – for built-in cooking or for freestanding cooking – to ensure a Smeg cooking appliance will enhance the looks and the value of every new home or renovation…

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CLASSIC – A THIRTY YEAR CELEBRATION When famous Italian architect Guido Canali first collaborated with Smeg 30 years ago, he applied rigid architectural principles to the design of the collection. Today, Smeg’s latest release of the Classic Collection upholds these original principles in a very contemporary interpretation, complete with new Thermoseal technology, easy-to-read, easy-to-use displays, SmartSense cooking progams, Eclipse highvisibility glass and soft-close doors. >

“Smeg is the only brand to continually collaborate with the world’s leading architects and designers to produce beautiful and long-standing style.”



“Smeg’s Linear range is the champion of reductive design, where every detail is expressed with clarity and simplicity.”

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LINEAR - WHERE LESS IS MORE Smeg’s Linear range is the champion of reductive design, where every detail is expressed with clarity and simplicity. Linear is about balance, optimised space and ergonomics. The Linear range features Stopsol® glass, a super-strong material with crystal translucency for a mirror finish, which, when combined with Smeg’s satin stainless steel, gives the range a reflective beauty which must be seen to be believed as photographs cannot capture its true essence. And to offer further choice Smeg’s Linear range is available in silver, black and white.

LONGSTANDING, OUTSTANDING, FREESTANDING As a leader in the production of freestanding cookers since 1956, a Smeg Freestanding cooker is engineered to the highest quality, and hand-assembled with care for absolute precision and quality control. With ground-breaking technology including the first induction pyrolytic freestanding combination, moulded interiors for even airflow for even cooking and exquisite looks, a Smeg freestanding cooker will provide lasting cooking pleasure – with style.



VICTORIA - FOR A VERY “MODERN VINTAGE” Smeg’s “Victoria” was launched in response to market demand for nostalgic design and as a tribute to Smeg’s longstanding lineage in cooking technology and prestigious style. Whilst the Victoria unashamedly looks to the past for its design style, it is finished with such precise detailing that it would be equally suited to an industrial-style warehouse kitchen or ultra-modern bachelor pad, which is why the Victoria is described as being of a “modern vintage”. Whatever your personal style, Smeg has a cooking appliance to suit. In addition, Smeg’s Thermoseal cooking technology – the seal of taste - ensures you too can enjoy bringing the flavour of life into your home.

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Style your home with the latest lighting designs

BEACON LIGHTING COMMERCIAL Sydney 21/198 Young Street, Waterloo NSW 2017 Ph 02 9699 7255 E

CHOOSE THE COLOUR THAT’S ENGINEERED TO ENDURE Shaynna Blaze Taubmans Brand Ambassador Award winning interior designer & TV Presenter

If you want a paint that will look as true to the colour you chose years after it has been painted, choose Taubmans Endure. With Nanoguard Technology, walls will not be left with shiny patches or colour loss even if they’re frequently washed or wiped. Taubmans Endure with Nanoguard® Technology is the only Interior & Exterior paint brand in Australia with a Lifetime Guarantee*. *Conditions apply. Go to for details.

GUARANTEED FOR A LIFETIME Taubmans Endure with Nanoguard® Technology is the only Interior & Exterior paint brand in Australia with a Lifetime Guarantee*. *Conditions Apply. Visit for terms and conditions.

Carpets, Rugs and Timber Flooring 1 Celebration Drive Norwest Business Park Baulkham Hills NSW 2153 Telephone 02 8818 2999


Nera Lava Tiles

COLOURS Warm Grey, Cool Grey, White, Brown, Black

: Extraordinary proportions, timeless space

SIZES 15x15, 30x60, 60x60, 30x120, 60x120, 120x120

DI LORENZO Pty Ltd Tile and Bathware Concepts | NSW Bella Vista 02 8818 2999 | Redfern 02 9698 8737 | Newcastle 02 4957 9925

I n k r e d i b l e 14 8 0 - 15

Di Lorenzo deliver on dreams through amazing and inspiring tile collections.

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CHOOSING THE RIGHT FLOORING SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR HOME MEANS GIVING SERIOUS THOUGHT TO THE FUNCTION OF ROOMS AND SPACES AND DECIDING WHAT AESTHETIC APPEAL YOU WANT YOUR FLOORING CHOICES TO HAVE. Di Lorenzo make possible everything you have imagined for your home’s interior and exterior – and take the ordinary to extraordinary. For contemporary and modern appeal, the INDUSTRIAL range is the ideal collection. It can be used to create great effect across the design spectrum. This is a stylish and simplistic tile range and is ideal for simultaneous perfection. In shades of ivory, moka , plomb, sage and steel, your floors will have a stunning streamline appearance and provide the perfect platform for you to decorate and furnish your home. Di Lorenzo offer a wide range of diverse products including the manufactured ingenuity of ECOTECH. This is a porcelain tile produced in Italy by reusing and recycling material and residue left over from the production of tiles. ECOTECH is the result of waste material being turned into resources. This innovative product turns waste into something productive - benefitting the environment and you!! ECOTECH comes in a range of colours including ecolight , ecogreen , ecodark, ecogrey and finishes include “naturale” and the more textured “struttarato”. Made of 70% recycled material ECOTECH is a certified ECO–LABEL, the environmentally friendly quality trademark of the European Union. Still on the subject of the environment, the DUST collection of concrete tiles reflects the exquisite shades of earth. This clever range comes with rectified tile edges or a character rich vintage look which means tiles have been cut to replicate irregular stone >



pieces is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. The DUST Collection is bound to add warmth to any interior especially with the shades of sand, mud, rust, and even black. For more of a timber look, Legni is a porcelain tile which has been screen printed with a glaze to create a unique timber appearance. In essence, this collection allows for the natural appeal of timber to be taken to a new level with the sophistication and creative possibilities of porcelain. As a result, not only is this product available in traditional shades but in Rosa (hint of pink), Azzura (hint of blue) and Verde (hint of green). Never has distressed timber been so beautiful. To really capture the aesthetic appeal

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of timber and trees, one can’t go past the Ceppo series. These tiles actually show the trunk of a tree that has been chopped with an axe. Each piece replicates the actual size of the trunk from which it was chopped. The smaller tiles come from smaller trees and the larger from more mature trees but the effect is equally amazing no matter what size tile you choose in this range. Now this is really bringing the beauty of nature right into your home. If you prefer timber to remain outdoors, the Icon Outdoor range is versatile and practical and gives the beautiful authentic look of distressed timber. It can be laid on grass, gravel and sand as a paver or as a traditional porcelain tile.

Di Lorenzo understand the love of the outdoors and natural products that Australian homes like to reflect but also appreciate the importance of practical and easy to maintain flooring solutions. DI Lorenzo source the world for the very best of both. From modern contemporary concrete to aged timeless pieces, every ‘look’ is a possibility. Tiles can be subtle and unobtrusive yet provide the perfect base from which to build the style and feel of your room or they can be a real dramatic feature on their own. Whatever role you want your tiles to play, you are spoilt for choice with Di Lorenzo.




Introducing the G+ Access System by Gainsborough G+ is a simple, smart, secure and affordable home access system that can be customised to suit your home. The G+ Access System gives you access to entry points, alarms, external lights and more, depending on the system you choose. FRONT GATE






Visit the Gallery Display Centre to experience the Gainsborough G+ Access System display and design your own unique G+ System! 22 Brookhollow Avenue, Norwest Business Park, Baulkham Hills, NSW, 2153. Phone: 02 8860 9330

To find out more about G+ and how it can work for you, call us on;

13 14 18

GainsborouGh Launches sophisticated home automation system for homeowners GainsborouGh hardware industries has launched a smart, simple, and secure home access system to the australian market, called the GainsborouGh G+ access system. Fumbling with keys is now a thing of the past as the new G+ Access system can eliminate alarm, garage door and gate remote controls, and front door keys.

“Electronic Access Systems have previously been perceived to be complicated and expensive, and we hope that the launch of the Gainsborough G+ Access System will bring access control to a broader market,” he added. The efficient time saving G+ Access System is affordable, easy to use and install, and is a perfect solution for today’s modern homes. It is made up of modular units so homeowners can start with the basics and then add other devices later as their budget permits. The Gainsborough G+ Access System uses Australian innovation to provide world-leading solutions for home access. For further information on Gainsborough Hardware, please call 13 14 18 or visit

One stylish electronic key can now remotely control the locking and unlocking functions of a front door lock (deadlock, privacy, and passage modes), and also operate other home access devices such as gates, garage doors, alarm systems, and lighting. The ultimate in convenience and security, G+ Access can open a garage door, disarm an alarm and unlock the front door before you even leave the car. Once inside, there is a range of Video Entry solutions that also allow convenient operation of your front door lock from other areas of the house. The clever G+ Access System can also be linked seamlessly to existing home automation systems, with the addition of a G+ Home Hub. The G+ Access System allows homeowners to check the status of their door locks in the home, automatically arm and disarm home security systems, and allows customised operation upon entry and exit of the home – giving homeowners the convenience and security they are looking for. The G+ Locksets have battery backup to maintain safety and security in the event of a blackout, and all locks have mechanical override using traditional keys for complete peace of mind. Research has shown that homeowners, renovators and professional builders are showing increased interest in new technologies in home automation and access. Electronic access was also identified by respondents as being more secure than keys, more convenient, time saving and novel, and was viewed as a product that adds value to a property. Commenting on the new G+ Access System, Mr Chris Blenkiron, Product Manager Residential for Gainsborough Hardware said, “We are very excited to launch this fantastic technology and innovative access system for homeowners. The product is easy to access and convenient, while assuring security for the homeowner.”

FumblinG with keys is now a thinG oF the past.



Echoing the very latest trends and referencing high end designer looks like Hollywood Glamour, New York Loft, Milan and Scandinavian styles, your home can be taken to a new level of elegance and aesthetic excellence. Trying to get a designer look means getting all the important selections right like paint colour, flooring etc. this can often be time consuming and stressful. Making the wrong decision for one element can mean the look you want is incomplete or not quite right. James has done the hard work for you so all you have to do is simply choose which designer look best suits you!

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“Trying to get a designer look means getting all the important selections right ...James has done the hard work for you so all you have to do is simply choose which designer look best suits you!�



Milan is the fashion and design capital of the world: Bold, deliberate and striking best describe this style. Sharp lines, angles and clean surfaces are the key design elements. Timber plays an important role in furniture, joinery and flooring and provides warmth in an otherwise dramatic scheme of whites, greys and blacks and the use of leather furniture and rich sumptuous fabrics. The Milan style is not shy but exudes style on a major scale. It says HERE I AM but always with absolute class and luxury. The Milan style echoes the very latest in everything from lighting to window furnishings. It represents the most current trends in interior design. There are pops of colour in artwork and dĂŠcor which add vibrancy and interest and give this look an exciting energy.

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We think of New York as the ultimate city: Confident, contemporary, artistic but respectful of its rich history. For this reason the New York Loft style blends classic architectural features with modern and eclectic dĂŠcor. Classic detail in skirting, cornices and ceilings contrast beautifully with modern materials and furnishings creating an almost minimalist look. Big is better when it comes to artwork but less is more when comes to furniture. Think statement pieces. The mood of this look is inviting and relatively casual whilst maintaining a structured and edgy appeal. The New York Loft colour scheme is reflective of the essence of this magnificent city: soft greys, moody charcoal, and off whites with black accents. In other words, smart, stylish, seductive and yet offering a soothing contrast to the hectic pace of the outside world. The appeal of this look is that you get top end Manhattan style with genuine comfort.




Scandinavian style is well known for being spacious, light and contemporary in dĂŠcor with a great liveable feel. Flooring is usually weathered or washed timber and combines beautifully with wall colours of fresh whites, soft greys and even pastel colours. Accent colours like navy and charcoal add sophistication and depth. Textures are natural and have a warm and welcoming appeal. Bright and vibrant colours are found in the artwork and accessories. Light timber tones are used in cabinetry and the use of tapered legs in tables, chairs and furniture in general has become a trademark feature of this distinct style .The whole Scandinavian look is one of upmarket casual elegance. Scandinavia has a lot in common with Australia: A love for the outdoors, fresh uncomplicated interior design and a great use of space and light. It is no wonder this style suits our climate and lifestyle.

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HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR The Hollywood Glamour style is luxurious and oozes elegance and class with an element of drama. Floors are large polished tiles or dark timber. The general colour palette is made up of classic tones of white, taupe and grey with black accents for a striking edge. Chrome highlights in lighting and accessories add a touch of glamoura very understated and designer version of bringing some Hollywood bling into your interior. Artwork is large and oversized for a deliberate impact and wall colours can be light and airy or moody and dramatic especially when walls sconces also feature. The same with furniture –the blend of contemporary and classic style is perfectly acceptable. The Hollywood Glamour style certainly embodies everything sophisticated living should be. It’s the understated elegance that makes this style timeless but the added elements of drama give it the wow factor.

James Treble is an industry leader in interior design. Currently featuring on The Living Room, James has developed a series of design styles for clients of Home Option Gallery. Besides the Designer Range, James has also devised The Resort Range, The Classic Range and the Contemporary Range. For more information contact James at www.jamestreble. com or visit the Home Option Gallery showroom.




Congratulations on your decision to build a new home!

Now that your building plans are complete, the professional team of consultants at Home Smart Innovations are ready to help you plan and develop a completely integrated electrical system for your home.

luxurious appointments such as in-floor heating, home theatre and audio, intercom systems and landscape lighting. Home Smart Innovations is conveniently located within the Home Option Gallery showrooms at Norwest Business Park and Thornton.

From the positioning of lighting, telephone and power points to preferred furniture and appliance locations, our friendly consultants take the time to understand your individual needs to deliver a completely customised electrical system for your new home.


With expertise in C-Bus automation, smart wiring and home networking technologies, our consultants will ensure your home is ready for the future before you even move in – we also help plan for more TV, PHONE & DATA | LIGHTING | C-BUS HOME AUTOMATION | SMART WIRING | HOME NETWORKING | INTERCOM | DUCTED VACUUM | HEATING & COOLING | HOME THEATRE | LANDSCAPE LIGHTING | SECURITY

Australian air conditioning that gives you

better efficiency + better savings.

At Actron Air, we understand the rising cost of living right across our country. That’s why we’re leading the way with our award winning range of energy smart ducted air conditioners that keep you cool in summer, warm in winter and saving money all year round. In fact, our systems: Can be up to 75% more energy efficient than conventional ducted air conditioners, which can put an extra $900 in your hand, every year. Are designed in Australia for Australian conditions, with a superior operating range of up to 50°C. So you can take comfort that on the hottest of days, when others fold, ActronAir air conditioners keep on going strong. Better choice. Better efficiencies. Better comfort. ActronAir is designed for a better way of life for all Australians.

That ’s better. That ’s Actron. UP TO




75% MORE












BUILDING A NEW HOME CAN BE OVERWHELMING AND EXCITING WITH MANY DECISIONS TO MAKE. MOST TERMS ARE SELF-EXPLANATORY BUT WE HAVE PUT TOGETHER DEFINITIONS OF THOSE THAT ARE NOT AS CLEAR CUT. The more you understand some of the lingo that is part of the construction world, the more clarity and confidence you will have during the building process.

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This material is used to seal the window/door frame to the walls and can come in varied and ornate shapes, generally timber. This is the vertical material that supports the handrail on a staircase , the word is the plural of baluster. These predominantly prevent falling from the staircase. A structural member (usually made of wood or steel) transversely supporting a weight.





This material is fitted to the junction of the wall and the ceiling and can be ornate or plain, generally semi curved.

A platform between flight of stairs or where the stairs end.

A coat applied PRIOR to the finishing or top coats of a paint job.

The vertical height of a step or flight of stairs.










A wooden boards running along the base of an internal wall, generally timber.

Usually light weight louvres at the side or over windows and used for decorative and functional purposes. The horizontal board on a stairway, on which the foot is placed.



The finish materials such as mouldings, edgings applied around openings (window trim, door trim) or at the floor and ceilings of rooms (cornices, skirting boards)












Generally a clay based product that forms the external veneer of the house

This section of the building is horizontal and usually abuts your brickwork on one side and your fascia on the other. Usually would refer to material (usually timber) other than brickwork that is applied as a veneer to the external walls of your home.

The slope of the roof.

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Sheet metal or other material used in roof and water construction to protect from water seepage. This is a French word often used to describe the front face or external front of the home.

This is a vertical material that carries the rain water down into the storm water.

This material usually runs horizontally around your house and covers the edge of your roof.





A shallow channel of metal set along the eaves of a house to capture and carry water.

The external angle formed by the meeting of two sloping sides of a roof.

This is where your electrical metering will be stored and is located externally on your house. This is a propriety brand of paint finish that is applied with a woollen mitt, generally over the common brickwork. When looking at a brick wall, it









is the material separating the bricks from each other.

This product is generally applied over a ridged surface forming a hard durable finish that can be pre coloured or painted to your choice.


You will see these protruding from may roofs; they are a mechanical way of removing hot air from the area under your roof. METER BOX



Subject to local authority requirements this capture and stores rain water from your roof.



How green is your concrete footprint? ecomax Environmentally friendlier concrete At Holcim we’re building the future in a sustainable way. In our business that means taking the lead and developing products that help reduce the environmental impact of building and construction. Our ecomax™ range of concrete does just that. Carefully developed by our team of technical experts, ecomax™ focuses on the inclusion of alternative cementitious materials, recycled water and other by-products - all reducing the product’s net environmental carbon footprint. We think of it as concrete with a conscience. If you’re dedicated to greener building, we can help you tread lightly with ecomax™ concrete suitable for driveways, house and shed slabs, and all your paving and landscaping needs. To discover more about your concrete footprint, phone Holcim on 13 11 88.

Strength. Performance. Passion.

Outdoor living environments Award winning landscape design practice 2013 AILDM Silver Award for Residential Design over $150,000

2013 AILDM Gold Award + Best in Category for Landscape Management

2013, 2012 + 2011 Hills Building & Design Award for Landscaping, Urban

2010 AILDM Award for Landscape Management

2008 AILDM Landscape Design Award for Best Residential Landscape Design under $25,000

For more information visit us at or call on 02 9680 7712

No matter how dry it might get in the future, some things you can be sure of.

Australia’s climate has always been unpredictable. Today’s

changing rainfall patterns make the future even more uncertain.

At Tankworks we have been making quality steel water tanks

since 1934, so we understand the importance of having a water source you can depend on. With our unique made-to-measure system you can get a tank that fits your space and your needs perfectly.

Our tanks have a smaller carbon footprint than plastic and

Made-to-measure tanks

concrete tanks, and they won’t deteriorate under the harsh

Visit us at to

Australian sun. Made from 100 percent recyclable steel, a

design your tank in minutes.

Tankworks water tank is the sustainable choice for the future. Visit us at



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aila Toilets are also av

ore infor ation. m


More inspiration from Caroma‌ Australian bathroomware brand Caroma continues to inspire with the new Urbane collection. Designed with functionality and form in mind, Urbane combines contemporary Australian style with trusted Caroma quality. The range features toilet suites matching basins and a freestanding bath.


r ou

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Puro ra

nge. Please a

r lo ou sk y

lC ca

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