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87 Julian Bell 500 Selbstporträts 88 Toby Musgrave Green Escapes 89 Am Wasser leben 90 You had better make some Noise 91 Every Day a Word surprises me 92 Noah Charney The Museum of lost Art 93 Thomas Bayrle 94 David Trigg Reading Art 95 Flying too close to the Sun 96 Chair 97 The Collection of the Moscow Design Museum Designed in the USSR

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98 Thomas Bärnthaler Now make this 99 Tamara Shopsin und Jason Fulford Find Colours 100 Anna Dello Russo ADR 101 Steve McCurry Looking East 102 Pushpesh Pant The Indian Vegetarian Cookbook 103 Matt Abergel Yardbird 104 Madelaine Yázquez Gálvez and Imogene Tondre Cuba 105 Nancy Singleton Hachisu Japan

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Edel Verlagsgruppe Vorschau Frühjahr 2018