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How to minimize the appearance of

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Whenever you make an incision in the skin, it’s going to leave a scar. It’s unavoidable.

• Apply surgical and care techniques that will help make any resulting scars as inconspicuous as possible. • The scar will be hidden in the least visible location possible.

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Photo taken 1 month after a tummy tuck

Photo taken 4 months after a tummy tuck

Photo taken 1 year after a tummy tuck

Follow post-operative care instructions closely when caring for incision lines. Some of the stitches around the belly button may be nondissolvable and will be removed 2 weeks after the surgery.

Protect all incisions from direct sunlight. This prevents unfavourable pigmentation changes.

Apply scar reducing products such as: •Dermatix® gel • Retouch® Silicone Sheeting

LOCATION The surgeon should know how to choose the most suitable location for any incisions so that the resulting scar is as inconspicuous as possible.

SKIN TENSION LINES It is very important for the surgeon to angle your incisions so that they go with the natural “flow of your skin� instead of going against it. Doing so will usually result in a better scar. Your surgeon should handle the treated area very gently.

Usually the suture will start deep and work its way out, finishing off with a stitch that often winds its way under the skin rather than over and over through the skin like a train track. Another technique that leaves more visible scarring is stapling the incision closed Choose a reputable and experienced Plastic Surgeon in order to avoid complications, such as bad scarring.

“Train track� sutures leave a more visible scar

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How To Minimize The Appearance of Plastic Surgery Scars