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This is the most popular way to determine your breast implant size at home, before the consultation with your surgeon. You will start to get an idea of how you would look with different sizes of breast implants.

• Measuring cups have ml that are roughly equivalent to CC’s of an implant; • Get about 250-300 ml of dry rice using the measuring cup; • Pour the rice into a sealing plastic bag ; •When you seal the bag, make sure you get rid of all the extra air to get accurate results.

• Put the plastic bag into a non padded bra • Put a tight t-shirt over top • Take a look into the mirror and if you want to see the difference with various breast Implant sizes, add 25 ml of rice at a time and have another look When you’re comfortable with the size, take note of what the quantity of rice is so it’s easier for the doctor to know what you want during the consultation.

View before and after pictures to see the type of results you can expect. Don’t look for an exact match of your body type, since every woman’s body is different.

Your friends and family may have had breast augmentation. You can ask if they’d be willing to show you their results. Maybe some of them have similar body dimensions to you . This may help you get a better idea of the size and shape you’d like.

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How To Determine Your Breast Implant Size Before Your Consultation