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GM uses social media for public engagement As a part of their rebuilding process, on July 21, 2009 General Motors launched an innovative social media tactic to engage with their stakeholders, and create a channel for direct dialogue with the American public. Hosted on their website, CEO Fritz Henderson incorporated an online suggestion box known as ‘Tell Fritz’, where users were encouraged to share their ideas, thoughts and suggestions for the new General Motors. The CEO promised to read all the inputs and respond to as many as possible; which were made available for other users to read on the same website. Within ten days of the launch, in a video published by GM, Fritz Henderson stated that the online suggestion box was garnering participation from a diverse range of GM’s stakeholders; including customers, shareholders, bondholders, and politicians. In addition, the CEO also stated that through the online suggestion box, GM’s stakeholders were sharing great ideas on the type of products they wanted from the new GM. Read more on GM’s ‘Tell Fritz’ in the Wall Street Journal.

twitter tattles @jetblue JetBlue launched their Twitter account in spring 2007, with the objective of helping their customers. Today, Jet Blue’s twitter account has acquired over a million followers. “Some people were asking for help, and others were saying things that weren’t correct. You can only see that a few times before you want to jump in and do something” recalls JetBlue’s manager of corporate communications, Morgan Johnston.

Note from the Editor Wikipedia killed the encyclopedia. Blogs now break news. Online forums enable knowledge sharing to an extent that was not possible before. YouTube attracts 78 million Indian eyeballs each month. Social Networks are changing the dynamics of how we share and action information. Twitter is the new customer service. Welcome to the world of Web 2.0, and many thanks for taking the time to go through our mailer. Through this, we look to bring you select features that help make sense of what the change is about, showcase its different aspects, and maybe even ignite a few ideas for your brand! We hope you have a fun and informative read. In case of any questions, please do feel free to mail us at

True to their word, a visit to JetBlue’s twitter account shows the airline’s service personnel answering customer queries ranging from accommodation of pets and golf bags on Jet Blue flights, to posting flight and weather updates. Adding to the success of their initial foray, Jet Blue recently launched their new twitter account @JetBlueCheeps - where the airline offers discounted tickets, for prices as low as $9 to their Twitter followers. Owing to their limited availability, Jet Blue advises their followers to act fast, as the tickets are usually sold out the same day! Read more on Twitter Business Case Studies.

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last word 5 Digital Trends to Watch for in 2009 blog post by Steve Rubel, Director of Insights, Edelman Digital

1) Satisfaction Guaranteed - Customer care and PR are blending as consumers use social media to demand service.


2) Media Reforestation - The media is in a constant state of reinvention as it transitions from atoms to bits. 3) Less is the New More - Overload takes its toll. Gorging on media is out. Selective assimilation and friends as filters are in. 4) Corporate All-Stars - Workers flock to social media to build their personal brands, yet offer employers an effective and credible way to market in the downturn. 5) The Power of Pull - Where push once ruled, it’s now equally important to create digital content that people discover through search. Read the complete blog post here

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Edelman Digital Insights - Vol 1 Issue 1  

Mailed on September 8, 2009

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