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Geen Titel / No Title Van 9-9-2017.. tot en met 1-10-2017 is bij RuimteP60 in Assen het werk van 14 internationaal werkende beeldend kunstenaars te zien. De naam van de expositie is geïnspireerd op de kwestie die wel eens opduikt op websites of in de media: is het nodig om een kunstwerk te beschrijven door middel van een titel? Alle dingen die deel uitmaken van ons leven hebben een naam of een titel gekregen, waaraan ze worden gekend. Het ligt in de aard van kunstwerken om zich te onttrekken aan deze taallogica. Kunst spreekt een ‘taal’ voordat deze benoemd wordt en een vaste betekenis krijgt. De 14 voornamelijk abstract werkende kunstenaars van deze expositie spreken een vrij te interpreteren “beeldtaal”. Zij bieden de beschouwer alle ruimte voor eigen invulling, los van een eventuele boodschap van de maker. De bindende factor is de filosofie dat de kunstwerken autonoom van karakter moeten zijn.

From. 9-9-2017. until .1-10-2017. art works of 14 international visual artists are on display at SpaceP60, Assen. The name of the exhibition is inspired by the issue which sometimes apears on the internet or in the media: is it necessary to describe a work of art by means of a title? All things that are present in our life have a name or a title. This is the way they are known to us. It lies in the nature of works of art to evade this language logic. Art speaks a “language” before it has an appointed and a fixed meaning. The 14 mainly abstract artists of this exhibition speak a free to interpret “Visual language”. They offer the viewer space for personal interpretation, regardless of a possible message from the maker. The binding factor is the philosophy that these works of art should have an autonomous character. September, 2017

Cheng Feng Kevin Yu


Biography 1956 Born in Taiwan, Lives and works in France. Solo exhibitions: 2012 IT Park, Taipei, Taiwan 2011 Main Trend gallery, Taipei, Taiwan 2007 Lélia MORDOCH gallery, Paris, France Group exhibitions: 2017 Lélia MORDOCH gallery, Paris, France 2016 ART PARIS, Grand Palais, Paris, France 2015 Main Trend gallery, Taipei, Taiwan 2014 ART PARIS, Grand Palais, Paris, France 2014 Main Trend gallery, Taipei, Taiwan Statement I build the painting.

untitled 55 x 42 x 15 cm Plywood, acrylic, elastic thread, 2017 8

untitled 24,4 x 24,8 cm cardboard, acrylic 2017 9

Erdem Kucuk-Koroglu


Biography Erdem was born in 1979, Istanbul. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from Istanbul University. He currently lives in Istanbul and works as a graphic designer. Selected Exhibitions ‘Salon des Réalités Nouvelles 2016’, Paris - France ‘Miniscules’, 2016, Galerie Badweg 3 Bolsward - Netherlands ‘The Drawing Collective Paris 2016’, Espace des Arts Abstraits Paris - France ‘ArtTurkey Japan 2016’, Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts Tokyo - Japan ‘Salon des Réalités Nouvelles 2015’, Paris - France ‘ArtProtagonist 2015’, Villa Contarini Piazzola sul Brenta Padova - Italy ‘Salon des Réalités Nouvelles 2014’, Paris - France ‘Salon des Réalités Nouvelles - Hors les murs à Beijing’, 2004, Pékin - China ‘30/30 Image Archive Project (IAP) #7/SNO108’, 2014, SNO Sydney - Australia ‘International Biennial of Drawing Pilsen 2014’, Museum of West Bohemia Pilsen - Czech Republic ‘30/30 Image Archive Project (IAP) #4’, 2014, ABContemporary Zurich - Switzerland ‘Forårsudstillingen The Spring Exhibition 2013’, Kunsthal Charlottenborg Copenhagen - Denmark ‘Salon des Réalités Nouvelles 2013’, Paris - France Statement My drawings are based on the idea of impossible objects and continuous lines which complete the whole shape from start to the end, without any interruption. I draw continuous lines which have the visual aesthetics and rhythms of calligraphy.


untitled 30 x 30 cm acrylic on canvas 2016

untitled 30 x 30 cm acrylic on canvas panel, 2017 11

Erin Lawlor


Biography Erin Lawlor (b. 1969) is a London-based painter. Recent solo exhibitions include ‘Maleri:nu/Paint:now’ at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek Museum, Copenhagen; ‘Paintings’ at Rod Barton, Brussels; and ‘Erin Lawlor: onomatopoeia’ at the Mark Rothko Art Center in Daugavpils, Latvia.

Statement My work as a painter has for many years been grounded in an exploration of the peculiarly ductile and alive quality of oil paint as a medium. If the work is never precisely figurative, references to the organic remain tangible; or what Bachelard called, beyond images of form, direct forms of matter, in which the form is internal. The medium is very much at the core of what I do; metapainting, perhaps, or radical painting. Paint as both medium and subject.

quirk 30 x 25cm oil on canvas 2017 12

jazz 60 x 25cm oil on canvas 2017

pesky’s party 30 x 25cm oil on canvas 2017 13

Erwin Cattoor


Biography Born 1968 Studied painting at the Royal Academy of Gent Teaching painting at the art academie of Bruges.

Statement The Cover plates , starts from chaos. Trying to create order, going to the basic simplicity, ending with pure forms, color and feelings. By covering opening up the inner surface.

Red Cover 70 x 15 x 5 cm Acrylic and colored filler on wood 14

Gray Drawing approx 60 x 65 cm Colored filling on plywood

Turquoise Cover 41 x 53 cm Colored filler on OBS and wood 15

Fabian Westphal


Biography Fabian Westphal (1982) MFA. Frank Mohr Institute (2011)

Statement ‘It is what it is (concrete thinking) even if it is not (association).’ Fabian Westphal

Drie&Zestig Groningen 2017 16

Straight From The Gate II 4 x 76 x 30 cm (76 x 210 cm) Lacquer on metal 2017

untitled 59,5 x 81 cm laquer on metal and wood 2017 17

Jai Llewellyn

/ SCOTLAND Biography

Born in London, 1977. Jai Llewellyn now lives and works in Scotland. He is both a curator and a painter and has shown across Europe and the USA. Recent shows include ‘Off the Wall’ which he curated for Raumx, London. Also having a solo show, ‘Same Difference’ with Raumx earlier this year. He is represented by Gray Contemporary in the US and &Gallery in Scotland both with upcoming shows in 2017. Statement For the past few of years I have been making small-scale paintings that are driven by personal experience. Painting for me is a constant struggle to find oneself, to find a truth via a material and process that is in constant flux. I want the work to be concrete yet fluid, resolved yet open, to point to a solution that is never quite reached. It is always a compromise between what I want to do and what the paint wants to do. I paint over and over, working on several pieces for relatively long periods of time, the final stage often coming quickly and being of the moment. Even though the paintings are laboured I want to keep the freshness and vitality of something that is new to me. To express emotion with an economy of imagery, I have an affinity with minimalist work but for me its not enough.

untitled GBY 20 x 30 cm oil & card on canvas 2016

untitled PG 40 x 30 cm oil & canvas on canvas 2017 18

untitled RBW 25 x 30 cm oil & canvas on canvas 2017

untitled RY 41 x 33 cm oil & canvas on canvas 2017

untitled YGR 25 x 30 cm oil & canvas on canvas 2017 19

Janet Meester


Biography Janet Meester (1960). Works and lives in Groningen. Education 1986 RUG Groningen, M.A. History of Art 1994 Academie Minerva Groningen, B.A. Visual arts Exhibitions 1994 – 2017 Paris, Marseille, Hamburg, Budapest, Maastricht, Leiden, Utrecht, Groningen, Emmen, Bad Nieuweschans, Assen, Heerenveen, e.a. Writings and lectures 1994 - 2017 Text for artists: short texts about the meaning of art 1994 - 2017 Lessons, lectures and workshops: on language, art and meaning Statement ‘… and how the emptiness is really fullness.’ (Tao)

untitled 13 x 13 x 1 cm oil / linen 2011


untitled installation of diptychs, each 2 times 20 x 20 x 0,4 cm oil / linen / mdf 2017


Katrin Bremermann


Biography Born 1965 in Bremen. Autodidact. Selected expositions: - Centre culturel les Quinconces de L’Espal, Le Mans, France, 2017 - More canvas, please, Gallery Sofie Van de Velde, Brussels, Belgium, 2016 - YIA Paris fair, (Solostand), Bernard Vidal - Nathalie Bertoux art contemporain, Paris, France, 2016 - The Brussels Contemporary Drawing Fair, (Solo), Galerie Martin Kudlek, Brussels, Belgium, 2016 - Volta 12, Galerie Martin Kudlek, Basel, Switzerland, 2016 - l’amoureuse en secret, (solo) Galerie Martin Mertens, Berlin, Germany, 2016 - Drawing Now, Galerie Martin Kudlek, Paris, France, 2016 - Art Paris, Bernard Vidal - Nathalie Bertoux art contemporain, Paris, France, 2016 - The proof of the pudding is in the eating#2, Kusseneers Gallery, Brussels, Belgium, 2016 - In and out,(solo) Galerie Martin Kudlek, Cologne, Germany, 2015 - Inventory of an education, (solo), Galerie Vidal St - Phalle, Paris, France, 2014 - OFF LINE ON MARK, Parallel Art Space, Bushwick, USA, 2014 - Ellipse, A3 gallery - municipal gallery Moscow, Russia, 2014 Statement I work with different shapes and formats. It is like a game to find new and perfect solutions with simple elements. My work has a sculptural approach and different materials are a great source of inspiration. Like in the process of printing, where I emboss, add layers, create structures and depth, I play with structurale dimensions.

Two, 38 x 41,5 x 6 cm, enamel on cotton, 2015 22

Jack, Queen, King and Ace 34 x 30 cm each print, editions of 4 sets oil paint printed on Zerkall paper 2017 23

Maria de Werker


Biography Maria de Werker, Groningen, the Netherlands. 0031 6 28753174 Education: Kunstacademie Minerva, Groningen more at: recent and upcoming exhibition(s): 2017 Galerie Badweg 3, Bolsward – solo. 2017 ‘Geen titel/No title’ – Kunstruimte P60, Assen. 2017 Tekenkabinet, Amsterdam. 2017 Tekenkabinet, Purmerend. 2016 International Art Exhibition: Miniscules, Bolsward. 2015-2017 DAAD architecten, Beilen. 2014 Galerie Badweg 3, Bolsward – solo. 2013-2014 International Art Exhibition: Maniac visits Groningen. and more…. Statement Line is for me the means to search, to find and determine space. The line determines the direction, structure, creates space and sometimes it refers to depth as suggestion of a third dimension.


untitled 125 x 120 cm ink - chalk paper 2016

untitled, 50 x 65 cm, mat. ink - paper, 2017 25

Rudy Lanjouw


Biography Exhibitions: Schlessart, Bergen (NL), Galerie Corona Unger, Bremen (D), PAK, Gistel (B), TAC, Eindhoven (NL), RuimteP60, Assen (NL), Kunstlokaal 08, Jubbega (NL), Museum Belvedere, Heerenveen (NL), Galerie Abbühl, Solothurn (CH), Museumstraat 25 Antwerpen (B) Statement canvas, paper, paint, brush, more it’s the beginning and me building the work, layer after layer nothing is already there, everything is open each and every action creates and disturbs concentration on what might be possible, or not decide 2016 rl

17.130 20x15cm mixed media on canvas 2017 26

17.101 55x45cm mixed media on canvas 2017

17.110 45x35cm mixed media on canvas 2017 27

Sasha Pichushkin


Biography b. 1987 in Orel, Russia Lives and works in Saint-Petersburg, Russia Exhibitions: 19.08.17 - 23.09.17 «Weiss (group exhibition)» Galerie Christoph Abbuhl, Solothurn, Switzerland 31.03.17 - 29.04.17 «Collages» Galerie SEHR, Koblenz, Germany 04.02.17 - 18.02.16 «Solo show at Galerie Christoph Abbuhl» Galerie Christoph Abbuhl, Solothurn, Switzerland 18.11.16 - 04.12.16 «Проект 3 по 3, Форма/Пространство / 3x3 Form/Space» Zdes na Taganke gallery, Moscow, Russia 24.09.15 - 08.11.15 «Нет времени / No time» White hall, Winzavod, Moscow, Russia 09.07.15 - 16.08.15 «Cosmicomics» frosch&portmann gallery, New York, U.S.A. 09.04.15 - 19.04.15 «Это ничего не значит» A3 gallery, Moscow, Russia 20.01.15 - 22.02.15 «Ghostly» Osnova gallery, Moscow, Russia 27.06.14 - 28.06.14 «27062014» Fifth Corner gallery, Budapest, Hungary

untitled 18x24cm acrylic and texture paste on linen 2017 28

untitled 45x60cm acrylic and texture paste on linen 2017

untitled 45x60cm acrylic and texture paste on linen 2017 29

Tanja Isbarn


Biography 1971 Berlin/Germany lives in Groningen/Nl, works in Groningen and Berlin. 1997 BA Honours of Fine Art University of the West of England, Bristol/UK, 1997-98 UWE extension studies print-making, 1998-99 MA course Central St. Martins, UAL London/UK, 2017 certification course curating, Universität der Kßnste , UdK Berlin/GE Statement my work circles around the phenomenon time. perception through experience and exploration is an essential element of the process. drawings: setting up a window in space and time- a kind of action frame, i spread the paper on the ground , set the timer. standing on the material the action is one of a blind executed operation of the whole body performed in one go and in about 35 minutes. right as well as left hand are involved in intuitively occurring swops. a layering of three such sessions on one carrier permits the documentary of growth.

fakes - object no.II h 14 cm w 15-16 cm clay and paint, 2016 30

entropie I 175 x 270 cm correction pen, masker fluid , gold pen on jute 2017

fakes- close-up observation no.I 112 x 150,5 cm gold pencil and pen on paper 2016 31

Vincent Hawkins


Biography Hawkins was born in Hertfordshire in 1959 and studied painting at Maidstone College of Art in Kent in England between 1984/87. He lives in london and makes prints, paintings on canvas paper and card. He has shown extensively in Britain and abroad including solo shows in Chicago and Paris in recent years. Solo Show 2016 Say The Right Things. Galerie Pascaline Mulliez, Paris, France 2013 Forget Your Mind. Vidal St Phalle Gallery. Paris. France. 2013 Flying Suit. Dan Devening Projects, Chicago , USA. Recent Group Shows 2017 Something And Nothing . Woolwich Studios Gallery. 2017 GeenTitel/No Title, Ruimte P60, Assen, Netherlands 2017 The Surface Of Things, Paper Gallery Manchester. 2017 Shaping The Void , Tannery Arts, London. 2017 Lacuna, Taylor Gallery, Dublin. Eire. 2017 Visceral. Coates and Scarry . London. Statement Drawing is the basis of Hawkins work. The spaces in between forms somehow support the structure. the poet will use all available means to describe what is not present in a poem in order to distill the essence of the very thing that is not present. There is the perpetual conversation which exists between the absent and the present, of the temporary and the permanent.


untitled 187 x 43 cm approx acrylic on linen and card, 2016

untitled 80 x 30 cm approx acrylic on card 2016 33

Wilma Vissers


Biography Studio: Hofstraat 21-16, Groningen Art education Royal Academy of Art and Design, Den Bosch, 1984-1985 ( second year ) Direction: Graphic Arts and Painting Academy of Visual Arts Minerva, Groningen, 1985-1989 Final examination: 1989 Direction: Graphic Arts and Painting Exhibitions( a selection ) 2017; Participation at ‘Abstract Wall Paintings’, #DESTIJL100YEARS, ACEC, Apeldoorn Participation at the Drawing Collective, Gallery Olivier Nouvellet, Paris. Participation at the Drawing Collective, Articulate Upstairs Sidney 2016 ; Participation at ‘the Abstract Project’ intenational-group exhibition, Paris, France Participation at ‘Elementary, Imagery’ Exibition to celebrate the centenary off The stijl, SMAHK, Assen, The Netherlands 2015; Participation at ‘Suchness/Sosein’, international group-exhibition at Raumx Londen Participation at ‘We insist’ 3rd Biennial International non-objective art of the city Pont de Claix France Statement These drawings were made during a working period in Cill Rialaig Ireland , which is an artists residency. I was much inspired by the fold which i made in the paper. This makes the drawing a spacious item which connects with the space around it.

studio view 7-8-2017


untitled, charcoal and gouache on paper, 50 x 65 cm, 2017

untitled paper-mache. gouache. ca 30 x 40 cm 2017 35
























Curators : Wilma Vissers Rudy Lanjouw

Exhibition Gallery : Ruimte P60 Assen

Catalogue Design : Erdem Kucuk-Koroglu

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