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contents The Choice of a Life by Alia Cardyn 3 The Scot by Anna Briac 4 Exquisite Books by Fanny Vandermeersch 5 The Future Tasted Like Honey by Marlene Schiappa 6 Love To The Fullest by Cali Keys 7 The Next One by Jessica Cymerman 8 Sex Toys And Soap Bubbles by Mily Black 9 The Tea Harvester by Jeanne-Marie Sauvage-Avit 10 The Bride’s Beach by Clarisse Sabard 11 The Year of the Pink Flamingo by Anne de Kinkelin 12 The Tears of Cassidy by Amy Wane 13 Everything is Under Control by Sophie Henrionnet 14 I Can Live Perfectly Well Without You by Marie Vareille 15 Help! I’m 40 Years Old... (Well, 44) by Gaelle Renard 16



The Choice of a Life


by Alia Cardyn

“This is my story. It could have been so different. It’s a natural instinct of a mature life no doubt, to revisit the choices we made and dare look at them for what they were, so many steps in so many directions. Yet, I had only walked endlessly towards one specific goal. From the moment of my birth, as I took my very first breath crying out strongly for air and heat, my destiny had already been written. An opportunity was taken away from me and the stopwatch triggered. The lights dazzled my eyes as they opened onto this world and already there was so little time left for me to fulfil my dream”. The results of her medical tests force Mary to question her desire for a child. Jack’s life changes dramatically when he accepts a friend’s plan. With no trace of his vanished wife, Archibald tries to comprehend. Adelaide is passionate about the lives of others but struggles to build her own. They all have one thing in common. Dare they make the choice that will change their destiny?

210 x 135mm 320 pp | 70,000 words Publication: November 2017

By the same author:

For her second novel, Alia Cardyn delivers a plot spanning almost a quarter of a century, a story about the power of desire for a child and the need to fulfil our purpose on earth.

PRAISE FOR A Lifetime Waiting For You: “A first novel, daring and touching” Marie Claire Belgium “Alia Cardyn tells a real woman’s story in her first novel” Elle Belgium

A Lifetime Waiting For You 210 x 135mm 272 pp | 62,900 words Publication: June 2016


“A touching novel ... a beautiful discovery” Au Féminin

About the author Alia Cardyn has a diploma in law and political science. An ex-lawyer, she has worked as an executive in various business law firms. She now works as a coach and lecturer in personal resources management and leadership, both in Belgium and internationally. She is a published author and the mother of two young children. 3




The Scot by Anna Briac

Alicia is twenty-six years old, has a child (Samuel), more degrees than she knows what to do with, no boyfriend, a pretty face and the lifestyle of an eighty-year-old. She works for Lexitrad, a translation agency. On a whim, she decides to move to Scotland for some time with her young son. But the adventure starts to go sour between car breakdowns, an insufferable client, a hardheaded Scot and neighbours meddling in her affairs...

210 x 135mm 320 pp | 85,000 words Publication: November 2017

About the author Anna Briac is a French teacher and widely published author of young adult books. She lives in France with her boyfriend, children, dog and cat! The Scot is her first romance novel. 4


Exquisite Books



by Fanny Vandermeersch

Chloe is dissatisfied with her routine. A mother of two children and married to a man she never sees, she refuses to be the nice little housewife waiting at home for her - unfaithful - husband. When she sees in the newspaper that a literary café “Exquisite Books” is looking for a temporary waitress, it’s a dream come true. Yet, although she gets on marvellously with their bookkeeper, she starts off badly with the owner, David. And when she discovers several portraits of herself in the notebook of a mysterious client who has vanished, she realises that she has come to a crossroads in her life. Between burnt muffins, enigmas, fits of crying and laughter, a trip to Morocco, revelations about her mother’s death and a discovery regarding her origins, the life of our heroine will never be the same again.

SELF-PUBLISHED BESTSELLER! 210 x 135mm 200 pp | 32,000 words Publication: October 2017

About the author Exquisite Books is Fanny Vandermeersch’s debut novel and a self-published bestseller. She is also the author of Phobia, a novel for young adults published by editions Le Muscadier. She is a two-time finalist of the prestigious writing competition “Writing in the feminine”. She lives in the North of France. 5

The Future Tasted Like Honey by Marlène Schiappa

Justine returns by train from Milan where she’s just finished settling her great grandmother’s inheritance with her daughters and two sisters. Surprise: while the whole family finds itself showered in luxury, she herself inherits only an old cardboard box filled with trinkets and a damaged notebook... She dives into the life of “Pretty Rose” who describes her life through the objects in the box: her Little House on the Prairiestyle childhood in Dijon at the end of the 19th century, her poor but close-knit family, the return of the soldiers in 1918, writing competitions, walks with her sisters, her meeting with an Italian diplomat... The posthumous confidences of her ancestor have echoes in her own life: Justine, star of the blogosphere, discovers for herself the life of a single and penniless mother. But what message does “Pretty Rose” want to send her from the past? Why does a song keep returning endlessly into her ancestor’s story? And who is this mysterious passenger, Lorenzo, sitting next to her on the train? Could he help her find her true inheritance?

210 x 135mm 320 pp | 35,000 words Publication: June 2017

By the newly nominated French secretary of State Marlène Schiappa, in charge of equality between women and men. PRAISE FOR The Future Tasted Like Honey: “A moving hymn to the women of the past and of today.” ELLE

About the author Marlène Schiappa is a politician, writer, columnist, entrepreneur, French speaker, as well as the founder and president of the “Working mum” network. She is the author of several books, including J’arrête de m’épuiser [How to Prevent Burnout] and Pas plus de 4 heures de sommeil par nuit [No More Than 4 Hours of Sleep Per Night], currently being adapted for the cinema. She was nominated Secretary of State in charge of equality between women and men under the new French presidency in May 2017. 6

Love To The Fullest by Cali Keys

At the age of twenty-four, Melissa Müller, a singer-songwriter leaves Switzerland (along with cheese fondue and chocolate), for Quebec (with its poutine and smoked-meat)! But what she hasn’t anticipated (not even in the slightest) is that her boyfriend would dump her right in the middle of a romantic walk on the Mont-Royal. But the problem is that Melissa cannot return to Switzerland. Not immediately, anyway. Because what she hasn’t told anyone is that she has applied for the Best Singer competition, and she’s counting on winning it. Diane lost her husband Charles a few years ago. To avoid wallowing in depression, she invests in a shop for cupcakes, Sweet Cuppins, and hires Melissa on the spot. Together, they learn to renew their taste for life and follow their dreams. And who knows, perhaps even find love?

210 x 135mm 320 pp | 80,000 words Publication: June 2017

WINNER PRIX MEILLEURE ROMANCE 2017 (ROMANCE AWARD) PRAISE FOR Love To The Fullest: “A beautiful discovery, a fresh and light romance” Songe d’une nuit d’ete “I can’t wait to read more books from Cali Keys” Livre sa vie “A beautiful, sweet and sparkling romance” Comme dans un livre

About the author Cali Keys adores palm trees, Care Bears and Piña Coladas. She hates getting her socks wet in the bathroom, finishing a box of biscuits (no more for later), replacing toilet rolls and watering plants. She lives in Switzerland. 7

The Next One by Jessica Cymerman

Jean and Anna are the couple everyone envies. Young, beautiful, madly in love and very successful. Marriage is on the horizon and their paths have been mapped out. But Jean dies in an accident. The young woman’s life falls apart. Months pass and she gradually gets over her grief. Anna decides she needs to move on. And she wants to find the perfect man. But Jean was the perfect man, and she has lost Jean. So she decides to look for his perfect double. And when she meets Frédéric, her life will begin to change…

PRAISE FOR The Next One: “As addictive as Bridget Jones, and as easy to read as David Foenkinos” Do it in Paris

210 x 135mm 192 pp | 38,000 words Publication: May 2017

About the author Jessica Cymerman is a blogger, journalist, and mother of three children. She shares her hilariously humorous posts on her blog (over 50,000 followers on her Facebook page). 8

Sex Toys And Soap Bubbles by Mily Black

Fanny longs for her life to change. So she quits her well-paid job and moves to a small village to open a shop selling organic beauty products and... sex toys! Her communication plan has been well honed and nothing is going to stop her from spreading the word on her products. Nothing, except Madame Lobarde, the mayor’s mother, who decides to stand up to her (and especially against the toys she’s marketing). And she loses no time in sending her second son, Édouard, a police lieutenant, to call Fanny to order. But when these two meet, things start to bubble!

210 x 135mm 320 pp | 50,000 words Publication: May 2017

By the same author:

PRAISE FOR Small Blunders and Other Unforseen Events: “I adore Mily Black’s novels ... her new novel is funny, fresh, lighthearted, and witty” Lune & Plume “Mily Black’s writing is full of humour and positivity ... if you are looking for a feel-good story, look no further!” Songe d’une nuit d’été

Small Blunders and Unforseen Events 210 x 135mm 288 pp | 74,000 words Publication: September 2016

About the author Steeped in the universe of reading since forever, Mily Black began by rewriting books to suit her tastes and her moods. In 2009, she began publishing fan fiction stories under the pseudonym Mily Black before publishing her first novel in 2014, Mon blog et moi [My Blog and Me], with Éditions Harlequin. 9





The Tea Harvester



by Jeanne-Marie Sauvage-Avit

Shemlaheila works as a tea picker on a plantation in Sri Lanka. For the past ten years she has carried the heavy weight of teafilled sacks – and the burden of a life handed down to her by her ancestors. But as her twentieth birthday approaches, she determines to leave all this behind. Unlike her late mother and the other women on the plantation, she refuses to spend the rest of her life enslaved by men, with row after row of tea bushes forming her only horizon. Shemla flees Sri Lanka and finds herself in London. But will she find the strength and courage to start over in such a new and foreign land?

WINNER PRIX DU LIVRE ROMANTIQUE 2017 (ROMANTIC NOVEL AWARD) 240 x 155mm 311 pp | 90,000 words Publication: April 2017

PRAISE FOR The Tea Harvester: “A beautiful novel... inspiring!” ELLE “Poignant! ... Captivating! ... Uplifting!” Maxi magazine “A beautiful story ... which will not leave you indifferent” La Provence

About the author Jeanne-Marie Sauvage-Avit is a novelist based in the South of France. Her latest novel, Cueilleuse de thé, was inspired by her travels to Sri Lanka, won the 2017 Prix du Livre Romantique (Romantic Novel Award), and sold 6000 copies in the first three months following publication. 10


The Bride’s Beach by Clarisse Sabard


30 year-old Zoe is right in the middle of a dispute with her personal advisor at the employment centre when her life changes dramatically. The hospital calls to say her parents have been in a serious motorcycle accident. Her father died on impact and her mother is too seriously injured to survive, but still lucid enough to talk. She reveals to Zoe that she’d always lied to her: the man who brought her up was not her real father. She gives her daughter just one clue to help her find her biological father: “The Bride’s beach”. Zoe remains in denial for four months, then ends up giving in to go in search of the truth. She reaches Brittany and finds a job at the “cupcakerie” run by a former Franco-American psychologist, Alice. In this American-style tea room, several characters meet and see their fates entwine, while Zoe goes in search of her father to try and understand why her mother lied to her all these years. The arrival of Nicolas, a good-looking tourist like no other, will greatly unsettle her…

For fans of Lucinda Riley and Kate Morton 240 x 155mm 448 pp | 130,000 words Publication: March 2017

By the same author:

+25,000 copies sold of Clarisse Sabard’s novels! PRAISE FOR Rose’s Letters: “This is a very promising debut novel, gorgeously written and plotted.” Metro News

WINNER PRIX DU LIVRE ROMANTIQUE 2016 Rose’s Letters (ROMANTIC NOVEL 240 x 155mm 384 pp | 117,000 words AWARD)

“A first novel in the same vein as Lucinda Riley and Susanna Kearsley” Les Instants volés a la vie “A lively, feel-good story” Carnet Parisien

Publication: May 2016

About the author Clarisse Sabard is passionate about reading and vintage dresses, and convinced she lived in New York some time between the years 1920 and 1950. Her first novel, Les lettres de Rose [Rose’s Letters], sold very well. La plage de la mariée [The Bride’s Beach] is her second novel. 11

The Year of The Pink Flamingo by Anne de Kinkelin

Louise, Ethel and Caroline, three happy yet solitary friends, share everything from their sorrows and their joys to their fascination for beautiful things. All three are designers creating dreams in their workshops, which all face each other along a Parisian passageway. Louise, a jewellery maker, makes the kind of jewellery that brings joy to people’s hearts and eyes. Ethel, a corsetiere, arouses the sentiments and senses of passionate women in love (and others). Caroline, a bookbinder, restores life to old books, while dreaming away her own. All three are passionate women in love with love, something that seems to be beyond their own reach… From the day Louise becomes besotted with a splendid and somewhat strange stuffed pink flamingo, which she installs in her workshop, her outlook on life starts to change. With her breakup, she now faces a challenge: to pick herself up, and remain standing like a flamingo on one foot for her little girl, Rose, despite her fragility and the obstacles in her way. Will this be the year these three women find the strength to rebuild their lives? 210 x 135mm 208 pp | 44,000 words Publication: January 2017


PRAISE FOR The Year of The Pink Flamingo: “A promising debut novel” Au féminin “Anne de Kinkelin’s writing is witty, honest and touching” Elle “Anne de Kinkelin’s first novel is a real gem. Her writing is full of poetry and her characters endearing” Le Journal des Femmes

About the author Anne de Kinkelin likes unconscious collusions, champagne and telling stories. Daily life inspires her, Paris nourishes her and love sustains her. This first novel, L’année du flamant rose [The Year of the Pink Flamingo] emerged from her view of the things and situations surrounding her. A blend of what she is and what she could have been had fate allowed her to be one of her characters. The year of the pink flamingo, her first novel, is a finalist in the romantic book prize. She lives in Paris. 12

The Tears of Cassidy by Amy Wane

Paris, 1935. Matthew Alban-Wilson is a young and brilliant doctor practicing in a Parisian hospital. He’s particularly interested in one patient in a coma, who arrived there seven years earlier. When this woman, who he has named Blanche, wakes up miraculously, the doctor cannot contain his curiosity. Inspired by the work of his mother, a writer, and his grandmother, a psychiatrist, Matthew asks Blanche to tell him her story. The young woman is in fact Cassidy McMurray, an Irish aristocrat. From Clifden to Paris via India, Cassidy’s words and Matthew’s pen retrace the story of this girl from Eire, the story of a 20th century woman. But with almost a decade lost, can Cassidy get back her desire to live?

240 x 155mm 464 pp | 144,000 words Publication: November 2016

A new voice in French fiction for fans of Downton Abbey. PRAISE FOR The Tears of Cassidy: “Amy Wane’s writing is engaging, enjoyable and her attention to details impeccable ... a successful first novel” Carnet Parisien “If you like quality historical novels, you will love this novel!” Focus Littérature “An excellent first novel” Songe d’une nuit d’été

About the author Amy Wane has been fascinated by history, travelling and writing since early childhood. She dreams of living somewhere between London, Paris and Pondicherry. Les larmes de Cassidy [Cassidy’s Tears], her first novel, was successfully published on Wattpad. She lives in Paris. 13

Everything Is Under Control by Sophie Henrionnet

Olympia is a 38-year-old food photographer who only half loves her work, has a 12-year-old daughter who is more mature than she is, crazy family and friends, and an ex-husband who still calls her ‘Honey’. When she loses her job, she begs her best friend Hugo, who runs a detective agency specializing in insurance scams, to hire her. Pushing her experience as a photographer, she manages to join the team under one condition: that she only deals with the simplest cases. Of course, Olympia isn’t sensible enough to stick to the rules, and the temptation of being paid on commission for every case solved is too great for her to sit on her arse and do nothing! But what will she do when the bodies start to pile up around her and it looks like she’s next on the list?

210 x 135mm 384 pp | 80,000 words Publication: March 2016

PRAISE FOR Everything is Under Control: “This detective comedy is a success from start to finish” À Livre Ouvert “A detective comedy / chick-lit novel with quirky and endearing characters who will throw a smile onto your face” Focus Litteraire “Quirky, crazy and piercingly funny!” Mille et Une Pages

About the author Sophie Henrionnet is an author and the mother of four children to whom she tells stories every night. She enjoys reading and inventing stories, be they short, long, funny, immoral or dramatic, depending on her mood and the number of teas or mojitos she has had. She has also published a book on motherhood, M comme... Maman a bien mérité un petit mojito ! (M Is For Mummy Deserves A Mojito) and a children’s story, Il était deux ou trois fois (Twice or Thrice Upon a Time). She also has a blog called ‘Sixinthecity’. 14



I Can Live Perfectly Well Without You



by Marie Vareille



Chloé is a typical 28-year-old Parisian girl with a catastrophic love life. One day she decides to put an end to all the drama and makes a pact with her friend Constance, an incurable romantic: Chloé will move to the countryside and be forbidden from seeing any man in order to fulfil her dream of writing a novel, while Constance, on the other hand, will have to spend a night with a complete stranger. From Paris to the Bordeaux vineyards, via London, this curious pact will take the two women much further than they ever expected ... Will they manage to stick to their agreement?

WINNER PRIX DU ROMAN CONFIDENTIELLES 2015 (CONFIDENTIAL NOVEL AWARD) 178 x 110mm 352 pp | 74,000 words Publication: June 2015

Soon to be published in English! US rights sold to Sassy Fiction! German rights sold to Penguin Verlag! 50,000 copies sold in France alone! PRAISE FOR I Can Live Perfectly Well Without You: “A little gem” Des Bulles et des Mots “I liked it, I loved it, and I recommend it” A Touch of Blue... Marine “We devoured this novel” Sensuelle


About the author Marie Vareille is, like many other 30-year-old women, overwhelmed by day-to-day problems: the ups and downs of her love life, her dangerous tendency to mistake Mojitos for mint water, and an out-of-control credit card. Her only escape from all her worries is to invent stories. Je peux très bien me passer de toi [I Can Live Perfectly Well Without You] is her second novel and has received the Prix du Roman Confidentielles (Confidential Novel Award). A movie is currently under development by the French production company Kobayashi Prod.

Help! I’m 40 Years Old... (Well, 44) by Gaëlle Renard

They say 40 is the new 30, but what is it really like to be a 40-year-old woman today? This hilarious diary-style novel focuses on you, the ‘young’ 40-year-old, but also a little bit on your men (ex and current), your mother-in-law (ex or current) and your friends – not to mention your growing children, your finances, your beloved boss, your shopping basket, your mirror, your self-esteem, your latest face cream … And the eternal question that torments the heroine: what about one more baby – just for the road? A funny and sensitive book paints the portrait of a generation of women, for all women.

PRAISE FOR Help! I’m 40 years old... (Well, 44): 178 x 110mm 224 pp | 32,000 words Publication: May 2015

“Gaëlle Renard’s book combines fits of giggles and wrinkles, nostalgia and euphoria, grumpy mornings and happy days, divorce and search for a new love ... She will make you stop dramatising everything” Marie France “This novel is written with wit, tenderness and emotion” Des Bulles et des Mots “This book will make you want to be in your forties!” Maman Travaille

About the author Gaëlle Renard is a journalist on maternity issues, and the mother of two young boys. She regularly contributes to various journals and programmes on childhood and parenting, and is a long-standing reporter on the programme Les Maternelles on the French channel France 5. 16

29 Boulevard Raspail 75007 Paris France Rights enquiries: SĂŠverine Jeauneau MĂŠlissa Mahi

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Éditions Charleston Frankfurt Book Fair 2017 Catalogue