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Eddins Counseling Group Provide Houston Therapists and Career Counselors

We are committed to helping you feel better and find solutions that will work for you. Our team of Houston therapists, relationship counselors, and career counselors specialize in helping you break free from emotional eating, recover from an eating disorder, manage anxiety or depression, cope with chronic illness, improve your relationships, choose or change a career or create greater work-life balance.

Therapy & Career Counseling Services We all need help from time to time, whether repeating old patterns that are difficult to break, going through a career or life transition, wanting to pursue a new goal, feeling stuck, or realizing that things aren’t the way we’d like them to be. Counseling can be a valuable resource at this point in your life, moving you forward. A counselor can offer practical assistance, support, compassion, different ways of viewing your situation, and new strategies and coping skills.

Guided Meditations Mindfulness Meditation creates awareness and compassion and contributes greatly to a healthy mind and body

Community Mental Health Resources Hotlines, emergency contact information, support groups and reduced fee counseling agencies.

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Personal and Career Counseling Services