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There are so many amazing UK Festivals to hit this summer - check out VIVA’s recommendations

LUXURY HOLIDAYS IN KOH SAMUI Thailand is not just for backpackers,you can visit in style too!

lisa stansfield

Exclusive interview and photo shoot with Lisa Stansfield

Summer dining VIVA’s guide to summer dining hotspots in the city | 0161 228 0065



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Interview with Lisa Stansfield Balearic Beauty fashion story Koh Samui It’s all about the UK festivals this year

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VIVA’s hot catwalk picks Fashion hotlist


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Tina O’Brien reports Dip Into Coachella Cool with the Cruise Collection VIVA talks to Dr Vik Say hello to VIVA’s new beauty reporter Cassie, Lomas Why The Y


VIVA’s summer dining hotspots Time to squash that summer thirst

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VIVA’s outdoor garden party VIVA business success story, Laura Graham Get set for a sizzlin’ summer Polished pedalling

Celebrities rise to the cocktail challenge at Atlas’ GinFest BAFTA Film Awards gala dinner 2014 Manchester Pride Supersonic charity evening VIVA London news

Bez at 50: anti-fracker, beekeeper and standing for Parliament Interview with Ben Harper Bipolar Sunshine Adio takes over the VIVA iPod

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READING & LEEDS 2014 HEADLINERS: QUEENs OF THE STONE AGE, Arctic Monkeys, Blink-182 AND Paramore 22-24 August 2014 Answer the following question: Who is headlining Leeds Festival on the Sunday? Email your answer, name and telephone number to

VIVA TV TOBIAS LONGMATE FRONT COVER CREDITS Photography & Post Production: Jamie Cowlishaw, Stylist & Art Direction: Ross Forsythe Hair: Lizzie Bardsley, Make-Up: Collette Casey & Naomi Joy, Model: Alexandra Skeete, Location: NQ Photography Studio,

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r a d a R e h T Being sweaty OK, so you might not have Jessica Ennis’ abs or a bum like J-Lo but being sweaty is “just so cool right now.” I ran the London Marathon this year and who cares that I look like I’m struggling to go to the loo or that I’m thinking about getting intimate with some fat, ugly, old bloke? (just imagine those expressions) I’m running the marathon! My message show off the sweat! Pygmy hedgehogs Recently my gerbil, Jemima, died. No need to be sad, I quickly replaced her with two new ones, Mel & Sue but oh, how close I was to getting a pygmy hedgehog instead. Have you seen these cute little critters? The most adorable prickly porcupine relatives that surely exist. Hattie Jr. the Hedgehog is on my birthday list. Manchester Central Library If you haven’t been since it’s reopened, what are you waiting for? Manchester is home to so many beautiful buildings and this is just one of them. With a plethora of resources on offer to make you feel more clever, from rare books to British film & TV collections, there’s no better place to steal some free wifi.





Thigh Gap I looked up the urban dictionary definition of the thigh gap. “The diamond-shaped gap between a woman’s thighs, directly below the vagina, revealed when the thighs are together.” Beyonce doesn’t have one. So I don’t need one. Enough said. Haters Get off twitter and shut the hell up. Whether you work in media, music, fashion or, for that matter, any industry that means you’ll be exposed in the ‘public eye’ it’s inevitable you’re going to get some hate. Haters, you’re wasting your time because, guess what, I win. I hate you even more. People who don’t move down the bus/train/tram I’m not afraid to admit that I’m the mad lady who, when boarding public transport and noticing all of the available space isn’t being occupied, goes off her nut. I have no qualms in screaming “it’s not rocket science, we’re all squashed up here.” Learn to use your noggin and move down you morons! Living a lie.

This issue’s guest radar was brought to you by XFM Presenter / DJ / Band Manager & Professional Gig Goer Hattie Pearson

Hattie Pearson


n the summer time when the weather is fine, hopefully, fingers crossed, Manchester is buzzing with outdoor dining and drinking hot spots, sunny events, bright bold fashion and fun activities. We can’t wait for this summer, check out VIVA’s outdoor drinking and dining city recommendations - our big UK festival guide which includes ticket giveaways to some of the UK’s biggest festivals as well as our summer destination hotspot, Koh Samui! The whole team had the great pleasure of meeting Lisa Stansfield on her VIVA front cover shoot! What a top lady, the Mancunian music legend was so much fun to photograph and such an inspiration, check out VIVA Ems’ interview with Lisa inside these glossy pages. We also gave Bez from the Happy Mondays a call to wish him a big Happy 50th Birthday and get up to speed with him about his campaign against Fracking and standing for Parliament, go Bez! So VIVA readers join us in getting this summer started VIVA style!

Big Love VA Team VI

, .

Lisa wears: Zip detail jacket, £129, Mary Portas from House of Fraser. Gold Tone Resin Necklace, £327.25, by Oscar De La Renta from


STANSFIELD Twenty five years after topping the charts globally with the single ‘All Around The World’ and ten years after the release of her last album, the Grammy nominated, multi-BRIT, Ivor Novello and Silver Clef Award winner - the Rochdale singer who can boast sales of nearly 20 million records and a string of international top 10 hits - is back looking and sounding better than ever.


ith new album ‘Seven’ hitting number 13 in the UK album charts and a big tour ahead of her, we thought it only right to feature local girl Lisa on the glossy pages of VIVA! So before our photography team kidnapped the music icon for the afternoon we sent VIVA Ems down to Cicchetti to have a bit of a chinwag with the lovely Lisa Stansfield. VIVA Ems: So Lisa, your new album Seven came out end of last year, it hit number thirteen in the charts. Were you happy with that? Lisa: It was absolutely incredible. VIVA Ems: It’s been ten years since you released your last album. What have you been doing? Lisa: I did quite a bit at acting and an awful, awful amount of writing. Just constantly writing all the time. Writing songs and coming up with ideas and stuff like that. I wasn’t just sitting in bed for ten years eating chocolates. I suppose it’s all been leading up to this album, really. It’s been preparation for this. It took a lot of time but hopefully it’s worth the wait.

VIVA Ems: Have you been mostly based locally or have you been away living abroad? Lisa: We were in New York for a while and we just got a place in LA. So some of the first things we did on the album were done in New York, in our wardrobe - well like a walk-in closet. We just set up a whole vocal room in there. We had sound proofing and I glued all the sound proofing into the wall. We’re good at amending. VIVA Ems: We’ve actually been to your studio in Rochdale, to interview the Sticks when they were rehearsing there. Lisa: Yeah, we did most of the recording in Graceland for this album! VIVA Ems: I read somewhere the reason it’s taken so long to get this album to come out is that you really didn’t fit in anywhere. Why was this? Lisa: Just because what was going on at the time wasn’t really what I was into. I think that when there’s a predominant genre of music

at a certain time, if you’re going to try to put something that’s different out there you may as well just flush it down the toilet because nobody is going to want to listen to it. But, when the mood is right and when everyone is receptive to a certain thing, then that’s when you go in and you attack. VIVA Ems: How long did it take you and Ian (husband) to put the album together? Was it a long process or did you decide to do it over the last year? Lisa: Well it was weird because we were writing for so long. We were constantly making lists and re-writing the lists. This is a good track, that’s a good track or not, because they were songs. So really, in the very end, it was very quick what we did and we did most of it at Graceland. We did some of it in London but most of it at Graceland. VIVA Ems: You have a shed load of awards already but do you think any of the tracks on the latest album have potential to get an award? We really like ‘The Rain.’ Lisa: One of our best friends, Andrew, he’ll get drunk in the evening and he’ll text me at two a.m. telling me, ‘You’re a genius. I’m listening to The Rain.’ and I’m like, steady on love. VIVA Ems: Ha ha! Is that about Manchester because it’s always raining here? Lisa: No. Well actually, it’s funny because we were in New York. There’s a really lovely bar called Finelli’s and it’s on Mercer Street. You know the Mercer Hotel. So we would always go there and it was absolutely p*ssing it down. You know when you get stuck there and if it’s four o’clock in New York, you can’t get a taxi anywhere, because they all change shift at the same time. So from four til five you can’t find a taxi anywhere. So we were just stuck in Finnelli’s in the rain and that’s kind of what we did with the idea. And I said, “How come everywhere we f**king go, it rains?” We even went on holiday to Barbados for two weeks, when it was supposed to be the sunniest time and it p*ssed it down for two weeks. VIVA Ems: Probably because you take the Manchester rain with you! > k | VIVA | 13

VIVA mannequin image Rachel Galley Molto Earrings (worn throughout), £90, from Wave Jewellers Jeans, £55, Label Lab from House of Fraser Look one: Jacket, £99, by Biba, Jeans, £55, by Label Lab both from House of Fraser Look two: Jacket, £99, Top, £30, Trousers, £69, all by Biba from House of Fraser,


Watch Lisa’s shoot preview online with VIVA TV at Lisa: Maybe that’s why we write music. Because we never see the f**king sun. VIVA Ems: Another one of my favourites is “Stupid Heart.” You’ve had a few tracks in the past that have been on soundtracks and, for me, that tune would be on a soundtrack. Do you see any potentials for a soundtrack? Lisa: That’s something we have to potentially approach. It’s so amazing when you can get a song in a film. VIVA Ems: This album is about a lady who is kind of trapped in love. So you could make a film out of your album? Lisa: Well that’s the sort of thing I’m trying to do, in a way. We’re doing vignettes and such. In the end, we really want to release a DVD with films of all the tracks. VIVA Ems: Oh wow, that sounds like it’s going to be amazing! Do you just think of characters and the songs come around it? Lisa: I think things just pop into your head and at first they don’t make sense. You just start singing, and then you think, ‘What the f**k does that mean?’ You have to make sense of it yourself out of your own head. At the end you go, ‘F**king hell, I’m really weird aren’t I?’ It’s sort of like being your own psychiatrist. VIVA Ems: Ha ha! So tell me about acting. You’ve done quite a bit! Do you prefer that to singing? Lisa: I really enjoy it. But no, It’s really nice to go between the two because you never really get bored. VIVA Ems: I know you have recently been featured in a locally made film called Northern Soul, what’s your character all about? Lisa: Yeah, we watched it for the first time the other night. It was so good. Well, I play the main character’s Mum. It’s quite ironic really because I’m the Mum who wants to be the upright citizen with everything squeaky clean. So she encourages her son to go to the youth club because he never goes out. He just sits with his Granddad at home and does really boring things. So he agrees begrudgingly and I’m like, ‘YES. I’m so glad he’s going to the youth club.’ and then he just gets into all sorts of trouble. VIVA Ems: Talking about some localness and bands and such, a lot of the big bands have gotten back together in the last few years, like Happy Mondays and Stone Roses. I know that your influences growing up were Barry White and Marvin Gay. Were there any local bands that inspired you or you wanted to be in?

Lisa: I think I was really always influenced by American soul, you know. That’s what my Mum played in the house when I was little. It’s always there; it’s in your soul. So no, I wasn’t really influenced by anyone around here. I do love The Happy Mondays and Stone Roses though. They’re absolutely brilliant. I met Ian Brown the other night, because he came to the film. He is so lovely. He’s one of those people who you think - and I think I’m probably a bit like this - people think I’m very cold and aloof. He’s like me, he’s really happy and really nice. VIVA Ems: You’ve always been quite a stylish woman. I mean you set the trend for the legendary curl, didn’t you! Lisa: Ha ha I don’t know if I did that but if you have your own personal style, I think the trick is not to try too hard because sometimes it’s f**king awful when you try too hard, like when everything matches! Women get the shoes dyed to mass their dress and they’re going to Ascot! VIVA Ems: Have you got any favourite designers? Lisa: Literally, if I like something it can be high street or it can be troll. It can be anything. I think that if you’re going to wear a jacket that costs two thousand pounds, it doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing a Gap tee-shirt or not. It’s what you see when you try it on in the mirror and not think too much about what other people think of you. If you like it, then it’s good for you. I’ve got a brilliant guy working with me at the moment and we’ve become really good friends. He’s called Johnny Blue Eyes and he’s an amazing thinker and he’s very innovative. He’s a stylist and he does his own performance art. He’s incredible as a stylist. He’s like bang, bang, bang! VIVA Ems: You’ve got the new tour starting soon, are you excited? Lisa: We did quite a bit last year, as well. So we’re kind of back in the swing of things. We tested things out and it all went really, really well. We’re not just going to do all the new music but a mixture of old and new. I think it’s really cruel if people pay a lot of money to come see you and you just play things they’ve never even heard before. That’s not nice to me. VIVA Ems: Well, it’s always on the encores that everyone breaks out into the old skool classics isn’t it! Lisa: Yeah, of course. That whole tactic ha ha! Lisa will be performing at Manchester Bridgewater Hall on 7th September, for tickets and more tour dates goto ■ photos: Jamie Cowlishaw | styling: Ross Forsythe | make-up: Collette Casey | hair: Lizzie Bardsley | VIVA TV: Tobias Longmate

Alex wears: Ombre bikini top, £25, Biba at House of Fraser. Necklace, £227, Lucy Q, Lapis Bangle £235, Shaun Leane, Coral Bangle, £235 Shaun Leane all from Wave Jewellers. Sunglasses, £8.95,

Balearic Beauty Channel your inner bronzed goddess by hitting the beach in this season’s hottest swimwear and accessories.

FASHION SHOOT CREDITS... Photography & Post Production: Jamie Cowlishaw, Stylist & Art Direction: Ross Forsythe Hair: Lizzie Bardsley, Make-Up: Collette Casey & Naomi Joy, Model: Alexandra Skeete, Location: NQ Photography Studio, VIVA TV: Tobias Longmate

Lumani rings from ÂŁ68-83, from Wave Jewellers Bikini Top, ÂŁ68, Calvin Klein Beachwear

Trousers, £69, Tee, £29, Necklace, £25, Mary Portas at House of Fraser Scarf (worn as headband) POR, Katrina McLaughlin all from

20 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

Swimsuit, £55, Biba at House of Fraser Necklace, £18.99, Cuff, £17.50, both from Sunglasses, £107, Alexander Wang at Scarf (worn as headband), POR, Katrina McLaughlin

Infinity spine bracelet, £415, Necklace,£725, Lucy Q both from Wave Jewellers Strapless one piece, bikini £163, Carine Gilson at

Bikini, £165, M Missoni at Necklace, £227, Lucy Q, from Wave Jewellers Scarf (worn as headband), POR, Katrina McLaughlin k | VIVA | 23

Trousers, £210, Tara Jamon, Bikini Top, £25, Biba both from House of Fraser Necklace, £327 , Oscar De la renta at

24 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

Scarves, POR, Katrina McLaughlin necklace ÂŁ20

26 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

Watch this shoot online with VIVA TV at

Dress, £45, Therapy from House of Fraser Sunglasses, £8.95, Pendant, £125, from Wave Jewellery

VIVA CATWALK TRENDS Stripes For Success: Listen up gentleman! Seriously stylish stripes have made a humongous comeback this season. As seen on the catwalks of Givenchy, Kenzo and numerous other luxury brands, stripes work well in any colour and style. For the braver and more creative man, play with different sized stripes in one outfit or play it safe and utilise accessories and footwear in this trend. Integrate these summer essentials into your wardrobe, whether it’s for the office, after-work drinks or weekend getaways, stripes are key for any successful look you create.






4 7




1. Jacob Nave and White Striped Top, Orlebar Brown, £105 2. Striped Cotton T-shirt, PRPS Goods, £85 3. Contrast Stripe Border T-shirt, Adidas Originals at Hervia Bazaar, £37 4. Ethnic Jacquard Trousers, Zara, £45.99 5. Nautical Stripe Bermuda Shorts, Zara, £25.99, 6. Retro Striped Trainers, D Squared, £415 7. Remi Relief Slim-Fit Striped Shorts,, £180 8. Striped Hooded Cotton Sweatshirt, Zegna Sport, £230 9. Striped Espadrille Shoes, Zara, £29.99 10. Want Les Essentiels De La Vie O’hare Canvas Tote,, £305

VIVA CATWALK TRENDS Citrus Explosion: Whether it is lovely lemons, luscious limes or on-trend orange, indulge in a tropical treat this season by incorporating these crazy cool colours into your wardrobe. Bright is best but teaming these colours with black, white or stone tones down and creates a sophisticated take on these summer looks. If you’re still not sure about going bold and beautiful for summer, work with citrus coloured accessories to add a real pop of colour to any outfit choice.






6 5





1. Orange Draped Crêpe Maxi Dress, DKNY, £390 2. Green Cotton Jersey T-Shirt Dress, Carven, £255 3. Orange High Waist Shorts, Mother of Pearl, £310 4. Frattina Neon Citrus & Black Sleeveless Blouse, Pinko, £195 5. Lucia Dress, Damsel in a Dress, £149 6. Large Frosted Clutch, Proenza Schouler, £485 7. Leather Pouch,Victoria Beckham, £495 8. Colour Block Dress, Mary Portas, £99 9. By The Way Lime Tweed Top, Finders Keepers, £105 10. Orange and Stone Wedge Sandals, Kenzo, £340



Black Leather Wedge Sandal, £545, Givenchy


2. 10.

Alek Leather Sandals, £187.04, Alexander Wang at

Max High Heel Sandal, £120, Kurt Geiger

Embellished Leather Wedge Sandal, £610, RIck Owens at



Leady Sandals, £50, Aldo

Seriously sassy sandals!


Saira Pink Leather Sandals, £135, Miista


Nephele Winged Leather Sandals, £140, Ancient Greek Sandals

Ladies, the sun is starting to shine and the weather is heating up, so make that long-overdue pedicure appointment and grab a pair of these incredibly chic sandals. Whether it is a gladiator, a flat or a heel, dare to bare those footsies and strut into the summer months in style.

7. 30 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

Eowowia Wedge Sandals, £60, Aldo



Azelea Gold Flat Sandals, £150, Kurt Geiger

Riley Light Grey Sandals, £160, Senso




Prism Palm Swim Shorts, Bjorn Borg, £40



Truckernuck Caribbean Print Swim Shorts, Oiler & Boiler, £40

Piranha Floral Swim Shorts, Hugo Boss, £52

Robinson Les Bains Oxford Swim shorts,, £160



Multicoloured Swim Shorts, Topman, £26


Peacock Feather Swim Shorts, Topman,£26

We like tacky here at Viva H.Q. so when it comes to beachwear if it isn’t screaming bold, brash or colourful we just ain’t interested. This season it’s all about the swim shorts, so no budgie-smugglers for you! Check out our selection of the most attention grabbing (for all the right reasons) swimwear.


Raf Flower Print Swim Shorts, Tommy Hilfiger, £60

7. 8.

Floral Print Swim Shorts, Polo Ralph Lauren, £100

Jungle Swim Shorts, Robinson Les Bains, £145


Blue Turtle Print Swim Shorts, Vilebrequin, £145

VIVA B E A U T Y HOLIDAY PLANS, summer beauty

tips and pregnancy fashion!

Tina O’Brien reports...

Holiday Plans: So far we’ve not booked any flights to go abroad but I am starting to get an itch for going to Croatia. I’ve heard so many great things about it and I fancy trying it out for myself but we’ll have to see if I actually make it this year. We have booked to go to a caravan park in Devon. I’ve taken Scarlet there once before and she absolutely loved it, she still talks about it as her favourite holiday so I’m looking forward to taking her back. There’s a really lovely indoor swimming pool with slides for her to enjoy. It’s definitely all about Scarlet this summer and making sure she has lots of fun!

Dip into Coachella Cool with the Cruise Collection Tatiana report:


ast month Coachella kicked off festival season in style. Being one of the biggest festivals out there, with an often unbeatable line up and hoards of celebrity attendees, it’s no surprise that the fashion and beauty looks reigning supreme at Coachella set the tone for the rest of the season. Already an established trend for S/S ‘14; enchanting juxtapositions of natural hair tones with punchy, bright, bold or pastel injections of colour made for a huge Coachella beauty hit with the likes of Katy Perry and Chanel Iman perfecting their festival chic with multihued styles. We know that festivals are all about colourful fun, letting your inner hippy chick out and expressing yourself with all manner of fringes, feathers and fabulous hair. Never one to miss a trick, the latest cruise collection from Tatiana Hair Extensions is the perfect way to channel festival fashion through your hair and recreate some killer Coachella styles. This line of multi-hued, clip-in extensions let you ‘dip-in’ to colour without the commitment of changing your natural hair colour and without the potential drying, damaging effects of hairchalks and other permanent products. From subtle, pastel pinks, lilacs and silver shades, to emerald jewel tones to complement darker hair, a bespoke clip-in from Tatiana’s Cruise Collection is the must-have accessory for festival season. Clip-in prices start from one hundred pounds for a four inch Russian clip-in and range in price dependent on the length of the clip-in and on the type of hair, individual micro-ring applications start from eight pounds dependent on length.

Maintaining a Tan: It’s all about moisturising if you want your tan to stay. If I want to treat myself when I’m going through the airport I’ll pick up Lancaster Tan Maximiser, it is a little bit pricey but you save money in duty free and it’s okay to treat yourself to make the most of your holiday! Make-up tips: It might sound simple but I like to swap my black, dark eye make-up to lighter bronzier tones. Maybe mix it up with more a peach or shimmer blush so I look nice and fresh. Plus, you can never go wrong with a bit of fake tan in the summer. I like the at-home spray bottles because they are pretty safe and you can stay clear of streaky legs. Pregnancy fashion: Well I will have a lot of bump growth over the summer so I want some nice loose flowing clothes, nothing too tight. So I’ll probably be wearing a lot of tea dresses and t-shirt dresses, you need to be comfortable when you’re pregnant. Staying Healthy: I am having a lot less cravings in my second pregnancy (so far anyway) so hopefully I won’t pile on the pounds too much but just in case I have joined the gym again so I can exercise at my own leisure. I think it’s really important to stay fit and healthy when pregnant. I am also going to go to some Zumba classes. I like the different levels and being able to go at my own pace, plus it’s great fun dancing around!

To book your appointment call: 0161 236 4467 or visit the salon in Manchester on Port Street in the NQ.

ina@tinx aob Love one T twitter

Follow m

VIVA Talks To Dr Vik, The Man Behind Keeping Manchester So Youthful! What can a new patient expect from their initial consultation? We give people honest advice. Most people come in and have some idea of what they want. We’ll sit them down, have a chat but actually many of them need nothing. We won’t perform the treatment unless we think it’s necessary.

Dr Vik Gautam, Director of Dermaskin Clinic


oday we live in a world obsessed by looks, so it’s no surprise that many of us are turning to cosmetic treatments. With so many non-surgical procedures available, there are lots of affordable options that are less invasive and don’t carry as many health risks. Dermaskin, a specialist company in Advanced Facial Aesthetics, has recently moved one of their clinics into the heart of Manchester city centre. From chemical peels to anti-ageing treatments and dentistry services, Dermaskin specialise in non-surgical procedures designed to enhance your natural beauty. With their treatments starting from under a hundred pounds, VIVA has spoken exclusively to Dr Vik Gautam in order to find out more information about the work that Dermaskin does.

And since starting in 2007, have you seen a change in the average age of people coming in for cosmetic treatments? The average age is getting younger and younger. So when I first started out, the average age was about thirty-six to thirty-seven. Nowadays, I would say the average has come down to twenty-six to twenty-seven. We have clients as young as twenty-two years of age coming in. The media has changed the way people look at Botox; so many people are using it as a preventative rather than a treatment for ageing. Are you seeing an increase in male clients? There has been a massive increase in male clients. Particularly in Manchester, sixty percent of our clients are women and the other forty percent are men. This is huge compared to our clinics in Cardiff and Bristol, where our client base is around ninety-two percent women. For more information please contact Dermaskin who will be happy to arrange a free consultation, or answer any questions or concerns you may have about their available treatments. Dermaskin Clinic, 66 Quay Street, Manchester M3 3EJ Tel: 0161 850 5060 | Email: Web:

Manchester is one of four clinics to have opened in the UK, do you have any other clinics outside of the UK? We have five clinics in total - four in the UK, so Manchester, Cardiff, Bristol and London and then a clinic in Dubai. Can you tell me a little bit about the work Dermaskin does and about the treatments you offer? We’ve been open since 2007 and the main thing that we do is cosmetics, so any cosmetic type of treatment such as Botox and fillers, up to facelifts and boob jobs.

Entrance to Dermaskin

What are your most popular treatments? Our most popular treatment is obviously Botox. We have around four thousand clients and it’s all Botox, Botox, Botox. Would you say your treatments are affordable? We’re the cheapest in town, not as cheap as the salons but we’re the cheapest clinic in town. It’s about ninety-nine pounds for any area. We are very affordable, comparatively, if you go to a private clinic or Harley Medical - they are our main competitors.

Waiting area at Dermaskin k | VIVA | 33

VIVA p a m p e r i n g

r e m m u S Beach to BAR

Top Beauty Tips With Cassie Lomas...


here is no better look to show off your tan than a sheer glossy skin with a pop of a bright colour and that is what was all over the catwalks for this summer. Let’s face it, when we’re on holiday or basking in the sun at home we don’t have time for a full makeover for it to melt away after 10 minutes in the heat. So here are my top tips for speedy sunshine make-up that lasts and my top products to add a pop of colour to transform your look from beach to bar. A beautiful make-up is all about the base, so spend time choosing the right texture of foundation for you. A little sheen to the skin always gives it a healthy and youthful appearance and you can create this by using a glossy foundation or adding a shine underneath it. Estée Lauder advanced night repair is a serum which really hydrates the skin and, used under make-up, gives a gorgeous, glossy finish without looking greasy. Tom Ford illuminating protective primer is a great base for make-up allowing a gleam to brighten skin and it also has ingredients to prime and protect it at the same time. With an SPF 12, what more do you need? Use your fingertips to apply to the skin under foundation to the areas you want to add shine. If you don’t have time for a two-step application then choose a foundation that promotes your skin’s natural radiance. I love the B. Radiant illuminating foundation to hydrate and even out skin tone leaving a glossy finish. Its UVA filters help with sunshine wear. Apply with a brush to really buff the colour into the skin for a lightweight finish. Long lasting colour is what you really need to keep you looking fresh and a girl must never be without a blush. I am obsessed with the neon shades of watercolour blush from Daniel Sandler. With a choice of pink or orange there is a colour to suit everyone and a must-have for the summer season. A tiny dot on your fingertip is enough to swirl over the cheekbones for a natural flush. This colour stays put all day with no need for touch ups. Another alternative for long lasting colour is the Becca beach tint, a gorgeous cream for lips and cheeks which stains the skin and remains perfectly placed all day and it comes in eight great shades. We all need to have a bit of definition to the eyes but on holiday I hate eye make-up apart from mascara as it tends to look cakey no matter how subtle. Keep the eyes simple by day with a coat of waterproof mascara so there is no worry of fall-out or panda eyes. My favourite waterproof mascara is Lancôme hypnose waterproof, it’s a must-

have in my make-up bag. Push the mascara wand into the roots of the lashes gently to coat right to the base of the lash and gently sweep lashes up and out into a fan shape. Use the tip of the wand to separate lashes and de-clump. Finish your day look with a sheer coloured lip balm like Burts Bees tinted lip balm generously coated over the lips. Vamp up your look for the evening by adding a pop of colour to the lip and a sleek liner to the eyes to be bang on-trend with the 60’s inspired flick. Always make sure your choice is waterproof or long-lasting so you can party the night away without worrying about your melting make-up. Mac liquid last liner in black is the best waterproof liner around. Apply using a brush lining from the outer corner of the lashes working in halfway across the eye, then start at the inner corner and work out to meet the first line. When this is even on both eyes, draw the flick with your eyes open to make sure you get a symmetrical finish. Eyeko liquid metal eyeliner is another great waterproof liner which comes in a golden shade perfect to complement your bronzed skin. Set off your eyes by adding a bright pop of colour to the lips. Here’s my top 3! Stila stay all day liquid lipstick has an intense moisture finish but with a colour that lasts, perfect for summer Clinique long lasting lipstick in runway coral. Choosing an orange or coral time lipstick can make you look more sun kissed and this shade has a creamy matte texture but keeps its just applied look. For those who dare to shock, Barry M lip paint have a range of neon brights that stay in place until you remove them. Don’t forget to make the most of your tan by soaking your skin in sheen to show the best of your body. Scot Barnes body bling in original gives the most amazing golden sheen to the skin so you look like you’ve been airbrushed. If your tan isn’t quite what you’d hoped for then this can give you the extra glow you need. For a lighter, luxurious sheen Nuxe Huile Prodigeuse is streak free and quick drying leaving the skin with a naturally golden shimmer. This is also designed for hair so multi-use which is always handy when packing for your holidays! For more information on Cassie Lomas visit And keep your eye out online at for more fantastic beauty related features from Cassie.

what’s in my make-up bag...

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Beauty essentials...

1. Protect your skin from harmful UVA & UVB rays with Crème De La Mer’s new SPF 50 UV Protecting Fluid. This lightweight formula absorbs quickly, feels great whilst preventing lines and wrinkles. Available from Selfridges, £65.

5. If you want beautiful bronzed skin then I suggest you try Elemis new total glow bronzing body lotion. This gradually delivers a sun-kissed glow all year round and, at the same time, it moisturises and hydrates the skin. Available from John Lewis, £29.50

2. This is a must scent this summer, Jo Malone’s Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne. With refreshing bursts of bergamot and the cool succulence of cucumber, you feel like a hot summer’s day even if it rains! Available from Jo Malone, £78.

6. The VIVA girls love Bare Minerals and just when we think we couldn’t love it any more they launch a fab new lipgloss range. Marvellous Moxie doesn’t only plumpen your lips but provides the utmost amount of shine. Available from Boots, £16.

3. Great things come in small packages and they certainly do with New Cid’s new mini range. No handbag should be without one of these kits on a night out. Available from Debenhams, £39.99.

7. Create the perfect on-trend mani in minutes with the latest collection from Elegant Touch. These UV Gel pastel shades are fantastic, perfect for the festival season this summer. Available from New Look, £6.59

4. I love the new limited-edition Smashbox collection by artist Santigold. This eye shadow collage is filled with my favourite colours and looks fantastic on, by brightening your eyes and adding a dramatic colour pop effect. Available from Boots, £25.

8. Bobbi Brown has now expanded her rich colour collection with some fantastic new shades of poppy pinks and orange, which all add a fun pop of colour to any look! Available from Debenhams, £19 each.

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r e m m u S MUST HAVE

VIVA g r o o m i n g 8.

Grooming essentials...

1. DKNY Men limited edition is inspired by the spirit of the city with essence of kaffir lime, spicy coriander and bamboo leaf, the aromatic scent will certainly zest up your life. Available from Debenhams, £38.

5. Elemis Cellular Recovery Capsules with their anti-ageing properties help renew skin’s elasticity, youthfulness and physically repair the visible signs of ageing. Available from, £63.

2. Smooth skin is a must in the summer months and The Handmade Soap Company have this ideal must-have kit. It includes all essential products that will ensure your skin is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Available from Harvey Nichols, £50.

6. This gorgeous blend of floral, green and woody notes is renowned across the world. It is one of Creed’s bestselling fragrances and is now available as a refreshing deodorant – perfect for the summer! Available from Harvey Nichols, £52.

3. It’s important to keep your skin protected from the sun and with Dr. Murad’s new powerful, portable sun stick, you can do this on the go for a fast and easy application any time of the day. Available from John Lewis £19.50

7. There is nothing worse than oily and greasy skin, to prevent this gently exfoliate with Clinique’s oil control exfoliating tonic. It gets rid of an oily T-zone, helps control oil build-up and leaves skin looking fresh and smooth. Available from Debenhams, £16.

4. Billy Jealousy, Ruckus Hair Forming Cream has won awards. This formulation can create any funky shapes and dishevelled looks whilst providing a strong hold with a shiny finish. Available from, £16.

8. Feeling tired? Then revitalise with Plants, Wake Up body wash. Slightly scented with essential oils of rosemary and lemongrass which aromatherapists traditionally use to stimulate and revive the mind and body, this will certainly give you a boost when needed. Available from Selfridges, £14.

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Why the Y? Spring is here, bikinis are beaconing, shorts are summoning and tiny tees are tantalising and if you’re ‘gonna to flash the flesh’ it’s got to be fit. You know you have to do something so the question is what and where? Or as we asked at the top - WHY the Y?


could save myself a fair bit of time if I could just say to you “Come and see for yourself.” If you came to the Y once, you’d get it straightaway. It isn’t what it’s got going for it, it’s who it’s got going for it. Staff and members alike there is something about the Y that simply says “You’ll be back,” (not, by the way, in a deep-throated, threatening Austrian accent but rather in a gentle, welcoming accent of your choice) and you will.

So why the Y? They have history for a start. In various incarnations the Y has been providing the citizens of Manchester with the place and the means to get fit, keep fit and look fit for many, many years. They know what works and, while they are happy to embrace new methods and new technologies, they are not a fad-happy organisation simply latching onto the latest trends. “If you look at our programme,” says Richie Brodie, “There are classes, like the metafit class, that are extremely new but at the same time there are classes that have been around forever. We want to provide people with whatever suits them to do what they want to do. Some people have been using the same techniques for years and, if that’s what they want to do, we’re more than happy to be able to oblige.”

“In here

there are no definitions you get to be yourself”

That sums up the attitudes at the Y and the reasons for its continuing success. They try to be everything to everyone and they pretty much succeed. You don’t have people who have been members for over thirty years unless you’re doing something right but the accommodations aren’t just for those who have been with them forever. “Everyone deserves and gets our very best attention,” says Rich. “When they want it, that is,” he adds. This last comment he clarifies is part of the ethos at the Y. Some people want to just come in and be left to get on with it. They don’t want direction and advice and so they don’t get any. Others come to work out in a social setting and for them the Y is just as much a social club as a fitness centre.

“It has always been that way,” explains Kate Bourne, the Y’s lovely Club Manager. “We have a tradition as a social hub that goes way back. We have always opened our doors to everyone and many years ago when other places might have been a little less tolerant we gained a reputation of being somewhere where people could be themselves. “These days you are defined by so many things; what job you do, what car you drive, what brands you wear, where you live. In here there are no definitions you get to be yourself.” >

VIVA H e a l t h & f i t n e s s And, as you look around the various parts of the club you very soon see what she means. From plastic princesses in the latest, on-trend, colour-co-ordinated lycra leisure sets to over-eager, overweight oafs in a mismatched miasma of shoddy shorts and too-tight tees, the Y is home to all manner of people. (upon introduction it turned out that the plastic princess was really quite regal and the mismatched miasma was a professional athlete which just goes to show that you really shouldn’t judge by appearance - another thing they don’t do at the Y!) The Y moved (some time ago) from its traditional home to Liverpool Street, taking it ever so slightly further away from the city centre. The reason? to afford it the room to expand, to allow it the land to provide outdoor activity (weather permitting) and so that they could put in a decent-size pool at a level accessible to sunshine. The other facilities are more than impressive but the pool, oh the pool. Poetry could be written about the pool. It is more than just clean, beautifully offset by the sun coming in through the big picture windows, sweet-smelling and inviting, there is something seriously special about this pool. It’s not just that your throat isn’t torn out by chlorine, it’s not that it’s a proper size rather than a bathtub with pretensions, it’s not even that the big picture windows letting in all that glorious sunlight lend it an almost grandiose stature; it’s all those things and more. I could happily live in a place with such a pool. Whilst writing I have been trying to figure what it is about the Y that makes me want to come back. I have to be honest, the traditional, unhealthy lifestyle of a writer is not one that generally lends itself to thoughts of keeping-fit so why do I suddenly want to and why is it that the Y is the place that I want to do it? The word that keeps springing to mind is ‘safe.’ I felt completely at ease when I first entered. Overweight, just having finished a cigarette and with a jaundiced view of the world of fitness, I realised that I didn’t feel that I needed to hold my breath to look slimmer or chomp on mints to smell sweeter. When we talked about what I could do it was all about what I wanted. No direction, no limiting, no “Ah buts,” no “What you need to do is . . ,” just a very experienced and knowledgeable, sympathetic ear followed by a number of gentle questions and a couple of very kind suggestions. I knew that I could trust what was being said and I wanted to. As we said at the top there are any number of Fitness etc. centres in Manchester these days but there is only one Y. Try it once and I guarantee that you too will be hooked and then you’ll know why the Y. ■ words: Keith Mcdonnell | photos: Amy Bettinson

Y. Club, Liverpool Rd, Manchester, M3 4JR Web: | Tel: 0161 837 3535



Rosso’s Signature SUMMER dish ROSSO RESTAURANT & BAR 43 Spring Gardens, Manchester, M2 2BG 0161 832 1400 Rosso has managed to do the most miraculous of things in the signature dish of Ippoglosso (pan-seared halibut with English asparagus, samphire grass and set with a lemon and prosecco jus) creating a taste of the Mediterranean in Manchester city centre. Chef Steve Hildebrandt is eager to embrace fresh in-season ingredients that can be locally sourced. The use of classic English asparagus in the fusion ‘modernmarriage’ Italian-English cooking can only be described as delightful! The samphire adds a salty touch which brings out the lemon and prosecco in the sauce, transporting you to the beach. The meal itself was beautifully presented, the halibut was the star of the show, garnished with asparagus and samphire, with a light drizzling of sauce. Just in case you want any more sauce (trust me you will) there is an extra jug on the side. The meal is light, delicate but will not leave you wanting more. If you have a sweet tooth there is a fantastic range of classic and exotic desserts, all of which go down a treat. In the luxurious surroundings of Rosso you are left wanting for nothing.

MALMAISON’S SUMMER MENU IS SMOAKIN’ HOT MALMAISON 1-3 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 3AQ 0844 693 0657 Malmaison is the hot place to be this Summer, launching a new menu for its stunning Smoak restaurant. With its black booths, sunken bar and chain-mail curtains, it’s guaranteed to get any date on a plate, providing the perfect setting for ladies who lunch or those wanting to clinch a deal. We tucked into four of their new appetisers which were a delight on the tongue. The tuna tartare was a fresh fishy haven accompanied by and perfect with its avocado, ginger and soy dressing. BBQ chicken lollipops had us salivating at the gorgeous charred taste, whilst plump moules mariniere were pockets of perfection and, my favourite, the prime steak carpaccio worked wonderfully in tandem with a tangy mustard dressing. Onto mains and I chose the new Goan tiger prawn curry, one of five additions. It was just how I like my rubies, creamy yet with an overbite of spice that cuts through, creating a gorgeous mouthful. The beef wing was a triumph, cooked in the Josper oven which gives it that ideal blackened outside melting into tender pink flesh. It was just out of this world and a bargain at £70 as it’s big enough for two comfortably. (in fact I took some home) Prices start from a fiver for appetisers and £13 for main meals with bottles of vino upwards of £12. There’s also a set menu of two courses for £15 or three for £19. Bargain.


THE ATLAS TERRACE ATLAS BAR 376 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4LY 01618342124 Atlas Bar are raising the standard for summer 2014. They’re introducing a brand new bar menu which launches this May, having had a sneaky taste I highly recommend that you check it out. It’s classic food, executed to the highest standards possible; think pork scratchings, ham hock, piccalilli. The chef Ross goes to the market every day, tailoring the menu to the weather and ensuring that only the best and freshest ingredients are used. They’re also introducing a BBQ on the fantastic southfacing terrace. Perfect if you want to sit and enjoy the summer sun although, if the British weather lets us down, Atlas have it covered - literally - with heating and covers making sure you can enjoy the beautiful terrace views no matter what the conditions. The new BBQ menu also launches this May and is available from twelve pm - six pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays. Ross, the resident chef, has again ensured only the freshest locally-sourced food is on the menu. Alongside the new food ventures there are also over eighty gins from worldwide locations, the largest range of gins on offer anywhere in Manchester. Add to that the premium beers and wines on offer and Atlas is set to be one of the best places to spend your time this summer. Whether you’re lounging in the sun on Saturday afternoon, enjoying a BBQ or partying hard enjoying the great range of cocktails and spirits while listening to their resident DJ.

GRILL STOCK GRILL STOCK BBQ & MUSIC FESTIVAL Albert Square, Manchester Ticksts from Grillstock is a festival experience like no other. Bringing the foot-stomping, dirty soul of the BBQ festivals that dominate the Deep South of the USA to Manchester and Bristol. Manchester Grillstock takes place in Albert Square. The contrast between the Town Hall and Deep South-inspired festival creates a great atmosphere and allows people to fully relax into the Grillstock way of life. This means everyone being together, bumping elbows, chewing on a rib bone with sauce on their chin, drinking a can of beer and just dancing around having a good time. Sound fun? The food on offer is unlike anything else available in the UK. The competitors involved in the King-of-the-Grill cook-off are BBQ experts, none of them have restaurants, meaning this is your only opportunity to taste their mindblowing cooking as well as being able to pick up a few BBQ tips for yourself. This year, Grillstock have upped the ante, increasing the size of the stage and ensuring only the best music. On Saturday, Vintage Trouble will be taking to the stage and on Sunday - all the way from America - Hayseed Dixie will be bringing their version of hillbilly rock but if that’s not your thing don’t worry, there’s an array of British bands and DJs as well. All in all, Grillstock is the ideal way to spend your weekend if you want to eat some good grub, listen to great music and make the most of the summer with friends and family. 64 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c 62

The Atlas Bar is an iconic, city centre bar in the heart of Manchester, situated within Deansgate railway arches. Recently fully refurbished, it now proudly presents the look and feel of Manchester. * Outdoor south facing terrace seating up to 80 people * Specialising in Gins from around the world, the biggest collection in Manchester * Hosting functions, corporate events, parties, Hen and Stag do’s and networking evenings *Summer BBQ’s every Saturday, Sunday and bank holiday Monday Take a virtual tour of the bar at our website: 376 Deansgate Manchester M3 4LY 0161 834 2124 Twitter: @TheAtlasBar Facebook: /Atlas-Bar

VIVA c u i s i n e

Destination BANGKOK BAR…


ucked away snugly on Princess Street is Bangkok Restaurant and Bar, a recently opened establishment which aims to bring the best of Thailand to Manchester. Its ethos is based on attention to detail and that is why their bespoke menu has dishes which satisfy both the Western palate and the Thai community. Formerly inhabitants of Thailand, owner Krin and his family prepare and cook their food in the same style as is done in South East Asia, resulting in dishes with the truly authentic taste of Bangkok. With Manchester being a microcosm of culture, many restaurants fail to stand out from their competitors but Bangkok Bar and 46 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

Restaurant’s focus on authenticity, sets the food and the overall dining experience apart from the rest. Stepping into the kitchen, the senses are overwhelmed with fragrant herbs and spices and Krin himself has commented that the restaurant is ‘not afraid to use raw ingredients in their dishes.’ That’s the great thing about the food; each dish is made from scratch, using fresh ingredients, resulting in food that’s full of flavour. Now with winter behind us, VIVA visited Bangkok Bar and Restaurant to sample four of their summer-inspired dishes which are available for both eating in and takeaway. First up was the Spicy Thai Minced Salad, (Lahb) a combination of fresh salad leaves tossed with beef seasoned with garlic, lemon

and Thai spices. The meat was tender and full of flavour with a powerful kick of chilli at the end that really packed a punch. Two more salads followed, one topped with fresh seafood and the other with chicken. Both were infused with fragrant herbs and Thai spices giving the dishes a refreshing yet filling quality. The last dish was a customary favourite; Chicken Satay Skewers accompanied by a Satay dip and side dish of crunchy vegetables. The food arrived within minutes, a thing based upon Bangkok’s obsession with Street Food. Krin commented, “Thai street food is seriously fast. From wok to bowl in minutes, a lunchtime meal or snack is yours with minimum fuss.”

Bangkok Bar

Bangkok Bar and Restaurant prides itself on its ability to deliver delicious Thai food in next to no time. Situated in the heart of the city, the restaurant has the ability to cater for those on the go as well as those who want a relaxing dining experience. Now that summer is approaching, Bangkok Restaurant and Bar is a perfect treat for people who want to sit in the sun and jazz up their mundane lunchtimes with food that will tickle your tastebuds and add some zest to your day. â– Bangkok Bar & Restaurant 40-44 Princess Street Manchester, M1 6DD Tel: 0161 714 0429 Email: Web:

TIME TO SQUASH THAT SUMMER THIRST! A look at some of this summer’s drinks highlights, including refreshing cocktail recipes and BBQ food matches!

BOLLINGER SPECIAL CUVÉE Crack open a chilled bottle of Bollinger Special Cuvée this summer, and enjoy a full-bodied Champagne of great class.You’ll receive a good marriage of cream and fruit on the nose with rich peach and a subtle butter flavours on the palate that produces a long finish. Available from Corks Out: RRP £24.99

KAMM & SONS LIQUEUR Enjoy this very British aperitif, created by ex-bartender Alex Kammerling. Made in a similar way to gin, it has a total of forty-five natural botanicals, including ginseng, fresh grapefruit peels and manuka honey. Try your hand at The Precurser Glass - Martini Ingredients 50ml Kamm & Sons 35ml Grapefruit juice 15ml Elderflower cordial Method – Shake over ice and strain, garnish with lemon zest. Available from Selfridges: RRP £39.99

KONIK’S TAIL VODKA Not to be missed, this Polish vodka is produced in limited quantities, nodding back to the early Polish era of traditional vodka-making. Each bottle is filled and labelled by hand and signed by creator Pleurat Shabani himself. Available from Harvey Nichols: RRP £40.50

TICKETYBREW PALE ALE Go local with Stalybridge-based TicketyBrew and try out their pale ale, full of biscuit and orange aromas flowing nicely onto the palate. A thin texture with a low carbonation and good hops creating a well-balanced offering. Available from RRP £2.39 per 330 ml

48 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

VIVA d r i n k Brought to you by Manchester based Dave Marsland, AKA Drinks Enthusiast... ESTRELLA DAMM INEDIT BEER The ‘King of Barcelona’ has a perfect match for your summer BBQ this year in Estrella Damm Inedit. Crafted by the globally acclaimed chef, Ferran Adria; Juli Soler and sommeliers Ferran Centelles and David Seijas from ElBulli Restaurant. Inedit is a blend of lager and wheat beer styles, great with spicy Asian dishes, hard-rind cheeses, battered sea-food and grilled pork chop. Available from Waitrose: RRP £5.29 per 750 ml

BLOOM GIN Created in Warrington and based on a traditional London Dry Gin recipe, BLOOM takes its inspiration from the classic aromas of England and its well-recognised country gardens and fields, adding its distinct botanicals of honeysuckle, chamomile and pomelo to the mix. BLOOM Gin and Tonic with Strawberries Glass - Highball Ingredients 50 ml BLOOM Gin 200 ml Fentimans tonic water 3 strawberries Method - Quarter 3 strawberries and place at the bottom of a tall glass. Add ice and pour BLOOM London Dry Gin Over ice. Top with Fentimans botanically brewed tonic water. Available from Waitrose: RRP £24

DIPLOMÁTICO RESERVA RUM Treat yourself to one of the finer rums available in Diplomático Reserva, aged for 8 years in exBourbon barrels in Venezuela, 173 metres above sea level. Sweet and rather thick on the nose with notes of vanilla, wood and dry fruit balancing well.Very soft on the palate with a mouth-watering sweetness of chocolate and spice structuring well. Available from WhiskyExchange. com: RRP £28.15

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La Hacienda Murcia Chimenea Extra Large, quick assembly, ready to use in minutes, £79.95, from This four person hamper is a fabric-lined, whitewashed wicker basket from the Linea range at House of Fraser, £50.00 Bigfire Dutchtub original, prices start at £2950 inc VAT, from Deckchairstripes, available in 40 colour-ways, as featured in Downton Abbey, £85, from This BBQ accessory is a twin-pronged fork fashioned to resemble a musketeer-style sword, £14.99, from

50 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

Garden Party




8. 9.

12. 6. 6. The HOST Chill Cooling Pour Spout, acting as cooler and stopper in one, £19.99, from 7. Palram Palermo Gazebo, crafted to deliver elegance and utility to your garden all year round, £799.95, from 8. The Mini Kadai is a fabulous portable firebowl / BBQ combination, with stand, grills, tongs and duffle Bag £98, from 9. Creative MUVO 10, provides up to 8 hours of playtime on a single charge, £49.99, from 10. Jaques Edenbridge Croquet Set, this luxurious croquet set is presented in a handmade pine box, £599 from John Lewis 11. Garden Time, slip away for tea and daydreams surrounded by the inviting scents of fresh garden herbs, £19.99, from Yankee Candles



photo: Karl Collins @vitalcreatives

VIVA I N T E R V I E W She works with some of the city’s most successful and talented actors and presenters but how did this confident, stylish business woman get to where she is today? VIVA chats to Laura Graham about her success with Vital Management!


xplain to us what Vital Management is all about and what is your role? Vital Management is a talent management company. We protect and promote our clients’ profiles and careers in the entertainment, acting and media industry. We cover personal management, publicity, event management, casting and creatives. I am the MD and owner and started the company on my own about five years ago. Take us back to the beginning. How did your career start? In terms of my media career I guess it was always in my blood as my grandfather was the head of public relations for British Aerospace in Warton, my mother was a showbiz journalist for a newspaper and later the editor of a magazine and my father was and still is a journalist. My great aunt was a dancer and soubrette who appeared in several Royal Variety shows. In my teens I used to do Saturday work in my Father’s press agency in Blackpool and loved the buzz when he was working on a big story. After graduating in Media at Salford University I struck it lucky with work experience at Cavendish Press in Manchester where I cut my teeth on news, features and showbiz stories and learned so much from the founder of the agency the late, great Brian Whittle. After about a year or so I was a fully fledged journalist and I had a couple of job offers on the table, mainly involving a move to London with a couple of national tabloids, but I wanted to get into public/media relations. I joined the Coronation Street press office at ITV where I stayed for five years. The training and experience was excellent and I got opportunities to go on secondments to the PCC, storylining office and to organise press trips to places like South Africa and Malta. The ITV press office is a proactive and highly experienced team of people, however, the TV/ media industry was on a downturn and ITV had had waves of redundancies on and off for years. I decided to take my destiny in my own hands and set up my own business. Life’s too short to look back and think ‘what if’ so I took the plunge and haven’t looked back! Why did you decide to set up your own business in Manchester, why not London? Because I had built up a great number of valuable and trusted contacts in Manchester and in PR/media who you know is everything. Plus, whenever I went to London I always got lost. (laughs). I still do ! There wasn’t really anyone in Manchester doing what I wanted to do back then, so I saw the opportunity and took it. Manchester is a thriving city with an eclectic culture. Why would I want to move anywhere else? You worked on the set of Corrie for a while, what were you doing and how did you find soap life? On the day to day I would be dealing with national and local media enquiries, responding to stories that day, writing press releases, organising set visits, sitting in on cast member interviews, managing photoshoots, selecting video clips for previews and occasionally there would be some damage limitation on complicated tabloid stories. That didn’t happen very often though thankfully!

Your own business Vital Management covers quite a few different aspects, Management, PR, creatives, casting and events. Which part of your business do you enjoy doing the most? I would say I enjoy the personal management side the most, because the clients I work with are a joy. All I’m doing is just helping them build on their talent, create other opportunities for them and enabling them to shine. More recently I have really enjoyed getting into the creatives side of the business and am improving on my ability to put a vision for a shoot into print. The creative team Vital represents are a talented mix of makeup artists, hairdressers, stylists and photographers and I am fortunate to work with them all.

“The end goal will be to to have a launch party! Seriously I haven’t got round to having one yet!” What is your end goal for the company? The end goal will be to to have a launch party! Seriously I haven’t got round to having one yet! Maybe for the 10-year anniversary? I guess my main goal would be to have an expansion and I’m looking to do this in the next couple of years, all being well! You’ve hosted some pretty big events in the Manchester area. We at VIVA know how much work you have to put into making a great event. What has been your most successful event and why? I would say most recently it was actress Michelle Keegan’s leaving party. She didn’t really know what I was planning so it was all a bit of a surprise for her on the night. Leaving Coronation Street is such a milestone in her career and I wanted the event to reflect this for her. Other events I have enjoyed managing were the Reuben Wood Creatives launch in the Northern Quarter earlier this year. Reuben and Karl (who own the business) are great fun to be around and I admire them both. Also the Nadine Merabi fashion launch in Selfridges and her fashion show in All Star Lanes for British Vogue’s Night Out last year were memorable ones. If you genuinely want your clients to do well, you work a lot harder for them. I couldn’t work with anything or anyone I didn’t absolutely believe in. We see from some of your videos on the Vital website that you often go abroad on photo shoots with clients, being a mother how do you juggle family life with running your business? Well, thank God for modern technology! Wherever I go , my iPad and phone come with me. When Leo (my son) was 9 days old he was on a photoshoot with The Sun and at 7 months old he came with me to the Grenadines for a Hello! Magazine shoot. Sounds great but the travelling was a bit of a challenge!

When you run your own business it’s not that simple to take time off. I had no maternity leave and haven’t really had a holiday for years where I have been able to keep my phone turned off for long. There isn’t really an off switch. Mine and my partner’s family are great, and if he is working then they will happily babysit. I think you just have to be organised and be able to plan your diary well in advance. Outside of your work life and being a Mother what else do you enjoy doing? There’s not much room outside of work and being a mum but 18 months ago I started with a personal trainer to help me get healthier (Adam Crofts @adstraining85) and this is something I build into my schedule at least three times a week. If I’m having a busy or stressful week, I take it out on the boxing equipment or go for a long run which is great for endorphins as well as reducing your mass! Aside from this I love spending days out in the country or long leisurely lunches or dinners with friends. (hence the need for personal training!) What are your thoughts on running your own company? Running your own company is serious graft but it’s also incredibly rewarding. When things go right, it’s down to you, however when things go wrong it’s down to you too and there’s no-one else to blame! When I first started Vital I made some rookie mistakes early on but I like to think I learned from them. I would also say that you need strong industry mentors. I have two whom I speak to every week. They don’t live in Manchester but they know the industry inside out and are highly successful and respected in their fields. When they talk, I listen. I also started out by doing a fair few jobs for free in order to get myself out there and to build up good experience, and sometimes still do this for the right kind of project. Also I would say that getting a decent accountant and company lawyer are very important factors in running a good business because you can turn to them for advice.I’m still learning so much in my career, for example I was on a shoot last week in London with a crew of 20 and spent most of the day absorbing what was going on around me and, in particular, what a (very experienced) art director was doing: what she saw and how she saw it, because this is something I am trying learn more about for the Vital Creatives arm of the business. What do you think it takes to be a successful business woman? I think that to be a successful anyone, at anything, you need to be prepared to work hard. Success doesn’t fall in your lap, you create it. I certainly don’t see myself as successful, I’m very much a work in progress! ■ @vitalmanagement @laurajgraham k | VIVA | 53

VIVA G A D G E T S Kalorik Barbecue Grill - £149.11, AMAZON The 200-square-inch cooking surface has a speaker to play music from your iPod - or other mp3 player - and a radio. Perfect for BBQs this summer, treat your friends and family to deliciously grilled food and all the number one hits. The grill is suitable for use both inside and outside so even with rainy, British summers, you can get plenty of use out of this twenty-first century grill.

Panono Panoramic Ball Camera - £327.47, Panono With summer nearly here, VIVA knows that you will be going on days or trips out, maybe even on holiday and you’ll probably want to remember where you went. The Panoramic Ball Camera is specially designed to take a wide shot of everything going on around it, take action shots and photos of scenery. All you have to do is throw the camera and high quality, special images are available to view and keep forever, as well as sharing online through the Panono app. It’s now available to pre-order and it will definitely be worth it when you take that first image.

VIVA MUST HAVE SUMMER GADGETS! Proporta USB TurboCharger 7000 - £54.95, AMAZON With dual-port so you can charge multiple gadgets at once, this emergency portable charger can be connected to an iPad, iPod, iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, Google Nexus 5 and other smartphones. This gadget is perfect for all you festival-goers. After a charge through the mains or a USB cable, it can charge your phone about five times! The TurboCharger is not the cheapest but it is worth never having a dead battery on your phone. Some festivals do offer phone charging but the TurboCharger allows multiple charges and therefore could be used on holiday meaning you really would be buying the best.

Excalibur Electronics’ Motorized Bumper Boat £85, Overstock Who needs a lilo when we’ve got this bumper boat? An inflatable boat that allows you to steer round the swimming pool this summer. VIVA Magazine thinks that this is a much better way to travel through water and at a cheaper price than expected. The bumper boat runs on six D batteries but the additional price of these really does not compare with the fun the family can have with this gadget.!

words: Mica Robinson

54 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c






a for et S Get ’ r e m m u S ’ n li z z i ‘S

(And we don’t mean the weather!)

56 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c


Jack Marsden Reports...


f there is one thing we know here in Britain, it’s that you can’t rely on the weather but if you to want to guarantee yourself a ‘sizzling summer’ then your best bet is to get your hands on the fantastic new Jaguar F Type Coupe R. It’s a SCORCHER! The stunning new Jaguar F-Type Coupe R will put a smile on your face each time that you drive it. Who needs a sunny day to make you happy when you can get behind the wheel of this unashamed race-bred sports car? The F-Type Coupe R’s body styling gives a nod to its feline pedigree - as seen first in the beautiful E Type, widely regarded as one of the most stunning cars of all time. Classic lines, combined with the latest cutting edge technology and build materials, have created this little beauty which not only looks the ‘business’ but really means business. We are talking 542BHP from its ‘bomb-proof’ five litre, V8 engine; blasting it to a track-day top speed of 186mph and 0 to 62 mph in an eyewatering FOUR SECONDS!

The car’s new build materials include an all aluminium body, ceramic brakes and super-sticky, race-rubber tyres coupled with a host of bristling technologies including an 8-speed auto gearbox. Dynamic Drive mode settings and a stiffer chassis allow you to really DRIVE this car like a sports coupe should be driven and with the confidence that, no matter how ‘on the edge’ you want to be, this car can handle it! All this, an average 32 mpg and a boot big enough for 2 sets of golf clubs! Get yourself into the driving seat and the car really ‘hugs’ you and you’re all set for a truly sizzling summer! ■ Book a test drive of the fabulous new £85,000 F-Type Coupe R by contacting: Jaguar Stratstone Manchester at words: Jack Marsden, The GT Driver profile picture credit; George Sharman

Polished Pedalling Looking chic while cycling this summer...


ompared to other European countries, the UK has never really been considered a nation of cyclists. However, since the triumph of Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome in the last two Tour de France competitions, we have seen a huge rise in the number of cycles being bought around the country. With many businesses offering the Cycle-to-Work, bike purchase scheme and the government providing a tax-free, loan scheme - which can bring down the price of a bike significantly - we can safely say that we have a bike boom on our hands. With the iconic Vivienne Westwood revealing that she cycles to work every day on her Pashley - a well-known British bicycle Manufacturer - and our own VIVA Ems commuting to VIVA HQ on her Crème Cycle, VIVA Magazine has taken on the challenge of showing you how to look chic while cycling this summer. Shopping for the perfect bike may be a daunting prospect with such a large variety of cycles on offer. However, with VIVA Magazine being such a huge fan of cycling, we have looked (just for you) and selected some of the latest, most eye-catching models, which are guaranteed to set you apart from the crowd. If you love a vintage feel, just like VIVA’s Ems does, then Crème Cycles are just for you! In particular, VIVA recommends the The HolyMoly series, a design influenced by the classic Dutch cycle, which comes in a range of colours and styles to suit both men and women. Many of the bikes feature cute add-ons such as baskets on the front, perfect for carrying your heels or handbag if you’re on the commute to work. For those with a need for speed, VIVA has recently trialled the Smart eBike, a powerassisted cycle, which gets you where you need to be without causing you to break a sweat. Although on the pricey-side, (£2,200) you’re guaranteed to turn heads with its sleek, simple design, perfect for both sexes. This is for those who dread the rush hour and simply want to commute from A-to-B. VIVA’s Ems has trialled the bike for a week. Her verdict, “It’s a fantastic way to get around the city and you hardly have to put any effort into riding it. I love the electric boost you get, it’s so much fun to ride. It would normally take me half an hour to cycle home from work but with the Smart eBike it took me just under 14 minutes. It’s an insane piece of technology.” > words: Amy Morgan

Crème Cycle:

Cityzen helmet: www.

Maui Jim eye wear

Terra New York: Twill Trench Coat:

Vivienne Westwood on her Pashley And what is a bike without the latest accessories? It’s important to be safe, but you can look good as well with some of the most fashionable cycling gear keeping you protected but still looking great. Helmets rarely scream stylish but Lazer Sport has incorporated-safety for both men and women, crafting headwear with a cool, urban design, available in wood and chrome finishes that you cannot be without. VIVA’s favourite is the Cityzen featuring a unique fabric-finish, built-in brim priced at £44.99.

Smart eBike

VIVA has also compared some of its favourite wet weather gear to cover your back in the temperamental British climate. For women, Terra New York, have spotted a niche in the rainwear market, designing a range of trench coats which they promise, ‘are crafted to withstand heavy rain and other inclement weather all while projecting a sleek and stylish look.’ Burberry has also crafted a range of trench coats for men and VIVA particularly loves the Long, Cotton Twill Trenchcoat in Bright Cobalt. For those rare sunny days, which we so seldom experience, VIVA has discovered Maui Jim, a company that specialises in designer sunglasses. What you see is what you get, with each pair of shades your eyes are protected from the harsh glare of the sun without compromising on style, contrast or clarity. Cycling is not just a means of transport either. Once you’ve mastered the look why not try out some of the many, free, cycle-themed events which take place all over the country? If you enjoy a challenge, you might consider taking on the Tour de Manc - ‘Eighty miles of blood, sweat and gears’ around Greater Manchester. Although hugely rewarding if completed, it is not for the faint-hearted. To sign up visit: And, if you’re not as daring, then you may be interested in RideLondon - a mass-participant, cycling festival which covers an eight mile stretch within England’s capital.

me in cycling ho VIVA Ems Smart eBike e style on th

Andy from Modern En glis bombing it down Hilton h street

kok Bar Sarah from Bang e Smart eBike having fun on th

So whether you’re a competitor, a commuter or a couch potato looking to get fit, it’s time to get into the cycling groove! ■ k | VIVA | 59

Koh Samui Sa-Wat-Dee-Ka


wasn’t too sure what to expect from Koh Samui, having heard often from the smart-arse travellers, who repeatedly bang on that Thailand’s not like it was way back in the late nineties, that it is just too commercialised now! But, as I had never had the pleasure of visiting Thailand during my backpacking days, I was sure to remain broadminded and not to have my opinion polluted by these biased old-timers! Yes, it is a long flight but once we had arrived I was immediately impressed. Koh Samui airport must be the sweetest I have ever visited and my first impressions of the Thai locals were lovely, so helpful and polite and very eager to please which continued throughout the whole trip! This wasn’t just a regular VIVA travel review it coincided with our best friend’s wedding. So we not just extremely excited to experience the island but we were also attending the wedding of the year. After our private taxi transfer from the airport we were dropped off at The Akaryn Resort, located to the north west of the island in Cheong Mon. Staying in a pool suite with sea view with, yes, its own private plunge pool! (And yes, yes, yes skinny-dipping galore) On entering the room it was very luxurious and spacious, the décor suited the peaceful ambiance of the resort and made us feel like the only guests staying here. The ever-so-comfortable four-poster bed was calling to us but we had just arrived and that would have been a waste of an evening so, all dressed to impress, we headed down to the beachfront bar for a few welcome cocktails and delicious canapés. (all complimentary from the hotel manager) After a few more well-deserved drinks at the Wet Bar, whilst listening to the sea, sounds of live music and sharing a big, fat, delicious gourmet pizza - cooked in the islands’ only handmade wood-fired pizza oven, I was finally ready to hit that four-poster bed! Breakfast is served à la carte style. (and included in the room price) You can choose from many gourmet, Thai and international ‘healthy’ (and not so healthy) dishes, all cooked fresh to order from the menu. What a perfect way to start any day. Girls love shopping and we had heard that the outdoor > k | VIVA | 61

VIVA T R a v e l Main Pool At Akaryn Hotel

Outside Private Dining - Akaryn

markets in Chaweng are a must and just a short taxi drive away or we could have chosen to walk up to the main road and flagged down the local bus (a pick up truck with two rows of seats facing each other and a canopy on top) which is the best way to travel and a lot of fun at the same time. Note, never forget to barter on price as we paid too much on our first trip.

Beautiful Chaweng Beach

Chaweng street markets seem to go on forever and were filled with hundreds of shops selling everything from bric-a-brac to fake designer clothing and accessories. It truly is a bargain shoppers’ paradise! I absolutely loved the street food available in every direction and couldn’t resist the Pad Thai noodle carts which are very delicious and extremely cheap. I think it works out at twenty-five pence a portion! All shopped out, we headed back to the hotel for a quick swim in the main pool and yet another delicious cocktail at the Wet Bar, refreshed, awake and ready to fine dine! Excited to try the Thai food, I sat down at my beach-side table with magnificent sunset views and the sounds of waves crashing against the rocks – this truly was paradise! The Akaryn prides itself on its award-winning chefs and its culinary delights so you will most certainly be inspired in either of their restaurants, The Legends and the Ohhos Steakhouse. We had a wedding to attend, so a pamper day at the Ayurah - the new Epicurean Spa from the AMHS collection - was necessary. This is where a philosophy of “Eat well, Live well, be well, Look Good” is the concept that informs all their treatments and services offered. The Ayurah has a fully extensive list of treatments available including Ritual Massages, Body Massages, Body Wraps, Facial Treatments, Water Therapy and Beauty Care. You can even take up one of their three to seven day detox programmes so you will be sure to find the right treatment for you. After a luscious and most enjoyable four nights at the Akaryn hotel, we were ready to experience their sister hotel Akyra Chura Samui. With a fun and lively atmosphere it caters for all couples, only children over twelve years old and groups of friends. Conveniently located on the quieter northern end of the hip and trendy resort of Chaweng and far enough away if you want to relax and escape the hustle and bustle. Just a short walk along the panoramic beach you will find yourself in the centre of Chaweng with its many fantastic shops, bars, and restaurants. We however preferred to haunt the beautiful beachside pool and tantalise our tastebuds with the extensive cocktails available at Club Akyra’s brand new beachfront bar, restaurant > 62 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

Koh Samui Beaches

Fine Dining At Akaryn & Akyra

and chill-out zone. The food is presented beautifully for a poolside bar and is ideal for a light snack. The caesar salad is to die for, we actually had this for lunch two days in a row it was that delicious!

Chaweng Markets

Main Pool At Akyra Hotel

If you are feeling the love then I highly recommend the fine dining on the beach. Sat at a gorgeous table set up right beside the waves, it couldn’t possibly be more idyllic with the sunset and sea breezes although we weren’t a couple, it was a moment not to be missed. The staff at the Akyra’s kitchen know how to impress with their fish gourmet feast. (and it really was a feast of a mighty seven courses) We were shocked and delighted to have two lobster courses amongst the many other spectacular seafood dishes. There are many tours and attractions available from Akyra with its prime location, you can organise many day trips with their helpful staff, such as elephant trekking, snorkelling trips to Angthong National Marine Park or visits to the scenic Koh Tao and Koh Nangyuan. Also, within the resort you may wish to burn off some of those cocktails and try some yoga, you could participate in some Thai cooking classes or treat yourself to a rejuvenating back massage on the beach.

Breakfast At Akaryn Hotel

Koh Samui really is a destination for the discerning traveller that caters exceptionally well for the high-end market. It has an abundance of top quality hotels, restaurants, bars and attractions. Unfortunately, we only stayed for seven nights but I am already planning my next trip back and I shall take the family to experience the beauty of this country in both its culture and its people! ■ Please contact either Akaryn or Akyra Chura Samui, if you need any additional information on packages and rates. Akaryn Web: | Email: Tel: +66 2 514 8112 Akyra Chura Samui Web: | Email: Tel: +66 2 514-8112 words: Rebecca Legon Pool Suite Room - Akaryn

Signature Room - Akyra


EVENTS TO ATTEND ABROAD ... Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix...


ollowing on from the Abu Dhabi travel review in our last issue, VIVA can reveal that tickets are now on sale for the 2014 Formula 1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi. Yas Marina Circuit announced an increase in capacity for the Grand Prix to cope with the expected record demand for tickets. With various ticket packages on offer, as well as early bird discount and special events headlining the extravaganza, organisers are responding to what is set to be the most exciting Abu Dhabi Grand Prix ever, with the circuit hosting the last race of the season - offering double points to the racing teams. The event will now cater for sixty thousand guests, surpassing the previous record of fiftyfive thousand and, with six thousand people preregistered online, tickets are selling fast. Crowds will be wowed by the packed programme of world-class events including international performers every night, stunning firework displays and a flypast of Etihad Airways’ new Dreamliner. Guests will also be entered into a draw to win return economy flights for two people on the next generation Etihad Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner which enters service later this year. Plans to deliver a bigger cultural experience in the Oasis Fan Village are in place, with initiatives to educate visitors about Abu Dhabi and the UAE’s rich history, diverse culture and vibrant society. “This is a showcase that gives us the chance to speak to a worldwide audience within our home base,” said Faisal Al Sheikh, Director at Events Bureau, TCA, Abu Dhabi. “We will deliver an engaging experience that will hopefully entice visitors to stay on after the race and discover more about our Emirate and its rich culture.” For more information please visit Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority:

Snowbombing In

Mayrhofen, Austria


nowbombing has come and gone for another year in a whirlwind of snow, music, Jagermeister and no sleep. For those who haven’t heard of Snowbombing, it is the ultimate winter festival with, music, the slopes and parties. There are no other festivals that can compare to the dizzying world of Snowbombing. During the day you can make the most of beautiful Mayrhofen in Austria, enjoying the the full range of runs or, if you’re feeling a bit more leisurely, relaxing in a luxury mountain-top spa. Then, come night time, the world’s best DJs and performers take control for The Greatest Show on Snow. With a smile on our face, VIVA London took in all that the festival had to offer. Barry Ashworth and the Dub Pistols sent the crowds wild at the street party - even in the pouring rain and not a soul was dampened. The Arctic disco, sponsored by Super Dry, took Snowbombers to another dimension with Carl Cox, Rudimental and Scream, taking to the decks for unforgettable nights of music. Rompa’s Reggae Shack, as always, electrified the mountains with reggae music and special guests including Gorgon City, Mr. Motivator and Uncle Dugs. Once again an unforgettable festival not to be missed. For more information please visit: Snowbombing photos by Danny North


Are YOU thinking of having a event and want it to be MEMORABLE? Viva Events can organise any event big or small to suit ANY BUDGET. VIVA EVENTS specialise in: live music, celebrity appearances, drink sponsors, food, fashion shows, venues & much more Contact VIVA EVENTS for a consultation on 0161 2280065 or email







VENUE: THE LOWRY DATE: 14TH - 17TH MAY TICKETS: FROM £27 Phyllida Lloyd’s highly acclaimed production of Puccini’s La Boheme is great introduction to opera, a classic for everyone to enjoy. One of the most popular operas of all time has been given a fantastic modern twist transporting you back to 1960s Paris, whilst not losing any of the momentum of the Italian classic.

The O2 Apollo welcomes Professor Green this summer, as part of his rescheduled tour. The Hackney born rapper and singer-songwriter will be performing hits from his albums, ‘Alive Till I’m Dead’, ‘At Your Inconvenience’ and ‘Growing Up In Public.’ So, read all about it and get your tickets now to see Professor Green live in concert.




‘Call It What You Want’ is a showcase of work undertaken by Graphic Design and Advertising students from He sold out last time but now Billy The Manchester College. Working Ocean is returning to the Parr Hall. The across many disciplines and for many British king of soul has a brand new live clients, the exhibition is an opporshow, featuring songs like ‘Caribbean tunity for the students to share their Queen’ and ‘When The Going Gets work with the public. Tough’ and it’s coming to Parr Hall. For more information go to A truly special experience with tickets still available so if you’re interested, be quick, as we’re sure that you won’t be the only one.




VENUE: PHONES 4U ARENA DATE: 16TH MAY TICKETS: FROM £71.50 Following his acclaimed and intimate two nights at the Manchester Academy PRINCE is returning to Manchester with his 3RDEYEGIRL tour. 3RDEYEGIRL is exclusively in Manchester, Leeds Birmingham and Glasgow. This will be his first regional tour of the UK since 1995, so hurry tickets go on sale this Friday at midday! This is one you do not want to miss.

VENUE: Federation House DATE: 28th - 30th May TICKETS: FREE ENTERY




Back by popular demand! The Lowry Theatre welcomes Susie Blake and Kate Robbins, who will be joining Paolo Nutini is touring his Number 1 Jenny Eclair in an attempt to knock Album ‘Caustic Love’ before his festival some sense into the nation. The packed summer and is coming to TV show’s live version will include Manchester for one night only. Tickets discussions about the joy of large pants, beards for women as well as are selling out quick so if you’’ve not got yours yet you better hurry. an anger management workshop and even a Zumba demonstration. For all of this and much more, the Quays Theatre is the place to be.

VENUE: PALACE THEATRE DATE: 13TH & 14TH JUNE TICKETS: £33.40 - £77.40 As part of their first ever UK tour, the magic duo, Penn and Teller - whose act has been going for over forty years - will be returning to Manchester. After TV appearances on ‘Penn & Teller: BS!’ ‘Penn & Teller Fool Us!’ and ‘Penn & Teller Tell A Lie,’ the pair are continuing their tour in which they promise live performances of their classic tricks with comedy and audience participation thrown in. Tickets will soon be sold out so head down to the Palace Theatre to experience this once-in-alifetime opportunity.



VENUE: O2 APOLLO DATE: 5TH - 6TH JUNE TICKETS: £32 The ‘Man In A Suit’ show is coming to Manchester. Frank Skinner will be performing at the O2 Apollo in June. The ‘Room 101’ host is known for his manly wit and, in this show, it will be apparent that even though he has ‘grown up,’ he still delivers his usual strong comedy that is guaranteed to be hilarious, as the audience know well. Tickets are still available so if you want to experience the comedy of Frank Skinner, then the O2 Apollo will be your best place.


VENUE: LOWRY THEATRE DATE: 24TH - 28TH JUNE TICKETS: £30 - £57 Starring Ben Freeman as The Fonz, Heidi Range as Pinky and Cheryl Baker as Mrs Cunningham, the Happy Days musical is guaranteed to be great. It will feature 21 original songs by songwriter, Paul Williams as well as the classic Happy Days theme tune from the show itself. Spread across seven shows and already with excellent reviews, Happy Days is definitely not to be missed.

With a music career spanning forty years, Elton John performs at Leigh Sports Village for one night only. He has never performed there before but thinks that, after the release of his new album, now would be a good and exciting time to visit new places when on tour. Classic Elton John songs will also be in abundance, including ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,’ ‘Rocket Man,’ ‘Tiny Dancer’ and ‘Your Song.’ Tickets are still available so see Elton John performing for the first time in Leigh.

The boys are back in town! Boyzone will be performing for one day only at Delamere Forest. With support from Kian Egan, the boys will be performing highlights from their twenty year music career including twenty-one singles, seven albums and number one hits like ‘All That I Need’ and ‘When The Going Gets Tough.’ As well as Delamere Forest, the boys will perform at Riverside Ground and Sherwood Pines as part of their series of forest gigs.


VENUE: PHONES 4U ARENA DATE: 19TH JULY TICKETS: £27.50 - £70 Key 103 Live is back! The Manchester based radio station, along with Salford City College, have given us years of concerts in Manchester every summer and Christmas. Exclusively at the Phones 4U Arena, the previous shows have included stars such as One Direction, Robbie Williams, Scouting For Girls, Ed Sheeran, Flo Rida and The Vamps as well as supporting up and coming talent in July 2012, when Jeremiah Ferrari kicked off the show. However, the line-up for this July has not yet been announced so check the website and tune in to Key 103 for further details.






After the release of ‘Supermodel,’ their recent album, Foster The People are gigging in Manchester. Their first album, ‘Torches,’ achieved great success with nearly two million copies sold worldwide and Foster The People are hoping for as much success with ‘Supermodel’ and their tour. So, if you want to add to the success of this tour, tickets are still available for the show at The Ritz.

VENUE: CASTLEFIELD BOWL DATE: 10TH - 11TH JULY TICKETS: £37.50 Set over a two day period, Summer in the City - at the open air arena Castlefield Bowl - is predicted to be fantastic. Tickets are in high demand, with the Pixies and Royal Blood headlining the first gig and James and Starsailor performing at the second. Some tickets are still available but you’ll have to be quick, with such an excellent lineup for both dates in the Summer in the City tour.


VENUE: LOWRY THEATRE DATE: FROM 23RD JULY TICKETS: £18 - £98 Based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo and adapted by Nick Stafford, the Handspring Puppet Company are bringing War Horse to Manchester. War Horse is expected to be a very powerful and exhilarating performance that is well worth going to see. If you’ve read the book, seen the film then the theatre is just the place to hear the story all over again. k | VIVA | 67


Celebrities Rise To The Cocktial Challenge At Atlas’ GinFest

n February the biggest Gin Bible in Manchester, Atlas Bar, held an exclusive celebrity cocktail challenge. The likes of celebrity chef Andrew Nutter, MEN’s own Dianne Bourne, Wingman from Capital FM Rob Ellis breakfast show along with Shameless’ Ciarán Griffiths and Jody Latham competed for the title of ‘Cocktail champion’ and for their cocktail to be put on the Atlas Gin Bible menu. The atmosphere was buzzing with laughter as guests were treated to complimentary, delicious gin cocktails and naughty nibbles. Stalls were set up around the bar, each promoting different brands of gin. Each celebrity took their turn at their allocated stand whilst the crowd gathered round in awe. After an intense tweeting session where guests voted for their favourite cocktails, the winner was revealed. Dianne Bourne was announced cocktail champion, securing ‘The Gin Scrabblers’ place on Atlas Bar’s menu and also stealing herself an envious hamper of gin. The event couldn’t have been held in a better place, situated in the heart of the fabulous Deansgate Locks, Manchester. Recently refurbished, with a modern and edgy twist along with a heated beer garden (so even when it’s cold you can enjoy some fancy drinks outside)!

Uncle Frank Running Around On VIVA Snacks With A Sneaky Gig At Our HQ


e at VIVA love a Fun Lovin’ Criminal or two and were delighted when drummer Frank Benbini dropped in on the VIVA Lounge with his other band, Uncle Frank, to play a few tunes from their new album. In fact we actually ‘won’ Uncle Frank as this is all part of their promotion for ‘Step Into My Room,’ the first single from their ‘Miles of Smiles’ album which will be released in May and from what we heard, should be on everyone’s playlists. He and bandmate Na’im Cortazz took centre-stage while thirty VIVA funsters chowed down on Hey Little Cupcake ‘Uncle Frank’

buns and other not quite Scooby snacks, quaffing his favourite tipple of Sailor Jerry Rum, lime with lashings of ginger beer (The Uncle Frank cocktail) and Ticketybrew pale ale. “It’s the first time an album’s been promoted in this way and started last week. It’s been a bit Val Doonican playing in people’s front rooms but everyone’s now trying to out party each other and do it better. So far Oxford and Southampton have been the highlights but no-one’s done cupcakes before,” Frank told us while scoffing our VIVA snacks.

words: Emma Chadwick | photos: Karin Allbinson

BAFTA Film Awards Gala Dinner 2014


anchester’s prominence in the world of film was celebrated when the city played host to the first BAFTA Film Awards Gala Dinner to coincide with the BAFTA Film Awards. The dinner was held at the exclusive St James Club in the city centre with guests enjoying the full ‘Red Carpet’ treatment with a VIP Champagne Reception hosted by Romanillos and Cook.

Don Giovannis Live Entertainment Launch


on Giovanni’s new live entertainment nights, kicked off sublimely with the smooth vocals of Anita Ryan. Casually seated at the head of the bar she crooned her way through an array of smooth classics from Louis Armstrong to Norah Jones. Her dulcet tones added to the romantic feel of a busy Don Giovanni’s with the chitter chatter of friends and families all around, plus some of the waiters having a cheeky waltz when they thought they were

Celebrities from the world of film and television turned up including Bruce Jones, Les Battersby from Coronation Street and the Ken Loach film ‘Raining Stones,’ which also featured fellow guest Jack Marsden who starred alongside Academy Award winner Richard Harris, in his last lead role in the film ‘My Kingdom.’ words: Jack Marsden

photos: Amy Bettinson

out of sight. The atmosphere of the entire restaurant felt like something from a film. The food, as ever, did not disappoint, living up to our high expectations of Don Giovanni’s. There were the traditional classics we’ve come to know and love, as well as a selection of fresh fish specials. Don Giovannis live entertainment evenings will be every Thursday and Friday, it’s the perfect way to end the week! words: Sarah Kilcourse

Super Weird Substance!


his was an event full of some of Manchester’s finest creative minds, one VIVA was proud to be on the guest list for. The event was chiefly organised by Greg Wilson, who also DJ’d for us lucky guests, alongside Organic Gav, EVM128, Walter Ego and Derek Kaye. Whilst the event centred around the Kermit Leveridge (of Black Grape fame) poem ‘Lies And Other Fools,’ about his near fatal heroin addiction. Alongside a reading of the poem by Kermit’s close friend Howard Marks, people could check out ‘Lies And Other Fools’ over headphones off 7”vinyl records. As you entered Dry Bar, artist SLM was painting Kermit and other attendees, prints will be available soon and Ross & Harri added to the feel of the event manipulating and projecting moving images compiled for Reels of Steel with Tim Collins.

photos: Elspeth Mary Moore 70 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

Manchester Pride Supersonic Charity Evening


anchester Gay Pride was given a supersonic launch under the wings of Concorde this year. This fantastic location was the backdrop to a black tie evening where the guests were given a tour on board the iconic plane before sitting down to a dinner and auction raising money bidding on generously donated prizes at an auction which will be donated to Pride and begin the celebrations to come later in the summer. The entertainment was headlined by X Factor winner Sam Bailey letting loose with her equally booming voice.

VIVA were given exclusive backstage access to speak to Sam about her role in the proceedings where she told us: “after previously opening both Cardiff and Weston-Super-Mare I am honoured to have been asked to support the charity that is close to my heart.” Sam took to the stage delighting the audience by belting out favourite songs from her Power of Love album whilst everyone hit the dance floor and partied into the early hours. words: Claire Sinclair

Belstaff Launches Biker Chic With Beckham


uintessentially British and uber cool Belstaff launched its spring/summer 2014 collection at its store on King Street Manchester hosted by Gin and Jag Events. The striking models provided courtesy of Cliche Model Management posed in human mannequin format giving the fashion show a sleek and minimal vibe. A fashionable crowd were treated to a private show of ‘What every wardrobe needs’ must have jackets complemented by a collection of casual tailoring and accessories. The ladies shoes have been designed by no less than the talent formerly of Jimmy Choo. The cocktails and canapés evening, served alongside an exclusive viewing of unseen prints of the Iconic Steve McQueen and to the sounds and backdrop of a DJ was a perfect mix of ambience and style. The current Belstaff campaign has the equally iconic David Beckham as the poster boy and the word is he’s designing his own range for the Belstaff Autumn Winter collection. words: Claire Sinclair

photos: Jo Scott-Aspray & Sam Pyatt

Reuben Wood Creative Launch


ichelle Keegan, along with her fiancé Mark Wright, were guests of honour at the VIP Launch of ‘Reuben Wood Creatives,’ the second hair salon for Reuben, which also doubles up as a fully functioning photographic studio-the only one in the England. Michelle appeared flawless in a gorgeous blue playsuit, quaffing delicious cocktails made by the Liar’s Club and nibbling on delights from their neighbour, Rosylee restaurant. Alongside Michelle Keegan, Reuben also counts Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics, model Agnes Deyn and singer Roisin Murphy amongst his many famous clients.

KIRI BLOORE REPORTS: It’s summer time and London is always buzzing in the heat. We may not have a beach but there are plenty of things going on. Happy summer holidays...





. Portobello Market: A great slice of Notting Hill with a mixture of clothes music and fashion.

2. Borough Market: Set just over London Bridge, it’s easy to get to but make sure you don’t eat before you go as there is a stall for every taste bud.




ringing the tastes and sounds of the Caribbean straight to the doors of Notting Hill is the name of the game with ‘The Rum Kitchen.’ Serving up classic dishes such as jerk chicken wings, curried mutton, soft-shell crab burger and sticky BBQ ribs amongst other mouth-watering dishes makes the Rum Kitchen a firm favourite with VIVA. With over one hundred different types of rum stocked in a basement that also doubles up as a suitable, shebeen type, party venue playing host to the likes of DJs such as DJ Fast from the Fun Loving Criminals. Highly Recommended.

74 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c



Sky Channel 642/Freesat 809

4. Greenwich Market is similar to Portobello and has a lot to offer with over one hundred and fifty stalls offering everything from antiques, jewellery and food. 5. Camden Market is the pinnacle of tourism but if you can mange the crowds, there are some little gems inside the stables. 6. Spitalfields Market: Is the best in East London for fashion, with hundreds of emerging designers setting up camp to showcase their ranges. 7. Brick Lane Market: Is a collection of food and a mass of people, it’s a fun day out but expect a total mix and nothing specific. 8. Alfies Antique Market: Set in St John’s Wood the largest indoor market hosts over 75 stalls.

Home and Garden plus he summer is coming and if you are already dreading that first step into the Garden centre and are looking for an luxury alternative for you as well as your garden, then VIVA London have found the answer. Home and Garden Plus is an all new TV channel dedicated to bringing, direct to your home, all your gardening needs and you don’t even have to leave the house. The UK’s newest gardening channel is now on air seven days a week, bringing viewers exclusive offers every day. Launched in March, the channel is already blossoming and extending its weekly broadcasting hours from 5 to a massive 70. It will be television’s only daily gardening destination.

3. Columbia Road flower market: Is the perfect way to spend a Sunday but be warned it is one of the busiest markets in London.



he summer is finally here which means 2 things- we need to get stocking up on this season’s must-have trends and we need to book in some swish, summer soirées to show off our style credentials. Well as usual Viva have pulled it out of the hat and have partnered with social, shopping site to offer one lucky reader plus a friend the chance to win a party package to remember. works with over a thousand fashion brands and retailers and lets you create your own online boutique of items you covet. Not only that, this sartorial saviour of a website alerts you when items go down in price and you can also share your purchases socially. Now every fashionista worth their Fendis knows that the capital is where it’s at for glamorous partying and so are offering a £100 voucher to spend at designer emporium Glassworks, a night for 2 at the luxurious Westbridge Hotel, 2 VIP tickets to a an exclusive fashion event AND a bottle of Bulldog gin. So whether you are from Maida Vale or Manchester you have everything a girl needs to party like a supermodel in the fashion capital. Simply head to for detail on how to enter.

Scan to see our Glassworks photo shoot images



ne of the only liquid mineral foundations is finally here and available from www.fashionforensics. com/shop. With seven per cent zinc to help with spots and blemishes; SPF20 to protect from UV rays and it’s free from chemicals, there is not much more you could want from your foundation.

Easy to apply, with or without a brush, it gives you the perfect complexion we all desire. Illuminare mineral foundation is one of those secrets that has been reserved for those in showbiz but the secret is out now so make sure you get yours. Check out: www.fashionforensics. com/shop for the foundations and all our other products.




riday the 14th April saw something very different launch in west London and VIVA London was there to see exactly what it was all about. Mode collective opened its doors in west London for the first time. Set in the heart of Notting Hill, the club and restaurant is packed with good vibes and atmosphere. The seven hundred capacity venue was full to the rafters for the launch of the club and the launch of ‘Undisclosed Friday.’ Setting the bar high, Rudimental were the first act to take to the stage for a secret DJ set. For more follow MODE on Twitter: @VoiceofMODE, MODE is at 10 Acklam Road, Notting Hill, London W10, If you have any exciting London news or would like a chat with the VIVA London Team then please contact Kiri Bloore words: Kiri Bloore


It’s All About The UK Festivals This Year... words: Jessica Atkinson

76 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c



There’s no place like home and, with this summer’s predicted heatwave why would we want to be anywhere else, especially when there are just too many amazing UK Festivals to hit! This is VIVA’s 2014 UK festival guide:

LOVE SAVES THE DAY They Say: “We are back again for another love-fuelled festival.” We Say: Here at VIVA, we are so for anything that is fuelled by love and if it’s a high-octane, music festival featuring the likes of Clean Bandit then

Date: 24 – 25 May 2014 (bank holiday weekend) Location: Castle Park, Bristol. Headliners: Annie Mac, Clean Bandit, SBTRKT. Ticket Price: from £39.50 Site:

PARKLIFE They Say: “Parklife Weekender is one of the UK’s best pop, hiphop and electronica music festivals with impressive acts including Snoop Dogg, Foals, Bastille and Kendrick Lemar performing.” We Say: This one’s in Manchester and so we know that you don’t really need persuading round to its brilliance but there is the small fact that Snoop Dogg will be playing at the same festival as Bastille and coming in as the cheapest festival overall. That isn’t half bad. Date: 7 – 8 June 2014 Location: Heaton Park, Manchester Headliners: Snoop Dogg, Foals, Bastille, Rudimental, Kendrick Lamar. Ticket Price: from £49.50 Site:



you’ve got us sold.


2014 UK Festival Guide EDEN They Say: “Eden Festival is a truly energetic, vibrant and independent boutique festival showcasing fresh music and electrifying performances.” We Say: Our very own VIVA Ems is DJ’ing at this one with Howard Marks aka Mr Nice and she is a veritable connoisseur in crazy music madness. There will also be hundreds of tents to explore once you pass the elm gates of Eden. Date: 12 – 15 June Location: Raehills Meadows, Scotland. Headliners: Bez’s from Happy Mondays Acid House, Howard Marks, De La Soul, Artful Dodger. HOWARD MARKS

Ticket Price: from £95 Site:

GLASTONBURY They Say: “Glastonbury Festival is the largest, greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world and a template for all the festivals that have come after it. The difference is that Glastonbury has all the best aspects of being at a festival in one astonishing bundle.” We Say: There’s always one in the bunch whose reputation precedes it. Glastonbury is that festival. Date: 28-30 June 2014 Location: Worthy Farm, Pilton. Headliners: Arcade Fire, Blondie, The Black Keys. 2014. Site:

78 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c


Ticket Price: Available on cancelled tickets only in Spring



Date: 4 – 6 July Location: Knebworth Park, Hertfordshire. Headliners: The Prodigy, Iron Maiden, Metallica. Ticket Price: from £205 Site:

NOISILY They Say: “Totally contained

We Say: There’s a reason why we are only featuring UK festivals in our guide this year and that’s because you don’t need to go abroad to get away.

amongst the trees creating a safe haven where hedonism and escapism Date: 11-13 July can flourish and thrive, Noisily Festi- Location: Noseley Hall, val 2014 will play host to some of the


Leicestershire most exciting musical talent from the Headliners: Max Cooper, Slam, UK and abroad, along with a plethora Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. of performance, innovative installa-

Ticket Price: from £250.

tions and mind-bending visual arts.”


WAKESTOCK They Say: “Wakestock Gwyl y Mor returns to the stunning Llyn Peninsula, North Wales with a line-up that includes; Tom Odell, Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls, John Newman, Razorlight, Ella Eyre and many





They Say: “Sonisphere is one of the UK’s best rock music festivals, celebrating an amazing forty years. Incredible acts performing are Iron Maiden, Metallica, Prodigy, Slayer and Limp Bizkit.” We Say: This is the ultimate rock festival and it’s also touring to Hamburg, Warsaw, Oslo, Helsinki, Basel and Rome this year alone. This is real, international rock royalty.

We Say: This is the UK beach festival that proves you don’t need to fork out on plane tickets to have it all. Date: 11 – 13 July Location: Llyn Peninsula, North Wales. Headliners: Clean Bandit, Tom Odell, Razorlight. Ticket Price: from £115 Site:


2014 UK Festival Guide BEATHERDER They Say: “Like the birthday party your parents wouldn’t let you have.” We Say: The birthday party our parents never let us have was positively swelling with alcohol, food and, of course, those ubiquitous Manc Happy Mondays! Date: 18- 20 July Location: The Ribble Valley, Lancashire Headliners: Happy Mondays, Boney M, Riva Starr. Ticket Price: from £118




Date: Bristol 7th - 8th, Manchester 28th - 29th June Location: Bristol Harbourside, Manchester Albert Square Headliners: Bristol: Fun Lovin’ Criminals, MCR: Vintage Trouble Ticket Price: £30 Site: 80 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c


They Say: “A two day festival of meat, music and mayhem. With a smouldering hot US style low’n’slow BBQ competition, over 40 bands and 8 DJ’s playing across four music stages. ” We Say: Great for all the music loving foodies out there. Plenty of American style fun to be had, including a hot dog eating competition - leave your table manners behind. As well as treasure hunts for kids, cooking demonstrations and craft workshops, all this with great food and music.

Date: 25 – 26 July Location: Long Marston Airfield, Stratford-upon-Avon Headliners: David Guetta, Chase & Status, Knife Party. Ticket Price: £120 Site:

FOREVER SUN MUSIC They Say: “With free camping, sensible ticket prices, tent hire and a vast variety of entertainment; it’s the vibe.” We Say: Another opportunity to shake your maracas with Bez but this time it’s deep down south in the cider fields of Dorset.


Date: 25 – 27 July Location: Dorchester, Dorset Headliners: Buzzcocks, Happy Mondays, Toploader and Dub Pistols Ticket Price: £90 (free camping) Site:

KENDAL CALLING They Say: “Often described as mini-


Glastonbury, this multi-award winning, music and arts festival takes place on arguably the most beautiful festival site in the UK.” We Say: Kendall Calling broke the award for the most people dressed as Superman in one place with 867 people proudly wearing capes and lycra. Although this is reason enough to see what happens this year, we’re pretty confident that the Happy Mondays being there will entice you. FRANK TURNER


They Say: “Award-winning and ground-breaking UK dance festival, GG showcase the world’s biggest DJs and discerning live acts, paving the way for the clubbing elite.” We Say: It’s Ibiza but it’s in the UK. It’s the danciest beats dropped right in Shakespeare’s hometown. It’s the answer to all of your frugal friends’ holiday nightmares.



Date: 1 – 3 August 2014 Location: Lowther Day Park, The Lake District. Headliners: Suede, Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls Ticket Price: £119 Site:


2014 UK Festival Guide BOOMTOWN They Say: “A pop-up city where the impossible is possible and the abnormal normal!” We Say: If you ever wanted to go to a festival but didn’t want the mud then this is IT. It’s based in Mayfair among the well-to-do and you can book into the Boomtown Village for some serious glamping in between the music. Date: 7 -10 August Location: The Matterley Bowl, Winchester. Headliners: [Dunkelbunt] & The Secret Swing Society, Tape Five, Hot 8 Brass Band. Ticket Price: from £150.



V FESTIVAL They Say: “We can promise you a chance to let your hair down and party with some great music and atmosphere and a slice of the great British summertime.” We Say: V Fest’s line-up is massive this year. Justin Timberlake massive. If you’re the kind of person who blogs, Tweets and talks your friends sick about awesome things you’ve done then we’d probably recommend V. Date: 16 – 17 August Location: Hylands Park and Weston Park, Staffordshire. Headliners: Justin Timberlake, The Killers, Ed Sheeran. Ticket Price: £189 Site:

82 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c


Date: 22-24 August 2014 Location: LEEDS: Bramham Park, West Yorkshire READING: Richfield Avenue, Reading. Headliners: The Arctic Monkeys, Blink-182, Paramore and Queens Of The Stone Age Ticket Price: around £200. Site:

BESTIVAL They Say: “A multi award-winning, major festival with a real boutique feel. The biggest event on the Isle of Wight and with a ‘desert island disco’ theme for 2014. This year’s line-up again boasts the very best in live music, DJs, spoken word, cabaret, theatre, film and much, much more.” We Say: Their website had us convinced first. It’s all meteorites and gigantic


They Say: “The UK’s premier music festival featuring some of the biggest bands on the globe. The increased presence of electronic and urban acts to the A-list rock and alternative heavyweights makes this the mustattend festival for music lovers of every persuasion.” We Say: Okay so maybe we’re biased because The Artic Monkeys are, like, the best band to have ever existed but we’re probably most excited about this festival this year. Also, look out for Blink 182, Queens of the Stone Age and Jake Bugg.

Bollywood cocktail bar, Wishing Tree Stage and Roller Disco that they have planned. They’ve also bagged a newly formed OutKast! Hey ya!

Date: 4-7 September Location: Robin Hill Country Park, Isle of Wight Headliners: OutKast (reformed), Chic featuring Nile Rodgers, Foals. Ticket Price: £195 Site:

tree-houses online, to mirror the real-life

Festival No.6 They Say: “Festival No. 6 is an intimate, bespoke banquet of music, arts and culture taking place in the magical village of Portmeirion, Wales; home of the cult TV series The Prisoner.” We Say: If you were given the chance to eat and drink and listen to London Grammar, in a fairytale setting, you wouldn’t throw it away, right? Well, you can do all that at Festival No. 6. Don’t say we didn’t give you the heads-up. Date: 5 – 7 September Location: Portmeirion Headliners: Beck, London Grammar. FESTIVAL NO.6




Ticket Price: From £170 Site:


Don’t get to the field without them...


2. 3.


4. 5.





STOCKIST LIST: 1. Duvet Suit, £49.99, from 2. Cotswold Outdoor 4000 Ease Tent, £410, from 3. BMTO T-Shirt, £20, from 4. MOCKS, £30, from 5. Kelty Lumaspot Rhythm, £64.99, from 6. Kelty Folding Coolers, £49.99, from 7. Tally Boots Cowboy Wellies, £29.99 from 8. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT5 Warerproof Advanced, £269, from


FOLLOWING QUESTION: Which iconic Manchester band is headlining Forever Sun Music Festival in Dorset?


Email your answer, name, telephone number and which festival you would like to attend to: Good Luck VIVA

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Bez At 50: Anti-Fracker,

BeeKeeper And Standing For Parliament,

VIVA Has A Word. It’s hard to believe that Bez has hit his half-century as he remains forever the maraca-wielding dancer who became an icon to the millions of Happy Mondays’ fans. VIVA caught-up with the Salford lad while he was in Hereford where he was sorting out beehives - as part of a school project he’s involved in to spread the word about ‘permaculture.’ Why bees? It all started when my Granddad came back from the war with two big jars of honey. I loved honey and started keeping bees and got into permaculture. What actually is permaculture? It’s about having a sustainable way of life, like ‘dig for Britain’ in the war days; taking back the chain of food supply. You go into your garden and grow your food or do it with a group of you. The permaculture lifestyle is about sharing land and three years ago I decided not to own anything and be nomadic and I’m enjoying it. We’ve got a new place in Hereford, there’s going to be six or seven of us and a few acres. So what are you doing now? I’m up to all sorts. Having a beer in the sun and sorting out some hives. I’m putting beehives into schools in Salford, Hadfield and Chorley. It’s all about getting young kids to take care of themselves, growing things together. It’s bullshit, horrifying that anyone’s going to food banks in our age. It’s a joke. Is that why you’re standing for parliament? (Bez will be standing for the Salford and Eccles seat in the next election) We’re standing against fracking. They’re going to turn most of England into a gas field. It’s dangerous and it can’t be allowed to happen. We’ve got a party now. The Reality Party and we’re going to be standing for every seat in Salford starting with Irlam in the May election. We could run throughout the whole of England at some point, start challenging the other parties. What are you doing with the Mondays? We’ll be doing a few festivals this Summer and I’ve got the Acid House tent at Glastonbury. Is there going to be a Happy Mondays’ album this year? I’ve heard rumours of an album, don’t know if there’s any truth with it. So how DID YOU CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY? Well I didn’t really want to mark my 50th but my mates decided to take over and organised a big party for me at Bangkok Bar. It was a top night. So a big Happy Birthday Bez, we at VIVA hope you have many more to come! ■ words: Emma Chadwick photo: Karin Albinsson

VIVA M U S I C Capital Breakfast with Rob Ellis Weekdays 6-10 am



ell, summer is almost upon us which means one massive gig is on its way – The Capital FM Summertime Ball. We’ve established one of the biggest and best music events in the world, down at the iconic Wembley Stadium, playing to over 80,000 people with some of the world’s biggest stars. Justin Timberlake hosted it for us last year and we’ll be bringing another stonking line-up back to Capital this May. Make sure you listen to Rob, Rach and Wingman for all the latest Summertime Ball announcements before anyone else. We always have tickets to give away on Capital for this massive event and 2014 promises to be another year where Capital brings the hit music to you.

Huge congratulations must go to every single person who took on the ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon on April 6th - even Rob and Rach went through the half marathon distance. Old Trafford once again hosted the race village and the Capital Street Stars were warming everyone up and getting them in the running mood! Will you be up for it in 2015? Or, if you want something a little less in distance but with ample fun thrown in, why not try the Colour Run. It’s at the Etihad Stadium on July 5th and it basically involves running 5k and getting loads of colour thrown over you at the same time! We got sent a load of colour to play with. See what a mess Rob, Rach and Wingman can make at Capitalfm. com and you can sign up for the race there too. We’ve had some really interesting people on the show recently too, including one of our favourites – the lovely Rita Ora. We got her to let down a lilo as quickly as she could. We put Elyar Fox in a box. We got 5 Seconds of Summer to play a didgeridoo – all well worth checking out the videos for! There is loads going on at Capitalfm. com with all the people we have visiting the studios and you can also keep up with the musings of the show @TheRobEllisShow on twitter and CapitalFMManchester

Rob, Rach & Wingman


elamere have fallen firmly on to VIVA’s music radar just recently. We were lucky enough to get an exclusive first listen to their debut single ‘Do You Want Me?’ before its release in March and are massively excited about what to expect next from the dynamic four-piece.

The band, who hail from Leek in Staffordshire, have earned praise from industry and music lovers alike since forming just over one year ago. Their infectious and eerie musical vibes are the kind that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up with melodies that make you want to throw your arms wide and sing along at the top of your voice.

The BBC’s Rob Adcock has been championing the band almost since their formation, recently stating “I’ve constantly got Delamere on repeat. I’m personally a massive fan and I know they are catching the attention of the right people. Watch this space.” And indeed it seems they have. Having signed with Scruff of the Neck Records in late 2013, Delamere already have a sell-out single launch at Manchester’s The Deaf Institute under their belt and look to do the same when they celebrate the release of their next single ‘Head Strong’ at the 550 capacity Gorilla on August 2nd. @delameremusic


hotta TV is doing whatever it can to help the music from the best DJs, MCs and artists go worldwide via online streaming through their internetbased broadcasting platforms. Established in 2009, (in a bedroom) Shotta TV has expanded from humble roots and now boasts two studios Their main studio in Preston and a recently added studio in Blackpool. Alongside these studios there are channels across the world in various locations including America, Belgium and Spain. | 07960361429

Great music is the key aim of Shotta TV sessions. Every week a variety of genres are broadcast including House, Trance, Reggae and Drum & Bass, as well as everything in between. Anyone can book the studio, either at an hourly rate or you can test the ‘takeover’ where you can try a hands-on approach, making all the decision about how you want your show to be with technical support to keep everything running smoothly. Shotta TV Preston has already played host to five thousand individuals and recorded numerous artists, events and videos, allowing artists to reach an international audience. All sessions can also be found on Youtube.


oundbase megastore offer just about everything you could possibly want for making, producing and performing music. More than a shop for buying your first turntable the megastore offers a full range of services from spare parts, the opportunity to demo equipment, repairs to equipment hire. The team pride themselves on their experience, expertise and equipment so you know you are in safe hands. Hiring is handled by their sister company, Soundbase Solutions but can be done in store, or you can call or email for a quote. Keen pricing is an essential part of Soundbase Solutions, they boast the most competitive prices in Manchester. All hire equipment is industry standard and from leading manufacturers, hires can range from a small DJ sets for a house party; to a full-spec festival set that can reach 20,00 people, including staging and lighting. Dry hires are also available to event companies looking to add to their own systems. The hiring range is not only available in the Manchester area but can go anywhere across the UK. The crew will train you to use the equipment you are hiring with confidence. They also offer to promote your event and will set up and control the equipment leaving you with minimal stress. Contact: 64 Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LE Sales: Hire/Service: 0161 238 8727 k | VIVA | 89





iva: Hi Ben. Firstly, Congratulations on the Grammy. We believe that you’re presently laying down tracks with your Mother and preparing to go on your solo tour. How do you keep track in your head of what kind of music you’re supposed to be singing? Ben: I would even surprise myself on any given day I often wondered if it was because of what I heard while I was out and about or was it my own internal mechanism as to how I heard music through my own perspective. Viva:Your voice is so very unique. Whatever style you are singing it is always immediately identifiable as Ben Harper. Is that something that you deliberately manage or is it a gift, as it were? Ben: I have always believed in going out on a ledge and not being confined by other people’s perspectives. I love challenging myself musically and trying different arenas. Viva: That does come across. For instance what was it like singing with Charlie Musselwhite? Ben: It was intimidating at first and very rewarding to be accepted by him. When you’re playing with Charlie you can’t get overwhelmed, you just have to do it. He actually gave me a voice alongside his extraordinary, outer-planetary talent and if that’s not a stamp of approval, there is none. Viva: You’re looking forward to coming to Manchester? Ben: I am. It’s been way too long. I’m hoping when I get there that there will be people but even if there’s only fifty, it’ll be gold. Viva: Manchester is excited that you’re coming. You have a lot of music current at the moment especially the Jackson Browne tribute, any words on that? Ben: Yeah, Jackson’s been going a long time. He is a musical hero of mine, by the way he’s one of the best guitar players out there and he doesn’t get the credit for his prowess on the guitar. I am so glad that something came out honouring his songs like that. Viva: We mentioned that you are laying down tracks with your Mother. What is it like not just as an artist but also as a

person working with your Mother? Is it almost like going back to your childhood sitting singing with Mom? Ben: It’s as emotionally wrenching I have to say the reward is greater than the challenge but you don’t know that until you come out with the songs I wouldn’t put anything out that I’m not proud of but I’ve gotta tell you, I’m proud of this one with extras because my Mom’s got the goods as a songwriter and as a singer. Viva: You have said that you might consider getting back with Innocent Criminals. Can you expand on that?

“I have always believed in going out on a ledge and not being confined by other people’s perspectives” Ben: It’s gonna happen this year. I’m going to get in a room with those guys and there’s enough time past that we have a real shot at doing something. Viva: Who do you like at the moment? Ben: My eldest daughter also took me to see Ed Sheeran. And I have to tell you it was one of the best, fatherly moments that I’ve ever had when we went to see Ed. He is so talented on guitar and in his voice. We went backstage and he came up to me, in front of my daughter and all her friends and started going on about me and my music. Viva: That must have made you glow with your daughter? Ben: There was a little bit of revenge tied to it because I took my daughter and her friends to dinner beforehand and turns out they weren’t that excited to have me sitting at the table with them so I let them order for themselves and I sat at the bar in the restaurant As we were walking to the venue they didn’t really want me any closer than about ten feet so I thought “OK, I’m going to let this happen” and then when we got to our seats I could tell that none of them wanted to be in the seat at the end next to me. Then, afterwards we find our way backstage and they’re all “Are we gonna meet him?” Anyway we have the

right passes and we get there and it’s his birthday and he’s coming over to me And I’m going to brag here - and he starts talking all about me and we’re cutting his birthday cake and he’s even singing one of my own songs. He starts singing one of my songs back to me. So later, when we’re leaving the building, I can’t get the girls to leave me alone. Next thing you know all of a sudden I’m their best friend. It was one of the greatest transformations. I love saying it but there was some hard-earned respect thanks to Ed. I apologise that I went on a bit with that one but it was so special to me. Viva: Not at all. You’re the guy that performed for the President last year and here you are talking about your family. That’s real. On Charlie’s website he has just announced that the two of you are about to start recording again. How’s that going? Ben: That record is half done writing wise from where I sit. I’m curious to see what Charlie’s going to bring to the table but the tracks that are already done are going to push the boundaries even further than ever before. Viva: Do you enjoy working with Charlie? Ben: That’s for sure. I’ve had a unique connection with Charlie ever since I first met him in the mid-nineties. I can’t explain it but I can express it and it’s at its most sincere when we hit the stage where we are smiling most of the time. It’s a very special place the way he and I connect both on and off stage. Viva: Have you any advice for aspiring musicians? Ben: Don’t ever get caught thinking that you what you do is the centre of the universe. There are going to be a vast number of people who find you interesting but where you are is not the centre and what you’re doing is not the end. If you’ve got to do it then do it and do it for as long as there’s a fire up your ass. Viva: Ben, thank you so very much for talking with us. It really has been a great interview and an absolute pleasure. Ben: I agree this interview has been the best I’ve done and I enjoyed myself so much. Thank you VIVA and thank you Manchester. ■ words: Keith McDonnell k | VIVA | 91

Coldplay - ‘Sparks’ This song reminds me of a certain time in my life where it wasn’t going too well but it got me out of a bad situation. I always turn to this song as it is so well written Chris Martin is a god!

Buyo Banton ‘Untold Stories ’ Hits my soul in different ways. He sings from the heart which I admire about him, the topic is still relevant to this day. He knows how to make you feel like he is talking directly to you.

Bob Marley ‘Wait In Vain ’ Reminds me of my youth and the good times we had, just one of the many Bob Marley songs which were great. He was iconic man and stood for a good cause.

The Smiths ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’ One of the best written songs of all time. The melody and the way Jonny Mars’ guitar just weaves between the vocals just captures the mood perfectly.




VIVA IPOD... Follow Adio on Twitter: @bipolarsunshine

Kanye West ‘All Falls Down’ Kanye is an artist that I look up to in many ways so when he dropped this track it just solidified to me he was going to be one of the greats, which he is.

DMX ‘Slippin’ I’ve always had a soft spot for DMX as he has had a rough life. In this track he goes deep and explains what it was like growing up. I hear the pain in his voice which attracts me to the song.

Drake ‘We Made It Remix’ When I’m about to go out I play this song as it gets me in the mood to wild out and seize the moment. Drake is fast becoming of the greats.

Prince ‘I Would Die For You’ This is one tune that I can play at any time of the day and I will love it. It’s so intense and well written. Prince is easily one of the best artists in the world.

92 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c



IVA Ems reports: It’s not every day you hear an A-list band invite 100 fans to their recording studio to listen live first-hand to the new material that they have been working on for their new album. One of those lucky fans was me! Not only did we get invited into their recording studio for an intimate gig but we got to sink a few of Elbow’s beers beforehand at Blue Print Studio’s local pub, the Eagle Inn. The Elbow boys are proud supporters of traditional, British Real Ale and have partnered up with local brewers Robinsons of Stockport to develop their own malted barley beverage. XFM DJ and music legend Clint Boon played host for the evening – announcing that XFM DJ Gareth Brooks was in the building after kicking Cancer in the balls! Being such new material and hot-off-the-press, Guy did stop and start a couple of times through some of the new stuff, with guests shouting “Sack the sound man” and XFM DJ Hattie Pearson saying “As if it f****ing matters, this is Elbow.” I personally think it was us, his guests, putting him off with our out-of-beat clapping, ha ha! Favourite track from the new album for me has to be the first single ‘New York Morning,’ which talks about Yoko Uno who actually wrote a letter to the band. The gig ended on the favourite classic ‘Grounds For Divorce’ with Guy joining drummer Richard Jupp on a small drum kit, whacking out some smooth beats. As Clint Boon said at the end of the gig - in terms of live music that was pretty special.



can’t pretend to have any great technological knowhow but I can appreciate the pioneering work taking place at Surdevan Creative, a production company that specialises in live music, multi-camera, performance video. This is quick-thinking, high pressure work; where one wrong move can turn a great performance into a dud video. At Surdevan Creative they wanted to make the most of the few seconds they have to control the entire coverage in real time. So they began to develop a new Vision Mixer. (currently nameless but an exciting launch is planned for the big reveal) This revolutionary piece of technology is in the process of being patented so some features are a still bit hush-hush but I can share a couple of details. It is an all-in-one box with a twenty-seven inch, multi-view, split screen. This frees the director from traditional desk control and enables total immersion in the camera feeds, quicker decision-making and greater creativity. Everything is at your fingertips. Detailed camera directions and tally statuses are sent instantly over a powerful wifi network at the touch of a screen. Mobile phones that are mounted onto each camera pick this up and relay it all to the camera operators. The freedom this offers the director enhances live production, transferring the whole atmosphere of any event to video, television or internet streaming. This unique technology is going to be fully tested at the summer festivals and the excitement and energy being thrown into this project will give fans of live footage something to really look forward to.

Contact: 0161 408 3626 NQ Studio, 11 Stevenson Square, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M1 1DB



Twitter : @Dar renRLG ordon / @DNA_AC TINGLASS


Grace of Monaco: 6th June 2014



Transformers: Age of Extinction (3D) - 10th July 2014


oom. Bang. Crash. Thud. Wallop. Smash. Tinkle. Roar. Any other onomatopoeic term you can think of that says loud and explosive! Yes, Michael Bay is back with a fourth helping of the macho, chrome-filled, adrenalin fest that is Transformers. Still appealing to the single digit youngsters that first watched the cartoon version on their screens in the 80’s and who now find their hairline marching away faster than Mr Bay’s money worries, this helping sheds the previous cast and focuses on life in America four years after the invasion of Chicago as depicted in the previous film. Shia LaBeouf can’t say anymore “No, no, no, no, NO’s!” (look it up on YouTube) as he is replaced by the ever-engaging Mark Wahlberg in this episode. Wahlberg is a struggling mechanic who makes a discovery that sets the Autobots, Decepticons, and a twitchy Government on a collision course that results in the kind of thunderous carnage only Michael Bay can truly do justice.

icole Kidman stars in this dramatization of a period in the life of former Hollywood megastar Grace Kelly. After marrying the Prince of the French principality, Monaco, Grace finds herself torn between her newfound political status and her desire to reestablish her acting career. This brings her into direct conflict not just with her husband but, more significantly, with herself. A stylish and moving character driven drama charting the tense posturing of the french threats to absorb Monaco as a part of France in the early 1960’s.



his is definitely a Seth Rogan picture! The premise is that Seth lives with his perfect family in an idyllic suburb but his blissful existence comes to an abrupt halt when the neighbouring house is taken over by a college fraternity. Cue an array of outrageous parties, spring-break shenanigans and general disrespect for living standards that brings Seth into direct conflict with a cocky young ‘Jock’ played by Zac Efron. The two butt heads via a series of tricks played on each other that are both hilarious and ridiculous.



X- MEN: Days of Future Past (3D) - 22nd May 2014


hen DC looks across at what its main opponent has done with its film production, it must ‘marvel’ at just how right they have got most of it. Even the recent Success of the Dark Knight Trilogy only scratches the surface of the juggernaut that Marvel has underway. With the next Avengers Movie currently in production, along with more from Thor, the recent Captain America film and a Nick Fury movie, there is no stopping the momentum. As the title suggests, this film brings together the cast of the original X-Men trilogy with the actors from the more recent prequel ‘First Class.’ A juicy cast of excellent actors in the four (two) key roles of Magneto and Professor Xavier (young and old) and a supporting cast including Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult and the list goes on. This is truly an epic film on a massive scale based on the idea that Charles and Eric join forces in a plan that sees them send Wolverine back in time to convince their younger selves to take action then to prevent the destruction of both Human and Mutant kind now. 94 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

Bad Neighbours: 3rd May 2014


Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes : 17th July 2014

he much anticipated follow-up to the 2011 film ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes.’ A Simian plague has wiped out many of the humans on the planet and those remaining find themselves at war with Caesar and his army. The hyperintelligent Chimpanzee has gathered together a force that is determined to claim the planet as their own and to eliminate all who stand in their way. Gary Oldman joins the cast of what will be one of the biggest films of the Summer.



12 Years a Slave 12th May 2014

he British talent on display in this movie is astonishing, the story and cinematography is equally as impressive. This is a must-see if you enjoy emotive and thought-provoking drama. A ‘free man’ in America, at a time when the North and South had very different perspectives on slavery, is kidnapped and sold into the slave trade. A moving and powerful journey that has won many awards and deservedly so.

Wolf of Wall Street - 19th May 2014


4 The Grand Budapest Hotel 7th July 2014


witty, whacky and wild rampage of a film stuffed with more cameo appearances than a series of ‘Extras.’ This stylish film is charming, sharp, humourous, colourful, characterful and fast-paced. Ralph Fiennes and an accomplished performance from relatively new face Tony Revolori, lead this finely assembled cast on a roller-coaster ride, set in an ageing hotel that has more history than even its auspicious façade would suggest. A Sunday evening watch that has culture, class and charisma.




ased on the real life story of crooked businessman Jordan Belfort, Leonardo DiCaprio once again surpasses himself with another example of why he is, without doubt, one of the greatest actors not just of our time but ever. ‘Leo’ clearly revels in the freedom that he is allowed, working with another genius in the guise of director Martin Scorsese. Couple that with the comedic talent of Jonah Hill and not only do you have a recipe for great drama but some scenes of total mayhem, crazy circumstances and humour that is darkly infectious. I’ve heard many different perspectives on this film, including that it’s too long, a boy’s film or a masterpiece but the truth is that perhaps its near three hours running time is a little excessive. I watched it on a sleepy winter evening and it kept me enthralled and amused from start to finish. The ‘lemons’ scene is truly epic and worth watching the movie for on its own!

Robocop 9th June 2014

reviewed in the last edition, now reviewed for your benefit, this new version of the 80’s cult movie carries little resemblance. Slicker, smoother, softer and not as brutal, we are whisked off into a future that just didn’t seem as authentic but still had some substance for all its style. Naturally garnished with some winks to the original and a cast including Samuel L Jackson and Gary Oldman, if you avoided this at the cinema fearing a travesty, try to approach it with an open mind.

Dallas Buyers Club - 2nd June 2014



et in the mid 80’s when AIDS was very prominent in the news as the new sexually-transmitted killer disease, Dallas Buyers’ Club depicts the experience of Ron Woodruff, a small time hustler, who finds out that he is HIV positive. When his friends find out, he is quickly isolated and marginalised, abused with jibes questioning his sexuality and borne out of the ignorance that still exists about this plague. Initially unable to cope, Ron finds motivation and a new hustle he would never have dreamt of in the form of discovering a revolutionary way to hold off the progression of the disease. This brings him into direct conflict with a drugs company that then uses every trick in the book to try and get Ron’s ‘club’ shut down. A moving, amusing and disturbing story based on real events and further extending Matthew McConaughey’s burgeoning reputation as a truly heavyweight actor. Also witness a stunning performance from Jared Leto. A deserving award winner. k | VIVA | 95

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