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Fresh Perspective into Contemporary Fine Art, Sahar brings you an eclectic portfolio of individually selected Originals and Signed Limited Edition Prints, sourced from the finest contemporary artists around the world. At Sahar we offer a unique and private art consultation, individually tailored to meet your personal taste and requirements. Our experienced art consultants are on hand to offer friendly and professional advice on all aspects of acquiring, hanging and caring for your art work. Call or visit Sahar Fine Art today at and begin building your art collection from the comfort of your home.

Launch Event 14th June 2012 5pm-9pm

Join us at the Radisson Edwardian Manchester Champagne Reception, CanapĂŠs and live music by Manchester born vocalist Cole Page. Website Going Live:

30th May 2012 E: T: 0844 800 1201

W: Twitter: @SaharFineArt



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VIVA’s News Flash VIVA exclusive with Paloma Faith The new Mini Roadster Darren R L Gordon reports on Cannes festival The Queen and the run up to the Jubilee


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Fashion Story- ‘Urban Summers’ Womens’s trends ‘Mad Men inspired 1960’s’ Men’s trends ‘Hawaii Five-O’ Men’s ‘Hot catwalk trends for summer’ ’Women’s ‘Hot catwalk trends for summer’ Manchester Fashion Week Manchester Bespoke


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Carolynne Poole and Lucy Jo get Fake Baked. James Roberts Hair & Beauty ‘take it to the top’ Helen Flanagan’s reports VIVA Pampering & Grooming VIVA summer sporting Learn to ski with Disability Snowsport UK at the Chillfactore


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VIVA Gadgets VIVA Cribs ‘Lazy summers’ The beautiful, 5 star Buccament Bay resort in St Vincent

FOOD AND DRINK 61_ VIVA’s guide to local outdoor drinking and dining hotspots 66_ Cocktails in the city awards


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Peckforton Castle launches in true celebrity style House of Fraser welcomes Mary Porta Manchester celebrates with G Shock Sessions


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VIVA’s top northern festivals Fun Lovin’ Criminals head to Hard Rock Cafe The Crucible Film buzz (top 5 cinema and DVD releases)

VIVA team

Issue 9 published May 2012 emma LEE ANDERSON Editor rebecca LEGON Sales & marketing director KEITH McDONNELL Copy sub-editor Ed Wilkinson Senior designer ANDRE BUENACOSA Junior designer WRITERS Contributor BEX POCKLINGTON Contributor MELISSA MURRAY Contributor SAM QUINTON Contributor REBECCA ACKERLEY Fashion HAYLEY ASHWORTH Fashion ROSS FORSYTHE Features Carla GrisCti Features JORDAN KENNY Features LISA JONES Features MATT HORWOOD Film DARREN R L GORDON Motoring JAMES SCOLTOCK



VIVA Magazine Suite 131 111 Piccadilly Manchester M1 2HX Tel: 0161 833 4401 email: website: A readership of 60,000 in the Manchester and Cheshire areas For annual subscription rates, please ring our enquiry line on 0161 833 4401 or email Viva Manchester magazine is published quarterly (4 times a year) and is distributed in and around Manchester and Cheshire which includes Manchester city centre, Didsbury, Hale, Wilmslow, Altrincham, Chorlton and Salford. Unsolicited manuscripts, artwork, photographic prints and transparencies are accepted only on the understanding that Viva accepts no liability for loss or damage. No responsibility can be accepted for any breaches of obligation by advertisers. Strictly copyright all content Viva Magazines. Reproduction, in part or whole, is forbidden without the express permission of the publishers. All prices included within this publication were correct at the time of print. All expressions and opinions demonstrated within this publication are those of the editor(s) including contributors.






RS IN HEADLINE SABIAN CURE & KA E H T , S R E T FIGH 2012 24-26 August Answer the lining Who is head

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Leeds Festiv

ber lephone num , name and te er sw an ur Email yo myvivaonlin competition@


t’s coming up to our favourite time of year, ‘Summertime’. Venues are busily getting their outdoor dining and beer gardens ready for Manchester’s finest socialites to be out there drinking, eating, networking and socialising in the sun. Whilst event companies are mad busy putting together the last arrangements for the summer festivals, sporting events and other outdoor gatherings and fashion gurus are smothering themselves from top to toe with pastel colours. Oh, just talking about it makes us jump out of our office chairs with excitement. So if you haven’t guess already this is VIVA’s Summer 2012 edition and as you can see we have given VIVA a little summer makeover. We’ve jazzed up our front cover and made our page design more quirky. As they say change is good and we always love improvements. We were very honoured in this issue to get a world exclusive interview with the gorgeous Paloma Faith prior to her new album launch and she just loves us Northerners. There’s lots to read and look at in this issue including our festival guide, VIVA’s outdoor dining hotspots and tribute to VIVA’s biggest idol, The Queen, God Save Her! Have a great summer and we will be back in August.

Viva X m a e t , e v o l Big








The world goes plane crazy for igloos, bugs & bacon!

The Boneyard Project: Street artists have painted several deserted aircraft in the Arizona Desert. Eric Firestone’s idea to paint the wrecks of planes proved popular in Arizona’s famous Boneyard, with 30 of the best urban artists helping to paint the planes with contemporary graffiti prints. VIVA 10

The igloo Village on the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps creates a scene of 5* luxury in the mountain in complete seclusion. The feeling of sleeping or staying in an igloo is created. The igloo village is located between the

Riffelberg and Gornergrat – with a bar and romantic igloos. Live like an Eskimo for a night, only with luxury on your doorstep.

Mantis riding a bike: Macro photographer Eco Suparman took this shot in one of his favourite spots in Borneo, Indonesia.

The Radar Summer’s coming!

Mother Nature appears to be gearing up for a summer of sunshine, There are some great outdoor events in Manchester eg. Beached festival , Parklife and the Stone Roses concerts to go to (can we have D-Percussion back please?) , and an abundance of parks around Manchester (Buille Hille, Heaton, Platt Fields) to enjoy picnics, keep fit, feed the ducks or just laze around in.

Theatre Premiers in Manchester

Manchester has hosted some decent theatre production premiers in the last 12 months such as Ghost and The Monkees- Monkey Business. We are now looking forward to the Dolly Parton Musical coming fresh from Broadway this Autumn. More please! (And how about a film or two as well?!)


This free nifty app on my Iphone makes every photograph I now take , look arty and interesting - and was recently bought by Facebook for one billion pounds. THAT’S how hot it is .

Mother/Child parking

Having recently had my first child I am now part of this new club that gets to park in the best spots. Oh and it’s now excusable to use a lift and not the stairs (although if my personal trainer is reading this - I take the stairs really... )


The 23-year-old student managed to capture the image as the mantis



climbed onto the fronds of a young plant making it appear as

though it was riding a bicycle.

Bacon Coffin: Do you love bacon to death? The coffin, designed by J&D Foods in Seattle can be yours for $2,999.99 and they’ve already made a sale! It even comes with a bacon air freshener “for when you get that buried-underground, not-so-fresh feeling”, so the site says.

Levenson Enquiry

Over the past few months I’ve been glued to the Leveson enquiry. It’s been fascinating to watch respected (and not so respected) media bods give evidence. The enquiry has so far cost the taxpayer around 40 million. That could have gone into tackling serious crime or improving the NHS. Lord Justice Leveson’s findings are bound to have repercussions on everyone in the media industry.The halcyon days of Fleet Street journalism are over.

The A6

The A6 into Manchester by Salford University is now an absolute joke. it’s one lane , then two lanes, then one lane and a bus lane. Are the council punishing us for not agreeing to the congestion charge?

Scouse brows

I’m sorry , but having two thick black marker lines above your eyes looks RIDICULOUS.

The Fame Game

It saddens me when I hear of children wanting to grow up and “be a celebrity” because they think being famous equals being popular, attractive and rich. For some it does, yes but for others the fame game can lead to enormous problems such as debt, emotional & addiction issues and loneliness. Learn a trade ! This issue’s radar was brought to you by Laura Graham (Director of Vital PR)

Laura Graham

Her incredible voice blew us away on songs such as Stone Cold Sober, New York and Upside Down; she was a mentor for Team Danny in The Voice UK and our favourite “Emo” in the St. Trinian’s movie. Now she’s back with a new single Picking Up the Pieces and a new album Fall to Grace. VIVA were given a world exclusive interview with the pint-sized superstar! >>

VIVA I N T E R V I E W Where did your passion for music come from? I’ve always had a passion for music but it wasn’t until later life that I knew I was going to be a musician. As a child I never said “I’m going to be a singer when I grow up” and I’m still a little afraid of doing only music now because it is such a competitive industry. I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket as they say, which is why I do acting and whenever I meet someone at an event, I’ll always take their name and number in case they have a project that I can work on. But back to the question, growing up in Hackney I was always surrounded by music lovers and different genres of music so it is something that has always been a key feature in my life.

I used to live in Leeds and I feel like I should be a bit Northern. You guys talk to anyone which I love to do and you’re a lot friendlier... Who would you say your musical inspirations are? Etta James and Billie Holiday are my idols but lyrically I love Bob Dylan and Nick Cage; all the song writers from the 1950s and 60s were great lyricists. Career wise Bjork, Grace Jones and David Bowie really inspire me. They were so innovative and combined music and art. They pushed the boundaries of music.


ello Paloma, how are you today? I’m very well thank you, a bit hungry though because I’ve been filming a comedy drama since 6 this morning for the BBC.

Can you tell us anything about the show? Well it’s called Blanding and it’s set in the 1930’s. I’m making a cameo in an episode as a cabaret dancer but one of the main actors is Timothy Spall who I love and got to film with today. So your new album Fall to Grace is set to release on May 28th, how does it differ from your last album? This time round I had one producer, Nellee Hooper, so the album has a more definitive sound that acts as a thread and keeps all the songs together. I also feel that this album is more grown up and honest. I’m actually really nervous about it being released in case it doesn’t do well. I really hope that there is enough momentum going to make it a success. Nellee Cooper has worked with the likes of Bjork, No Doubt and Madonna so you’re in good hands. What was it like working with him? It was brilliant! I have quite a visual way of speaking and describing my ideas and Nellee interpreted them perfectly. He really understood me and the direction I wanted to take with my music. What is your new single Picking Up the Pieces about? Picking Up the Pieces deals with the issues of being in a relationship with someone who is still recovering from a previous relationship with another person. It is a song about self doubt and insecurity. Artists like Adele and Taylor Swift use their past relationships to write songs and the lyrics of your songs have a strong narrative. Are these past experiences that you are talking about or do you draw inspiration from elsewhere? Erm, I use a mixture of things really; past relationships, present relationships, non-romantic relationships and general observations. Everything I write about is still very personal to me though because it is my interpretation of something.

You have an amazing sense of style which we all love at Viva. Who would you say are your style icons? Marilyn Monroe, Isabella Rossellini and Marlene Dietrich. They all had such classic style and were amazing actresses. Oh and Grace Jones, I just adore her. Every picture we see of you, you always have incredible outfits on, where do you like to shop? Aww, thank you! I love to shop at vintage shops but also in the high street. My favourite shop is a boutique in Covent Garden called Blackout II and I also love Beyond Retro who have quite a few shops now so it’s fun to go visit them all and see what they have. My absolute favourite shop was called ‘The Girl Can’t Help It’ but they closed down in London and moved to America which is a shame. From the high street I shop at Zara, New Look and Topshop and my favourite designer is D&G. So what are your key wardrobe staples? I think every girl needs a good pair of black patent stilettos! I have a pair from D&G and from New Look and they are both just as comfy as the other. Erm, what else? I’m loving berets at the moment so I think it’s important to have one of those in the that goes with a lot of outfits. You said before that a stiletto is staple piece. What is the highest heel you’ve ever worn? Haha, maybe 5 or 6 inches? Wow, that’s high! Yeah but the trick is to have a big wedge at the front. I can’t wear heels that don’t have a front wedge, that would make them impossible to walk in and my feet would just cramp up. Changing the subject a bit now. You’ve met a lot of people during your career, who’s been your favourite? Oh Timothy Spall for sure! He is such an incredible actor and working with him today has just been a dream. What advice would you give to anyone wanting to MAKE IT in the music industry? Firstly, you will get knock backs but you need to keep on persevering especially if you believe in yourself. Secondly, you need to find yourself people that you can trust and that will be honest with you. Those kinds of people are not easy to find, trust me but when you have found them keep hold of them because they are invaluable. So we are a Manchester based magazine and we always like to know what people love about our city. So Paloma Faith, tell me, what do you love about Manchester? The vintage shops! And I love the people; I used to live in Leeds and I feel like I should be a bit Northern. You guys talk to anyone which I love to do and you’re a lot friendlier. I’ll go into Sainsburys and have a good old chat with anyone. A bit of a random question to finish on. If you could be a cocktail WHICH one would you be? (very definitely) A Margarita. With a salt rim! So there we have it! Her new single Picking Up the Pieces is out May 20th and her album Fall to Grace follows 8 days later! interview by: Hayley Ashworth



Fashion Story Credits... PHOTOGRAPHER & RE-TOUCHING Sam Fairbrother ART DIRECTOR Sarah Allsop STYLIST Sonia Genders & Assistant Alisha Forrester HAIR Kevin O’Neill Fake Bake located in Selfridges MAKEUP Collette Casey & Assistant Collette Thorpe MODELS Lucy Mccadden & George Naylor

Bikini Top, £45, Jacket, £60, and Skirt, £40, all from Runway Knutsford or Alderley Edge , and available online at

Jacket, £2595, by Alexander McQueen, and Sunglasses, £98, by Rayban, both from Harvey Nichols. Shorts, £30, from Topman. (Stylists own)

Top, £255, and Shorts, £300, both by 3.1 Philip Lim, and Sunglasses, £209, by Marc Jacobs, all from Harvey Nichols. Bag, £57.50, from Runway Knutsford or Alderley Edge and available online at Necklace, £15, and Bracelet, £8.50, both by Gogo Philip, and Shoes, £55, all from Topshop (Stylists own)

Top, £390, by D&G, and Sunglasses, £200, by Dior, both from Harvey Nichols.

Top, Stylist’s own. Bracelet, £6, by Gogo Philip, Skirt, £40, and Shoes, as before, all from Topshop (Stylist own)

Dress, £355, by McQ, and Bag, £100, By Michael Kors, both from Harvey Nichols. Ring, £10, and Bracelet, £8.50, both by Gogo Philip, and Shoes, as before, all from Topshop (Stylists own)

George: TShirt, £225, by Givenchy, from Harvey Nichols. Jacket, £75, and Shorts, £32, both from Topman (Stylists own) Lucy: Top, £325, and Skirt, £385, both by Dolce & Gabbana, from Harvey Nichols.

Lucy Necklace, £6.50, and Ring, £10, both by Gogo Philip, and Top, £30, Shorts, £40, and Shoes, all from Topshop (Stylists own) George; Shirt, £355, by McQ, from Harvey Nichols. Sweater, £18, and Shorts, £32, both from Topman (Stylists own)

Top, £325, and Skirt, £385, by Dolce & Gabbana, from Harvey Nichols. Bag, £57.50, from Runway Knutsford or Alderley Edge and available online at Bangles, £6.25, from Topshop (Stylists own)




After a rather long hiatus Mad Men has finally returned to our screens and we couldn’t help but be (re) inspired by Betty, Joan and Co’s style. Keeping in touch with the SS12 pastel trend, we’ve found the best pieces that reflect 1960’s sophistication in shades of soft


pink, purple, green and white 4 5 8 3 6

1. 3.1 Philip Lim £500 Harvey Nichols, 2. Acne £220 Harvey Nichols, 3. Acne £380 Harvey Nichols, www.harveynichols. com 4. £25.99 5. Miu Miu £355 Net-a-Porter 6. Paul Smith £370 Flannels, 7. Prada £815 Harvey Nichols, 8. Prada: £965 Harvey Nichols,




Summer is here and there is no other show on television that taps into sun, sea and sexy quite like Hawaii Five-O. Taking inspiration from this seriously cool show, throw on a Hawaiian shirt, tropical board shorts and inject some bright, bold colours into your wardrobe. Currently on Sky2, get some mates over for a BBQ, crack open a few beers and settle down to watch this awesome tropical crime drama.

BRIGHT NEONS, BBQ’S, BEER & Hawaii five-O!!!









1. Casio G Shock, £85.00 2. Hot Coral Skinny Suit Trousers, £50.00, Topman 3. Cargo Bermudas with belt, £39.99, Zara 4. Karmakula “Polynesia” Shirt, £35.00, 5. Paul Smith Jeans, Contrast logo rubber flip flops, £45.00, Harvey Nichols 6. Diesel, Double Waistband Shorts £45.00, Harvey Nichols 7. Lyle & Scott ,Pique Polo Shirt, £55.00, House of Fraser 8. Hugo Boss, Printed Tshirt, £40.00, House of Fraser 9. Creative Recreation, Kaplan Patent Pump, £60.00,, 10. Printed Trousers, £39.99, Zara 11. Toms, Classic 101 wayfarer blue stripe sunglasses, £110.00, Selfridges


VIVA T R E N D S VIVA’S HOT MALE CATWALK PICKS OF THE SUMMER! Inject some colour into your summer wardrobe by incorporating soft sherbet and pastel hues. Think along the lines of a dandy sat on Brighton beach or a gentleman at a country getaway. Chinos and slim fit shorts accompanied by pastel accessories create a simple yet sophisticated and relaxed aesthetic.

8 5

Kenzo Spring/Summer 12



Thierry Mugler Spring/Summer 12


Acne Spring/Summer 12






1. Vans, £45.00, 2. Dockers Button Down Oxford Shirt, £60, 3. Barbour Corbridge Cotton Shorts, £69.95, 4. Bilbao Tricolour Loafer, £165.00, 5. Polo Ralph Lauren Hawaiian Shorts, £45.00, 6. Slim Fit Suit Jacket, £70.00, www.asos. com 7. Polo Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Chino Shorts, £85.00, 8. Paul Smith Roll Up Straw Hat, £80.00, 9. Tom Ford Russell Sunglasses, £288.00, 10. Weekend Offender Frazier Pocket Detail T-shirt, £40.00,

VIVA T R E N D S VIVA’S HOT FEMALE CATWALK PICKS OF THE SUMMER! From neon brights to strong and bold, colour blocking is probably the scariest of the SS12 trends...especially if you’re comfortable in your neutrals! (or black) But however you feel about colour, there is a piece out there for everyone; maxi dresses for the brave, blazers and jeans for those not quite ready to fully commit and bags and shoes for those who just want a little piece of the colour pie!

7 6


Michael Kors Spring/Summer 12

Boggeta Veneta Spring/Summer 12

Marni Spring/Summer 12






9 10

1. 3.1 Philip Lim £225 Harvey Nichols, 2. Aubin and Wills £65, 3. DVF £185 Harvey Nichols, 4. Miu Miu £235 Flannels, 5. Miu Miu £125 Flannels, 6. Raoul £480 Flannels, 7. Raoul £480 Flannels, 8. Roksanda Ilincic £840 Flannels, 9. £33.99, 10. Missguided £24.99





Week... M

anchester has always been proud of its fashion and now we finally have a fashion week to show it. Held in April, MCR Fashion Week was sponsored by Manchester based internet retailer and was located in Spinningfields, The Avenue North. Tickets for each show were available to buy and the organisers also arranged for a number of after parties in various locations around Manchester, making it an event for the community to enjoy. Although the first day was a little low key with shows from Private White, River Island and Merabi by Nadine; the second day saw a lot of colour and a huge dedication to summer as Missguided showcased their collection in a day dedicated to them. With each show highlighting a certain SS12 trend, attendees were able to see exactly what Missguided has to offer. Opening up day three was VIVA favourite, Alexander Christopher whose collection is not dictated by trends but rather those great key pieces that every wardrobe needs. Also showing that day was final year university student Sinead O’Herlihy. Her debut collection, House of Herlihy, consists of gorgeous silk printed dresses and elegant maxi-dresses in this season’s must have colours. Sadly, until she finishes university, her collection will not be sold but she is definitely one to watch out for. Day four of MCR Fashion Week was The Avenue’s sponsored day with Brookes Brothers, All Saints, Ted Baker, Flannels and Mulberry all showing key looks that are available in their shops now. As anticipated, that day was the most popular choice for fashion lovers with Mulberry being the most desired show to attend. Unfortunately for Flannels their show attracted the attention of animal rights protestors. For its first year MCR Fashion Week proved to be a great success and we hope that next year it will be bigger and better! ■ words: Hayley Ashworth

RUNWAY Runway is unique, bold, fresh and exciting and the collections are constantly updated, ensuring that the Runway Boutiques and their customers, stay ahead in the style stakes. Runway in Knutsford opened July 2010 and Runway in Alderley opened in October 2010. Both Boutiques are Edgy and on Trend. Sharon, the owner, has her own idea of what is right for her customers and delivers a unique mix of styles and current trends which make Runway the key element to your wardrobe. Runway’s collection includes homeware, bold and beautiful Accessories, which are guaranteed to remain a permanent fixture in any collection and an amazing collection of Footwear, which together make ‘Runway’ defiantly worth a visit! Visit online

be sexy - be bold - be unique - be different - be ahead of the trend - trust in style - trust in Runway... Every day is a fashion show and the world is the RUNWAY. With Love From

Sharon x

King Street, Knutsford 01565 220023 33 33 King Street, Knutsford 01565 220023 London Alderley Edge 01625 584180 41 41 London Rd,Rd, Alderley Edge 01625 584180

Viva F A S H I O N Miraclesuit Swimming Costumes are engineered like no other swimsuit in the world. Expertly designed to deliver superior comfort and fit at all times, the Miraclesuit sports the irresistible tagline “Look 10lbs Lighter in10 Seconds.” With the stunning designs on offer for 2012, get set to sizzle on the beach this summer.

Jena has been designed to give you the support you love from Miraclesuit without compromising on trend. The inserted mesh panels create an eye-catching design while the one shoulder fit accentuates the torso length.

This flattering strapless swimming costume from Miraclesuit has a bright and funky design which will ensure you get noticed on the beach for all the right reasons. Shirring at the waist ensures shaping and helps to flatten the tummy and live up to the “Look 10lbs Lighter in 10 Seconds” tagline.

The brand new Jo Jo costume from Miraclesuit features a flattering crossover body halter neck strap, helping to draw the eye upwards around the bust and shoulder area and away from problem areas. The wide straps become vertical at the back providing comfort and support in addition to the luxury of foam cups.

With a foam bra for good support and removable straps all you have to worry about is the weather!

Your statement swimming costume for 2012!

Style: Barcelona Colour: Block Island

Style: Jo Jo Colour: Eggplant

Stockist: Figleaves

Stockist: Simply Beach, Next or Figleaves

Stockist: Freemans, Next Figleaves, Simply Beach

RRP: £147.00 Available in sizes 8-18

RRP: £149.00 Available in sizes 8-16

RRP: £149.00 Available in sizes 10-18

Jena comes with a shelf bra insert to support the bust and Miraclesuit technology for extra firm shaping. Style: Jena Colour: Black



Manchester Bespoke Summer is upon us and we find the truly unique and bold trend setters for our sartorial needs...


Jeffe ry W e mah ogan st: Flash man y-£ 285 423



he summer breeze is flowing through your hair, your sunglasses are your favourite companion and there is a never-ending supply of sunshine from the skies above. Yes, summer is just around the corner and we are all in the that mode of planning last minute holidays and searching for that ever elusive sun that is rare for a Manchester summer. For this edition of Manchester Bespoke we guide you through the sartorial choices that you must make to complete your perfect summer look. Think French Riviera and that perfect combination of casual yet refined. Both Richard Smith Bespoke and Jeffery West have come up with their favourite summer trends and how their stores can offer a more unique summer piece for your wardrobe.

O’To o calf - le 3672/b lack £275 and





k cal


f - £2


We at VIVA have sought out, from Richard Smith, his key items to dress you in a sauve casual look that oozes summer cool. “Contrasting jacket & trousers will play a big part in people’s wardrobes,” Smith says. “Things like neat-fitting jackets as well as double-breasted jackets with bucket pockets in block colours to contrast with vibrant chino style pants.” These different colour combinations will give you a multitude of choices to mix and match, conveying a playful preppy style that still strikes a sartorial edge. To go along with summer you can either tailor them to be cropped to show off the ankle or rolled up to make a more rugged appeal. For the events that call for a more refined look Smith recommends the check suit. “I love check on check at the moment as well as striped shirts to contrast the suits,” Richard says. “But this obviously depends on fabric designs of course!” The check suit is something of a summer love at the moment. It brings a breathe of fresh air to

menswear that recalls a playful vintage feel but modernized by a more fitted cut. To make sure your outfit is complete, Jeffery West has selected a few of their favourite designs from their summer collection that tailors towards the dappers and dandys, the more conservative gentleman and everything in between. Jeffery West offers shoes that are instilled with all the artistry, quality and pedigree that is expected of shoes hand-crafted in Northampton factories. With their refined experience and history that has produced shoes with cutting edge styles, overt elegance and a flamboyance that brings something new to men’s shoes. One of our favourites is the Flashman 4232. A beautiful chukka boot in a light mahogany leather that’s perfect for summer months. Jeffery West excel in detail and this book comes with a charming “moth” punching design on the upper boot, which adds a unique summer feel to this boot. A stylish choice that is perfect for that classic summer look is Jeffery West’s O’Toole 3672. This stylish 5-tie wing-tip Oxford has a nice subtle contrast between black and grey leather, with a perfect addition of the signature diamond punching emblazed across the brogue leather. This pair of shoes regales of times of summer parties with a certain Gatsbyish manor. This summer is going to be a great one. With the Olympics around the corner and, hopefully all holiday plans booked up, all that is needed is the perfect summer wardrobe. Both Richard Smith Bespoke and Jeffery West serve up the perfect answer to your summer sartorial questions. Each offers a unique interpretation and item of the perfect summer piece that every man should have. ■ words by: André Buenacosa


The Summer Sun Imagine the rolling waves, cool sea breeze and summer sun shining. With summer fast approaching it’s time we hunt down the perfect pair of sunglasses to complete that summer look.




5. 2.


8. THE BOYS...


10. 7.

1. Check Arm Aviator Sunglasses Burberry: £187.00 | 2. Cat-Eye Sunglasses (Nicole Farhi) Selfridges: £100.00 | 3. Freely A73 (Anne Et Valentin) Jones and Co: £310.00 | 4. Lizard Leather Retro (Chrome Hearts) Flannels: £1,570.00 | 5. Keaton D-Frame Acetate (Rag & Bone) Net-A-Porter: £310.00 6. G-Money IV (Chrome Hearts) Jones and Co: £1,065.00 | 7. MP-2 (Oliver People) Mr Porter: £315 | 8. ED (Han Kjøbenhavn) Oi Polloi: £125.00 | 9. Henry Sunglasses (Tom Ford) Flannels: £260.00 | 10. Framed Unisex (ACNE) Selfridges: £240.00



NEED A PHOTOGRAPHER TO CAPTURE ONE OF THE BIGGEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE? CONTACT THE VIVA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM. VIVA Wedding Photography specialise in professional photographers for your big day, framed prints, canvases, albums and digital images. Contact us for a consultation on 0161 8334401 or email

VIVA B E A U T Y CarolYNNe Poole & Lucy Jo get Fake Baked


he Fake Bake Hair and Beauty Boutique on the lower ground floor of Selfridges, Manchester offers award winning spray tans and a range of other treatments. VIVA went along to chat with Lucy Jo Hudson and Carolynne Poole ...

VIVA: How did you first hear about the Fake Bake Brand? Lucy Jo & Carolynne: “Through word of mouth and from coming into the Fake Bake Boutique.” VIVA: Do you have any good Fake Bake

VIVA: What makes a good beauty salon? Lucy Jo: “I think the décor, bright lights, somewhere quite glamorous but cosy and relaxing.” Carolynne: “People that make you feel at ease because you want to feel

beauty tips? Lucy Jo: “Exfoliate before.” Carolynne: “Moisturise your knees and your elbows.” VIVA: What are your favourite treatments or products? Lucy Jo: “I do like my nails done – a manicure and pedicure.” Carolynne: “I like facials and facial massages.” VIVA: Do you have regular manicures and what kind of colours do you like on your nails? Lucy Jo: “It’s got to be a strong colour or a deep dark colour for me.” Carolynne: “I have my nails done on special occasions and I like red and bright colours.” VIVA: You’ve been friends for a while, do you share your fashion and beauty tips? Lucy Jo & Carolynne: “Yes, all the time. We’re very similar in some ways but we’re quite different too.” VIVA: What did you think of your Tracey Bell skin analysis? Lucy Jo and Carolynne: “It was really insightful to find out what products you can use for your skin so you can just focus on what you need.”

pampered and relax.” VIVA: Tell us about your skin care routine. Lucy Jo: “I’m obsessed with products! I generally cleanse then tone and then I moisturise” Carolynne : “I always take my make up off at night. I moisturise a lot and use vitamin oil.” VIVA: How often do you use fake tan and on what occasions? Lucy Jo: “All the time! Any occasion! Generally in the morning I just put on a tiny little bit but if it’s an occasion or something that you want to feel glam for I’ll have a spray tan.” Carolynne: “Just for special occasions but sometimes I use the build-up tan because I’m really fair-skinned.” words: Sam Quinton photos: Paci Kub

To contact the Fake Bake Hair & Beauty Boutique at Selfridges ring 0161 838 0513 or for information on Tracey Bell skin analysis visit Fake Bake Twitter: @fbbbmchester

Kevin O’Neill has managed the salon side of Fake Bake for five years. He started in Glasgow and moved to Selfridges, Manchester when the Fake Bake Hair and Beauty Boutique opened here in 2011. As well as award winning spray tans, the Boutique offers beauty treatments that include Bridal Hair Packages, massages, facials and eyelash extensions.

Kevin recently created 1950’s inspired hairstyles for a VIVA fashion shoot. Here Kevin tells us how he created the looks. “Lucy had long, straight hair and we wanted to create a big curly bob. I started by curling all the hair with a heat wand. Next, I took the hair at the crown area and backcombed it about two inches from the roots. I lifted this hair, brushed it all back, turned it under and pushed it up to create a beehive. Through the back of the hair, I took the curls from the bottom and rolled them up and under and pinned them in to make it look like a short bob. I did the same with both sides, lifted them up and pinned them in. At the front of the hair I just threw the curls over the top of the beehive and let them sit there naturally. Finally, I pulled all the curls from the side and the back out to make the bob bigger and sprayed it with hairspray.” “George had straight hair which I wet down. I put mousse on it, blow dried it and lifted it up from the roots. I moved the parting to the opposite side to make it look thicker, added fibre wax and pulled it back into a quiff.” Kevin’s styling tip, “Make sure to brush all products, curls and knots out before you wash your hair.”



ames Roberts Hair and Beauty salon has won a prestigious place at the glamorous 2012 L’Oréal Colour Trophy Grand Final beating 65 other salons in the North West.

And what’s more, Natasha Calderwood, also from James Roberts Hair and Beauty, made it through to the finals of ‘young colourist of the year’, a title that the salon has won in the past.

The proud team at the celebrities’ favourite salon in the heart of Manchester City Centre took their knowledge of catwalk trends and true hairdressing expertise out of the salon and straight to the live competition floor inside Lancashire Cricket Club gaining them a soughtafter place at the coveted 57th annual L’Oréal Colour Trophy Grand Final and demonstrating they are among the best in UK.

The salon has doubled in size since this time last year when it launched a beauty section, offering quick fix treatments from just £10, including everything from tans, manicures, pedicures to waxing and threading.

James Roberts, the owner of the salon in St Mary’s Street, with Beth Buckley, created the stunning model look in just 45 minutes during an electrifying evening of hair inspired by fashion. The finished look incorporated a flawless merge of an immaculate hair colour and cut and styling that reflects their awareness of key current catwalk trends. Their show stopping look ensured that James Roberts stood out on the catwalk from over 65 salons and propelled them up to the next stage.

They were delighted to pick up gold at the highly anticipated regional tour which hits over seven regions up and down the UK finding Britain’s most talented and creative hairdressers.

“We create the trends and I believe that’s a large part of why we are head and shoulders above other salons in the region”. said James. “We have the best talent and invest in their training, which is why we’re in demand for everything from magazine shoots to filming as well as just making sure our customers turn heads wherever they go. We’re delighted to have beaten 65 other salons in the region and can’t wait for the finals later this month.”

And as it celebrates its seventh birthday this year, it has just recruited two new senior stylists to cope with more demand than ever before.

Celebrity host Phil Clifton, (pictured) current presenter of C4s Freshly Squeezed and recent backstage reporter at The Brits, took the audience through the high energy, show. Just before the long awaited awards were read out the audience were treated to a truly gorgeous fashion show by acclaimed London Fashion Week designer Kinder Aggugini with an exclusive collection taken straight from the runways of his 2012 Autumn /Winter and Spring /Summer Fashion Week shows. Over 900 creative salons nationwide entered a photographic entry yet James Roberts is the only one from the Granada region that will now travel to London in a bid to secure the L’Oréal Colour Trophy. Each of the competitors faced a judging panel of renowned and respected hairdressers. Each one of them meticulous with their critique. Judge and acclaimed hair-


dresser Chris Williams comments: “The L’Oréal Colour Trophy is a great competition and one of the biggest events in the industry; winning can take you into being famous in the world of hairdressing.” James Roberts Hair and Beauty were absolutely delighted to hear their name read out on stage and will now get set to take their winning model look to the highly anticipated L’Oréal Colour Trophy Grand Final. This super glamorous event is happening on Monday 28th May inside the dazzling Grosvenor House Ballroom, Park Lane, London and assembles the countrie’s most artistic and accomplished hairdressing talent together to celebrate ‘hair inspired by fashion.’ The once in a lifetime prize up for grabs is ‘A Year of Dreams’ consisting of a bespoke calendar of opportunities created to ensure that the winners get the most from their successful year. An exciting mix of educational courses, national media exposure and glamorous fashion shoots are all there for the taking! Anyone who wants more information about James Roberts Hair and Beauty should call the salon on 0161 832 2448.





atiana Hair Extensions launched its glamorous new salon in London High St. Kensington at 33, Holland Street. The event exuded glamour from start to finish with a red carpet entrance, Veuve Clicquot and canapés on arrival followed by a kitsch sweet bar and pampering in the form of manicures and fabulous JINNY rainbow glitter tattoos to keep guests entertained. The room was buzzing with celebrity guests. Kerry Ellis, Zoe Hardman, Layla Flaherty and a very pregnant Stacey Solomon all making an appearance amongst the guests. 
 Despite all the glitter and glitz, it was the hair that really stole the show. Plenty of the partygoers were seasoned Tatiana fans boasting magnificent manes to prove it. Guests raved about Tatiana’s skill at colour matching and the quality of the extensions.

Each guest was also treated to a goody bag which included Guess Aviator Sunglasses, Boo Boo moisturiser, Pretty Little Thing ring, Sugar Styler nail art pen, Orly nail varnish, Cold Press drink, Beau Bronz tanning lotion and a voucher for a week’s free Sexy in the City Bootcamp.
 Tatiana is very excited to announce the launch of Seen On Screen in her Manchester salon. For more information about Seen On Screen please call Claire on 07581338945 ■

For the Manchester salon visit: call: 0161 236 4467 or pop into the salon, 56 Port Street, Manchester, M1 2EQ


‘YOUNG GUNS’ H arper and Quinn, Wilmslow’s award-winning hairdressing salon recently launched their next generation of talented stylists, ‘Young Guns’, Jess Colli and Matt Jones. Salon owner Paul Quinn explained the idea behind the initiative. “We wanted to open up the transition between being a recently qualified apprentice and a stylist.” This scheme will give Jess and Matt the opportunity “…to experience lots of different techniques and give them that little bit of scope to work on more creative things and to stand on their own two feet.”

With their own dedicated space in the salon, the ‘Young Guns’ will offer a more fashion focused range of styling aimed at a younger clientele. Paul hopes this will “open up an affordable new angle for people that are interested in fashion and want great hair but don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of money on it.” The services include cutting, colouring and the exciting dry styling ‘Cover Look’ where a client’s hair can be transformed to match the look of their favourite cover model or celebrity in around 30 minutes. Prices start from £12.99 Both Matt and Jess are excited about the ‘Young Guns’ concept and the opportunities it will give them to develop as stylists. They are passionate about what they do and can’t wait to show the modern twists in their work. Whilst Matt likes the styling aspect and Jess loves colouring and creating sharp cuts, they are both keen to be creative - “Within reason, anything the clients come up with, the wilder the better, we’ll give it a go” says Matt. Harper and Quinn and the ‘Young Guns’ use the Kevin

Murphy hair care collection. The brand was developed by Australian stylist Kevin Murphy and his range is a favourite with beauty editors and stylists worldwide. Signature looks can be created at home by simply scanning the box of the ‘Signature Look’ kit and downloading a podcast. With its cool square packaging and its intermixable products, it’s the perfect range for the ‘Young Guns’ and their stylish expanding client base. Harper and Quinn have a simple philosophy of listening to their clients, looking after them well and consistently offering great value, great quality and great service. For a tailor made consultation, find them at www.harperandquinn., on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @ Harperandquinn.■

For more information visit: To make a booking call: 01625 549900

words: Sam Quinton


‘Fashion & Beauty SUMMER TIPS’ HELEN FLANAGAN REPORTS... Summer Beauty Tips In summer the most important thing for me is my tan. I’m fair skinned naturally so I get spray tans done in a salon with St Tropez’s new dark colour. I like to keep things more natural in summer and I think you can get away with it if you have the tan, good grooming, mascara, lip balm and a bit of blusher.

Jetting Off My boyfriend breaks up from football in May and we really wanted to go to the Maldives for a chill out holiday but apparently it’s monsoon season, so we’re going to have to have a rethink. I’d also love to go to Vegas with my best friend, I’m twenty-one so a nice girly holiday would be lovely.

Summer Body Products I’m like any other normal girl: I have cellulite. I really like Body Sculpture by Rodial and Court House Clinic in Wilmslow does a pain free laser treatment to reduce cellulite and that boosts my confidence on the beach. I also love Laura Mercier ‘Almond Coconut Milk’ moisturiser, my best friend got me hooked and now even my boyfriend uses it!

Festival Season With the British summer on its way what also comes is the festival season too and this makes me sound really boring but I’ve

never been to a festival! I love looking through the fashion magazines and seeing the small shorts and Hunters but I don’t think I could wear that. Although I’m slim, I’m quite curvy so I’d probably wear a maxi dress.

Bye-Bye Winter! I’ve just had a big clear out of my wardrobe and I’m going to give some away to friends and charity but there’s a great second-hand designer shop on King Street called Elite where they buy your old clothes from you. I’ll be calling in to drop off some of mine and some old Louboutins.

Summer Clothing I’ve really got into my dresses this year; I love Victoria Beckham and Chloe! I’m living in Wales at the moment and I really miss the shops in Manchester. I buy a lot in Topshop and Zara here. I’ve always been obsessed with designer handbags and I’ve not bought one since October, so I’m on the look out for a Prada one.

Bikinis There’s an amazing shop in Chelsea called Biondi. The staff are always really helpful and will find a bikini to suit your body. The bikinis are stunning! Because of my fair skin I’d never go for a pink or red bikini, I find blue is most flattering.

Perfect Beach Body I think diets restrict you and I don’t think guys see them as a good thing. I just watch my weight and exercise. When I’m in Manchester I attend Bikram Yoga. It’s fantastic! It’s basically yoga in a hot room, it’s really difficult but you feel great afterwards. Love Helen x Follow me on twitter @helenflanagan1

Dermaskin only employs experienced doctors who have performed hundreds of these procedures previously. Call us now for a FREE consultation or visit the website for more information. Botox 1 area £99 2 areas £198 3 areas £270 Botox for underarm sweating/hyperhidrosis £350

Chemical peels 1 peel £99 Course of 3 £250

Teeth Grinding £275 Radiesse from £350 Sculptra from £400

Fillers Nasolabial fillers £240 Lips £280

QUOTE: VIVA10 on booking to get 10% off total treatment where value exceeds £150.

Call us on 0161 850 5060 Suite 3, 49 King St, Manchester, M2 7AY email:



1. Murad Hybrids Absolute Bronzing Boost Available from £31.50. With SPF15, this oil-free liquid bronzer provides a sun-kissed complexion whilst conditioning the skin at the same time. A multi-purpose product which is an investment for the summer months.



2. Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup Available at all Clinique counters from 4th May 2012 £21.50. Hot weather can unfortunately lead to a make-up meltdown. But with Clinique’s new foundation, its oil-absorbing ingredients will keep skin looking fresh. 3. Filthy Gorgeous London Nail Polish in ‘Tea-Bird’ Available from £9. The pretty peppermint colour of this nail polish was seen all over the SS12 catwalks and with a glittery topcoat available, this look can be taken from day to night instantly. 4. no!no! Hair Plus Available from £174. Wave goodbye to unwanted body hair with this clever little device. Using patented Thermicon to painlessly get rid of hair, your skin will be supple, smooth and stubble-free for weeks.

Beautify yourself this SUMMER... ...for HER


5. Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder Available from The Body Shop £13. Containing honey, well-known for its moisturising benefits. This is the perfect handbagfriendly powder, keeping you looking beautifully bronzed on-the-go.

5. 4.

6. bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 2.0 in ‘The Grande Finale’ Available from £19. These cute and compact eyeshadow duos are available in a range of colours but The Grande Finale contains a gold and deep teal shade, which will complement a summer glow perfectly. 8. Laura Mercier Crème Lip Print Available from £16.50. Coral is always a winner in the sunshine and with this creamy, soft-to-the-touch lip print, you can have the perfect pout for those summer parties.

7. 4.

7. Kevin Murphy Color Bug Available from Harper & Quinn £12.95. A temporary hair colour change has never been as easy as this. You can welcome in summer with dip-dyed locks thanks to this wash-out hair shadow. 9.Yes To Carrots And Cucumber On-The-Go Kit Available in May 2012 £15. In the aid of Breakthrough For Breast Cancer, Shavata have launched a new range of Yes To products. This compact little kit will be perfect for those muddy festivals and warm city breaks!

6. 4. 8. 4.

9. 4.

VIVA G R O O M I N G 3. 1.


1. Jean Paul Gaultier “Le Male” Eau De Toilette Available at Debenhams £38.50. This summer sees the famous JPG bottle adopt a jungle design, reinforcing mascunility yet with a fresh aromatic scent.


2. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Body Scrub Available from Selfridges £50. Get the Mediterranean experience from the comfort of your bathroom with this energising scrub. The exfoliating formula banishes dead skin cells and leaves you preened for summertime. 3. Kiehl’s Amino Acid Shampoo Available from Selfridges £15. The sun and sea can take its toll on hair so give it the TLC it deserves with this moisturising shampoo which contains amino acid and coconut oil derived cleansers. 4. Crème de la Mer, The Moisturising Gel Cream Available from £95. This is the uniquely lightweight version of the original Moisturising Cream, perfect for the men out there who want formula but still want refreshed and hydrated skin for the summertime. 5. Marc Jacobs Bang Bang Deodorant Stick Available from Selfridges £16. Infused with zesty notes and refreshing citrus, this is an ideal deodorant choice for summer, leaving you feeling clean and fresh. 6. NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser Available from www.narscosmetics. £27. Men, you can now fix any imperfections without the heavy feeling of wearing make-up. This advanced moisturiser provides a translucent coverage whilst reviving the skin.

5. 4.

...for HIM 6. 4.

7. Nivea Essential Wash Bag Gift Set Available from Debenhams £13. Festivalgoers will appreciate this bag of essentials to keep you staying fresh whilst having fun in the sun! 8. Giorgio Armani Skin Minerals for Men Moisturising Bronzer Available from Selfridges £30. After the dull winter months, skin needs an injection of warmth and thanks to this bronzer, you can achieve a radiant, healthy-looking glow. 9. Clinique Happy For Men After Shave Balm Available from Debenhams £29. This leaves the skin with a slight summery scent, whilst moisturising the skin after shaving. With a lightweight soothing formula, nicks and cuts can be repaired instantly.

9. 4.

7. 4.

8. 4.


VIVA g a d g e t s 2





or this issue, VIVA checks out some gadgets that will help you make the most of your summer of 2012! We know that fun in the sun can often take its toll and so the Gadgets Page, this time round, will focus on items that both take a little of the stress away from the heat or just help you to enjoy it even more! We know we will… 1. Bobble Filtered Water Bottle The first of our items comes from the stylish brand Bobble. This neat little gadget filters water whilst you drink it – which will ensure that you stay refreshed in the best way whilst lazing out in the sun. Whether in a park, at a festival or even just at home and feeling the heat – you fill the bottle with regular tap water and it filters it through the nozzle whilst you drink: amazing! What we find even more amazing is the price. At £9.95 for a 385ml bottle, we think this is an absolute bargain – and it comes in a range of colours! Whether you want magenta, lavender, blue, navy, black or red – or a combination – the cool and iconic shape of the bottle won’t hinder your look wherever you go. The bottle is reusable and you can purchase filters to replace the old ones as and when you need to. What is great is that the bottles come in 1L size too,and the filters fit both! Everyone is a winner. Get yours from Harvey Nichols now. Price: £9.95 Available from: Harvey Nichols words: Matt Horwood

2. iMusic Chair

3. LifeProof for iPhone

We don’t know about you but two of our favourite things to do (combined) in the heat are max out with some decent tunes in the outdoors, be it the garden, the local park or a festival field..What could possibly be the ultimate Team VIVA gadget has now been created: an iMusic chair which, after inflating, turns into your own miniature sound system!

LifeProof for iPhone does what it says on the tin – it protects the life of your iPhone…

The chair comes with a five foot pump to inflate it. Once you’re there, you plug in your mp3 player, sit back and enjoy. How easy is that? It’s the lazy sunlover’s version of cruising down the high streets with the roof down and the music up – which is brilliant for us! For just over £25, you’re getting an inflatable chair as well as an iPod (or mp3 player) dock! We know we will be investing! Now we’ve just got to sort out our playlist… Price: £26.95 Available from: Netgadgets

The case itself comes in different colours and only adds an extra 1.5mm to the phone itself, which is a small price to pay if you want to take it under water! (up to 2 metres deep) The case itself is £50.23 from the LifeProof website which, especially if you have insurance, might sound a little steep. A lot of individuals with busy, active lifestyles may take great care and caution to leave their phones away safely during their day-to-day lives. Athletes, adrenaline junkies, those travelling etc. – this can even mean buying a ‘separate phone’, often cheaper, that you won’t miss if it breaks. The LifeProof case gives you complete freedom to never worry about your phone – you can listen to your music, make your calls and take your photos – all the while leading whatever lifestyle it is you choose to lead. Price: £50.23 Available from:

4. Sony Dev-5 Digital Recording Binoculars The DEV-5 digital recording binoculars from SONY allow you to see and record objects at the same time with a zoom and auto-focus that does not hinder how steady or high quality the images are. If, like us, you travel a lot and often use binoculars when out and about on holidays, these binoculars will be fantastic for you. In fact, we see them as quite the family item. If one of the family is still looking out for some fascinating wildlife or goings on and spots something – whilst the others are away from the scene – it has all been caught on footage. It makes sharing far easier than with a regular pair of binoculars… The removable memory card is also a fantastic feature of the binoculars, meaning that you can record and transfer the captured footage to a laptop with complete ease and no need for wires. For professionals, this is a real benefit and anthropologists, documentary makers and jobs with similar needs would probably consider the binoculars a bit of an ‘essential.” The binoculars not only ensure you see everything up close and with fantastic quality but capture it at once. This is very different to a video camera, where the focus is on recording and you can often lose out on ‘the moment.’ Price: £2,049 Available from: Sony


Lazy Summers 2.







2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Tulip Freestanding XL Lamp £497.99 each from Sun lounger cushions are set to replace the traditional deck chair! Available from Ikea for £30 each. This stylish tete-a-tete day bed in coral orange, available from John Lewis for £2,500. Lolita Butterfly Wine Glass £18 from John Lewis. Perfect for all you social butterflies out there! John Lewis 2-person Willow Picnic Hamper £50 from John Lewis. Rondo garden table, it’s biodegrabable and recyclable! Available from for £420.

VIVA Cribs 7.






8. 9. 10. 11.

Landmann’s ‘Picolino’ barbecue in lime, available from Debenhams for £47.25.

Foscarini Blob Outdoor lamp The ultimate in modern cool available from Manchester based Ferrious for £204. Butterfly by Matthew Williamson Bento Box £24 from Debenhams. Freestanding Parasol, Available from John Lewis for £199. A funky, achingly-modern 2-seater Bistro set available in bright blue or coral, Available from John Lewis for £99.


The New

M ini Roadster


VIVA m o t o r i n g


ove them or hate them, the Mini has been a runaway success. And now there is another model to choose from – the Roadster.

The two-seater soft-top joins the Mini hatchback, convertible, Clubman, Coupé and Countryman, tussling for the affections of the funky and hip and those that like a car that adds a bit of zip to the daily drive. Mini is pitching the Roadster against the Audi TT and the much loved and very capable Mazda MX-5, aiming for people who want a second car to bring out of the garage when the sun begins to shine. The Roadster is based on the same chassis as the hatchback – which was always tagged as giving drivers a go-kart experience behind the wheel - but has been made more rigid by placing more metal behind the seats, to balance the loss of stiffness felt when removing the roof. The vehicle’s suspension is comprised of MacPherson struts at the front and a multi-link rear axle. Sports suspension, which brings stiffer damper characteristics, sturdier anti-roll bars and upgraded springs are available as an option. Mini might already have a convertible on the market which uses the same setup but it wants the Roadster to be seen as a more sports-focused vehicle. So they may share the same underpinnings but the Roadster is 5mm longer and has had 24mm shaved from its height, lowering the centre of gravity and making it more sure on the road. Aerodynamics have also been altered to improve performance; the heavily raked A-pillars have been angled backwards by an extra 13° over the convertible. The Roadster also has a rear active spoiler. The integrated technology extends automatically as soon as the car reaches 50mph and drops back at 37mph,but should you like the look it can be raised and lowered with the touch of a button. And the engineering changes appear to work; the Roadster is quick and solid on the road. The £20,095 Cooper S variant, powered by a 1.6-litre, twin-scroll turbocharged petrol engine and linked to a six-speed transmission, can hit 62mph in seven seconds and, if the law allowed, a top speed of 141mph. (even with this performance CO2 emissions are an acceptable 139g/km).

Around the Cotswold countryside it was not only swift but steady. So many times in higher powered, front-wheel drive vehicles the amount of torque makes the steering feel like it has a mind of its own but in the Roadster you get the sense that you’re in control. Pressing harder on the accelerator until the needle hits 5,500rpm is a lot of fun because it’s then that the engine’s full 184hp becomes available and from 1,600rpm the vehicle’s 177 lb/ft of torque pulls you forward. There is also the bonus of hearing a snap and crackle from the exhaust, which should bring a smile to your face, if not the residents of the streets you drive along. But much of the Roadster’s desire isn’t based on the vehicle’s performance but on the driving experience. Once the rain stops falling and the sun comes out from behind the clouds it’s about enjoying the outdoors and the whistle of the wind in your hair. The Mini Roadster’s roof can be taken down in eight seconds – though as it isn’t fully automatic it does require a strong wrist to unlock the hood and push it up before the electronics take over. With the roof down, wind noise at higher speeds is minimal and it’s still possible to have a conversation with whoever is sat next to you – and should you chose the heated seats, the cabin is a warm place even on less attractive days. The Roadster is probably best kept for brighter days though, as when the roof is up, the inside becomes quite dark and oppressive. With the sun on your back the interior is no different to other Minis in the range, with the large central circular speedo and the rev counter behind the steering and once you have become accustomed to its idiosyncrasies – the electric window switches are still housed in the centre console for example – it’s a comfortable place to spend your time, whether you’re going for a quick blast down the back roads or a longer trip down the motorway. Mini has made a huge success of the vehicles it has launched and the sixth addition is no different. Sweeping looks, strong performance and a funky appeal make you wonder what is going to come out of the Mini production line next. ■ words: James Scoltock


VIVA S P O R T The ancient Mayans have only gone and got the doomsday brigade thinking the world will end this year. First human sacrifice, now this. The cheeky Mayan b*st*rds. Anyway, the apocalypse doesn’t happen until December 21st and there is an apocalyptic amount of sport over the summer months to get through first. So if you like your balls kicked, horses whipped and engines roaring, summer 2012 has everything your sporty hearts’ desire. Obviously, the granddaddy of them all is the Olympics. And, as if you didn’t know, the greatest show on earth is coming from our nation’s capital, London. With 196 nations taking part in 26 different sports in 39 separate disciplines, Viva has picked out some key dates and events for you.

27 Jul, Opening ceremony London cannot top Beijing for sheer size and scale. In this age of austerity the sublime ridiculousness that was the 2008 opening ceremony is only possible if you have ‘rule absolute’ over a population of over a billion and a questionable human rights record.

Great Britain has neither, (thankfully) however, we do low-key and modest very well. Danny Boyle is in charge of proceedings so, while you can probably rule out running zombies, you can expect an opening ceremony that will be different and entertaining.

5 Aug, Men’s 100m final

As much as the Olympics are about the spirit of competition, in this event there really is NO competition. It is about one man and how fast that man will run. Usain Bolt ‘the lightening’ Bolt is only 25 and already probably the greatest sprinter who ever lived. He is certainly the fastest. In Beijing he appeared to jog to a world 100m record of 9.72. He has since broken that record twice and it currently stands at 9.58. Ever the showman, Bolt also attracts some criticism for his show-boating antics.But don’t let the self-assured attitude and Virgin adverts throw you off. After his disqualification in the 100m final at the 2011 World Athletics Championships in Daegu, South Korea, he will be more focussed than ever and itching to prove he is still the best in the world.

2 Aug, Team sprint finals; 3 Aug, Team pursuit finals; 6 Aug, Men’s sprint finals Velodrome For such a small Island-nation of binge drinking, beer-bellied, Friday-night fighting hedonists, Great Britain surprisingly churns out its fair-share of elite level cyclists. And the two-wheeled pursuits are probably where Team GB’s best chance of sustained gold medal success is. This has been solidified by a great showing at this year’s UCI World Track Cycling Championships in Melbourne in April. Great Britain clinched a host of individual and team gold medals and world records. Expect the same in London.

What the experts say

Eunan O’Neill is the Sports Anchor for Russia Today and will be covering the London games and Euro 2012. Here are his picks for Team GB

medal hopes: “cycling will again figure highly – expect Chris Hoy to live up to his reputation again. Ben Ainslie has had a good break and should be raring to go in sailing. I also expect the usual suspects like Rebecca Adlington (swimming) and Jessica Ennis (Heptathlon) to win gold. But Tom Daley (diving) will lose. Pressure has been too high for too long.”

unbelievably great/legendary/historical talent. For so long in recent memory, Roger Federer dominated the modern game. Including his first title in 2003, he has won it six times. Then along came Rafael Nadal with his freakish power and blistering skill. The Spaniard has been champion twice (2008 & 10) and been runner up three times.

Euro 2012

Last year, just as it seemed Feds powers were finally on the wane and Nadal was having a bit of a wobble. People began to wonder ‘was it Murray’s time?’ That was until Serbia’s Novak Djokovic went from being a very good player to simply unstoppable. The Serbian won everything, including Wimbledon.

Well some of them must have stayed home because Poland, along with Ukraine – famous for Chernobyl and poisoning presidents – are hosting this year’s European Championships. England, as ever, is going into the championship surrounded by drama. Never one to quietly earn a spot in a tournament, it’s usually broken metatarsal this or WAG related fiasco that.

Murray has beaten all of the above at some point in his career. However, he is yet to do it on the biggest stage of them all. Will 2012 be any different? If the April’s Miami masters is anything to go by, the simple answer is no.

If you were to believe the Daily Mail you may think the entire Polish nation is shoddily plumbing a kitchen somewhere in the Home Counties or poorly constructing a conservatory in the Cotswolds.

This time the Three Lions have outdone themselves in the headline stakes. We have no manager, no captain, racial controversy still surrounding our last captain and a divided dressing room (if some reports are to be believed). So what should England’s expectations be? “Low” says Eunan O’Neill. But before you start writing in to Viva complaining about Mr O’Neill’s pessimistic attitude, it’s not only England who should be wary. He added: “But it’s not just England, essentially any team that isn’t Spain doesn’t really stand a chance, in my opinion. A semi-final place for England will be regarded as a job well done.” So what makes Spain that good? “The revolution began at Barcelona and the national team have reaped the rewards. Xavi, Iniesta and co are all in full flight at the moment and it’s going to take a miracle to stop them. France could be dark horses. Simply because abject failure followed by success is a national pastime.”


Andy Murray has to rank as one the unluckiest British/Scottish (depending on whether he’s winning or losing at the time of print) sportsman ever. He is a genuine world-class talent that just so happens to be playing in an era of


Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot 2012: Tuesday 19th to Saturday 23rd June. For many sporting fans this summer the Olympics and Euros will be the be all and end all. For others they will be a mere footnote, something the hoi polloi can entertain themselves with. For these people there is only one event this and every summer, Royal Ascot. For them it is not only the sporting event of the summer but the social occasion of the year. Few sporting venues and events can boast its history and heritage. After nearly 250 years, Royal Ascot has become a national institution. It is the showpiece of the British social calendar that just so happens to race the world’s best horses. If you thought it was just a bit of horse-racing, you just don’t get it and are probably not meant to. Don’t worry about it, come and watch the footy with me. Other ones to watch out for this summer The British F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone The US Open 27-1 Jul, Rowing Henley Royal Regatta Eunan’s ‘left-field pick: “The All-Ireland Gaelic Football Championship. Consistently brilliant. If you’ve never watched GAA, get on it.” ■ words: Jordan Kenny





have always wanted to ski, my dad was a ski instructor in the army and he was constantly asking to take me on a ski trip. All teenage girls are full of angst and insecurity and the idea of taking my prosthetic leg off in front of a group of army lads was so daunting that I was never brave enough to go-ahead and learn to ski! The Chill Factore here in Manchester has a dedicated team of instructors -Disability Snowsport UK - specifically for teaching less able people how to ski. So I finally decided to take to the slopes. Dave, my coach, is very experienced and has taught many people with all sorts of disabilities, both sensory and physical, and you feel you are in very capable hands. It is still extremely intimidating and when you first put your skis on you think there is no way that you could ever be able to ski from the top! I had six lessons with Dave, I had my good days and bad days. One minute I was making a lot of progress and then suddenly I was falling over constantly. Skiing is a very frustrating sport to learn. You can fall and possibly hurt yourself, smash into people or fall down the ski lifts over and over again. It is embarrassing because you feel that you are the only person with so little skill and lack of technique but, trust me, that’s how everyone feels at the start and you just have to carry on with the battle. By the time I was getting ready to go on my first ever Ski Holiday to Serre Chevalier in France with my fellow VIVA girl Emma, I was finally at the top of the Chill Factore; Hurray. I was so excited and nervous to be actually hitting the real slopes ‘true après style for sure!’ Of course I carried on with my lessons over in France with the very talented (and rather hot) Christophe. I even had a French TV News channel - BFM TV - filming me in action and they interviewed me on the slopes. I have really come on in leaps and bounds and recently just popped back to show Dave at Disability Snowsport UK exactly how much I have learned. I think he was very impressed and now I am capable of skiing on my own. Well that’s an achievement so far for me in 2012! ■ More Information on lessons with Disability SnowSport can be found online or please call Dave on 0161 749 2290



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The beautiful, 5 star Buccament Bay Resort in St Vincent


he Caribbean has always been considered something of an exotic hub. With crystal blue seas, immaculate white sand beaches, palm trees blowing in the wind and a never ending supply of rum punch, what is there not to like? St Vincent truly is an idyllic island set in the most beautiful surroundings, the perfect place to immerse in pure tranquillity. Buccament Bay Resort is situated on the southwest coast of St. Vincent and the island’s first luxury five-star hotel, offering an exciting range of facilities including a Pat Cash Tennis Academy, Liverpool FC Soccer School, Harlequin Performing Arts Academy, relaxing Spa treatments, a beautiful pool overlooking a stunning beachside view and an array of restaurants with an eclectic fusion of cuisines.

Where to stay There is a collection of spacious and beautifully designed villas with a choice of one, two or four bedrooms available, all within walking distance of the main restaurants, pool and beach. My villa was spacious and airy, with a modern and elegant interior made up of rich mahogany and contrasting neutral tones. The living room shutters reveal a decking area complete with plunge pool and sun loungers; the ideal place to enjoy a cool rum punch and Caribbean sunset. The rain forest showers were particularly extravagant with oversized massaging droplets descending onto a quirkily designed pebbled floor. Not forgetting the cosy king size bed ready to send you off into a peaceful night’s slumber.

Where to eat

With a range of restaurants in Buccament offering a variety of cuisines from around the world, you won’t be stuck for choice. The first evening’s meal at the newly named Bamboo restaurant, just a short walk from the main reception area was a casual alfresco affair, I enjoyed freshly cooked steak marinated in the chef’s secret family Caribbean recipe. This is also the breakfast area serving freshly cooked omelettes, together with your typical American and English cooked breakfasts, a range of fresh tropical fruits and iced fruit smoothies to kickstart your day. For a slightly more ambient dining experience, Bay Beach Club offers a fusion of Caribbean and Asian cuisine and a selection of fine wines. Set overlooking the infinity pools, amidst a swanky modern décor and softly lit by atmospheric purple spotlights, Bay Beach Club is the perfect place to share a romantic cocktail with your loved one. For those wanting a uniquely indulgent dining experience, Buccament can arrange a private dining table set up on the beach for you to enjoy a romantic dinner, sip scrumptuous champagne and savour a starry-eyed embrace.

What to do

With a selection of resort activities from diving excursions to football training sessions, there really is something for everyone. I opted for a private singing lesson at the Harlequin Performing Arts Academy with singing coach and West End performer John Barr and musical director John Donovan. The two combined created a fun and comprehensive approach to vocal coaching and performance techniques. With one-on-one adult lessons to brush up on those show stopping Babs belters, group child performances and the chance to perform in front of the family, a uniquely enjoyable experience and a definite recommended visit. Although spoilt for choice with the range of resort activities, you must explore the stunning and lush surroundings St. Vincent and the Grenadines has to offer. A great way to explore the island’s Caribbean wildlife and rich greenery is the challenging yet scenic La Soufrière Volcano trek. A truly unforgettable experience and a great excuse to dive into your plunge pool to relax those aching muscles.

Where to relax

Whether you’ve indulged in gruelling volcano treks or lazily topped up the tan by the pool, there really is no need for excuses to book in to the beautiful Spa and Wellness Centre. Welcomed by a refreshing aromatic cold towel and accompanying soft background music you feel relaxed and tranquil before your treatment has even begun. The spa itself has an elegant bohemian style filled with the sweet aroma of massage oils. A full range of ESPA treatments are available, either in one of the spa’s treatment rooms or under a gazebo on the beach should you so desire. I opted for an ESPA customised relaxation massage, which was heavenly. After your massage you can take advantage of the Wellness Café and enjoy a revitalising detox cocktail before you set off for your evening’s festivities. The Spa and Wellness Centre can also (upon request) organise wellness lunches or dinners set up on the spa veranda. We enjoyed a delicious healthy meal of feta salad with toasted cashew nuts and papaya, followed by white salmon in an Asian broth with spaghetti vegetables, finishing with rice pudding infused with lemon grass and coconut. Buccament Bay was a wonderful experience, perfect for a romantic retreat with the boy, or a fabulous girly getaway where you can indulge in countless spa treatments and sip rum punch your heart’s content. An enchanting island with so much to explore and an experience you will not want to leave. >


Also lets not forget the Grenadines islands’ stunning crystal waters and the pristine white sand, just a stones throw away from Buccament. The highlight of my trip was a fun-filled boat trip to Tobago Cays setting off early morning from Buccament and sailing across the vast translucent ocean. Tobago Cays is a National Marine Park and was the beautiful setting for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The waters are incredible, glistening in the blazing sunlight and the perfect place for diving and snorkelling. I was lucky enough swim with turtles, witness bizarre flying fish (which I admittedly had no idea existed, so imagine my surprise to see a shoal jumping out of the water alongside our boat) and two of us were fortunate to catch the smallest glimpse of two protruding dolphin fins. Various other activities are available to book through the resort such as kayaking (you can experience the bat caves if you’re brave enough), scuba diving, tennis, romantic sunset cruises, football training sessions and a recommended historical tour around the quaint and colourful town of Kingstown. For further information please see: the discover St Vincent website or the hotels website Buccament bay. ■ words: Carla Griscti

· All year round alfresco, stable bar and large patio area with large cast iron fire pit lanterns. · Real wood fires for Wintery days. · The restaurant serves freshly prepared food and caters for all tastes. · Met Classics such as ‘The famous Metropolitan Burger’ ~ 8oz prime 28-day aged beef topped with cheese and dry cured bacon, served in a caramelised onion focaccia with homemade chips. · Breakfast is served every day from 10am. · Traditional Afternoon Tea is available 3-5pm, Monday to Saturday. · Early Evening Menu 5-7pm, Monday to Friday (2 courses £9.95, 3 courses £12.95)



2 Lapwing Lane, West Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2WS | 0161 438 2332 | |


‘Summer inspired’ menu

Join us at The Merlin for a main course this Summer and enjoy a complimentary glass of fizz on us - mention this offer when booking.


Summer is just around the corner and with Manchester and Cheshire being treasure troves for the best places to wine and dine, we bring you VIVA’s guide to the hottest eating and drinking venues the area has to offer. Whether you want a fabulous eatery to kickstart your weekend or a hip new meeting point for a bottle of wine with friends, we’ll show you the places to be this summer. And with the Diamond Jubilee and Olympic fever filling the British air this year, we think it’s time you embraced the patriotism in you and experienced what wonderful restaurants and bars our city has to offer >> VIVA 61

THE MERLIN The Merlin Pub in Alderley Edge is a beautiful grand building which is surrounded by picturesque gardens. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting and has a lovely family feel to it. The Merlin offers both indoor and outdoor dining and whichever you prefer, you won’t be disappointed. The views are wonderful and tranquil and make you feel instantly relaxed and carefree. The new manager, Kimberley has transformed the place and the menu since taking over 14 months ago and brought about a fresh new vibrant Merlin Pub. Her staff are passionate and friendly, which only adds to the welcoming atmosphere. There’s a wide range of food for everyone including light bites, freshly made Soup of the day, Scallops, Char grilled Asparagus or Sharing Platters including Sticky Platter consisting of Sticky Pork Ribs with Watermelon, Chicken Satay Skewers, Lamb Koftas, Flatbread, Tzatziki, Radish and Sesame Salad, which sounds fab! The chef prepares a Specials menu daily and all the food is made using market-fresh ingredients. There’s also a choice of Pizzas including Gamberetti – tiger prawns char grilled, courgettes, chilli, tomato, gremolata and basil. There’s a wide choice of Pasta’s on the menu which includes Beef & Pork Meatballs, Tagliatelle Marinara and Ravioli, which you can order as a starter for a lighter option or as a bigger portionfor the main meal. A grill section offers a variety of dishes including of Lamb Rump, Panggang Chicken, Spit Roasted Sweet Cured Gammon, to name a few. There’s a wide range of salads and Fish on the menu including Fish pie made with Smoked Haddock, King Prawns, Applewood Mash and Crispy Pangrattato, which is beautiful and very filling. If you feel you have enough room for a Pudding, then traditional Apple Crumble with Custard or Summer Berry & Bilberry Eton Mess give you an idea of the choice. There’s 2 cocktails for £8 all day every day and 50% off bottles of wine Wednesday and Friday, with Thursdays named ‘Sparkling Thursday’ with prosecco £15 (normally £25) and Champagne £20. (normally £35) Special occasions are catered for with a private Camelot dining area and function room, fabulously designed with a square Chinese Temple Table, a big hit with the Manchester Football teams including Roberto Mancini and Edwin Van Der Sar, which speaks volumes about the quality of the food and drink on offer at The Merlin Pub. It’s definitely one to try! Wilmslow Road, Alderley Edge, SK9 7QL | 01625 599 959 |

THE BELLE EPOQUE The Belle Epoque is situated in the beautiful town of Knutsford and stands elegant and bold, offering both a modern and traditional way to dine and socialise. A beautiful picturesque rooftop terrace garden at the back of Belle Epoque, is a hidden treasure ideal for lazy afternoons or simply to meet with good friends after a day’s work and at a time when life is sometimes full on and friends and family are often not seen enough. This really is the perfect place to catch up and unwind! With an outdoor bar to accommodate you whilst you are there, it’s the perfect finish to the day. A cocktail bar adds a modern element to the place with a wide selection of cocktails on offer, you’re sure to find one that suits. From Brideshead Revisited Fizz with gin fresh grapefruit and soda or Espresso Martini made with Smirnoff Black vodka, kahlua espresso and gomme syrup, you really will want to stay for more than one! The drinks menu includes a selection of bottled beers including Budvar and Peroni, together with bottled ciders and draught beers. There’s a wide selection of Spirits and Liqueurs together with a choice of Champagnes to accompany your meal. The restaurant offers a special garden menu with a choice of 1 course for £9.95, 2 courses for £14.95 or 3 courses for just £19.95.The Brasserie Classics Menu has a wide selection of starters, mains and desserts. Starters include Crispy Goat’s Cheese Batons served with Coarse Black Olive, tomato, pickled shallot and mushroom dressing, Croquette de Volaille, Bois Boudran which is slow cooked chicken, bound in a chicken veloute, bread crumbed and fried served with a rich tomato and tarragon dressing, and petit leaf salad. The Main menu has a mix of Fish dishes including Pavé wild sea trout, Pan Fried Scallops, a selection of Steaks including Rib Eye or more traditional dishes including Rack of Cheshire Lamb using local produce to ensure quality and taste. The Belle Epoque also offers an A La Carte specials menu including Saddle of young, spring Lune Valley Lamb or Pan Fried Spiced Foie Gras. Belle Epoque has a beautiful function room, which can be hired out for weddings and special occasions and will certainly make your special occasion one you will remember forever. This quaint castle styled building really does have something for everyone and is well worth paying a visit. King Street, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6DT | 01565 633060 |

LIME BAR Situated on the Quays, this modern and uniquely designed bar is one you won’t want to miss. Opposite the famous Quays arch, this beautiful bar is as fresh as its name! Opening out onto a vast outdoor seated area in the summer months, you can relax and take in the atmosphere that the area has to offer. Looking out over the Quays, you feel immediately relaxed and chilled, taking in the views of the superb Media City Site itself, together with the Salford Quays Bridge and connecting canal feature, it really is the place to kick back and chill. The interior offers private American-style booths for families or groups of friends, together with stylish seating areas where you can drink or dine. The food is modern, beautifully presented and freshly made, with produce locally sourced where possible. The menu has a great selection of quality foods ranging from Teriyaki Salmon with stir fried noodle salad to Eggs Benedict or if salad is more your thing then, there are some great choices such as the classic Chicken Caesar or a more unusual Bury Black Pudding Salad! There’s also a choice of steaks with sauces to accompany them and a wide selection of main meals including my favourite: Pan Fried Seabass with crushed new potatoes and salsa verde or traditional Fish & Chips complete with mushy peas. Platters to share are also available. Lime Bar offers a Market Menu which consists of 2 courses for just £14.95 Tuesday to Saturday, leaving you with more money for your drinks, which is never a bad thing! Pencil in Thursday nights as this is Cocktail night where cocktails are only £4.50! Happy hour is between 5-7pm nightly, with a choice of drinks including Fosters beer at £2.50 or a bottle of house wine for just £9.00. There is also a large selection of bottled beers from every corner of the world including craft beers such as Affligem Abbey Beer from Belgium and the award winning Wreckless from Red Willow Brewery in Cheshire. A choice of Champagne is also available to help you celebrate in style. With Hog Roasts and Barbecues planned throughout the summer months, you can be sure that you won’t be bored. The bar is fully equipped and well positioned for the flurry of Olympic fever, with TV screens scattered throughout the building and Old Trafford only a 10 minute walk away for the Olympic football matches which are taking place there. Come rain or shine over the summer, Lime Bar is certainly worth paying a visit! The Lowry Outlet Mall, Salford Quays, M50 3AG | 0161 869 0440 |

PURITY Purity is a new, exciting and unique venture in the heart of the city centre. Just at the intersection of Peter Street and Deansgate,close to Epernay and Opus, its central location means the venue forms a gateway to the Great Northern Warehouse itself. The launch of this fab new and bold bar, is May Bank Holiday Weekend and with special guests TBC, this is one launch party you won’t want to miss! Purity really does offer everything you need under one roof and just in time for Summer! Not only stylish but contemporary Purity offers an amazing and expansive outdoor terrace for you to enjoy, whilst soaking up the sun and the atmosphere of our great city. The vast open terrace area, blends right into the Great Northern Square to form a rare open space in the beating heart of Manchester. Once inside the fabulous building, a white baby grand piano creates a suitably elegant backdrop to summer imbibing, with club pianists brought up from London to fill the space with jazzy sounds. There is a main bar and dining area within two grand glass frontages, which allow the glorious sunlight to flood in as you drink and dine. The food is an innovative combination of substantial, hearty comfort foods which will set you up for the day or night ahead. Choose from a range of sweet and savoury waffles for a quick turn round during the day or those wanting a lighter bite. For something more substantial, Purity is bringing a brand new concept to Manchester: in an altogether unique South American style, cook your own Argentinean steaks to your taste, on white hotplates of volcanic rock, at your table. Certainly a first for the city! An impressive mezzanine level allows you to relax and take in the atmosphere and amazing views this wonderful venue has to offer. Drinks? Well Purity has that covered too, with a vast range of liquid pleasures to suit everyone’s palette, including an expansive cocktail menu for those who prefer to do things in style. If like me, you prefer to continue into the night, then Purity’s dedicated downstairs club space, together with some of Manchester’s finest DJ’s and a Funktion One sound system will, most definitely be the start of something very special in Manchester! Purity houses several areas that can also be hired for private functions or corporate events, so whether you’re on business, at a conference, catching up with friends or simply ‘party people’ who only come out at night, this one is for you. Purity Pavillion, Great Northern Square, M2 5GP | 0161 8197777 |

VIVA S u m m e r f e a u t r e THE METROPOLITAN Built originally as a hotel c1880, the Metropolitan melds its historical past with the best of modern hospitality and service. With an eventful summer on the horizon there is nowhere better to enjoy Euro 2012 or the London Olympics than the large outdoor screen in the huge Mediterranean styled garden. As this is Manchester there’s a large canopied area complete with cast iron fire lanterns to keep you warm and dry should we get those summer showers. Table service from the Stables bar means that you can relax completely with friends. Try sharing a cider pitcher, choosing from traditional iced cider, Scrumpy or even Rekorderlig fruit ciders in Strawberry and pear flavours. There is, of course, a large selection of beers and spirits for those that prefer. During the summer the Metropolitan bar features a number of special offers including Champagne Fridays when a bottle of house Champagne is just £20. Could there be a more perfect way to celebrate? Having enjoyed your drinks in the picturesque outdoors it’s likely that you will need to eat. The beautiful conservatory restaurant overlooks the terrace and library which features open fires and bookshelves for a traditional homely atmosphere. There is also a breakfast terrace at the front of the building open from 10am just the right place to enjoy a hearty English breakfast or cup of coffee and slice of homemade cake. On weekdays the restaurant has an early evening menu between 5 and 7pm offering two courses for £9.95 or three courses for £12.95. There is a wide variety of distinct home-cooked meals available including my favourite starter of oven-baked tiger prawns with cauliflower almonds, leeks and a glazed thermidor sauce. Or you could try the baked asparagus and goats cheese pancakes. For the main meal I recommend you try the trio of seasoned lamb - chargrilled cutlets, crispy shoulder and glazed breast served with potato dauphinoise, caponata and a basil jus. Absolute heaven, but again your tastes might prefer the famous Metropolitan Burger, the veal escalopes or any one of the many delicious dishes the restaurant cooks to perfection. For anyone wanting something lighter there are platters for sharing and, of course, there is a delightful children’s menu for the smaller members of the family. The desserts are, like everything else on the menu, delectable. If you can find the room after your main I’d recommend the chocolate and Bailey’s mousse with Chantilly cream and homemade fudge. The Metropolitan has function rooms available to hire for any special occasion; buffets can be tailored to your requirements or you could just settle for the sumptuous afternoon teas. So whatever your mood the Metropolitan really does have something for everyone. 2 Lapwing Lane, West Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2WS | 0161 438 2332 |

So there you have it VIVA’s guide to outdoor drinking and dining this summer. Let’s hope the weather’s a scorcher this year and we’ll see you in one of these hot spots real soon! words: Lisa Jones


Restaurant & Bar Situated right in the heart of Knutsford, The Belle Époque Brasserie is eclectic, stylish and individual. The restaurant also has an enchanting roof garden and terrace. Ideal for aperitifs, celebratory drinks or dining. Hidden in the town centre, the roof garden offers the perfect place to meet and has a ‘secret garden’ quality, which you would hardly expect to find in a bustling market town. Complete with an outdoor cocktail bar and charming staff, you can expect the warmest of welcomes at the Belle Époque. The Belle Epoque, King Street, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6DT 01565 633060



ver 450 people passed through Manchester Town Hall’s historic doors for an evening of shaking, muddling and drinking under the expert guidance of the city’s (and indeed the world’s) leading bartenders. Celebrating Manchester’s vibrant cocktail scene, Cocktails in the City is the largest ever cocktail master class, set within the grandiose surroundings of the Great Hall, with 19 bars, making over 1,200 cocktails throughout the course of the evening, with some visitors travelling from as far away as the U.S.A. VIVA’s Editor-in-chief and our new VIVA Perez were invited down to the event to be the official judges for the evening. Having to sample 19 different fabulous cocktails over the course of the evening you can imagine there were a couple of sore heads the next morning in the office!

Highlights of the evening included unique demonstrations in producing sensational cocktails in your own home using utensils from your kitchen creating cocktails in a field (for that essential festival season almost upon us), and disco drinks reliving the glorious 80’s blue cocktails, huge hair and Tom Cruise’s boyish good looks. Manchester’s Spinningfields area became a concentrated part of the Avenue brought indoors for VIP’s with Australasia, the Alchemist and Oast House, reconvening within the remarkable Lord Mayor’s parlour. Manchester 235 Casino added yet more glamour to the evening bringing their roulette tables to the Great Hall. The only dedicated Cocktail Show in the UK, Cocktails in the City brings together all the city’s leading cocktail bars including Harvey Nichols, Blackdog Ballroom and Mojo for an interactive

evening of Cocktail Making and drinks enlightenment. Founder Andrew Scutts comments; “This show reflects the increasing trend and popularity of cocktail culture and the fact Manchester has a world leading cocktail bar scene. This event is a unique opportunity to discover all Manchester’s top bars under one roof and learn the skilful art of cocktail making”. Well done to all the participating bars, Mojo Bar, Socio Rehab, Sandinista, Harvey Nichols Apotheca Epernay Champagne Bar, Proof, Australasia, Hula, The Alchemist, Oast House, Room, Corridor, Blackdog Ballroom, Simple, Keko Moku, The Liars Club and NOHO, you all put on entertaining and exciting cocktail making performances for the evening. ■

Bacardi sponsored : The winners of the City awards wereum Cocktails in the o Moku / El Dorado R – Kek ehab •Overall winner Johnboy Socio R – ow sh e th of per Mule y •Personalit e Strawberry Pep ar M in G – ow sh •Cocktail of the – The Liars Club •Stand of the show

MOJO’s ELEMENTS 8 COCKTAIL: INGREDIENTS *50ml Elements 8 Rum *25ml Fresh Lime Juice *15ml Gomme Syrup

METHOD *Add all the ingredients into a shaking tin, shake hard with cubed ice, strain into a Martini glass

VIVA C U I S I N E NESPRESSO: NUTTERS ABOUT COFFEE The Coffee Pairing Concept To celebrate the opening of the new Nespresso boutique at The Trafford Centre, multi-awardwinning chef Andrew Nutter designed a bespoke savoury and sweet menu to accompany Nespresso’s premium collection of 16 Grand Cru coffee. The Art of the Espresso and the Art of Northern Cuisine came together in five sensational dishes to

create the perfect coffee pairing menu. The dishes allow coffee lovers to discover the Grand Crus’ distinct notes and aromas with a menu which can be created at home and expertly matched with pairings endorsed by Nespresso’s coffee experts. We have published one of our favourites for you to try.

Slow Braised Pork Belly with a Hot Bean Casserole Serve with Nespresso’s Roma, a balance of lightly roasted South and Central American Arabicas with Robusta.

Splash Worcestershire sauce 400g borlotti beans – soaked overnight 100g chorizo sausage diced

This is a dish that is gutsy with a subtle kick. The earthy notes of the beans and chorizo really draw in the senses to complement the woody and roasted flavours of the coffee.

Method: 1) Heat the olive oil and fry the garlic, onion and herbs for 3 minutes until softened. 2) Take the pork belly and top with the onion mixture – roll into a tight cylinder and tie with string. 3) Heat the olive oil and fry the pork belly until coloured on all sides. Add the carrot, celery, onion, ginger, garlic and cinnamon and fry briefly then add the soy sauce, beef stock, tomato puree and Worcestershire sauce. Cover with tin foil and place in a hot oven heated to 140°c for 3 hours. 4) Remove the pork from the pan and leave to cool, and then roll tightly in tin foil. Skim off any fat from the cooking liquor. Add the beans and simmer for 1 hour until the beans are tender. Add the chorizo and season to taste. 5) When ready to serve – slice the pork into 2cm thick slices – fry in a pan until crisp or heat in the oven. Serve with the hot bean casserole.

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 cloves garlic - chopped 1 onion - chopped 1 tablespoon chopped thyme and rosemary 1 x 2kg pork belly - rind removed and left flat 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 carrot – diced 1 celery – diced 1 onion – chopped fine 4 cloves garlic 1 cinnamon stick 1 small knob fresh root ginger-chopped 200ml soy sauce 2 litres beef stock 1 tablespoon tomato puree



The Nespresso boutique is the first of its kind in the North. This luxury retail experience allows shoppers to be immersed in an indulgent, multisensory space where they can discover the entire Nespresso product range whilst enhancing their own coffee expertise. At the heart of the elegant space is The Coffee Room. Here customers will have the opportunity to explore and enjoy Nespresso’s 16 Grand Cru coffees and discover how to identify their distinct notes and aromas, assisted by specially trained Boutique Specialists. So what are you waiting for? Taste your way to coffee perfection in a shopping-haven where you can relax and enjoy the full Nespresso experience. Nespresso’s luxury boutique at the Trafford Centre is now open. For more information visit: ■


viva events

Are YOU thinking of having a event and want it to be remembered? Viva Events can organise any event big or small to suit ANY BUDGET. VIVA EVENTS specialise in, live music, celebrity appearances, drink sponsors, food, fashion shows, venues & much more Contact VIVA EVENTS for a consultation on 0161 8334401 or email


SOCCER AID 2012 Venue: OLD TRAFFORD Date: 29th May

The Spring Gift Fair Venue: Tatton Park Date: 5th-6th May Tickets: Free of charge

Dara O’Briain Venue: The Lowry, Salford Date: 2nd-5th May Tickets: £21 Popular Comedian Dara O’Briain brings his tour to Manchester after gaining worldwide success as one of Ireland’s greatest comedy acts. He currently hosts one of the UK’s most popular comedy TV shows ‘Mock The Week’ and the tour will show his wit and hilarious audience interaction at whole new level.

Enjoy some retail therapy in the beautiful surroundings of Tatton Park. Quality gifts and crafts to spice up your home and style this summer, whilst making the most of a day in the outdoors.

THE CRUCIBLE Venue: The Houldsworth Date: 9th - 12th May Tickets: From £5

Happy Mondays Venue: MEN Arena Date: 5th May Tickets: from £40 Rock Sensation Happy Mondays are back this year for an amazing UK reunion tour. The band achieved platinum status with 3 top selling albums since 1987. Hit songs ‘Hallelujah’, ’24 Hour Party People’ and ‘Step On’ will be a few of many classic hits. Special guests Inspiral Carpets will join the band.

Marcus Miller Venue: The Ritz Date: 6th May Tickets: £22.50 This two-time Grammy winner, producer and composer returns to Manchester for a night of exceptional music talent. Marcus Miller is at the forefront of jazz and has worked with some top names in the music industry. One of the most gifted bassists will present music as never before seen live.

ITV1 and Old Trafford will once more play host to Soccer Aid, the biggest charity football match in the world. Once again, Robbie Williams will captain the England team with Welsh movie star Michael Sheen leading the Rest of the World. Other celeb players include Will Ferrell, Gerard Butler, Mike Myers, James McAvoy, Patrick Kielty and Gordon Ramsay.

The Elite Talent Theatre School will be putting on the Arthur Miller’s production of ‘The Crucible’. The play was famously run on Broadway at the Martin Beck in 1953. It was a box office success back then, let’s hope it’s a box office success for Manchester in 2012!

The Phantom Of The Opera Venue: Palace Theatre Date: 1st-19th May Tickets: from £38.50 This spectacular new production directed by Laurence Connor will wow you and bring the bright lights of the West End to the Centre of Theatre in Manchester.

Westlife Venue: MEN Arena Date: 26th May Tickets: from £48 One of the world’s most famous boy bands is hitting Manchester with a bang for this final tour before they say farewell. The band has 14 number 1 singles that will all be performed plus many more from their hugely successful career.


Venue: The Palace Theatre Date: 4th - 9th June Tickets: From £19

Red Hot Chili Peppers Venue: Knebworth Park, Stevenage Date: 23rd June Tickets: from £50

His Holiness The Dalai Lama Venue: MEN Arena Date: 17th June Tickets: From The Tibetan spiritual leader brings the famous practices and beliefs of his people to Manchester as part of his worldwide tour. His Holiness will give a public speech on Real Change Happens In The Heart and this once in a lifetime opportunity can be yours right here in the heart of Manchester.

The incredible Red Hot Chili Peppers return this June for the only time in 2012. They will join a list of such luminaries as Led Zeppelin, Queen, and Robbie Williams as headliners of the iconic Knebworth Park.


Birds of a Feather Venue: The Lowry, Salford Date: 28th May-2nd June Tickets: from £15

Venue: The Light Boutique Hotel Penthouse Date: 4th July Tickets: from £40

Top cast members from this hugely successful TV Sitcom return this May to re-create the characters of the worldwide 90’s show. Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson and Lesley Joseph all reunite as sisters Sharon Theodopolopoudos and Tracy Stubbs and their sex-mad neighbour, Dorien Green in what will be one of the most popular reunions of 2012.

Coldplay Venue: Etihad Stadium Date: 9th and 10th June Tickets: from £49.50 The Kings of alternative rock return to Manchester as part of their stadium tour this summer. The tour is selling out fast so don’t miss the worldwide sensation this summer.

Motown’s greatest wonders have been brought together over the years in this hit show and it returns this June to Manchester as part of a UK tour. Experience energy excitement and emotion with some of the most loved tunes of all time. This is a celebration of true Motown classics.

THE STONE ROSES Venue: Heaton Park Date: 29th June - 1st July Tickets: From £59.95 Manchester music legends The Stone Roses have reunited for an incredible 3-day performance in open-air venue Heaton Park. The album ‘eponymous’ is arguably one of the most popular albums of all time. The city has eagerly anticipated this reunion and it will be a show-stopping event.


The legendary Howard Marks aka Mr Nice will be talking 15 stories high above MCR in one of the most exclusive penthouse outdoor verandas above the city. With special guests Fast+Frank from Fun Lovin’ Criminals DJing throughout the evening too, it’s going to be a one-off event, not to be missed! The After party will be at Black Dog Ballroom where Fast+Frank will continue to DJ into the night.


Peckforton Castle launches in true celebrity style...


eckforton Castle owner, Chris Naylor, was very excited about the relaunch event and certainly pulled out all of the stops to show that his luxury venue is back and better than ever… We arrived at the castle’s main gates to be greeted by friendly security, requesting names for the guestlist, and were promptly directed to the main entrance. Upon arrival a gentleman opened the car door, sheltered us with an umbrella and escorted us down the red carpet, through the doors. Luxury hit us straightaway – along with a flute of bubbly! We were snapped in the foyer in front of the staircase and warmly introduced to the castles main function rooms. “Wow” was the only word we could get out before taking another sip of champers. Absolutely fabulously decorated and all the stops were pulled-out to make the desired impression. ■

Each room was star-studded and manned with hosts presenting light snacks and top-up of champaign. Before we could absorb the magic, soul star Lemar and the Scottish singer/songwriter Emeli Sandé took over the stage with fabulous performances in an intimate, luxury ambience that set the place on fire. (not literally) The celebrities were very approachable and open to conversation. Celebs such as the Coronation Street cast, Michelle Keegan, Ryan Thomas, Brooke Vincent, Football star John Barnes, Tomasz Kuszczak, Manchester’s own George Sampson; to name a few. It was most certainly a night to remember. I have no plans to get married in the near future but when I do, this romantic, glitzy venue will be the place. Sure, it’ll be expensive but it’s a dream venue – your dream car wouldn’t be a Ford Mondeo would it. photos: Diane Thompson

House of Fraser welcomes Mary Portas to Manchester


ouse of Fraser is proud to announce that a new Mary Portas shop is now open in its Manchester store. Since the hugely successful launch of her first collection in London and online, the Mary “moan-phone” has been inundated with requests for the full Pret-A-Portas experience from across the country.

Portas and House of Fraser have taken time to ensure the new Mary shop has its own unique personality which reflects the heritage of Kendals, as well as a hand-picked team of stylists personally trained by Mary to deliver the Portas standard; that is an exceptional and considered retail experience, which provides grown-up fashion that takes the faff out of shopping. The second Mary Portas collection for SS12 is filled with on-trend fashion staples delivering wardrobe solutions that conform to the innovative Mary fashion cocktail: one part


chic, one part edge and decorate. Neon slouchy-chic tees, silk print trousers, colour-pop dresses, and re-workings of the no-brainer dress in colour and pattern are all modern, wearable favourites for the season. SS12 also sees the launch of an extended range of Armery for day and evening and her new Tights of Wonder collection.

The new boutique celebrates Manchester’s rich textile manufacturing history, with an amazing installation featuring original pieces on loan from the Museum of Science & Industry. These include an original treadle sewing machine made by Henry Wallwork & Company in Manchester; pirn winder; mill trolley and a loom from which orange thread weaves its way across the Womenswear department and into the Mary shop. Make sure you take a visit to the shop yourself for a true Mary Porta s experience! ■


Coushion Couture launches Kylie Style...


aturday 14th April saw the launch of Cushion Couture’s new Kylie at Home Store in Manchester Arndale Centre. Previously located on Deansgate, Cushion Couture has moved into the Upper Mall (opposite Argos) for the unveiling of its new store. Celebrity guests at the opening included Desperate Scousewives star Layla Flaherty. Customers and guests were treated to Champagne and cupcakes and live entertainment from Kylie Minogue tribute act Natalie Mac, aka Miss Kylie. Crowds gathered to watch as Miss Kylie performed a number of songs including the aptly titled ‘Tears on My Pillow’. Kylie is renowned for her glamorous costumes and lavish stage shows and her style translates

easily to this fashionable and desirable collection of soft furnishings. The opulent Kylie at Home range includes a variety of beautifully detailed coordinating cushions, bedding and throws all made from luxurious fabrics and stylishly embellished with sequins and embroidery. As well as a number of other designer brands including Liz Hurley, Zandra Rhodes and Kirstie Allsopp, the store also stocks traditional and contemporary cushions in an assortment of colours and styles. For more details about the store visit the Manchester Arndale website. ■ words: Sam Quinton | photos: Ben Quinton

Easter raving at the famous Warehouse Project...


nd so the Easter weekend brought with it a treat in the form of the return of WHP at its new venue in Old Trafford. Being an avid WHP fan and with a line up that included Loco Dice, Jamie Jones, Carl Craig and Heidi, I was looking forward to tantalising my eardrums with some tasty beats. The new venue could only be described as immense, with a lighting and laser system to rival any of the clubs on the golden isle. As to be expected the sound system also packed a punch, although you had to be right near the front of the main to really feel its force, which if you could get there was definitely worth the fight. (just maybe not the heat!) The second room provided much more space and once again an ear splitting

Club Aries and Beatwolf Magazine launch party... T he opening of new club Aries in Stockton Heath was a strictly invitation-only affair and attracted a glammed up crowd determined to party. The club - named Aries after the birthsign of owners Craig Farley-Jones and Marvin Isichei - has been subject to a major makeover with an exclusive VIP area installed upstairs with great views of the dancefloor. A state-of-the-art soundsystem, opulent furnishings and stylised lighting make Aries, in our view, a real star in the nightclub firmament.

The evening also celebrated the launch of the debut issue of new music magazine, Beatwolf. Guests were treated to a special performance by Strangers - who are signed to local label Beatwolf/Killing Moon Records - who performed their critically acclaimed debut single ‘Shine On You’. Also attending was former Happy Mondays man, Bez, who is brand ambassador for Beatwolf. ■

sound set up and bouncing atmosphere encouraged by an amazing set played by Nina Kraviz, which is where I settled myself until the lights came on bringing an unfortunate end to a hot but amazingly good night. As always, WHP will be the place to go if you want to get on your dancing shoes and rave but due to the mud just make sure those shoes are not ones you would ever want to wear again! It was definitely worth the loss though and I know myself, along with Manchester’s finest ravers shall certainly be looking forward to their next musically infused installment of top DJ’s, electric atmosphere and yes believe it or not ‘real toilets’! What more could you ask for? ■ words: Rachel Perera

Presents an exclusive evening with...

Howard Marks (aka Mr Nice) talking 15 stories high above Manchester with special guest DJ set by Fast+Frank from Fun Lovin’ Criminals

Join us on the 4th July 2012 from 7pm at the Light Boutique Hotel 15th Floor Penthouse veranda for this one-off exclusive evening with Howard Marks and special guest DJ set by Fast+Frank from Fun Lovin’ Criminals. A hog roast will be served throughout the evening along with bar service. All guests will have access to the official after party VIP room at Black Dog Ballroom where Fast+Fank will continue DJing into the night. (Limited tickets available)

For further details and ticket bookings email *Full payment is required upon booking, all bookings made are non transferable and non refundable. *This is strictly over 18’s and we reserve all rights to cancel the event regards to weather conditions. *Please state all special dietary requirements when booking.

Manchester celebrates with G Shock Sessions...


013 will see Casio G-Shock celebrate its 30th anniversary and to make this occasion a special one, the iconic watch brand have decided to host a series of events with the themes fashion, sport, art and music over the next year. Having had events in London and Birmingham, it was time to take the music element of the celebrations to Manchester.

To help organise the event, VIVA Magazine were asked by G-Shock to be involved with the PR side of things, to which VIVA more than happily acceded. Joining forces with über boutique Flannels, VIVA arranged for the event to take place at Moho, where 400 lucky ticket winners were treated to a night of amazing performances from Sway, Kid British, DJ Steve Sutherland, DJ Mark Hill, Shadez the Misfit and R.I.O. Joining in with the celebrations were local celebrities Leah Hackett, Stuart Picklington, the Capital FM team, Ciaran Griffiths and XFM who all received yellow G-Shock watches. Due to the great team effort of VIVA, G-Shock and Flannels there was a buzz about the event with demands for tickets coming through thick and fast from the moment the ticket line opened to the moment the show started, meaning that the performers were very busy meeting and greeting their fans! However despite

being very much in demand, VIVA managed to grab an interview with Sway and Kid British. VIVA: Everyone’s really excited to see both you guys perform tonight, so what can we expect from your performance? Sway: I’m really excited for tonight so you can expect a lot of energy and interaction with the crowd. When you go on stage the performance that you deliver depends on how the audience reacts; it’s a team effort and we’re all going to have fun. Kid British: Yeah, you know the suns out and everyone is feeling energetic so we’re going to have fun and just go with it! VIVA: Who are you both looking forward to seeing perform this evening? Sway: Without sounding obvious, I’m looking forward to seeing Kid British! Those guys are definitely on the up. Kid British: We’re excited to see Sway; he’s such a great guy and has always been an inspiration to us. We’re also pretty excited about DJ Mark Hill, you can’t not love a bit of Artful Dodger... maybe they’ll bring out Craig David and do a bit of Rewind! >



VIVA: Both of you are big supporters of Casio G-Shock, what attracted you to the brand? Sway: Well first of all it’s a credible brand that has universal appeal and that’s how I see myself and my music. I’ve featured on the Kaiser Chiefs album and Lupe Fiasco’s album as well as making my own music, so I like to think that I have universal appeal as well. The watch is shock-resistant and tough so you know that you’re buying into something that has quality and it’s great to have a connection to something like that. Kid British: We’re fairly new to this so to be part of a brand that is known for its quality is a great association. Growing up we’ve always looked up to artists like Sway and to be able to be part of something as well known as G-Shock really is a blessing. VIVA: The readers of VIVA Magazine love their city and we are always interested to hear what others think about Manchester. So Kid British as born and raised Mancunians, what do you love about your city? Kid British: I just think there is something about Manchester, like it has a really laid back vibe to it but it is also so random! You have the Northern Quarter here and then 2 minutes down the road there’s a crazy shopping centre then a bit further on from there is Deansgate Locks and out of the city centre you’ve got places like Didsbury and Chorlton; it’s the best city ever. VIVA: And Sway, what do you love about Manchester? Sway: I love the pretty women! Haha! You’re a lot friendlier and happier up here especially compared to London. There is always a great vibe whenever I come to Manchester and everyone seems to have time for other people. Once the doors opened and the night was underway, everyone had a great time dancing and partying to the early hours making it a celebration that G-Shock will never forget. ■

words: Hayley Ashworth photos: Will Wilkinson & Karin Albinsson


It all started in 1969 with Woodstock and then a year later came the Isle of Wight festival which featured the iconic line up of Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Who and Donovan; following that was Glastonbury, the largest, most musically diverse and possibly the most popular festival of all time. Now 41 years later, the music festival scene is so popular that the number of festivals held each year grows and varies from high profile national festivals to small local ones. However, no-one does a festival like the Northerners. >> VIVA 79

Kendal Calling

The Small Festivals.. Manchester based festival Parklife is a big hit with music lovers, students and the general public and at £64.50 for a weekend ticket it is definitely the festival that provides the most value for money! Headlining the stage this year are The Flaming Lips, Noah and the Whale, Kelis, Dizzee Rascal, Labrinth and controversial new comer Azealia Banks with performances from Pendulum, Nero, Annie Mac and so many more. Having sold out in the previous two years, the masterminds behind Parklife are hoping to make it a hatrick this year and with the line up they have, they will no doubt succeed!

Chester Rocks, held on the 16th and 17th June, will feature headline acts The Courteeners and Pixie Lott as well as Katy B, Maverick Sabre, Labrinth and Tinchy Stryder. This is the second year that the festival has run and with an attendance of 15,000 people last year, they are hoping that with the line up they have this year, more will attend. Tickets are only £35 and it’s located at Chester Racecourse making it an easy and highly enjoyable festival to get too. For more information check Winner of the Best Small Festival Live UK 2011, Kendal Calling is not one to be missed. Held between the 27th and 29th July Kendal Calling is located in the heart of the Lake District and boasts 11 stages which will see performances from Dizzee Rascal, We Are Scientists, Maximo Park, The View, DJ Yoda and a whole host of other top performers. Full adult weekend tickets cost £105, whilst 11-15 year old tickets are £50; under 11s get in for free and as well as your average camping, Kendal Calling also offers a bit of glamping with their Bell Tents and Tipis. All information regarding the festival and camping is available at

The Parklife Weekender

Scottish Highland festival Rockness will see Mumford and Sons, Ed Sheeran, Deadmau5, The View, Biffy Clyro and Friendly Fires headline along with a host of others that include Mylo and Annie Mac. Comedian Tim Minchin is also confirmed as their first comedy act of the 2012 line up. A three day camping ticket will cost £159 with single day tickets starting at £59. Winner of last year’s NME Small Festival Award, Rockness is certainly the coldest of all festivals but certainly worth it. Rockness runs from the 8th-10th June.

The Magic Lou

The One’s That

Are a Bit Different.. The Magic Loungeabout

returns for its third year of family-friendly music and art! Located in the grounds of Broughton Park, this festival offers the perfect mix of avante pop, fringe cabaret, thought provoking cinema and fine food. This year’s headliners include Chic featuring Nile Rodgers, The Charlatans and Kevin Saunderson featuring Inner City. However the USP of Magic Loungeabout isn’t the exclusive line-up, it’s the VIP waiter service, morning papers and breakfast that are delivered to tents and the wide range of boutique accommodation, spa treatments and home-cooked food that is available to all ticket holders. Tickets are £112 for a full weekend and the festival runs from the 27th – 29th July. More information available at

Wakestock, held between the 6th and 8th July, combines live music with wakeboarding competitions! The line-up this year boasts Calvin Harris, Rizzle Kicks, Dizzee Rascal, Katy B, Zane Lowe, Ed Sheeran, Azealia Banks and Benjamin Francis Leftwich. Located in >

Chester Rocks

V Festival



Live From Jodrell Bank

Cardigan Bay, wakeboarding competitions run before the music starts making it a bit more than your average festival. Wakestock also provide glamping experiences for VIP ticket holders from luxury tents that come with room service and giant multi-roomed tents shaped as a VW Campervan. Tickets start at £100 for a weekend pass and £125 for a weekend pass plus camping. VIP tickets vary from £140 per person to £1100 for 4 or 2 people depending on accommodation. All information is at On the opposite end of the festival scale is

Live from Jodrell Bank,


a two day festival that not only has headliners Paul Weller and Elbow but also hands-on science experiments, workshops and lectures. Held on the 23rd and 24th June, the festival takes place under the giant Lovell Telescope and will feature performances from Field Music, Willy Mason, Graham Coxon and many more as well as access to the Discovery Centre making it a truly unique experience. Tickets are only £35 and include access to the centre, workshop and performances. For more about this one of a kind festival go to

The Big Festivals.. Pioneering the way for northern festivals is the Weston Park location of V Fest. This year’s line up varies from Manchester’s The Stone Roses to Nicki Minaj, Ed Sheeran and Madness making it the perfect option for those groups of friends that have varied tastes in music. Of course it isn’t just the amazing line up that makes V Festival VIVA’s favourite; it’s the V Style camping we love! Ready built Pod Pads, pop-up hotel rooms and Pennard Tipis that come with en-suites, double beds, wooden flooring, bedding and heating depending on what option you go for. Could there be anything better than spending the day with your favourite musicians and the evening relaxing in luxury instead of a soggy tent?

Leeds Festival never fails to impress with their high-profile line ups. This year will see Kasabian, Foo Fighters, The Cure, Paramore, Bombay Bicycle Club and Florence and The Machine take to the main stage; this is definitely the festival for rock lovers. A weekend ticket will set you back £197.50 and a day ticket from £85. Again, this is another festival that has jumped on the glamping campervan so from £375 you can camp on a real bed in a secure community that comes with solid floors, curtains, electricity, lighting, locks and a café for you to stock up on complementary food and drink. Visit for more information. ■ WE’VE GOT OUR TICKETS, SEE YOU DOWN THE FRONT! TURN THE PAGE TO WIN PAIRS OF TICKETS TO SOME OF THESE FAB FESTIVALS THIS YEAR >>> words: Hayley Ashworth

Leeds Festival

VIVA l i v e m u s i c


As proud pioneers of all things ‘Girl Power’ Team VIVA are proud to be a part of LadyRock Festival as an official media partner… Here we take a moment to talk to the festival’s founder and director Jackie Crozier and let you know a little more about the festival, so you can understand why we are so behind it! “Manchester is all about music, diversity and celebration – it is surprising that no one had made this happen sooner…” Jackie Crozier, the woman behind LadyRock Festival, is no stranger to the festivals circuit. Jackie stood at the helm of Manchester Pride for four successful years, watching it win awards under her leadership, hit a £1M fundraising target and bring fantastic artists to Manchester’s gay village year upon year. “I enjoyed every second at Manchester Pride – but I felt I had taken the festival as far as it could go. I had not been planning LadyRock Festival for ages behind closed doors or anything – one night it all just came to me and felt right. Of course, I’d always imagined hosting my own festival but did not think it would happen. When that sort of passion and feeling hits you though you run with it.” Jackie has taken that dream and carved it into a fabulous shaped reality in LadyRock Festival. The event, which celebrates women in music and comedy, comes to Manchester Rugby Club on Saturday 26 May. But is it just for us girls? “Of course not! We are all about celebrating fantastic female talent – whether commercial or unsigned and up-and-coming – but this is a festival for everyone. We are a completely mixed team behind the scenes and encourage the boys to come along! It is an exciting, fun and very different event – which is why Manchester is the perfect spot for it.” And there is definitely a mixture of commercial and upcoming acts for the event.

WHO DO WE KNOW LadyRock Festival will be headlined by singing sensation KT Tunstall, with support from the likes of singer and actress Heather Peace (Waterloo Road, Lip Service), XFM favourites New Young Pony Club, infamous model and DJ Kate Lawler, Jess Mills, Ronika and The Arcadian Kicks – who are one of VIVA’s favourite indie bands of the moment. There will also be a set from the gorgeous Josephine, a Manchester-based singing sensation, who is a favourite of Lauren Laverne’s. A very lovely mix of ladies, if you ask us! Also flying the flag for Manchester will be two more of our favourites: the beautiful Irena D (formerly of Rubika) and successful local band Second Hand Wings. WHO SHOULD WE KNOW Across on the unsigned and acoustic stage are some musical gems - some of which VIVA have been lucky enough to see perform… These include singer-songwriter Ailish Marie (who previously supported Frank Turner live), Rafie – a seventeen year old singer and actress from London, Sophie Ballamy and soulful singer Peach. Make sure to check out some of these acts – sometimes discovering new music is the funnest part of a festival! We then went on to ask Jackie if there would be any more surprises… “Oh, of course. There are always surprises. We have a fantastic pub – exclusive to us – that is a part of the site. We’ve called it Her Rocking Highness, in-line with the jubilee and ‘Best of British’ theme that we’ve also got going throughout our line-up. Next to the pub is Alice’s Escape, where alternative performance and arts will take place, as well as numerous areas you will have to discover for yourself on the day!”


A LAUGH A MINUTE Not only will fantastic music be on show at the event, but also comedy. Katy Truelove, Rosie Wilby, Sarah Archer and Brides of Comedy amongst others will provide the laughter – comediennes who in their own right have enjoyed massive success both in the North West and around the country. “It’s just going to be a brilliant time to bring everyone back together. Last summer Manchester stumbled a bit, what with the riots, plenty of not-so-positive news stories and the like. We are also lacking a number of local festivals which, for different reasons, have been cancelled for 2012. I think more than ever it is the right time for something like LadyRock. Made up of a stellar, British line-up of fantastic, hard-working and talented artists – it gives us all an opportunity to come back together again, have some fun in the sun and enjoy some really decent music. Girls often get a bit trodden down in the music scene – so let’s all use Saturday 26 May to come and support a few good ‘uns…” We’re sold. How about you? LadyRock Festival takes place on Saturday 26 May at Manchester Rugby Club. Tickets can be purchased from, where more information on the full-line up, ethos behind the festival, details on its founder and director and more can be found. You can also follow @LadyRockFest on Twitter, or find them on Facebook ■ words: Matt Horwood






FOLLOWING QUESTION: Which famously known festival started in 1969? (clue: read VIVA’s festival feature) Email your answer, name & telephone number to: Good Luck VIVA

VIVA l i v e m u s i c FUN LOVIN’ CRIMINALS

HEAD TO........


ew York City’s finest, the Fun Lovin’ Criminals added another chapter to Manchester’s thriving music scene with an intimate and exclusive gig at Hard Rock Cafe, The Printworks, Manchester in aid of the Bombay Teen Challenge. “It’s a delight to have such legends perform at The Printworks; we’re no strangers to rock royalty as Ocean Colour Scene, Starsailor and Feeder have all played at Hard Rock Cafe, The Printworks over the years.” Explained Fred Booth, Centre Director for The Printworks. Originally formed in 1993, FLC’s unique brand of eclectic rock fused with hip hop, funk and blues found mainstream success with the generational album “Come Find Yourself’ with classic anthems such as ‘Scooby Snacks’ and ‘The Fun Lovin’ Criminal’ cementing their

HARD ROCK CAFE place as a multi-platinum act in the UK and across Europe. Well known for not shying away from hard hitting topics such as poverty, drug abuse and violence within their lyrics, it is fitting that all the ticket proceeds from the gig went to the Bombay Teen Challenge. The charity was established in 1990 and works tirelessly to rescue and rehabilitate the many destitute and desperate people living on the streets of Mumbai. Huey (FLC): “I went on vacation to India and it really broke my heart, it was after Slumdog Millionaire came out. I went over there and thought it can’t be that bad but no they got it right, these poor kids are fending for themselves and in New York I had a moment where I had to fend for myself and it was very

difficult but nothing like what these kids do. And anything that we can do to help these children, because you don’t know where the next Einstein is going to come from, the next Stephen Hawking, it could be one of these kids and all you’ve got to do is give them a break, put them in a school and they’ll take off from there, do something great that was lessened by their situation.” Hard Rock Cafe and the Fun Lovin’ Criminals hosted a fabulous night and it was great to meet the FLC boys in the VIP area. You can read our full interview with Huey, Brain and Frank from FLC online at: VIVA are looking forward to seeing what’s coming up next at Hard Rock Cafe! ■



oel Gallagher took his High Flying Birds to home turf at the MEN on Monday 13th Feb. Certainly a lucky day for all the punters who came along to see Noel’s new band run through old as well as new tunes from his latest album. Noel’s use of lyrics and subtly catchy hooks made for a great night, in fact the MEN was jammed and everyone was loving it with most singing along to some old favs. If you closed your eyes you’d think you were in a pub with a load of mates singing around the piano... well maybe not, but you get the idea.

photos: Will Wilkinson

The visuals and lighting were great, but you just can’t help thinking there was an element missing.... Let’s hope the brothers kiss and make up and get back together, where they belong. ■


Cantaloop Chocolate Released 2nd April The Chocolate EP is the latest funk-fuelled sweetener from the awesome Cantaloop; often described as “one of the best live bands out there.” They’re pushing the boundaries in their genre and treating us to their unique ‘C-funk’ song craft. The band is fronted by the C-Funk messenger Dannie Dee, with 100C on guitar, Paulo De’Wooton on bass, Cantaloop can choose from The Beef or King Popeye on drums and Sugar Lips and Ni-Co launch their monster horn lines. The single ‘Chocolate’ really showcases the Funkelicious brass! ‘Blessed’ is an easy listen and shows you just how many different places Cantaloop can take you. The guitars start with a sweet line followed by old skool hip hop vocals which ignite with the horns in the chorus and the trumpet solo really gets you in the mood for those late summer nights!

Damon Albarn Dr Dee Released 7th May Dr Dee is 18 tracks of songs and music inspired by the life of John Dee, mathematician, polymath and advisor to Elizabeth I. The album was recorded late last year in Albarn’s West London studio and in Salford with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. The songs from Dr Dee show blur’s frontman’s love of England and intertwine it with the story of one of England’s great thinkers. ‘The Marvelous Dream’ is the first single to be taken from the album and the video for it sees the camera sat stationary filming a block of flats and not until the end of the song does it finally zoom in to reveal the name of the building: John Dee House. The album combines Albarn’s voice with early English choral and instrumentation alongside modern, West African and Renaissance sounds.

Drake The Motto Released 16th April

Fresh from his recent triumphant sell-out UK Arena dates, the Grammy nominated superstar is back with his new single ‘The Motto’. Born Aubrey Drake Graham, the 26 year old has a huge following of fans. His Facebook likes stand at well over 23million, almost 7million followers on Twitter, and combined YouTube views are in excess of a staggering half a billion! ‘The Motto’ featuring friend and mentor Lil Wayne as well as label mate TYGA, is taken from Drake’s new album ‘Take Care’. It sounds like a long freestyle all about the new acronym of the time, ‘YOLO’, (you only live once). You will also have heard Drake’s distinctive flow on big singles from the likes of Jay-Z, Eminem, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Rihanna and Mary J Blige to name but a few.

Tiesto Club Life Volume Two Miami Released 24th April

Jason Donavon Sign Of Your Love Released 12th March

The follow up from ‘Club Life Volume One Vegas’ offers unique access to Tiesto’s Miami, a city renowned for its worldclass nightlife, beautiful partygoers and everlasting summers.

Jason Donavon returns to

International superstar DJ and producer Tiesto is releasing the new album via his own record label ‘Music Freedom’. He uses his own exclusive original productions and remixes including one of the biggest international singles so far in 2012, Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ reimagining it as a late night party starter.

the music scene with his sixth studio album. With a distinguished career that has lasted close to 25 years, ‘Sign Of Your love’ is an album that showcases a passionate and reenergized Jason on a selection of classic covers and new recordings. An album influenced by great singing legends such as Frank Sinatra, Steve Lawrence and Ella Fitzgerald, it includes the big-band, swinging covers of: ‘I Won’t Dance’ and ‘I Only Have Eyes For You’ to the timeless beauties that are ‘Every Time We

Coldplay’s ‘Paradise’, The Say Goodbye’ and ‘They Naked & Famous’ indie Can’t Take That Away anthem ‘Young Blood’ and Afrojack’s ‘Can’t Stop Me From Me’. Donavon Now’ all get a shot of also does a cover of patented Tiesto adrenaline. ‘Bewitched’, a song he The Grammy nominated danced to on the ninth DJ has become a universal series of BBC One’s phenomenon voted ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. ‘The Greatest DJ Of All The album features new Time’ by Mixmag in 2011. recordings including the Tiesto has worked with title track, ‘Sign Of Your superstars such as Kanye Love’, ‘Creative’ and ‘Make West, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Love’ amongst others. Goldfrapp and many more.

VIVA l i v e m u s i c

On the VIVA music radar: Charly T

The Rob Ellis Show Weekdays 6-10 am The summer is upon us and if the dreaded mantra of ‘this economic climate’ has left your holidays plans a bit further down the to-do list this year, then staying in Manchester could be just as good as going away this summer. There’s loads going on in Manchester so get involved.

way if you’re not heading to a festival this summer - let them come to you! Example (June 28th Manchester Arena), Kanye West & Jay-Z (June 11th & 12th Manchester Arena) and Nicki Minaj (June 28th Apollo) are all in town soon and Dizzee Rascal and Labrinth will play at Parklife in June too.

Manchester is playing a big part in the 2012 Olympics. Old Trafford will be hosting some of the football matches, so we could get the likes of Lionel Messi or even David Beckham back in Manchester. Manchester Aquatics centre is the base of Australia’s Olympic swimming hopefuls already and the route of the Olympic torch will bring it to Manchester on Saturday 23rd June on its way to London.

If you’re still in Manchester on Sunday 10th June, it’s well worth joining the 70, 000 other people that will be celebrating Manchester Day. Across the city, 3, 500 Manc’s will come together to make floats and displays enjoying everything that is good about Manchester.

And in the build up to the Olympics, one of Britain’s best athletes Jessica Ennis will be running at the Great City Games on 15th May.

Or if you just want to see the summer days off with a few beers, then the sun usually brings the crowds (legs out) down to Dukes 92 and Bohemia in Castlefield for some after work cold ones.

“We’ll be giving away the chance to be the mascot for the All-Star England Soccer Aid match against the rest of the world”

Keeping on the sport spectating theme, Old Trafford will be hosting Soccer Aid 2012. Robbie Williams will be captaining an All-Star England side against The Rest of The World, including Hollywood names like Will Ferrell, Mike Myers and Gerard Butler. We’ll be giving away the chance to be the mascot for the teams when they play on May 27th. Manchester has already had some massive names playing gigs the city this year. Florence & The Machine and Drake both owned the arena for a night and the amazing Cirque Du Soleil show Alegria has just done a 3 night stint. And there’s plenty more on the

Now we’re officially a quarter of the way through 2012, there’s been plenty to talk about from The Rob Ellis Show. We’ve been giving endless tickets to all the big gigs in Manchester including JLS, Olly Murs and The Wanted. Rob & Rach went down to have a chat with The Wanted backstage before their gig and you can see that at So hopefully something for everyone to keep busy with in Manchester across this summer. Otherwise just listen to The Rob Ellis Show on Capital Manchester every weekday 6am til 10am and we’ll help you kill some time! Rob, Rach & Wingman


ailing from Switzerland but setting up life here in the Northwest, is a very talented musician known as Charly T. This guitar-focused rock ‘n’ roller is ready to set the stage alight at Manchester’s Future Perfect festival, in aid of cancer charity, The Christie on May 12th. But this is a guy who goes back a long way in the music industry. Having been involved in the business for a decade, guitarist Charly T. Tiefenauer is pleased with the ‘honest’ reception he has received from the city of Manchester. He said: “I’ve met some good people. We always rehearse well and maybe some people like it and some people don’t; but it’s very important that no one can say it’s badly performed or written.” Influenced by performers such as the John Butler trio, Dave Mathews and English band, The Touring Breaks, Charly is an artist who prides himself in writing his own songs, favouring an acoustic guitar over the pumped-up drum beats and distorted guitars of the past.

Photo: Dee Durkin

“I like simplicity, music that you can tap your foot to; you don’t necessary need a band for the music to go down well.”

He recently returned to his native Switzerland for an AC DC tribute gig, experiencing a ‘crazy’ week, which saw fans passing out and crying at their attempt of the Australianborn band’s songs. “The police were there and fans had collapsed, some at the front of the stage even suffered nose bleeds. They were just so crazy – crying, all sorts!” But the ‘mental’ trip definitely will go down in history for him and the band. But what about the future? Charly is keen to begin work on an album this summer, with the aim to release at the end of the year. “We’ll be recording in a little studio in Bolton with an oldskool type of label. And with the upcoming festival, we hope we get in some warm-up gigs at Antwerp mansion in Rusholme.” Even after 15 years of experience in recording, Charly stacks of rock ‘n’ attitude and passion for his music is guaranteed to get the crowd on their feet in a few weeks time. Hopefully with no nosebleeds this time round. If you would like to book a ticket for the Future Perfect festival, you can visit


Emma, Liam & Gabi


hen the opportunity came up for VIVA girl Emma Wilkinson to be involved in the theatre production of ‘The Crucible’ she jumped at the chance. In 1953, Arthur Miller’s play ‘The Crucible’ ran on Broadway at the Martin Beck, now in 2012 The Elite Talent Theatre School will be performing the play in The Houldsworth on 40 Little Lever Street in the Northern Quarter. Founders of The Elite Talent Theatre School Freya Marshall and Sally Lawton have been acting since the ages of 13 then went onto teaching for years and soon decided to start teaching adults. Their classes soon became very popular so from that they launched The Elite Talent Theatre School. Both Freya and Sally love ‘The Crucible’ play and had always wanted to put on a production of it and are really happy they have now got the chance to.

“It’s all going really well, we’ve had a few little hiccups along the way, obviously as you do in rehearsals but everyone’s working really well together and I think it’s going to be brilliant. We’re really confident!” Says Freya and Sally. The play takes place in a small town in seventeenth century Massachusetts, during the Salem Witch Trials and involves the Puritan beliefs and religion. They were very religious. They felt that people could form pacts with the devil. The devil would do actions for them in this life and then when they died he would have their souls. They believed in witches and felt that they could cast spells on people. The Puritans believed that there were certain signs of a witch. VIVA’s Emma has been given the part of Elizabeth Proctor, an upright farmer’s wife who discovers her husband John is having an affair. She forgives him and is incapable of lying but gets accused of witchcraft.

Sally Lawton & Freya Marshall Emma says: “I am so excited to be involved with this production and really honoured to be playing the part of Elizabeth Proctor. I am not really like Elizabeth in real life, there maybe a couple of similarities, so it has really challenged my acting skills to get into this character and I have learnt so much along the way in rehearsals.” The cast and producers have been rehearsing every Saturday for 10 weeks to the lead up to the 4 night showing in May. Emma’s fellow cast members Gabi Macpherson and Liam Grunshaw who play other leading roles John Proctor and Abigail Williams say: “I love The Crucible, I did it for my Theatre Studies A Level, I just really like it. My character, Abigail, is younger, she’s quite messed up as she’s been through quite a lot. Everyone knows she’s a liar and a whore but they want to stay on God’s side and believe her.” says: Gabby. Liam is playing John Proctor, Emma’s character Elizabeth’s husband, he says: “I am excited, it’s a great play. I think it’s one of the Greats, the American cannon. My character John Proctor, he’s basically a good man! He’s a farmer; works hard and they have an entirely different set of beliefs that most people today would find difficult to understand and he’s just tortured by guilt because he’s made an indiscretion. He feels like he’s a fraud because he hasn’t lived by the rules that he’s set for himself. Yes I would be friends with him, I always test whether I’d go for a drink with the character I’m playing and yeah, I’d go for a drink with him. He’s a cider man, you know!” So there you have it an exclusive insight to The Elite Talent Theatre Schools production of ‘The Crucible’. ■ Book your tickets from we hope to see you all there!




...And what an amazing start to 2012 it’s been at DNA. We’ve been taken through ‘The Ten Ingredients to a Successful Scene’ and come out the other end another step closer to achieving our goal as actors/actresses. This certain course for me has stuck out from the rest. Not only do I feel I’ve learnt a lot to help me becoming a great actress but it has completely changed my attitude towards life. I know that may sound a bit ‘cheesy’ but what I have learnt over the last few months from my tutor Darren Gordon and my fellow students is to create a positive energy around myself which will help me achieve everything I want to achieve in my acting career and life in general. Believe me the results have been proven, it works and it feels great!

We ended this term on a huge high having our performances professionally filmed for our show reels followed by a night out at the local karaoke bar to celebrate such a great term. Next up with DNA I will be mastering the Professional Screen Actor course which is going to be looking at developing my skill and ability, knowledge and understanding of working in the industry. We will be working with professionals who have extensive experience including actor Scott Taylor who is currently filming on Emmerdale. I can’t wait!


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s e n n a C

Located in the South of France about midway between the border with Spain and the border with Italy, Cannes is a beautiful haven of glorious weather, coastal views, seafood and scenery. Every spring, the global film community descends upon this secluded enclave with all the pomp, glamour and verve that one might expect. Every hotel, harbour, guesthouse, bed and breakfast, campsite, spare room, and bus shelter is taken up with people all participating in a frenzied and incomparable orgy of artistic posturing. There are many strands to Cannes, so I’m going to attempt to outline the key elements.

The Competition

. A prestigious panel of Judges watch an array of films across many categories and from all over the world. The key award is the famed Palme d’Or that has been won by productions such as ‘Pulp Fiction’, ‘The Wind that Shakes the Barley’ and ‘Sex, Lies and Videotape’, and this year, the ‘President Judge’ for that award will be Italian Director Nanni Moretti and our own Tim Roth will be in that position for the Uncertain Regard section. Short, feature length and animated films are judged in the competition, and it is not just about the winners, many projects will pick up a distribution deal or a sales agent based on how they are reacted to as a result of their screening at Cannes. The competition is fierce and the standard is high as this festival is arguably the most significant and respected film festival on the planet.

The Networking. Cannes is not just about the awards

though. In truth it is a huge networking opportunity where deals are done, careers are launched and many hands are shaken on commitments to projects that can often never see the light of day. Many ‘A-listers’ will attend and host events, and this can see them book up their diaries for the next three years, others are first time filmmakers, writers, directors or chancers with great talent but limited resources that are looking for a generous and open-minded benefactor that could make their idea a reality within minutes of conversation. The wealthiest and most influential people in the industry can mingle with the ambitious and aspirational and both hope that they will meet the person that will make them considerably more successful. Actors meet Directors, Directors meet Writers, Writers meet Producers, Producers meet Financiers, and in amongst all these meetings and their variations, there are Distributors and Sales agents looking for the next ‘Twilight’ or ‘Paranormal Activity’.

The Parties.

The eleven days of Canne is an exhaustive, amazing, potentially life changing event that, if approached with the right mind-set, project and a healthy slice of good fortune, can create an overnight sensation. But as is the norm in our industry, most of the best and really significant arrangements are made in a party atmosphere. There are so many parties to try and get into and pat of the skill of Cannes, is getting to know and ultimately getting invites to, the parties that the people you need to meet are hosting. These may be on Yachts, in beach-houses or any number of venues, but the security is usually tight and the more significant the attendees, the more difficult the access, so getting on the guest-list so you chew the fat with Tarantino or boogie the night away with Bradley Cooper is certainly a better plan than trying to sweet-talk the security teams. I have heard too many stories of how people have managed to blag their way into some of the most amazing events and then used that opportunity to open doorways for their careers, and as with any major festival, those stories usually involve some degree of madness, two actresses I know managed to access a party last year by claiming to be members of the Russian press for example. They then spoke to three film investors and were pledged upwards of £2 million towards their project.

f o e g a , i p z z m a a r r a e p h a t p h t d ’ i t n w a a h d s t le ’s pres ience p u . o e r c ‘C d e l n p r x have o o e w n e a th nes is d l u o Can ybody sh ever VIVA 91



Twitter : Dar renRLG ordon / DNA_PR

3 American Pie (Reunion) - May 2nd

W 1

Prometheus 3D - June 1st


ritish, multi academy award nominated director of such classics as Gladiator, Black Hawk Down and Blade Runner, returns to sci-fi with this epic pic starring an excellent cast including Guy Pearce, Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron. The basic premise is that evidence is found of the potential origin of mankind through the exploration of an advanced alien civilisation. This leads to a mission that sees the crew travel to far-flung corners of the universe in what ultimately becomes an attempt to save the future of the human race. This is one of the most eagerly anticipated films of 2012 and Sir Ridley is ‘coming home’ with this genre of film as it really is one that he helped create and define. Prometheus has been referred to as a prequel to the ‘Alien’ franchise of movies, but it is not, though those of you that know that genre of film, will be able to appreciate the parallels. Instead this is a new stream that brings back al the dark, eerie and intimidating qualities that made that series of films the massive success it became.


ho’s up for another slice of pie? As my waistband and my personal trainer will testify, I would usually answer in the affirmative to that question, so why break the habit of a lifetime here! Almost 10 years after the original films, the gang get back together for a reunion, and in typical style, end up in a crazy, perverse and unbelievable set of circumstances. More ‘laugh out loud’ stuff from the grown-up Yankees.


How I Spent My Summer Vacation - May 11th


f you like fast-paced, quirky, tongue-in-cheek, loud, forceful, colourful, inoffensively violent, action comedy dramas, then this movie is one to put on the ‘to-do’ list. This is a throwback to 56 year old Mel Gibson’s ‘Lethal Weapon’ days, and the ‘quick mind and big mouth’ attitude that has caused him some issues in his own life, entertains in abundance in this 95min action thriller.

5 GI Joe: Retaliation - August 3rd


hen I was a little boy, I used to read a comic called ‘Action Force’. this was the British title for GI Joe, a band of all American heroes that fight against the evil forces of ‘Cobra’ to protect America and of course, the World! On the face of it, this is another back slapping ‘America... HELL YEAH!’ movie that is designed to lift the spirits of a nation that, like our own, is suffering with low morale. The perfect recipe for overcoming this is story about a group of war heroes that become victims of an evil opponent who tries to destroy them and nearly succeeds. The heroes that remain band together and vow to take revenge against all the odds. If you then front this with the most high profile face of sorts entertainment who is fresh from massive world exposure as a result of returning for one fight only at Wrestlemania, then give him Channing Tatum and Bruce Willis as a back up, you know that anyone who likes a good clean all action, massive explosion, clicheridden, gun-totting, testosterone driven, chest-beater will be in their element.

Snow White and the Huntsman - June 1st


ancy another portion of Theron? She is the Evil Queen in this reworking of the classic fairy-tale made to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Universal Pictures. Chis Hemsworth (Thor) stars as the Huntsman, charged with the task of putting Snow White (Kristen Stewart) to death, but in a twist he falls for the irresistible beauty and becomes her protector. This is a fast passed action adventure with a decent cast and some good action sequences. Worth a 241 Wednesday visit to your local multiplex.

VIVA D V D R E L E A S E S 3 The Woman in Black - May 22nd


grown-up Harry Potter, sorry, I meant Daniel Radcliffe… appears as a single father in Victorian Britain. Sent off to the remote North, the locals are less than welcoming and it quickly emerges that there is a belief that the house he is visiting is haunted and cursed. Though Daniel has improved amazingly since he first appeared on our screens, he still seems a bit boyish and youthful for this role. The film is a good one though, some scary moments and a strong ending.

4 The Artist - June 26th


he smash hit of the awards season is released on DVD. If you haven’t seen it yet, time to check out what all the fuss is about. The movie won five Oscars and has been lauded as a piece of cinematic genius. Based in the silent movie era, George Valentin finds that his successful career fades and dies quickly as the ‘talking pictures’ take over. Manchester can be proud of the fact that it was the birthplace of the most famous of silent movie star Charlie Chaplin.

The Grey - May 21st



iam Neeson is fast emerging as one of the pre-eminent leading actors of our time. His versatility and conviction have given him opportunity to star in films that cross many genre boundaries. The Grey is a stark, hard-faced and menacing tale of a bunch of troubled ex-cons and ruffians who become victims of a plane crash into harsh winter terrain. Those that survive the crash make plans to escape from certain death in an icy tomb. Their attempts are blighted by the fact that they are hunted and picked off by a ruthless pack of Wolves. This is a beautifully shot film that has a good balance of drama and tension, reasonable script and some very strong performances. If this film suffers from anything, it is that the format is predictable and that the Wolves themselves are not very convincing when in close contact with the human characters. They look computer generated and this diminishes their impact and significance massively. Don’t let this put you off though as there is still plenty in the film to keep you engaged.

5 Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol - April 17th

Ghostrider: Spirit of Vengeance - June 12th

The fourth in this hugely successful series sees a darker, grittier edge brought to table. Tom Cruise leads the film with subtlety and presence, sustaining the integrity that he has established in the character Ethan Hunt. The IMF has been shut down due to being implicated in a terrorist plot and Ethan and his associates are on a mission to clear its name.


ome time ago, I was channel surfing and came across the prequel to this movie. I have to say it was one of the most uninspired periods of time I’ve spent watching the moving image. That movie is pretty awful, cheesy, weak, corny and simply laughable, so it was with an air of suspicion and a lack of expectation that I approached the follow-up. Signs were better when I looked at the cast and saw that Idris Elba (The Wire) had joined resident Nicholas Cage, and so I settled in to a tense opening sequence that was gripping, dramatic, and already more entertaining in 10 minutes than the previous film was in 90. It has to be said that this film still has cheesy elements, but these are a staple of comic-strip films, and part of their charm is how effectively they balance that with a serious storyline that naturally involves a thirst for revenge and a sadistic bad-guy played by Johnny Whitworth. Even a rather questionable ‘French’ accent doesn’t detract from Mr Elba’s quality artistry. This is an all action, racy rampage.



“God Save The Queen

The Queen and the run-up to the jubilee


ith the run up to the jubilee everyone’s focus is on our Queen more than ever. Yet what many people forget is that Queen Elizabeth has hobbies, a sense of humour, and a hidden few moments the public just may not know about. Her Majesty grew up as a mischievous child. One Christmas dinner, ‘Lillabet’ as she called herself then, clambered on to the table and pelted the guests with crackers, handed to her by her equally mischievous Mother. Indeed HM has much of her daring Mother in her, who always pushed boundaries. When attempts were made to make the Queen’s mother use a golf buggy in recent years instead of walking, it only worked once it was painted in her racing colours.

HM married Prince Philip on November 20, 1947, having fallen in love with him when she was 13 and he was 18. The tabloids promptly dubbed them “Philizabeth.”

Few have seen as much of the world as our Queen. In fact throughout her life, she has become the most travelled monarch of all time, visiting 129 countries in total.

Comparing this to the “Brangelina” and “Posh and Becks” of today, perhaps our celebrity world has traditions held within the monarchy.

At 81, her unique and traditional fashion meant that she joined Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell on Vogue magazine’s list of the world’s most glamorous women.

HM’s cousin, Emma Rhodes said in her recent book ‘The Queen and I’: “She had the gift of making people believe that they were the only person in the world she wanted to talk to at that given moment.” Having joined the Auxiliary Territorial Services, HM is an exceptionally good driver and her love of speed and a serious dislike of seatbelts illustrate her hidden humour.

The Queen has in fact worn over 5000 hats in her time. Vivienne Westwood once dubbed her Majesty “the most fashionably dressed woman in the world.” Of course her jewellery, particularly the pearls that she is so famous for, finish her outfits off to perfection. However HM’s reign has not been a smooth road to say the least, beyond her own family and the scandals they have had, she herself has had some close encounters. >


In July 1982 she had an unexpected visitor in her bedroom. Michael Fagan managed to sneak past Buckingham Palace security and enter the Queen’s bedroom where she was asleep alone. She had to keep Fagan talking for a full ten minutes before a chambermaid found them and the police arrived. HM’s love for dogs, particularly for her beloved corgis, is widely known. Footman Matthew King was demoted in 1999 for ‘spiking’ the Corgis food and drink with whiskey and gin as a prank. Our queen’s anger for her beloved corgis will most certainly have been extreme. Her grandson Prince Harry is known as the daring Prince, however one occasion in 2005 saw the prince go too far with his sense of humour. The Prince attended a friend’s house party in Wiltshire wearing a Nazi uniform with swastika armband. Perhaps HM saw the funny side, but it seems rather unlikely. President Bush discovered the power of ‘the royal stare’ when he stumbled over his speech, starting a date 1700 instead of 1900, following with a long pause, a look at the Queen, and stating with a grin: “She gave me a look that only a mother could give a child!” The Queen’s jubilee tour brought her to Manchester on Friday 23rd March, with crowds arriving from all over the city to catch a glimpse of her. The Queen’s twitter page, aptly named ‘Elizabeth Windsor’ provided great amusement for many followers, stating: “Manchester, one is in you.” This summer sees a whole host of celebrations for HM in the city. Manchester City Council will provide funding to different neighbourhoods for street parties this summer to celebrate the jubilee. Applications can be made from 12th to 30th April. Many say she has sacrificed her life for those of her country’s people – but our Queen has certainly managed to keep elements of her own life and hobbies, which undoubtedly shape the monarch she has become. ■ words: Bex Pocklington


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Paloma Faith front cover and interview


Paloma Faith front cover and interview