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Get the look this party season with Trevor Sorbie Tina O’Brien reports Champneys; the champion retreat Y Club’s very own Rich with his top weight-loss fitness tips


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HOME, LEISURE, BUSINESS & TRAVEL Christmas cribs VIVA’s top three 2013 Manchester success stories The Rolls Royce Wraith Sardinia, truly is the heartbeat of the Mediterranean



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Sunday Session vibes down at The Whiskey Jar Cheshire’s finest party in style all in aid of St. Ann’s Hospice NYE parties to be seen at this year in Manchester

Band on our radar: Shotty Horroh The VIVA Girls’ end of summer festival diary VIP style Fun Lovin Criminals take over the VIVA ipod The anti panto: Christmas Sorority Massacre

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The Radar Manchester: I love MCR, of course it must not be forgotten I was born in Oldham 65 years ago. Granted my mother hated it then and she packed me up in a large van wrapped in cotton wool, me I mean and took me to Salisbury in Wiltshire. Still can’t bear the feel of Cotton wool. Recently headed the parade for MCR Gay Pride, oh my God what a buzz. MCR has great hotels, restaurants, theatres, TV companies, fabulous homes and gorgeous attractive people. What more could a city want. Christmas: I love Christmas. I’m always working in pantomime. This year I’m in Hull giving of my Dame Trot in Jack and the Beanstalk. We only have Christmas day off so I always go to my god children in Oxfordshire. They still put a glass of sherry and a mince pie out by the chimney for Father Christmas. We have a light breakfast and around 11.00 open the presents accompanied by champagne and cavier. Lunch around 15.00 and laze in front of the television for the rest of the evening and my favourite meal of Christmas at 22.00, all the cold leftovers with pickles. Pension: Yes this year, on December the 16th, I’m 65 and I will get my state pension, £181 a week. I’m so excited. I’ll be able to go to The Ivy once a week on my own, stay in a Premier Inn for 2 nights, take a friend to the theatre. Oh my God, my world is my oyster. It’s been worth paying in a fortune for the last 45 years. Yipeeeee, I’m an official old age pensioner lad with a cracking talent! Cabaret in London: Get your Virgin train down to London and head for Brasserie Zedal and book into The Crazy Cogs, a brilliant new cabaret venue in the heart of London, Piccadilly in fact. Over the summer I’ve seen Celia Imrie, Kit and McConnel, Steven Brinberg the Streisand lookalike, Frances Ruffle, Bobby Crush, Billy Stritch, Steve Ross and on Sundays Miss Hope Springs. It’s the best value entertainment in London.




Getting Older: I don’t mind getting older, in fact I really

enjoy it. For one you can say NO to things and say controversial things because you don’t care what people think. However, I do spend time having conversations with a group of friends saying you know she was married to that actor. He starred with that actress who went out with that criminal who slept with the Queen. Also your bones react to the rest of your body, you slow down a fraction and love your bed more than your partner. But on the whole life begins at 65.

Virgin Trains: Having extolled the virtues of Virgin Railways,

sad to report I was booked to go and see my partner’s dying mother. Sadly she died three days before my journey to Glasgow. Granted I was booked on my senior railcard and advance no-change ticket. I went along to Euston explained my predicament to three Virgin employees who just said you’ll have to book another ticket at £150 one way which I did. The carriage was empty. I wrote to Virgin and they apologised and offered me a full refund. I replied saying I didn’t want money, I wanted compassion to their customers. Am I becoming a grumpy old man?

Dieting: I have always been on the portly side since a child and I

really have no problem with it. I am completely happy with my body. However, I have tried numerous diets over the years. Protein only, Jucie diet, 2/5 diet where you eat 600 calories twice a week and eat normally for the rest of the week, No Carbohydrates and on and on. Of course, we know the only way to loose weight is to eat less and exercise but tell me why, in 2013, they haven’t invented zero calorie chips,roast potatoes and french bread. Aghhhhhhhhhh.

Alcohol: I’ve always loved a drink, Vodka Martinis, Champagne and red wine. However, lately I’ve found I don’t need a drink as much as I did. Because of the business I’m in, we go out and everywhere we go we are shown loads of trays of champagne, cocktails and red and white wines - all free. If we had to pay for drinks I’d be on tap water.

This issue’s guest radar was brought to you by actor / TV presenter and 2007 ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ winner Christopher Biggins

s er Biggin Christoph

HI FROM THE TEAM ’Tis the seasion to be jolly sha la la la la!

What a year it’s been in Manchester. Does this city ever sleep? So we are on the lead-up to the festive party season and, in true VIVA style, we have scoped out the best places to eat, drink and party this year so check out our Christmas dining and NYE features! As well as having the main man, WILL.I.AM, on the front cover - prior to his big gig at the Phones 4U arena - we have some exciting news to announce: our VIVA girl Ems has bagged herself her own radio show with Caz Mathews on Manchesters 106.6 fm. The Early Birds will bring us 2 hours of radio goodness every Tuesday morning from 8 to 10am so make sure you tune in from the 14th January. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has worked with us throughout 2013. It’s been a fabulous and fun year. Bring on 2014!

Big Love VA Team VI


VIVA I N T E R V I E W : W I L L . I . A M How are you Will? I’m chilling. Do you wanna kick off by telling US what made you do the tour? It was a calling. I never had the desire before to tour by myself. Doing a show here and there or DJing here and there was cool,but I never had the desire to tour outside of the Peas. I didn’t feel the need or the reason. But this project and especially the success in my solo project, I think it was an obligation and a new desire. It’s a new excitement to wanna do that. I’m really happy about it. What have you got planned? Will you BE doing ANY spray painting? (Laughs) No! I’ll be cool if you do a section of it. I’ll have some of that. It’ll be similar to what you saw, an expansion of how my performances were on The Voice. Like “Bang Bang,” real show, good show. I’d never done that so “Bang Bang” was probably the first time I had to rehearse. I never liked rehearsal, in fact I hated rehearsal. I always liked improv, like coming up on the spot, being pressed, “2 Seconds Go! Come up with something!” Alright, BAM! You can’t rehearse that. My weapon was improv. Intuitive creative capability has always been my weapon. So rehearsals were a handicap for me. Then I did the Bang Bang piece. It just inspired me and I was like wow, I can really do this stuff. So there’ll be stuff like that on the show, as well as improv and frantic energy.

He was always connected and looking for connectivity and conversation and he made people feel. I see today’s celebrities and there’s a total opposite of Michael Jackson, James Brown. There’s like this generation of James Brown, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Ritchie, they have that. Now there’s this other generation of music and icons and how are you supposed to appreciate the people that appreciate outside of your safety and wellbeing? You shouldn’t be rude to people! It’s not that important. Seriously! You get these celebrities who have this: “I am holier than you!” Dude, you sings songs, what the hell are you talking about? Do you see that happen a lot? Hell yeah! It makes me laugh, every time I see that stuff when I’m travelling about and I see my peers. Just what the F are you people doing? Half of them don’t even write the songs they sing! Are you serious? I learned a lot from Michael, James, Stevie, and my peers.

answer is I couldn’t. That’s not the nature of music culture. The same thing applies to Black Eyed Peas. Can you do the same thing with Peas in the UK than in America? The answer is no. There’s something about your country that’s pretty freaking. It’s an amazing place. People complain when it rains “Ah the weather’s horrible!” Who cares? I’m bringing an umbrella! When the sun comes out there’s a bigger appreciation! How have things with Leah been going then? Wohoo! Now let’s talk something exciting! (Puts on Southern - USA accent) Last time I was this excited about a project was when in the Black Eyed Peas and we were like, “We’re gonna do a dance album.” People were like “What?” and I was like “Yeah! We’re collaborating with David Guetta!” People were like “Who’s David Guetta?” He did all that like, electro. This is before we were on top 40 radio everywhere. It’s the same excitement now!

“Hanging out with Michael Jackson for 5 years I learnt every second of your life is a stage”

Will there be special guests? Yeah, but I’ma have to keep it a surprise for now. Who would be your ideal special guest you haven’t worked with so far? Jimmy Hendrix, (Laughs) alive, Prince! Ok, so overall, who would you say you’ve learnED the most from over the course OF your career AND WHAT DID YOU LEARN FROM THEM? Michael Jackson. Hanging out with him for like 5 years and becoming his friend, I learned every second of your life is a stage. Entertainment is your career and every time you walk, it’s a stage. Humility too, to check every moment of every decision as a potential last. So make sure that it’s the right decision and right thing to do. As big as he was, he wasn’t arrogant, he wasn’t rude. He’s Michael Jackson, he’s the best. So did working with him change the way you approached your own work then? It guides how I approach people that like my work. There are people that accomplish an inch and they act like they created oxygen! They separate themselves from people. As big as Michael Jackson was, with all the things he accomplished, he didn’t. I mean he had to, for safety but when he was around people, it was as if he knew them forever. 08 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

Will you be doing The Voice again NEXT YEAR? I love the UK and I’d be there but it’s up to the BBC so, you know, I produce and write songs and tour and consult for companies and do philanthrophy. My schedule is pretty freaking… I barely have time to breathe. I mean I love it, I love working, I love to travel, I love thinking, I love creating so doing The Voice in London, being in London. It’s not because it’s like “Wow, they’re paying me lots of money!” It’s the BBC! So if I were to divy up my calendar for utmost productivity, well then, you’d have to look at the word productity and break it down,because if you add finances to productivty, then being in the UK isn’t productive doing The Voice. So if you take away the concept of finances and you look at inspiration and collaborations and being where people appreciate you, your sensibility and learning then that’s productive. So there’s two ways of looking at why you should make decisions. I mean, why you do the things you do and the decisions you make. If it’s all about finance then it’s short lived as eventually you’re going to spend that money. It’s about learning and growing and being where people are excited to see what else you have to bring. I wanna be in the UK. The question is, could you do the same tour you’re doing in your own country, if you just apply that? Same like The Voice versus American Idol, apply the same question to touring and the

How would you describe the type of music you are making with Leah? I would say wonderful layers of sonic euphoria. (Laughs) How about that one? It’s great stuff. It’s experiemental, there’s a lot of fusion, pop fusion with layers and her voice is just spectacular.

You’ve set up a programME Trans4m at a school called Boyle Heights how’s that panning out? Yeah! We’re going for a second phase. At the moment we support 200 kids and in our second phase we’re going to support 300 more so it’s a really exciting feeling for the kids. The area where my school is, two years ago the graduation was 60% and GPA was 2.4; very low performance. Since then, the graduation jumped up to 80% and the GPA 2.8 so we’ve seen significant change in parent teacher participation. Parents are a part of the kids’ schooling. It’s a great result. We sent 20 kids to China, to learn Mandarin. We sent 15 kids to San Diego to learn code. We sent some kids to New Hampshire to do IT, be inspired with the new age. We sent some kids to the Whitehouse to take a tour. OK LAST TWO QUESTIONS: Has Miley Cyrus killed TwerKing off? Man, what are you talking about I had twerking lessons yesterday! HAHA! AND WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO MOST ABOUT THE TOUR? I’m just looking forward to just going out there and performing for the first time, with people there to see Willpower and I’m not sharing the stage with a big act, just giving my all in this show to just feel good in the moment. WILL.I.AM will be coming to the phones 4U arena in Manchester on the 3rd December 2013. ■

Lauren wears: Eleni Printed top, Peter Pilotto, £290, from Selfridges, Leggings and wedges, stylist’s own

Disco Deca- Dance'! Evoking the age of glamorous elegance, fabulous excess and divine debauchery, channel your inner disco diva or divo this season with these seriously perfect party looks. Taking inspiration from the legendary Studio 54 Club and the VIP’s that attended, throw on some glitter, (faux) fur and sashay into the night. See you on the dance-floor people!

Lauren wears: Dress, Label Lab, £99, & Shoes, by Mary Portas, £49, both from House Of Fraser. Andrew wears: Faux Fur Gilet, Maison Scotch, £225, from Harvey Nichols. Trousers, Kenzo, £182, from Selfridges.

Lauren wears: Bodycon Dress, Christopher Kane, £350, from Harvey Nichols. Tassel Skirt, Biba, £89, from House Of Fraser.

Lauren wears: Eleni Printed top, Peter Pilotto, £290, from Selfridges. Leggings and wedges, stylist’s own

Lauren wears: Wrap Maxi Dress, Biba, £189 & Faux Fur Coat, Biba, £199 & Diamante Clutch, £95, Untold, all from House Of Fraser..Shoes, Stylists Own. Andrew wears: Faux Fur Coat, Pied A Terre, £189, from house Of Fraser. Shirt, Kenzo, £150, & Adonis Jeans, Citizens of Humanity, £315, Harvey Nichols. Belt and Shoes, Stylist’s Own.

Lauren wears: Jacquard Dress, Biba, £169, from House Of Fraser. Andrew wears: AQ/AQ Jumper, £100, from Harvey Nichols.

Lauren wears: High Necked Pleat Dress, Biba, £189 & Shoes, Mary Portas, £39, both from House Of Fraser.

Andrew wears: Shirt, Kenzo, £150 & Adonis Jeans, Citizens of Humanity, £315, both from Harvey Nichols. Lauren wears: Dress, Gestuz, £220, from Harvey Nichols. Shoes, As before

Andrew wears: AQ/AQ Jumper, £100 & Adonis Jeans, Citizens of Humanity, £315, both from Harvey Nichols. Shoes, Stylist’s Own.

Fashion Credits Art direction Adam Bryant

Photographer & Re-Touching Jamie Cowlishaw Stylist Ross Forsythe Assisting Kate Mcleish Hair Sharon Peake

Make-Up Collette Thorpe Models Andrew & Lauren

VIVA Tv Tobias Longmate watch the making of ‘disco deca-dance’ on viva tv at Location Northern Quarter Photography Studio

Lauren Wears: Tassel Jacket, Biba, £125 & Drape Cocoon Dress, Label Lab, £75, both from House Of Fraser. Shoes; Stylist’s Own.

VIVA CATWALK TRENDS Winter. The season that evokes, so many cherished memories, drinking eggnog round an open fire, Christmas markets, bonfire night and snowball fights. Stock up on romantic textured or cashmere knits, warm leathers, gorgeous coats in pastel colours and some beautiful knee high boots to really complement this whimsical time of year.




4 5

6 7




1. Tie- Dye Cashmere Jumper, Raquel Allegra, £450 2. Colour Block Fine Knit Cashmere Jumper, Stella McCartney £630 3. Floral Brocade Skirt, MSGM, £235 4. Kristine Knee High Boots, Alexander McQueen £1145 5. Saphire Knee High Boots, Dune £169 6. Loop Knit Coat, Zara £79.99 7. Pink Wool Coat, Boutique Topshop, £150 8. Kinka Tie- Dye Knitted Wool Dress, Christian Wijnants £835 9. Tri- Colour City bag, Zara £59.99 10. Pleated Leather Skirt, Gestuz, £160 22 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

VIVA CATWALK TRENDS Is it me or is Autumn over waaaaay too quickly? We have a couple of weeks of “summer,” a few wet weeks and then BOOM! freezing cold weather, darker days and an eternal winter. Well this season take back the autumnal look by incorporating the best autumn colours such as leaf green, burnt orange and fire red with textured knits, oversized scarves and a thick, chunky coat.




4 6 5



9 10

1. Mason Sweatshirt, Selected Homme at, £45 2. Knitted Three Quarter Length Woollen Coat, Zara £79.99 3. Grained Leather Weekend Bag, Dsquared2, £875 4. Degradé Chunky Knit Wool Scarf, The North Circular, £165 5. Cable Stitch Sweater, Zara, £39.99 6. Shirt, Hentsch Man, £100 7. Chinos, Hentsch Man, £125 8. Jeans, 7 For All Mankind, £210 9. Combination Printed Leather Gloves, Zara, £25 10. Leather Brogue boots, Desquared2, £460

Phil Vickery : Fashion’s Raging Bull


omething tells me that the bull in the china shop never got a fair trial. The prejudices are obvious; a large, burly creature of fierce reputation pitted against the meekness of a beautiful thing. It hardly evokes harmonious images. Rugby Union’s own Raging Bull though, is blasting stereotypes out of the water. We meet Phil Vickery in the kitchen department, which is rather fitting considering his victory in 2011 Celebrity Masterchef. He is launching his clothing line in Manchester’s House of Fraser and giving a cooking demonstration. Large and burly? Yes. But fierce? Perhaps on the field (he powered England to victory in that 2003 World Cup Final) but Vickery has a side of bone china. His line of clothing, eponymous to the nickname he was afforded by Sir Clive Wood-

ward, marries sport and fashion in a neat and desirable line of preppy pieces. The collection, which is generously cut for the sporty physique which Vickery and fellow rugby player and model Jordi Pasqualin share, ranges from t-shirts and gilets to belts and hats and is available up to a size 5XL. Though they do feature, it’s not all rugby shirts and polos, although Vickery makes sure his fashion debut is heavily inspired by the sport. A bull logo upon a crest which harks to British heritage is a recurring theme, making the collection an obvious starting point for those searching for gifts to rugby lovers. Butter soft boating shoes, crisp floral shirts and cable knit sweaters in autumnal claret are sure to draw in the more classically styled man and beginning at £25, the collection is

immensely pleasing. Vickery goes further in defending his case as fashion fitting as he is even collaborating with Manchester Metropolitan University on a design project that will see the winning student’s t-shirt design sold in the Spring. His decision to launch in our city stems from the robust rugby following which Manchester harbours as well as the rich sartorial history that it enjoys. Meeting fans and signing rugby balls, Vickery and his collection are obviously synonymous with the city it is now available in. Prior to the launch, Vickery said that he was “very excited to be launching Raging Bull in Manchester with its fashion and culture and big city vibe.” Are we worried that this bull might wreak havoc in fashion’s china shop? Not one bit.

STRIKE A POSE... IT’S VOGUE words: Jessica Atkinson | some photos: Georgie Glass

26 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c




Henry Holland & Jonathon Saunders

“It was like a fashion Glastonbury in Louboutins” Quotes Celebrity make up artist Armand Beasley

hampagne was in no short supply in Manchester on the night of the 10 October nor, we can report first hand, was recklessly sophisticated abandon.

Sartorialists amassed in every shade of Chanel les vernis varnish and variant of tartan conceivable to experience the pomp of a city-wide soirée put together by none other than VOGUE magazine. Havoc upon the London-Manchester train track did little to dampen the carnivalesque hedonism of the evening which spilled out of the department stores and onto the streets in a rush of jewelled hands and VOGUE tee/full skirt ensembles.

“We’ve left our desks. It’s a party for us!” chuckled VOGUE editor-in-chief Alexandra Schulman – the sense above the clamour. Manchester collectively left their desks with her on October 10, swapping press releases for Agent Provocateur bags, muffled radio for The Maccabees and cold tea for jelly and ice-cream. For VIVA, there was no time between meeting with former dragon Theo Paphitis in his swanky new Boux Avenue store and having lunch at San Carlo with Mulberry (a necessary evil…) to even begin thinking about our desks. T h e official Hugo Boss launch p a r t y , held in the flagship store on opulent New Cathedral Street was pocketed with disturbances made by those who had caught sight of their fashion icons. Henry Holland, Erdem, Jonathon Saunders and the VOGUE team were just some of the cocktail-clutching crowd. Chatting with Erdem was the highlight of the event – a truly lovely man who got endearingly excited about his recent Hitchcock collection. Just next door saw the warring Selfridge’s and Harvey Nichols play excessively jewelled fisticuffs for the most marvellous evening. In the yellow corner, Selfridges boasted whiskey elderflower cocktails, very pink cosmopolitans and mini-food stalls selling crèpes, candyfloss and other naughty treats that subverted what you’d expect from VOGUE in the happiest possible way. A giant Selfridge’s bag was a popular attraction for photographs, while MAC doled out makeovers, and Eliza Doolittle and Jameela Jamil spun the decks in store (the latter in a fabulous orange Topshop coat).

Over at Harvey Nichols unfurled what must surely be the chic-est of tenth birthday parties. Celebrating a decade in Exchange Square, the store went all innocent with mini cupcakes and aforementioned jelly and ice cream. Hair styling made celebrities of every visitor at Umberto Giannini (whose salon opens there on 3 December!) while upstairs boasted little wendy houses containing various designers who were personally decorating VOGUE T-shirts. Shoe designer Sophia Webster looking kitsch in tortoiseshell frames and a lipstick-print dress and Markus Lupfer in one of his own, robotemblazoned sweaters boasted the longest queues for a truly oneoff experience. Harvey Nichols too, was the setting for Alexandra Schulman’s fascinating onstage interview. “If we were to leave London then we’d have to come to an audience that would want us to come,” Schulman preached to the amassed choir, referring to her hallowed decision to expand VFNO northwards. After capturing her for a personal interview, VIVA also caught up with the good-humoured Jonathon Saunders. In Spinningfields, Flannels hosted an evening with the Manchester-born Matthew Williamson, whose truly stunning floral pieces were displayed proudly to the milling admirers. Mulberry also stayed open long into the night, treating visitors to Essie manicures and an acoustic performance by Mausi. Spotting Matthew Williamson and Jonathon Saunders sharing a cigarette outside one of the many after-parties at the Malmaison, later confirmed the surreal fairytale buzz that lit up Manchester on the 10 October. The secret is finally out – no longer are we the Second City. >

“We’ve left our desks, it’s a party for us!” chuckled VOGUE editor-in-chef Alexandra Schulman

Erdem, Daisy Lowe, Henry Holland


VIVA bumps into....


His recognisably large, dark frames mean that we spot Erdem Moralioglu from across the Hugo Boss Store. That and the fact there are cameras trained on him. Of the fashion elite that we have the pleasure of meeting, he’s the warmest, though some of his responses are artistically cryptic. “Maybe,” he says laconically when we ask him if he sees a difference between the darker flower of recent collections compared to the lighter one of previous lines. Erdem is renowned for his use of florals: “I have always been interested in the codes of feminity…there’s something about the repetitive motif that I’m really intrigued by.” As his now darker palette suggests, his inspirations aren’t all sunshine and daisies. His FW2013 collection has strong Hitchcockian echoes, characterised, we find out, by his love of The Birds. “Tippi Hedren,” he enthuses, “Amazing!” He finds Manchester similarly attractive. “I went to Manchester as a student and I remember I had the best time!”

“It’s impossible to stop” says Jamie Laing. He’s answering our question on the terribly more-ish tendency of Jaffa Cakes though you’d be forgiven for thinking he was referring to his fidgety disposition. Like a puppy, the McVite’s heir bounds from attraction to attraction in his extremely vogue black jacket. He specifies, “About 25,” as the Jaffa Cake at which one can stop munching. “Maybe like, 30,” he corrects. He shows us his Peter Pan silhouette tattoo on his left bicep. “I love him,” he tells us impishly. “He talks to me at night!” In a way, the ink is fitting. Jamie himself refuses to grow up – a self-confessed lost boy. This is obvious in his immediate decision to ‘play himself’ when we ask his character preference in the new Made in Chelsea game. We press him for an alternative and we’re not disappointed. “I would like to be Francis for a day,” he says of his diamond mining, red-haired co-star. “He’s very weird.” 28 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

Jamie Laing and Oliver Proudlock



VOGUE fashion director Lucinda & Sophia Webster

Forget everything you’ve been taught to think about editors of fashion magazines. Alexandra Schulman, at the helm of British VOGUE, may count herself a ‘huge fan’ of Miuccia Prada but a devil she is not. For starters, she describes her style as “haphazard” a trait she agrees is “quite British” in the same way that “Parisian style is Emmanuelle.” (Alt, editor of French Vogue) “Idiosyncratic” is another way in which Schulman describes British fashion though it is a word we could easily apply to her career. It was through her editorship at men’s magazine GQ that she found her way back to VOGUE. A move she tells us that she would have only made for this, the most famous of fashion bibles. “Going back to VOGUE was a bit like going back to girls’ school” she admits amiably. “I really loved doing GQ.” We can only thank the Condé Nast Gods that it is the former and not the latter she now heads for without her it is unlikely that Manchester would have taken centre stage.

JONATHON SAUNDERS Jonathon Saunders is to print what Jimmy Choo is to shoes. In other words, he’s damn good. He ponders before offering his take on the effect that the print renaissance had on London and fashion. “I think that print is important,” he confirms, “It’s how we define a season and it’s a language we can use to be able to say in an obvious way what a collection is about. I love

the floral, psychedelic hippie thing that was going on,” he says of the recent spring/summer 2014 shows. As a Scotsman, as well as an honorary Londoner, we wanted to know if he had attended the Scottish Fashion Awards which took place the night before VFNO. “I missed it because I thought it was in Scotland,” he grins. “Then Christopher (Kane) arrived in the restaurant I was at and he was like, ‘It was in London you f*****g idiot!’ ”


MANCHESTER CARS With us through it all was Raz of Manchester’s premier transport firm, Manchester Cars, who didn’t only chauffeur us around punctually but who added to our fairytale experience. Raz embodied the ethos of Manchester Cars: smartly uniformed, entirely helpful and a joy to be driven by.

VIVA GIRL JESS & Theo Paphitis



BLUE RAINBOW APARTMENTS What could be more fitting than returning from the gaiety to a chic apartment beside Deansgate Locks, an Audrey Hepburn print guarding the hallway? A night with David Gandy perhaps, though his sad absence was barely missed in the comfort of one of Blue Rainbow’s executive apartments. A master bedroom, en-suite bathroom, double bedroom, and open plan kitchen/lounge area made a home of what is, in fact, an enormous hotel. It’s high living made affordable, the ideal backdrop to a girly day out and practically unfaultable.



Chunky Knit Hat, by Johnstons of Elgin, £55

Shearling Earmuffs, 10 by Karl Donoghue, £120



Toscana Shearling and Leather Shrug, by Karl Donoghue, £355

Faux Shearling Trapper Hat, by, £16


Basket Stitch Snood, by Topshop, £16




Zigzag Silk and Wool Blend Scarf, by Missoni, £199

Suede and Shearling Mittens, by Dom Goor, £85

30 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

Ladies, the season is upon us where all we want to do is wrap up warm, drink a million hot chocolates and spend all day under a duvet. But have no fear! Banish those winter blues and brave the artic-like conditions in style with these amazing seasonally appropriate accessories.


Shearling Pouch, by Kara, £185



Classic Shearling Earmuffs, by Ugg, £75

Scandi Fairisle Handwarmers, by Topshop, £10



Double Breasted Quilted Coat, Zara, £99.99


Black Wool Borg Pea Coat, Topman, £85


Wax hooded Parka Jacket, Barbour, £329


Leather Trimmed Coat, Armani Collezioni, £530

Felt Coat, Bean Pole Bike Repair Shop, £375




Quilted Polyester Jacket, Belstaff, £475

Off White Fur Collar Long Coat, Topman, £220

FASHION HOTLIST Wrap up warm gentlemen!

The cold days are drawing in and you need to be prepared! Check out this range of the season’s MUST-have outerwear pieces. Indulge in one of these hot picks whether it be a quilted jacket, a cool parka, leather jacket or ultra chill-repellling coats. You’ll thank me when you are attracting compliments, not colds.


White Coat with Fur Hood, Zara, £129


Quilted Jacket, Zegna Sport, £550


Two Tone Wool and Cashmere Blend Coat, Alexander McQueen, £1420

VIVA B E A U T Y Get The Look This Party Season: With Trevor Sorbie Manchester!


1. BLONDE PLAIT- This style has the vibe of a flowery wreath, popular over the summer, but can be easily updated for autumn/winter. Encorporate a tartan ribbon into the plait for an on-trend Christmas party updo. 2. BLONDE VOLUME- A classic look easy to wear and achieve using products from our new salon approved range. Use Invisible Hold Mousse and a large round brush for all over volume and finish with a small amount of Shine Oil on the ends for separation and shine. 3. BRUNETTE BOB- A sharp and structured style for someone ready for a change from long hair. Keeping the hair one length creates a striking and flawless look. Use our Frizz Free mask for frizzy hair to tame and maintain good condition. 4. BRUNETTE STRAIGHT- Use Salon Approved straightening irons which are infused with keratin and argan oil from our new salon approved electrical range





after blow-drying with our Frizz Free Smoothing Spray. A great everyday style that can be dressed up or down and can last for a few days. 5. PONY TAIL UPDO- A beautiful updo for the Christmas season, incorporating a 60’s vibe for the retro fashion lovers. Use the backcombing technique to create height and structure in this simple yet effective look. Hold in place with Firm Hold Hairspray. 6. SHORT BLONDE CURLS- A favourite among stylists and clients, this curly hair look can be achieved by using your natural curl and a diffuser or our curling wand set. It’s a fun, playful look that creates volume and texture. Use our Salt Texture Spray to mattify ends and push the texture for a night out. Trevor Sorbie - 19 Spring Gardens, Manchester, M2 1FB Call us on: 0161 839 2255




n June 2010, in the Andalucian Mountains of Spain, a vision for The Yoga Lounge was born by partners Nisha and Jane. This vision was simply to create an urban yoga and pilates studio offering the very best of these timehonoured principles, the evolution of yoga and pilates. Housed on the upper floors of the Great Northern Warehouse, The Yoga Lounge boasts 5000 square feet of state-of-the-art yoga and pilates studios, including a Hot Yoga studio with the latest radiant heat and humidity technology and a STOTT Reformer Studio. ‘Being in shape doesn’t mean having toned muscles, being in shape means exercising every single muscle, organ, gland in the physical body, bringing balance to the mind and releasing the your full potential,’ says Nisha and Jane.

The Reformer machines are based on the same principles of traditional pilates method,with the added benefits of providing assistance and resistance for the exercises. There are 250 different exercises on the machines and the workout is intensified by ten compared with mat-based classes. The results are stronger core; long, lean muscles and realignment of the skeleton. ‘In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference and in 30 sessions you will have a whole new body!’ says Joseph Pilates. The heat in the Hot Yoga studio helps students deepen their yoga practise by making the muscles more plyable, boosting circulation and promotes detoxification through sweat-

ing. The Power Hot Yoga practised at The Yoga Lounge also ensures students get a cardiovascular workout too, burning between 800 and 1200 calories per class. Various pranayama (breath) techniques are also incorporated to cleanse the physical body and mind and there are a variety of yoga styles on offer. The Yoga Lounge has classes daily. Please see or call 0161 834 6283 Hot Yoga Introductory offer £20 for 10 consecutive days. Pilates Reformer Offer £40.99 for four sessions (t’s and c’s apply)

Botox from £99 Fillers from £200 Teeth Whitening £75

QUOTE VIVA 10% DISCOUNT Dermaskin only employs experienced doctors who have performed hundreds of these procedures previously. Call us now for a FREE consultation or visit the website for more information.

Call us on 0161 850 5060

NEW LOCATION & FREE PARKING- Dermaskin clinic, 66 Quay St, Manchester, M3 3EJ

VIVA B E A U T Y WINTER TRENDS, the secrets to staying slim over the festive period, GLAM HAIR & TAKING CARE OF YOUR WINTER SKIN TINA O’BRIEN REPORTS… Winter Party Essentials As the weather is so terrible at the moment I will definitely be wearing layers. Tartan is very in at the minute so I will be wearing a tartan dress with a chic, glamorous jacket or cardigan and, if the weather is really bad, a smart evening coat. I’m really into little dresses, little shorts and tops and ankle boots are a must for Autumn/Winter! As the weather’s gone colder I’ve just been wearing heeled ankle boots all the time. They’re not as high as heels so they’re more comfy and you can wear socks to keep you warm and no one really knows. Staying Slim Over The Christmas Period Definitely try to stay away from buffets! When you go to a buffet you eat around 30% more because it’s all there in front of you so you’re more likely to pile more on your plate than you normally would. So basically it’s just remembering buffets are terrible for you so be careful. This sounds really simple but don’t buy it and then you can’t eat it or alternatively just go crazy and join a gym and then you can work it all off in the upcoming New Year.

Tatiana Hair Extension’s Lavish London Hair Fashion Week


orget London Fashion Week, this year was all about the launch of the very first London Hair Fashion Week. The latest new event to hit London’s party calendar. While LFW focused exclusively on fashion, LFHW focused on the hair that is often one of the most critical elements of fashion. The runways generally played it safe at London Fashion Week AW13 whilst Tatiana Hair Extensions, hosting the first ever London Hair Fashion Week pushed the envelope. Showcasing the wonderfully whacky to the easily covetable in their Avant Garde collection, Tatiana Hair Extensions succeeded in creating an event dedicated to exposing the “real” star of the world’s catwalks. In keeping with Tatiana’s glamorous style, the event was held at Tatiana’s Kensington salon and featured a range of exciting sponsors and celebrities in attendance, such as Lauren Goodger and Bobby Norris.

TAKING CARE OF YOUR Skin THIS WINTER This sounds really random as it’s not summer anymore but I’ve been using Nivea After Sun because it reminds me of the summer holidays. It’s been cheering me up because it’s been so grey and miserable. The smell is very reminiscent of lying by the pool in a hot country so that’s what I’ve been doing to lift my spirits when I’m missing summer! I’ve also been using an old one but a good one. Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream because my lips have gone so bad in the freezing weather but I’ve caught them just in time before they were cracking as I’ve been layering on loads and loads of 8 hour cream. What Will You Be Asking Santa For This Year I would absolutely love something from The White Company. I really love their plain white dressing gowns that look like what you see in a hotel. When I get out the shower at home I want to feel like I’m in a lovely luxurious hotel so one of those would be what I want off Santa this year. Glam Hair Over Christmas I’m going to a party soon. It’s a lovely glamorous one called The Gavin Blythe Ball for Macmillan, a very posh do and I’m going to be wearing a dress by a company called Ono Uno. Nadine Merabi is the designer. The last dress I wore of hers, to the Soap Awards, was a beautiful, long, pale pink one. I can’t wait to wear another one of her amazing designs so I’m planning wearing my hair down with a side parting and then go for really lovely Hollywood curls, a really classic movie star look.

To book your appointment call: 0161 236 4467 or visit the salon in Manchester on Port Street in the NQ.

ina@tinx aob Love one T twitter

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when booking to receive 10% off your first treatment HAVE A TREATMENT DURING NOVEMBER OR DECEMBER and YOU WILL RECEIVE 50% OFF A TREATMENT IN JANUARY (not in conjunction with any other offers)

The Castlefield Spa is the perfect haven for relaxation, rejuvenation and pampering. The Castlefield Spa offers both face and body treatments from the luxurious Italian brand Gerard’s, St Tropez tanning as well as CND™ Shellac for both hands and feet. Gerard’s is a luxury spa skincare brand from Italy that uses only the finest natural ingredients and therapy techniques to enhance beauty and wellbeing. Gerard’s has created a wide range of face and body treatments that are both innovative, holistic and personalized to each client combining relaxation with results. We offer an extensive list of treatments including express facials, derma shine and prescriptive facials, pepper aroma detox massage, chocolate massage as well as mother to be treatments and men’s’ treatments. The Spa also offers hand and feet treatments, waxing, various holistic treatments, tinting, St Tropez tanning and pamper packages.


0161 837 3535

castlefield spa is located in the castlefield hotel and y club. liverpool rd, manchester, m3 4jr Image courtesy of Gerard’s



2. 4. 6.



8. 1. I’ve got to love this clever nail duo from Butter, it adds a touch of sparkle to your nails with innovative overcoats that transform for a perfect festive look! £24, from www. 2. If you love that scent of Christmas, look no further than this beautiful candle from Jo Malone. £115, from Harvey Nichols. 3. Murad Intensive-C Radiance Peel. Now an at-home peel that reveals an instantly brighter, more youthful appearance. £49.50, 4. Want to smell divine and almost edible? You will with the Crème Brulée Body & Bath duet from Laura Mercier. It is to die for! £30, from Laura Mercier From House of Fraser 5. Clinique has put the perfect Christmas gift set together with all you need to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized this winter! £45, from Selfridge’s 36 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

6. Wow if you really want to treat your skin! Check out the Ultimate Collection by Asprey by Crème de la Mer. A beautiful, limited, 15 piece gift set! You know we heard Britney Spears smothers this all over her... Well I know why because it’s phenomenal! £2,750, exclusive to Selfridge’s 7. Get the perfect pout this party season with Loud & Clear Lip Sheer Duo by Bare Minerals. £18, from House of Fraser 8. A must on a night out - Divine Legs by Caudalie, envelops skin in nourishing moisture to give legs a luminous glow. £21.50, 9. Another exclusive to Selfridges by MAC - The Stroke Of Midnight Lip & Cheek Bag in pink, includes all you need to look fresh and beautiful this winter season. £50


2. 1.



ello VIVA DIVAS welcome to my new beauty column! Let me tell you a little bit about about me, I have lived, worked and played in Manchester city centre for the last10 years and I have the privilege of being the new Beauty Editor for VIVA magazine. As a professional make-up artist working on fashion shows, magazine shoots, award shows and TV shows, I will be sharing with you my beauty hints and tips, letting you see what’s in my kit, the latest beauty goings-on in the region and I’ll be discussing what is on trend and what’s hot for the current season. My favourite time of year ‘PARTY SEASON’ is upon us! I love nothing more than having no excuse to get as glammed up as possible, glitz, glamour, gowns and glitter! The Christmas party season is the perfect time to experiment and be adventurous with make-up looks that you might normally shy away from. I want to share with you my favourite metallic effect products. What’s fabulous with metallics is that they can be tailored to suit everyone and instantly add glamour to a day to night outfit.



Top 5 metallic make-up must-haves! Dior Skin Flash Primer - £28.50 15ml Get your base right and you’re home and dry! Illuminating, skin tone evening this primer beats fatique and leaves a beautiful dewy finish. Application brush attached too! Bare Minerals High Shine Eye Colour - £15 The highest of shines with this little gem! 10 shades available and with precision sponge applicator this shadow is a densely pigmented creamy shadow. Excellent to build up and very striking. Great value too. My personal favourite is Frost.


Essie Nail Polish in Golden Nuggets - £10 This varnish gives every manicure the whit-wooo-wow factor. All that is glitters IS gold!




MAC Mineralize Skinfinish £22.00 A luxurious velvet-soft powder with a wonderful high-frost metallic finish. Buff this onto cheeks, highlight brows and dust over collar bones to a add a sexy, sophisticated finish to your look. Available in 2 colours, my favourite is Soft and Gentle. NARS Lipgloss in Belize - £17.50 SERIOUS shine here girls!! The slightly shell pink colour is packed full of light iridescent light reflectors giving the highest, glossiest shine you will love. It’s lightweight and non-sticky but very long lasting with a show stopper finish. Never one to neglect our male readers I wanted to share with you a couple of lovely products I think you’ll love and will also make great gift ideas for the ladies in your life.

1. Creme De La Mere has just launched for boys - now arent you lucky! You can also enjoy pure heaven for your skin! Treat yourself this Christmas to this fantastic gift set £225, from Selfridges 2. Pore & Line Minimizing Hydrator: This super lightweight gel-like hydrator minimises the appearance of pores and works to regulate oil production for a shine-free look. £49.50, 3. Need a boost after partying on a school night? Nikel Morning After Rescue Gel, stimulates a caffeine boost whilst rejuvenates and softens skin. £22.50, from 4. Whats not to love about the new Yohji Homme: With a divine scent mixed up of cardamon, bergamot and coffee notes infused with a hint of rum, cedarwood and leather. What a sophisticated spiced up combination. £35, from Selfridges

5. Its time to get all funked up boys! Start with this fantastic Christmas gift set from Bed Head with re-energizing shampoo, conditioner and manipulator - a great kick-start to your morning! £21.95, from 6. Super Stubble from Babyliss introduces its best yet razor with an advanced contouring floating head that provides increased flexibility for the most stuborn stubble. £90, from Boots 7. Give those hard-working hands some love this winter! Clarins active hand care has powerful skin-repairing benefits in a non-oily formula specialy adapted for to suit men’s skin. £15, from Selfridges 8. Triumph & Disaster: Rock & Roll face scrub with regular exfoliation you will remove a build up of dead skin, cleaning out dirty pores and revealing kissable, soft and super fresh skin! £23, from Selfridges

I have recently been reawakened to the wonderful world of Molton Brown. It’s a brand we are all familiar with but how often does it pop up in your mind to have a browse of the store or buy online? Let me introduce you lovely boys to the Black Peppercorn Body Wash (£18- 300ml), this award-winning uber masculine and spicy body wash is made from Madagascan black peppercorn oil and herby basil. This heady fragrance will leave your skin soft and smelling fantastic all day. With its masculine packaging to boot, it’s a real winner. My second male grooming must-have is from the Nicky Clarke hair products range. The Runway Hold Matt Texturising Clay (£14) comes highly recommended from a pristinely groomed friend of mine who can’t live without this product. With its texturizing and defining properties this clay is also conditioning for the hair. It smells gorgeous too! My final men’s must-have comes from the iconic skin care brand Clarins and it’s acclaimed Line Control Cream (£40) Smoothing out deep lines while tightening and lifting the skin. Excellent for sun-damaged skin and skin needing a pick-me-up. It’s non-greasy and leaves a fresh matte finish. Keep your eye out online at for regular product reviews, news and events around the city. You can also follow me on twitter @NatashaT.Makeup


Champneys the Champion Retreat! If you are feeling in need of some TLC then why not treat yourself and a friend or loved one, to a spa weekend.


e were lucky enough to experience a Champneys Spa break. You can choose from various resorts in the UK, each tailored to offer something slightly different. Be it ‘Magnificent Health,’ ‘Refreshing Escape,’ ‘Sumptuous Retreat’ or, in our case, the Champneys’ Springs resort in Leicestershire which promised ‘Revitalising Wellbeing.’ Our two-night spa package included three treatments, full use of the facilities and all of our meals. As we crossed the water walkway to Reception we were immediately impressed by the friendly and professional attitude of the staff and this service continued throughout our stay. Our superior room was clean, comfortable and spacious with a balcony overlooking the tranquil parkland that surrounded us and, most importantly, waiting on the bed were our white robe and slippers which we couldn’t wait to get into! There is plenty on offer to meet your fitness needs such as the indoor 25 metre swimming pool with adjacent jacuzzi, steam room and sauna; fully equipped gym; a class programme offering 20 different lessons including regular entries such as Legs, Bums & Tums and Spinning but also giving you the option to sample something new like Hula Hooping or Tai Chi or why not head outside for a game of tennis or take a bike ride through the neighbouring picturesque villages? 38 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

As you take the sweeping staircase up to the Spa you are welcomed into a sanctuary by highly experienced therapists. Whether you fancy pampering, firm & tone, pregnancy-related or anti-ageing therapies, the extensive treatment list will not disappoint. We can highly recommend the relaxing facial where luxurious and effective products are applied or the detoxifying seaweed wrap which is designed to aid in the removal of toxins, promote a slimmer look and rejuvenate the skin’s appearance. Or take a dip in the Thalassotherapy pool which contains a salt solution to encourage the body to detox and stimulating hydrotherapy jets to help relieve aches and pains. The restaurant served both healthy and delicious cuisine which was beautifully presented. The Head Chefs work alongside Champneys’ Nutritionist to ensure that the dishes prepared provide the body with all the nourishment it needs. Breakfast and lunch were buffet style and at the end of a relaxing day you unwind further as you enjoy waiter service for your three course meal. What are you waiting for? With loyalty schemes, great offers and an experience that you will not forget, log on to www. to find the perfect package. words: Kim Durham



Richard Brodie,With His Top

Weight-loss Fitness Tips!


n the hectic lead-up to Christmas VIVA popped down to Y Club at the Castlefield Hotel to meet with their fitness instructor Richard Brodie to find out some fantastic tips on keeping fit and staying trim over the festive period! The Y Club has been in Manchester for over 20 years (the largest within the city centre) and, with a proud reputation and presence in the fitness industry worldwide, it’s link to the YMCA charity means there are a real mix of members and it provides immense support to many local communities, giving it a unique appeal.

RichARD’S Top Tips: ONE: Have a realistic goal in mind to motivate yourself: Think of that special outfit that you want to fit into for all the Christmas parties so you’ve got something in mind to drive you. TWO: Avoid the scales, measure inches instead: A person’s body weight can be constantly up and down and can vary from one day to the next, measuring your waistline or concentrating on clothes size will prevent you from becoming demotivated if your weight is inconsistent. THREE: Trick your stomach into thinking it’s full by consuming a pint of water 30 minutes before a meal: It takes around 20 minutes for your brain to register your stomach is full, so having a glass of water before you eat helps to stop you from consuming more calories than you need. FOUR: Don’t count calories concentrate on sugar and fat content: Don’t be fooled by marketing i.e. ‘this only contains 120 calories’ these often have high levels of fat and sugar so the body struggles to break it down and stores as fat. FIVE: The key is moderation: Whether that be a couple of glasses of wine or your favorite take-away - enjoy! Don’t starve your body from occational treats, as this helps to keep cravings at bay and will motivate you to work harder the following week. words: Abbie Green | photos: Amy Bettinson

SIX: HIT Classes: High Intensity classes are a great workout, it’s all about pushing yourself to max within a short period of time that delivers fast results. SEVEN: Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day: The body needs breakfast to kick start the metabolism so by skipping it the body will go into survival mode and and will store anything you do eat as fat. EIGHT: Put your training schedule on the fridge: This helps to organise your exercise and will stop you from indulging in too many fatty foods as it’s a constant reminder of the ultimate goal. NINE: Do squats, press-ups and step-ups at home: For those of you without time to go to the gym, work-out at home. Press-ups work the whole body and step-ups and squats are great for toning. Be imaginative with your work-outs! Follow these ultimate tips to stay slim over the holiday season without having to give up all we love about this time of year! For more information on Y Club Castlefield contact them direct:

Y Club, Liverpool Rd, Manchester, M3 4JR web: tel: 0161 837 3535

New show starting 14th January on 106.6 North Manchester FM:





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WIN WIN WIN A VIVA Christmas Hamper filled with all the below goodies! We have two to give-away just before Christmas! One set each for the girls and boys.To enter answer the following question: What recent music game show does our front cover WILL.I.AM co-host? Email your answer, name & telephone number to:





3. 4.


2. 5.

8. 9.


1. BareMinerals Get Started Kit 2. Steve Maddon Shoes 3. Trevor Sorbie Blow Dry Mist 4. Murad Complete Renewal 5. Penhaligon’s London Classic Fragrance Gift Set 6. Lipsy London GLAM Fragrance Set 7. Gudrun Sjoden, Striped Top 8. Cloud Nine Micro Hair Iron 9. Cloud Nine Micro Hair Dryer 10. Saint Kidd T-shirt 11. £50.00 Voucher











7. 1. Alex Christopher T-Shirt 2. Virgin Champagne Balloon Ride 3. His Heaven After Shave Relief Spray 4. New Yohji Homme Fragrance 5. Murad Perfect Shave 6. Penhaligon’s London Classic Fragrance Gift Set 7. Super Stubble From BaByliss 8. Steve Madden Shoes 9. Canterbury 1871 Rugby Top. 10. Jim Bag, Sports Bag

Festive Feasting in Manchester @thehungrymanc reports: I absolutely love Christmas. Like a big kid I still get excited about the tree, the lights, the family time and of course, the food. When it comes to the day itself, for me it’s about being at home with a traditional turkey and all the trimmings. However, at this time of year, every restaurant worth its salt is laying on special menus for the festive period – so I went and had a nosey at a few of the yummy yuletide options available to feast upon on the run up to the big day.

Rosso 43 Spring Gardens, Manchester, M2 2BG 0161 832 1400

The former bank building on King Street makes for a stylish Italian escape from the wind, rain and throngs of Christmas shoppers. It’s hard not to look up and around when you enter the high domed restaurant. However, head chef, Steve Hildebrandt, has crafted an Italian wintery dinner menu with enough on offer to refocus your attention on the food. Choose from 6 starters and 6 main courses plus a trio of delicious desserts for £35 per person. (£25 for lunch) Of the starters I tried, I loved the Zuppa con Zucca partly because (stop me if I sound like Buddy the Elf) “that’s fun to say” but mainly because the warming bowl of thick butternut squash soup was exactly what I needed after arriving looking like a drowned rat. For the die hard “Christmas means turkey” folks the pan fried breast with ballotine of stuffed leg should satisfy the pangs for poultry. However, the wonderfully rare fillet steak with oyster mushroom sauce left me drooling. This from someone who is not a fillet steak fan. A light panettone pudding with vanilla cream, sweet and crunchy Italian mess and a sublimely smooth chocolate pannacotta make for a fantastic finish to the feast. 44 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

Don Giovanni’s 1-2 Peter House, Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 5AN 0161 228 2482

If you’re at the theatre end of town and fancy a festive meal before the show then Don Giovanni’s might be the place for you. Operating in the city since 1984 this Italian has got some year’s practice behind it and is used to providing pre-show meals to locals and tourists alike. But before rushing in to your meal you might want to try a couple of the cocktails. One in particular catches the ear, being called The Dancing Jimmy and the eye with its red, yellow and green layers. Tropically sweet, it should help to whisk you away to sunnier climes, at least in your mind. When it comes to the festive offering there are a couple of different menus to choose from: 3 courses for £24.95 or, from what I could ascertain, 3 courses from a slightly extended choice at £29.95. Both feature turkey with the traditional trimmings alongside a selection of Italian dishes. The restaurant itself is light and welcoming. There are also plans to have a live pasta making station installed within the dining area before the Christmas menus are available on 1st December, so diners can enjoy dinner and a pre-show show.

Smoak at Malmaison 1-3 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 3AQ

0161 278 1000

Using Piccadilly station to travel to Manchester for a spot of Christmas shopping? Then be sure to schedule in a stop at Smoak Bar & Grill at Malmaison before you leave for their Christmas “Celebrations Menu”. Available from 25 November right up until Christmas eve you can tuck into 3 courses for £29.95. Unwind in the bar where Manager Jade and her team of mixologists have revamped the cocktail menu with offerings such as the Gin Gin Mule or fizz it up with the Champagne based Valentine Rose. Then on to the food... Head chef Kevin Whiteford has come up with a menu to tickle the tastebuds. Whether you’re sticking with tradition or saving that particular treat for the big day there’ll be something that’ll grab your attention. Even the traditional Christmas pud gets kicked up a gear, being served with a Pedro Ximenez custard. The sexily, shadowy vintage Americana interior is a great place to while away a couple of hours as the wintery weather does its worst outdoors. Oh and if you don’t quite have the appetite for the full three courses then the Golden Dream cocktail would make for a delicious end to any meal. 64 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c 62

VIVA C U I S I N E CHRISTMAS PUDDING AT ABODE with head chef Bryn Evans... 107 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2DB 01612477744 Add some festive fruitfulness and spice to your seasonal soirée with our scrumptious Christmas pudding recipe. We visited Bryn Evans, head chef at ABode, for his tasty take on the Christmas classic: Ingredients 450g raisins, 450g currents, 450g sultanas, 60g mixed peel, 30g chopped nuts (optional), 225g white breadcrumbs, ¼ teaspoon of ground ginger, grated nutmeg, 225g brown sugar, 225g flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 6g salt, 450g beef suet, 3 eggs, 40ml sherry, 40ml brandy, milk to bind, 1 juice of a lemon, butter. (to grease the basins) Method Prepare the ingredients and mix together all the dry ones. Next, stir in the beaten eggs and pour in the sherry, brandy and lemon juice. Slowly add in the milk so that the mixture turns to the right consistency – which should be fairly stiff. Then, place the mixture in a greased basin and place a piece of greaseproof paper over the top before covering with more greaseproof paper and secure with an elastic band. Steam for 8 hours before leaving to cool and store. Re-boil / steam the pudding several hours before the pudding is eaten. And voilà! There you have it, the perfect pud, serve with cognac custard and clotted cream.

FESTIVE NAUGHTY NIBBLES AT HILTON’S CLOUD 23 Beetham Tower, 303 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4LQ 0161 870 1670 The city’s loftiest bar has introduced food into its repertoire. The Hilton’s Cloud 23, famous for its decadent champagne naughty afternoon teas, has now introduced its own extensive and scrumptious menu. The sky-high bar features a backdrop of the city’s twinkling lights. As we admired the dazzling views gleaming below us, VIVA became one of the first to test out the genius works of David Gale. All in all, the food on offer isn’t unlike what you would find in any old bar but it’s been sent to boarding school and trussed up for Manchester’s most affluent. Salt and vinegar crisps, curries, popcorn and roast beef all make an appearance but they’re delicately salted and baked slender things in bowls alongside addictive garlic dips, the Indian cuisine’s vegetarian, more sophisticated cousin; popcorn you wouldn’t dare drop in the aisles of the cinema and a hunk of meat that melts in the mouth. Your local pub food this is not. (unless you live in Windsor) The Bar-type ‘sharing bites’ include the popular homemade crisp favourites: salt & vinegar, cheese & onion, prawn cocktail and smokey bacon. Marinated mixed olives, warm garlic toast with Aioli, spiced roasted mixed nuts and salt toffee popcorn also make an appearance, for the perfect accompaniment to an ice-cold beer after work. For the hungrier among you, there are also ‘small’ and ‘large’ sharing plates which delve deeper into the dirtiest food fantasies of post-liquor psyches. There’s the braised short rib of ‘locally-reared High Peak’ beef, (no ordinary cows here) spiced chicken satay, cured sausages and door wedges of pork pie. Our in-house vegetarian, Abbie, concurs with the delectable nature of the vegetarian options: potato curry and naan and butternut squash/goats’ cheese asiette to name a couple.

James Martin

What if I told you that James Martin is exactly as you’d expect him to be… warm, charming, fascinating and absolutely partial to a fish ‘n’ chip shop. Taller than he appears on television, James meets us after lunch in the deceptively dimIcon VIP Mezzanine in Manchester235


t’s two in the afternoon, but the shimmer and the surrounding casino give a 3am feel to the proceedings. James, in the same way, is ceaseless. The dishy TV chef, who has been a household name for years, doesn’t limit himself to whipping up magic recipes on air for the BBC’s Saturday Kitchen, creating cookery books and writing for the Mail on Sunday. His culinary patriotism, that began on a farm in his youth, is firmly established at Yorkshire restaurant pub The Talbot and now, in case you hadn’t noticed from all the recent press, he has opened a new restaurant in Manchester235 Casino this September. James is all about the flavour and the experience. His menu is no ‘A1 Diary’ affair but his prices are ‘for the masses.’ We caught up with one of Britain’s best and found out about his beginnings, his love of the UK and the ‘massive great’ fridge that will be a feature of his new restaurant.

VIVA JESS: There are posters for your restaurant everywhere in here with your face on them! Are you used to the exposure from being on TV? JAMES: It gets the norm, really. Television is quite a funny thing because you appear in somebody’s living room. People act as if they know you. VIVA JESS: Because you started so young, did this change the rest of your career? JAMES: Everyone needs a goal in life. You change your goal or when you fulfill it you look for another one. I’m always looking forward. Work has been the fundamental part of it and you only get what you put in. It’s as simple as that. No one gives you anything in life. You’ve got to earn it, you’ve got to work for it. VIVA JESS: Are your goals still head chef based? JAMES: I’m past that now. [he laughs] I can impart the knowledge I’ve learned over the years. We’ve got a younger head chef in now and a younger team. You can teach them a thing or two and that’s what matters I think but I’m still in the kitchen! VIVA JESS: Has success meant that you have been able to focus on your other great love of motoring more or will restaurant work always be too crazy? JAMES: Motoring and flying came off the back of food really. It’s all to do with food. I started collecting cars and that grew. When I was building my house, I got bored of picking light fittings and furniture and learned to fly. Everybody needs a hobby outside of their normal work,and I just enjoy cars. VIVA JESS: Do you think you could interchange the two professionally? JAMES: I’d love to but my a**e is too big to get in the cars! One thing that’s privileged now in this job is being invited to events like the Goodwood Revival and I’m racing with some of the greatest names in motorsport – ex-le Mans champions, Formula One drivers – on the same track! VIVA JESS: Could you ever choose between food and motoring? JAMES: Food is always going to be there because it pays for everything else!

VIVA JESS: Did working in French Chateaux when you were younger affect the way that you cooked? JAMES: Not really because it’s fundamentally the training that’s important. Classic French cooking is a basis of so many different dishes. Whatever you do now or in the future is all based on the classics that will always be there. A simple thing like a beurre blanc sauce or a stock is always made the classic French way. There is a modern way of doing it but that’s not the right way. VIVA JESS: Does their cuisine differ from ours hugely? JAMES: The French have become very set in their ways. You can have an amazing meal in France but you can’t have an amazing Indian, Japanese or Thai whereas I went out last night (in the UK) and you have so many different restaurants doing so many different things. I think that’s what makes it interesting in the UK because you have all these different flavours and different things whereas in France you want French food and that’s it. VIVA JESS: What meal is most inherently British to you? JAMES: Fish and chips, of course. I had them on Tuesday night. A good roast dinner. Steak and chips. VIVA JESS: Fish and chips from a fish ‘n’ chips shop? JAMES: Oh you’ve got to have them from a proper fish and chips shop. VIVA JESS: Have you done your own twist on fish and chips? JAMES: We experiment with bits and pieces in the bar. A pub restaurant sort of thing in Yorkshire. We do a vodka and tonic batter. VIVA JESS: That sounds so good! So what makes you love the British cuisine seeing as that is the culinary theme of your restaurant here? JAMES: I always have. I was a farmer’s kid for eighteen years and it’s just the best country in the world, isn’t it? You can visit any country in the world but there’s nothing better than coming home. There’s a lot of people moaning about it but it’s an amazing place, the UK. It’s full of fascinating people. VIVA JESS: How will you work that into the restaurant? JAMES: Each individual dish will come from a specific farm or other specificity. We spent a lot of time looking at where the ingredients come from. VIVA JESS: What local sources are you using? JAMES: We’re using the best of everywhere. Even though we’re in Manchester, we can’t just look all around Manchester. You have to look further north. Looking up into that area of Scotland has some of the best seafood and just over the sea in Northern Ireland you’ve got amazing seafood, Cumbria’s lamb, too. VIVA JESS: Can you explain the menu? JAMES: We were just discussing it over lunch. It’s an eclectic mix of dishes that we know well. It’s not going to be an A1 massive fold out piece of paper with a diary of food. It’s going to be specifically five or six different dishes for starters and the same for mains, and the same for desserts. Price range from £5 to a tenner for the starter, £15-£30 for the main so it’s not expensive, open to the masses, really. >

“Motoring and flying came off the back of food really. It’s all to do with food. I started collecting cars and that grew”

50 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

We’ll do some finger food for the bar as well. We also have a massive great fridge as you go in. It’ll be walk-in so you can see the meat hanging from all the individual suppliers. VIVA JESS: Will people who eat here be able to see it? JAMES: Yes. That’s on the left as soon as you walk in. There will be a chef’s table too, that seats around ten. VIVA JESS: How often will you be here cooking? JAMES: Well I’m in between here and The Talbot. Four to five days in either restaurant. If I’m not here then I’m in The Talbot. VIVA JESS: Is that in Yorkshire? JAMES: Yes, there isn’t a war of the roses going on still. That’s finished. [laughs] VIVA JESS: Why Manchester? JAMES: I’m up here a lot anyway because of Salford (MediaCityUK) and the BBC and when they approached they asked if I would do it. It’s closer to me that The Talbot and it just made a lot of sense, really. We had a look at the site and thought we could do a lot with it. VIVA JESS: Why Manchester235? JAMES: It’s a twenty-four-hour-a-day operation and it never stops so financially, it makes sense. VIVA JESS: You changed your menu everyday in your first job as head chef at just twenty one. How often will you change your menu here? JAMES: Seasonally. Some dishes will never come off, to allow people to come back and have something they like but others we’ll change. VIVA JESS: Your two new books are ‘slow cooking’ and ‘fast cooking’ which is the most practical? JAMES: Slow cooking is the most practical in a restaurant kitchen because it’s the most tasty. ‘Fast’ is only because people don’t have the time. So you make one of each and let people decide. VIVA JESS: How was winning the Craft’s Guild Chef Special Award? JAMES: That was an honour – an incredible night. I was with all my protégés, guys I’ve worked with all my life. I knew nothing about it. They stood up at the end of the night and I was meant to be presenting the award, not getting the bloody thing. I genuinely had no idea. Then they started reeling off this career and it went on for about ten minutes. VIVA JESS: And you thought..’that’s me!’? JAMES: Yeah, exactly! It’s an honour and a privilege. A night I’ll never forget. VIVA JESS: What is your favourite kitchen gadget for home? JAMES: Salt is the basis of everything. But gadget would be… your mouth. Taste is so important and people don’t realise that. ■ Interview by Jessica Atkinson

Festive Tipples... Bulldog Dry London Indulge in some dry delights with Bulldog London Dry Gin. The super-premium spirit is an authentic offering with a light taste, distilled with rare botanicals from around the world. Christmas cocktail: Bulldog Bramble Glass: Rocks Ice: Crushed for cold Method: Pour all ingredients into a glass and top with crushed ice, drizzled with Creme de Mure/ Chambord and garnished with a lemon wedge and two raspberries. Method for Hot Bramble: Add all ingredients, including Cloudy Apple Juice, to a small cauldron and put on a gentle heat. Sprinkle in some whole cloves, while on the heat, and enjoy the wonderful Christmassy aromas. Don’t keep the alcohol on the heat for too long as the alcohol will burn off and lemon juice will break down. Ingredients: 50ml Bulldog 25ml fresh lemon 20ml 3:2 sugar syrup Creme de Mure/Chambord Lemon wedge & two raspberries to garnish Cloudy Apple Juice (for hot serve)

Thornton’s Chocolate Liqueur For a sweet festive treat choose chocolate velvet with a kick. Developed by Thornton’s Master Chocolatier, this lavish liqueur is irresistibly creamy and smooth. The versatile liquid lends itself to much more than just an ‘on the rocks’ classic. For a super sweet spectacular, crack open the liqueur and mix it up with hot chocolate and coffee, try stirring it in with cocktails or drizzle over desserts and ice cream. Available at Thorntons: RRP: £12.99 per 70cl bottle or £17 for a gift pack - which includes one bottle of Thorntons Liqueur and two branded glasses.

Available at selected Sainsburys stores: RRP £21 70cl

Apothic Red Indulge yourself in a divine wine with Apothic Red. The new red boasts a full-bodied, velvety smooth taste, with blends of bramble, fruit and flavours of Zinfandel and Merlot. The wine’s aroma is also somewhat delicious with dark tones of Cabernet Sauvignon and sweet notes of black cherry and rhubarb, complemented by hints of mocha, chocolate oak and vanilla. This ravishing red holds a unique and captivating taste with its intriguing blend, It’s already taken the US and Canada by storm and, at under a tenner, it’s a sophisticated choice at an affordable price. Available at all major retailers: RRP £9.99

King’s Ginger Tantalize your palette with the rich, zesty refresher that is the King’s Ginger. The sublime mix of ginger root and citrus lemon was specifically formulated in 1903 for King Edward VII to stimulate and revivify his majesty. It has been loved by bon viveurs, sporting gentlemen and high-spirited ladies ever since. For the ultimate Christmas cocktail, whip up King’s Ginger Celebration Punch: Glass: Punch Bowl Ice: Cubed Ingredients 50ml King’s Ginger 50ml cranberry juice 50ml cloudy apple juice Top with champagne and / or Prosecco Garnish with blackberries and / or raspberries and lemon wheels Available at Waitrose: RRP £19.95

El Dorado Rum Treat your taste buds to this sweet, scrumptious Rum staple. El Dorado Rum was born back in 1670 in Guyana. Its formula is blended with the region’s famous local Demerara sugar and aged in an oak smoked barrel for five years to create a rich, luscious flavor, making it the ultimate cheeky, sweet- toothed treat. The nectarous concoction has a delicious fruity scent, with tones of caramel, coffee, toasted coconut and vanilla. Ravish with a refreshing accomplice like Cola or Ginger Beer. Alternatively pour it into a festive punch for a winter warmer. Available from Nicolas Stores and RRP £23.75 (5-year-old bottle) £32.99 (12-year-old bottle)

VIVA D R I N K Jefferson’s Straight Rye Whiskey Pour out a classic on the rocks with Jefferson’s Straight Rye 10 year old Whiskey. This whiskey combines a rich formula of age, maturity and strength. Distilled from 100% American rye and aged in three charred barrels, Jefferson’s embodies a delicious spicy, rich flavour with an exceptionally smooth taste. Simply pour over ice and enjoy tones of sweet caramel and vanilla with a helping of spice tempered with dark chocolate. Available from RRP: £51.25 (47% ABV)

Einstok Olgerd Iclandic White Ale No matter what Mother Nature has planned, Einstök Ölgerd, an Iclandic brewery just 60 miles (100 km) south of the Arctic Circle, will deliver a White Christmas. Einstök White Ale delivers the Icelandic interpretation of the centuries-old Belgian tradition and features the complex flavours of the classic witbier, including orange peel and coriander, without the heaviness typical of this classic style of beer. The purity of the Icelandic water gives Einstok an elegant and refined taste profile. It has a clean and crisp start with a smooth mouth feel thanks to the oats. Citrus and spice round out a refreshing finish. It was a Gold Medal winner at the LA International Beer Competition. Available in 6 packs in Majestic stores £12.99 5.2% or 4 x 6 packs for £9.99 each.

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Barefoot Bubbly Pink Add a touch of sparkle to your soirée with a bottle of Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato. A new addition to the barefoot brand. This light, pink sparkling wine hosts a delicious fruity flavour with luscious peach and tropical tones combined with a splash of raspberry and citrus zest, making it the perfect party refresher for the festive celebrations ahead. Available at ASDA: RRP £9.49

PIMP MY CHEF Manchester’s finest chefs know how to cook gastronomical delights in serious style...





Chef David Gale from the Hilton Hotel wears: Create your own made to measure suit from ÂŁ1,200 with a lime silk knitted tie, ÂŁ70 both from Richard Smith

Chef Rob Cox from Michael Caines at ABode wears: Create your own made to measure suit from £1,200, with 100% retro thin silk tie, £70 both from Richard Smith & Ramps Head cane, £195 from Jeffery West

Chef Andrew Wilky from the Lowry Hotel wears: Create your own made to measure suit from £1,200 with 100% Italian silk twill tie, £70, both from Richard Smith, with ‘love chukka’ shoes in olive, £325 from Jeffery West

Chef Rod Francis from 47 King St West wears: Create your own made to measure suit from ÂŁ1,200 with 100% Silk Italian Paisley tie, ÂŁ100 (limited edition) from Richard Smith

VIVA CHRISTMAS CRIBS Transform your home into a winter wonderland with these quirky home touches!






7. 6.





1. Deborah Bowness Christmas Wallpaper, £195, from 2. LED Standing Reindeer Light, £90, from John Lewis 3. Heart Brussels Sprout Wreath, £39, from 4. Grey & Red Felt Gift Sack £3.95, from Den Furniture 5. Decorative Glitter Christmas Tree Candle, £10, from John Lewis 6. I Love Santa Cushion, £24.99, from Den Furniture 7. Gisela Graham,Tree Top Angel, £27.95, from Selfridges 8. Arrayies Reindeer Wine Rack, £21, from 9. Custom Made Wide-Boy Sofa, £895, from Den Furniture 10. Wooden Advent Calendar, £35, from John Lewis 11. Grey & Red Snowflake Throw, £69.99, from Den Furniture


ver since it pioneered the concept of loft living in Manchester, Urban Splash has long been hailed for its vision in creating some of the city’s most inspiring homes. Something perhaps overlooked though is the developer’s unique office and studio loft spaces and here we take a look at a selection of commercial spaces that the company has created over the years. Urban Splash is synonymous with taking on challenging and unloved spaces, thankfully the company’s tenacity has breathed new life into some of Manchester’s most beautiful buildings. The company’s founders, Tom Bloxham MBE and Jonathan Falkingham MBE, were conscious from the outset of the alarming rate at which old warehouses and mills were being demolished as Tom said: “These great buildings were simply not valued either economically or in heritage terms. For us this meant that they could be bought cheaply and reinvented as true mixed-use places to live and work.” As the loft style homes were completed by Urban Splash, predominantly in Castlefield, the company soon started showing its com-

64 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

mercial loft love. The first loft workspaces were launched by the company 20 years ago with the completion of Ducie House. The unique mix of studio and duplex loft spaces there soon became home to some of the city’s most famous organisations. Architect Ian Simpson was based there, as were musicians like 808 State and Simply Red. As time went on other businesses took space at the development, each attracted to the varying loft spaces ranging 82 sq ft to 4,000 sq ft, and its location near to Manchester Piccadilly train station. Speaking of the development Urban Splash commercial manager Paul Jones said, “Ducie House has retained its appeal even after 20 years. The building is very unconventional but the space in the former petticoat factory has allowed us to create some unique and fantastic studio workspace.” The concept for Ducie House worked and the building has enjoyed a high level of occupancy since its completion in 1993. The blueprint, therefore, to create this kind of funky, affordable space with character and great design features was emulated at other Urban Splash developments such as The School >


house, completed in 1997. The building was the first by Urban Splash to receive a RIBA Award for Architecture, something it received thanks to the company’s continuing trend of fusing new and old features. The Schoolhouse has remained a popular out-of-town location for businesses ever since and has bred some of Greater Manchester’s best known businesses such as The E Word and Explosive Graphics. 18,000 sq ft of loft space was created within the building with a few units, starting at 920 sq ft available for businesses who want to be there today. Continued Paul: “The Schoolhouse is another example of this kind of architecture and how well it works for businesses. Although the out of town location makes this a slightly different proposition, the beauty of the aesthetics and its close proximity to the village and media city makes it stand out from other offices in and around Trafford Park. The units are so well thought out and inspire creativity and productivity amongst tenants.” In 2002, Urban Splash completed its next loft space at Waulk Mill, a beautiful historic mill building which comprises units ranging 586sq ft to 3,000 sq ft. The building sits within Ancoats Urban Village and faces the New Islington regeneration site, meaning that it is at the epicentre of an exciting area of the city. Packed with many Victorian details such as beams and original brickwork, the building has attracted a wealth of businesses. One of the companies to move in was cloud computing consultants and developers Shaping Cloud. They have based themselves at Waulk Mill and, in a short space of time, have grown to 16 staff. The company’s marketing director Kerry Dennison said: “The design of the building reflects our individuality as a business, I think there’s a definite synergy between businesses like ours and these kind of inspiring spaces. It’s great to invite clients here and show them around a space we are proud to call home.” Away from the aesthetics, Urban Splash has always remained committed to keeping their offices spaces accessible and affordable to businesses of all sizes. As Paul Jones from the company says, “Our USP as a developer is the way in which we manage our relationships with commercial tenants. In addition we offer flexible terms with workspace available on monthly licenses and we offer other incentives that help to make our fantastically designed spaces competitive in the marketplace and accessible to a wide range of clients.” Limited spaces remain at these buildings for companies looking for office or studio space. The company also has similar space in its portfolio for retail and leisure operators who may be interested in the Smithfield Building. Set in the heart of the Northern Quarter, the building boasts 21 commercial units, each of which are dominated by original stone and steel features. It’s home to businesses like Bikram Yoga, Simple and Piccadilly Records. Further details about space here and at any other Urban Splash development are available from Paul Jones on 0333 666 0000 or email ■ uk | VIVA | 65

secret to success isn’t a secret

It’s hard work It’s been 4 years since we launched VIVA Magazine in Manchester and over those years we have met some amazing and talented entrepreneurs in each and every aspect of lifestyle. We love a good success story and each of them has an interesting one to tell. But there has been a few this year that have stood out from the rest. Here are VIVA’s top 3 Success stories of 2013...


adine Merabi quit her job in events and decided to sell clothes. She never went to university to study, she basically brought a sewing machine and looked on Youtube how to make things. “I’d make some things and wear them out. People would be like, ‘Oh my God, that dress is amazing! Where did you get it?’ And I’d say it was from a boutique in London because I thought I couldn’t say that I’d made it as it’d sound really rubbish.” says Merabi. From this, things started developing and Nadine got the opportunity to have a rail in a pop-up shop. Now, a few years later, as well as having her successful brand ‘Nadine Merabi’ which is a big hit with the Corrie Girls, she has just become the creative director of new global brand Ono Uno. “I started with my own brand and label but Ono Uno are going to put a lot of money, time and effort into my new collection with them. They want to do men’s and accessories and everything else so it is exciting to have a project and infrastructure to work with other than me doing it all by myself,” says Merabi.

66 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

Nadine’s Ono Uno first collection launched this October at Vogue’s Fashion Night Out with a star-studded event in boutique bowling alley All Star lanes. VIP guests included Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing, Corrie ladies Brook Vincent, Catherine Tyldsley and Debbie Rush who said to VIVA, “Nadine’s designs are great promotion for Manchester fashion. I would wear everything in the new Ono Uno collection.” There’s no doubt that Merabi loves the fabulous life that’s opened up before her but only fools would suppose that the path has been a ballooned, sugar-coated one. Merabi is a firm believer in the 10,000 Hour Principle, which suggests that it takes at least 10, 000 hours before an expert is made and a talent has truly bloomed. Malcolm Gladwell’s theory has been seized upon by Merabi and used as a springboard for even further hard graft. Impassioned labour that has clearly paid off. VIVA congratulates you Nadine, you have truly become a Manchester fashion treasure!



Scrapyards, police raids, prison,

bringing horses home, hosting some of the biggest illegal raves, Gio Goi,

bullet proof vests, protests, Sir Alex Furguson lucky hat,

hiding Pete Doherty,

Parking Range Rovers in the sea, YO clothing, front covers of Vogue,

invited to dinner with Richard Branson, making music videos with Deadmaus5, Drinking with

Rihanna in their local, playing screws in Plan B’s film, artists, owning the coolest rock n roll

pub in Britain, Formal Fight Club

and now a book and plans to move into

music management! Is there anything the Donnelly Brothers

haven’t done or can’t do? This is real Manc history,

a true raw Mancunian success story...


hen Christopher Donnelly gave VIVA a copy of his and his brother Anthony’s new book he said, “I read it in a day and after I put it down I though wow how are we still breathing? Anthony said right that’s the title of the book.” Yes we can agree with you there Chris. How the hell are you still breathing and this is the censored version! Anthony and Christopher Donnelly grew up, with their sister Tracey, on one of the roughest council estates in Manchester. Their father Arthur, who is quite a character from the book, owned scrapyards and used to bring home all sorts of things including, one day, a horse! The Donnelly Brothers had a hunger for money and success and, after being introduced into the Madchester music world by sister Tracy, they gatecrashed the Nineties fashion scene with their urban label Gio-Goi. Gio-Goi went from the rave scene to the catwalk, with the likes of Rihanna, Liam Gallagher, Amy Winehouse, Plan B and Pete Doherty wearing the brand as well as Sir Alex Furgason wearing a Gio-Goi hat every game. He called it his lucky hat. Pete Doherty actually went on to become the face of Gio-Goi after Anthony helped by hiding him from the press at his house in Cheshire where they soon became great friends. Pete even agreed that, if he died, his corpse would be dressed in Gio-Goi.

Anthony, “There are no other brands that approach things the way we do. I mean bank robbers asked us to make them coats and we also design Gio-Goi bullet proof vests.” The press called Gio-Goi the naughtiest brand in the country but the brand was turning over £4 million and the Donnelly Brothers made it to No.2 in the Sunday Times fast track 100, Richard Branson even invited them to dinner! The Brothers decided to open a pub in Camden called the Prince Of Wales as their London offices for Gio-Goi which soon became an A-list haunt with the likes of Noel Gallagher, Sadie Frost, Pixie Geldof, Erin O’Connor, Carl Barat and Jade Jagger plus Amy Winehouse making it one of their drinking hot spots and was nominated the coolest rock ‘n’ roll pub in Britain by Loaded Magazine. It hasn’t stopped there! The Brothers have recently launched a new brand called YO (Your Own) which is making another impact in the fashion world. It’s had a big reaction in the US and Canada amongst the electronic and rap artists and there’s soon to be offices in Times Square, New York. From blags to riches, the Donnelly Brothers success story is one big overload action-packed exciting adventure. The full story, ‘Still Breathing’ is out now available from


#1 VIVA’S no.1 business success story of 2013


living venutres has LITERALLY taken over Manchester this year and VIVA finally get to chat to the busy man behind it all, Tim Bacon. but it’s not all SERIOUS bunsiness talk, we have a few devIlish laughs with the Tasmania man too... words: Emma Wilkinson | photos: Karin Allbinsson


iving Ventures has LITERALLY taken over Manchester, when did the Tim Bacon empire all start? It started In Tasmania but the empire I suppose - I hate that word empire - that started in 1987 when I moved to England. Lived in London for a couple of years, bartending, then I moved to Manchester in ’91. I bought my first place in Manchester in Deansgate, JW Johnson’s. I sold that in ’96, along with a couple of things we built up. We did another business and sold it in ’98, did another business and sold that in ’99. I joined up with Jeremy in ’96 and we’ve been together ever since. It’s like a marriage of sorts, (laughs) he’s a good guy. It’s interesting you don’t really have this design to do anything really, it’s just one day after another and one business after another and it’s amazing just accumulates over a period of time and

68 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

suddenly you wake up one morning and think Christ almighty, how the hell did that happen? My father still says to me I have no comprehension how you’ve done that. I said if it’s any consolation dad, neither have I! Why would you ever leave Australia, it’s such an amazing place? I might go back, yeah. I’m still allowed to live there if I want to. It’s one of those things. I didn’t design to do it, it just sort of happened over time. In Australia you’re a long way away from anywhere so everyone tends to get on a plane and go away for a year or two, just I just never went back. And it wasn’t designed that way, it sort of happened. You get into business, get married, have a family and then pretty soon you get entrenched in the community you’re in.

We like your business success story because you DID basically start from the bottom and work your way up to where you are now and that’s what we’ve done at VIVA too! This industry is great for that opportunity I guess, it wasn’t my first industry I used to do other things before I came into this industry at the age of 25/26 and doors open up and so you walk through them don’t you? You make these choices and you learn things along the way. It is fantastic from that point of view and I don’t think it gets the credit for that as an industry. I think it gives you a great perspective on life. So why did you decide to kick everything off in Manchester? Well I was a consultant first of all and I found most of my consulting jobs were up north for some reason, I don’t know why. So I moved up here in ’91 and then I had the opportunity to buy my first place in Manchester in ’93. That was JW Johnson’s and I like Manchester as well. There’s something about Manchester that’s very similar to Tasmania. We’ve got 33 places, 17 that are in the Greater Manchester area. We have a few up in Scotland, Newcastle, got four in Leeds, 3 in Liverpool, a couple in Chester, got Birmingham and also one in London. Why is Manchester similar to Tasmania? Well with the countryside mainly, it rains a lot up here so it’s all very green, I like that a lot. I grew up in a mountain in Tasmania so it rained quite a lot there as well and I just like the space and the ability to really get into the city nice and easily. I can live out in country but I can be inside the city centre inside 40 minutes and so you get the best of both worlds. In London I lived there for four years, an hour and a half and you’re still in the city so you know whilst I loved that for four years it wasn’t really who I am. We hear you’ve got Donkeys? Donkeys, alpacas, chickens and sheep! It’s only a few acres but we like animals. 3 dogs, a cat, two kids and a wife. (laughs) it’s all there, yeah. Out of all the restaurants and bars you have ever opened up, what has been your all time favourite? It’s a bit like asking who’s your favourite child for god’s sake. (laughs) I love them all for different reasons! You know all of them have their own special memories. Australasia is very special to me because of the connection with my upbringing in Australia so bringing that sort of culture and cuisine to Manchester was great. I still love it today, I still eat there a lot myself. The food is amazing in there, it’s one of our favourite places to eat. I love it, I just love everything about it there and I love the feel of the place. I can’t wait to do one of those in London. I see Australasia as my sort of retirement thing, I don’t ever see myself selling that. I see having one in all of my favourite cities across the world, I’ll have one in Sydney, I’ll have one in New York, I’ll have one in wherever. As we sit here now that’s what I’d like to do. You know it’s hard to say which is my favourite… I love my new project Manchester House. It’s fantastic as well as a completely different attempt at a different style of dining; going for that top end is quite interesting. >

VIVA S U C C E S S S T O R Y So, your newest ventures are Artisan and Manchester House, what was your main goal for both of them? Do you think you’ve achieved it? Well with Manchester House, it’s still too early to tell. Artisan has been open now for four months. It’s beginning to show good signs now, I like it. I mean when you are confronted with 12,000 square foot site on the first floor, it’s not an obvious thing to do. But I think we’ve been given a great space to work with. I really like the environment, I like the atmosphere that we’re creating in there. I’m going to tweak the bar round a little bit because it doesn’t quite create the heart at the moment, in the centre of the restaurant. It’s just a minor tweak but the numbers are coming through. We have more weekly table bookings in Artisan than we have in any restaurant in the group. And are you getting the right crowd in there that you want? Yeah, its nice. It’s 12,000 square feet you can’t be too choosy. I was talking to my brother about it and he said I thought it was going to be a nightclub and I said you’ve got no idea (laughs) it’s a 288 table restaurant and when you’re opening a restaurant of that size, you need to make sure that you find an audience for it because you can easily fail with a restaurant of that size. But it’s seeing good numbers now. I’m very happy with it. We are actually putting a cinema onto the first floor as well which hopefully will be sorted out in the early part of next year. And we are also putting on the ground floor a little cinema bar, which will act as the theatre bar to upstairs. Artisan is ever still growing, it’s still a project. So what are your plans looking into the future for Living Ventures? are you guys going to be doing anything abroad anytime soon? Not any time soon. I’d like to, in the next few years, have a little look at that just for the fun of it really, more than anything else. On the serious side of things, we’ve got a number of brands that we’re looking to develop, commercially. The Alchemist particularly, the Botanist and the New World trading company - that’s the pub side of the business - and also Gusto, they’re the three brands we are looking to develop. Did you know that you have completely converted the VIVA girls into ale drinkers. we went down to The Oast House ale tasting evening this summer and tried all the different ales, we love the strawberry one which is a bit of a girly ale! I’m delighted to hear that because I’m new to it myself. It’s surprisingly nice and I like the strawberry ale too if it’s any consolation. (laughs) It’s interesting you say that because when I came over to the UK, obviously in Australia you don’t drink ale, it’s all lager apart from my dad’s home brew. You have schooners don’t you? Schooners and middy’s! I went to a friend’s pub up in the lake district and, as always, the friend is always trying to get me to drink a pint of British ale and I tell him look I’ve told you plenty of times I don’t like the stuff, its horrible! But he says seriously Tim, you’ll like this one so I had a taste of it and you know what? I’m converted, I loved it. And it’s suddenly opened up a whole vicinity of pubs for me from that moment in time. Without that I wouldn’t have opened up a pub. Cos there’s no way you can do a pub without doing ale and I don’t like putting products on that I don’t like.

So have you given your mate who made you taste the British Ale some shares in your pub business? Absolutely not! (Laughing) but I don’t tend to charge them when they come in so. It’s an interesting story, it’s true that. Ha-ha we like that! So back to Manchester House, the food is pretty special here. What’s your favourite dish on the menu? You know what Aiden is a phenomenal chef. I love the duck dish with the cherry and the foie gras, are you allowed to like foie gras in this day and age? I don’t know. It’s quite an old school thing isn’t it? I tell you what I love it. You know it’s interesting though I went to a foie gras farm in France, as you do and this little old man was sitting on the stool, funnel in one hand grain in the other and all the geese were queued up, not in pens and not being made to, one after another, it was the funniest thing, he would stick the funnel in and then the goose would wander off then the next one would come. No distress, no inhumanity, I just do not understand why people get so animated about it. These geese were loving it. (laughing) What, they were literally in a line queuing up? They were queuing up by themselves, not being forced to do it. There were hundreds of them and a little old French guy sat there with a funnel. And that is a true story and a soon as I saw that I said I’m not going to be ashamed of liking foie gras with some authority, I know the truth. (laughing) So anyway I like the duck and I like Turbot which is fantastic with the homemade soured cabbage, not everyone’s dish though but I think it’s fantastic. I love the prawn cocktail that he does which is off the great British menu. He does this artichoke-potato truffle, which is to die for. Go down there, do the tasting menu forget 3 & ½ hours of your life, plus sit down there and do the wine taster or the drink taster. So what would be your ideal night out in Manchester from start to finish? Do you know what I’m

in the very fortunate position that I can wander through town and just go to very friendly places, where people look after me. I don’t know why they look after me so well but they do but I think I would definitely come up here to Manchester House for an Alexander to start my evening, as the sun was setting. I’m quite partial to an Alexander, it’s a new cocktail for me, made with gin, it’s the original one, so I’d probably come up here first! No, do you know what I probably wouldn’t actually, I’d probably end my night up here. I’d go first to the Oast House, hopefully it would be a sunny day and I’d sit outside with an ale. Then pop in to the Alchemist for a cocktail, go to Australasia for dinner, then like I said before end my night at Manchester House! So basically just bar hopping around your own bars? (laughing) Why not? There are some lovely places in Manchester, Would I go anywhere else? I can’t be bothered going anywhere else! (laughing) One of the things that I’m going to do at some stage is go into nursing homes because by the time I get to that age I do want to maintain that principle so I’ve got somewhere to go where I’m going to get looked after. Yeah, I’ll live in the penthouse suite. (laughing) It’s a fine idea I mean if you can why wouldn’t you? That’s a brilliant idea we will DEFINITELY be booking our places in your old personS’ home! Okay so how did we get from your ideal night out to talking about old people’s homes? I have no idea! (laughing) Last question, give VIVA your top tip to becoming a successful ENTREPRENEUR? Just enjoy the journey and that is the single most important thing. If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing then change what you’re doing, you’ve got to keep enjoying it. That would be my single most important tip. People talk about focus, they talk about 101 other things but at the end of the day it’s got to be your reason for doing it and you’ve got to enjoy the process, I think. ■



ang & Olufsen exists to move you with enduring magical experiences.This is not only the core DNA of Bang & Olufsen, it is also the spirit infused in all our products. This Autumn, we are bringing our customers the magic experience of unbeatable wireless sound through a new BeoLab range. We are very pleased that wireless technology has now matured to a level of quality, which has allowed us to let our products go wireless without compromising either quality or design. As such, we are launching our new wireless products under the headline Immaculate Wireless Sound. (IWS) Based on this technology we are introducing a very strong addition to our speaker portfolio this year with the new BeoLab range being launched globally October 30th, 2013. The new BeoLab products and (IWS) wireless technology will bring our customers a powerful and unprecedented experience of performance, design and freedom of placement. For more details on this exciting new product range please call or visit in-store:

Bang & Olufsen Manchester 55 King Street, Manchester M2 4LQ 0161 832 6159

Bang & Olufsen launch wireless speaker range...



hy settle on a smartphone or a tablet when you can have both in one for the fraction of the cost? In sleek ‘piano black’ and with a neat slot that fits your smartphone, the Phonepad transforms your phone into a HD touchscreen experience that is a stunning technological step into the tidier and more effective future. With a one off payment of £149.99, the Eicus’ Phonepad is the no-brainer, cost-effective alternative to today’s technology overload. Simply dock your current smartphone into the Phonepad’s amazing, rotatable 10.1” screen and observe all of your phone’s content appear in front of you. Gaming, movies and TV, sharing, reading and browsing are all made easy with one simple connection between phone and Phonepad. Viewed by the director of Eicus Media as The Phonepad’s ‘key feature’ is the genius idea that wifi or 3/4G are instantaneously transferred from one device to the other. Upon it’s imminent release, the device will be available for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, but new versions of the product will be released soon after. We are exclusively told that ‘more versions of the product’ will be on the market soon after the launch; ‘another major smartphone provider and brand’ that will surely make this technological breakthrough a must have for everyone.

THE PHONEPAD- £149.99, from

Free BeoLab 14 stereo speaker system with your new BeoVision 11. Offer ap plie s to 46 ” and 55” B eoVis ion 11. Available un til Novem ber 15t h 2013.

BANG & OLUFSEN 55 King Street, Manchester, M2 4LQ 0161 832 6159

Jack Marsden Reports...


The Rolls Royce Wraith. ‘A Viennese Waltz to remember’

t was the iconic 80’s ‘New Romantics’ band Ultravox that famously sang ‘Oh Vienna.’ And so it was when VIVA magazine touched down in Vienna to be met by a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce Phantom for this most prestigious of car launches. We were here to experience the stunning new Rolls Royce Wraith. Now at VIVA we like to offer our readers the opportunity of attending some of the best events and parties in the city, but even we were impressed with Rolls Royce’s attention to detail when giving us ‘a slice of life that celebrities and professionals experience.’ (who are the target clients for this superb new addition to their ‘other worldly range’ of luxury motoring which includes the Ghost, the Phantom and now the Wraith) We were whisked through the stunning city to arrive at the exclusive 30 suite Palais Coburg Hotel to be greeted by the beautiful apparition

72 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

which was the Wraith, in all its glory, in the hotel foyer. The car, such a word seems alarmingly inappropriate to describe this stunning saloon, was already drawing a crowd, with the obviously discerning guests being hugely impressed by this ‘apparition’ before them and who could blame them? The Wraith does ‘draw’ you in with its almost ‘mystical powers.’ With its understated but elegant and commanding styling, you immediately realise that this phenomenon is a force to be reckoned with and looking at the Wraith’s performance specifications you wouldn’t be wrong! Would you believe that most Rolls Royce’s are never actually driven by their owners? That’s not surprising when remembering the journey from the airport in the Phantom, it is a BIG car and it does need to be driven by a professional. Whereas the Wraith, with it’s more ‘compact and sporty’ styling, is definitely a DRIVERS’ car

but still delivers that all important ‘presence’ that one expects from the luxury manufacturer. For Rolls Royce the Wraith is not only a leap forward but also a return to its traditional motoring heritage which celebrates the ‘spirit’ and energy of those ‘gentleman racers’ of a bygone age. Who, 100 years ago, used to race and rally across Europe and the Alps in the first Rolls Royce saloons and so it was now our turn to get behind the wheel of this exciting new DRIVERS’ GT saloon and head off along those same demanding twists and turns. After enjoying a superb 5 course meal from the 2 Michelin Star Chef at the Wraith’s launch dinner we were eager to get our hands on the car the next day to experience all that had been promised us by the Rolls Royce team and we weren’t to be disappointed. The Wraith has a beautifully ‘raked’ rear which harks back to the sophisticated saloons >

Palais Coburg Hotel Vienna

Lunch stop at ‘Steirereck am Pogusch’ restaurant

from the 1950’s and this theme is accentuated with the distinctive 2 tone colour schemes. When considering we were going to be heading out on to Alpine roads and with winter already making its presence felt I thought the only way to best look after this stunning coachwork would be to get it protected by the team at GardX, who specialize in looking after such bodywork with their market leading protective coatings offering the best defence against salted roads, rain, snow and those dreaded ‘acidic’ bird droppings. The Wraith’s stunning lines, coupled with the rear hinged ‘coach’ doors are simply adding to the Wraith’s statement style but don’t be fooled by these touches, this is a ‘ GT’ and its 8 speed electronic gearbox can launch it from 0 to 60MPH in just 4 seconds! It even boasts a ‘satellite driving system’ which tells the car what the best gear is for the road that you’re on! The Wraith is packed with all the usual refinements that you come to expect from Rolls Royce, lambswool carpets, heated seats and steering wheel and superb sound system but then they go further with the ‘star light’ LED roof lining or you can go for the fixed glass roof option. Either one will simply add to the superb driving experience you get which we had speeding through the Alps remembering those gentleman racers. Stopping for lunch at the acclaimed Steirereck am Pogusch restaurant high in the Alps served only to remind us that we would now be on our return leg of the drive and reluctantly we headed back to the hotel, but not before we put the Wraith through its paces and sped along the winding roads! Arriving back at the Palais Coburg it was safe to say we felt every inch a ‘celebrity’ until we had to hand back the keys to the Rolls Royce Team and all I could think about was getting my hands on some lottery tickets when I got back to the UK in the hope that the Wraith could be within my grasp and not just some spectre of a memory of a fabulous trip! ■

The Wraith’s ‘silver sand smokey quartz’ interior

The Wraith is available to order now with starting prices from £260,000 words: Jack Marsden profile picture credit: George Sharman uk | VIVA | 73

#TheFlyingChef Nuts About Flying:

Andrew Nutter Flys A JHEW With Heli Air...


hen VIVA took flight with Heli Air for a helicopterflying lesson, we decided to spice up the sky and bring Manchester’s favourite foodie, chef Andrew Nutter along for the ride. With flying schools across the country, Heli Air is the UK’s leading helicopter business, offering a range of flying experiences from 5-minute pleasure rides to professional training courses. Flying celebrity fans include Jamiroquai, Andrew Weber, Richard Hammond and Lewis Hamilton. Today we’ve opted for an introductory lesson for Nutter, where he will learn the basic helicopter dynamics alongside an instructor and get a chance to take the controls and fly the helicopter himself. As the flying frolics get under way, Alex at Heli Air talks us through what Nutter can expect from the sky-high spin. “Today is essentially just a taster, he’s going to be introduced to what’s called straight and level flying at a higher altitude and exercises such as banking, turning and flying, he’ll probably be stationed at around 1,200 to 1,500 feet.” “With a helicopter you’ve got three controls: the cyclic, collective and the pedals, all three have to be in use in order to get that forward motion. It’s a constant search for what pilots called ‘the sweet spot’ where it’s the perfect efficiency for the aircraft to be in. He’ll be learning that and if he feels ready and confident enough, Des, our pilot, will bring him down and do some hovering with him.” Alex explains that each half hour lesson counts towards obtaining a PPL – that’s a private pilot’s licence. “This half an hour is the first half hour towards Andrew’s license if he wanted to get one. The next step is to book your next hour, Heli Air

offers a 5% discount if you’ve done a trial lesson through us on your first hour, which will work out at around £315.” We caught up with Nutter after the lesson to sum up his pilot potential, “I was shitting myself,” (before take off) he laughs. “It was actually an awesome experience because one minute you’re on the ground and straight away bang you’re in the air! And you are darting around as though you are a wasp.” There was even time for a spot of sightseeing, “It’s really amazing when you get up in the air, you can see all the landmarks, you can see the wind farm where my restaurant is, we flew near Bolton, to the Reebok stadium and near Salford Quays.” But it doesn’t end there, “I learnt all about the controlling of the stick.” Nutter continues as we giggle with amusement, “No but it’s the stick? No, it’s your arm.” We’re still confused… “If you tense your arm then you pull the stick in erratic movements rather than a smooth follow through and that way you get more of a smooth flight, we had 3 different controllers going on with your feet and left hand and your right hand so you’re using lots of things.” And apparently sexy shades aren’t just for Top Gun after all, “It was dazzling up there so it’s not just a poser fact of the pilots having to wear sunglasses, they are essential up there. I didn’t know that.” So is Nutter a chef turned air extraordinaire? “I’ve caught the bug!” he says, “Saving for the helicopter starts tomorrow!” Lessons start from £195 for a 30-minute session. To book, call Heli Air on 01789 470 476, or email for more information on lessons and courses.■

Sardinia, Truly is the heartbeat of the Mediterranean!


t Team VIVA, we’re not shy of a few perks! So I was very excited when a trip to Sardinia fell straight into my lap. (Of course I jumped at the chance, without the slightest hesitation) and, with only two days notice before leaving, I had to admit my knowledge of the place was very limited. All I really knew was Sardinia is an island owned by Italy and a popular holiday destination among the rich and famous! So I wasn’t sure what to expect but I had my suspicions that it would be first-class. Northern Sardinia was our destination, the wonderful Gallura region, famous for its sandy beaches and small coves with beautiful, crystal-clear waters. I arrived in the 1st week of September (considered to be the end of the peak season) and I was pleased to find the weather was still hot with blue skies and temperatures in the low 80s. During the hour long coach transfer from Olbia airport to our hotel, I was immediately taken aback with how beautiful the landscape was; every road led to another picturesque view; it was never-ending. I was staying at local, Sardinian, family-owned Delphina Hotels and Resorts. A reputable hotel chain with a total of eight large luxury hotels each with a 4 or 5 * rating. My hotel, Licciola, is the newest addition in the Valle Dell’Erica Resort complex. Licciola opened its doors in May 2013 due to the demand of guests staying at Hotel Erica. Delphina’s ethos is all about sourcing local building materials such as granite and stone, so the decor really did reflect on the country’s textiles and traditions, all mixed in with a modern twist! Built on a hill nestled into the natural environment, its location really is quite unique. I enjoyed breakfast sat on the outside veranda listening to soft acoustic sets, whilst gazing at the mountain backdrop of Corsica and the crystal clear ocean ahead. There are many amenities located in Valle Dell’Erica Resort. With a total of five restaurants, one being à la Carte, (you really can fill your boots here!) the cuisine was delicious. I especially enjoyed the mix of Italian and Spanish Mediterranean dishes and I was overwhelmed by the choices available and how fresh and appetizing it all tasted. If you’re feeling romantic you can even dine privately on the beach. We did one evening and I can’t even describe how beautiful it was, with our table just a metre from the rolling waves, sipping on champagne and eating à la carte fish courses such as local lobster and fresh catch of the day. It’s a definite must. Although not a family holiday this time - I normally have small children to think about - I loved the facilities at the Baby, Mini & Teen Clubs. So far on my travels I haven’t seen anything as well equipped, it really did impress me! Not only is it included in the room price but it’s open from 9 am – 11pm. (Yes, very tempting! You could leave the little ones there all day!) It was fun meeting the enthusiastic team who make it so special. Not only are you assured that this is the ultimate ‘kids heaven’ but another great perk is the fully stocked kitchen loaded with all the necessities, such as water and snacks, available 24 hours a day. 76 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

The Thalasso & SPA Centre of Valle Dell’Erica

Dining on the beach of Valle Dell’Erica

Beautiful private beach at Licciola

Relaxing in the resort is obviously not a problem and there is no better way to do this than spending a day at the Thalasso & Spa Centre “Le Thermae” which was located just a short stroll from my room. From an extensive list of treatments, such as I would expect from a 5* spa, I chose the relaxing back massage followed by a dip in the Themae pools, located in yet another serene setting that truly sets the mood. No trip to North Sardinia would be complete without a boat trip around the Archipelago of La Maddalena. This area is a group of islands between Corsica and North Eastern Sardinia with breathtaking scenery and turquoise-green, crystal-clear seas! It is a bumpy and fast boat ride but once you arrive there is nothing stopping you from jumping into the water and if you look at the rock formations carefully you may recognise some familiar faces. If, like me, you’re a lover of keeping fit, a visit to Porto Pollo beach is a great day out. (a popular paradise for surf and kite surfing) It is a large beautiful curved bay which splits into two, one area being used for lessons and swimming and the other used by the professional kite surfers. It is such a great atmosphere to sit back, enjoy a cocktail or two and people watch.

Sailing on the Archipelago of La Maddalena

Fancy some evening entertainment? Just a short drive away far from Valle Dell’Erica is the small town of Santa Teresa, with characteristic charm and a lively square boasting many bars and restaurants. Centred in the middle of the town square is a large stage that hosts bands throughout the evening! Sardinia really is the heartbeat of the Mediterranean and I am already planning my next trip. This island really does have so much to offer that I found it impossible to enjoy it all in just 4 days. It truly is unforgettable! For more information on Delphina Hotels visit their website ■ words: Rebecca Legon Presidential suite at Licciola

Family junior suite at Licciola | VIVA | 77





JAKE BUGG Venue: O2 APOLLO Date: 6TH & 7TH NOVEMBER Tickets: £20.25 English cheeky chappy Jake Bugg comes to Manchester with 3 November dates. Inspired by the likes of The Beatles, Neil Young and Johnny Cash, the rugged, alternative inde singer/ song writer reached UK Album Chart N0.1 in 2012 with his self-titled album. Come and catch the 19 year old youngster and see for yourself why he’s taken the UK by storm this year.

Venue: o2 Apollo Date: 22ND NOVEMBER Tickets: £26.45 Bringing their free spirited indie folk to Manchester’s O2 Apollo, the band from Colorado, US, made a lasting impression at this year’s Reading and Leeds festivals, performing their successful UK hit ‘Hey Ho’. Nominated for two Grammy awards in 2012, The Lumineers are a must see.



Venue: PHONES 4U ARENA Date: 14TH NOVEMEBER Tickets: from £32.50 With 5 UK number one albums and 10 top 10 singles, the Welsh rockers are back in Manchester to showcase their new album ‘Graffiti on the train.’ As well as performing some of their classics like Dakota, The Bartender And The Thief, Have A Nice Day, Mr Writer and many more. Don’t miss them while they’re here.

BEADY EYE Venue: MCR ACADEMY Date: 15TH NOVEMBER Tickets: £30.25

HAPPY MONDAYS Venue: THE RITZ Date: 15TH NOVEMBER Tickets: from £36.85 Formed in the 1980’s, Salford legends are back in their home town this November. Performing with the original line up, the alternative rock band will be playing some of their biggest hits and all time favourites.

78 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

Liam Gallagher is back with his band ‘Beady Eye’ this November. No longer sharing the spotlight with brother Noel, ‘Beady Eye’ were nominees for ‘NME Best new band of 2011’. Playing at Manchester Academy, don’t miss the ‘Oasis’ legend performing tracks from Beady Eye’s latest album ‘BE’.

Venue: O2 APOLLO Date: 14TH NOVEMBER Tickets: £18.80 Relive the glamour and the music of the 60’s with The Rat Pack a sing-a-long stage show featuring Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra look-a-likes supported by a strong band and dancing girls. Covering audience favourite songs like ‘come fly with me’ it’s fun for the whole family.



Venue: MCR ACADEMY Date: 22ND NOVEMBER Tickets: FROM £22 For fans of ‘Interpol’ and ‘Joy Division’ English alternative rock band Editors are worth a watch! After wowing the crowd at this year’s Reading and Leeds Festivals, it’s safe to say that Editors are a must see for those who fancy a night of rocking indie. Known for their hits ‘Smokers outside the hospital doors’ and ‘ Munich’ to name a couple and with two platinum studio albums, they’re not to be missed this November.

Venue: PALACE THEATRE Date: 30TH NOVEMBER Tickets: FROM £16.40 Prepare for a night of pop’s finest song and dance with ‘ABBA Mania’. A tribute concert to the 70’s icons of pop, ABBA. A night of fun filled entertainment that recreates the world famous group’s live performances.


Venue: MCR Academy Date: 7TH JANUARY Tickets: FROM £16.50


Venue: PHONES 4U ARENA Date: 3RD DECEMBER Tickets: £31.08 He has worked with some of the biggest artists in the world, from Britney and Cheryl Cole to Irish rockers ‘The Script’, as well as a member of HipHop stars ‘Black eyed peas’. It’s safe to say that is definitely one of the biggest names in music. Catch a glimpse of the superstar while he’s here this December.


Venue: MCR ACADEMY Date: 6TH DECEMBER Tickets: FROM £22.00 Expect an incredible live performance from the London born White Lies this December. Their chilling postpunk tunes, with front man Harry McVeigh’s vocals will send euphoric shivers down your spine. Growing in popularity over the last few years, White Lies never fail in bringing a youthful and energetic performance. Don’t miss out.

The Manchester born band venture back to their home city with their poptastic melodies and teenage heartbreak indie. From good old Wilmslow, the boys top hits ‘Sex’ and ‘Chocolate’ were huge songs of the summer. So let adorable front man Matty melt your heart this January.


Venue: PALACE THEATRE Date: 10TH DEC- 4TH JAN Tickets: FROM £17.90 Based on Shakespeare’s classic tear jerker ‘Romeo and Juliet’ ‘West Side Story’ brings tragedy and romance to The Palace Theatre. The Times ‘N0.1 greatest musical of all time’, hits Manchester in December. A perfect choice of entertainment during the cold winter months.




VENUE: THE RITZ DATE: 18TH NOVEMBER TICKETS: FROM £18.50 REEF are proud to announce a UK tour this November, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the band. REEF’s 2013 tour follows the success of their PledgeMusic campaign and last year’s all-encompassing box set which included the group’s complete recorded works across 9 CDs and 1 DVD featuring demos, B-sides, live tracks, un-heard and un-released material as well as music videos and TV appearances.


Venue: PHONES 4U ARENA Date: 11TH JANUARY Tickets: FROM £39.60 American pop rockers Maroon 5 are in Manchester this January. With lead man Adam Levine’s collaborations with the likes of RnB super star Eminem, pop princess Christina Aguilera and one of music’s biggest leading ladies, Rihanna, the band are not to be missed. As well as Showcasing songs from their most recent album ‘Overexposed’, expect to hear some of their biggest hits, ‘She will be loved’ and ‘This Love.’

Sweeny Todd is a heart-pounding musical thriller, that just oozes wit and dark humour. The musical tells the tale of a man driven mad by injustice. Filled with themes of vengeance and true love, Sweeny Todd is widely acknowledged as Stephen Sondheim’s musical masterpiece. A chilling performance for a chilly November eve! Don’t miss it!


Hip/hop and alternatve rock New Yorkers are in Manchester this January at Manchester Academy. The 90’s band will be playing tracks from many of their hit albums, from Come Find Yourself’ (1996) to their most recent ‘Classic Fantastic.’ (2010) uk | VIVA | 79


Sunday Session Vibes Down At The Whiskey Jar


verybody loves a bit of hair of the dog and Sunday Sessions, for most of Manchester’s party scene, is more or less that! Sunday Sessions kicked off last Sunday down at the Whiskey Jar with hosts Vince Vega, sidekick Nicky Tunes Locket and our VIVA girl Ems taking to the decks followed by a great line up of talented guests. The Score – describing their sound as dirty disco – pulled off an exciting, energizing, acoustic set: their first since getting back together after their 2009 split. Charly T, just back from his tour in Swaziland, wowed everyone with his bluesy/rock guitar tunes. He will be launching his new album down at the Whiskey Jar in November. (More details about this on the VIVA website soon) Kermit from Black Grape, one of Manchester’s finest musicians, took the day off from making music with his new band Blind Arcade and joined the Sunday Sessions with some poetry readings inspired by things or situations he’s encountered throughout his wild life.

Check out The Sunday Session video by Tobias Longmate at www

Up-and-coming actor Allyn Thomas set guests roaring with laughter doing his Shakespeare sketch. This is no normal Shakespeare piece and you’ll have to watch it for yourself to find out why! But it was Barnabus Rex that stole the show. This 5-piece, young, quirky band played an epic acoustic set, led by leadsinger Joe Spike Ward, a 21st century Jonny Cash. If you heard Joe’s voice on the radio you would know it was him, instantly! We are really excited about this band and predict big things ahead of them. Their first album is out now and you can request a free copy on their Facebook page ( whilst stocks last! Whilst all the music was going on artist Jay Smith was getting creative in the corner with an art attack acrylic painting which he got all musicians and guest to sign before the evening ended! There was just an overload of talent throughout the afternoon and we just can’t wait to see what talent we come across at the next one!

Among the glitterati we spotted Paddy Doherty who photos: Karin Allbinsson came to support his friend

this photo by Elspeth Moore

Launching in October 2013 the new A la Carte menu sees old favourites return such as Beef & Ale Pie, as well as Tom’s personal favourite Chateaubriand. A brand new Living Lunch Menu has launched shaking up Lunch hours across the city with delicious options from just £6.45. During the Summer, the newly appointed Events Manager Stephanie Pender launched a whole host of new events such as Friday Night Social to Secret Sundays. “It’s been fantastic to see The Living Room really go from strength to strength. We are holding some fantastic events from TV Wrap Parties, Dating Nights, VIP Birthdays & even our new unique Cocktail Masterclasses! As a Bar, Restaurant & Private Hire venue we have really taken hospitality to a new level. Our cocktails are divine, our food is delicious and our service is exceptional from our brilliant events team to our expert bartenders!” You can see and feel the energy from all the team in place at The Living Room, this business is their passion. It’s time to experience this, It’s time to re-visit your old favourite, It’s time to go home.... to your Living Room, Manchester...

The Living Room Manchester 80 Deansgate, M3 2ER 0161 832 0083 Follow us @TLRManchester

“Come Home... To Your Living Room...” One of the first serious “Style Bars” in Manchester, The Living Room’s new management team are thoroughly setting the pace at bringing that back to Deansgate! We all know and find comfort in the chain that is The Living Room, found in almost every major city across the UK. But ultimately it was the finesse and stature The Living Room gave you being seen sipping one of their signature cocktails whilst listening to the sound of their legendary Baby Grand.

Jamie McDiarmid Area Manager says “I have always genuinely believed in the Prestige of The Living Room, not only as a brand but through to service, cuisine and general standards. Over 2013 we have evolved a brand new team on the site to ensure we are providing a real pedigree of excellence to all customers. Having now established an efficient core we are certainly maintaining and growing our business from strength to strength.” The Living Room has seen various changes since opening their doors in 1999 but none that has caused such an impact as this. With full backing from Stonegate plc, New Menus, New Concepts and a brilliant management team all driving the business forward in the same direction, it’s easy to see... The Living Room is back! Thomas Jones Assistant General Manager announced this week with Head Chef Daren Dale, the brilliant new developments for their menu’s. Tom says “We are taking our menus right back to the foundations The Living Room was built on; Great Food, Great Service & Great Standards.”

VIVA Reader Offer!

To celebrate the launch of the new A la Carte menu, claim your 30% discount! Must be booked via email with valid from 4th- 30th Nov 2013 & 2nd - 31st Jan 2014 Sunday-Thursday Quote VIVATLR

“Dates For Your Diary”

Mon-Sat 12-5pm Living Lunch Menu Mon-Fri 5-7pm Supper Club 3 Courses £14.95 Sunday 12-6pm Sunday Comforts 3 Courses £17.95 Thursdays All Day Grub Club 50% off A la Carte Mon-Fri 3-7pm Afterwork Living 2-4-1 Cocktails & Prosecco, £22.50 *Friday Night Social Movember Closing Party 29/11/2013 5pm*

“Who’s been sEEN THERE?” Danny Cipriani, James Haskell, Rudimental, Brooke Vincent, Max from The Wanted, Union J, Oklahoma Cheer Leaders, Jack Whitehall, Tulisa, Chelsea Healey, MTV, Ricky Hatton & Helen Flannagan

VIVA L A S M A N C H E S T E R photos: Karin Allbinsson

Cheshire’s Finest Party In Style

All In Aid Of St. Ann’s Hospice


heshire’s finest glammed up to the max to attend a charity ball – sponsored by Mark Worthington jewellers – at the Hallmark Hotel in Handforth. The event, in aid of St. Ann’s Hospice, raised a whopping £5,000 over the course of the evening. Capital FM’s Rob and Rachel compèred the soirée with a live auction; a raffle draw which included a diamond ring donated by Mark Worthington and promoted by some rather tasty naked Chocolatier boys! Among the glitterati we spotted Paddy Doherty who came to support his friend and host for the night Daniel Witkowski. But it was Eugene Wilson who made the biggest impact of all, singing an extremely emotional and beautiful song about his daughter Lisa who he lost to Cancer bringing all the girls on our table to tears! St. Ann’s Hospice help around 3,000 people every year but to provide this free care they need to raise £16,000 every day. To donate to St. Ann’s Hospice go to:

Among the glitterati we spotted Paddy Doherty who came to support his friend and host for the night Daniel Witkowski.

Manchester Food & Drink Festival 2013 But it was Eugene Wilson who made the biggest impact of all, singing an


n early autumn and for the 16th time, the Manchester Food & Drink Festival (MFDF) pitched up to treat us to all the fun of the foodie fair. Albert Square was transformed into a food village with street food traders rubbing shoulders with pop-up bars from the likes of Bakerie and Apotheca. On the second Saturday there were somewhere in the region of 19,000 visitors and approximately 90,000 across the 11 day festival. Personal highlights of the 50 or so events included the supper club hosted by MFDF ’13 Cheap Eats winners Trove and catered by Seasons Eatings, as well as the newly-launched Manchester Food Walks, revealing the history and the food in the Northern Quarter. There was also the “one night only” event which saw one of the leading Manchester chefs, Mike Jennings of Grenache in Worsley, take over the Glasshouse Restaurant at Walkden Sixth Form College showing students just how much hard work it takes to be a top cook. Top all of this with the fact that the sun just shone and shone and it’s fair to say MFDF ’13 was a resounding success for the city. Bring on MFDF ‘14. words: The Hungry Manc @thehungrymanc

Discover the coolest bar outside of the city this Christmas Book your bespoke Christmas party* and do it The Violet Hour way... Christma s events

November 27th – Ron Zacapa hosted rum evening includes three cocktails & food pairing £25 December 11th – Christmas “TEN” five course fine dining experience with matching cocktails – SOLD OUT December 14th - Family Christmas afternoon with Father Christmas, carol singing and festive fun £5 entry includes mulled wine & minced pie December 17th – Christmas “TEN” Five course fine dining experience with matching cocktails £40 December 18th – Christmas “TEN” Five course fine dining experience with matching cocktails £40 December 20th – Live music Friday session December 24th – Christmas Eve with live acoustic music and free mince pies December 31st – New Year’s Eve Party – Cocktail on arrival, pulled pork sandwich at midnight and live music from 8pm. Advance ticket only £25

For all reservations email Full listings and information on events, Christmas parties and opening hours visit *Party organiser receives complimentar y meal for two on bookings made before

30th November 2013


Live Music Fridays At

47 King St West


usic night at 47 King Street Restaurant and Bar was a perfect mix of great food and fabulous cocktails accompanied by live music that the diners and guests enjoyed so much that it was only a matter of time before dancing, singing and audience participation became inevitable. It even inspired impromptu Snap Pop by passers by who just had to be part of the fun.

photos: Amy Bettinson words: Claire Sinclaire

A regular fixture on Friday nights the evening has proven so popular that there wasn’t a spare seat in the house. The live acts change weekly so for all those that are fast becoming regulars you are guaranteed to be entertained by a plethora of home-grown talent and we know that Manchester is unsurpassed when it comes to our music scene.

Three Days Of Glamour Land In MCR Virgin Style!


irgin Atlantic’s Little Red opened the doors of the Virgin Money Lounge on King Street to a VIP night of glamour and pampering to celebrate the launch of its 3-day pop up travel experience ‘Little Red World.’ Jet-setting VIPs from Manchester’s businesses and media joined Coronation Street’s Anthony Cotton, Hollyoaks’ Jorgie Porter, Kieron Richardson, Kirsty Leigh Porter and Jazmine Franks, singer and former X Factor contestant Carolynne Poole and model Chloe Cummings. Miniature bottles of Lanson and canapés were served to the guests who were greeted by the ever glamorous Virgin Atlantic cabin crew, treated to destination nail design by CND Vinylux and fabulous blowdrys by Bumble and bumble. Virgin Atlantic’s Little Red domestic service runs four times a day between Manchester and London Heathrow.

Michelin Quality At Home With Michael Caines...


photos: Phiwo Ndlovu words: Jess Atkinson 84 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

ichael Caines cannot choose between the recipes in his new cookery book. Though admitting to loving the simplicity of soup and the nostalgia of apple tart, he compares it to choosing between your children. When we were invited to observe and sample some of ‘Michael Caines’ At Home’ recipes at the now five year old Michael Caines Restaurant at Abode however, he carefully selected a deliciously stodgy and wintery carrot soup infused with madras curry powder, followed by seasonal pheasant with a magnificent red wine jus. These are high-end, Michelin concepts that can be cooked at home and are inevitably going to make you the best dinner party host ever.

The James Hunt Foundation ‘GardX Premiere of RUSH’

BOWLING has fast become Manchester’s favourite past time as local brand Black Dog Ballroom launched its exciting new late night ten pin bowling venue, Dog Bowl, in an amazing event.


s part of a series of cars and VIVA were there events to celebrate to see the superb cars from The New York style venue features the unique personality of the original Northern Quarter hang out with the official launch of the period which included even more fun in the form of five full size lanes of ten-pin accompanied Black Dogown Ballroom’s James Hunt’s Hesketh, thebowling, James Hunt Foundation, by GardX the Vehicle Protection Niki Lauda’s Formula 3 car popular speakeasy and diner. Specialists, hosted a ‘Charity courtesy of Chevron cars and Première Screening’ of the a £250,000 racing kart that Ayrton Senna. Ron Howard Expect ball dispensers inspired by the brand’s own blacknew dog, Bruce theblockbustPatterdalebelonged Terrier,togleaming woodCelebrities including Emer movie ‘RUSH’ which tells en floors and fantastic Tex-Mex dishes made with only the Dogmerdale’s Bowl serves delicious Kelvin Fletcher the best story local of the produce. famous 1976 and Racing Drivers mingled Formula 1 Championship quesadillas, BBQ grilled steak, fried chicken and fajitas plus it’s bespoke cocktail list late into the night. battle between James Hunt around the stunning classic BOWLING has fast become Manchester’s favourite pastand time as local brand Blackrace Dogcars Ballroom launched whilst enjoying a Niki Lauda. its exciting new late night ten pin bowling venue, Dog Bowl, in an amazing Guests arriving at event. this champagne reception within exclusive event at The Print- the sumptuous surroundworks, Manchester, the ven- ings of the newly opened The New York style venue features the unique personality of the as original Northern QuarterRestaurant hang out with before ue chosen it is close to the Prezzo heading up the Red Carpet Oulton Park Racing Circuit even more fun in the form of five full size lanes of ten-pin bowling, accompanied by Black Dog Ballroom’s where James raced early in to see the highly acclaimed popular speakeasy and diner. his career, were greeted with film. a £1million display of racing words: Jack Marsden

Expect ball dispensers inspired by the brand’s own black dog, Bruce the Patterdale Terrier, gleaming wooden floors and fantastic Tex-Mex dishes made with only the best local produce. Dog Bowl serves delicious quesadillas, BBQ grilled steak, fried chicken and fajitas plus it’s bespoke cocktail list late into the night.

Spike Island’s DVD Launch At Band On The Wall


undreds of VIP guests celebrated the hotly anticipated DVD and Blu-ray launch of Spike Island at Manchester’s iconic Band on the Wall, at an event packed with music entertainment and Spike Island treats. Xfm Manchester breakfast show host Tim Cocker and Producer Jim hosted a Q & A with the film’s writer Chris Coghill (who also played Uncle Hairy) and fellow cast member Adam Long, (Little Gaz) who had the crowd in stitches revealing secrets from behind the scenes. The stage, hosted by Xfm’s Jo Good, featured live performances from hotly tipped Manchester acts The Quangos, The Minx and The Marivaux. Drinks from the event’s sponsors, Jameson Irish Whisky and Bulldog gin, plus piles of Spike Island merchandise from t-shirts to pin badges, all added to the atmosphere creating what was truly an event to remember.

Lambrini Pampering Lounge at Liverpool Fashion Week


hilst some of Manchester’s fashion it crowd arrived at Liverpool Fashion Week launch in a chauffeured Lambrini limo, Lorraine McCulloch, (Coleen Rooney’s stylist and ITV One’s Star Treatment) Carley Guy (Rita Ora’s hair stylist) and renowned make-up artist, Collette Casey and Corrie girls’ beauty guru, Ashleigh Guthrite, were all on hand to preen and pamper Corrie girls Samia Smith and former cast mate Tina O’ Brien in

the Lambrini pampering lounge. Samia sparkled on the red carpet wearing a gold and back sequinned top and black leather skirt. Tina radiated in red, donning a snug fitting red jacket and cute floral print shorts, complementing the look with Gatsby ruby red lipstick and Marcel waves. The pair were excited to see each other catching up over manicures before taking their seats on the front row at LFW2013 to see autumnal collections inspired by Lambrini flavours. k | VIVA | 85

Malmaison 1-3 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 3AQ 0161 278 1000


pice it up with a sophisticated soirée at the Malmaison boutique hotel. A short trundle from Piccadilly, the stylish venue boasts fine dining, quirky cocktails and slinky suites. Their New Year’s Eve special will be hosting contemporary cuisine and musical delights throughout the evening. Likely highlights include knocking back the champagne with amaretto truffles and recovering the next day with breakfast in a luxurious abode. There are two ticket options to choose from: Indulge in divine dining and relax in the sublime restaurant by tucking into a scrumptious five-course meal while you treat your ears to some musical entertainment with a live band performance. Tickets are £99 per person. Want to make the evening extra exquisite? Follow up dinner with festive frolics and opt for an overnight package. The decadent stop-over includes the delicious New Year’s Eve menu and a lavish room to snooze in, as well as a full breakfast to bring you back to life on New Year’s Day. Tickets are £169 per person for 1 night or £199 per person for 2 nights.

“PARTY-ON This New Year”

From seasonal soirées and all-night-parties to culinary delights and tantalizing cocktails, VIVA have hit up Manchester’s hottest venues in search of the City’s ultimate New Year’s Eve party!


10-12 Warburton St, Manchester, Greater Manchester M20 6WA 0161 448 2222


elebrate New Years Eve with a taste of Italy at Cibo. Didsbury’s Venetian-inspired restaurant hosts a delicious menu of fresh, rustic Italian cuisine and tapas dishes alongside classic cocktails with a tasty twist. Explore the venue’s sumptuous surroundings with an airy upstairs dining area that homes exposed beams, high ceilings and artworks by Peter Goldberg. The cosmopolitan décor and relaxed ambience make it it the perfect restaurant for a New Year’s Eve supper in the city. This year, Cibo are seeing in 2014 with an extravagant, masquerade-themed spectacular. From 7pm, don your Venetian mask and enjoy a decadent five-course gala dinner, followed by entertainment throughout the evening with live music and a DJ from 10.30pm to keep you dancing well into New Year’s Day. Expect dazzling décor, delicious food and a party perfect sound track. The festive formula of Venetian magic, live music and divine dining will surely combine to make this party a season sensation. Tickets are £60 per person.

MANCHESTER 235 CASINO Great Northern, 2 Watson Street Manchester, M3 4LP 0161 828 0300


elebrate in Vegas at Manchester’s 235 Casino with a host of party packages that combine everything there is to love about Sin City, from fine dining, music and magic to games, showgirls and champagne. Drink a glass of bubbly in the Private Event Suite from 7-8pm, as you learn how to play Blackjack and Roulette before tucking into a four-course dinner with some lyrical love from rat-pack singer Jim Whitely, followed by a showgirl extravaganza and a £5 bet to play with. Tickets are £85 per person. Opt for culinary delights and shower yourself in champagne at the James Martin Restaurant. Relax with a glass of bubbly and a delicious four-course menu, followed by a cheeky £5 bet to get the party started. 6pm Table - £75 per person. Enjoy a six-course dinner with champagne and bask in beautiful music from a piano vocalist followed by table tricks with a magician and a £5 bet. 8.30pm Table - £95 per person Celebrate in the Vega Lounge from 10pm with champagne and the fabulous Phunk Phenomena, complete with saxophonist, percussionist and singers set to get the party in full swing. Expect lots of dancing, a £5 bet and a late-night breakfast sandwich to see you through to New Year’s Day. Tickets are £15 per person. words: Eleri Roberts

JOIN US FOR NEW YEAR’S EVE “We’ve always had a fabulous time at 47 King Street West. They’ve created a great vibe in the restaurant, the food’s fantastic, the Hymanson family are outstanding hosts and they know how to throw an exciting evening of entertainment.” VIVA Girls

New Year’s Eve we are hosting a night of great food and entertainment in a party atmosphere: *Drink reception * 4 course meal of gourmet food * Live music * £70 per person To book your table call 0161 839 1929 or email Located on King Street West in the heart of Manchester, behind House of Fraser (opposite San Carlo) for more details visit

VIVA M U S I C Capital Breakfast with Rob Ellis Weekdays 6-10 am


n October we had our annual Help A Capital Child Day, where as a show and a station we raise as much money as we can for the Teenage Cancer Trust. The good folks of Manchester and our amazingly generous listeners had already raised over £55, 000 before the week started and this year we decided to pack off Rob Rach and Wingman for a week on Manchester’s famous canals. 24 hours a day, with basic rations, no phones - just each other’s company. We carried on doing the show live from the boat 6am til 10am as well as gave away some amazing prizes like seeing Ed Sheeran in New york City, Labrinth in Australia and even Rihanna in Houston. As well as raising money for Help A Capital Child, we’ve managed to do some great events recently. In August we took over The Comedy Store on Deansgate Locks and held our inaugural ‘Have I Got Capital Juice For You.’ We had the gorgeous Chelsee Healey and cheeky Ciaran Griffiths joining Rob, Rachel and Wingman in a packed room of listeners pitting their wits against each other as well as taking on some more extreme challenges. We’ll definitely be doing this again so keep an eye on Capital for a possible Christmas Special.

88 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

The guys also had to do a bit of proper graft! We set them up in the kitchens of MC Bar and Grill at The Abode in Piccadilly where they had to cook for 60 paying guests. 3 courses of top notch food all under the watchful eye of head chef Bryn. It was an awesome night and definitely got the guys out of their comfort zone with late nights and a hot stove! Manchester has been a hive of activity over the summer and continues to be as we head to winter. Jessie J, Jay Z, Rudimental, Lawson, Chase and Status, Jason Derulo and loads more massive Capital artists all pass through at various venues in the city and we’ve been giving away tickets to all the best gigs in town as well as having a chat with the guys as they stop in. James Arthur, The Vamps and Little Mix have all been in for a chat with Rob, Rach and Wingman and we have more lined up for Christmas so keep checking us out every morning from 6am on Manchester’s Number 1 Hit Music Station.

Rob, Rach & Wingman

On VIVA’s music radar

shotty Horroh S

hotty Horroh, grime/rap artist from Manchester is one of the world’s best at rap battles– intimate events at which two rappers out-wordplay and insult each other in a capella. With his recent album Xombie Xoo, Shotty enjoyed an ale on the VIVA sofa and joined us for a tête-à-tête. He’s often selfdeprecating, a symptom no doubt of the ‘stigma about rap battlers’ -“it’s like a slagging battle at school but everyone has to laugh at the same time.” Often misunderstood, the art of rapping is just that, an art. His stage name for starters, comes from an amalgamation of inspirations. ‘Shotty’ comes from a late American mentor while ‘Horroh’ acts as a buffer to the gun references as well as a punned reference to the ‘Little Shop o’ Horrors.’ It’s also a palindrome’ he smiles, showing us the forearm inked result. His rapping is similarly formulaic: ‘it’s scientific,’ he insists, ‘What I try to do is master every element…flow, delivery, breath, control, word play, punch lines, metaphors, similes, synonyms…’ Hardly the cussing of a raging schoolboy. With his new album Xombie Xoo, he’s been even more experimental. How does he describe it? Other than highlighting the ‘loads of f*****g swear words’ in his lyrics, Shotty

has gone for ‘something different’. ‘I put the tempo at 112bpm when generally rap tunes are between 93 and 98’ he explains, again deepening our respect for his zeal and talent. Shotty has amassed many accolades. In 2012 he won both the ‘Don’t Flop’ Battler of the Year and Song of the Year – his greatest pride to date, though he has also collected the BBC Grime Up North Award. He’s been to competitions in the States other rappers have never even dreamed of – ‘I’m the only Brit to do everything.’ He’s also built up quite a fan base, independently amalgamating a Twitter following of 26,000 fans he compares himself: ‘cool with everything and just mad.’ ‘And generally drunk and high,’ he adds, grinning. Whatever they are, it’s Shotty’s fans who are driving his success. He looks to ‘multi, multi, millionaire Mac Miller’ as his inspiration for reaching his ultimate goal. ‘He came out of the independent scene,’ Shotty explains, clearly optimistic about the realisation of achieving a cult following big enough to sustain [him] Self-deprecating and yet overwhelmingly brazen and talented, Shotty Horroh clearly owes a lot to ‘being a sad b*****d and doing nothing but rapping.’ @ShottyHorroh / Shottyhorrohmusic words: Jess Atkinson

VIVA l i v e m u s i c

. . . e l y t S P I V y r ia d l a v i t s e f 3 1 0 2 s ’ VIVA th August

Junction 16, 9th - 11


here was lots of excitement at VIVA HQ surrounding the Sunday line-up at Junction 16 festival and when I was asked to go down and do a write up of the day I was worried I wasn’t going to appreciate it! The line-up included Peter Hook & The Light, 808 State, The Farm, DJ sets from Inspiral Carpets and XFM’s Clint Boon, Dave Haslam and the legendary Happy Mondays. However, being 21, I was just a bit too young to remember this fabulous array of Mancuinian gods. I think Oasis is as far back as I can remember! But the day turned out to be one of the best live outdoor gigs I’ve ever been to and I found a new appreciation for the Madchester music legacy. Peter Hook came out and took the audience by storm, finishing off his set with ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ which really got the audience going. After a brilliant day, 808 state brought us into the night with their acid house beats whist backstage in the VIP area VIVA Ems had her DJing debut alongside DJ heroes Vince Vega and Nicky (Tunes) Lockett. Happy Mondays topped the bill, which really was a euphoric end to the day! Rowetta had us all in awe with her beautiful tones, and well, let’s just say I was introduced to the wonder which is Bez. After doing a big shout out to the late Tony Wilson - last week saw the anniversary of his death - they smashed out ‘Step On’ sending a very Madchester crowd totally wild!

Happy Mondays Bez at Junction 16

Bestival 5th - 8th September

VIVA Ems DJ set with Nicky Tunes Lockett Junction 16

Sean Ryder at Junction 16

Clint Boon rocking out Junction 16


ndoubtedly “saving the best until last” Rob and Josie da Bank’s September extravaganza, Bestival lived up to its name once again this year. With a set of headliners as diverse as usual – Elton John, Snoop Dogg and Fat Boy Slim were huge crowd favourites, as well as other fantastic acts including M.I.A, Tom Odell, Chic, Jessie Ware, Franz Ferdinand and our boys Rudimental – who, for us, were this year’s show-stealers. A very close second came from New York’s finest “femcee” Angel Haze, who spent part of her electric set in and amongst the crowd – werk! A pioneer of the up and coming – Rob’s Replay stage was as slick as ever – highlights including Nina Nesbitt and Chloe Howl. New stage The Port – a giant party ship complete with acrobats, fire-breathers and all forms of nautical naughtiness in between – kept the first class dance beats coming. Monki, Carl Cox, Room Service and Knife Party were just a few of our VIVA faves and this area was especially good fun on Bestival’s infamous ‘fancy dress day’ – as thousands of sailor boys and girls descended down to dance in head-to-toe ‘HMS Bestival’ flawless clobber! We also couldn’t get enough of the debauched dance in The Grand Palace of Entertainment – Bestival’s underground Aladdin’s cave of the camp and crazy. We absolutely loved getting down and dirty into the early hours with the likes of GUTTERSLUT and Sink The Pink. Fabulous! “More than just the music…” – Bestival also treated festi-goers to the likes of Lionel Richie’s giant head, its “smallest bar in the world,” a hidden disco and am-dram in the forest – and of course, its hugely popular inflatable church. And just one of the happy couples from the weekend was VIVA friends Connie Lee and Pamela Morais. Praise the Lord, ladies!

Bestival, We love you Rudimental...

Fat Boy Slim headlining Friday night, Bestival

Bestival Snoop Dog Shizzle My Nizzle!

Bestival crowd Always AMAZING!

Festival No 6, 13th - 15th September


The highlight at Fest No 6: Daughter

ortmeirion is a truly magic place with its village built in a style of Mediterranean architecture, surrounded in sub tropical vegetation with a view over the Welsh coast. This was my first visit, I felt like I had landed in a Fairy tale. What a perfect setting for a unique Festival. As a visitor you have the choice of sleeping in a castle, a boutique tipi or your own tent. There are plenty of food stalls to choose from with local products as well as the Town Hall

Entrance: Festival No 6

Cathal Mo Chroi at Festival No 6

Beautiful Scenery at Festival No 6

Restaurant and Bars. The entertainment feels intimate and you have a sense of visiting someone’s garden party. Artists like Manic Street Preachers, James Blake and Johnny Marr performed at the No6 Stage. At the beautiful Central Piazza the visitors enjoyed, while sitting in stripy deck chairs, the poets and performers, John Cooper Clark, Mike Garry and ‘Kermit.’ (Black Grape) I was based at the Town Hall where I photographed Joe Duddell and his No6 ensemble during the rehearsals and the show produced with a collaboration with several artists, Cathal Mo Chroí (Chas Smash out of Madness), the London based band Daughter, Jake Evans, Poet Mike Garry, Jackie Oates, Rhodes as well as a Steve Reich performance by the the string quartet. Each performance was beautifully produced. Cathal Mo Chroi revealed some of his solo material for the fist time, accompanied by strings and harp arranged by Joe Duddell, a magic moment in a fairy tale setting!

Salford Music Festival 26th - 29th Sept


Rob & The Queen raving: Bestival

Big Unit at S.M.F

Cheeky Pur6e at S.M.F The talented China White at S.M.F Junction16 photos: Georgie Glass Bestival photos: Victor Frankowski & Dan Dennison | words: Matt Horwood Festival No 6 & Salford Music Festival Photos & words: Karin Albinsson

he Salford Music Festival organized by Ed Blaney, Paul Ashton and Paul ‘Grayso’ Wilson promotes music in Salford with a massive array of bands from folk, metal, punk, pop, indie to dub and ska nights across Salford and its borders, where most of the the gigs are free! Since the first festival in 2010 the event has grown huge. This year the festival was taking place from the 26th - 29th of September. Over 300 bands, DJ’s and poets performed in 25 venues. Opening headliner was hometown girl REN HARVIEU who performed in the packed out St Philips Church. On the same evening AAAK (As Able As Cane) were performing their heavy dance industrial tunes at Sacred Trinity Church. Finishing off the night was BIG UNIT with loud acid rock, a spectacular performance of both bands with an incredible laser show as a backdrop, created by David Delves.

Other outstanding bands were CHINA WHITE who gave an impressive performance with their soulful funky tunes, at the Black Lion where organizer Paul Ashton had to grab the microphone after the performance to express his feelings - ‘We have witnessed a magic moment of a band who is on its way to go far..’ Out of the young ones, the Hot Chili Peppers influenced band PURGE stood out a mile, performing at the friendly White Horse Pub in Eccles where no one stood still while they were on stage and were not allowed to leave till they had played three encores. Watch out for these guys! At the same pub RED STAR played their tunes featuring the organizers Ed on the vocals and Paul on the keyboard. A great four day festival with something for everyone’s musical taste buds, if you missed it, look out for SMF 2014. ■ k | VIVA | 91

F.L.C. TAKE OVER VIVA’S IPOD... Rodriguez ‘Street boy’

Bobby Hebb ‘Sunny’ This tune has been covered by numerous other artists but this cat wrote it to try and combat his depression caused by his father’s murder. With all that he achieved as a writer, I think this song will live forever. It just has that ‘thing’ that makes me look at the speakers when I put it on. An amazing song about love that ain’t too mushy but speaks to the heart and elicits an emotional reaction which is exactly what music is there to do. Huey

Street boy: by Rodriguez from the searching for sugar man soundtrack’ I can’t stop playing this song at the moment’ just such a killer piece of writing love the words and melody, a fantastic film if you haven’t seen it, it’s a must... Frank

Prince ‘She’s always in my hair’

The Bar-Kays - Holy Ghost (Full 12” version).

This track was a B-side released in 1985, it’s pure raw prince very sexy track and in places Psychedelic’ just the master’ and a track that you put on when u have late night sess with a hot piece of ass!! Haha... Frank

I love my funk! The sickest drum break of all time happens twice on the 12” version of this song! People know it from being sampled by M.A.R.R.S for ‘Pump Up The Volume’. Drop this in a club and wait for the break, then watch the people get down! Fast

Gregory Isaacs ‘Night Nurse’

Hardly Subtle/The Smiths ‘Stop Me’

Night Nurse: by Gregory Isaacs from 1982 just the best way to end a late night’ this should be the last tune you have on the viva iPod to bring the party to an end’ just one of the best reggae artists of all time’ and such a tune’ specially on a good sound system... Frank

I’m a big fan of reggae mashups. This is one of the most chilled versions of a Smith’s song you will ever hear. Morrissey’s vocal sits perfectly over the rhythm of Louisa Marks ‘Keep It Like This’. Definite lazy Sunday vibes! Fast

Band Of Gypsy’s ‘Changes’

Afu-Ra ‘Defeat ’

This tune really does it for me being a huge Hendrix fan. It was recorded live in NYC during 4 shows they did around New Year’s Eve at the Filmore East. You can hear the ‘new’ direction of Jimi with Buddy Miles and Billy Cox as his band. It was released in 1970 after Jimi died, but there is a tangible optimism to this track that in hindsight is bittersweet. Buddy Miles sings on the track and it lets Jimi do his thing. When I listen to it, I get goosebumps. Huey

Anyone who knows their Hip Hop knows Dj Premier is the top dogg! So many dope beats were produced by him in the Hip Hop heyday of the 90’s. This is a lesser known beat from Afu-Ra’s debut album. Pump it up in a club and you will understand why Primo is the champ! Fast

Follow F.L.C. Frank, Huey & Fast on Twitter: @funlovincrims @hueymorgan @frankflc3 @BrianFastLeiser

Dont miss F.L.C’s intimate gig on the 15th January, at Manchester Cathedral. 92 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

The Atlas Bar is an iconic city centre bar in the heart of Manchester, situated within Deansgate railway arches. Recently fully refurbished, it now proudly presents the look and feel of Manchester. * New refurbishment * Out door terrace seating up to 80 people * Specialising in Gins, from around the world, the biggest in Manchester * Sharing food plates, award winning pies, salads, paninis and more * Hosting functions, corporate events, parties and networking evenings FOR OUR NEW YEARS EVE PARTY PLANS CHECK OUR WEBSITE WWW.ATLASBARMANCHESTER.COM 376 Deansgate Manchester M3 4LY 0161 834 2124 Twitter: @AtlasBarManc Facebook: /Atlas-Bar



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This is the End 18th November 2013



Only God Forgives – 2nd December 2013


he pairing of the ever-desirable Ryan Gosling and Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn created one of my top ten movies of all time, ‘Drive.’ When this film hit the big screen, it was billed as a follow up and I attended the cinema with tremendous anticipation. Sadly my appetite for more of the treat that ‘Drive’ served up, was greeted with a famine of epic proportions. Though this film is an artistic masterpiece, aesthetically pleasing down to the most minute detail, it is ultimately a celebration of style over substance. There is a sketchy storyline at best and many moments of random contemplation that hint and meaning but by the time that meaning is revealed, we have grown beyond the point of caring. This was a frustrating, peculiar film, trying to capture some Tarantino whilst having the pace and feel of a French art-house picture. The unmotivated silences and glares into the middle distance seemed vacuous, not absorbing due to the lack of clearly defined relationships and any real connection with the main character. Kristin Scott Thomas is wonderfully disgusting in her cameo as the mother, but even her demise and the symbolism of the action that takes place after is never really explained. This film deserves its low IMDB rating.

plethora of high profile faces star in this ridiculous apocalyptic movie. If you like outrageous, silly, hammy and downright cheesy comedy, alongside so many recognisable faces that you lose count ‘ This is the End’ has got it for you starring, amongst others, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan, Emma Watson, Rhianna, Channing Tatum, Paul Rudd and the list goes on. The actors play ‘themselves’ taking cover from the disaster that is taking place outside James Franco’s house. They argue over food supplies and Franco discloses his obsession with Seth Rogan.


Red 2 23rd December 2013


ongue in cheek action film franchise centred on a selection of ex secret operatives ‘Retired Extremely Dangerous’. Having lost Morgan Freeman in the original film, the rest of the crew are thrown together again after a hit is taken out on Frank Moses. (Bruce Willis) The plot thickens as he pairs up with the quirky sidekick Marvin (John Malkovich) and visits England in pursuit of answers as to why he is in the firing line. Cue interactions with Helen Mirren and Catherine Zeta-Jones as well as a duplicitous performance from Anthony Hopkins. Fast paced action with some humour and a stronger plot than its predecessor.


Pain and Gain 23rd December 2013


Elysium – 10th January 2014


n a world where our planet is a desolate and desperate shanti town on an epic scale, a ‘heaven’ exists in the form of a space station where life on a healthier, happier Earth has been perfected, and everything is wonderful. Elysium is ruthlessly maintained by a dominant and steely adjutant called Delacourt (Jodie Foster), who will stop at nothing to prevent undesirables polluting the populous with their presence. Max (Damon) longs to experience life on Elysium, and the circumstances that get him there expose both his desperation to get to Elysium and Delacourt’s equal commitment to preventing that. The premise of this film is an interesting one and Damon gives his usual assured and emotive performance, but ultimately the film fails to really fully explore the moral side of the argument. People of earth die daily as people on Elysium treat any sickness of injury in seconds and heal completely. There was a lot of potential for making some really powerful social statements in the same way that writer/director Neill Blomkamp did with his breakthrough movie, District 9, but sadly, this never really happened. 94 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c


hat initially seemed to be a soft centre, light hearted but punchy comedy with a wise-cracking (Mark) Wahlberg and a gentle giant (Dwayne) Johnson, eventually becomes a dark and periodically disturbing insight into human nature and the power of money. The fact this film is based on real events just gives the content an even more chilling dimension. This film is further evidence of the versatility that Wahlberg possesses as an actor, and also does nothing to harm Dwayne Johnson’s growing repertoire. The journey of Walhberg’s character from loveable charmer to callous obsessive is managed with total conviction. The movie title is very fitting.


The Butler 15th November 2013

It’s an Oscar nominee for certain. An all-star cast led by Forest Whitaker (The Last Kind of Scotland) and featuring luminaries of the large and small screen such as Vanessa Redgrave, Mariah Carey (let’s hope this is more ‘Precious’ than it is ‘Glitter’) and Oprah Winfrey. Whitaker plays Cecil Gaines, a White House butler who serves through generations of American history and sees his status both in his job and in his country, change as the nations journeys through the ages that have been made familiar to us through so many pictorial representations is depicted in this engaging and charismatic tale. Expect consuming and enchanting performances as the award season sets it’s sights on worthy material.

4 Anchorman 2, the Legend Continues March-June 2014


ne of the most eagerly anticipated comedies of this year, Will Ferrell is ‘Ron Burgandy’, the misogynistic, insecure, arrogant, offensive and fairly dim anchorman. This sequel sees ‘Ron’ move to New York City to take on the challenge of being the face of its first 24hour news channel. More mayhem, randomness and foolishness is guaranteed as Ferell serves up more of his distinctive brand of off-beat humour.


The Hunger Games 2 - 21st November 2013



ennifer Lawrence returns to her most profile role so far as ‘Katniss Everdeen’ in the second instalment of The Hunger Games. If you missed the original film, it would be sensible to watch it before taking in the next chunk of this series, based on the Trilogy of novels by Suzanne Collins. The third part – Mockingjay - will be split into two films that are scheduled for release in 2014 and 2015. After their success at the games causes rebellion in the districts of Panem, Capitol looks to make an example of Everdeen and Mellark (Josh Hutchinson). Donald Sutherland (father of 24’s ‘Kiefer’) returns as the sinister and brutal ‘President Snow’, and Chris Hemsworth’s (Thor) younger brother Liam also continues as ‘Gale Hawthorn’. This film promises to be a bit tougher and darker than the original film which is a big statement given the subject matter of the first, but ultimately that project didn’t quite create the magnitude of the circumstances and I went away a little unsatisfied. A greater insight into the life of the masses and the harsh regime they exist under is proposed by Catching Fire and Lawrence the actor pairs with Francis Lawrence (director and no relation) and given his background in music videos, his eye for epic imagery and emotive moments should significantly raise the impact levels.

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom 3rd January 2013


elson Mandela has been one of the most prominent icons of the last 50 years. Initially demonised as a terrorist by the racist regime that maintained the apartheid system, Mandela was released from prison and went on to become the first democratically elected leader of South Africa. This film charts Mandela’s life from his youth and gives a colourful and informed insight into the growth of a man so committed to his beliefs that he was prepared to risk everything. Idris Elba and Naomi Harris star.

The Family - 22nd November 2013


uc Besson was one of my favourite directors. His work in the 90’s included Leon, one of my top 5 films of all time and The Fifth Element. He retired from directing to pursue writing as his focus and served up a rare treat in Taken, that was a real tonic to the sugary pop film nonsense of the Transporter franchise (we have three more servings of that to ‘look forward’ to) and the ultimate insult of Taken 2. (Taken 3 has been ‘promised’ also!) Luc has done everything he could to destroy the pedestal I placed him on in my adolescence and this film, which he has written and directed, is more in keeping with his recent commitment to populist cash cow projects. Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer star as a notorious gangster family is entered into the witness protection program and relocated to Normandy, the north west of France. Comical scenes where they attempt to ‘fit in’ with the locals and adjust to their new surroundings follow. Oh Luc… why? k | VIVA | 95



the anti panto carig hepworth’s christmas sorority massacre


totem pole and a plastic baby are just two things that I can see from my seat backstage at Afflecks Arcade’s Three Minute Theatre. Prop sourcing clearly isn’t a problem here. There are rails of clothes literally everywhere and I’m not surprised when I’m told that ‘rocket launchers and all sorts’ have been discovered in this metropolis of furnishings. ‘It’s completely quirky,’ says the man I’m here to see, Craig Hepworth of Vertigo Theatre Productions, quite self-evidently. A tiny dog, barely ankle high, scampers past. It’s Mandy ‘the theatre dog.’ Yet another quirk of the tiny theatre which boasts spindle-legged garden furniture as its office desk. “It’s such a fun little venue but it’s so well-equipped and the best located one in the city. I just want all Fringe companies to come here,” he tells us earnestly of 3MT which is this December, host to Craig’s latest project which he co-written with Stuart Reeve. “It’s the anti-panto!” he concurs with our suggestion that the play in question, Christmas Sorority Massacre, is an antidote to December’s theatre scene. Rammed with the airy fairy and the deplorable. “I hate pantos. That’s one of the reasons we did it.” It’s not suitable for under sixteens then? we ask, referring to the tag at the foot of the synopsis. A snort can be heard from amongst the clothes rails and a voice pipes 96 | VIVA | w w w. v i va l i f e s t yle.c

up:,“It’s not suitable for over forties!” Craig grins: “There is quite a lot of bad language,” he confirms, “And there are a lot of scenes that are a bit rude.” he changes his mind. “It’s a very, very rude show. If we marketed it to under sixteens, we’d sell out straight away!” Under sixteens is clearly not who this play is aimed at, though. In our photoshoot, it only takes two photographs for the baseball jackets to come unzipped. “The boys aren’t wearing anything under their jackets,” Craig confides gleefully, as the cross-dressing cheerleader’s ‘breasts’ are groped in mock terror. The photographs read exactly as they were meant to – as a horror film parody, packed full of innuendo and Yankee stereotypes and trussed up for the festive season. “I decided I wanted to do a horror comedy with its own story line and original characters because I thought Scary Movie was just awful,” he explains. “I grew up on seventies and eighties horror films and as much as I love them, they do make me giggle for silly reasons. We have nods to everything from Halloween to Nightmare on Elm street so the calls coming from inside the house, ‘everybody should split up’ and that kind of thing. I love Halloween!” The performance, which will run from December 17 to 22, is the perfect end to a fantastic

year for Vertigo Theatre. “We got called Manchester’s premier Fringe Theatre company,” Craig beams, “And recently we’ve had a run of five star reviews which makes everyone feels fantastic.” Recent plays have been “emotionally draining” though, hence the ridiculous conclusion to 2013. The excellently received Mysterious Skin for example, which dealt with themes of pedophilia led to the cast having “a breakdown during rehearsals.” “It’s just incredibly heavy,” he concludes of the kind of play that is weighted with horrific themes. Enter Christmas Sorority Massacre, which is “for all our audiences that support us on our other shows. We want the audience to just get drunk and have a laugh.” And if you’re worried that already seeing the play in 2011 means that your 2013 experience is blighted, then never fear. “The whole script has been rewritten and all the twists are brand new in there.” A fantastically quirky way to end the year, without all the parade of Christmas. Christmas Sorority Massacre runs from the 17 to the 22 of December at Three Minute Theatre, Afflecks Arcade, Oldham Street. Box office 0161 834 4517. words: Jess Atkinson | photos: Amy Bettinson


WILL.I.AM front cover and interview


WILL.I.AM front cover and interview