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VIVAs News Flash I Love Manchester Celebrities VIVA interviews Mr Tommy Lee Have the Wedding of the Year Burn that fat with VIVA Hugh’s Fish Fight


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Fashion story- ‘High Flyers’ Women’s trends ‘And the winner is...’ Men’s trends ‘The leading male’ Women’s from winter to spring Men’s from day to night Valentine’s gift guide Gentlemen’s Bespoke


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Get artistic with Urban Retreat The glamorous Year of the Dragon with Tatiana Helen Flanagan’s reports VIVA pampering & grooming The launch of Shape and Sculpture VIVA’s fitness fashion fix The 2012 London Olympics are upon us Learn to ski with disability snowsport at Chillfactore


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VIVA cribs ‘spring fever’ VIVA gadgets The ultimate relaxing breaks in South Florida

FOOD AND DRINK 74_ Get cooking with Mark Addy 76_ Learn how to cook Sweet Mandarin style


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Manchester & Cheshire events guide 63 Degrees Celebrating true ‘Beaujolais Nouveau’ Style! Sony Playstation launches Vita Rooms


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Nicole Scherzinger interview The Hacienda reunion Photography with Sam Fairbrother Film buzz (top 5 cinema and DVD releases)


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appy New Year VIVA readers and we hope you’ve had a great start to 2012. So after a fabulous long break over the Christmas and New Year holidays, VIVA is back bigger and better than ever before.

We’ve been scoping out the best health and fitness companies in Manchester to keep us fit through 2012. Our editor met and interviewed the man of her dreams, Mr Tommy Lee. We’ve been getting all loved up in the office with Valentine’s Day on its way and have also been planning the ultimate wedding, see our wedding feature on page 42. With the start to a New Year comes new features, one being our VIVA ‘newsflash.’ Although VIVA is all about living and breathing Manchester and Cheshire, it’s always good to know what the rest of the world is doing sometimes. Our newsflash will bring to each issue the wonderful and wacky news of the world. See page 12. We’ve got an exciting year ahead and we can’t wait to take you guys along with us for the journey. Keep reading VIVA and let’s smash 2012 together.

aX v i V m a e t , e Big lov




The world gets all arty farty!


A Chinese street painter painted the 3D image of a tiger across the backs of three models at Three Lanes and Seven Valleys in Fuzhou, China. This was done in a bid

to raise awareness for the protection of the endangered species. VIVA 12

Manchester artist, Ed Chapman, created this outstanding mosaic of David Bowie to mark the music star’s 65th birthday. The piece which has been suitably named ‘Pin Up’ (after Bowie’s 1973 album, Pinups)

is made up of hundreds of individually cut stone tiles.

The Bowie mosaic is worth around £4,000 and is currently on show at Chapman’s private gallery in Castlefield. Ed, 40, said: “I chose him

as a subject because I respect him as a musician, as well as an artist and I think his appeal is timeless.”

The Radar Noel Gallgher

the chief returns to his homeland to play the MEN arena, showing us all there’s life in the genius after Oasis.

Manchester 10k

registration is nearly closed so get online now and sign up. Forget the vague new yr res of ‘I wana get fit’ and commit to something that will force you to get healthy & drop that Xmas baggage plus you get to help raise money or charity.


even for a technophobe like me this little beauty is amazing and after only a few weeks it has become more attached to me than my phone.


modern vintage at its very best. Buy it, own it and look the dog’s you know what.

Jamie Oliver comes to Manchester

it’s not open yet but just the thought of my fav chef opening one of his restaurants will soon give me another reason not to cook & that’s always a bonus.

Photographer Jim Kramer captured the movement of a single falling water droplet to create this stunning, multicoloured splash. The photograph was captured at a ten thousandth of a second using a timer which tracks the path of the falling drop. Jim




New parking charges

just what we all need shop owners & residants alike in a recession, an increase in parking charges. Now we are charged until 8pm even on a Sunday! Nice one!


every park and free patch of grass seems to be taken over by one of these and yet does doing endless star jumps and press ups in the rain and mud while some guy dressed like action man screams at you sound appealing? No! Don’t follow a fad, if you want to get fit and lose weight book the best-PHfitness& ;)

used a mixture of water, cream and food dye to create this eye-catching scene all from the

basement of his own home in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The World of chocolate Chocolate replicas – inWonderland cluding famous exhibition

landmarks and will be held in ancient China’s famous Shanghai this year, Terracotta Warriors. and will feature a number

The theme park will be open until February 19, 2012 with prices

starting from 100 Yuan (£10).

Starting 2012 with man city top of the league!

The years of abuse I have dished out to my blue friends is all coming back to haunt me.

Scouse wiveS

being a mancunian this show was always fighting a losing battle to win me over & after watching 5 mins I wanted to barricade the m62 to stop any of those girls venturing to my beloved Manchester!

Easter Eggs in shops

we’ve only just celebrated his birth a matter of a few weeks ago and already the shops are milking money out of us for his death-no Easter eggs until we have had time to shift that Christmas belly.

This issue’s radar was brought to you by Stuart Pilkington

Stuart n Pilkingto







here’s more to Manchester than a couple of football teams and an Arndale Centre. As such, we’ve compiled a list of our ten favourite celebs who have called our fine city home at some point in their luxurious lives. This throng of famous faces left Piccadilly Gardens long enough to hit the big time and change the world. All without forgetting their humble Mancunian beginnings…

Karl Pilkington Famous friends Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant may have introduced simple-minded Karl to the big wide world but this cult star was forged in Manchester. His distinctly sideways views on life and everything in it spiked the attention of The Office co-creators while he was working as producer for their XFM show. It’s these utterly stupid yet strangely sensible ramblings, delivered in his now iconic Mancunian drawl, that make him one of our favourite Northerners.

Ian Brown Here’s a guy who’s fond of his hometown, and why shouldn’t he be? According to this prolific front man, “Manchester’s got everything except a beach.” 2011 has been a big year for Ian Brown and, with the reforming of The Stone Roses, 2012 looks set to be even bigger. Expect to see the city centre completely deserted when hordes of Northerners head out of town to catch the band’s three night stand at Heaton Park in June. With musical entertainment that good, who needs a beach?

Morrissey With The Smiths, Morrissey allowed the vibe of Manchester’s dreary streets and bustling youth atmosphere to bleed into his heart-wrenching lyrics. As a result, he’s now regarded as one of the city’s most prolific exports, not to mention one of the most infamous. A bi-polar temperament and tendency to moan has made him a regular feature in the press but what Northerner isn’t guilty of the little complaining? Morrissey is living proof that fame doesn’t replace Mancunian roots.

Gary Barlow Gary Barlow has come a long way since his childhood days growing up in Cheshire. The singer, songwriter, producer and X Factor judge is now considered to be one of the most powerful people in British music. With Take That he pocketed eleven Number 1 singles and seven Number 1 albums. With his solo work he’s found an equal measure of success, however it’s his trademark Northern charm that’s made him a household name.

Michelle Keegan Stockport born actress Michelle Keegan wasn’t always a Coronation Street regular. This 24 year old spent the early part of her career working behind the counter at the Trafford Centre branch of Selfridges and as a check-in assistant at Manchester airport. However these stints came to a glamorous end in 2007 when, in only her second audition ever, she was offered the role of Tina on the UK’s longest running soap. VIVA 15

Tess Daly & Vernon Kay Another native of the Greater Manchester area, Tess Daly rose to fame as a model and small time TV presenter before landing a hosting gig on Strictly Come Dancing. Clearly someone who likes the sound of a Northern accent, Daly married Bolton bloke Vernon Kay in 2003 and together the couple have two children, Phoebe and Elizabeth Kay.

Steve Coogan

Brian Cox

Born and raised in Middleton, Steve Coogan is widely recognised as one of the UK’s favourite comedians. His Norwich-based alter ego Alan Partridge certainly struck a chord with fans, but it was his portrayal of dodgy Mancunian double act Paul and Pauline Calf that paved his way to comedy success. It wasn’t long before Hollywood called and Coogan graciously answered. Today you’ll find him brushing shoulders with the likes of Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell while still making time for small UK based projects. Proof that he hasn’t forgotten where he comes from.

Chart topping musician turned particle physicist Brian Cox may very well be the smartest guy to come out of our city. However, this shaggy haired scientist wasn’t always famous for being the cleverest guy in the room. Cox’s first passion was music and with his band D:Ream he even managed to churn out a few hits before replacing his keyboard with a telescope. Today, you’ll find Professor Brian Cox doing what he does best: unravelling the deepest mysteries of the universe. Not bad for a bloke from Chadderton.

words: Simon Bland


VIVA I N T E R V I E W VIVA interviews the most NOTORIOUS rock ‘n’ roll drummer in the world:

Mr Tommy Lee E

mma, VIVA’s editor rarely gets over-excited but when she was invited backstage at the MEN Arena to interview one of the coolest guys in Rock ‘n’ Roll that all changed. Just before the Motley Crue and Def Leppard gig Emma was waiting nervously outside the dressing room of Tommy Lee, probably the most notorious rock drummer on the planet. The ambience was set as Emma was invited into Tommy’s dressing room; joss stick incense pervaded the room and chilled out music played through his giant (floor to ceiling) speakers. Tommy Lee came across immediately as an extremely friendly and approachable dude, very laid back, very cool. After a few brief introductions and a quick chat about VIVA magazine and photography the interview we have all been waiting for kicked off. VIVA: How’s the tour going with Def Leppard?

TOMMY: It’s going great, I go up on stage and watched Rick play. (Def Leppard drummer) We’ve known each other forever. I knew him before he lost his arm, we’ve partied and carried on like maniacs for a long time so it’s great to finally tour with him and the rest of the guys. It takes me back to when I used to listen to those classic Def Leppard tunes whilst in my car and Rick’s an amazing drummer. It’s wild to watch him from behind, he’s made adjustments to having one arm. (He uses his left foot to play what he would have played with his left arm) As a drummer it’s really cool to watch, I just get blown away. VIVA: We were stalking you on twitter and found a tweet saying, “my ass be whooped all your fault Scotland”. Explain? TOMMY: Ummm, I was just tired and got my ass kicked. You know by the time we have finished play-

ing my ears are ringing and I’m exhausted. My drums are on a roller coaster. It’s wild but strength wise it’s unbelievably hard to play sideways and upside down. It takes twice the strength so by the time the shows finished I’m done. VIVA: So it’s Nikki Sixx’s birthday today, have you got anything planned for him after the gig? TOMMY: I think we’re just going to play it by ear for what’s going on after the show but we’re going to have a little birthday celebration on stage. VIVA: One of our favourite books of all time is Motley Crues, The Dirt. There’s some pretty wild stories in the book, you are obviously all a bit older now and have stopped doing the drugs and drinking so much but do you still all go crazy every now and then, especially being all back on tour together?


TOMMY: It’s almost worst sometimes, some of the pranks that go on are outrageous and if you ask the guys in the band they’d say Tommy has a massive sound system in his dressing room. When I decide to have a party in here we have tons of booze and girls dancing on the tables with their clothes off. Some things have never changed and some things have. Like the way we travel. We all travel separately otherwise it would be a disaster. I’ve got two kids, so has Nikki. It’s just as f***ing rowdy as it always was we just remember everything now, ha ha, which is kind of cool! VIVA: Who’s your favourite member of the band to hang out with on tour? TOMMY: Nikki and I probably spend the most of time together. We have a lot in common, we both have kids and girlfriends and s**t like that, he likes to go out on days off and f**k around, so do I. We >

don’t really like sitting around in the hotel room, I get bored easily. VIVA: Do you think there will be another Motley Crue book maybe called ‘Mature Motley Crue’? TOMMY: I don’t know really. I know at the moment we have our minds set on the movie for ‘The Dirt.’ Basically a movie of the book which is going to be an important one to be made as it needs to be well documented in movie form. VIVA: This sounds very exciting, will you guys all play yourselves in it? TOMMY: We don’t know. We are trying to figure out what would be the right thing to do, go for the full on unknown, really cool, young, up-and-coming, stunning actors or the really well known great actors. We don’t know yet which way we are going to go with that. VIVA: You’ve just ended the year on tour with the Motley Crue but what else have you been up to through 2011? TOMMY: This year Motley Crue started the tour in the USA from June through to August then I went straight on to the Dead Mouse tour, DJing for a couple of months, that was incredible. Then Motley Crue went to Japan and Australia and I went back to the Dead Mouse Tour, then I came here to the UK to tour. Now I’m off to Italy for three shows DJing and then New Zealand DJing and then I’m going on a little vacation. I’ve been going for about eight and a half months this year so I’m looking forward to a little break. VIVA: What’s going on with Supernova the band you formed on Tommy Lee’s Rock Star TV Show? TOMMY: Lukas the guy that won is still singing and writing. He goes around and plays but that was really only designed to be a one record and one tour kind of thing for the TV show and to launch a singer’s career. A lot of people ask me about this, it was a lot of fun. VIVA: We are quite fashion based at VIVA, would you be able to give our readers a few tips on how to dress like the ultimate glam rock star? TOMMY: A glam rock star I’m definitely not. Maybe in the past but I don’t really dress like that any more. You may want to ask the Steel Panther guys with their f***ing leggings and wigs! VIVA: OK what’s your favourite item of clothing that you currently wear? TOMMY: The brand is called ‘In Sound.’ I have a hoodie and you know the strings on a hoodie - well they are earphones. Your ipod goes in the pocket and you can plug it in. You can then put your hoodie up and be walking around hiding, rocking out to music. It’s f***ing genius I can’t believe no-one thought of that after all these years. Hello! I also have a really cool All Saints leather jacket, these are probably my two favourite things I wear all the time. ■ (In November 2011 Motley Crue released an expanded Greatest Hits package which includes the Crue Fest DVD).


Step into 2012

RUNWAY 33 King Street, Knutsford 01565 220023 41 London Rd, Alderley Edge 01625 584180

High flyers Sophistication at every corner,travel light and in style. Classic cuts that shape and contour the body, springtime florals and elegant chiffons define this feminine,yet powerful female figure. Clean and charismatic masculinity of times past but a sense of cool and contemporary attitude

Fashion Story Credits PHOTOGRAPHER & RE-TOUCHING Sam Fairbrother ART DIRECTOR Sarah Allsop PHOTGRAPHY ASSISTANT Simon Mcguigan STYLIST Sonia Genders & Assistant Becka Stratton HAIR & MAKEUP Lou Box MODELS Erin O’Neill Manachain LOCATION Bentley Manchester 01503 220303

Erin wears Dress by 3.1 Phillip Lim £1310, from Harvey Nichols Stephen Webster 18 ct white gold crystal hase ring £3150, from Wave Jewellery

Erin wears wears top, £395, and skirt, £375, both by Balenciaga, from Harvey Nichols Gloves, Stylist’s own

Erin wears Ivory Rose blouse £95 from Vicky Martin, Barton Arcade, Manchester or Fei Liu silver & fresh water pearl bracelet £245, and silver rose ring £132, from Wave Jewellery Mani wears suit, Stylist’s own

Dress £370 by Diane Von Furstenberg, sunglasses £190 by Yves Saint Laurent, both from Harvey Nichols Sho 18ct white gold quartz pink sapphire ring £2500, from Wave Jewellery Scarf and Gloves, Stylist’s own

Erin wears Dress by Dolce and Gabbana £1055, from Harvey Nichols 18ct white gold and tourmaline ring £4400 by Wave Jewellery Darnell shoes £115, from Runway Knutsford or Alderley Edge and online at

Mani wears suit, Stylist’s own. Chelsea Boots £275 and Bag £495, both by Jeffery West Maurice Lacroix Fiaba watch £1100, from Wave Jewellery

Erin wears Ivory Rose blouse £95 from Vicky Martin, Barton Arcade, Manchester or Kimmy shoe £115, from Runway Knutsford or Alderley Edge and online at Fei Liu silver & fresh water pearl bracelet £245, and silver rose ring £132, from Wave Jewellery Skirt Stylist’s own

Erin wears jacket by Celine £1800, and Sunglasses by Yves Saint Laurent £190, both from Harvey Nichols Stephen Webster 18ct gold blue topaz/sapphire/diamond ring, price on request, from Wave Jewellery Mani wears trench coat by Burberry £695 from Harvey Nichols Jumper Stylist’s own

Mani wears polo top by Gucci £190 and sunglasses by Ray Ban £125 both from Harvey Nichols Maurice Lacroix Fiaba watch £1100, from Wave Jewellery

Both pages Erin wears jumper and shoes, Stylist’s own Jet stretch pencil skirt £75 from Vicky Martin, Barton Arcade, Manchester or Fei Liu Rose and Pearl Earrings £199 and 18ct yellow gold pearl ring £2240 both from Wave Jewellery

trends Viva tren

And The Winner Is…


ust off your winter blues and put that Arran cardigan away for another year as we celebrate the most anticipated, most glamorous cinematic event of the year; The Oscars. This issue Viva draws inspiration from the big screen and its stars. The very first Academy awards ceremony took place in Hollywood in 1929 and so it seems rather suitable we return to its inaugural performance. The 1920s represented a great turning point in fashion, women were released from the restrictions of Victorian attire, the corset was abandoned and replaced with loose fitting camisoles and bloomers. As hem lines rose and dresses shed their copious layers the female figure became vastly more prominent both aesthetically and socially. If all that isn’t reason enough to make you want to start rocking a bob and kicking up your heels Charleston style, with Baz Lurhman’s 2012 adaptation of The Great Gatsby soon to hit the big screen and the much acclaimed The Artist this trend couldn’t be hotter right now. French Connection Maxi Dress £145

Desa beige silk shirt £169

Whistles Veronica Blazer £175

Deco cuts were in abundance on the catwalks last September flaunting a vast array of takes on the traditional flapper girl, from the super classic Ralph Lauren with a slightly more up to date colour palette. The collection was impeccably elegant, models glided down the runway in sumptuous silks and chiffons true to the golden age classics but, of course, with an equestrian Ralph Lauren twist; saddlebags with rope handles were the perfect accompaniment. Whereas ultra modern Etro and Versus had their own respective takes on this iconic era. Etro adopted a predominantly tribal influenced approach, ethnic prints, rich oranges, browns and turquoise hues, all finished with intricate embellishments and fringing. It was classic 20s silhouettes with a twist of new wave bohemian. Now there’s a mouthful. Finally, Marchesa’s performance was more than Oscar worthy, if we’re talking about pure roaring Hollywood glamour I hope the other nominees prepared a gracious loser’s smile as Marchesa stole the show hands down. The designs were 1929 in inspiration but one hundred percent 2012 in execution. Glorious cascades of champagne fringing, intricate art nouveau embellished patterns, sophisticated smatterings of plumage and masses of fairytale tulle…(cue awe inspired sigh) The twenties saw the popular emergence of women adopting more masculine attire, for a daytime look pair high-waisted wide legged tailored trousers with a light collarless satin blouse. If you opt for a more sheer fabric blouse team it with a silk camisole with a lace trim detail underneath, try to pair similar tones so if wearing a cream blouse try a nude or ivory camisole to complement. In terms of accessories, brogues are iconic in men’s footwear of this era and are experiencing a strong re-emergence amongst womenswear designers today. However, hats were the in-vogue item during the twenties and thirties. The cloche hat is synonymous with twenties fashion and instantly adds a distinct sophistication identifiable with this period. Although let us not forget the most symbolic of labels attributed to this famous decade of the 20th Century, when one says the twenties it is usually preceded by ‘roaring’. Our early century ancestors really knew how to party and their wardrobes certainly reflected this. The sparkle and glamour are just what we’re looking for this season. Drop waist dresses can suit a variety of shapes and sizes but if you are petite make sure you add some height and balance your silhouette with heels. For an instant twenties update take a beautiful headband or tie a slim silk scarf around your hair, hair accessories were at the height of fashion throughout the twenties and damn they looked good. ■

Sass and Bide winding road dress £850

DKNY tan silk asymmetric dress from DKNY King St Manchester £395

Her Curious Nature Crystal Headband from Asos £44

Reiss, Cutwork Metal Clutch £110

words: Nadia Ismail.

Resin Tusk Cuff, from Wave Jewellery £235 Blue suede brogues from Barbour £129

Christian Louboutin Bambou from Harvey Nichols £1065

Christian Louboutin Pigalle from Harvey Nichols £375

The Leading male


ith the Academy awards rearing its golden head later this month we pay tribute to the iconic actors whose styles we can emulate into our own wardrobe this coming spring. Men’s fashion has started to move away from the thin silhouettes that dominated seasons ago and more towards a more masculine ‘real man’ line. Long ago cinema embraced and strived for the typified leading male; someone who takes control, exudes confidence and never fears what is ahead. From Cary Grant to Steve McQueen these actors established what it meant to be the leading man in a film. This season’s trends can be applied to these iconic actors’ quintessential styles, taking notes from the use of light greys, check patterns, bright colours and vintage inspired details.

From traversing the wilderness in Jeremiah Johnson to playing the high society mystery figure in The Great Gatsby, Robert Redford has constructed himself as an all-American male lead. His style isn’t polished or strict in which it would confine him, he rather exudes an easy well put together American sensibility towards fashion. Working with the American fashion icon, Ralph Lauren, in his career exemplifies his rough yet refined style, something that shows he’s able to weave through a dinner party as well as the outback. To emulate Redford’s look check out the cult classic Three Days of the Condor, with his east coast style that adds the right amount of roughness. For Redford it was always about the coat, grab a classic grey jacket and build an all American look with a light jumper and relaxed shirt and tie, vintage denim and those famous mirrored aviators.

Ralph Lauren BLack Label Crew Neck Merino Wool Sweater £340

Robert Redford

Maisom Martin Margiela Pindot Cottom Suit Jacket £800 Ray-Ban Metal Aviator Sunglasses £120

Sammy Davis Jr.

The quintessential French cool Jean Paul Belmondo brings in an attitude of doing whatever he wants but with an immaculate dress sense. Playing the role of a wannabe gangster on the streets of 1960s Paris, Jean Paul Belmondo in Godard’s French New Wave film Breathless offers up a man that simply does not care what anyone thinks. With his trademark cockiness and unconventional good looks Belmondo could make a bright orange suit look cool. Famous for his ever so wide lapels

and his ability to bring cool into whatever he wears, grab this powder blue Viktor & Rolf blazer with amazing peaked lapels and team it with a dark contrasting pair of trousers. The colour blue and all its hues were a big hit on both Paris and Milan catwalks with designers like Bottega Veneta and Acne showcasing its potential. His flair, his cool and his penchant to always come across perfectly stylized have made him a style icon from the 1950s to the 1970s.

Black Fleece Button-Down Shirt £135 Jil Sander Piqué Trousers £430

Jean Paul Belmondo

Alexander McQueen Leather Sandals £345

Viktor & Rolf Peak Lapel Wool BLazer £800

Paul Newman

Burberry London Flecked Knitted Silk Tie £115 Dolce & Gabbana Patent Leather Wing Tip Brougues £410

A man with a cool rough attitude Paul Newman is the iconic American actor whose style has influenced many. From Cool Hand Luke to The Hustler, Newman has played the outlaw, the hustler, the brokendown drunk and the defiant inmate, all of which construct this anti hero leading male whose dark past gives a sense of a edgier kind of cool. But off-screen Newman was known for his Ivy League style, honing in on a more dignified appearance. His dislike for suits was apparent in his preference for oxfords, rolled up chinos and all American classic sneakers. Take a classic Oxford shirt that is a must have in any man’s wardrobe and team it up with a classic chino.

Designers opted to bring out the bright colours for their 2012 collections, so go for a bright chino to brighten your wardrobe and grab a pair of gladiator sandals to reinvent the classic Ivy League style. These actors are only but a few that have led the way for men’s fashion with their style and attitude on and off camera. Take these examples of style as inspiration for your spring wardrobe, channelling those inner male leads for your sartorial choices. Their styles can easily be interpreted and reinvented with this season’s upcoming trends. ■

words: Andre Buenacosa


trends Viva tren The coming months are always rather trying on your wardrobe, is it Winter? Is it Spring?...Well here’s the low down on the perfect transitional outfit, taking a key upcoming trend for this spring/ summer and showing you how to wear it right through the seasons. Digital prints had a massive impact on the catwalks, so this floral digi-print dress is the perfect transitional piece, all the floral elements of spring yet with a more winter friendly colour palette. Sport luxe is a great trend for layers, using different fabrics and textures it will keep you cosy through the last of the chill. Welcome


>> >>

Joules tabby hat: Add a splash of neon colour to your outfit while keeping your little ears warm, who says fashion can’t be be functional? £22.95 >>


Prada Minima sunglasses: Cat’s eye glasses were undoubtedly the most coveted accessory and these ones certainly stand out. £215.00



Stella McCartney Falabella tote bag: A duffle bag may be more fitting to this look, but this oversized tote keeps the outfit stylish and is a great means to inject even more colour. from Harvey Nichols £680

Christopher Kane Chelsea boots: The >> patent finish highlights the luxe element of this trend and the eyecatching neon green ties in the tones of the dress and accessories. £718.00

Topshop cropped jacket: 50s tailoring, classic Chanel cut and fabric but feisty 2012 colour, perfect for bringing out the vibrancy of the dress. £75.00

Laura Ashley clutch: Eyes were certainly drawn to the dainty clutches and vintage inspired handbags that accompanied the models down the catwalk, and this one is just lovely. £60 >>


Elizabeth and James Terry sweatshirt: Boxy fit, light grey tones that don’t overpower the busy pattern of the dress and bright accessories, winner. Available from £145.00



Topshop welcome in the spring with a more feminine approach, american heritage in all its retro glamour will be huge this summer, however, think a little less darling and a little more daring. £60.00

Aldo preen paider shoes: These sandals are the perfect match for the modern take on fifties sophistication, the white angular heel keeps this outfit very much up to date. Available from Selfridges £125

The weather in Manchester can be an unpredictable beast. She plays with your mind by tempting you to think it’s sunny and warm, all the while she will pour ice cold rain with howling wind in your face an hour later. But never fear VIVA will be here to guide you through these uncertain times, all the while keeping you up to date on the latest Spring trends. A staple piece that will get you through the cold early months, yet come spring time can be easily matched with lighter clothing to make a perfect spring outfit, is the classic motorcycle jacket. Tapping into the Americana trend, a motorcycle jacket can be easily worn with this season’s other key pieces to blend together into a cohesive outfit.

From day

To night


From the American masters of ethical work places and style this American Apparel Cuffed Royal Blue Beanie will keep your head warm. Perfect with its bright blue colour, it will make you pop out of the crowd in this dreary weather. £17.

Reclaimed Vintage are a brand that handpick and bring back to life, vintage dead stock sunglasses, offering up a plate of stylish eyewear to protect you from those harsh sunny days (hopefully). These tortoiseshell frames bring a perfect American vintage spirit matched with the jacket. From ASOS £18 >>



Infamous Swedish brand ACNE takes their spin on the classic American jacket. Their motorcycle jacket can easily be dressed up or down, as well as easily layered for any kind of occasion. Channel your inner rebel or dress it up with a shirt for a smarter look with an edge. From Selfridges £1,240


This season has seen checks and plaids as a favorite among designers in both Paris and Milan. The famous British label Fred Perry came out with a perfect plaid madras shirt that smartens any kind of outfit. With its earthy tones and light material this shirt can easily be layered with a sweater for a warmer outfit. £80.00


With the snow freezing your feet and the rain creeping into your socks an essential boot is needed to combat those winter blues. With a Goodyear-welted sole these Mark McNairy boots will keep those feet warm and stylish while battling the uncompromising weather. From Mr Porter £295.



When the days start to get warmer and you want to break out the shirt for that sunshine grab this wonderful Burberry Prorsum Print Jersey shirt. Amazing prints are a popular choice for this spring, displaying an array of colours to meet the summer months in style. Teamed up with the motorcycle jacket it will bring a punch of colour to an already edgy look. From Mr Porter £225.

When the sun starts and you feel confident enough it won’t rain, bring out these Topman Blue Suede Butler Brougues. With a deep blue tone and suede making a comeback these shoes are perfect to be worn in the sun. £85


These slim fit Burberry Brit Chinos in a muted purple - a perfect tone for that transition from winter colours to a more brighter spring palette. Team with boots for a warmer appeal or when the warmer days come roll up the hems for a cooler walk. £150


Valentine’s 2.


4. 5.

Mens 1. Hot Air Balloon Ride: has a huge amount of offers for balloon rides around the Lancashire and Manchester area, meeting at Samlesbury near Preston. With Go Ballooning you not only get a flight but also: Champagne, informative tour of the flight terrain, a flight certificate signed by the pilot, transport back to the launch site, free insurance, local parking and in flight photos. These luxurious flights are a perfect way to celebrate with a loved one in a unique and special way. Prices range from £85 (midweek AM) to £105 (midweek PM); or alternatively anytime at £115. Just visit the website to book. 2. Cufflinks: A great present for men this Valentine’s day is a personal and elegant pair of cufflinks, made more unique with a personal engraving. ‘Aspinal of London’ is an online site which offers a wide range of up-market, stylish men’s Jewellery. The collection of cufflinks ranges around £95 and the engraving can range in price depending on the amount of letters and size of font. The standard charge for silver is £15-20 for initials. To access the site visit 3. H Samuel Leather Hip Flask: H Samuel has a classic 6oz luxury leather hip flask with a panel that can be engraved to make this item even more personal and meaningful. This gift is only £21.99, making it affordable whilst being of the highest quality and appearance. The flask is 11cm and can be bought online at 4. Watches: A wide range of designer watches in Selfridges means that there’s many to choose from at a range of prices. The Hugo Boss silver men’s dress watch is at a reasonable price of £189, combining sophistication with style. As well as this, there are more specialized watches such as the ‘GC Chronograph men’s sports watch’ at a higher price of £435. Selfridges can be found in the Manchester Trafford Centre. 5. Tickets to a Concert/Comedy:Various artists are performing at the Manchester Arena this month, including The Wanted on 17th February with tickets at £19.50 and £27.50, The X Factor Live on 25th and 26th February at £32.50 and Florence and the Machine on 15th March with tickets at £29.50. The huge range of events is bound to include something that suits your partner and you, and the experience is great for the two of you to spend some time together enjoying a similar interest. If comedy is more suited to your partner’s taste then John Bishop is performing in Manchester on 27th-29th September with tickets at £30.00 and Michael McIntyre on 24th-29th October with tickets at £35.00. is a great website to find deals on tickets in Manchester to surprise your partner with something he’ll really enjoy.




3. 5.


s n e m Wo

1. Engraved Jewellery: John Dearden offers a unique touch to your Valentine’s Day gift. A piece of Jewellery can be made personal with a message to your loved one.You can choose from a range of fonts and sizes for your message. John Dearden’s service may be found on the 5th floor of The House of Fraser as well as in ‘The Watch Hospital’ in The Trafford Centre. 2. Vivienne Westwood & Fortnum & Mason’s Exclusive Valentine’s collection 2012: These two famous brands have come together this Valentine’s day for a truly special present. The collection encapsulates the romance and seduction of Vivienne Westwood’s 18th Century brocade courtship print, with the luxury of Fortnum & Mason’s exquisite chocolates. The iconic heart-shaped box by Vivienne Westwood creates a perfect combination with the famous handcrafted chocolates by Fortnum and Mason.

3. Lingerie: Agent Provocateur is located on King Street in Manchester. The store provides a modern and up to date style for women with luxury and quality. Suspender sets are a special present for Valentine’s Day, ranging in price from around £25 upwards, as well as sale items at lower prices. However if it is something a little more unique you are looking for then the ‘soirée’ collection is more luxurious lingerie to really treat your loved one. These items are of a more designer, unique appearance. Prices range from around £100 – £900 depending on the item of clothing you wish to purchase from the collection. 4. Night Away: The Malmaison Hotel in Manchester provides an up-market, relaxed atmosphere whilst achieving a level of sophistication for this special day. The two super suites are perfect for Valentine’s Day, each romantically themed: The ‘Moulin Rouge Suite’ takes inspiration from Moulin Rouge. It is a suite of pure theatre. Picture a super-size bathtub, situated in the lounge, a four-poster bed, plasma TV and rubber-ring above the deep plunge sit-in bath (for the poorer swimmers amongst you). Why? We hear you ask. Because you can. The ‘Romeo and Juliet Suite’ features a wonderful raised bath, complete with mini staircase, and the beanbag-filled lounge area is the ultimate hideaway for star-crossed lovers of all things slinky. The theatre continues with big screen plasma TV, Bose sound system and monsoon drench shower, should you feel like a re-enactment of The Tempest. Suite offers start around £225 per night, to book visit or call 0845 365 4247. The hotel is located on Piccadilly in the centre of Manchester. Postcode M13AQ. 5. Designer Handbag: Harvey Nichols in Manchester has a huge Valentine’s selection. A beautiful new handbag by a famous designer could be the perfect way to surprise her. The ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Tote from Marc by Marc Jacobs is priced at £470. As well as this, the ‘Baby Groovee Tote” by Marc Jacobs is at a lower price of £300. The wide range is bound to have something to suit your partner’s unique style.


Viva F A S H I O N

Manchester Bespoke


et me introduce to you VIVA’s new column that addresses the sartorial needs of every gentleman. Ranging from the perfect garment to the custommade accessory, VIVA is here to measure you up and suggest to you how you can obtain the most sought-out things that mold to your lifestyle. Here at VIVA we think that every man should always have very best of what life has to offer, something that fits into your lifestyle and that shows off your personality. The ethos of this column is to explore the world of the bespoke tradition. Gone are the days of cheap fashion, line manufactured goods, and generic pieces that every average Joe on the street could own. We at VIVA are constructing a world where a man can obtain a customized suit made out of the finest Italian fabrics, own a watch that evokes a long history or walk in shoes that curve, hold and hug your feet with every step. We believe that a man should be able to own pieces that are unique to him, that will last him a lifetime. Something that evokes his personality, while at the same time conveying a sense of style and grace. When you walk on the street with your new swag you feel on top of the world, whether it be sporting that new jacket that fits you perfectly or those new smart shoes that make you feel like a suave James Bond. But as soon as you see another guy with the same pair of whatevers on, your feeling of style King is challenged and ultimately dethroned faster than an MP embroiled in an expense scandal. We all go through it, trying to find that special item in the store that you think no one will have, seeking that blazer that makes you stand out of the crowd, that pair of jeans that makes you look swish or those shoes that you think embody you. But it is only a matter of time until you see the guy across the street with the same idea, that has the same jacket and same jeans but

probably with better shoes. (for some reason that’s how the world seems to work) It wasn’t long ago when the tailor was the shining beacon for a man’s sartorial choices. The tradition of bespoke clothing goes back ages and has shaped the wardrobes of the most stylish throughout time. Although traditionally the term bespoke usually refers to custom made menswear and accessories, it now encompasses a wide variety of fields stretching to custom made watches, luxury cars and even furniture. To get something bespoke would mean to invest in something that is truly unique to you that will grow and last with you. The casual look is easy; it’s comfortable and doesn’t strain the wallet but over time it’s a constant changing of doors for items of clothing, shirts fall apart faster, jacket sleeves come undone quicker and trousers become rag-tag all too easily. When it was the golden age of men dressing up for every occasion, clothes exuded a sense of confidence, swagger and ultimately a lasting style. At last the age of dressing up has come back with menswear trends going towards a more structured, dapper outfit. Think Ralph Lauren’s sartorial touch in the stylish 1974 film, The Great Gatsby, where Robert Redford and Mia Farrow graced the silver screen in immaculate suits and that ease of the East Coast prep style. The way they wear their clothes speaks volumes and has a way of showing off a uniqueness that is quintessentially you. We at VIVA have carefully selected a handful of truly bespoke aficionados, the top notch craftsmen of their trade that will help shape your wardrobe and create pieces that will support and convey your personality, rather than you fitting into the mold that retail giants create. To start off this introduction to our bespoke column we introduce Richard Smith Bespoke. He has been creating individualized pieces for more than 2 years,


carefully crafting quality suits, shirts and accessories for gentlemen wating truly oneoff pieces. He is able to choose fabrics from a massive back catalogue, ensuring that whatever taste and customization you want, he can find. From the style of the collar to the colour of the stitching, Smith is able to construct a fine garment that will look stylish yet have quirks that you can make your own. As with many trained tailors he has undergone years of training (his at Emporio Armani) where he was able to hone his skills and style into a walking talking sartorial guide. Richard Smith is able to help you choose and construct a garment that will not only look stylish and unique but its lasting effect will be tenfold compared to that of the high street. Although they are not entirely bespoke, Jeffery West in Barton Arcade cuts a shoe that exudes fine craftsmanship and makes unique styles that pay tribute to long-forgotten ways that make their shoes truly one of a kind. From the fine selected leather, to the trademark red leather linings and even down to the finer details of the stitching, the Jeffery West brand constructs truly magnificent shoes. With care and attention these shoes will last a lifetime, having that same luxurious Jeffery West feel from start to finish. They differ themselves from the classic English shoe brands by constructing and designing truly unique items that represent their ethos, a classic shoe through their own personal interpretation. From here on out, we at VIVA will be the essential guide to your Bespoke tour of Manchester. We will act as your guide in constructing various customized items ranging from shirts to truly exceptional watches and show what Bespoke Manchester can truly offer in terms of sartorial excellence. ■ words: André Buenacosa

Have The Wedding OOf The YearO


011 was indeed the year of the Celebrity wedding. Stars from Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch, to Kate Moss, Lilly Allen and Kate and Wills got hitched, proving to the world that the Brits know how to marry in style, and making the White Wedding the new black. Weddings truly are wonderful; as family and friends come together to celebrate the union of two people in love, the tradition, the ceremony, and not to mention a great excuse for a party! Here at VIVA we want to make sure that 2012 is the year for marriage in Manchester and Cheshire. We have hand picked some of Manchester and Cheshire’s finest wedding shops and boutiques to ensure that if you are tying the knot this year, you need look no further than your home city for anything from the rings to the table dÊcor....

The Dress The Wedding Shop in Alderley Edge was opened by Maggie Chadwick in 1994 and is now run with her daughter Lucy. They are incredibly welcoming and friendly and understand all the dresses and designers the shop has to offer, from Alan Hannah to Enzoani, Hollywood Dreams to Cymbeline. They will guide you through the fun, if not sometimes daunting, process of choosing your perfect wedding dress. The Wedding Shop sells wedding gowns of the highest quality with an outstanding service. You are just too spoilt for choice at The Wedding Shop but two dresses that stood out for us were the stunning Fatima by Cymbeline and Paris By Alan Hannah. Dress - FATIMA - by Cymbeline - A French design label with beautiful lightweight lace, very elegant and a perfect dress for summer weddings. Cymbeline is one of the bridal old guard. The story begins over 30 years ago with three sisters from Nemours, just outside Paris. They decided to revolutionise the bridal fashion of the time and create young and innovative designs that would appeal to the more fashion conscious bride. The collections continue to impress year on year and the current collection is no exception. The signature look comprises of beautiful French Lace coupled with more off beat design. They have also captured the current trend for a more relaxed BoHo look beautifully. Dress - PARIS - By Alan Hannah – A luxuriously elegant dress which mixes modern detailing with Victorian regality. The lace is available in silver (as shown), in gold and in Ivory. Marguerite Hannah has been designing for the Alan Hannah label since 1990. In 1995 Marguerite won the first of eight bridal awards presented by Conde Nast. In 2002 she won Retail Bridal Association designer of the year and again in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 with 2007 bringing her the title of best Bridal wear designer of the year. Choosing an Alan Hannah wedding dress will transform you into a 21st Century princess for the day. Modern and elegant, Alan Hannah dresses are quite simple in embellishment whilst the beautiful fabrics speak volumes in true style. The Wedding Shop is located in Alderley Edge along London Road, call 01625 584674 or email, and visit Currently celebrating its 14th successful year,

Lace Bridal is one of the most esteemed bridal boutiques in the North West and it’s easy to see why. The store is utterly chic and full of stunning designer gowns. Add to that a real sense of calm and personally selected collections from only the best award winning designers - a truly unbeatable combination. Katie and Lesley believe choosing your wedding dress should be a most fabulous, personal and special experience. Sprinkled with fun, flare and unrivalled knowledge, Lace is the place to fulfil your dreams! The Louise Marie collection fuses floaty and floral femininity with high fashion. These dresses have perfectly structured bodices in the

Fatima, The Wedding Shop

Paris, The Wedding Shop

Sugar Plum, Lace

Cabaret, Lace

finest of silks and hand beading. The designer prides herself on being wholly British with all design and hand made details produced in the UK. Two designs that caught our attention were the Sugar Plum and Cabaret. Dress - Sugar Plum - By Louise Marie This Casablanca dress is a refreshing interpretation of “fairytale princess” with beautiful hand sewn floral detailing and a softly structured corset. Dress - Cabaret - By Louise Marie - This Cabaret gown combines the sculpted sophistication of a fishtail with sumptuous textured fabric cascading down the skirt and delicate beading to the bust to create a truly stunning gown. Lace is located in Hale along Ashley Road. Call 0161 941 7374 or email lacebridal98@gmail. com and visit If you have been invited to a wedding and don’t know what to wear or have been given the responsibility of arranging the bridesmaids’ dresses or are looking for your perfect bridal gown, Vicky Martin will be able to help! Hers is a great boutique to find the perfect wedding outfit to attend your friend’s big day and she stocks made to measure wedding dresses.

Wave Jewellery

Wave Jewellery

was born out of the idea that jewellery should be designed with flair and be as unique as the person wearing it; it should stand the test of time in both quality and looks. Jewellery is a very special and important choice, a commitment that should be cherished - especially when it comes to wedding and engagement rings!

Wave offers one of the largest selections of wedding rings in a variety of styles and in many different precious metals. They also make bespoke wedding rings to fit around an unusual shaped engagement ring. If you can’t find what your heart truly desires, why not have something custom made? Wave’s in-store staff will guide you through this very special process, with >

The Rings

The Groom

Phillip Stoner

many years of jewellery design experience and the means to source any stone from an international inventory – from a small but perfect diamond to a rare coloured gemstone, Wave will help you create something truly personal and individual.

Phillip Stoner the Jewellers have built a reputation as one of the UK’s leading diamond and platinum specialists. With a bespoke design service and their in-house workshop, they provide a unique and personal experience that will last a lifetime. Along with a wide selection of diamond engagement rings, wedding rings and bridal jewellery, they also offer a range of world class brands such as Chimento, Raymond Weil and Diamond by Appointment.

and styling, to the knowledge and pleasure of owning a piece of supreme craftsmanship that is made exclusively for you. Richard Smith bespoke Tailors creates unique suits exactly as you desire, in the material and style of your choice.

Jeffery West also offer a range of traditional gentlemen’s accessories, re-imagined to complement the footwear. English pewter cufflinks; belts in extraordinarily coloured leathers; bowler hats and fedoras; walking canes topped with silver cobra heads.

There is a huge array of different cloths to choose from. Amongst the collection is a

Jeffery West carve an elegantly shoed path through the footwear mediocrity that is

Richard Smith >> delightful variation of classic plains, pinstripes, checks, patterned (herringbone etc.), tweeds and more luxurious options of 24 carat gold and platinum pinstripe, super 170s wool, silks, cashmere and vicina. The shirts use Egyptian cotton. Bespoke tailors use traditional methods that make Richard Smith garments feel like no other. Whether it be incorporating a brides wedding dress silk in the grooms wedding shirt or double layered collars showing various cloth designs, Richard Smith will endeavour to create an exquisite suit for a truly special occasion. You can find Richard Smith on 2A St Mary’s Street Manchester, call 0161 832 1995, or visit .

Phillip Stoner offer a beautiful and varied selection of Wedding Rings, with options in gold and platinum and with a variety of widths and weights. Ranges include handcrafted bands that are produced in England and use time honoured methods incorporated with modern technology. Also available is a stunning array of precision set diamond wedding rings and a fantastic collection of shaped wedding rings which can fit precisely to complement your engagement ring. Beautiful diamond set eternity rings can be created in any of the precious metals you desire with most designs offered in ½, ¾ and full diamond-set band options. Many of the diamond bands are laser set with the latest state-of-the-art technology which, coupled with traditional handmade methods, gives your ring immense security and precision.

Childhood friends Mark Jeffery and Guy West were born and bred in Northampton, the historical centre of the British shoemaking and leather industries. Surrounded by tradition and history, their intention was that Jeffery West shoes would use all the craftsmanship and quality available. To this they graft cutting edge styles, overt elegance and utilise an array of leathers and colours. Their shoes are created with real passion and are therefore befitting for any stylish groom who wants to look and feel distinctively debonair on his wedding day.

They also offer a bespoke service to create the perfect wedding ring for you if you require something a little different. If you need help finding that special item, make an appointment with one of their knowledgeable consultants.

Regency Dandies, pop culture, literary and filmic references; swashbucklers, wits and hell raisers influence and inspire the Jeffery West designs. Their wearers continue to tread a line between respectability and rascality.

Philip Stoner can be located on The Avenue, Spinningfields Manchester M3 3HF. Call 0161 833 1751, or Email: manchester@phillipstoner. com for more information or to arrange an appointment.

The rich and dramatic colours of Gothic Revival are not only played out in the Jeffery West shoes but also in their shop interiors, which exude a mix of gentlemen’s club and bordello. Their Manchester store is found in the grade II listed Barton Arcade off St. Ann’s Square.

Nothing quite beats the feeling of a made to measure suit. From the truly individual fit


often offered to men and, in so doing, they and the shoes and boots they create, should be cherished, just as they in turn cherish every customer that steps over their threshold, be he gentleman or rogue or both. Moon shoe: The unique shape and subtle design with the bold cross punching on the toe makes this the ideal wedding shoe which can be worn again and again once Groom becomes Husband. >

Jeffery West This is a 6 tie oxford tan and kid suede O’ Toole. A great summer wedding shoe which is a perfect match with light coloured suits. The shoe has a stylish 50’s feel. >

Jeffery West


The Flowers Frog Flowers is another of Manchester’s Northern Quarter’s hidden gems. David, the owner and florist, is delightfully French (hence the name) and has run the boutique for just over a year. Trained with the internationally celebrated florist, Jane Packer and working at Selfridges before branching off to pursue his own venture, David has built himself quite a reputation in Manchester. As well as running Frog Flowers, he collaborates with Manchester Art Gallery and has created the floral arrangements for events for the past two years.

Frog Flowers create innovative and contemporary designs using a wide range of flowers and foliage, containers and accessories. At Frog Flowers David believes that mixing a wide variety of flowers together distracts from their individual beauty, so his pieces tend to follow a simple colour scheme, with only one or two distinctive flowers in order to make a stronger statement. Displays can be flamboyant, traditional, boldly colourful or quietly restrained all to suit your budget and taste.

Frog Flowers

Frog Flowers

It’s your big day so let Frog Flowers make it special. You may have a theme or just require a bouquet - whether it’s contemporary or traditional, widely extravagant or quietly minimalist, Frog Flowers can realise your dreams. They pride themselves in their personal touch, taking your ideas and interpreting them with creative flair and imagination - so you can relax knowing it’s all in professional hands. They will take you through everything step by step, that special bouquet, buttonholes and the table arrangements. With over ten years experience you can be confident that they will bring a fresh and vibrant style to enhance and complement your surroundings. Frog Flowers really is the only place to go in Manchester for individually beautiful wedding bouquets and table décor. Visit

Hey Little Cup Cake

Hey Little Cup Cake

The Cake

Brainchild of former art director Sarah Wilson, Hey Little Cupcake! is Manchester’s finest cupcakery. Awarded ‘Best Cake Designer’ and ‘Best Newcomer’ in the first ever Wedding industry awards and it’s easy to see why. Their unique take on the traditional wedding cake proved to be a popular choice for countless couples looking to make their big day extra special last year. Our favourite cupcake here at Viva is the delightfully adorable miniature twist on the traditional tiered wedding cake.

Little Quay Street in Spinningfields is Hey Little Cupcake’s home sweet home, where inside its pink glittery interior is row upon row of delicious cupcakes, cakepops and brownies. For more information contact Sarah Wilson on 07748 772600 or email: Any one of our local country houses might be the perfect venue for the wedding, from the timber framed Tudor Manor of Bramhall Hall, to the grandeur of Chatsworth Hall, with cascading waterfall, maze and modern art

The Venue

The team at HLC relish the challenge of coming up with new and exciting ideas for wedding cakes and find it thoroughly rewarding to know they have helped make someone’s big day extra special! They pride themselves on making cakes that taste as fantastic as they look. Cupcakes are a sweetly quirky alternative to traditional wedding cakes; individually decorated, they can double as decoration in their enchanting displays (the bouquet arrangement is utterly delectable) and they can also be taken home as wedding favours.

sculptures within the grounds. Mottram Hall is an iconic 18th Century Georgian country house hotel, set in 270 acres of stunning Cheshire parkland with a sumptuous spa and golf course.■ words: Olivia Lazenby

Chatsworth Hall


Sale 10th - 12th February

38, London Road, Alderley Edge, Cheshire, SK9 7DZ | 01625 584674 |

154 Ashley Road, Hale, Cheshire WA15 9SA 0161 941 7374


The Glamorous Year of the Dragon. tatiana explains....


egend has it that in ancient times, Buddha asked all the animals to meet him on Chinese New Year. Twelve came, and Buddha named a year after each one. He announced that the people born in each animal’s year would have some of that animal’s personality. 2012 is the year of Dragon – and its innovative, brave, fashion-savvy and creative personality. There is no better way to express your self and your fashion sense than by incorporating new winter hair trends into your everyday hairstyles. 1.PONYTAIL Outspoken and outrageous, impulsive and bold, Dragon needs to be the centre of attention. Make sure you are with the statement hair style – PONYTAIL. Strict, clean and brazen, it has to bring the “wow” factor. You need an over-thetop, statement-making way to transform your pony into this season’s hottest style. Clip in ponytails are a lifesaver for those with short hair, opt for the long most natural looking ponies - matched to your hair colour and made of human hair. 2. BIG HAIR A luxuriant shimmering mane or wild tousled sexy shags suit the flamboyant nature of the Dragon. Longer waves, big glossy blow-dries with rich colours, will enhance your inspirational approach to life. Achieving big hair can be difficult, especially if you have fine hair. Backcombing

is not a good idea if you are blonde, as the light falls straight through the hair, drawing attention to the texture. The only foolproof way to give depth, body and volume to fine hair is with the help of hair extensions. For anyone searching for fullness that lasts, it is a brilliant option. 3. BRAIDS This is the year of Dragon – the year of getting bold and adventurous, of knowing what you want in life and getting it. Party season is upon us, providing the perfect excuse to experiment with one of the most stylish hair trends - BRAIDS. If you want to show off this long braided do but don’t have the hair for it, don’t worry. Try throwing on a quick clip-in piece to give yourself a little more hair to play with. There’s nothing subtle about this notice-me look! 4 BRIGHT STREAKS The Dragon is beautiful, colourful and flamboyant. Tucking a strand of feather hair extension into your mane may be just what you need to get yourself out of winter’s funk and excited for a truly bohemian spring. Hair extension feathers once applied, can last anywhere from 1 to 6 months and can be washed, blow-dried, curled in a low heat curling iron or straightened. Opt for the vibrant, bright coloured feathers to really add a striking and contrasting look to your hairstyle. ■

For more information visit: call: 0161 236 4467 Or pop into the salon: 56 Port Street, Manchester, M1 2EQ



he No.1 beauty destination for Manchester’s stylish cognoscenti, Urban Retreat at Harvey Nichols, Manchester offers a wealth of bespoke treatments to take care of your beauty regime from top-to-toe, all year long.

New to our favourite Manchester day-spa, is the Everlasting manicure, which is being hailed as the next generation of hybrid gel polish systems! Gone are the days of that painstaking wait for your nails to dry. As Artistic Colour Gloss is cured to dry under a UV lamp in 30 seconds, you can say goodbye to the fear of smudging or chipping your perfectly polished hands! Not only that but lasting up to three times longer than ordinary nail polish, not only will your nails stay salon-perfect but there is no need for annoying retouches or top coats! Making the dream of a long-lasting, chip-free manicure a reality, this professional salon treatment has been created by top Hollywood ‘Man’-icurist Tom Bachik, who has tended the fingertips of A-listers including Victoria Beckham, J-Lo, Cameron Diaz and Beyoncé. “Artistic nails have a base coat with keratin built in to promote nail growth lasting up to three weeks, and can also prevent the nails from breaking. It has proved a huge success with our clients wanting to make the transition from acrylic to natural” Says Catherine Wilson, Salon

Manager Nichols.





Drawing on Tom’s unrivalled talent and expertise, this advanced gel polish is available in 66 colours, with 22 beautiful new shades, from classic reds to on-trend hues of grey and brown. Get down to Urban Retreat at Harvey Nichols right now to revolutionize those nails! A must-have for Valentine’s Day and all-year round, who can say no to the everlasting manicure! ■

For more information visit: To make a booking call: 0161 236 4467


My favorite new beauty product

As we stride into Spring and Summer, I’m currently loving a new beauty product I found, from the ‘Rodial’ brand. In particular their Body Sculpture gel which I’ve tried and tested and can report it works! It’s fantastic for smoothing out your skin and banishing cellulite. I found this little miracle worker when a make-up artist friend of mine told me about it on a photo shoot recently and I bought it the next day. They also do an under-eye brightener/concealer called ‘Glam Tox Eye Pen’ which gets rid of dark circles under your eyes in an instant. Amazing stuff and it’s a permanent item in my make-up bag now! I think you can get it online or from Space NK.

A fab dress I invested in recently

My latest clothing investment that I want to share with you has to be a fab’ DVF Wrap Dress. I wanted to get a dress that I could get lots of wear out of and that I could wear for meetings but also go out for dinner in. So I treated myself to the gorgeous little number! I have never had one before and I love it! The length, cut and quirky print really suit my figure and I’ve added nude heels and a Mac Coat for extra glam!

Trends I’m following at the minute

This season, the big trend to follow is styles from ‘The Great Gatsby’ era, mainly due to the remaking of ‘The Great Gatsby’ by Baz Luhrman, which stars Leonardo Di Caprio and Carey Mulligan. I like to think I have my own sense of style,however, I really love the Great Gatsby look and have a feeling it will be big this Spring/ Summer! I plan to channel this in my own way… think modern flapper girl, bobbed hair, head pieces, long pearl necklaces the length of skipping ropes, Mary Jane shoes, exquisite lace dresses and gloves! Oh my…I can’t wait!

‘Fashion & Beauty is right up my street’ HELEN FLANAGAN REPORTS... Fashion to watch for this Spring/Summer

If I could urge you to invest in one main accessory this season, it would have to be a fabulously long pearl necklace. I got a gorgeous pearl necklace from the cast and crew at Corrie, on my last day of filming which I have been wearing loads. Pearls are so timeless! I’m planning to buy a really long one and wear it Chanel style and I have found this great website that makes bespoke ones in any size or length!

Hidden boutiques

My love at the moment is the new Fake Bake Beauty Boutique in Selfridges Manchester. It is next to the Mac counter and it’s hidden away, like most treasures! I must confess, I must spend hours in there every week! I love getting my Bio Sculpture nails done, having mini facials, getting my hair blow dried and, of course, getting a spray tan…It’s an absolute must! It’s so cute in there, with big chandeliers, ornate mirrors and I absolutely love the shortbread biscuits they dish out with a cup of tea… they are to die for! The staff are really professional and there’s always a lovely vibe in there.

Valentines Day plans

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’ve been planning to make a special meal for my boyfriend Scott…which to be honest is a good effort for me as I’m not the most experienced Chef around! I have no idea what I will make yet, but I want to do it all from scratch. I plan to be in Swansea, Wales, where Scott lives and we also hope to find the time that week to have a nice evening out in London as we haven’t had a proper night out together in ages.

Plans for the coming year

This year my main plan is… not make any plans yet! I’m moving to Swansea which is pretty exciting but most of all I want to enjoy my freedom. Not being in a full time job for a while will be fab because I have been on Coronation Street since the age of nine and I can now live a bit more in the moment! I’m really looking forward to this year and what comes my way. Love Helen x Follow me on twitter: @helenflanagan1

Beauty Lash Extension £30 (2 month) Spray Tans £15 Brazilian / Hollywood/ Playboy waxing all £15 Shellac Manicure/Pedicure £15

Spa packages

Non surgical

Full Body Massage, hopi ear candles, Anti Ageing facial hand and foot massage light lunch £49

Botox from £99

Facial and body massage, hand and foot massage light lunch £29

Microdermabrasion £45 (course of 3 £99) Teeth Whitening £125 (for two people) Dermalogica Facial £25

Call us on 0161 839 5481 49 King St, Manchester, M2 7AY


3. 2. 1.

1.‘Secret De Nuit’ night-time hair care product, available from Selfridges £27.50. A deep hair care treatment that takes advantage of night-time to deliver long-lasting hydration to all hair types. With a regeneration action that revitalizes hair against external factors. 92% Botanical and natural origin ingredients. 2. Melvita Bio-Excellence Extraordinary Day Cream, £27.00. Great for dry skin, an ultra-creamy texture to make skin more radiant and brighten complexion. Rich in Aloe Vera and Linden Water. Prevents your skin from ageing prematurely with anti-wrinkle Butterfly Lavender, Ximenia and Sea Buckthorn Oils. 3. Bare Minerals Active Cell Renewal Night Serum, available from Bare Escentuals Boutiques, £38. A skin-revitalizing serum to replenish skin and support cellular renewal through the night. You wake up to remarkably firmer, beautifully radiant, younger looking skin. 4. Shiffa Basil and Mint Body Scrub, available from £55 for 200ml. Luxury beauty products that heal body, mind and soul. The perfect way to treat your skin naturally. Its core philosophy is to create luxury and exceptionally functional products that truly work effectively for the body and mind. Contains mineral-rich Dead Sea salt to exfoliate, nourish & polish skin.


Beautify yourself this New Year... ...for HER 5. OSKIA Micro Exfoliating Balm, available from www., 50ml £46. A skin care range to delay premature ageing. Once combined with water, becomes a light milk, leaving your skin feeling comfortable and visibly smoother. Pure MSM and Silica granules gently buff away tired cells and unclog pores.

5. 4.

6. Androgyny fragrance 4711, available from Boots, 100ml £17.49. This fragrance for both sexes has stood the test of time. An iconic cologne for a fresh cult scent. 7. pure DKNY Verbena, available at John Lewis, 100ml £67. Helping global poverty. Verbena; although a herb, has a sparkling citrus, lemon-like quality. A sophisticated flowery scent. Packaged to reflect its pure and simple intent.

6. 4.

7. 4.

8. The Body Shop New Chocomania, available from The Body Shop. The new Chocomania Range has arrived. Chocomania Body Butter simply melts into the skin and you can indulge in the delicious fragrance and sumptuous textures in as many ways as possible.

8. 4.


3. 2.

1. Dior Homme Intense Eau De Parfum 150ml, available at Selfridges, £78. Dior Homme Intense is an intense, sophisticated and sensual Eau de Parfum for the evening, created in a limited edition. Musky and woody scent, perfect for these cold evenings. 2. Melvita Shaving Cream, available at £14. The gentle foaming formula offers a close shave without skin irritation. This high-performance product leaves skin smooth and hydrated, eliminating the redness usually associated with shaving.


3. Clinique Skin Supplies for men scruffing lotion, available at all Clinique counters, 200ml £15. Available in four strengths, a lightweight non-greasy tonic to lessen the chance of blemishes and in-growing hairs. 4. Moose Head Hard Wearing Fibre. It will give you a strong hold, medium shine, and will leave hair soft and conditioned. Perfect for those who like a style that looks textured and layered. 5. Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Shave Oil, 30ml, available at John Lewis, £17.50. Created with all natural oils, including Amazonian gymestra sylvestra leaf, seednoir and plum, for the ultimate shave experience. Great for sensitive and/or dry skin.

5. 4.

6. Strivectin Men’s Wrinkle–Fighting Tool Kit, available at Selfridges, £67. Dry skin caused by shaving is a thing of the past with this kit, delivering smooth, healthy–looking skin for a well–groomed appearance. 7. EXPRESSLIM by Jeanne Piaubert is the new supercharged anti-bulge treatment, based on chronobiology, to achieve the toned and firm body of an athlete. By day, a mix of beneficial ingredients to destock, drain and burn fat and at night, anti-stock option to curb the stocking of new fats.. £85 available from Spa 303, Hilton Deansgate. 8. Complete Reform is part of Murad’s Age Reform line. Designed to reveal younger looking skin, Age Reform products are scientifically advanced, anti-ageing formulas created to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, restore resilience and firmness, refine texture and improve tone. 30 ml is £69, available online at and most department stores.

7. 4. 8. 4.

...for HIM 6. 4.


magine looking at your skin and seeing it look as it did 15 years ago. Well this is exactly what I witnessed when I went down to visit Michelle Borrell at her modern and relaxing clinic in the very vintage Milton Hall building on Deansgate in Manchester.

Michelle, owner of the newly rebranded and modern ‘Shape and Sculpt’ clinic, Manchester’s Number 1 ‘Acoustic Wave Therapy’ (AWT®) Clinic, (previously known as Body Sculpture) has the body and the skin of a woman half her age! Her secret? AWT®. Michelle had the treatment last year after seeing the amazing results her friend had from having AWT®. She was so impressed with the condition, smoothness and how toned her skin had become, not to mention the incredible 19.5 inches she had lost after having AWT® herself, that she decided to retrain and set up her own business, helping BOTH Men and Women to achieve the body, that up until now, they had only dreamt of having. Lack of circulation is the root cause of dreaded Cellulite. We all suffer from it, even the thinnest matchstick on the planet can turn around and bare a cellulite ridden bottom! (Michelle reports that some of her clients are a tiny size 6 but still suffer from cellulite). Even avid gym-goers like myself cannot escape that all too familiar dimpling of the skin - caused by fat cells in certain areas of the body. Saddlebags, love handles, they’re all caused by bulging fat cells beneath the skin which, up until now, would not shift even if you stuck dynamite under them! So what is it? AWT® uses high energy acoustic waves that are introduced to the body in the form of high frequency pulses. These waves of energy then accelerate the lymphatic flow, enhancing the body’s metabolic rate and stimulate fat breakdown by causing the fat cells to eventually implode and disperse naturally, resulting in smooth, gorgeous, younger looking skin! Take a look at her website for further proof that this treatment really does everything it says it will – There are no restrictions as to who can have this treatment. As long as you are above 18 years of age (there is no upper age limit), it is perfectly harmless and has been rigorously tested before being introduced onto the market. It is totally non-invasive so there is no need to have time off work or to tell a single soul, if you do not want to, because it is the simplest, quickest way to lose inches and gain beautiful dimple free skin. (You can lose inches in just a matter of weeks!) Each session takes just 1 hour, twice a week with a course of 10 treatments. Although it is pain and risk free, it is sensible and will benefit you more to work with the treatment and try and exercise as well. And it is absolutely essential that you drink 2 to 3 litres of water or green tea per day to help the body eliminate toxins and the fat cells to drain naturally away. Even better is the fact that, after your treatment has finished, the process continues to work so the benefits just get better and better! I’m so amazed and impressed with what I’ve learnt and seen that I’ve booked in to start a course of treatments myself! Roll on summer…I have even more of an excuse to get my legs out now! ■

For more information visit: call: 0844 870 7689 email: address: Milton Hall, 3rd Floor, 244 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4BQ words: Lisa Jones

Carrington Riding Centre, Isherwood Rd, Carrington, Manchester, M31 4BH Phone: 0161 969 5853 Email: Carrington Riding Centre can offer affordable horse riding lessons for both children and adults from only £10. Our experienced and friendly staff can offer you riding lessons to suit all ages (upwards of 3) and abilities. All our horses and ponies are chosen for their suitable temperament and are fully trained to ensure both the safety and enjoyment of our customers. We have 3 all weather and floodlit arenas (one indoors). During the school holidays, we offer lots of fun activities as well as Pony club and other exciting courses. We do pony parties too! A unique feature at our centre is our ‘state of the art’ Horse Simulator ‘Othello’ which is suitable for beginners right through to advanced riders.

Carrington Riding Centre is open 9am-9pm weekdays and 9am-6pm weekends.

Current Miss Great Britain Amy Carrier uses Envy Hair Extensions.

Hair Grades we import: Virgin Russian Pre coloured Russian Superior European Attachment Methods: Micro Bonds Micro Rings Weaves

FEB/MARCH/APRIL OFFER 20% OFF!! Pre coloured Russian. Full Head. Micro Bonds. 14 years experience - mobile service - across the North West Manchester-Bolton-Cheshire-Warrington-Liverpool | Jenny Harrison - 07930 913063



hey were a bargain when you first saw them, weren’t they? They were all shiny and new, with reflective strips and air bubbles aplenty. They were just what you needed for your fresh start in 2012.

But now, one month into your ‘fresh start,’ the running trainers you bought in the January sales are still untouched and in their box. They now sit there judging you, a testament to yet another New Year’s resolution to ‘get fit’ that hasn’t quite yet come to fruition. If it wasn’t the trainers it was probably the gym membership you signed up for knowing full well you will only be using the Jacuzzi or the diet you’ve secretly not stuck to since your first visit to the golden arches on New Year’s Day. Whatever it is, it’s only natural. If you’re not an avid fitness-freak getting in shape can seem daunting and overwhelming. Where do you start? At the gym where man-mountains scream as they bash out rep-after-rep? Or, do you just aimlessly pound the pavement hoping to jog for miles and miles when, in reality, you get a stitch at the bottom of your street. Well now you don’t need to worry. This is 2012...the 21st century baby! And ways of getting in shape, staying healthy and pampering yourself have never been as unique or plentiful. So, read on and trust Viva to provide you with all the information you need to slim-down and healthy-up this year without a treadmill in sight. >



avid Donaldson is the Director of Prestige Fitness where he is also still a personal trainer. It is one of Manchester’s premier fitness companies and offers a wide range of fitness classes and regimes as part of a group or on a one-to-one basis. David fully understands the New Year blues and the sense of monotony visiting a regular gym can have. This is something he strives to avoid at Prestige. He said: ‘We absolutely make it priority to keep training fresh and innovative, always keeping the clients objectives in mind but offering variety and colour in the way those objectives are worked towards.’ Prestige has a completely private studio in the heart of Manchester City Centre for personal training and a state-of-the-art open plan space, for fitness classes at a separate studio. They offer everything from Mixed Martial Arts to a Parachute Fitness class that works on your speed and agility - don’t worry there is no jumping out of planes involved.


ersonal trainer and fitness instructor, Paul Stannard, has recently set-up Lean Fitness, a new specialist personal training studio and boot camp service also based in Manchester City Centre. Paul offers a diverse range of fitness programmes from an intense Spartan class, that builds your strength and conditioning, to more relaxing yoga sessions, which he offers in association with The Yoga Rooms. Paul, too, is keen to step away from the ‘gym’ stereotype that can intimidate some people. He said: ‘We’re not a gym. We are a specialist fitness provider that offers a bespoke service to suit the needs of our clients. You can train on your own or with a group. We realise that not everybody has the same level of fitness or the same tastes and interests. We cater for all ages and abilities, we want to create a community, somewhere people enjoy coming.’ To celebrate the opening of their new Studio, Leanfitness are offering 50% discount off LeanBootcamps for Viva readers. (normal price is £90.00 per member) AM LeanBootcamp - Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7am for 4 weeks - sessions last 45 minutes PM LeanBootcamp - Monday (7.45pm), Wednesday (7.45pm) and Friday (7pm) for 4 weeks - sessions last for 45 minutes Both camps start on Monday 13th February and take place at Leanfitness Studio - Viva readers must quote ‘VIVABOOTCAMP’ to claim the discount. Bookings must be made in advance. Please note that there are only 12 places available per leanbootcamp.


nd enjoyment is the key to success says Rachel from PolePlate Studios: ‘If you’re not enjoying your workout, you’re definitely not going to keep it up beyond the New Year. You have to pick and choose something that fits in with your lifestyle and around your other commitments and, above all ,you have to want to do it.’ And that’s exactly what they offer at Poleplate Studios. Poleplate is Manchester’s only home to the Power Plate Pro 6 Machine, the latest in vibrating workout technology. It gives an effective full body workout in just 25 minutes, meaning you won’t be spending your entire evening in the gym. Rachel said: ‘Our sessions are ideal for anyone who wants a quick but effective workout in a compact but friendly environment that isn’t intimidating. None of our Power Plate classes have more than six people, so you will get all the attention you need from us.’ >




nother one of Manchester’s finest fitness operations is PH Wellbeing and Fitness. Run by former Big Brother contestant, Stuart Pilkington, it also offers a plethora of possible ways to get healthy without breaking your spirit. It is home to some of the city’s premium fitness instructors and lifestyle coaches who will be able to effortlessly guide you through a New Year regime that will leave feeling enlightened. PH offers everything from therapy sessions that include Reflexology and Reiki to more traditional fitness, strength and conditioning and yoga classes. Stuart said: ‘Our Wellbeing Therapists offer the latest treatments to cleanse mind, body and soul. Your own personal fitness or wellness coach will recommend the treatments that are of most benefit to you.’


f you’re still in two minds about breaking a sweat at all then don’t worry, the ambient souls at Spa 303 in the Hilton will pamper you into good health. Spa 303 is home to a range of exclusive treatments, lotions and potions that make the average gym work-out seem almost barbaric. Their latest import from Paris is the Jeanne Piaubert Method and, if you don’t live in our nation’s capital or the Devonshire countryside, Spa 303 is the only place you can get your well-manicured hands on it. The Jeanne Piaubert Method is a four step programme that aims to ‘clean, stimulate, treat and boost’ the skin. When it comes to looking after one’s skin Jeanne Piaubert is synonymous with quality with over 80 years experience in high-end skincare. The Method is available through a range of products for women and men. In the current range there are serums to firm up your loose bits, creams to reduce your wobbly bits and lotions to cover up your scary bits. After one day with Spa 303 and Jeanne Piaubert it will be like New Year’s Eve and the office Christmas party never happened. Additionally, it is the only spa in the UK to offer drop-in sessions where therapists recommend free tea treatment plans designed to keep busy and stressed individuals hydrated which is even more important when embarking on a rigorous exercise programme. In association with another French beauty brand, Themae and natural tea company, Bloom Tea, therapists provide guidance on the type of teas that should be consumed throughout the day as well as advising on the types of massage that have added health benefits. (Singapore, Ayurvedic or Oriental) An elixir of four teas; green tea, (antioxidant, draining and slimming) white tea, (antiradicular and regenerating) black tea (revitalising and stimulating) and red tea (soothing and improving micro-circulation) is used within the massage which help relieve the stresses and strains of everyday life.


hy not try horse-riding? Before you ask, no, riding a horse doesn’t just involve you sitting there. It is a sport of poise and balance that gives you a full body workout. Sharon from the Carrington Riding School explains: ‘Horse riding is a great form of exercise which has both cardiovascular and muscle conditioning benefits. Although it may seem as if the rider is not engaging in any physical exercise, an hour’s activity can burn similar calories to that of a 30-minute jog or cycle ride.’ Carrington is vast 450 acre space set in the picturesque Mersey Green Belt with expert tuition. The school is the only one in the region approved by Clubmark, The British Horse Society, Association of British Riding Schools and The Pony Club Centre. So there you have it, Viva’s guide to getting fit and healthy - the civilised way - in 2012. ■ words: Jordan Kenny



QUOTE ‘VIVABOOTCAMP’ for 50% discount off LeanBootcamps

VIVA’s Fitness


2. 3.

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1. Nike Graphix ribbed vest, £10.00, | 2. Adidas Originals Long Trefoil Hoody, £35, | 3. Zaggora Flares (leggings), £69.99, | 4. Lacoste Repel 2 trainers, £66.50, | 5. Reebok Easytone trend, £40.00, | 6. EMU Australia Etty Bay Trackpant, £100.00, | 7. Donat Aston Gola Bar, £40, | 8. Adidas London 2012 logo T-Shirt, £24.99, | 9. Anita Active – Seamless support sports bra, £34.99, | 10. Shock Absorber Max Sports bra, £25.50,

Sustainable fabric ‘wrap’ design that will encircle London’s iconic Olympic Stadium, image by Populous




012 finally sees the Olympic torch arrive in London for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. With both events running from 27th July to 9th September, nearly 15,000 athletes and over 8 million visitors will be welcomed to the capital. The UK will be hosting its third games and the home nation will have plenty of support to help boost their medal chances. More recently there has been much criticism of the way women haven’t been getting equal billing with the men. The BBC’s recent annual Sports Personality of the Year Award had no nominations for women, despite females becoming World Champions in 2011 in triathlon, tae kwon do and swimming. >


Bianca Walkden Tae kwon do chamManchester is host to quite a few female Olympian hopefuls, their training bases dotted all over the city and the Team GB Tae kwon do Centre in Beswick is where one of their athletes Bianca Walkden hangs out. At 6ft 1, Bianca is like the supermodel of the tae kwon do world, her endless legs showing off spectacular kicks in the martial art and although some people think she looks like X Factor finalist Stacey Solomon, that’s where any similarities end. Starting at the age of 11, Bianca has risen through the ranks and is currently the British Open Champion, a title she took in Manchester. ‘I really like the competition as I’ve won it four years in a row, the only one to do it. It’s a really good open competition in tae kwon do. It’s high ranked in the sport and winning it again in 2011 was really good.’ Excelling in any sport requires a lot of training. Bianca trains twice a day Monday to Saturday and the Liverpudlian is also struggling with an injury which could dent her Olympic dreams. ‘Selection isn’t until May and it’s going to be difficult because there are other girls in the academy. Because I got injured last year it’s decreased my chances of being picked. I’ll be made up if I do as it’ll be great.’ Fellow compatriot, World Champion Sarah Stevenson, has brought more interest to the sport,but females are still struggling to gain the recognition they deserve. ‘I think it was quite harsh that not one girl got voted for the BBC award. I think it’s coming on more and realising that girls are doing a good job and women are getting more publicity because we do the same. If the boys can do it then why can’t we?’

The 20 year old still has many years ahead to achieve her ambitions and Bianca has quite a few. ‘I’d love to win the Worlds and Olympics as many times as I could, be the greatest girl in tae kwon do and win it in style. I’d like to become the best of the best.’ Another female athlete looking to do the same is wheelchair basketball player, Sarah McPhee. I meet Sarah at a training session at the Manchester Velodrome. Being put through some very intense drills, alongside another wheelchair basketball player, and her energy is limitless. ‘I had bone cancer when I was 23 and the tumour had grown out of the femur and the quad muscle. Surgeons removed half of my femur, my knee and the top of my tibia and replaced it with a metal prothesis. They also took out the surrounding muscle that the tumour had grown into it and although I can walk, I just can’t run.’ Very sporty before her illness, Sarah played a lot of netball - taking part in England trials, was a keen horse rider and was the first girl in the boy’s basketball team at school. Through an initiative set up by UK Sport to recruit people with disabilities to excel in sport Sarah got onto the successful path she is on now. ‘I got invited to a multi-sport assessment day where I tried out sports, wheelchair basketball being one of them. I guess I’m a natural at throwing, catching and shooting balls. I joined the Oldham Owls and, luckily for me, the head coach for the women’s Team GB is based there.’ Now, nearly ten years on, the bubbly and outgoing Sarah won Gold at last year’s Paralympic World Cup and Bronze at the European Championships 2011. Having only taken up the sport Sarah McPhee wheelchair basketball champion

under two years ago, she was playing internationally within her first year. ‘Going from never being in a chair to playing superleague and with my club in a European tournament, to the Paralympic World Cup and now here I am training for London 2012, it’s a big achievement but I really love the sport.’ Like Bianca, selection hasn’t taken place for the Olympics yet. I interviewed Sarah after she had just completed her conditioning session and also been training for two hours before that. She is putting a lot of effort in to take that slot in the female team. ‘It’s really fun and a huge motivation when you see yourself progressing. I’m really quite new to it, everybody else has been playing for years, so that progression is at a high level. Selection is going to be in April, if not later, so I’m really working hard to retain my place.’ Preston based Sarah trains with the men and is quite happy for the attention they get, as she feels they deserve it when it comes to wheelchair basketball. ‘They’ve done better than us and there’s more of them with disabilities that are sporty. There was only a couple of very sporty girls in my school that were able-bodied, so if you break that down into disabled sports you’re cutting down that pool. We’re certainly making some strides and these are exciting times for Team GB women’s wheelchair basketball. With more attention, it will help with funding and the sport will grow and develop.’ Bianca and Sarah are just two names of many to watch this year and in the future, so exciting times ahead for Team GB. ■


Inside the London Olympic Stadium & an artist’s impression of Bridge FO6 during games time, images by LOCOG & ODA

Viva S P O R T

Learn to ski with Disability Snowsport

at Chillfactore


ant to hit the slopes? No need to fly to the Alps in winter, just head down the M60 to the Trafford Centre and opposite is Chill Factore. Boasting the longest indoor slope at 180 metres using real snow, there is excitement for all the family all year round.

Open now for four years the vast complex will have you skiing and snowboarding from dawn ‘til dusk. If you’ve never tried winter sports, then instructors are on hand to teach you all the basics, so you’ll be snowploughing in no time. Chill Factore also caters for individuals with disabilities and those with that hunger for speed can learn adaptive skiing with the instructors from Disability Snowsport UK. Experienced adaptive trainer, Dave Whitehead is the lead instructor and with weekly classes anyone who wants to learn can do so. ‘We have regularly over a 100 lessons a month, some are one to one, others are in groups and we probably have about 130 people learning during that time. At the moment we work with

about 4 or 5 different schools, with the aim of getting more involved.’ With varying levels of disability, from physical to learning to sensory, the team at Chill Factor want to get as many people enjoying the experience of the winter sport alongside the ablebodied. If skiing and snowboarding isn’t your thing, then there are other activities on offer from luging, tubing, airboarding and even wall climbing. For those seriously into their fitness, there are three, weekly classes of snow zumba, where you can boot up and get dancing in the snow. After an exhausting time on the piste, why not indulge in the apres ski? The venue is like a mountain top village with its Alpine Street. Here you will find great places to eat and drink and shops to kit you out in the latest winter gear. So you can hit the powder knowing you’re not likely to get a visit from the fashion police! ■ More information on lessons, events and prices can be found at words: Olivia Gauch


Spring Fever




4. 5.

6. 1. Green floral fabric light shade £18, available from Urban Outfitters. 2. Frost dining table and gel dining chairs £99 - £499, available from John Lewis. 3. Fornasetti silkscreen printed glass vase £185 from Selfridges. 9. Floral Lace Rug £45, from Urban Outfitters. 5. KAS ripple throw magenta £45, avaiable from Selfridges. 6. Black stained oak veneer coffee table £779, available from BoConcept.

Viva Cribs




10. 11. 11.

7. Forscarini binic table lamp £127, available online . 8. Domino desk with custom size desktop £495, available online 9. Floral Lace Rug £45, from Urban Outfitters. 10. Umbra Mosh Multiframe £95, available from Selfridges. 11. Pip Studio four flowers cushion Khaki £50, available from Selfridges.


VIVA g a d g e t s 1





ow Christmas and New Year have died down and we are beginning to embrace 2012, one of Team VIVA’s resolutions is to live every day to the fullest. Incorporating that into this edition of the magazine we present you with four fantastic gadgets that – from the moment you wake up to your last minutes before sleep – will ensure that every day is a great one!

1. Rise and Shine Product: A Modo Mio Extra (Lavazza and Saeco) Whether it’s work, play or somewhere in between – there is nothing worse than not being alert and awake for your day. For VIVA, that first cup of coffee in the morning is vital! Popular Italian coffee brand Lavazza has joined forces with Saeco to produce the perfect espresso machine: the A Modo Mio Extra. The machine uses Lavazza A Modo Mio capsules – coming with four eight-capsuled packs – allowing the drinker to enjoy the range of coffee blends. The machine also produces lattes and cappuccinos without flaw. VIVA love the design of this gadget – it is bright, bold and makes a statement – the only downside has to be choosing which colour to have! If you’re not a girly girl and do not fancy the machine in pink (pictured), there are options that come in lime green, bright blue, orange Price: £125.00 Available from: Selfridges

2. Keep Connected Product: Energizer XP4000

3. Celebrate Yourself Product: Champagne coat from Menu

As you continue to go about your day, there is nothing worse than reading ‘low battery’ across your smartphone when you still have lots to do before getting home.

Once home from a long day, shoes off and comfortable clothes on, an end of day drink is something we all deserve. Alternatively, this could be a ‘start of the night’ drink if you’re heading out on the town!

Energizer has released a series of portable battery packs compliable with phones, laptops, digital cameras and more. The XP4000 product (pictured) gives 25 hours more of talk time, 120 additional hours of music or a full day’s worth of gaming time. The product can charge two devices at once, with its six tips and USB chord, and is able to charge one whilst discharging another (simultaneously). And if that wasn’t enough, this fantastic gadget comes with a full battery when you buy it!

VIVA often like to start as we mean to go on, and nothing says that more than a glass of champagne!

We will be ‘charging’ into town to get one…

Scandinavian designers Menu clearly understand that champers must be served cold, and have introduced this champagne ‘coat’ to do so with chic elegance and style. The coat sits in your freezer until required and, once out and around your bottle, will keep it chilled (and stylish) for hours. Now just to decide between the Lanson and Dom Perignon…?

Price: £59.99 Available from: Carphone Warehouse

Price: £29.95 Available from: Harvey Nichols

4. Bedtime Reading Product: Silhouette and Eclipse ‘floating lamps’ (Light Light) As the evening comes to a close and you crawl into bed with either a good book or briefs for tomorrow in the office, you want the exact right kind of lighting. Light Light has introduced two bedside lamps for those of you who love luxury, modern design and elegance. Their unique selling point? Their top halves float… Using levitation technology, the lamp’s design plays with transparency and reflectivity to enhance its ‘floating effect’. It uses hand-crafted glass and the lampshade itself comes in matt black or reflecting silver, both with pearl white furnishing inside. As you can see, the lamp is stunning. Whilst the price of the lamp might take you aback slightly, this is a top design from a top brand and is worth every penny if you have that sort of money to spend. VIVA wouldn’t want a bedside table without one! Price: €980 (approx. £808.00) Available from:

words: Matt Horwood


The ultimate relaxing breaks in South Florida T he Americans have always said they do things bigger and better than any other country and after my trip down the Florida south coast I had to agree with them.

After an 8 hour flight with British Airways (Business class service, so it wasn’t all that bad with Champagne, and high sky, world-class food) we landed in Miami, in the great state of Florida and were greeted by our good friend and local celebrity Eleanor Hoh. Eleanor, aka Wok Star, is a cooking teacher and the creator of Wok Star kits as well as being a local actor and model. When she’s not blogging, taking photos of food, talking about food (and yes she does talk about food a lot) or showing people how to be a Wok Star, she can be found in South Beach, enjoying sunsets and eating her way through the long list of restaurants that keep popping up. You can check out more info about Eleanor at So it was an extra bonus to have the Wok Star join us on our travel review of South Florida as locals always know the best hot spots and hangout joints. Since we were not staying in the same place for the whole of our vacation we decided to hire a car. I strongly recommend that you hire a car in advance online at You can then pick your vehicle up when you land in Miami. We found this was the cheapest way and completely hassle free. So first stop was Palm Beach which took us on a one and a half hour journey out of Miami down the I95 highway. I’m not going to lie, we did get stuck in some heavy traffic coming out of Miami but once we hit the main highway the journey was easy. You know if there is a Ritz-Carlton at your destination that this is, without question, the only hotel to book and The Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach was no exception. First impressions of the hotel were absolutely stunning:- I think the champagne reception helped! The next couple of days were going to be exactly what we wanted - relaxing. We decided to stay 2 nights in one of the ocean-front terrace suites which provided wireless and valet parking along with breakfast in the oceanfront restaurant, Temple Orange. Designed for the ultimate luxury experience, our suite offered a private balcony with a stunning view of the ocean, coastline and landscaped gardens; custom-made Italian mahogany furniture; marble bathrooms with oversized ocean-view soaking tubs; twice daily housekeeping with turndown service and pamper panels for individual lighting preferences. The Ritz-Carlton resort offers everything. You actually needn’t leave the hotel, everything is right there for you. Being positioned right on the beach front of the Atlantic Ocean you can spend the day tanning on the golden sand or floating in the tropical sea or, if you’re more of an extremist, there’s a whole selection of water sports from wave runners to boating and fishing. Taking advantage of the state of the art gym, it was our little routine each morning to work off the meal from the night before followed by a swim in the infinity ocean-front pool and then a well deserved lunchtime cocktail whilst relaxing in our outside cabana cachet. One of the main delights of the resort is the Eau Spa by Cornelia. We began our spa experience with a wish in the Wishing Well and, yes, more champagne. Recommended by the Eau Spa’s lovely staff we decided to try the new Obagi facial and Traveller’s Tonic Dry-Float experience. Coming out of the treatment glowing and relaxed to the max we chilled out in the Self-Centered Garden swing chairs. Trailing our feet in the shallow water pool and sipping on more champagne whist watching the outdoor rainfall showers and cleansing one’s spirit. It seriously couldn’t get any better than this!

The Ritz-Carlton’s cabana cachet But all that relaxing does make you quite peckish and when you have a Wok Star with you whose favourite subject is food, it’s definitely time to eat. With glorious Florida sunshine by day, Temple Orange is a relaxed yet sophisticated breakfast room and lunch takes on a Mediterranean flair. Although we ate breakfast each morning on the balcony of Temple Orange, we didn’t manage to venture in for lunch as we were always out in the afternoon exploring the local town. By night though, we ate in the Angle, a contemporary, America supper club and, as we were with food critic Eleanor Hoh, aka Wok Star, she had a few things to say about the restaurant: Ritz-Carlton’s Angle Restaurant scored with Chef Matthew Mcghee. He’s worked with America’s Top Chef winner, Michael Voltaggio. Yes, the handsome tattooed chef who beat his brother and won the hearts of many foodie girls. I never judge a chef by the company he keeps, his food is what matters and Chef Mcghee’s food was full of flavour! The two standout appetizers were my Duck Confit Pot Pie with sweet potato, foie gras and winter blue cheese. It was rich and satisfying and my colleague Jane’s Wood Charred Octopus with avocado, preserved lemon and cabernet vinaigrette was delightfully crunchy and refreshing. The server suggested a ‘must have’ Lobster Whip and I know why, it was totally addictive. What did Chef put in it? Two desserts rounded off our dinner with Apple Cobbler and ice cream which always reminds me of England, it was so good! The >


The Ritz-Carlton poolside

Eau Spa

Molten Chocolate Cake was way creamy and made for a delectable end. (You can read Eleanor’s full food review online at

Angle Restaurant

Chef Matthew Mcghee

Angle Restaurants Apple Cobbler

As I mentioned earlier we made ourselves venture out of the relaxing atmosphere of the Ritz-Carlton each afternoon to explore the local surroundings. There are some lovely local boutiques and coffee shops just down the road from the Ritz-Carlton but I was more interested in hitting the famous shopping street, Worth Avenue. Hosting all high end fashion brands from Chanel and Ralph Lauren to Tiffany & Co, this is the ultimate shopping destination. Worth Avenue also has some amazing art galleries and art decor locations in the back courtyards. Another must is taking a drive down the South Ocean Boulevard to look at all the rich and famous million dollar houses. I’ve picked mine out and will be moving there next summer. It’s just going to be a holiday home for me though! So much more to do and see in South Florida so it was time to leave our wonderful experience at The Ritz-Carlton in Palm Beach and head back to Miami....>

Worth Avenue

Palms Beach

The Palms Hotel & Spa outside pool area

As Will Smith says: “Bouncin’ in the club where the heat is on, all night on the beach till the break of dawn, I’m going to Miami, welcome to Miami”.... And yes, I think this describes Miami to a tee. I got a really good feeling and vibe about Miami. The people are uber cool, the atmosphere is one big, ecstatic energy. The clubs, bars, restaurants and shops are exciting and dynamic. We had three days in Miami which just wasn’t enough but we made the most of our time there. We stayed in the luxury resort of The Palms Hotel & Spa located in Miami Beach. By day we either chilled out around the heated pool in the lush tropical gardens - which connected directly to the beach front or opted for a sun lounger on the beach with drink and food service from the poolside Tiki Bar. By night we ate at The Palms Essensia restaurant which offered indoor and outdoor dining. We just could not resist another spa experience in the Aveda Spa. Aveda Spa, located in The Palms resort, is dedicated to nurturing guests with highly personalized experiences and rituals influenced by ancient Ayuvedic, holistic philosophy and enhanced with high performance, natural and botanically derived products in a tranquil atmosphere inspired by nature. On the day of our spa experience we had access to the beautiful co-ed indoor and outdoor relaxation area, which includes a steam room with cool plunge shower, and an ice fountain ideal for chilling down before warming up. Our first treatment was the Aqua salt glow renewal - which was an incredible new experience for us - followed by the elemental nature massage which complemented the Aqua salt glow leaving our skin feeling soft, deep-cleansed and rejuvenated. The whole spa

Tudor House’s Famous Ugly Burger

Shin Wellness

experience was extremely therapeutic and the whole Aveda Spa team made us feel very special and left us with the feel good factor. As I mentioned earlier we spent a couple of evenings in The Palms natural gourmet dining restaurant Essensia. Once again we had local food critic Eleanor Hoh aka Wok Star dining with us and she had a few things to say about the food: Chef Julie Frans had only a short time to pull together a winning ‘spa’ menu. Essensia sounds like a cross between essence and Asia, I love that! All the dishes Chef Frans presented were like sculptures, she took great pride in every element of the dish. It was a delight to meet her and find she started practicing ‘farm-to-table’ way before the wave swept into what is now the standard in many restaurants. I was bowled over by the Appetizer: Seared Diver Scallops, seared perfectly on top of an aromatic panko-crusted sushi rice cake, this was a delicious combination. My next favourite was the Lavendar Thyme Grilled Rack of Lamb, it was DIVINE! The chop was so tender and melt-in-your-mouth and was served with a pistachio mint yoghurt. The Macadamia Crusted Local Grouper was dotted with a colourful mix of tropical fruit compote and the Beef short rib was braised in a fig Ancho Chili Chocolate Demi that came with a celery-leek purée and topped with fried leeks. I’m drooling as I’m writing this. (You can read Eleanor’s full food review online at Venturing out of the resort and into the big ambience of the Miami vibe there’s just too much to see and do in such a short space of time but being

Nikki Beach

all girls we only had the most important things on our minds, coffee, shopping followed by seaview cocktails. Our local guide (the Wok Star) knew exactly where to take us and led us straight down to the main shopping strip in South Beach. Lincoln Road hosts a wide range of shops and stylish cafés. If you’re not keen on the heat whilst shopping then Miami is famous for its amazing indoor air-conditioned malls, one being the Aventura mall which is the best and most up-market in the area. (tip: we went the day after the Thanksgiving holiday which is called The Black Friday sales, not advisable unless you can handle the hustle and bustle of the crazy sales frantic crowds). I suffer from bad back pain and, although the spa treatments were a great help after our eight hour flight, I needed something a little extra. Eleanor recommended that I should see Chiropractic Physician Dr. Wendy Gallego at her mind, body, spirit Shin Wellness centre. Wendy and her team use their knowledge of neurology and biomechanics as well as a gentle, soothing touch to help their patients achieve the wellness and improved quality of life they are seeking. I can honestly say I have never had a treatment like it before and came away feeling like my back had been completely ironed out. It felt extraordinarily good. For more information on Shin Wellness please visit

The Palms Hotel & Spa

As you may have already noticed I haven’t even begun to mention the famous Miami nightlife. The main strip, where the rich, famous and beautiful people hang out, is Ocean Drive in South Beach; full of the hippest bars and clubs in America. The party scene is an electrostatic phenomena. One of the main hangout joints being Nikki Beach. This is the hidden jewel along the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and lives up to its reputation as a South Beach Miami party playground for jet setters, celebrities, VIPs, guests and visitors alike. By day you can relax in the outdoor beach club’s fabulous cabanas and lounge beds whilst soaking up the South Beach sun and enjoying gourmet platters and VIP bottle service and cocktails. Quoted: “The sexiest Place on Earth” by night you can seduce your senses with live entertainment including live bands, DJ’s and showcases. Another hot spot is The Tudor House along Collins Avenue located in the Dream South Beach Hotel. The restaurant’s light, airy décor combines a unique perspective on modern design with accessibility that feels utterly Miami. Eleanor says: “I had seen loads of tweets from fellow foodies about what they ate there, so I was super excited to try it. Our appetizers started with marinated olives which came in a cute mason jar and steak tartare that paired perfectly with the delicious prosecco. Not everyone was in love with raw steak, so more for me. Then onto our mains, our server was very knowledgeable about the menu and sounded like she’d tasted everything, lucky her. My Branzino, a sort of European sea bass was perfectly grilled and the fennel, fava beans & olives were deliriously good with it. My colleague Emma blurted out that she’d eaten so much on this trip that she could do with baked beans and tomato soup, so British! But not that night, she ordered the Ugly Burger and wolfed that down. There was nothing ugly about it. The braised lamb belly was soft and melty and all of our mains went really well with the wild mushroom and confit shallots.” (You can read Eleanor’s full Tudor House food review online at

Aveda Spa at The Palms Hotel & Spa

But the main feature of this exclusive joint is the roof top club called High Bar. Positioned in the middle of the terrace is a full length pool with sofa bed like pods for VIP’s, DJ booth and bar. Dancing up in the highlight of the South Florida skies whilst watching the sun rises across Miami, what a great way to end your Miami nightlife experience. ■ words: Emma Wilkinson + Eleanor Hoh | photo credits: Brenda Benoit

The Tudor House roof top club >>

Essensia’s Seared diver scallops

Essensia’s grilled rack of lamb

Eleanor Hoh aka Wok Star & The VIVA girls




ourmet evenings at The Mark Addy are a rather special affair. They take place on the last Wednesday of every month ( December excepted ) feature 6 magical courses, created by Executive Head Chef Robert Owen Brown and offer exceptional value for money at just £30 per person. Each menu is created on the day with dishes designed to showcase the wealth of local, seasonal produce available. Guests take their seats at 7.30 pm followed by a short

introduction giving details of each course and often some of the ingredients used. Throughout the year The Mark Addy hosts numerous gastronomic events with February being a particularly busy month. For more information on Gourmet Nights, or any other Mark Addy events including the Sherry Appreciation Dinner on the 27th of February, please contact us on 0161 832 4080 or visit our website

Sea Urchins with Fennel... Ingredients


4 sea urchins 1 finely diced onion 1 clove of garlic chopped 25 g butter 125 ml white wine 300 ml fish stock 300 ml double cream Pinch of salt Pinch of pepper 2 bulbs of fennel finely chopped

Open sea urchin and remove the roe and set aside in the fridge. Gently cook the garlic, fennel and onions. Add white wine and fish stock and reduce by ½. Add double cream and reduce by ½. Season, liquidise and pass through a fine sieve. Add roes and serve.

Robert Owen Brown has chosen two special dishes for you to try at home. Firstly, a starter that could well have featured on one of his Gourmet Night menus. Sea urchins are looked on as a delicacy in many countries of the world; normally harvested in winter they are traditionally eaten raw, like oysters. To prepare, carefully cut a round opening in the top of the sea urchin using small, pointed scissors.


uring February at The Mark Addy there will also be the introduction of a new seasonal menu from Robert Owen Brown. Look out for great fish dishes such as Cod Cheeks and the Manchester Sole recipe featured here. Vegetarians are not forgotten; Butter Pie is rumoured to be making an appearance alongside other regional classics.

Manchester Sole... For each individual portion Ingredients: 1 Lemon Sole For the poaching stock: 125 ml White Wine 250 ml Fish Stock Parsley stalk ¼ Lemon ¼ Onion (sliced) 1 Bay Leaf ½ Carrot (sliced) Pinch of Salt 3 Peppercorns

Sole is traditionally cooked on the bone, for this recipe ask your fishmonger to de-fin and skin the fish and remove the head. Lemon sole isn’t in fact a Sole at all; it has a slightly different texture to Common (Dover) Sole and is actually a type of flounder, in other words a member of the Plaice family. Choose fish that have bright, clear eyes with no “fishy” odour and remember that fish, like seafood, should be prepared and eaten within 24 hours of being purchased.

Method: 1. Combine all the poaching stock ingredients in a shallow pan, bring to a boil then reduce to a gentle simmer. 2. Place the fish in the stock and simmer gently for five minutes. 3. While the fish is cooking, heat a heavy bottom saucepan. 4. Sweat the shallots gently, add the white wine and fish stock and reduce the liquid by ¾. 5. Add the double cream and reduce by ½ 6. Remove from the heat and slowly stir in the butter. 7. Season the sauce. 8. To Serve - Remove the fish from the stock and glaze with the sauce. If you’re not the most talented cook then get yourself down to Manchester’s original riverside pub.

Sauce: 125 ml double cream 1 finely diced shallot 75 ml white wine 75 ml fish stock Pinch of salt Pinch of pepper 25 g unsalted butter

The Mark Addy Stanley Street Salford Manchester M3 5EJ Tel: 0161 832 4080 email:



Learn how

customs and Chinese health aspects and teach them simple but effective recipes that they can master at home quickly and easily. It’s also about giving people confidence in the kitchen - from preparing vegetables and making dim sum, to cooking up delicious, restaurant quality stir fries.’

to cook Sweet


On the day, our small but perfectly formed group covered all the essential basics of mandarin cooking, from soups and spring rolls, to making the perfect rice and noodles from scratch. We looked at core cooking techniques – including knife skills and even a little bit of wok flipping! – and then were pretty much straight into making traditional dishes like Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup, Firecracker ‘Kung Pao’ Chicken, Savoury Beef and Leek, and Stir Fried Vegetable Chow Mein. Lisa’s teaching style is friendly, engaging and very hands on, which is a great experience, especially if it’s your first time in a commercial kitchen and you’re a bit nervous! Between you and me, I’m not much of a cook - I don’t normally eat anything I can’t just boil, fry or shove on the grill/in the microwave - but I thoroughly enjoyed the course, as did Becky. We even went straight to a Chinese supermarket afterwards to buy all the ingredients we would need to recreate the dishes at home! I only hope they are as delicious when I make them as they were when I made them under Lisa’s expert tuition.



f you’ve not been to Sweet Mandarin yet, you need to go. Tucked away on the Northern Quarter’s Copperas Street, this bijou little restaurant boasts some pretty big achievements. In 2009, their generations of customers voted them Gordon Ramsey’s ‘The F Word’ Best Local Chinese Restaurant in the UK, out of 10,000 competing restaurants. Sweet Mandarin is also the only Chinese restaurant in the UK to have been awarded an AA Rosette in

So what’s next for Sweet Mandarin? ‘There’s no point being in this industry if you don’t want to constantly strive to outdo yourself,’ says Lisa, ‘You have to keep getting better. And if you love food, it’s easy! Our next big thing is going to be the new range of dipping sauces that we are hoping to get out into the supermarkets very soon. They are made to our own special recipe, and have loads of uses – they are perfect hot or cold, can be used as dips or marinades, anything! So watch this space for the Sweet Mandarin brand!’

2011. They are also currently working with cheeky TV chef Jamie Oliver to help him test his new range of Chinese cooking equipment.

If you would like to book a table at Sweet Mandarin or if you would like to take your place on one of Lisa’s cookery courses, please call the restaurant direct on 0161 832 8848. Lessons are £100 each and you get to take home everything you make on the day. ‘To check the dates for the cookery school and the different programmes please visit http://www.sweetmandarin. com/school. Payment can be processed online and courses booked via email [please state your preferred date(s)]. Sweet Mandarin also provide Corporate Team Building events. You can find out more at the Sweet Mandarin website at

Lisa Tse and sister Helen are third generation female Chinese restaurateurs, and learnt everything they know from their grandmother, Lily, who was the first Chinese woman to open a restaurant in Middleton, Manchester. Their focus is very much on traditional Chinese cooking - classic dishes with emphasis on flavour and freshness. They pride themselves on providing good service, a friendly, relaxing ambience, and most of all, good food. In fact, Lisa and Helen love their art so much that when they first opened Sweet Mandarin seven years ago, they even began running cookery classes for local schools and the classes became so popular that it wasn’t long before they were asked to run adult courses too. So myself and fellow Viva girl, Becky Legon, headed down to sample the Beginner’s Mandarin Cookery class to see what all the fuss was about.

Kung Hei Fat Choi (Happy Chinese New Year- wishing you a healthy and prosperous Year of the Dragon!) ‘ ■

‘People really enjoy our classes,’ says Lisa. ‘We only have 6-8 students per class, so it’s a fun, informal approach but filled with tips and step-by-step learning techniques. Our aim is to give all our students a solid foundation in Chinese cookery, Chinese

words: Ann Richardson


viva events

Are YOU thinking of having a event and want it to be remembered? Viva Events can organise any event big or small to suit ANY BUDGET. VIVA EVENTS specialise in, live music, celebrity appearances, drink sponsors, food, fashion shows, venues & much more Contact VIVA EVENTS for a consultation on 0161 8334401 or email

Book your romantic Valentine’s meal for two at Manchester’s finest French cuisine restaurant: £48 per person A Glass of Champagne at your table upon arrival Foie gras maison, chutney de potiron Homemade foie gras with pumpkin chutney Filet d’Agneau poêlé, écrasé de pommes de terre au romarin et petits légumes du marché Lamb fillet served with rosemary potato puree and melody of vegetables Millefeuille au chocolat, praliné mandarine Chocolate Millefeuille with Mandarin praline

20 Church Street, Manchester M4 1PN | 0161 832 5438 | |



Venue: o2 Apollo Date: 27th February and 29th February 2012 Tickets: From £40.25


Venue: Manchester Academy 1 Date: 17th & 18th February 2012 Tickets: £27.50


Larger-than-life manic Glaswegian and one of the country’s best loved stand-up comedians comes to Manchester’s o2 Apollo.

The Kaiser Chiefs will be rocking The Manchester Academy 1 with their latest single ‘on the run’ and a catalogue of their previous hits.

Venue: Manchester Palace Theatre Date: 25th January- 10th March 2012 Tickets: From £25

NICOLE SCHERZINGER Venue: o2 Apollo Date: 22nd February 2012 Tickets: £28.50

One of the most beloved British musicals ever, Oliver calls in on Manchester’s Palace Theatre from January until March. With a star studded performance and great acting, this is one show not to be missed!

American singer, songwriter, dancer and occasional actress who is best known as the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls comes to Manchester’s Apollo.


Venue: MEN Arena Date: 18th February 2012 Tickets: From £30


The cheeky X Factor runner up Olly Murs is bringing his latest number one album to the Manchester Evening News Arena in February. With performances of his latest singles, this is one concert that will get you dancing.

Venue: MEN Arena Date: 2nd March 2012 Tickets: £32.45 The multi platinum selling singer/songwriter Jason Derulo will be performing songs from his latest album ‘Future history’ and other previous hits at the MEN Arena.


Venue: MEN Arena Date: 13th February 2012 Tickets: From £40.50 Ex Oasis band member Noel Gallagher returns to the music scene with his new band ‘Noel Gallagher’s high flying birds’. The band will be showcasing tracks from their debut album alongside a selection of Gallagher classics at Manchester’s Evening News Arena.


Venue: MEN Arena Date: 25th & 26th February 2012 Tickets: £38 This is one show not to be missed. This is your chance to see the 2012 X Factor winner and other auditionees, good and bad perform at the MEN Arena.



Venue: MEN Arena Date: 30th, 31st March 2012 & 20th April 2012 Tickets: From £29.40 JLS, the hugely popular R&B, pop boy band who shot to fame after becoming runners-up on 2008’s The X-Factor are showcasing their hits and number one tracks at the Manchester Evening News Arena.



Venue: Manchester Palace Theatre Date: 19th-24th March 2012 Tickets: From £12.75

Venue: Heritage centre, Cheshire Date: 10th March 2012 Tickets: From £7 The 2008 BBC Young Musician of the Year will be performing alongside other musicians to perform various jazz classics.

Chicago the musical returns to Manchester, based on real life events in the 1920’s, the sell-out production sees a star studded performance and timeless songs.



Venue: Palace Theatre Date: 5th April 2012- 19th May 2012 Tickets:

Venue: St Marys Centre, Cheshire Date: 14th March 2012 Tickets: From £12

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s legendary musical will be coming to the Palace theatre. Enjoy great acting and classic songs from the spectacular show.

A lover of the piano? Head to Cheshire to watch The Primrose Piano Quartet perform.


Venue: Manchester Opera House Date: 17th March 2012 Tickets: From £19 This moving tale which follows the fate of Prince Siegfried and the Swan Queen promises to wow the audiences with their magical and playful qualities and includes some of the world’s most talented dancers.


Venue: o2 Apollo Date: 22nd March 2012 Tickets: From £30.50 The former 2010 X Factor winner who has been recording his new album ‘letters’ performs at Manchester’s o2 Apollo.



Licensed To Thrill...

words: Dajana Torbica photos: Karin Albinsson

Cinnabar hosts a Lavish 007 themed boxing day party and VIVA goes down to unleash its secret agent...


anchester’s exclusive venue Cinnabar brought a touch of glamour this Boxing day by teaming up with Fashion TV and swanky car manufacturer Aston Martin to host a lavish 007 themed party. The 4.5 million restaurant/bar was transformed into a bond movie set with 007 and bond statues dispersed across the venue whilst iconic bond soundtracks were played in the background. The party featured a fabulous fashion show by Manchester designers Vicky Martin and Nadine Merabi along with Cheshire’s Sve Fashion. Fashion TV filmed the catwalk cavalcade as models showcased the latest cutting edge couture

Etruria Lunches in Knutsford C

heshire residents had quite a shock when Coronation Street’s Tracy Barlow was spotted in the leafy village of Knutsford .

Stunning actress Kate Ford 35, who plays twisty Tracy in the ITV 1 show, took time out of her busy schedule to attend the launch of Etruria – a new Mediterranean restaurant on King Street. The event was organised by Laura Graham from top Manchester based agency Vital Public Relations, and the guest list saw the best movers and shakers in the town including: the The Mayor Cllr Stewart Gardiner and his consort Cllr Simon Hutchence.

Manchester personalities Stuart Pilkington and Helen Holt, X- Factor’s Goldie Cheung, Chelsea and Matt Spokes from Key 103 and model/actress Sarah Davies sampled delicious tapas and enjoyed fantastic entertainment from Michael Buble soundalike, Rob Haslam. Etruria is a modern Mediterranean restaurant , using the best freshly prepared ingredients and with a carefully selected European wine list. ■ photos: Catherine Bradley from

designs featuring elegant floor length gowns and alluring party dresses. Guests unleashed their secret agents and were dressed to impress in various bond character outfits, from captivating floor length gowns to tuxedos, whilst sipping on champagne and striking a pose in front of the statues. Not one Christmas novelty single was in sight as impressive DJ’s Damien Johnstone (of Clique fame), Jon Besant and DJ GC kept the crowd on their feet all night by playing the latest chart, funky house, R&B and hip hop hits until the early hours. Overall, the night was a huge success with a great atmosphere and excellent entertainment hosted at a top venue. ■


63 Degrees launch, Celebrating true ‘Beaujolais Nouveau’ Style! T

he feeling of the evening event at Sixty-Three Degrees was one of a party. Not one those arranged affairs where people come to be seen but rather an assembly of friends celebrating together. Chris, on acoustic guitar, serenaded the rather crowded restaurant with a varied and enticing selection of music and added to the homely feel of the gathering. The theme of the evening was, of course, the Beaujolais Nouveau - an aptly entitled wine for the launch of a new french restaurant - and the wine flowed as the evening blossomed. Beaujolais Nouveau can be a hit and miss affair but this year’s offering is definitely a hit as is the new restaurant. You cannot spend any length of time in Sixty-Three Degrees without being drawn into the familial feel of the place. You would expect Alex to welcome his guests and he did so extremely well making each feel that their presence was not only welcome but important to him personally. What was not expected was the fact that Alex’s Mother and, duty done in the kitchen, Father also mingled with the ensemble again underlining the family feel of the evening. There is a reason that the favoured term for a gathering such as this is the french word soirée. The service was impeccable, those waiting on, including Florence, Alex’s Mother, ensured that everyone was able to sample the exceptional cuisine on offer and that glasses were never quite empty. The evening was carried off in an exceptionally professional manner but always with an air of comfortable familiarity. It says something about the reputation of Sixty-Three Degrees that almost everyone who was invited did attend. It says a lot more that everyone who did attend intends to go back again. We would like to thank Paul at Different World Drinks who supported the launch with premium Modelo beer which was enjoyed by all guests along with the Beaujolais Nouveau! Sixty-Three Degrees has put together a special Romantic dinner for Valentines Day, so if you haven’t dined here yet VIVA recommend you treat your partner this February 14th from only £48 per person! A Glass of Champagne at your table upon arrival Foie gras maison, chutney de potiron Homemade foie gras with pumpkin chutney Filet d’Agneau poêlé, écrasé de pommes de terre au romarin et petits légumes du marché Lamb fillet served with rosemary potato puree and melody of vegetables Millefeuille au chocolat, praliné mandarine Chocolate Millefeuille with Mandarin praline 63 Degrees, 20 Church Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1PN E-mail: Telephone: 0161 832 5438 Opening Times:12 Noon -11pm Tuesday-Thursday, 12 Noon-12am Friday and Saturday, words: Keith McDonnell



Manchester gets artistic with Artdeco’s new collection... C

ult make up brand Artdeco Couture held a lavish pampering suite in Manchester to showcase their 2012 collection to a select VIP crowd. The event was organised by top Manchester based firm, Vital Public Relations, in the sumptuous Romeo and Juliet suite of the Malmaison hotel, Piccadilly.

Celebrity invitees were Natalie Gurmede, Catherine Tyldsey, Nikki Patel and Debbie Rush (Kirsty, Eva, Amber and Anna in Coronation Street), top Manchester model Helen Holt, former Hollyoaks actresses Sarah Jayne Dunn (Mandy) and Sinead Moynihan (Beth) , actress Lucy Jo Hudson from ITV1 Wild at Heart and X Factor singer Carolynne Poole.

Guests were treated to one to one makeovers, expert skincare advice and, of course, plenty of complimentary products from the skilled Artdeco team. The brand is used on many television productions including: Hustle, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Dancing on Ice, Allan Carr Show and Strictly Come Dancing .

Vital PR also organised the attendance of some of the North West’s finest session artists including: Michael Richmond, Armand Beasley, Colette Casey, Richard Harvey, Lauren Shippey and Sonia Jacobs. Top fashion stylist Karen Russell and Key 103’s Chelsea Spokes also enjoyed the bash.

Artdeco is also favoured by Head Make Up Artists on feature films such as: Wrath of the Titans 2 and War Horse – and is the preferred choice in all Bill Kenright theatre productions including Evita.

They feasted on home-made cupcakes, sushi and delicious fresh fruit, washed down with Prosecco, Malmaison virgin cocktails and Earl Grey tea. ■ photos: Catherine Bradley from

Sony Playstation C Launches Vita Rooms... C

elebrating the forthcoming launch of PlayStation’s new hand-held device, PS Vita, there was an equally brilliant turn outofwith the likes elebrating the forthcoming launch PlayStaof Tim Westwood and local boys tion’s new handheld device, PSAmir Vita,Khan, there Mario Balotelli, Jones, Bez and was anPhil equally brilliant turn Bernard out with Sumner the likes all enjoying proceedings. of Tim Westwood and local boys Amir Khan, Mario Balotelli, Phil Jones, Bez and Bernard Sumner all Story-wise the Man Utd and Man City players put enjoying proceedings. their footballing differences aside, chatting to each other amicably. said, Mario and the Story-wise the Man That Utd and Man City Balotelli players put Utd lads (Darren Fletcher, Danny Welbeck, their footballing differences aside, chatting to each Phil Jones and Tom Cleverley) were all taking turns to other amicably. That said, Mario Balotelli anditthe over some of the games – might be off the Utdcompete lads (Darren Fletcher, Danny Welbeck, Phil pitch but theCleverley) rivalry remains! Jones and Tom were allUpstairs taking itgood turnsfriends to Tim Westwood Amir Khan caughtbeup everycompete over someand of the games – might off–the onebut making sure remains! they stuckUpstairs aroundgood for Westwood’s pitch the rivalry friends set, tearing up theAmir dance floorcaught with party Tim Westwood and Khan up –banger every- after banger. oneparty making sure they stuck around for Westwood’s set, tearing up the dance floor with party banger Everyone who attended the launch was very lucky after party banger. to be one of the first in the UK to get their hands on with this eagerly anticipated PlayStation which Everyone who attended the launch were veryVita lucky boasts PlayStation3 level as hands well asonWiFi to be one of the first in the UKgraphics, to get their and 3Geagerly connectivity so you can always bewhich linked in with this anticipated PlayStation Vita for multiplayer action as boasts PlayStation3gaming level graphics, aswell well as as social WiFi neton the move - ‘anytime, anywhere’. andworking 3G connectivity so you can always be linked PS Vita alsomultiplayer stores music, filmsaction and TV shows making it a in for gaming as well as social perfect portable gadget! Some of anywhere’. the consoles networking on the move - ‘anytime, PSinnovative designmusic, features include; a touch screen Vita also stores films and TV showsOLED making - forportable the firstgadget! time ever - a of rear pad, dual it aand perfect Some thetouch consoles analog sticks and front and rear acameras for recordinnovative design features include; touch OLED screen andaugmented - for the first time gaming. ever - a rear ing and reality ■ touch pad, dual analog sticks and front and rear cameras for recording and augmented reality gaming. credit: ‘PlayStation Vita Rooms Manchester’

Nicole Scherzinger Hi Nicole, how’s it going? Wonderful, how are you? Not too bad thank you. Are you pleased wth the reaction to your debut album here, as obviously the UK seems to hold a soft spot for you? Oh my gosh, I am beyond pleased, it means everything to me. I’m so happy, I’m so excited and I’m so grateful. I mean I had my first number one single in the UK, and am very fortunate to have five singles there from this album so far and I’m so grateful for my UK fans, Pussycat Dolls fans and the X factor fans there. As you’ve just mentioned you’ve had five singles off this album here in the UK, are there plans for anything more or is there new matierial that you’ve been working on that could perhaps go on to a new edition of the album? I’m always in the studio, we repackaged the album I believe late last year, I added four extra songs – Try With Me, Right There featuring 50 Cent, Trust Me I Lie, and Tomorrow Never Dies, which is a really cool song as well. I’ve been in the studio even though I was doing X factor in the US last year - I was in the studio every other night, and we had music coming out. So after this Killer Love album there’s gonna be another album, and I’m never gonna stop! As long as there’s fans and the people connect and love it and will have me I will continue to do it. That’s great. Obviously when you were working on this album you were appearing on Dancing With The Stars, was it literally a case of going from the dance studio to the recoridng studio for many months? Always. Well I did the studio with Dancing With The Stars and then after Dancing With The Stars because it was so time consuming, I didn’t take a break for three months, I didn’t take one day off for three months. After that, I went to Europe and that’s when I really honed in on this album with RedOne in his camp. Now, on your live tour is there going to be any new material you’ve been working on or will it be everything we’ve heard so far from the album and singles? Well there is new material, you know, I’ve been thinking about that. On my live tour I’m going to have the singles that you’ll all have heard and I’ll pay homage to the Pussycat Dolls with a couple of songs that I love and adore. I’m going to do an acoustic set, probably a cover

or so and I was thinking of maybe doing some new material, whether it’s the new material from the repackaged album that I put out I don’t know, if you saw the X Factor episode where I performed in December my newest US single ‘Pretty’, as I was thinking that if I did that song at least the fans would have seen that performance or seen it on YouTube, so I was thinking of incorporating that into the show. As far as that new material I’ve been writing, I’m going to wait for that for the next album, because I want the fans to at least have been aquainted with it and to have heard it a little bit before I perform it for the first time ever. But I will maybe do ‘Pretty’, ‘Trust Me I Lie’, ‘Try With Me’…we’ll see! Are you looking forward to returning to Manchester and is this the first time you’ll have been there since the Pussycat Dolls in 2009? No, I actually did my first X Factor guest judge in Manchester, so I have a soft spot in my heart for Manchester. So are you looking forard to returning to Birmingham, and is this your first time being there since the Pussycat Dolls in 2009? This is actually the first time being there since 2009 I believe and I’m so excited, we had the best tours and the best runs there with my PCD tour so I’m really excited to go back and to give them a show they’ll never forget. So for the Scottish people..any plans to go to Scotland any time soon? Absolutely. I’m going to Ireland so hopefully Scotland will have me, and I love Glasgow. When you’re at these towns for your shows do you get the chance to look around and be a bit of a tourist or is it straight in, sound check, gig and then straight on to the next town?

and I’m honored that I get to start in the theatres and that the fans are going to come out for it. I can guarantee these shows are going to be so great that fans will be wanting more so I’ll be back! Speaking of theatre, you did musical theatre at college and obviously at the Royal Variety Performance you blew everybody away with some of your renditions. Would you like to do a full run some day on Broadway or London’s West End in a musical? Absolutely, theatre has a big part of my heart. There’s nothing like the stage, and that’s why I was honored to play Christine in the Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Variety show. It’s just rewarding, as an artist, for me to be able to have that outlet and to do that part of me that I love. How did it feel to be a judge on X Factor in the US seeing as you came through a similar route yourself when you were younger, and was guesting on the UK version a good rehearsal for you? Absolutely. First of all, after starting out on a show like that I’ve come full circle, and I feel like that gave me an advantage because for me as an aritst I could empathise with the other contestants. I knew what they were going through, I knew how they felt and I knew how much it really meant to them, so I was able to go from that empathetic point of view. But guesting for the X Factor UK was definitely great prep work for me and I do miss the X Factor UK, because I found the contestants to be a lot more bubbly and fun, and I found the crowd could be really outrageous and very outspoken which I love. I loved that they really welcomed me with open arms there. And last question; on the X Factor you came second this year, are you aiming for first next year?

It’s on to the next one. You get aquainted with the hotel, the tour bus, the airport, the venues, so honestly you judge the towns by the people in the crowd!

I’ll always aim for first. Like Simon says you don’t go into a competition hoping you get second. But second for me was first this year with Josh. I’m proud of the work we did together and for me I feel like we won.

Because you go down so well with the British public would there be scope for a bigger tour, perhaps next year or in the Autumn?

And I just want to say that I can’t wait to do this tour in the UK for my fans. They’re the best fans and I’m going to give them a show that they never forget.

That’s my goal, that’s my dream, that’s why I’m putting my own money into this tour and that’s why I’ve been preparing for it. That’s my ultimate dream – to have a world tour, but also a bigger UK tour. But you’ve got to start somewhere

Fantastic, well thanks very much for taking the time to do this for us Nicole. Interview by Warren Higgins

VIVA l i v e m u s i c

The Hacienda Reunion ONE TO REMEMBER!


ankey’s put on a Reunion to remember, when it opened its doors and welcomed back its positively ‘pumped up’ Old School Hacienda crowd. Graeme Park, Peter Hook aka ‘Hooky,’ Rowetta, and of course the legend that is synonymously associated with The Hacienda and The Happy Mondays, Bez, were all in attendance reliving the days of old when The Hacienda was at the height of the rise of the Acid House and Madchester days.

leading to more rumours about a Happy Mondays reunion. Bez then took to the DJ box and delivered his set, while Rowetta blasted out tunes in her usual dusky powerful voice. One to remember? This is The Hacienda we’re talking about! ■ words: Lisa Jones photos: Craige Barker

The Reunion got into full swing with a superb set from Legendary DJ Graeme Park who’s set included a mixed up collection of the old and new, reminiscent of the famous Hacienda nights. Peter Hook took to the decks and delivered a powerful set, ‘hands in the air,’ the party and the crowd were sent crazy. It was a reunion not only for the crowds but also for the ‘Old Heads’ who were and will always be associated with the crazy days when the Hacienda was at its peak. Bez and Rowetta had a quick kiss and cuddle in the DJ box,


fm ended 2011 with a big live music spectacular bang. They smashed up the O2 Apollo with their Winter Wonderland Christmas gig featuring Chase And Status, Ed Sheeran, Nero plus many more live acts. And if that wasn’t enough they played host to some live lounge exclusive sessions with Kasabian, Liam Fray, Inspiral Carpets, Shed 7, Ocean Colour Scene and White Lies. Being big fans of Kasabian and the Courteeners VIVA headed down to the Xfm offices for these 2 lunch time sessions. Courteeners front man, Liam Fray gave us a taste of some old Courteeners classics mixed in with some new material whilst

photos: XFM/Carl Sukonik

promoting their Live At The MEN Arena DVD, which is out now! Tom and Serge just looked too cool for school sitting on the Xfm live lounge sofas playing a striped down acoustic mini set of tunes from their latest album Velociraptor. And whilst Serge made a quick exit for the door Tom hung around to meet and have pictures taken with fans. Xfm is one of Manchester’s biggest and best radio stations with the likes of Clint Boon and Gareth Brooks bring us day in day out the latest and greatest rock n roll tunes of the world. Good luck in 2012 Xfm and make sure you keep us rocking all year! ■


The Maccabees Goldfrapp Lana Del Ray Given To The Wild The Singles Born To Die Released 9th January Released 7th February Released 30th January The Maccabees started back in 2003 with songs titled after picnics and wave machines amassing a small army of fans and eventually striking a record deal with Fiction. The band’s status has been boosted since Samsung used their track ‘toothpaste kisses’ for their advert campaign for G800. Following their previous two albums ‘Colour It In’ and ‘Wall of Arms’ they’re back with their third album ‘Given to the Wild’, admitting it’s the first time they’ve sounded completely themselves on record. Their old sound has been polished with ‘Feel to Follow’ front man Orlando Weeks airing his newly laidback vocal style and an array of discreet vocals and percussion.

words: Dajana Torbica

Goldfrapp are back with an album featuring tracks from their five critically acclaimed albums, alongside two brand new songs written especially for this release: Yellow Halo a slow building synth-pop wonder, and the introspective and defiant new wave ballad Melancholy Sky. The Singles, is the first compilation from the band, taking in the captivating electronic balladry of the Felt Mountain’ the dance floor hit Black Cherry’ the glitter ball glamour of ‘Supernature’, the critically acclaimed electro-folk of Seventh Tree and the hands-inthe-air, retro-futuristic Head First. Expect Alison Goldfrapp’s distinctive breathy, soft soprano vocals and Will Gregory’s multi-layered synthesizer and string arrangements.

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Grant better known as Lana Del Rey is renowned for her unique voice and embellishing an eerie nostalgic vibe in her songs. She quickly shot to fame with her song ‘video games’ which allegedly had 9 million hits on YouTube and was featured on hit US programme, Gossip Girl. Her new album ‘Born to die’ encompasses songs in true Del Ray style, laid back with soft strings and seductive vocals.

Laura Gibson La Grande Released 24th January

Tribes Baby Released 16th January

The Camden four piece The coquille born folk have had an exciting 2011 singer/songwriter has touring and performing released her debut album at various festivals. This ‘La Grande’. Oozing with year they have released glamour, The Rushing an exciting and diverse Dark’ flashes with delicate album ‘baby’ which grandeur whilst Gibson’s screams glam rock. other songs encompass The songs are big on spooky and sublime melodies, hooks, choruses, pitches with histrionic sex and swagger. With piano and strings. Gibson’s bold and meaningful album shows sounds of song lyrics making killer a confident artist with a choruses, this is one unique voice stretching her album full of emotion, own limits and producing deep meaning and striking melodies. storytelling.

Mötley Crüe have re -released a limited quantity of their catalogue, having regained the rights to all their songs, after a long absence in the market place. The albums have been re-released as Vinyl replica CDs with a 16 page booklet, a CD with a 5 page booklet and on 180g vinyl in a 4 colour Gatefold sleeve: ‘Too Fast For Love’, ‘Shout At The Devil’, ‘Theatre of Pain’, ‘Girls Girls Girls’ and ‘Dr Feelgood’. Also the rest of their catalogue - Motley Crue’, ‘Generation Swine’, ‘New Tattoo’ and Live:Entertainment or Death’ - have been re-released in standard CD format only. This was followed by ‘Motley Crue’s Greatest Hits’ in CD, Deluxe CD, 180g Vinyl and DVD formats. Get your Motley Crue fix NOW!

VIVA l i v e m u s i c

The Rob Ellis Show Weekdays 6-10 am Happy New year! We’ve hit the ground running at Capital Manchester in 2012, as we all return from our Christmas break and, so it seems, has Manchester on the whole. Now we’re over a month into the ‘Year Of The Apocalypse(!)’ and safely back into work mode. Everyone needs to find ways of entertaining themselves as well as sticking to those new year’s resolutions as best we can. Firstly congratulations if you have managed to hold down your new year pledge to lose weight, save money or find a new girlfriend / boyfriend - keep it up. One of the most popular uptakes in the city has been Bikram Yoga, based up in the Northern Quarter. A great way to sweat out Christmas overindulgences, save some pennies on the booze and get yourself into positions you never thought you could. With a bit of practice, obviously.

‘Beat The Frog’ often being their first time on stage so give them a chance! If you’re lucky you may even get a glimpse of some more familiar comedy names when they get up a try out a bit of new material. Award winning Sarah Millican was spotted there not too long ago and there’s always some decent drinks offers on too. If you’re feeling a bit more brave then The Capital Manchester Wheel in Exchange Square near the Arndale is a great way to view the city from up above and it will give you a totally different take on the city and the surrounding landmarks. It’s pretty high and if you get chance to have a go in it at night it’s definitely worth a look. You might even hear our very own Rob Ellis, Rachel and Wingman talking you through it!

“We’ve got tickets to giveaway to see the Wanted and Olly Murs ”

Otherwise, if the Christmas overindulgences were more of a strain on the bank account rather than the belly, there’s plenty going on in Manchester that is cheap and well worth checking out, if you need to get out the house on a budget. Monday nights at The Frog & Bucket on Oldham Street are well worth taking a look at. Brand new comedians trying to

As for the breakfast show on Capital Manchester, we have loads going on already this year. We’ve got tickets to give away to see The Wanted and Olly Murs when they come to the Arena in February and then JLS will be moving in for 3 nights at the end of March. We may see you there! Loads of stuff to win and get involved in, amongst the usual chat we manage to drag out between 6am and 10am every weekday morning so check it out. Bye, The Rob Ellis Show

Band on the VIVA Radar: Tomahawks For Targets

Invasion on a budget’ will be the first ever album to be released by pop band ‘Tomahawks for targets.’ Released on 5th March, featuring James Hazelhurst on vocals/guitar, Phil Hazelhurst on keyboard/guitar, Ross Harley on bass and Dave Baron on drums. With lead vocalist James describing their music as ‘jigsaw pop,’ their songs consist of harmonies, textures and added ingredients which set them apart from conventional pop music. Tomahawks are an established pop band who joined forces in March 2010 after previously working on solo projects. The band have become renowned for their pop music with a twist and have previously performed at Leeds and Reading festivals, with James describing the response they received as “phenomenal” and a weekend full of “pleasant surprises.” From the early stages, the band became noticed after having one of their very first songs they wrote ‘Total eclipse of it all’ playlisted on BBC radio 1 for a week and receiving a good response from DJ’s and listeners alike. The song, which will feature in the new album, is about Margaret Thatcher and includes a catchy chorus with striking harmonies. So what influences the band and their lyrics? Lead vocalist James states that “music as a whole influences the band and a variety of artists from Lupe Fiasco to Frank Zappa,” however they wish to remain unique and produce music which represents them as a band. Lyrically, the band tend to focus on specific things in their songs and take chances on arrangements and experiment with instruments to create a unique sound. Their music has been described as “an absolutely essential listen” by Music Junkie Magazine and “pop songs but with layers upon layers of intricate parts that leave the more OCD afflicted among us rewinding for another listen after each verse.” By Ruth Kilpatrick, Amazing Radio. With an eclectic mix of melodies, vocals and harmonies this is one band we are very excited about. ■

Photo: Dee Durkin words: Dajana Torbica





t’s a new year and for me the start to a new acting course with DNA. Last year Chris Hargreaves took me and my fellow classmates through the beginning of our acting journey, starting on Building Blocks through to the Advanced Acting Course. This year we have a new tutor by the name of Darren R L Gordon. You might recognise the name from somewhere and yes you are right, he has been our film feature writer for the last year in VIVA magazine. Darren has been working with and training actors since he was 16 years old and has always enjoyed the colour, imagination, energy and excitement that actors bring to life. He studied acting through to a degree level but always with the intention of using his experiences and understanding to inform his work as a Director. Darren says: “Directing is my first love and teaching allows me the opportunity to hone my own skills as well as developing the craft of the actors I am working with. I work hard to help each artist develop their technique to a standard that will see them excel and flourish in any context their career puts them in; Theatre, Film or TV.” My new course is called The 10 Ingredients - Pro Screen Actor stage one. The first ten weeks of the course will focus on one key area of performance per week which will help develop more depth and integrity in my work. Our progress will be monitored both with the naked eye and in front of the camera and we will be encouraged to critique our own and other’s work. Our objective will be to work towards a short project that we can shoot towards the end of the course, with the plan that each of us in my class will have footage we can use to take away and market ourselves. Throughout this course, we will be given tasks to complete between sessions that are designed to enhance our knowledge of the industry and understanding of our place within it and how to achieve our objectives. I’m really excited to start the 10 Ingredients course with Darren and after having a great little taster last year of what DNA had to offer me I’ve decided this year I’m getting serious about acting and I’m going to start making an acting career for myself. If you would like to join a course with the DNA Performance Resource then please visit the website at or email for more information. ■

A Life through a lens with VIVA’s in-house photographer Sam Fairbrother...


n some domestic cameras they have a device called a magic eye. They are supposed to help improve the photographs that you take. Sam Fairbrother has her own magic eye and her photographs are an art form in themselves, capturing a magic not normally seen in the work of others. Sam Fairbrother isn’t really a photographer; she’s an artist with a camera. Photography shows you pictures of what you want to see. Sam’s pictures manage somehow to encapsulate what you want to see with what might be or even what isn’t but should be. They really are the thousand word stories that pictures can paint. Examples of Sam’s works can be seen here in Viva and her fashion photographs bring an extra dimension to this usually highbrow picture form. The gallery illustrating this article shows Sam as an artist but just look at some of her work elsewhere in the magazine and see the stories that even these simple pictures tell. Sam has a family pedigree that seemed almost fated to always steer her into the photography career in which she has made her mark. Her great Grandfather, George Henry Bott, was a War Photographer and later a portrait photographer. The reportage (black and white) content of some items in her gallery certainly reflects the style of the early days of photography. There is also a starkness to much of her work that might owe its origins to shots taken on the battlefield; who knows perhaps photography seeps into the genes? Sam’s eye for photography was developed as a young girl when she accompanied her father, camera in hand, around the stylishly chic streets of Naples and Rome. The italian flair for constructural design obviously had some kind of influence, staying with Sam through her degree studies and while she went travelling around the world, for her first job was assistant to an architectural photographer. Sam’s travels took in Australia, Bali, Papua New Guinea and various other exotic hotspots and saw her working as a ranchhand on an australian cattle ranch and even as a deckhand on a prawn trawler. The latter keeping her in good stead for one of her own personal projects a four day expedition on a North Sea fishing trawler out of Peterhead in Scotland. Sam’s memories of that foray are of three days of extreme mal-de-mer, not even managing to eat but getting some fantastic shots. That’s the vibe that you get from her. It’s the shot that matters and, as you look at the pictures here, elsewhere in this (and other) issue of Viva and on her website, you understand why. There is one photograph that sums up Sam Fairbrother more than any other in her collection. A two-part picture of a mannequin and a dreaming girl. There is so much detail that is part of the photograph yet each piece is only peripheral to the untold story behind the image. What is the story? That is something that each person seeing the photo will decide for themselves but there obviously is one in there. Viva magazine brings you the very best in fashion and art. In Sam’s photographs you get two for the price of one every time! (for more examples of Sam’s work see elsewhere in this magazine or check out her website words: Keith McDonnell.




Twitter : Dar renRLG ordon / DNA_PR

3 21 Jump Street -16th March



The Avengers - 4th May


his is undoubtedly 2012’s most anticipated film, if you are a closet Superhero geek like me, you will already be aware of this monster of a movie. The plethora of ‘Marvel’ films in this genre that have been churned out in the last few years have essentially been laying the ground for this release, and the anticipated production of the DC comic’s equivalent, ‘The justice League’. S.H.I.E.L.D, an International agency whose role is to protect the masses from major threat, garner together this group of super-humans via the help of their agent, Nick Fury, to protect the world from ‘Loki’ (Tom Hiddleston) and his evil brethren. Chris Evans (Captain America), Robert Downey Junior (Iron Man), Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and a number of other Hollywood royalty that allow for ‘The Incredible Hulk’, ‘Black Widow’ and ‘Hawkeye’, appear in what is going to be the ‘Avatar’ of 2012. With an estimated budget of $140 million, and further films in the pipeline, Including ‘Nick Fury’ (played by Samuel L Jackson), expect a record breaking opening weekend for this one folks. Listen out for the growl of Lou Ferrigno (the original Hulk for the 70’s TV series).

n 1987, a little known actor got a good role on a popular T V series by this name. The premise was that this was a special unit of very young looking cops that focused on youth crime. The fact that, on leaving this show, he did everything he could to avoid slipping into the typecast territory, which led to him accepting the role of ‘Edward Scissorhands’, is a major factor in the phenomenon he is today. However, this movie is another in the Hollywood trend on looking back to the future. This 80’s drama has been given a punchy comic twist and a ‘Hangover’ type quirkiness. Not the best thing Johnny Depp will do this year.



Wrath of the Titans - 30th March

he first movie in this franchise got mixed reviews, but since it grossed four times its budget it was always going to have a sequel. ‘Wrath of the Titans’ sees Neeson, Worthington and Fiennes return to fight more mythological monsters and historical horrors. Another action packed, major scale movie with a cast of bighitters. Look out for Spencer Wilding as the Minotaur. He prepared for that role with us here in Manchester.



The Muppets - 10th February


y favourite puppet characters after the Thunderbirds (which should never have been humanised in that awful movie with Ben Kingsley) are back with their first movie since 1992’s ‘Muppet Christmas Carol’. Kermit the Frog and his friends, the creation of the late Jim Henson’s creation - now owned by Disney – have all separated, leading their own lives in a variety of ways, when they find out through ‘Gary’ - played by the talented Jason Segel (Friends with Benefits, Bad Teacher) who also co-wrote on this project - that their old Theatre is under threat of demolition. The old gang are reunited to try and prevent the destruction, which is motivated by the greedy ambitions of a megalomaniacal oil tycoon. If you remember the TV series, this is a throwback to those Sunday nights watching the singing, dancing and mayhem of the Muppet world. If you now have kids, nephews, nieces, grandkids… this is an excuse to take them along to experience the magic that this characters create. Funny, touching, outrageous and pacey, although the plot is nothing new and doesn’t hold any surprises, this film is a delight.

Battleship - 20th April

War of the Worlds’ meets ‘Transformers’ in this fast-paced, high action, high intensity epic. This is an all-American, big scale, mass destruction movie, so if you enjoy lots of macho American references and huge battle sequences that require total suspension of disbelief, then this one is for you. Well acted, with the ever-present Liam Neeson headlining, as long as you can stomach the ‘Hell Yeah America’ sentiment that cascades through every sinew, you’ll be fine.

VIVA D V D R E L E A S E S 3 Real Steel- 24th January


ugh Jackman is the dysfunctional father of a feisty, young son in a futuristic world where humans are banned from boxing, so instead the sport is conducted between robots. His son befriends an old model and asks his failed, ‘loser’ father to help his train it to box. His father doesn’t see the point, but of course his son’s commitment to this machine persuades him to try. Cue an emotional journey that is ‘Short Circuit’ meets ‘Rocky’. Pure Disney.

4 Two Headed Shark Attack - 17th January


his is one of those moments when the title says it all. A high-end, sophisticated, realistic and heartwrenching tale… no! Tacky, silly, ridiculous and laughable. The movie tag-line is ‘One body, Two heads, 6000 Teeth’. If you like a chuckle and the delights of Carmen Electra and Brooke Hogan, then this straight-toDVD release is ideal for you. Well above ‘Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus’ in the production values stakes, but equally as ridiculous and good for a laugh.

Drive -31st January



f you enjoy a good story, with great acting, a perfect soundtrack, long detailed shots that draw us into the characters and give us a deeper understanding of their emotions, a script that lets the acting breath and doesn’t use words where pictures can do a better job, then Drive is a film you should see. Ryan Gosling is superb in the lead role giving a hugely empathic performance that is hard not to be drawn in by. The opening scene is exhilarating, but the title suggests a road movie like ‘Ronin’ and this is not the case. A subtle, engaging, dramatic and occasionally very violent film, Drive was for me, an excellent piece of cinema. The soundtrack supported the key moments in the film wonderfully, using some pieces familiar from other films (Brian Eno’s ‘An Ending’ for example from ‘28 Days Later’). For me, this film is the kind of film the British Film Industry usually makes, great stories, well directed and well acted. After ‘Black Swan’ and ‘The King’s Speech’, this is my best film of 2011. If you missed it at the cinema, add it to your DVD collection.

5 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (Limited Edition) (2 Discs) - 12th March

Immortals - 6th March

When this franchise was first broached, it had trouble getting a distribution deal, oh how the rejecters must be kicking themselves. This series of films is massive and has launched the careers of a lot of people into orbit. Breaking Dawn is the fourth part and possesses all the passion, conviction, comedy and empathy of its predecessors. Part two will be released later this year.


f you enjoy an average script, far-fetched circumstances, depiction’s of the ‘Gods’ as people that live in the clouds and monitor the actions of naïve and feeble humans from on-high, a lead actor whose talent is in his looks and physique rather than his acting ability and a gratuitous nude scene from the stunning lead female, them this movie is for you. I had the ‘pleasure’ of watching this in 3D at the cinema. My friend, who loves this kind of film, wanted to go and see this action-packed epic. It was one of those occasions where I wished I could leave and not feel bad. A tedious, predictable, weak film, not rescued by the gifted Mickey Rourke, this is one of those movies that angers me when you consider that it had a budget of $75 million, five times that of ‘Drive’. Not worth the £10 entry ticket, or the £1 for my 7th pair of 3D glasses (why do I never remember to take a pair with me?). I just hope Henry Cavill is better as Clark Kent/Superman in his current production ‘Man of Steel’, I didn’t rate this at all.





ritain is a fish-loving nation, each person consuming approximately 20kg of fish per year. The majority of the fish we eat consists mainly of cod, tuna and salmon. We Brits admittedly love an occasional visit to the local chip shop but whilst we innocently devour a crispy battered cod, global fish stocks are in gradual decline. Our enormous appetite for fish creates a rising demand in the global market, threatening the number of fish that inhabit the North Sea. The huge demand for the likes of cod, salmon and tuna have given rise to controversial debates about European fishing industry procedures. The current EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) governs UK fishing activity and ensures that fishermen stick to a quota of catch per species. This legislation has been put in place as a means of conservation, limiting the amount of commercial fishing, in order to conserve and protect various species of fish. This quota system was implemented as a means of preventing fishermen from catching too many of one type of fish, encouraging fishermen to fish for less endangered species of fish. This in itself is problematic because fishermen have no control over the type of species they catch. In reality a mixture of different fish are being caught, and due to the regulations enforced by the CFP, once the quota for one species is fulfilled, the only option is to discard the over-catch by throwing the dead fish overboard, back into the sea. This absurd regulation, although in place to conserve fish that are at risk of extinction, is arguably one of the main reasons our fish stocks are in such drastic decline. This argument is the basis of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s recent political crusade. In January 2011 Hugh launched a nation-wide campaign in an attempt to put an end to the wasteful and unnecessary discard of unused fish, and to change people’s attitudes towards the way fish is consumed within the UK and Europe. The Channel 4 programme ‘Hugh’s Fish Fight’ powerfully illustrates the vast amount of fish fishermen are forced to painfully dispose of. Discards are currently estimated between 40% and 60% of the total catch, which can equate to a staggering £50,000 worth of wastage on a single fishing trip. Hugh emotively reveals the predicament the North Sea fishermen are being placed in, having to work longer and harder to fulfil the quota allocations but having to agonisingly throw away over half of what they catch on a single trip. After discussing this issue with various North Sea fishermen, they too support Hugh’s idea that the discard process is unnecessary and completely avoidable providing the current quota legislation is updated. Not only does ‘Hugh’s Fish Fight’ question the current fisheries policy but it also highlights that we as a nation need to change the way that we eat fish. The fish market is led by the demand for popular fish such as cod, tuna and salmon. The huge demand for these three types of fish has led to over-fishing, which has, in turn, had a serious effect on these particular species. Hugh proposes that less marketable fish such as mackerel, pollock, coley and pouting are tasty and less expensive alternatives. If we can create a demand for these alternative, less sought-after fish this will essentially play a part in conserving the diminishing stocks of cod, tuna and salmon. Another shocking fact uncovered from Hugh’s investigation is that supermarket chains are endorsing unsustainable fishing methods. Tuna fishing often relies on a technique using FADs (Fish Aggregation Devices) that catch a variety of large marine life including large rays, turtles and even sharks. An alarmingly amount of supermarket-branded tuna is produced using this method. The “pole and line” method is an eco-friendly alternative fishing technique that ensures tuna is virtually the only catch. Hugh has also put pressure on leading supermarket retailers such as Tesco, Sainsburys and Marks & Spencer to conform to this method of tuna production and urges us as consumers to ensure that, from now on, we only purchase pole and line produced tuna. The campaign not only questions the current legislations put in place by the CFP, it also educates and informs Britain that we can each do something to improve and conserve our fish stock. Hugh’s Fish Fight has already had an immense response from the British public, and so far there are over 770,000 people spread across Britain and parts of Europe backing the campaign. The public’s continued support will put pressure on the politicians who have the authority to put an end to the unnecessary wastage of perfectly healthy fish. To get involved sign up for Hugh’s campaign here words: Carla Griscti


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Tommy Lee front cover and interview


Tommy Lee front cover and interview