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is quickly becoming one of the best cocktail bars in Manchester and we spoke to Asahi Rising stars 2010 winner, and bar manager, Charlene Holt about her passion for constantly pushing the boundaries with daring cocktails. Charlene started her career in the mind set that spending a long time with fancy showboating just to create a drink was a waste of time, however she soon realized that making constantly high quality cocktails is an art form and it did not take long for start mastering the art of combining and balancing flavours to create the perfect drink. Now owning and running her own multi-award winning cocktail bar in Manchester, Charlene obviously has a passion for cocktails and Viva is bringing you exclusive reviews of some special Apotheca only cocktails mixed in with some classics with a twist that will be perfect for Spring.

Charlene Holt

Enter the Dragon

This award-winning cocktail carried Charlene through all the regional heats right through to being crowned champion at the Asahi Rising stars 2010 in October, winning a trip to Japan. Showcasing the youngest talent in the business the competition has only one rule you have to be under 30, other than that it was completely freestyle. Combining wasabi, red chili, lime, lychee liquor, Sipsmith gin all mixed with apple juice then, in case it wasn’t hot enough, it is then lit on fire! This cocktail will warm you up in the cold winter months, however if you are not a spice fan do not worry, Apotheca tailor make each drink to suit your taste-buds so you only have to have it as hot as you can handle. The lychee liquor balances out the chili’s to create a pleasant drink with a kick. Viva Rating: 4.5/5 - £6.95

Strawberries and Lychee Mojito

Caribbean Sailing

If you are already fed up of winter and want to be taken away to a hot beach to relax and soak up the sun then this cocktail can take you there. Shaking together spiced rum, Jamaican coconut rum Koko Khanu, strawberry liquor and coconut syrup alongside fresh pineapples, strawberries, pineapple juice and a squeeze of lime. The fruits burst through immediately with this frothy cocktail automatically transporting you to a lovely hot beach. Describing it as a twist on a traditional Caribbean punch Apotheca brings the Caribbean into a city centre and the outcome is a refreshing, fruity drink that reminds you summer is just around the corner. Viva Rating: 4/5 - £5.95

To ease you into Spring with fresh fruits and an eastern twist on a cocktail classic Apotheca have designed a light and unique alternative to the classic mojito. Strawberries, are placed in the drink first alongside lychee syrup, these are then muddled together before adding limes and muddling again. In keeping with the original mojitos that has become a firm favourite on cocktail menus, mint is then added, with a double shot of rum and topped with crushed ice, however there’s another twist as no soda is added . The lime is the main ingredient to come through with this drink with a faint hint of the mint and strawberries that blends perfectly together to create a long, refreshing drink almost reminiscent of a smoothie. Viva Rating: 4/5 - £6.10


If you like your desserts such as trifle and bakewell tarts then this is the drink for you. This firm favourite is a naughty treat to the mouth combining the almond flavours of Disaronno Amaretto, the hazelnut taste of Frangelico and Chambord for a black raspberry sensation they are mixed and then topped with a Nuts and Berries layer of milk and cream, garnished with flamed chocolate. Drunk from the glass all the flavours combined create a trifle in your mouth, however if you are not too keen on the milk/cream aspect of the drink it can be drunk through a straw so the drink now changes into a bakewell tart flavour. This two in one drink is delicious for anybody with a sweet tooth and Apotheca have created a truly fantastic drink. Viva Rating: 5/5 - £5.95

Easter comes hand-inhand with Spring and one of the best things about Easter? Chocolate! This cocktail will help recapture your childhood in more ways than one. Chocolate liquor Creme de Caco and Velvet Falernum is mixed with freshly squeezed lime juice then put into a shaker with half crushed and half cubed ice, then poured over a glass of ice and garnished Chocolate Lime with flamed chocolate. The drink is fresh with a tangy kick and tastes just like the hard-boiled chocolate lime sweets, with the added fun around this time of year that it reminds you that you still have a pile of Easter eggs on its way. Viva Rating: 3.5/5 - £5.95

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