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VIVA T R A V E L If the thought of it overwhelms you, you’re not alone. All-inclusive tour operators like Wendy Wu exist for good reason. Tours generally range from 11 to 30 days in duration and cost anywhere between £1500-£2500. You won’t have to worry about transfers, meals, hotels, toilets, guidebooks or even what to pack. And because the schedules are assiduously conceived, you’ll be secure without feeling as if you’ve just spent twenty days on google Maps. There’s another reason to try a tour: China is less the land of milk and honey and more the land of rice and opportourism. Many have been burned by visiting the Terracotta warrior exhibit – only to discover the real exhibit a kilometer away. If the concept of the fake was invented in China (handbag, t-shirt or shoe), it only became a thriving alternative economy because of hapless tourists. Not to discourage you from trying new things; in big cities like Xian, it often pays to point to something unrecognisable on the menu. And no guidebook will direct you to the tastiest yak meat dumplings in Tibet like your nose can. Undoubtedly, China rewards fearlessness and good humour.

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China Bistro

The Great Wall of China

By virtue of its size, you should have plenty of time to take in the literature of the landscape. It takes about ten hours to fly from the UK to Beijing, and traversing this grand country will inevitably involve countless buses and trains. So it could be worth taking some reading material. Maybe something by liu xiaobo. If you would like to find out more information or book a wendy wu Tour then please contact the friendly representatives at Miss Ellies Travel on 0161 228 7363.

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Eliza Doolittle cover and interview