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Swimming: The benefits to your mental health are enormous


Take supplements: Kre Alkalyn (left) gives you all the up sides of creatine. Everybody should take fish oil (below)

Have music on that you like whilst exercising, train with your mates, have a laugh as often as possible, get away from the city for some fresh air! life is fun!

5. TAKE sUPPlEMEnTs Personally, I think everybody should make sure they get lots of protein. It’s great for fat reduction, tissue repair, muscle growth - need any more reasons? Kre Alkalyn is also a fantastic product. Basically, it gives you all the up sides of Creatine (power increase, strength) without any of the down sides, such as loading and water retention. But my favourite above all is fish oil. EVERYBODY should take fish oil. World-renowned trainer Charles Poliquin states ‘fish oil offers benefits that range from neurological health to cardiovascular health, to skin and eye health’ I get all my supplements for both my clients and the fighters from the vyomax nutrition website ( ).

6. wATER Drink it and swim in it! Everybody knows about taking in 8 glasses of water a day (although I think we should drink a fair bit more than that) but the power of swimming is majorly under-rated. Increased flexibility, core stability, and injury prevention are all massive bonuses of swimming, but the benefits to your mental health are also enormous. Swimming makes you feel great both in mind and body, and it also helps with focus.

7. REsT All my fighters take a daytime snooze! This might not be practical for some of you but there are others who can take advantage of a regular naptime. What about weekends? The European sleep patterns are proven to be the healthiest.

8. RElAX It is impossible to be around stressful situations constantly and be fit and healthy. Absolutely impossible. Whether they are caused by work or something in your personal life, you have to rid yourself from as much stress as possible. Every day spend a few minutes simply sitting and doing nothing. When was the last time you did that? Turn off the TV, turn off your phone, switch off facebook and chill out! Even heard of cortisol, the ‘stress chemical’? If not, my advice is to google it, read as much as you can and learn what causes the increases in cortisol levels. You can never be as fit and as healthy as you like while surrounded by stress. ■

Rest in the day: European sleep patterns are proven to be the healthiest

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Eliza Doolittle cover and interview