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Ric moylan, who is the strength and conditioning coach with Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton’s stable of boxers over in Hyde, Gives us his top tips on keeping fit in 2011

Stretching: Sometimes take it easy and do some stretching or something similar


o, 2011 is here and it’s that time of year again where we all decide to change our bodies forever this time, honest! Generally, for the guys out there, this means bigger muscles and a killer six-pack. We hit the gym, throwing weights all over the place, and after a few months decide it’s not quite working, get bored, and give up till next year!

Have fun: Train with your mates

So what’s the secret to success? There is nothing wrong with weight training - in fact, I am a fan myself. However, I’m more a fan of bodyweight training. It’s simply that I enjoy it more on a personal level. Which leads me rather neatly to the whole point of this article: we all have to learn to enjoy our exercise! With that in mind, here are some of the principles I use with the team Hatton fighters I train.

1. Enjoy training Well, that’s an easy one to start with, isn’t it? Put simply, if you don’t enjoy a certain type of training (i.e. running) then why do it? You will get very little benefit from any form of training you don’t enjoy, simply because you won’t put all your effort into it. There are tonnes of alternative fitness activities out there, so keep trying until you find something that suits you. I really don’t like running, but I love boxing and kickboxing, which are completely different forms of cardiovascular exercise, but just as good.

2. Train smart Nobody can train 110% every single day. The key to success is to train most days, but not to train hard most days. Even if you are doing split routines, there are very few people who can train hard every day. So make sure you occassionally take your foot off the gas a little, do some stretching or something similar.

3. Eat well I’m not going to start spouting on about five portions of fruit and veg per day, etc, etc. We have heard all that a million times before. My view is different and can be a little controversial! Here it is: there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all diet. We are all unique, and yes there are certain things we should all make sure we get enough of (fish oil, protein, etc) but there are also plenty of foods which agree with some of us, and don’t agree with others. Keep a diary, record how you feel after eating, and find what works best FOR YOU.

Not everyone enjoys running: Do a cardiovascular exercise that you enjoy such as boxing and kickboxing


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