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I LOVE Media City U

From the BBC to ITV, It’s all kicking off up North. Viva visits entertainment’s new home to see what all the fuss is about...


ere at Viva, we know that london is no longer the sole hub for cultural entertainment and creativity in the UK. Over the years, the North has had no problem making its voice heard and now, the folks down South have finally started to take notice. Based just minutes away from the centre of Manchester, Media City UK is set to transform the disused wastelands of the Salford Quays docks into the busiest and most vibrant production site in the UK. It will be a place for professionals and students, for leisure and productivity and everything inbetween. Despite being in the early stages of development, the site already boasts an impressive urban skyline consisting of a new campus for the University of Salford, a Holiday Inn Hotel and numerous office buildings that are quickly being snatched up by the likes of the BBC and ITV. A tower block of state-ofthe-art city apartments will provide the lucky owners with a very unique view - the newly relocated Coronation Street set - and at the heart of all this construction lies an expansive grassy plaza which, in the coming months, will play host to a range of exciting outdoor events. And this is just the tip of the iceberg: throughout 2011 the constantly evolving site will just

SIMON BlAND REPORTS keep getting better and better. Viva was invited down for an exclusive tour of one of the longest running production studios at Media City UK: The Pie Factory. First of all, we know what you’re thinking - Pie Factory? Well actually, it’s a pretty appropriate name, as this place did in fact used to be a…you guessed it, a pie factory! After going bust, Peel Media saw the immense vacant space as an area with huge untapped potential. The building’s vast refrigerated rooms were converted into colossal sound stages, and they now provide the backdrop to an increasing number of television productions. The Pie Factory has quickly become the studio of choice for Catherine Aherne and Craig Cash, co-writers and stars of the hit BBC sitcom The Royle Family. Emmy award-winning show The Street also dropped by, along with star Bob Hoskins, to take advantage of the buildings state-of-the-art stages, and James Corden and various Manchester united players have all


Then and Now: The site under construction in 2009

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Eliza Doolittle cover and interview


Eliza Doolittle cover and interview