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VIVA team

Issue 2 published August 2010 emma WILKINSON Editor rebecca LEGON Art Director ed wilkinson Creative Designer saIma ANSARI Sales Director NADIA ISMAIL Assistant Editor ann richardson Sub Editor WILLIAM WILKINSON Head Of Photography WRITERS Fashion Nadia Ismail Fashion emma campbell Fashion Bryan harrop Features caroline wilkinson Features Carla GrisCti Features GABRIELLE LESLIE Live music Lisa moore Film ED WILKINSON PHOTOGRAPHERS ROCKSEE PIXS LISA MOORE JOHN STABLES Viva Magazine Suite 131 111 Piccadilly Manchester M1 2HX Tel: 0161 736 6339


esigned by Obsidian for Viva Manchester Magazine, a mix of St. Germain elderflower liqueur, vanilla sugar syrup and Tanqueray gin is served with muddled blackberries and a champagne float. Viva Cocktail Muddle 3 blackberries 10ml lemon juice 10ml of St. Germain elderflower liqueur 5ml vanilla syrup 20ml Tanqueray gin Shake with ice Strain into a chilled martini glass Top with a champagne float To finish garnish with two floating raspberries

and VOILA! the ‘VIVA’ cocktail

email: website: 30,000 copies distributed quarterly in and around Manchester and Cheshire area For annual subscription rates, please ring our enquiry line on 0161 736 6339 or email Viva Manchester magazine is published quarterly (4 times a year) and is distributed in and around Manchester and Cheshire which includes Manchester city centre Didsbury, Hale, Wilmslow, Altrincham, Charlton and Salford. Unsolicited manuscripts, artwork, photographic prints and transparencies are accepted only on the understanding that Viva accepts no liability for loss or damage. No responsibility can be accepted for any breaches of obligation by advertisers. Strictly copyright all content Viva Magazines. Reproduction in part or whole is forbidden without the express permission of the publishers. All prices included within this publication were correct at the time of print. All expressions and opinions demonstrated within this publication are those of the editor(s) including contributors.


Oh Manchester how you like to party!!! Since the first issue of Viva hit the streets of Manchester back in May we have been non stop, It seems everyone in this city has great excuses to throw an event, from brunch to afternoon tea to penthouse champagne parties, does this city ever sleep? The response and support from our readers and advertisers after the first issue was phenomenal, a big thanks goes out to you all. And it’s not just Manchester who have got on the Viva bandwagon, the news of our launch has spread nationally. Highlight of the summer so far would be when we were lucky enough to be one of two lifestyle magazines in Manchester to be invited by McLaren to their head quarters in Woking. We got an exclusive preview of the new MP4-12C and got an insight of how McLaren roll.

Please continue to pick up Viva Manchester and log on to our lifestyle website to catch up on all the latest news and features, plus become a member of the Viva Elite Club for free today!” Enjoy issue 2

Big love a v Team Vi

VIVA i n t h e p i p e l i n e

A COU OF TH PLE COMININGS G UP worth s ho uting ab


The Radar BACK TO SCHOOL September can never come around quick enough, once again we’re packing lunch boxes and ironing shirts. We love you kids but you drive us nuts!

GETTING DRESSED It’s finally that time of year when those awful chubby men get dressed again. No I do not think your rotund stomach is a nice sight when I’m trying to eat my sunday lunch. Thank goodness for that!

HALLOWEEN It’s just around the corner, the perfect opportunity to dress up like a goon and party like a monster.


Multi award-winning tailoring company, A Suit That Fits, is ready to measure up to Manchester’s thriving fashion scene! Oxford Road is set to be at the heart of stylish tailoring, when A Suit That Fits opens its doors on August 2nd 2010. A Suit That Fits was developed to give customers full control of their own designs, allowing them to create individually hand tailored suits in store or on-line. Customers can choose from over 40 billion different combinations of styles, colours and garments, coupled with a wide range of luxury fabrics and linings. A Suit That Fits currently has four permanent branches, and a further 21 pop-up TailorStops nationwide. Founder and co-director, Warren Bennett, thought it was high time Manchester had permanent access to our expert style advice and the A Suit That Fits experience: “Manchester is a buzzing metropolitan city with a history and hunger for arts, culture and fashion. Everyone deserves a tailor made suit and with our new branch opening they are no longer exclusive to those with deep pockets. We are incredibly excited to be located in Manchester on a permanent basis, and really hope we can engage with the rich tapestry of the city even further.”

Although it hasn’t been long since the world cup finished it has still been far too long to be going without footy on the telly! Bring on the new premiership season.



A list or Z list

In October 2010 Wayne Fannon, manager of Nando’s located in the Printworks, will be walking six sections of the Great Wall of China in aid of Christie’s Hospital.


The Great Wall of China is a series of stone and earthen fortifications in northern China, built originally to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire against intrusions. It stretches from Shanhaiguan in the east to Lop Nur in the west, along an arc that roughly delineates the southern edge of Inner Mongolia. Recent technology has concluded that the entire Great Wall stretches for 8,851.8 km (5,500.3 mi).


There’s nothing better than drying your washing in the sunshine, but of course we don’t have a summer in Britain! If I wanted my clothes to smell of drainwater I would have washed them in the gutter!

BIG BROTHER What was all this about ending the show with a BANG, more like a slow fizzling out. Where the bloody hell did they get these losers from?

BRITISH AIRWAYS After months of toing and froing, cancelled flights and a lot of unhappy travellers it’s still all up in the air at BA. Sort it out! Either get back to work and be grateful you still have jobs, or cough up the dough BA and get those planes flying.


Please support the brave Wayne by donating on his giving page: WE WISH WAYNE THE BEST OF LUCK X

To book an appointment with one of our expert Style Advisors please visit: or call 020 3006 7999.

Some fashions of course are not meant to be followed, the entire decade of the nineties proves that. But high heel cloggs for Autumn/Winter - Chanel what were you thinking?

This issue’s radar was brought to you by:

Team Viva VIVA 12

After just returning from a trip to South Africa to install a Child Play Pump, Xfactor’s Chico will be holding a dinner event in Manchester at the Lowry Hotel for his charity Rainbow Child Foundation. Chico: “Our aim is to provide care and spiritual understanding to the children of this world, from the aids children in Africa to the Tsunami refugees, and basically every child that we can reach and help. Inch Allah (God willing) we will be able to build schools and shelter, educate people, not only in the academic sense, but spiritual education for the self to elevate them to higher consciousness, basically to touch the untouchable, and reach the unreachable through love”.

Sunday 26th September 2010 6:30pm champagne reception followed by a 3 course meal. Chico will be performing on the night with some special guest performances from JLS, Cole Page & Keith Duffy. To buy tickets for the event please contact Sam on 07852 373 735. In association with VIVA magazine


With the eagerly awaited completion of the BBC’s new Media City to be proudly unveiled in 2011, Viva writer Gaby Leslie took to the waterways of Manchester’s very own Salford Quays to see what all the fuss and excitement is about. Next to the new media hub, she discovered an epicentre of unique world class attractions. She reconfirms why this iconic location is undoubtedly dubbed as one of Manchester’s greatest tourist gems.


he dominant skyline of the Quays is now the beating heart of Salford’s local and regional modern economy. With a wealth of entertainment landmarks, stunning high rise apartments that could just about rival Manhattan, a luxury retail designer outlet and eateries that could easily spoil you for choice, this Lancashire hotspot is widely regarded as a must-see international destination. Neighbouring the skeletal foundations of the rising BBC Media city, the attractions dotting the famous Manchester ship canal offer plenty to suit all personal tastes. My first destination on my whistle stop tour of Salford Quays was time travelling back through to two world wars at the Imperial War Museum North. The building of the War Museum itself is truly impressive. A visionary

symbol of the effects of war, it is shaped by three interlocking shards, based on the concept of a world shattered by conflict. Inside the iconic piece of architecture, a stunning collection of war memorabilia and powerful themed exhibitions are displayed, each marking significant periods of war throughout the twentieth and twenty first century. Not only are visitors treated to free entry, but also a ‘big picture show’ – a 360 degree audio and visual experience portraying the sights and sounds of war off the towering wall displays of the exhibit. Summer 2010 has also seen the launch of a brand new exhibit ‘Stories of War At Sea’. This is sure to be a great day out for visitors of all ages where families and friends can revel in the experiences of life at sea in war time. VIVA 14

Approaching the edge of the clear waters of the Ship Canal for my next stop, it was obvious that what was once a derelict twilight zone sprawling with factories and warehouses as illustrated in L.S Lowry’s famous classic paintings, Salford Quays was definitely no longer a declining area of industrial wasteland with smoke bellowing out from dusty chimneys. L.S Lowry’s ‘Riverbank’


Fast forward on ninety years, LS Lowry’s sketchings of pre-war Salford life are now showcased near the same urban spot in his paintings. This time, however, in a dedicated ‘Lowry Favourites’ art exhibition in a leading edge multi million pound waterside faciility where his art work can be celebrated by 800,000 tourists who pass through every year. The award winning The Lowry is not just simply a selection of fascinating art displays, but a multi- purpose entertainment centre complete with a performance theatre with an eclectic mix of round-the – clock shows. Currently the art galleries are home to some weird and wonderful art exhibitions, including Leo Fizmaurices ‘Transformations 3’, a series of astounding colourful and oversized packaging boxes. New York’s Spencer Tunick’s ‘Everyday People’ unusual exhibit focuses on the natural state of the human kind by some very large scale nude installations against the backdrop of some of Manchester’s finest locations. After a jam packed morning of sightseeing and thoroughly educating myself with history and fine art wandering through all the eye catching and interesting exhibitions, it was time to put my mind

at rest. What better way to relax than having a sophisticated French style lunch date with a friend at the trendy Cafe Rouge in the midday sun at the Lowry Outlet Mall. If French food doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are lots of other restaurants to cater for all taste buds including Pizza Express, Lime Bar, Harry Ramsdens, a Chinese Buffet, Costa Coffee and the fast food chains available at the food court. After filling up on a cheeky glass of red wine and succulent French fish cakes, I was truly satisfied. With a discount voucher in one hand and a credit card in another, I was off to indulge in some late afternoon retail therapy at some of the UK’s best known stores, for example Cadburys, Molten Brown, Whistles, Nike Factory Store and Austin Reed. The best thing about shopping at the Lowry Outlet Mall is the fabulously low prices on purchase. With my shopping done and having saved a few pounds from all the great discounts I was getting, I walked only a couple of metres to get my second helping of Sex and The City 2 at the mall’s very own VUE Cinemas. Above: Media City Landscape Right: The Imperial War Museum

Viva I l o v e S a l f o r d Q u a y s And the fun doesn’t stop at dusk. The final stop on my short but sweet day and night tour of Salford Quays was paying a visit to the nearby Lancashire Country Cricket Ground in Trafford. (And I wasn’t actually going to watch some cricket, but to see one of the world’s best bands in my city of Manchester) Coming off the Trafford Metro and hearing the crowds cheer, guitar music echo and a firework display to accompany the timeless tracks of Green Day, I tingled with excitement. With special VIP access to the best seats in the house, Green Day played an unforgettable two and a half hour set in this beyond huge outdoor venue. With thousands of people dancing and singing to Green Day’s greatest collection of punk rock hits from the last two decades, the atmosphere and synergy of the crowd proved to be electric.

The Lowry

Four years ago as I started out as a naive Manchester University student, I would have never thought to have crossed paths with Salford Quays. As I leave Manchester forever, I feel lucky to have been cultured by my last day out at such an innovative local treasure. Raising bridge over the ship canal

Lowry Outlet Mall

Lancashire Country Cricket Ground, Old Trafford



w w w. m y v i v a o n l i n e . c o . u k

Kylie Minogue: From ozzy soap star to

worldwide super star, the queen of pop and her producer Stuart Price talk to us about her most fun album she’s ever made, Aphrodite

Q: What about the tracks themselves, were there an excess number of tracks? And how did you pull them together? Kylie: Hmm yes, there was! Trying to decide which tracks made it needs a highly technical device which you find in studios like this - the whiteboard. Stuart Price: There wasn’t really an excess of tracks because we were always conscious to evaluate stuff and say “is this right or is this wrong” Kylie: There reached a turning point where we said “ok no more writing – let’s just focus on what we’ve got” Stuart Price: There were ‘diamonds in the rough’ and there were things which felt like they should probably never have worked, but we would look at stuff again and say “well that wasn’t really happening last week but let’s try it again and change the style of the song”. Again that was the (advantage of) having everything here. We could open stuff back up and put it on the operating table. Kylie: We had that freedom to bring the song back that we felt like doing that day. Stuart Price: We tried not to do track+vocal=song. We said “how can we take it further - how can we make one + one = three - how can we bring this all together in a new and exciting way”. And that meant that a lot of the songs we had were worked on to get them to a higher level. It also meant that we didn’t just do 50 or 60 songs and see which ones worked. It was a really focused, exciting, way of making a twelve track record. Kylie: .. and you were really determined that it was twelve tracks, forty’ish minutes, being that precise about it. You really were quite strict. Stuart Price: I think we looked for the classic album format, where can you make a record which represents your artistic intention without ‘over egging’ it, and perhaps leaving you just asking for one more. Until we struck upon that kind of formula, and that feel, we kept going until we got it.

Q: Congratulations Kylie, studio album number 11. How does that make you feel? Kylie: It is kind of unbelievable. I thought the tenth album, X, was a benchmark but this one has just been amazing. I wouldn’t care what number you called it. It’s been the most amazing experience. Q: What was it about this album and this project that made you want to do it differently to before? Kylie: The idea (to do it differently) was at the forefront of my mind on this album because I’d had a little niggle with the previous two albums. But the added reason that all of this came around was because of our dear friend Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters. He praised Stuart highly and loves me dearly, and basically pestered me and said “you’ve got to do this, it’ll be so amazing!”, so I’ve got much to thank Jake for.

Q: Looking For An Angel, Cupid, Aphrodite… Do you think there’s a celestial feel to the album? Kylie: There is something of a celestial feel throughout the album, definitely not on every track but I think we tapped into that, on the first song we did together ‘Looking For An Angel’. Personally, I’m always attracted to those ethereal, starry, universal ideas Stuart Price: Maybe because you are one! Just throwing it out there .. everyone’s thinking it .. I’m just saying it! Kylie: Thanks! What does that make this place? If I’m a star then you must be in my cosmos. Stuart Price: Recorded in Heaven. Kylie: Does it get any better than that?! Actually, it was like it was recorded in Heaven.

Kyile: The added reason that all of this came around was because of our dear friend Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters. He basically pestered me and said: “You’ve got to do this, it’ll be so amazing”, so I’ve got much to thank Jake for.

Q: Do you regard this album as a return to the dance floor? Or did you never leave? Kylie: Uh, it’s been described as a return to the dance floor; I don’t think I ever totally left but it is a return to form I’d say. Stuart Price: Maybe you were in the “chillout room” for a while. Kylie: Maybe. In one room or the other, but now you walk in the door and there it is.

Stuart Price: A song that was done really early on was Looking For An Angel, it was the first thing we did together - but the two other songs: Aphrodite and Cupid Boy - Aphrodite Kylie did with Nerina Pallot and Cupid Boy was done with Luciano and the Swedish House Mafia. I think it’s a good way of illustrating that, of the songs on the record there’s stuff that Kylie wrote and stuff she wrote with other people. It shows that songs were selected because they fit into the blueprint of the record. Songs would come in or we’d hear something and it would have a resonance with the rest of the record. At that point it’s almost like there’s no way it couldn’t have been on the record. It was as if everyone was there at that time and was part of the same thing.


PRODUCER STUART PRICE: “Kylie does the best Dolly Parton

And I think that’s a good example there, Aphrodite, Cupid Boy, Looking For An Angel, all songs written by combinations of different teams but all sharing that unifying idea of the album. Of course Aphrodite went on to be the album title. Q: This is a much lighter album, was that some sort of reaction to the darker times that you had been through? Kylie: I think a lot of what I do now is, in some way, coloured by the experience I had with illness. I guess I was just feeling like expressing joy at this point, I’d written songs more about that period in my life either on or for the last album, so I didn’t feel like going through those again; this was about this moment, this time, and what a happy experience this has been for me. Q: After speaking about a theme, what’s your relationship with love at the moment? Kylie: Jeez! Stuart Price: How long have you got?! Kylie: That’s a massive question! A lot of people question why so many pop songs are about love, why operas are so written, why paintings are painted, why we cry during really silly commercials. Love in all its various forms challenges us all the time and I guess you could say this was a little love affair with this album. I loved coming to work and I loved working with Stuart, I think that feeling comes through on the album. Stuart Price: Love is always a great muse for writing songs, but better a muse for being up and down and not plain sailing and I think that gives you ideas, or you have things that you learn over your life that start coming back out in lyrics. I think also you realise that if you’ve felt something then someone else has probably felt it too, and they may have felt it in a different way but there’s a connection there. So it’s a great way of exorcising demons but it’s also a really great way of celebrating stuff as well; more than anything all of the songs on this record in their various guises of love are about a celebration. Q: What was the most fun that you had on the record? Stuart Price: Well what you probably can’t see is that by mine and Kylie’s feet there’s a little six foot square area that was designated the ‘dance zone’ Kylie: You guys are right in it! You feel some kind of movement? Stuart Price: That was when you knew a song was right, and you knew that it was saying what we wanted to say. Kylie: We’d both be listening in our own world and there’d be the point in the song when the hands would go up! Hands up - good reaction. And of course there was the “Dolly Parton Litmus Test” which I’ve got to tell you has travelled, I’ve been asked so much about that.

Subsequently it’s also gone on to be the thing that stays in your head - quite strongly as well! Kylie: It does! Stuart Price: And destined Kylie to do it at every dinner party she goes to from this point onwards to the end of time. Kylie: Then as a celebration when it was my last day coming in here to wrap up a couple of things, I took it upon myself to get two of the cheapest, gnarliest, got-nothing-to-do-with-a-naturalfibre-at-all outfits - cowboy and cowgirl. One was couriered here earlier in the day with a message - I can’t remember what I wrote - but just reading it you could tell it was in ‘that accent y’all!’ Stuart Price: It mentioned grits in it somewhere as well. Kylie: It did mention grits. So by the time I got here later in the day, I did a quick change at the entrance and walked in to find my “cowboy” with Kenny Rogers blasting out of the stereo, then I came in and punched out a good old rendition of ‘Yeeeeeha!’ with All The Lowers, in “Dolly Parton Litmus Test” style. Stuart Price: We got the baked beans on the fire for that one! Kylie: That was one of our most fun moments.

impersonation there is on the planet, ever!” Stuart Price: It’s worked! Kylie: Shall we tell that little story? Stuart Price: You should yeah. That came from New York as well. Kylie: It did! The soon to be trademarked and copyrighted “Dolly Parton Litmus Test” is a way of, testing a song’s viability as a song without production. He’d get his acoustic guitar out and we’d sing. Stuart Price: Well it wasn’t quite singing it was more of a performance. Kylie: True. Stuart Price: Kylie does the best Dolly Parton impersonation there is on the planet, ever! We figured out that if that worked for any song, and we could see Dolly doing it; then on top of that we could sit down with a guitar and do it like that as well - the song was probably destined for good things. It became, as you say, a sort of litmus test for each song on the record.

Q: Was this one of the most fun albums you’ve ever made then? Kylie: Yep. Without a doubt!




Traditional tough textures of eighties rock get a modern romantic twist, combining sumptuous silks and chiffons in the Harvey Nichols Autumn/Winter collection. Team together classic eighties chunky jewellery and start a revolution with a vibrant show of understated feminism. Photographs by Darren Black Styling by Michael Temprano Art and Fashion Director: Neil Holbrook Make up: Jemma Harwood Hair: Niki Black

Quilted knit cape ÂŁ725, blouse and cape from a selection 3.1 PHILLIP LIM, tights from a selection Wolford Available from Harvey Nichols

Silk dress £1220 CELINE Patent slingback Tribtoo pumps £530 YVES SAINT LAURENT Available from Harvey Nichols

Silk leopard print jumpsuit £2390 LANVIN Patent ‘Pigalle’ pumps £375 CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Bangle £30 MARC BY MARC JACOBS Available from Harvey Nichols

Left: Bejewelled ‘Theatre of Life’ dress £410 SASS + BIDE, ‘Atomic Spike’ earrings £165 CAMILLA JAMES Available from Harvey Nichols

Below: Lace basque £99 MYLA Zip back jeans £295 SASS + BIDE Patent ‘Pigalle’ pumps £375 CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Available from Harvey Nichols

Cotton tank £65 T BY ALEXANDER WANG Patent ‘Pigalle’ pumps £375 CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN ‘Houlihan’ cargo pants £285 J BRAND ‘Atomic Spike’ earrings £165 CAMILLA JAMES ‘Atomic Spike’ bracelet £260 CAMILLA JAMES ‘Rockstar’ bracelet £285 CAMILLA JAMES Leather ‘Brenda’ mini camera bag £420 ALEXANDER WANG Available from Harvey Nichols

Georgette dress £340 DIANE VON FURSTENBERG Bangles £30 each MARC BY MARC JACOBS Available from Harvey Nichols

Disco print tunic ÂŁ365 HALSTON HERITAGE Available from Harvey Nichols

Leather ‘Henderson’ jacket £435 TWENTY8TWELVE Silk dress £210 TWENTY8TWELVE Available from Harvey Nichols

VIVA Ff Aa Ss Hh Ii Oo Nn The Contributing Dream Team

The three girls who impressed the judges

Photos: John Stables

Model ‘it’ Girl

The Inspiration Corner Proje

Organiser: Chintu Suela

The Inspirational Corner (TIC) is an initiative created to celebrate, endorse and nurture youth talent. In effect, its main stated goal is to encourage youth potential, enhance confidence and boost self empowerment with relevance to future success. The project is a collaboration with various exceptional and inspirational figures within different industries that will provide significant industry-based knowledge, expertise, tips and make opportunities accessible and exciting to those that have extraordinary talent, aspirations and possess the drive to succeed. The Inspirational Corner will showcase workshops and events on industries ranging from Modelling, Fashion Design, Music, Photography, Street Dancing to Business and Art. The biggest and most challenging goal is to cover topics that are most relevant to each industry while offering Q and A sessions and tips on how to effectively succeed in any chosen industry. On May 15th Viva’s editor Emma Wilkinson played judge to The Inspirational Corner’s first event workshop “Model ‘it’ Girl”. The event was hosted at Blue Parrot in Manchester and 17 gorgeous wannabe models turned up to be

inspired and get a few tips from top guests of the industry including runway model LaineWilson, fashion stylist Michelle Hoonson and make up artist and hair designer Catherine Boden and of course our very own editor Emma Wilkinson. Organiser Chintu Suela says: “I am a Finance Assistant at ITV, Granada. My previous experience lies in Fashion PR for both a modelling agency and a fashion magazine. The Inspiration Corner is a personal project, dear to my heart and through this journey, I hope to contribute to the empowerment of young people and help them understand their ability in achieving their greatest potential in life. I would like to invite all inspirational people, within all industries and walks of life to join me and celebrate youth raw talent, through providing knowledge, mentoring and nurturing.” Congratulations to Josie Henry who impressed the judges the most, and won a modelling contract in a future Viva issue fashion story. If you would like to attend the next Model ‘it’ Girl workshop please contact Chintu on: VIVA 34




Manish Arora | Spaced Out

VIVA o n t h e c a t w a l k As the summer sales draw to an end consumers across the nation eagerly await the arrival of the autumn winter collections of 2010/11. Covering four of the top trends debuted on the runways of last February’s fashion weeks; Viva presents our top design picks…

TRENDS... Darling Buds The catwalks were flourishing with this season’s floral inspired collections, from the voluminous displays at Christian Dior to the more subtle hints on the Claes Iversen runway. Although autumn is upon us, designers across the globe have ensured our clothes shall remain in full bloom over the coming months. Christopher Kane’s vivid floral motifs embroidered on structured black leather and lace were in stark contrast to the delicate chiffons that floated down the catwalks at Kenzo and Rodarte. Jean Paul Gaultier introduced accents of oriental blooms in his global inspired show. However it was Christian Dior that really came up smelling of roses, any gardener would have been proud to own what were not truly dresses but botanical masterpieces parading as couture gowns. On the Fringes Sequins, tassels and intricate beadwork adorned the catwalks, whilst some opted for sparing application, in true Balmain style there was no shortage of sparkle on their gloriously embellished dresses. Naeem Khan followed swiftly after in conservative cuts dripping in gold and silver studs, beads and chain, finished with equally ornate jewellery. Dresses in nude shades at Alberta Ferretti were delicately complimented with soft fringing and refined embellishments garnishing the neckline and shoulders. Bolder tones at Cynthia Rowley were accentuated using fringing in block colours to break down the predominantly black palette, and military inspired Wunderkind stuck to neutral fringing on jackets and skirts adding subtle detail. Spaced Out While Louis Vuitton and Loewe were reflecting on times gone by, others were transported to an ulterior dimension bringing space chic to planet earth. Some of the most exciting pieces to hit the runways in February would not have looked out of place in a sci-fi film. Manish Arora had some of the most stand out looks, combining space age cuts and Aztec patterns, using an adventurous colour palette scarcely matched by designer peers. Belle Sauvage and Louise Goldin crafted symmetrical structures resembling technological body armour. Whilst for Basso and Brooke, Julian J Smith and Bryce Aime geometric patterns were in abundance. Retro Rejuvenation I for one am certainly glad that history repeats itself, drawing inspiration from some of the most elegant fashion eras the a/w 10/11 collections exuded fifties femininity, sixties attitude and seventies sophistication. Classic, demure, chic, what more could be said about Louis Vuitton’s fabulous array of dresses, promoting the feminine figure with nipped in waists and impeccable tailoring. Chanel Shanghai succeeded in fusing the rich detail of oriental fashion with the definitive cuts of the sixties. The time-honoured tailoring and cool tones of the sixties and seventies were celebrated at Rochas, and with Carolina Herrera reviving high waisted bell-bottoms and an authentic seventies palette. Words: Nadia Ismail

Viva ttrr e n d s

Afternoon Delight


love these final months of summer; September for me is the most beautiful time of the year, particularly in my home county, Cornwall. The hoards of tourists have returned home, the school term has begun and the sun who often takes a break in July and August rears his head for several weeks of gloriousness. So what better way to enjoy this most sacred of months than donning your favourite tea dress and indulging in a spot of afternoon tea and a good old chin wag with your nearest and dearest. The notion of real afternoon tea transports me to a by-gone era when ladies were just that, impeccably dressed with an effortless air of elegance and sophistication, when one drank from china teacups, used the finest silverware and the table was always laid with lace doilies. Maybe somewhat of an overly romantic fantasy, but one that ignites my interest in fashion.

Earrings, £110, Marni at

Gloves, £55, Aspinal of London

Jacket, £1,075, Stella McCartney at

The floral dress is the epitome of afternoon tea chic; we have selected fifties inspired Adelpha from Erdem. The use of larger blooms grant this dress an element of sophistication combined with the high cut neck, accentuated waist and conservative length avoiding appearing overly girly. The autumnal hues of the print make this dress the ideal wardrobe choice for the current changing seasons. Alternatively the playsuit is a wonderfully versatile medium whilst maintaining all the elegance of a frock. No respectable ladies luncheon is complete without the all-important lace, never ceasing to lose its fashion relevance. The larger lace detail of the 3.1 Philip Lim playsuit keeps it contemporary yet combined with a slim belt around the waist and the right accessories would give it just a hint of vintage feminine glamour. Although (hopefully) the skies are bright and the sun is shinning, we are no longer in the throws of the summer heat and a jacket may well be much appreciated should a breeze pick up a little. No jacket could do true fifties glamour justice quite like Stella McCartney’s latest creation in this season’s most coveted shade camel. Gathering in at the waist to draw the eye to a defined silhouette would have Jackie and Audrey weak at the knees. Now ladies posture is the key to confidence, shoulders back, head straight and smile, and you certainly will be smiling in these adorable boots from Topshop. Not quite a sandal, not quite a boot but just a perfect balance as we approach autumn. Now all respectable young ladies know that when it comes to making the perfect cup of tea it’s the small details that go a long way, and it’s the same approach one must take towards fashion. The first item that springs to mind are gloves, lace of course, however for the sake of practicality and for the mere reason lace gloves are not quite as in vogue as they once were, we have opted for Aspinal of London driving gloves. Now choosing the right handbag is a very personal task, with so many factors to consider, size, colour, fabric and varying from lady to lady depending on lifestyle it can become quite a chore. However we feel we have found this season’s arm candy, Hobbs satchel is practical with two strap options, plenty of compartments for our rouge and compact, not to mention the eye-catching patent aubergine leather, problem solved. Looking good is not simply down to our wardrobe choices, keeping a youthful complexion is of the utmost importance. Audrey would never have gone anywhere without her shades, let’s keep those frown lines at bay shall we ladies, courtesy of Christian Dior, naturally. And finally a lady is never fully dressed without her jewellery, Marni have provided us with the perfect afternoon tea accompaniments for our ears, the delicate pom poms look good enough to eat. So was that one lump or two darling? Words by: Nadia Ismail

Boots, £90, Topshop

Sunglasses, £140, Vintage Christian Dior at

Dress, £515, Erdem exclusively at Harvey Nichols

Satchel, £179, NW3 Hobbs

Playsuit, £395, 3.1 Phillip Lim at

trends Viva tr



pring is behind us and Summer will slowly start fading away, so it’s time to start looking forward to the cooler weather and the fashion trends that lie in store for Autumn/Winter 2010.

Gloves, Lanvin, £175

Badges, Dries van Noten, £80

One of the most popular trends is the Military look; it comes and goes through the seasons, but it’s here in full force for autumn 2010. Whether you’re a king or an average man, anyone can wear military, it’s all about clean cuts and smart designs which shape up to give you a professional look. Think coats with button detailing, aviator boots and colour palettes of army green and navy blue. Inspiration can be taken from Ralph Lauren’s latest collection, as well as designers Gareth Pugh and John Galliano who have taken this trend from combat uniform to catwalk chic.

Scarf, Etro, £185

There is also an emphasis on refinement within men’s fashions, focusing on accessorising outfits in a way men never used to. There aren’t many accessories out there for men when you think of the sheer volume there is for the ladies. Brooches for men however, are one of the few accessories that can be designed with the male dresser in mind, adding a touch of glamour to an outfit. Paul Smith, Yves Saint Laurent and John Varvatos displayed their ranges of mens brooches on the catwalks, and it looks like they have taken their cues from vintage Anglo-Saxon, with English and Scottish influences. Rusted charms and old motifs such as stag heads are all very on trend to jazz up your jackets. . One of the biggest looks for Autumn/Winter 2010 is tailoring. Winter 2009’s rock n’roll style has been left behind in favour of a softer and elegant look. This look was shown at Prada, where studs and modern lines have been replaced by thick knits and classic cuts. Hermes also went for charcoal outlines with sweaters and wool jackets. Yves Saint Laurent has focused on making classic coats a highlight for this season, double breasted and fitted for the ultimate smart tailoring. This style can be livened up with splashes of colour, such as red scarves at Hermes, retro prints from Prada and yellow coats that have been seen at Louis Vuitton. Milan’s Mens Fashion Week has just passed and it summed up the latest trends quite nicely; practical, sharp tailoring, with lots of mens accessories including the ‘man bag’, with rolled up hems for a laid back yet smart feel.

Coat, Burberry Prorsum, £1,095

Coat, Yves Saint Laurent, £1,010

Words by: Emma Campbell

Satchel, Filson, £245

Boots, Burberry Prorsum, £582


Chinos, Paul Smith, £162

trends Viva tr Viva recommends taking one staple wardrobe item and dressing it up with a variety of accessories to give you a different look from day to night. Changing accents rather than your entire outfit will not only help your bank balance, but will also mean you get the most out of your investment pieces without the fear of being seen in them before. It’s also ideal for those after work drinks when a wardrobe change is just not an option. An excuse to buy a new pair of shoes? We knew you’d appreciate it!


From day


unglasses are an essential accessory this time of year (with a bit of luck) These Retro Super Future Cheetah Lucianos are classics and will last you seasons, the tortoiseshell print lends itself well to the tribal feel of this ensemble. £135 at

y current fashion crush, jumpsuits. Come rain or shine, night or day, rocking at a festival or in a swanky club a jumpsuit shall never fail you. Khaki is a perfect tone for mixing and matching trends, the zip front adds some interest to the piece and elasticated waist means it hugs in just the right places. Sparkle and fade at Urban Outfitters £45.

To night


o rock chick is complete without her bling, these pyramid earrings are a complete throw back to the eighties and we love that! In keeping with the black accessories and just enough gold peeking through, a perfect finishing touch. Kara by Kara Ross £135


his beautifully structured cropped cardigan will prove invaluable with the changing seasons ahead. A classic cut that will flatter all shapes and falls just above the waist adding structure to this outfit. The natural tone makes it easily adaptable to any outfit. By Malene Birger at net-a-porter. com £165


classic black jacket is always a wardrobe staple, this biker jacket from Sonia Rykiel is the ultimate in rock chic. The zip details set this apart from your standard black blazer. £341 at


deal for the beach, shopping or a day in the park, bags of room, lightweight and bang on trend channelling the tribal look. The sturdy leather straps mean you can pack this bag to the max, with plenty of zip compartments for all your bits and bobs. Tylie Malibu Ikat Nomad bag £195 at


lutch bags are synonymous with evening wear, the Jena leather clutch from Alexander Wang is more than generous enough for all your going out essentials. That’s right a clutch bag that fits more than just your lipstick in it! Result. £540 at Harvey Nicholls


hese sandals finish this look perfectly, just enough colour to remind you that yes it is still summer and bring the individual pieces together for an ultra fashionable daytime outfit. Navaho sandals £65 at office.

obody enjoys a night out when your heels are hurting you so much it feels like you’re walking on broken glass, and that’s why they invented wedges. And well it’s just a bonus that they come in this gorgeous cheetah print, a must in any credible rock chic wardrobe. Sam Edelman sling backs £140 at Whistles.


trends Viva tr Earn some serious fashion kudos in the most coveted shirt of the season, from indie boys to city slickers no wardrobe is complete without a denim shirt. We’ve chosen the solid Chambray with all important pocket detail from the king of denim, Levi’s. £75.

From day

To night



ook uber stylish as you catch the last few summer rays in these classic aviators from Cutler and Gross. £240 at Liberty.

t doesn’t quite seem fair that women have such choice when it comes to jewellery and accessories, so we thank you Diesel for this exceedingly masculine leather cuff. ‘spinno-service’ £25.


here is only one type of hat that should be worn in summer and that’s straw, combine that with the most classic of styles the trilby and you’ve got yourself the perfect head gear. New York Hat Company £60 at Liberty.


ight out? Simple, no fussing, no faffing, in black jeans we trust. We like classic cut ‘macky’ from Lee £65 at Urban Outfitters.


hen else can we get our legs out but in summer? Lyle and Scott £50 at Urban Outfitters.


ilitary boots in the winter, military boots in the summer, why question it? Cesar boot by Paul Smith £285.


aise the anchor and jump on board, these shoes from Sebago are not just for your dad and his sailing buddies, comfortable, cool and they come in a wide range of colours. Spinnaker £100.



dd a bit of colour to this cool rock inspired outfit with this graphic print vest from All saints. Dreamin vest £35.



Dark & sensual inspired trends with individuality, bold and contemporary dresses. Unforgettable accessories that would make a statement to any piece, a fantastic look for this autumn season! Photography by Tony Le-Britton Prop design: Natalie Marie Make up: Julie Ann Pattinson Hair: Gary Hedley Post production: Cameron Wilson

Dress by, Ilaria Facci, Model, Francesca cunningham

Left: Model, Theio Maddix

Above: Prop design, Natalie Marie Model, Charlotte Lockwood

Dress by Ilaria Facci,

Dress by Ilaria Facci, Model, Francesca cunningham

VIVA fF aA sS hH iI oO nN

Renegade Marmalade



name: ian age: 30 shops: White Label Clothing inspiration: architecture favourite item on: Eiffel tower print t-shirt, £35, White Label Clothing


name: craig age: 28 shops:All Saints, G-Star inspiration: work from the trainers up favourite item on: cap, £30, Debenhams name: john age: 23 shops: Selfridges, Urban Outfitters inspiration: Pharrell Williams, Orlando Bloom favourite item on: jeans, like the twisted seams


name: zoe age: 31 inspiration: Sienna Miller, Gwen Stefani favourite place to shop: All Saints, H&M, Harvey Nichols favourite item on: Dean waist coat, All Saints £120

>> name: Louise age: 21 shops: everywhere favourite item on: shoes from New Look, cos they’re so comfy

The Northern Quarter is home to some of Manchester’s finest fashion outlets, and Thomas Street’s Renegade Marmalade is no exception, tucked away downstairs at no. 77 it’s an absolute fashion gem. A cool and relaxing location away from the hectic high street, customers can really enjoy perusing the rails of unique and inspiring garments and accessories. Fashion duo Victoria and Toria travel across Europe to individually select every item that enters the shop floor, so you can expect individuality and quality in every item. The combination of their experience in the fashion industry from the initial design stages through to the catwalks lends well to providing an eclectic range. Such variety of clothing and accessories perfectly match the ethos of this shop, Renegade to represent the strong female character and Marmalade the sweet more traditionally feminine aspects. As well as the choice of independent designers available, Renegade Marmalade commission custom pieces exclusively for the shop. The Viva girls left with an Elaine Widdowfield jumpsuit, offering a stunning fit and finish you will never find on the high street. Jewellery designers uno de 50 caught our attention, only ever creating 50 pieces of each design you know you’re getting something truly special, not to mention the imaginative eccentricity of the designs. Some say fashion is art, well at Renegade Marmalade they would be right, one New York designer transforms tank tops into canvasses for his expressive creations. Renegade Marmalade is opening a new store in the very near future so watch out for what we expect will become a Manchester fashion landmark. Words: Nadia Ismail



remenn “butt lift in a box”: This revolutionary 3-part system not only helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, but also makes your derriere look smooth, tight and lifted as it restores a youthful-looking, head-turning roundness to even the saggiest of bottoms! Available from Havey Nichols, £72


es to Tomatoes is a range of skin, hair and body care enriched with the anti-oxidant powers of organic tomatoes and the goodness of Dead Sea mud and minerals. We especially loved Yes to Tomatoes facial mask which is a total deep pore treatment that refines, purifies and even moisturises your skin. Available from and selected Debenhams stores nationwide


peration glam shampoo and conditioner, inspired by Lulu, was created for women whose hair is flat and limp. This revolutionary hair-care system that transforms hair, making it appear thicker and stronger. Available from and QVC, £16 each


Beauty Buys!


romatherapy Associates have introduced this really cute travel ‘must-have’. Inside there is a mix of four bath and shower oil blends to suit every need, wherever you are! Start the day with an invigorating pick-me-up, lift your spirits for a night out, support your natural defence system, or dissolve stress and tension. Available from, £26.50


ierac sun care products both reinforce skin protection as well as allowing for a deeper, faster tan- perfect for using both during and after your summer holiday! Available from Harrods,, prices start from £18

Rocksee Pixs wedding photography 0161 736 63 39

VIVA g r o o m i n g


r brankt Pores no more, vacuum cleaner, helps to loosen and remove blackheads whilst absorbing excess oil. It is also great for unclogging and tightening pores. Available from Harvey Nichols £37.50


rench Letter ‘Sheer Caress’ condoms: Cute packets containing 12 fair-trade, silky light condoms for a real feeling. The easiest way to make your love life greener! Ethically fabulous because... French Letter condoms are made entirely from fair trade and FSC certified rubber. They contain no animal derived ingredients and so are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Available from, £8.99


o Malone Vitamin E Treatment Scrub, smells really fresh but is designed to moisturise dry, dehydrated weathered skin, perfect for your return after your holiday. Available from Harvey Nichols £62

SUMM Groomi


ng Buy


ermalogica post-shave balm, relieves discomfort brought on by shaving, this super cooling treatment balm intensely moisturises and even helps wipe out ingrowing hairs. Available from:, £19.40


ants to Poverty Mens Trunks: Comfortable, stylish pants made from fairtrade and pesticide free cotton. Ethically fabulous because...Pants to Poverty use fair-trade and organic cotton, and work proactively with thousands of farmers and factory workers in India. Available from, £8.99


VIVA B E A U T Y The relaxing waiting room

The luxurious heated pool



without needles...

The overall result is dramatic. Skin is velvet to the touch, with noticeable results, thanks to the cellular regeneration and anti-ageing action of all this clever treatment.


he luxurious Sienna Spa & Health Club is situated inside the Radisson Edwardian hotel. This inner sanctuary, which was once the site of historic barrel vaults, is a fantastic place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. With a contemporary and modish interior and a heated pool that you could fall asleep in, you will definitely be back for more exclusive pampering!

The tranquil treatment rooms

I was invited to experience a beauty treatment that promised to instantly smooth, tighten and brighten my skin and is said to have the same effect as Botox at a much cheaper price (the one hour facial treatment costs just ÂŁ65). Upon my arrival, I was seated in a pleasant waiting area which overlooked the stunning heated pool, (the spa recommend that you arrive at least an hour before your treatment starts so that you can relax and enjoy the amenities). A member of staff soon took me to my tranquil room to start the treatment, which began with a full face and neck cleanse and tone, followed by an acid preparater, which works to remove all residue oil and actively encourages skin cell regeneration. After this, the Chrono Reverser gel is applied, which acts the same way as a peel and rejuvenates and hydrates the skin. The second VIVA 60

stage of the process is when the Glorious skin mask is applied. With powerful ingredients and packed full of vitamin E, Hexapepride and Collaxyl, this mask produces the same effect as botox by reducing signs of ageing and lifting the skin. This mask cools and tingles, and once removed, your skin instantly feels firmer and more youthful. Finally the Glorious skin serum (with vitamin E) and a moisturiser specifically tailored to my skin type is applied to hydrate the skin and boost the effects of the treatment. Overall, this was a very relaxing treatment. The full face and neck massage was great and I instantly felt my skin to be smoother, tighter and brighter. I don’t really have many fine lines (yet!) and I was advised that this treatment produces much more noticeable results on older skin types, but it is also a treatment that can be started at a younger age to help hold off the ageing process for longer. If you would like to try Botox without needles then contact the Sienna Spa on 0161 835 8964 and get yourself booked in for some quality pampering time.

bh ollywood



Aishwarya Rai: from Bollywood to Hollywood

Bollywood Celebrity Culture:


estern society is renowned for being engulfed in a whirlwind of celebrity culture, and it seems just about everybody is ready to jump on the bandwagon. Everyone wants to be famous. Arguably aspirations of fame and glamour overshadow ambitions of respectability and talent. What constitutes being a celebrity seems to be who can create the most amount of hype surrounding their “celebrity” profile. The explosion of the Western celebrity has transcended on a global scale, and it is clear that not only the UK and the US have cultivated this form of superstar. Hollywood glitz and glamour is at the forefront of celebrity fever and lay the foundations of what it takes to claim megastar status, but the fascination with stardom is being culturally reproduced in non-Western societies. The Bollywood scene illustrates the “celebrity” is a theme that translates globally. In the same way that Hollywood idols construct alluring representations of glamour, Bollywood stars have created a hybrid of Western and Eastern ideals, and in turn created the Bollywood celebrity. The Bollywood film industry has amassed a cre-

scendo of film stars, manufactured to fit the mould of the Western “celebrity”. India has developed their own version of celebrity culture, which although has been developed based on Western notions, fits in with and encompasses Eastern ideals. Whereas many Western perceptions of the East consider Hindi dress to reflect piety, it seems that the Bollywood film industry has generated this new form of Eastern celebrity, absorbed with fashion, beauty and glamour. This month’s issue of Vogue India features Junior Bachchan and his wife, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Vogue India gives the lowdown on “Bollywood’s hottest couple” reporting their recent marriage as a “fairytale happy ending”. The union between the superstar couple exemplifies success and glamour to the Indian nation, which is perpetuated through the ostentatious clothing featured in the VIVA 62

spread. The clothing the stars are pictured in upholds Eastern values, but simultaneously embodies a much more Western style than the traditional Hindi garment. The fusion of Eastern and Western style has been adopted by many Bollywood celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra, Imran Khan and Shilpa Shetty, famously renowned in the UK for her triumphant success on the Big Brother series in 2007. The hype surrounding many of these celebrities is tantamount to their success within the Bollywood film industry. Image and glamour determine success therefore it is imperative to disclose certain qualities in the public domain. Comparable to the stick-thin Hollywood celebs, Bollywood stars also appear to emulate this stylistic trend and the likes of the super-skinny Hollywood stars are being reproduced in Bollywood.

Viva c u l t u r e


he Indian media reinforce the way that you look? Perhaps it is a little idealistic pressures concerning appearance to look at it from that perspective. As consumerand many gossip magazines and ism globally expands, so too does the necessity to create an image based upon social demands websites are profuse with stories pertaining to weight, Kapoor (Bebo): fashion and beauty. One Bollywood Kareena “world famous size zero figure” gossip website features Kareena Kapoor who is also known as “Bebo”, and states that she is celebrated for her “world famous size zero figure”. On another it concludes she is the “sexiest but dumbest in Bollywood”. Bollywood retains an image of glitz and glamour underlined by the stars that are placed in the limelight. The Indian media sensationalise fame and fortune, which is reinforced by the choice of image Bollywood stars choose (or are coerced into) reproducing. As glamorous as this image appears to be from the outside world, the insincerity of the Bollywood fashion scene is wilfully omitted. The pressures placed upon stars to maintain pristine images must undoubtedly take its toll. After all surely the respect you gain from your fans is based upon your talent and not on the

and expectations. Former supermodel Viveka Babajee’s recent death has provoked huge media attention and exposed the Indian fashion scene as “backstabbing”, “cut throat” and “disturbing”, claiming to be the cause of her suicide. The

incident has revealed many other reports of Bollywood suicides. The media narrative of fame is only one version, and the darker tangible aspects appear to be concealed to the outside world. The construction of the Bollywood star seems to correspond with many Hollywood A-list celebrities we are inundated with on a daily basis. The pressure to sustain an image of prosperity is displayed in both Eastern and Western culture, it is not culturally specific. There are contextual variations, but the narrative of stardom in its entirety seems to translate cross-culturally, and the construction of the Bollywood megastar is ultimately based upon and in turn a reproduction of the Western Hollywood superstar. The representation of the Bollywood star I think highlights the effects stardom has on a wider social level, upholding the pressures to create an ideal image of the self, and also uncovers that perhaps being in the limelight is not quite as extravagant as the media may make out to us. Words: Carla Griscti

Shilpa Shetty: winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2007

Viveka Babajee: Victim to the pressures of the cut throat Indian fashion scene

Priyanka Chopra: Indian actress and former Miss World 2000




issoni Rose Cushion, bright and bold an ideal way to inject some colour into your home. Available from Selfridges, £185,


urren lampshade, bring the outside in, and hold onto the last of summer’s blooms. Available from Liberty, £50,


chic & fun ways to


ostaboda Vase, designed by Goran Warff, this colouful and unique vase would look perfect filled with flowers or just on display in your home. Available from Selfridges, £299,

the home this autumn......

t’s almost time to say goodbye to that warm sunny weather and the great British tradition of outdoor living as the summer months are on their way out. But even as the Autumn months creep in, it doesn’t mean that we can’t brighten up our homes. Why not add a splash of colour in advance of the early dark nights and bring some sunshine back into the household? Viva have searched high and low to find the best contemporary furniture buys that will bring a little ray of sunshine into the dreariest of homes this Autumn/Winter.


ontemporary curved chaise lounge with pillow support, handmade and hand-finished in Italy, perfect for relaxing and reading and bringing back memories of chilling on holiday. Available from, £1507



onelli deco mirrored room divider, made from crystal glass which stimulates the imagination and invites the senses. Available from, £930


endant light, made of mother of pearl discs, a super cool feature in any room. Available from:, £665


he Delonghi Icona Pump Espresso maker in a stylish azure blue, perfect for early morning starts. Available from House of Fraser £149, www.


o Malone scented candles infuse any room with a fresh fragrance for hours. Try our favorites, grapefruit and tangerine. Available from Selfridges £138,


n elegant yet minimal flower vase made from free flowing steel wire which looks simple and unique from every angle. Available from: £25 each.


VIVA e x c l u s i v e

Viva gets AN exclusive invite to the McLaren Technology Centre


n July 6th, Viva got the opportunity to experience the MP4-12C with key members of the McLaren Automotive team when we got exclusively invited down to McLaren’s Technology Centre in Woking. McLaren turned its first wheel to compete in 1966 and has been creating and racing world class super sports -cars successfully ever since.McLaren have always said that the key to their success is quality, precision, engineering excellence, and the time that is put in to each and every single car.

Automotive’s range of high-performance and highly efficient sports cars, supporting up to 800 jobs and manufacturing around 4,000 cars by the middle of the decade. New standards of quality will be introduced into the sports car market, as well as innovative new technologies unique to McLaren. Alan Foster, Operations Director at McLaren Automotive said: “The MPC programme is pro-

gressing as successfully as our other projects at McLaren. We set the same challenges for the MPC as for developing our 12C sports car, or trying to win Grands Prix. We ask ourselves, how can we do this better, faster, or in an innovative or new way that challenges the traditional?” The MPC will begin to build cars for the UK from Spring 2011 and hopes to provide the perfect base to tailor-make up to 1,000 12C’s in 2011. After Being chauffeured through the McLaren HQ grounds, (which looked out of this world - we thought we were in space! Somebody definitely needed to bring us back down to earth, anyway!), we reached the main technology centre where we got our first glimpse of the MP4-12C. Featured in the middle of the tiled floor glass room, stands a shiny new two seater,

McLaren Group’s headquarters, big enough as it is, are in the middle of a £40 million construction programme building - a brand-new manufacturing facility, the McLaren Production Centre. The MPC will be the home of McLaren McLarens trophy cabinet


VIVA e x c l u s i v e

mid-engine high performance sports car. It offers sector-leading balance and handling through a unique combination of Formula 1 know-how carbon expertise. The 12C maintains the McLaren F1’s legacy and also establishes its own credibility through supreme engineering and build quality, which McLaren says ‘will create a distinct new type of British sports car.’ THE MP4-12C: CONCEPT * Two seat mid-engine Coupe * Designed around the driver * Carbon fibre structural chassis safety cell and dihedral doors * Vehicle philosophy and DNA: 100% ‘pure’ McLaren * Take the best of McLaren F1 design and packaging * World car (RHD and LHD variants) The 12C is pure McLaren from the inside-out, with every component, from the engine to the chassis to the switch gear and IRIS telematics system, bespoke to an obsessively high specification. This has offered McLaren the freedom to innovate and avoid traditional high performance sports car compromises. For instance the 12C is the first in its class to offer a carbon fibre chassis: the MonoCell. It’s significantly lighter and stronger than conventional all-aluminium frames and defines the driver and passenger positions perfectly. Scoring a higher

horsepower-to-CO2 ratio than all production hybrids , the 12C combines breathtaking performance with industry-leading emissions and efficiency. Its ground breaking Proactive Chassis Control Suspension means that the 12C doesn’t need a heavy, mechanical antiroll bar and its revolutionary hydraulic system allows it to deliver exceptional levels of roll control, grip and ride comfort. Not only that but four dynamic handling modes can be selected to suit driving style and different road conditions. Lastly the 12C is more spacious on the inside, with more storage space, than competitors, yet is smaller on the outside, making it easier to position on the road and

Hamilton will be given this car if he wins 3 world championship titles in a row


track. The highest point on the wings lies directly above the centre point of the front wheels.


* Carbon innovation - the Mono Cell The MonoCell acts as a safety cell just like in a Formula 1 car making the 12C incredibly safe. * Active Dynamics panel Driver can choose mode to suit driving condition or type of driving. * Airbrake

Airbrake is an active aerodynamic device which raises under heavy braking, it increases drag, maintains down force on the rear which improves braking. First seen on the F1. * Dihedral doors Like the McLaren F1 the 12Cs Dihedral doors are aids ingress/egress with high rocker, more functional than scissor / gullwing doors are single-hinged to minimise weight and all in all is a completely unique styling. * IRIS system This 7inch touchscreen as well as having the obvious features like a video media player, AM/ FM radio and online user manual it’s additional features include a satellite navigation, Internet browser, email access, MS office doc viewer, access to McLaren Portal and Dolby surround meridian sound system which can all be activated by voice command. The innovative new McLaren MP4-12C was given its public world debut at the 2010 Goodwood Festival of Speed held in July 2010. For-

VIVA e x c l u s i v e

mula 1 World Champions Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton delighted the crowds by driving a McLaren Orange Validation Prototype (VP) 12C up the famous Goodwood Hill. Hamilton has also been promised, by McLaren, that he can keep the 12C if he wins three world championship titles in a row! McLaren recently confirmed the first partners in its UK retail network: Rybrook in Birmingham, Jardine Motors Group in London and Sytner in

McLaren Manchester representative Jon Crossley


Manchester. These three outstanding and experienced automotive retailers are part of an initial global network of 35 dedicated McLaren retailers. Jon Crossley, Syther’s Managing Director said: “Our enthusiasm for prestige motor cars is coupled with a great passion for motor racing and particularly Formula 1. This announcement is terrific news for my team who have a great understanding of, and appreciation for, the super car market. They are very excited by the new McLaren’s close relationship to motor racing technology and its world-leading carbon innovation. We are really looking forward to introducing the new McLaren to our customer base and being a part of a very exciting future with such a prestigious brand.” It was both an honour and a fantastic experience to be invited down to the World Class McLaren HQ. We left feeling invigorated and inspired with a big McLaren smile on our faces. If you would like more information about the MP4-12C please contact McLaren Manchester on 01565 756 475.

VIVA g a d g e t s GET AWAY WITH THESE GADGETS VUZIX VIDEO IWEAR Watching movies and TV shows on the go is pretty normal nowadays, thanks to the advent of the iPod and the iPhone. Well, the clever chaps and chapesses behind the Vuzix Video iWear have gone one step further and taken the image from your teeny portable media screen and put it right in front of your eyes. In your sunglasses, in fact. That’s right, these sunglasses have screens in the lenses that, when viewed in conjunction, give you a great-quality picture.You can opt for the 230, 280 or 920 versions (all are ace), each having their own range of features. The 230 will balloon your screen to an effective 46 inches in front of your eyes, and the 280 version transforms your piffling little iPod screen into the equivalent of a 51-inch display viewed from a 10ft distance. This means the advantages in quality and your ability to immerse yourself in what you’re watching are huge. What’s more, you can even watch 3D movies on it - talk about keeping up with the Joneses. Even better, the 280 has both a 16:10 and 4:3 aspect capability - widescreen! This is the only product on the market that offers this feature, so you can feel all smug as you see absolutely everything the director intended. You can also adjust the contrasts and volume (there are some pretty nifty noise-reducing earphones attached) to your heart’s content, or so you can still hear the train announcements.






Last year 37 million pieces of luggage were lost worldwide, not including the damp launch of Terminal 5 and all the bags that got ‘lost’ there. Thirty-seven million, that’s an awful lot of pants, and may go some way towards explaining why British tourists abroad are so abysmally dressed. Well now, for the price of a scary shirt in Guadaloupe you can be sure to locate your bag when the airline can’t. Trace Me Luggage Tracker is a durable tag that securely fastens to your much abused suitcase and sports a unique serial number and barcode. This ensures that wherever in the world your bag has ended its lonely travels, it will wing its way back to you, and only you. No matter where your bag lands, the local handling official or police can scan your barcode, or read your registration number, and your name and details will pop up on the property ownership register at You will then receive a text and email enabling you to tell the airline where your bag is, that they really should get their act together, and aren’t you a clever smarty pants.

Freeloader Pro is the ultimate solar charger capable of powering virtually every electrical device, anywhere in the world, whether on a beach, a mountain, jungle or the Polar ice cap. Freeloader Pro uses its high power solar panels or USB (cable supplied) to quickly charge its internal battery (7 - 9 hours in sunny conditions). Once fully charged Freeloader Pro is capable of delivering enough power to give a mobile phone 70 hours of standby time, 5000 page turns on an eBook or a 100% full charge for a digital camera battery. Also by switching its Multi voltage switch to ‘9.5v’ Freeloader Pro is capable of charging power hungry, high voltage devices such as MP4 players, portable DVD players and SLR camera batteries. The metallic push button ‘Power Halo’ indicates how much power is in Freeloader Pro’s battery. Made in tough aluminium and finished in a stylish ‘piano’ black, Freeloader Pro is the perfect companion for adventure travellers, journalists, explorers, expeditions, the armed forces and anyone who demands the best. VIVA 70

A BC uto

ody are


For professional, affordable car body repairs, look no further than Auto Body Care Ltd in Macclesfield. We offer expert car repairs and servicing, plus a complete recovery service in case your car is involved in an accident. Whether you are a private car owner or you’re looking for a reliable car repairs and servicing specialist in Macclesfield for your fleet of company vehicles, Auto Body Care Ltd is the name to choose. We are your local car body repairs specialist, offering a comprehensive motor vehicle repair and accident support service that you can rely on. By ensuring that all car body repairs are carried out in one garage and at the same time, Auto Body Care Ltd can save you money, time and hassle. We provide the following car repairs and servicing expertise: Accident Damage Scratched Paintwork Dented Panels Complete Resprays General Repairs Mechanical and Electrical Repairs Services Preparation for MOT Tests 63 Bridge Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 6EG

Tel: 01625 500060



the Domes of Elounda, luxury exemplified

BROAD HORIZONS This utterly beautiful, luxurious resort is repeatedly chosen as the holiday destination for world statesmen, prime ministers, members of royal families and most commonly celebrities of the stage and screen



ocated on the sun-drenched shores of Elounda, Crete, the Domes of Elounda All Suites and Villas Spa Resort offers a

peaceful oasis of calm amid ten acres of sumptuous Mediterranean land.

 Each of the 80 suites and four private villas have been carefully designed to blend with the natural environment, creating a stunning resort characterised by its use of smooth domes and pyramid roofs. Many of the suites feature their own private swimming pool or jacuzzi and all boast an impressive range of

Progressive Greek Cuisine, and Topos



1910 - Greek Seafood Restaurant…


exclusively for Domes of Elounda, with


Those who are looking for a unique yet

world class signature menus.

on signature menus that define each

luxurious Cretan experience should look no

spectacular Greek,




international cuisine



restaurant. In addition, 24-hour room

further than the Domes of Elounda. As well as

Dining at one of the resort’s three

service is available to all guest suites

providing a breathtaking spa with steam bath,

restaurants is a culinary experience in

and villas, for “ad-hoc” dining pleasure.

sauna and indoor swimming pool, water sports,

itself. Whether you are looking for

and private beach, the resort also offers ample

a casual beach side setting, Cretan

opportunities to sample fine gourmet cuisine,


with no less than three excellent restaurants.

romantic dining for two, the resort

The only Greek chef in the country awarded with a Michelin star and owner of “Varoulko” one of two Greek restaurants in





caters to all requests and desires.

Topos 1910


the world that have received this award, Lefteri Lazarou, brings Haute Cuisine to the Domes of Elounda! Beginning this summer, after his internationally acclaimed success and an impeccable track record Lefteri Lazarou has taken two of our restaurants under his wing having created Anthos - Degustation


The more active of you can take advantage of the complimentary use of the tennis court during daylight


At the Spa guests can choose from a variety of revitalising treatments to rejuvenate and refresh your body

The private sandy beach is ideal for young children to play safely in its crystal clear shallow waters



uthentic Mediterranean architecture has traditionally connected to the surrounding environment.

Thanks to over sized windows, spacious balconies and verandas, light and air penetrate the buildings bringing you closer to nature as every glimpse is a painting of the deep blue sea scattered over a palette of vibrant colour. This essence of oneness has been captured in its entirety and playfully combined with 5 star luxury Elounda accommodation. Each





celebrated designer Olyvia Siskou, embodies

A complex of 8 luxurious and individually designed

quality, warm hospitality and the wow factor the Domes

the elegance of Mediterranean interiors,

villas, all with private swimming pools, for those who

of Elounda is the right resort for you.

decorated with hand-picked local art, earth

wish to have the benefits of a five star resort, while


enjoying ultimate privacy in an autonomous villa.




For further information enquire now and call Miss Ellies Travel on:- 0161 228 7363 and talk to one of

and Designers Guild fabrics. Located over a vast area of 16 .000 m2, each villa Baxter tables and Gervassoni office chairs,

is elegantly designed and gifted with breathtaking

sinks by Paola Navone (VIVA), Blanc

views over Elounda Gulf. Upscale “Domes” services

d’Ivoire, as well as Du Bout du Monde,

harmonically combined with peaceful atmosphere,

Jardin d’Ulisse and Spiridon Lighting,

create the epitome of luxury vacation.

their representatives.

create a romantic, sensual living space like no other, one that satisfies your every need.

When searching for your next holiday, if your requirements





Each suite offers stunning views of the Elounda landscape and sea or the island of











Whatever has been lost, whatever is sought, can be found at Domes of Elounda

stunning views

Domes Residences

Ultraluxe Villa Bedroom


Honeymoon Suite Veranda

Ultraluxe Villa Bathroom





ew kids on the block, Shahi Masala, launched onto the Curry Mile six months ago and is the first restaurant on the road to be owned by an Englishman! Shahi Masala strives to create a friendly, relaxed ambience where you can take your time to eat and enjoy your meal set in a modern and comfortable environment. Viva got invited down to Shahi Masala to sample the head chef’s main recommendations, consisting of a starter and four mains, a combination perfect for sharing. Want to impress your friends with a taste of the finest Indian cuisine? Well try these recipes, if all else fails then we suggest you invite them down to Shahi Masala for the real deal... HEAD CHEF OF SHAHI MASALA HAS BEEN WORKING ON THE CURRY MILE FOR 22 YEARS. HE LETS VIVA IN ON A FEW OF HIS INDIAN DISH SPECIALITIES.....

SHAHI MIXED GRILL STARTER *Seekh Kebab (spring lamb minced with onions, green chilies, fresh coriander, herbs and spices cooked over charcoal fire). *Lamb Tikka (pieces of spring lamb marinated in yoghurt, herbs and spices and cooked over charcoal fire).


LAMB BIRIHANI *Chicken Tikka (diced pieces of boneless chicken marinated in yoghurt, herbs and spices and cooked over charcoal oven). *Lamb chops *Peri Peri Chicken TIP: Don’t forget to include with your starter the famous Indian onion bhajis and poppadoms complimented by a mixture of sauces, chutney, coleslaw, red onion, mango chutney, mint yoghurt and Shahi Masala’s secret mint green sauce. THE MAINS (combination for four to share) *Spicy Noodles (lamb and chicken with green peppers and onion). Method: boil noodles, once half cooked, drain water. In a separate pan heat some oil and add onion, chicken pieces, finely chopped carrots and chilli powder and mix with soy sauce. Cook for two minutes, then add noodles and heat through.

NAURATAN MASALA Garnish with coriander and thin ginger slices. *Lamb Birihani (lamb, ginger, garlic, capricum, chilies, peas and tomatoes with rice and soy sauce). Method: cook 250 grams of lamb and add some ginger and garlic. Throw in some capricum, chilies, peas and fresh tomatoes then cook for 5 to 10 mins. Mix into cooked rice with some soy sauce. *Nauratan Masala (lamb, chicken, prawns, ginger, garlic, chilli powder, capricum, cauliflower, carrots, fresh coriander, cashew nuts and almonds). Method: add 250 grams of lamb, chicken and prawns to ginger, garlic, chilli powder and capricum and cook till brown. Add cauliflower and carrots then garnish with fresh coriander, cashew nuts and almond flakes (sprinkle on top). VIVA 77

CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA *Chicken Tikka Masala (chicken, yoghurt, ginger, garlic, lemon juice, food colouring, oil, onion, coriander). Method: Mix fresh ginger, garlic, lemon juice and food colouring into 400g of yoghurt. Marinade chicken and leave for 6-7 hours. Take a fresh pan and put 3 tablespoons of oil. Mix in fresh ginger, garlic and crushed onion to make a smooth curry paste. Put 6 tablespoons of yoghurt sauce into a frying pan, add your marinated chicken plus smooth curry paste and garnish with fresh coriander. To book your table at Shahi Masala: please call 0161 248 83 44 or email

LIVEBAIT Where? 22 Llyod Street, Manchester (0161 817 4110) What’s the vibe? Laid back bistro chic set in a unique grade II listed building, the entrance boasts romantic terrace dining set against the backdrop of Albert Square and the impressive town hall, simply idyllic dining. The spacious dining area comprising several raised platforms for dining is probably the greatest feature of Livebait Manchester’s interior. What’s on the menu? Whether it’s the ocean’s finest delicacies you’re after or a classic fish, chips and mushy peas Livebait has it covered. After some rather serious deliberation it was the seared king scallops and the chargrilled squid with roast pepper sauce that came out on top. The scallops were succulent and juicy and the squid had a beautiful smoky flavour and cooked to perfection. As for the mains we knew exactly what we wanted, we had heard some great things about Livebait’s shellfish platter and my colleague was more than eager to put it to the test. He wasn’t disappointed, an incredible display of colour offering the freshest lobster, crab, prawns, mussels, clams and oysters, nothing left but a melting mound of ice, I think he enjoyed it. I was rather intrigued by the steamed sea bass with mussels on saffron risotto, the sea bass was

everything I had hoped for and more, the skin peeled straight off leaving the tender meat completely intact. The risotto, wonderfully yellow in colour had a lovely consistency and the spice of the saffron came through as a delicious subtle aftertaste. And to drink? We enjoyed a cocktail at the bar as we perused the extensive menu, although we spent almost as long choosing our cocktails from the more than impressive selection. Finally opting for an elderflower martini, a sweet and refreshing summer take on the classic martini using polish bison grass vodka Zubrowka, and Livebait’s own personal adaptation of a caipiroska using fresh muddled raspberries, perfectly refreshing. Room for pud? We couldn’t help but be tempted by the delicious desserts on the menu, I got stuck into the tangy lemon tart and passion fruit sorbet, incredibly smooth and perfect sweet/sharp balance. And for my colleague a classic creamy and wonderfully crunchy-topped crème brulée, a perfect end to the meal. Need-to-know? We were very interested to learn that only ethically sourced fish is served at Livebait who actively support sustainable fishing policies in line with the Marine Conservation Society.








Every Friday | From 6pm| £20 | Every Friday is “Fizzy” at the MC Café Bar & Grill. Drop in and enjoy a bottle of Bernardi Prosecco, complimentary nibbles, and mood music for just £20. On the last Friday of the month includes a DJ evening from 6pm. The perfect way to start your weekend in style.


Every Monday & Thursday | 7:30pm til midnight | £5 tickets | Every Monday and Thursday the very swanky Cloud 23 bar situated in Manchester’s Hilton Hotel gets all jazzed up with the Aidan Townend band. The AT Band have stormed the live music scene with an exciting repertoire ranging from jazz classics through to popular hits. For mid week cocktails in a uber cool vibe Cloud 23’s jazz night is the place to be.


Saturday 7th August | 10pm til late | Exclusive to Boutique, fur coat no knickers presents 50 Cent’s official DJ- DJ Whoo Kid. He’s built a name worldwide as a touring DJ with his Sada Pop tours; spinning before key political leaders and royalty as well as spending four years as the official DJ to G-Unit, a job that took him on tours with them all over the world.


Saturday 15th August | 10pm- til late | Advanced tickets £10 | Expect glitz & glamour with a sound track that is going to take this city by storm. Expect cameras galore as this is going to have many famous faces partying with you too, with a special live DJ set from a TV Celebrity (The ladies are in for a treat here). Main Club Room- House and Dance, Trance and Electro with an Ibiza soundtrack, Sumptuous Bar- Hip Hop, Urban, Rap that will sound like it’s come straight over from the States and London.


Friday 20th August | 10pm til 4am| £10 std, VIP bands available on the night | Join the exclusive and super trendy Circle Club for Part III of Bottles and Models - a night that promises to deliver fresh and funky tunes, alongside only the finest crowd! Part II saw them join forces with the Spin the Bottle crew, and boy were those bottles spinning!

FAC 51 The Hacienda August Bank Holiday Special at SANKEYS

Friday 27th August | 10pm til late| £15 tickets | The Hacienda returns to Sankeys for an extra special August bank holiday party that sees US House legend Todd Terry back in Manchester for the first time since his last sell out show here with The Hac two years ago. Also playing on the night will be Graeme Park, Peter Hook, Dave Haslam, DJ Woody and Rowetta (Live PA).


Sunday 29th August | 10pm til late | £15 tickets | 20 years after FLESH revolutionised the club scene in Manchester, promoter Paul Cons is bringing back the legendary Hacienda Gay night for a spectacular one off event at Fac 251 The Factory. The night will feature original FLESH DJ’s Dave Kendrick, DJ Paulette and Kath McD and Guy Williams, as well as spectacular stage happenings celebrating the FLESH years, with contributions by a host of stars inspired by their patronage of FLESH.


Friday 3rd September | 7:30pm til late | Friday Night Live @ 235 presents- the fabulous Viva Las Vegas. Las Vegas comes to Manchester235 Casino with The Spirit of Elvis show! Starring the UK’s NO1 Elvis tribute, Mr Louis Rockafella and the stunning Vegas Show Girls. Reservations are being taken for the night, call 0161 828 0317.

Celebrity Grilling: The Rematch at grill on the alley

Sunday 3rd October | For tickets contact 0161 276 45 22 | Two celebrity teams go head to head at Restaurant Bar and Grill in Manchester to be crowned winners of Celebrity Grilling: The Rematch, and you could be there. The two celebrity teams will do battle behind the bar; turn up the heat in the kitchen and serve guests the experience of a lifetime to help raise money for Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity.




Saturday 4th Sept| From £50.58 Tickets With support by the Editors and Band Of Skulls the atmospheric altrock band the Muse will be powering up their amps at Lancashire Cricket Club in September. Muse have made top ten hits such as ‘Supermassive Black Hole’, ‘Time Is Running Out’, ‘Uprising’ and ‘Knights Of Cydonia’ as well as being named one of the best bands in the world.


Sunday 12th Sept | From £51.50 Tickets Animated virtual band, comprising members: 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel. The combined project of Dan Nakamura, Blur’s Damon Albarn, Cibo Matto’s Miho Hatori, & Tom Tom Club’s Tina Weymouth. Featuring the likes of Snoop Dog, Bruce Willis and Shaun Ryder.


Sunday 26th Sept | From £22.50 Tickets New York duo who, after finding a shared love of obscure, twee music, started MGMT & began making their deliciously sparkly retro pop, influenced by the likes of Bowie & The Incredible String Band.


Wednesday 29th Sept | £11 Tickets Not content creating a Top 10 hit with ‘Won’t Go Quietly’, Example have been back in the studio and now on tour with their new album. Featuring summer anthems with electric, indie rock sound.


Saturday 2nd Oct | From £44.10 Tickets From wide-eyed novice at Woodstock through charting guitar hero in 70’s to Grammy-winning Millennium Latino-beat legend, Santana remains one of the most influential guitarists of the modern era.


Monday 4th Oct | From £58.75 Tickets Former front man of the Police, now Sting has a mega-successful solo career spanning 40 years. With hits including ‘Fields Of Gold’, ‘When We Dance’, ‘Brand New Day’ and many more. Sting will be accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra.


Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th Oct | From £56.50 Tickets Today’s most popular crooner who switches easily from the Rat Pack stylings of yore to a decidedly 70s sounding singer songwriter feel, whilst producing hit singles ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’, ‘Lost’ & ‘Home’

Bryan Adams at The Lowry Lyric Theatre

Sunday 17th Oct An icon of pop music for over twenty years. With chart-toppers such as Summer of 69 & Everything I Do, Bryan Adams’ success in his genre is matched only by the likes of Bruce Springsteen & Bon Jovi.


Sunday 17th Oct | £16.50 Tickets American folk singer, taking inspiration from the likes of Bob Dylan. Joshua had a number 11 single in the UK with the song ‘I’d rather be with you’ and is a big hit amongst the celebrities.


Sunday 31st Oct | £16.50 Tickets Quirky electro pop and piano songstress in the mould of Katy Perry meets Dresdan Dolls. Influenced more by vision than by sound and cites Vivienne Westwood & Christian Lacroix as influences.





oyal Ascot is a very special occasion. It is one of the highlights of the British Summer events calendar and really is worth experiencing at least once in your life. Held in the middle of June, it’s where princes and paupers meet, and it brings to mind the old adage “All men are equal over and under the turf”. Buy a programme and read about the races, horses, jockeys, owners and trainers. There is plenty of information to help you decide which nag to bet on. And do put a bet on, even if it’s only for a couple of quid - it makes watching the races so much more exciting! You can move easily from the parade ground where you will see the runners and riders, to the bookies to place your bet, on to watching the race and perhaps, if you are lucky, back to the bookies to pick up your winnings before returning to the parade ground to see the winners. For many, the fashion is the highlight of Royal Ascot and this year seemed better than ever with wonderful outfits from hats to heels. There is a strict dress code, with a new rule this year that ‘midriffs must be covered’, which certainly created a more sophisticated look than seen in previous years. Race-goers were looking elegant and beautiful, smart and stylish, dapper and delightful! Royal Ascot also boasts plenty of choice for food and drink. Try still or sparkling wine, or why not try a Royal Blush the official cocktail of Royal Ascot! At the end of the day’s racing there is a traditional singalong around the bandstand - very uplifting, especially if you haven’t done so well on the horses! Check out the Royal Ascot website for other special days at Ascot throughout the year.

VIVA l a s m a n c h e s t e r



he calculations were made and this year’s Pageant of Power held at Cholmondeley Castle saw a whopping half a billion pounds worth of machinery power through it’s grounds. Included in these beautiful machines was the Hermes 135 Eurocopter plus a stunning display from the Godfather of all cars, Breitling Wingwalkers Bentley. From the earliest days of motoring a hundred years ago, the Cholmondeley family has taken a keen interest in the finest vehicles that were being produced. In particular, the Fifth Marquess and Marchioness were avid collectors and their amazing line up of iconic models included Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Hispano-Suiza and Rolls Royce. A notable example was the Alfa Romeo 8C which the Marquess collected from Milan in 1932 and, travelling via his home in the South of France, it was immediately entered for a race from Paris to Nice, finishing 5th.

These extraordinary cars have graced the Cholmondeley Park drives over the years and it seems fitting that the romance of the period should be rekindled for a summer weekend in the shadow of this picturesque castle. 50,000 excited visitors turned up over the 17th and 18th of July to enjoy the incredible spectacles on the track, in the air and on water. The Firework Concert that concluded Saturday night, provided all the pomp and circumstance of the Last Night of the Proms, including a linked helicopter fly past in time to Wagner’s ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ and the firing of the Royal Artillery cannons to accompany the 1812 Overture. Event director James Hall said: “This year’s Pageant has exceeded all expectations - it was thrilling to walk around the park over the weekend seeing thousands of people enjoying the amazing entries.” VIVA 84

Live djs playing all the best party tunes and dance floor fillers every fri and sat till 2am

present day disco Function Room Hire Available

food served every day till 8p.m and a traditional sunday roast with all the trimmings! we have a great selection of cocktails and international beers!

8-9,Northern Catalan Square, Manchester, M3 4RU 18BarCa, TariffArches Street Quarter Manchester M1 2EJ 0161 228 7813 7099 w w w.Tel: b 0161 a r d839 e re Page 48, March 2010 Viva


VIVA l a s m a n c h e s t e r

ince opening their doors six years ago, Ethos hairdressing has just gone from strength to strength. Established in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, Ethos have now launched a new flagship salon on Beech Road in Chorlton. The professional team behind Ethos is led by two top British hairdressers, Sharon Peake and Adam Bryant. Entrepreneur Sharon has won the North West best hairdresser of the year award two years running. She also runs Ethos academy and is constantly in demand in the UK for shows, seminars, photographic work, television, radio and magazine work. Before joining the Ethos team, Mr Bryant travelled the world working with such designers as Balenciaga, Issey Miyake and Donna Karen, as well as styling the hair of Paris Hilton, Venus Williams and Kylie Minogue. The new salon in Chorlton looks fantastic: it’s fresh modern, stylish and just oozes talent and charisma. Viva wishes the Ethos team the very best of luck (not that they’ll need it!) and is looking forward to seeing where the next launch will be - we’re thinking New York !! To book your appointment at Ethos in Chorlton call 0161 860 0333.



£5.0 0

for a l VIV l read A ers



esigned by Obsidian for Viva Manchester Magazine, a mix of St. Germain elderflower liqueur, vanilla sugar syrup and Tanqueray gin is served with muddled blackberries and a champagne float. Viva Cocktail •

Muddle 3 blackberries • 10ml lemon juice • 10ml of St. Germain elderflower liqueur • 5ml vanilla syrup • 20ml Tanqueray gin • Shake with ice • Strain into a chilled martini glass • Top with a champagne float • To finish garnish with two floating raspberries

and VOILA! the ‘VIVA’ cocktail


ON SET WITH THE SALFORD JETS...... Rock Radio’s Mike Sweeney invites Viva down to the set of the Salford Jets new music video “Who You Looking At”


ormed in 1976, the Salford Jets are back with a re-release of their 1980’s hit single “Who You looking At”, but this time featuring some of Manchester’s finest musicians. Viva magazine got an exclusive invite to go down to the set of the new music video to share the experience. Rock Radio presenter and lead singer of the Salford Jets, Mike Sweeney also invited some of his other Mancunian mates in the form of XFM’s Clint Boon, Manchester band Twisted Wheel, Hollyoaks actor Tony Hirst (aka Mike Barnes) and a few others including a Mancunian Ozzy Osborne look-a-like! The new music video was filmed down at Salford Quays and, as you can imagine with all those big characters in one place, the banter was on top form- it was a very entertaining day (very cold too)! The re-release of the track video entilted “Who You Looking At” by the Salford Jets will be out over the summer , and Sweeney is hoping that, with a little help from his iconic Manchester mates, this re-release will beat the chart position of the original. Back in the 80s, ‘Who You Looking At’ reached number 72 - this year, Sweeney wants to get it to....number 71! Will the Salford Jets succeed? Well, from the preview that we got, we at Viva are predicting a number 1 smash hit sensation!


“THE FIRST TIME I MET LIAM GALLAGHER HE SAID ‘MIKE SWEENEY WHO YOU LOOKING AT’” An Interview with Mike Sweeney Over all, how do you think the making of the new music video went? It went unbelievably well. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it looks like a real music video! We had no budget and ended up putting together a video that looked like it had £10,000 behind it. I was dead chuffed. So it’s a remake of your 1980’s hit single “Who You Looking At”. What made you want to rerelease this track? Well, I went to see Oasis at Heaton Park last year, and after the gig I went and had a beer with Liam and Noel Gallagher and Shaun Ryder. I’d never met Liam before and the first thing he said to me was “Mike Sweeney, who you looking at”. I was like ‘bloody hell, he knows my song!’ and that I think switched a light on in my head to re-release it. It reached number 72 in the UK singles last time- do you think you might get it a bit higher in the charts this time and what number do you predict? The whole idea of this is to get it to number 71!

You invited down a few local celebs (Clint Boon, Twisted Wheel, Tony Hirst, John Robb plus a few more) to join in the video, what was the idea behind this? ‘Who You Looking At’ is a question that needs an answer, so my idea was to get a load of Manchester’s famous faces in the video and every time ‘Who You Looking At’ kicked in a famous face would come up and you’d be like ‘hang on I know them!’ There was talk of Mani and Shaun Ryder making an appearance but they were a no show, what were their excuses? Shaun I couldn’t get hold of and Mani was stuck in China due to the volcanic ash, but I was really suprised how many people said yes to coming along - it was great! You also had an Ozzy Osbourne look-a-like on set, did you not ask the real one to come down? If I had got hold of the real Ozzy I’m sure he would have come down, when I met him we got on really well. Who do you think performed the best on the shoot? VIVA 89

Ow, I thought Gary who played me was amazinghe was very good looking, though, which I’ve never been! After the new music video is released, have you any more big plans for the Salford Jets- a tour maybe? We’ll see! If the re-release of this single results in general awareness of the band being whacked up a couple of notches then I would like to see us working a bit more outside of the North. How do you think the music scene these days compares to when you first started up the Salford Jets in 1976? 2009 and 2010 have been the best couple of years since the Jets- there are so many great rock ‘n’ roll bands out there at the moment, it’s a great time for all different types of music. Favourite up-and-coming band at the moment? Twisted Wheel. The Salford Jets are back, and they are bigger and better than ever! Make sure you download the new music video ‘Who You Looking At’ from iTunes.


Resident Friday and Saturday till 1am Restaurant - tapas menu available food served from 12.00

Function Room Hire Available

BarCa, Arches 8-9, Catalan Square, Manchester, M3 4RU Tel: 0161 839 7099 Page 48, March 2010 Viva

VIVA l i v e m u s i c



he US star’s Monster Ball Tour has been a triumph over in America, and now Lady Gaga has come over to the UK to continue the momentum. Possibly the most talked about and inventive pop icon in the world right now, her show was inevitably going to be no less than a creative masterpiece. Renowned for her outrageous set pieces and spectacular outfits, the performance and stage production upheld her solid reputation as she truly captivated the crowd. Gaga arrived on stage at the M.E.N arena a little after 8:30pm and put on a sensational 135 minute show. She performed most of her album tracks with a distinctly powerful voice that surprisingly is not apparent and reflected on the album. Her rendition of Ben E. King’s Stand By Me ensued huge audience involvement, and her first track Dance In The Dark compiled an amazing dance routine stood


behind a translucent curtain whilst a spotlight projected her shadow onto the crowd. She thrilled the audience with her notorious smash hits Poker Face and Just Dance culminating with an exquisite encore performance of Bad Romance, which featured Gaga in her famous revolving dress. The show was a tremendously unique and breathtaking experience with Gaga failing to disappoint on every level. Her incredible voice, imaginative stage production, together with her distinctive and creative style proves that she is undoubtedly the biggest pop star in the world. The utter hysteria displayed by the crowd, and interaction with her fans made the whole performance remarkably personal, and proved to be one of the most stimulating live performances, and a thoroughly recommended musical experience. Words: Carla Griscti

VIVA l i v e m u s i c ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVAL 2010


he British festival calendar kicks off, as it always does, with the legendary Isle of Wight festival, situated in a picturesque corner of the Island, Seaclose Park in Newport. This festival draws together an eclectic mix of old and new and never disappoints. Although the week before had been a wet one on the island, the sun finally shone through for the festival, drying up the mud for a unpredicted scorcher!

As well as from the great location and fantastic weather, we love the fact that this year’s festival was so family friendly, with its very own children’s area that is a safe haven from all the festival madness! There is so much for the kids to get up to and the activities cater to all ages, with free face painting, hair braiding, circus tricks, building camps and much more - there are even performances all-day, which us adults enjoyed too!

This year’s three-dayer included some truly show-stopping performances, starting off with Florence and the Machine who warmed up the main stage for hip-hop legend Jay-Z who, during his 90 minute set, proved that no festival is too big, or too rock to embrace rap. The Strokes big come back was energetic and commanding, but with no new material their set was very “yesteryear”. Sir Paul McCartney closed the festival in style with his superb lyrics, and with fireworks! Other key performances were Pink, Spandau Ballet, Blondie, Biffy Clyro, Vampire Weekend, Paloma Faith and many more.

We even spotted Kate Moss whilst hanging out by the fairgrounds - Kate was on the biggest ride looking as gorgeous as ever in black jeans, a t-shirt and pixie boots. Another cool attribute to this year’s festival was that you could ride bikes or hire wheelbarrows to help carry all your stuff, or just as a fun way to get the kids from A to B without any complaining! Isle of Wight Festival 2010 was certainly one to remember and we can’t wait til next year!



PARKLIFE NEWS FROM THEIR WEBSITE: “Please note that the first ever Parklife Festival is now sold out. No more tickets will be released and none will be available on the day. To the 20,000 ticket holders, many thanks for your support and trust us that over the next six weeks its all hands on deck making sure that June 12th kicks off summer 2010 with a bang”. Parklife Festival saw over 40 acts across six stages on Saturday 12th June. The organisers of Parklike were a collective of Manchester’s finest promoters, including The Warehouse Project, Mad Ferret, Trof, Now Wave, Ape and Metropolis. As part of the 100th anniversary celebrations of the iconic Platt Fields Park, 20,000 festival goers turned up to witness some of the finest live acts and DJ’s from across the world. The lineup for the Saturday included Friendly Fires, Calvin Harris, The Japanese Popstars and Kissy Sellout on the main stage, Andy C, Roni Size,

DJ Hype, Goldie and Danny Byrd rinsing some classic tunes out in the dance tents amongst another stellar lineup of live acts and DJs.


Despite the outrageous queue to enter the festival - even for VIPs! - it was a fantastic day. The sun was on our side and the cider was flowing like a cool river through hot festival goers! We didn’t miss out on the football either as there was a giant screen playing the England vs America match. Other football entertainment was taking place throughout the day too, including a celebrity 5 a side match and some impressive freestyle football showcases. And how could we forget the tree house silent disco. This was THE ‘in’ place to hang out but, if you’d just walked past it, all you’d have seen was a load of ravers dancing to absolutely no music! Or so you would have thought - in reality, every raver had headphones on and was tuned into the DJs and MCs in the tree house. Brilliant!

The Warehouse Project Present, in association with 13 other artists, Ian Brown live in Manchester on Friday 11th June at Platt Fields Park. Northern folk hero and national icon Ian Brown entered the stage with attitude in his famous Adidas tracksuit bottoms with his tambourine in one had, strutting up and down the stage the way only Mr Brown knows how. His latest solo album ‘My Way’ pretty much sums Brown up,


He’s carved his own swaggering path and is a uniquely English presence existing on his own terms. His set list included old classics from his days with The Stone Roses and new material from his solo album ‘My Way’. Playing up to the cameras and his fans in the crowd, Brown set the standard high for the rest of the shenanigans happening in Platt Fields Park over the weekend. What a legend!

VIVA l i v e m u s i c VI V A’s UNSIGN ED B A ND R ADA R . . . CURRYOKE AT ZAIKA

TROUBADOUR Troubadour are a two piece acoustic folk VIVA: So you guys toured in the USA band who describe themselves in three back in April - how did that go and did the words as passionate, honest and acoustic. Americans like you? Troubadour is made up of two top guys TROUBADOUR: Yes, the Americans from Blackpool, Andy and Mick who are liked us but I think they would have both teachers by day and acoustic folk/ liked us if we’d just stood on the stage blues super-stars by night! They met each and talked - they love the British accent! other at a school they both teach at and America was amazing. We had 10 peosoon discovered they both had the same ple follow us over from the UK, and the passion for kayaking, rock climbing, second we flew into New York we had to snowboarding, surfing and music. Andy dump our bags at the hotel, drink a black and Mick started off jamming together coffee to wake us up and go straight to a round camp fires whilst away on surf- gig. We funded the whole trip ourselves but the venues supplied ing trips and then decided us with big packs of beer in 2007 to start the band “We were and a guest list wherever Troubadour. We caught up with them at doing cartwheels we went. We were only to be out there Blue Print Studios in Salin California supposed for six days but ended up ford when they were in the middle of recording their whilst everyone staying another fortnight due to the volcanic ash. first professional album. Here’s what the Trouba- else was sleeping New York was expensive so we went down to dour boys had to say for rough in the California to stay with themselves: family and ended up playVIVA: So you’re here toairport” ing a few garden parties day recording your first in the California sunshine which was top! professional album - how’s it all going? TROUBADOUR: It’s going really, re- Everyone else was sleeping rough at the ally well! Blue Print Studios is a fantastic airport waiting to get on a flight and we place to record an album. We recorded a were doing cartwheels in California! few tunes on our laptop but it wasn’t very VIVA: So what’s next for Troubadour? good and we did a live CD once but have TROUBADOUR: We’re playing at the never done a proper recording so we are Fylde Folk Festival in September and very excited to be here and the fact that we’re also going to be on tour with Adrian Snoop Dog and Damon Albarn were re- Edmondson (from the Young Ones) cording in this studio just before us is re- band, The Bad Shepherds, then we’re finishing off the new album. ally cool! VIVA: Do you guys write your own stuff VIVA: And what are your long term plans or do you have someone else to write it for the future? TROUBADOUR: To get signed and to for you? ANDY: Mick writes all original stuff and be doing this full time! I’m Mick’s musical gimp - ha ha!


here are two things the Viva team really love, good old classic rock and Bob from Zaika restaurant. So when we heard that Rock Radio and Zaika were teaming up for their very first curryoke night we had to check it out. If you had been at Zaika Indian restaurant on Thursday July 22nd, for a mere £15 you would have been wined, dined and rocked your socks off. Guests were offered a complimentary beer or wine upon arrival before getting truly stuck into Zaika’s top class buffet, and as much of it as you could possibly eat. Rock Radio’s very own Moose kept the diners entertained with his outrageous humour and endless banter, but the real rockstars were the karaoke masters that took to the floor. In true karaoke style guests jumped right in belting out some classics from Metallica to Bon Jovi, take me back to the paradise city oh yes, well almost. Although I have a sneaky suspicion some of our wannabe rockstars weren’t all amateurs, with a few real surprises thrown into the mix. For one night only, fully suited and booted, the king himself rocking out with G.I blues, that’s right, one guest came ready to impress in head to toe U.S army uniform. Even Bob took to the floor with the Rock Radio team to show us what they’re made of, rock on.

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The world of snakes and lizards, extinct animals and the fascinating giant panda bears, Nigel gives Viva an exclusive on how to be a “nigel” and an insight into his fantastic life where he literally travels for 300 days of the year Q: So Nigel, you have had a very strong and passionate interest in nature and wildlife from a very early age - can you tell us a bit about how you started out and what it was about wildlife that fascinated you so much? I’ve never really been that excited about dogs and cats, but I was always interested in unusual animals. Snakes are very beautiful creatures and I love the way that they move, and I’m also very interested in pandas because 99% of their diet is bamboo which is incredible to me. I have always been attracted by unusual animals but I’m not sure where it came from. My mum used to catch newts when she was a little girl and my dad had a pet magpie during the war, so they had a slight interest in animals but nothing major. I think my parents thought I would grow out of it but here I am at 49 still catching snakes! Q: I read on your website that when you were younger and lived at home you saved a fresh water eel from being jellied and let it live in your bath tub. What did your parents make of this? Our house was literally jam-packed with animals and my mum and dad had to put up with a lot of stuff like that! For example, I once caught some tree frogs in Europe, bought them home and released them into our pond and the neighbours ended up complaining because of all the croaking! Back in those days you were allowed to bring animals from abroad back into the UK, so I just put them in my hand luggage. I used to always bring lizards back too, and my dad enjoys telling the story of the time when the customs man looked in my bag and saw that I had not just some lizards but also a couple of frogs in it, and he just gave me this look as if I was mad! 30 years ago there were no rules and regulations against transporting wildlife like there are now, but interestingly you can still bring insects into the country. I often bring insects back. I brought a sun spider back from the United Arab Emirates once, and also some whip scorpions from Arizona - we just use them for filming though, I don’t sell them or anything!


Holding a Burmese python taken in Florida

Q: You got your first break in TV with the BBC on a program called Galactic Garden with Andrew Sachs and your job was to wiggle worms in front of the camera. What was this for? Galactic Garden was a sort of fantasy nature program/drama where Andrew Sachs was shrunk down to the size of a pea and then had all these encounters with all the insects that you would normally find in the garden. My job was helping to catch these insects and helping the camera man to film them. Andrew Sachs did all his acting parts in a studio, and the movements of the insects had to match his so that it all fit together when it was edited, so it was a bit tricky and quite time-consuming. This is where I learnt to direct, and I also picked up a bit about the grammar of film-making.

Q: Did you struggle to get into the TV industry or were you just lucky to get noticed straight away? I went to university in Bristol, and the Naturalist Unit there is known as the Hollywood of wildlife filmmaking - I got that job as the worm wiggler when I was still at university. So I guess that going to Bristol meant I was well placed in that sense. My first proper job as a researcher was with David Attenborough on a program called First Eden, which was about the Mediterranean, I wrote lots of ideas for them and that’s how it all started. It’s quite hard to get into this industry but if you’re based in Bristol it helps a lot. For my first TV interview I had a worm lizard that I had brought back from Spain. I took it with me to the studio in a knotted sock and said: ‘This worm lizard has never been filmed before, maybe you could film them for your series?’ I think that from that they made a mental note to remember me for the future! Q: You have come so far since starting your career at the age of 22. What advice would you give to anyone who wanted to follow in your footsteps? Work hard at school! Most of the producers in the Natural History Unit at Bristol have degrees in botany, zoology and media studies. It helped that I had done a relevant degree because then when I talked to scientists about researching television programs, I could understand what they wanted. If you want to be a camera man, you need to learn how to work cameras and make your own little films, and you should also learn animal behaviour, because you’re the one who’s going to be in the hide when the fox starts chasing the rabbit and it’s useful to know which way the fox is going to run! I couldn’t be a camera man - I haven’t got the practical skills, It’s a very skilled job and they have to know what they’re doing, and that’s why I like the experience of filming a wildlife show, because it’s a team effort and it’s great being part of a team. Q: I love any wildlife programs that are filmed underwater, and am particularly fascinated by the sea. What is your favourite type of environment to film and what species do you find most fascinating and most dangerous to film? I know it’s probably on everyone’s top 10 favourite animals list, but I think the panda would have to be my number one most fascinating animal. I was the first television presenter to actually be filmed with a wild panda - according to all the Chinese experts we spoke to, it had never happened before - and it was just such a great experience. We spent days trying to find them. You could hear them and see the bamboo moving around, but they live in such a dense habitat, and that’s why they’re so mysterious and difficult to film, because, even if there’s one just two metres away from you, you can’t see it for all the bamboo! We had a really lucky break with a mother and cub once. The mother panda was suckling the baby up a tree, and the camera man was able to film me with the pandas behind, so that was really great. As a wildlife presenter, I would say that, as a rule, your most recent films tend to be your favourite ones. The most dangerous piece of filming I’ve done so far was an underwater production filming bull sharks in the Bahamas. The scientific expert who was with me got bitten, and the shark took forty centimetres of flesh from his leg - it was touch and go whether he was going to survive. They took him to a hospital in Miami and after three months of intensive care he’s back in shape. Things like that really bring it home to you how important it is to respect the power of nature. Back to the pandas, though (can you tell they’re my favourite?), have you ever cuddled a panda before? It’s the most amazing thing in the world! It’s obviously not possible with adult pandas, as they are very dangerous, but you can cuddle them safely when they are still cubs. I got my first panda hug at the Chengdu breeding centre in central China. And anyone can do it here - I think you just pay £100 (which all goes towards conservation), so I would definitely recommend trying it!

With a Tiger in Florida

difficult for me because I am definitely not an actor and it was strange having to pretend that the creatures were really there, but every little boy or girl would love to travel back in time to see a dinosaur or a woolly mammoth so once I got into it, and because I have experience with real animals, I could actually put myself in the situation of being next to a T-Rex or a giant crocodile and know how to behave and react. Some people still believe that I could actually wrestle a dinosaur! I would love it if dinosaurs were still around so that I could watch and study them. In fact most scientists actually believe that they didn’t become fully extinct and when you see a bird you’re actually seeing an evolved version of a dinosaur. There is so much evidence now that birds have evolved from dinosaurs. Reptiles first got feathers to keep themselves warm, then the feathers got colour to attract females, and then one dinosaur used them to fly and that’s how birds developed! So dinosaurs didn’t completely become extinct because some of them are still flying around today!


Q: Did the filming process feel strange when you were filming Walking with Dinosaurs? Was it strange filming with all the computer animations and no real animals at all? Walking With Dinosaurs was all filmed outside on location, which was good. We filmed the episode about mammoths in Northern Canada, but obviously the animals aren’t there because they are all extinct. This made things a bit

Q: You’re now living in South Africa and you also have a home in Somerset, England. What made you choose South Africa out of every other country in the world? The main reason I chose South Africa is because there are some really lovely animals out there. It’s great to visit Kruger National Park, and at our house we’ve got boomslangs in our garden. They’re a dangerous snake and I love seeing them in my own back garden! The other nice things about living in South Africa are that the climate is lovely, even in our winter, everyone speaks English and it’s such a beautiful country. You’ve got Table Mountain, the savannah, elephants, lovely wild flowers and you can travel to Botswana and Namibia and all those places all by car. With my interest in animals its just the perfect base for me. Q: I hear that you have a bit of a menagerie at home. What have you got and which animal is your favourite one? I’ve got seven giant tortoises, which I’m quite excited about at the moment because they might be going to Bristol Zoo on loan for a breeding project, so

VIVA 101

there may soon be baby giant tortoises! I also have a couple of owls that were bred in captivity. Sometimes, if we use animals for filming close-ups (flying, for example), I end up keeping them because I become attached. My great grey owl is very tame and flies around the garden - it’s great!

Swimming with tiger sharks in South Africa

Q: Tragically Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter) was killed in 2006 after being fatally pierced in his chest by a stingray whilst filming in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Given that you also work with potentially harmful creatures, have you ever found yourself in a dangerous position whilst filming where you felt your life may be at risk? No, not really. The only time I came close to feeling that, but I didn’t feel it till afterwards, was when the scientific expert I was filming with was bitten by a shark as I was standing a metre away from him in the water. Steve Irwin used to watch my programs and I used to watch his. I never met him but he liked my shows and I like his - it was just such an unbelievable freak accident. People swim with stingrays all the time and it’s just because the sting went into his heart - it’s nothing to do with the poison or the sting. Steve did a great deal for conservation and getting young people interested in reptiles, along with a whole generation of people who he got interested in snakes and lizards. He was a fantastic ambassador for creepy crawlies and reptiles. It was such a shame - he was a great guy and I was a real fan of his work. Q: I notice that you have a new section on your website called ‘How to be a Nigel’ (which is coming soon) Can you tell us and any other Nigel wannabes how to be as successful as you are, and how to be a Nigel? The first thing you need to do is work hard at school and university and show a great interest in animals. Write letters to the BBC and production companies and possibly make a film yourself of your work, so people can see that you have the right attitude for doing it. If you want to be a cameraman, spend time learning the technical side of your trade and also start researching animal behaviour. And that’s just a flavour of what this section is going to be about on the website!

Sat with pandas in Chengdu Panda Base, China

Q: In April this year you were nominated as the second global ambassador for Chinas Chengdu Panda Base, the first ambassador being Jackie Chan! As a child, you had always dreamed of getting close to these beautiful bears, how do you feel about this award and what are you guys trying to achieve in Chengdu? It is a great honour to be the second ambassador with Jackie Chan and we are working hard to publicise what the Chengdu Panda breeding base is all about. For example, did you know that pandas often have twins but the mother never has enough milk to feed both and only one usually survives? At the Chengdu Panda Base, however, they have worked out a way to

“Steve Irwin, he used to watch my programs and I used to watch his” regularly switch the cubs so that both cubs have equal quality time with their mother and the rest of the time they are being looked after in a nursery. This is really exciting because we are potentially doubling the number of newborn pandas that come into the world. You can see all this on Panda Week, which airs on channel 5 this autumn.

Nigel with walruses, in the Canadian Arctic

Q: You have pretty much achieved everything in your career, what’s next and what’s the one thing you haven’t done yet and is on your ‘to do’ list? I would like to do a film about Madagascar. I’ve never seen limas and chameleons that live there, so it’s a must-see destination for me! At the moment I’m filming another series about China, which is an amazing country. We have just filmed in the North of China where people live with wild reindeer, and in the south of China there’s elephants! Reindeer in the North and elephants in the south - I just love how diverse China is! There are so many unusual animals for us to film which haven’t been filmed before, so I will be spending the next two years filming in China. I can’t wait!

Celebrity Big Brother contestants 2009

y t i l ea R or Car Crash B ? ? ? ? TV

Ok so with the last ever Big Brother viewing on our screens all over the summer and the X Factor auditions hitting Manchester a few weeks ago we thought we’d get a bit of reality TV down ‘ya’. Vivas Carla Griscti reports...

ritish TV seems to be inundated with supposedly new and exciting ideas for reality television programs, but does anyone get the feeling that the majority of them are simply repetitive and frankly quite dull? It seems that I am the only person on the planet who doesn’t know what’s going on in X-Factor, or who has recently been booted out of the Big Brother House. I am ecstatic that the 2010 Big Brother finale marks a turning point in my life where I will no longer be subjected to

Joe Swash winner of ‘I’m a celebrity’ 2009

mindless gossip about a bunch of eccentric (dare I say it) oddballs who believe that the nation is waiting in suspense to gain snippets of these ordinary people’s lives. However (and a big ashamedly however) the more I delved into reality TV shows (for research of course) the more I experienced how entertaining and almost hypnotising they are. It’s actually quite fascinating how these programs are constructed and the means by which the general public are lured into watching them. Despite low budgets and largely uninventive ideas, the program makers are obviously in tune with the nation’s fascination with celebrities and aspirations of fame. It is interesting to see how the creators mould reality TV contestants to produce specific types of behaviour.

VIVA FFEE a t u r e

the judges. It seems they have no idea of the hilarity they exude. The outcome of the program is to humorously shock, but is it at the expense of the contestants? The circus music playing in the background of Big Brother whilst the last ever contestants enter the house would reinforce this notion. The contestant’s ignorance is palpable; the show is blatantly being portrayed as a freak show. Are these programs designed to maliciously manipulate vulnerable people? Or do the wacky people taking part merely use this medium as a platform to gain notoriety? The rise of Jade Goody is a classic example where this could evidently be the case.

It is not just ordinary people who regard reality TV as a real opportunity to boost their profiles, celebs have recognised the popularity and effects of reality TV

The obsession with claiming celebrity status is rife amongst British culture, and reality TV shows are a perfect means of documenting the outrageous things people do in order to get themselves on TV. Being in the public eye of course makes you successful and desirable, so why wouldn’t you chance an appalling and humiliating rendition of your favourite Britney song, complete with dance routine? Even if you are clearly tone deaf and have the coordination and finesse of a Basset hound. Five minutes of fame could ultimately bring you lasting success. What is mind-boggling is the naivety and desperation of these people, and the complete denial of the criticism they receive from

It is not just ordinary people who regard reality TV as a real opportunity to boost their profiles, celebs have recognised the popularity and effects of reality TV; as a quick and easy shortcut to reinstating their celebrity profiles. I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Celebrity Dancing on Ice, and of course Celebrity Big Brother, which is renowned for compiling the most conceited Z-list celebrities to indulge in delusions of grandeur. With programs such as Don’t Tell the Bride where the groom is given sole responsibility of organising every aspect of their wedding, and Wife Swap where two completely contrasting families from opposite ends of the spectrum swap places, it’s like watching a car crash in slow motion. You almost have to turn it off, but of course you never do. You want to see the bride’s reaction when she tries on a dress that is three sizes too big, and what happens when the groom serves a hog roast to a Turkish VIVA 105

Britain’s Got Talent judges family who don’t eat pork! Although I remain adamant these programs are on the whole devoid of any originality or innovation, admittedly I found some surprisingly entertaining, but more so because they are so cringe-worthy and shocking you can’t believe these people actually exist! In truth these programs don’t in fact portray reality in any way, it’s a representation of reality based on what the producers and the contestants are willing to present. These programs are ultimately a platform which contestants can invent a celebrity status, but also a means by which the producers can exploit and manipulate people to exhibit humorous and somewhat astounding types of behaviour. I don’t think at any time soon these programs will begin to diminish, so for now I guess we will remain in this plethora of reality or what I would term “car crash” TV.

Jade Goody

Ariel, the marvelous

Alex Reid

Top heavy bride

VIVA F I L M B U Z Z 5 Jonah Hex - Sep 10



Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps - Oct 19


rather aptly timed (of course no coincidence) film following the decline of the financial markets in 2008, dubbed the potential return to the devastating crash of Wall Street in the 1930s. Succeeding his success with Wall Street (1987) Oliver Stone resumes his position as director of this sequel. A chilling tale of the power and allure of money in what looks to be a portrayal closer to reality than some of us may like to accept. Michael Douglas makes his return to Wall Street and his Oscar winning role as notorious king of the financial world Gordon Gekko, having been released from an eight-year sentence for fraud. Once a power hungry oil trader, Gekko appears to have turned over a new leaf, seeking to rekindle his relationship with estranged daughter Winnie (Carey Mulligan) and pushing a new book Is Greed Good? The film focuses on the relationship that develops between Gekko and his daughter’s fiancé Jacob (Shia Labeouf) a young entrepreneur on the rise. Yet is this simply Gekko’s self-interested ploy to draw in his daughter, or is it possible to change?

estern comic antihero Jonah Hex comes to life on the big screen, Josh Brolin adopts the role of the scarred bounty hunter with his own personal vendetta. Living with the physical and mental scars from his past has left his character shrouded in mystery and isolated from civilisation. His only human connection lies in fellow tortured soul Lilah (Megan Fox) battling her own demons. When approached by U.S military he accepts the opportunity to take his long held revenge against terrorist Quentin Turnbull. In undertaking the challenge to defeat Turnbull who’s in the process of creating an army will grant Hex his freedom from the warrants on his head.

6 The Expendables - Aug 20


talone takes charge of this hard-hitting star-studded action thriller, taking on the role of director and character Barney Ross, the Expendables is a throw back to his Rambo days. Starring Hollywood’s biggest and baddest, Jason Statham, Jet Li and appearances from Schwarzenegger and Willis the film has the boys undertaking their biggest mission yet, in South America. The group of mercenaries are sent to topple a Latino dictator, yet are unable to foresee the depths they must go to in order to complete their task. Now entangled in this treacherous operation they risk more than simply losing control of the situation.

7 Eat, Pray, Love - Sep 24


Mr Nice - Oct 8


ith over 43 aliases, 25 companies and over 1 million books sold, Howard Marks (aka “Mr. Nice”) is one of, if not thee most, notorious British smugglers in crime history. Now this surreal story of the man that literally did it all is making its way onto our big screens told by director Bernard Rose. Rhys Ifans will play his fellow Welshman in the British film based on his 1996 best-selling autobiography ‘Mr. Nice’ and some would consider the role to be perfect casting for the Welsh actor who is known for his love of partying. Chloe Sevigny will play Marks’ wife Judy, who lived with him for most of the time that he was dealing drugs and David Thewlis will play the IRA man with whom Marks conspired to traffic cannabis through Ireland and on to Britain. The film spans three decades beginning in Bridgend, Wales, and charts Marks’s entry to Oxford University, a spell as a teacher, his life at the top end of international cannabis smuggling and his imprisonment in a federal prison in Arizona. The charismatic Howard Marks never dealt with guns, violence or more damaging substances, a ‘60s icon who really believed in peace, love and cannabis. To quote The Daily Mail; “He sounds like Richard Burton, and looks like a Rolling Stone.” Basically, he was the man. I expect that ‘Mr. Nice’ will be like a British ‘Blow’


ulia Roberts literally eats, prays and loves her way around the globe as Liz Gilbert, based on Gilbert’s best selling novel of the same title. A true voyage of selfdiscovery that begins in New York City, Liz has just overcome a traumatic divorce and is searching for that missing element in her newly single life. Her journey takes her first to Italy, where she embarks on the culinary chapter of her trip from Rome to Naples, indulging in the calorie laden delights of the Mediterranean. From feeding the stomach to feeding the soul in India, a spiritual awakening of meditation and prayer and finally culminating her travels in Bali, and in love.

VIVA Tt o p 1 0 f i l m s 8 Dinner for Schmucks-Sep 3


nvite Hollywood’s funniest to dinner and make a movie, starring the hilarious Steve Carell and Paul Rudd, and that’s just for starters. Tim (Rudd) is trying to make an impression in his place of work and thinks he may have found a way in when his bosses’ invite him to their monthly dinner. But there’s one requirement, to bring the biggest idiot you can find as your guest. Despite his far from approving girlfriend, and against his own moral reluctance Tim gives into the pressures of his colleagues after he encounters Barry (Carell) peculiar funny man whose somewhat lacking in normal social airs and graces. Barry alongside a plethora of current comedy geniuses unleash almighty mayhem.

9 Going The Distance-Aug 27


eal life funny couple Drew Barrymore and Justin Long light up our screens this summer in classic rom-com style. Erin and newly single Garrett set sparks flying like Guy Fawkes on the 5th. But after six weeks of fun, frolicking and falling for each other they must go their separate ways as Erin leaves NYC for home in San Francisco. Regardless of their skeptical friends and family, Erin and Garrett go where many of us have gone before; the long distance relationship. Their attempts to keep the flame burning land them in some rather sticky situations, in the form of awkward phone sex and unexpected third parties when they least expect them.

The Adjustment Bureau - September 10



o you believe in fate? Based on the 1954 short story by Philip K Dick The Adjustment Team, Matt Damon stars as David Norris New York politician, alongside ballerina and unplanned love Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt). Unbeknown to our protagonists and the greater public we are living in a world where our destiny is not our own, but a predetermined and controlled series of events. And so when our two stars by chance come together they in fact divert from the course that has been chosen for them. As their relationship develops David learns of a world he never knew existed, confronted by the powers of the Adjustment Bureau. The realisation that his life choices are at the mercy of these men is not good enough for this ambitious young man. David must decide whether he can forget the love he has found with Elise, or abandon his current pre-determined path and defy the agents of Fate. An intelligent psychological thriller that pushes us to question our reality, are we really the only holders of our own destiny?

10 Takers - Sep 17


irected by John Luessenhop, the film revolves around a notorious group of criminals (Idris Elba, Paul Walker, T.I., Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen and Michael Ealy) who continue to baffle police by pulling off perfectly executed bank robberies. They are in and out like clockwork, leaving no evidence behind and laying low in between heists. But when they attempt to pull off one last job with more money at stake than ever before, the crew may find their plans interrupted by a hardened detective (Matt Dillon) who is hell-bent on solving the case.

The Runaways - August 27


hey wanted to change the face of rock’n’roll, a force that shook this male dominated music scene and paved the way for contemporary female performers, they were the Runaways. Following the legendary career of 1970s all-girl punk band, Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning take on the roles of Joan Jett and Cherie Currie. Five teenage girls from California with a passion for music and the ambition to take it across the globe. The film documents the original Runaway’s Joan and Sandy’s meeting with manager Kim Fowley and their introduction to Cherie, the evolution from a group of performers to worldwide musical phenomenon. Their globally renowned single Cherry Bomb rocketed the girls to stardom and kicked off their career. Like all great rock idols their journey was filled with highs and lows, when the parents are away the kids will play, teaming up with rock legends such as The Ramones and Cheap Trick. Battling against the temptations of drugs, alcohol and fame compounded by the pressures from their controlling manager, band members came and went until they completely disbanded in 1979.


Discombobulated - Dispatches From The Wrong Side - Simon A.Morrison “

From Las Vegas to Moscow, New York to Shanghai, Discombobulated features fifty unbelievably wrong tales of high living and international low-cost slumming. On the Wrong Side, the modus operandi is as follows: you combobulate, then you go to a disco and shortly after… you discombobulate.”


n the course of the 50 beats that make up this discordant operetta of Dispatches, Simon has had a gun held to his head by multiple murderer and celebrity gangster Dave Courtney; gone raving in Ibiza with Judith Chalmers; found himself trapped in a gimp bar in Leipzig; sung happy birthday to Kylie Minogue; been deported from Russia; traveled from white heights of the Alps to the lowest of low-slung gutters in Brazil and Kuala Lumpur, and still picked himself up in time to have a cup of tea with Take That, leading Howard Donald to remark: “getting the band back together was really something but nothing could come close to having a cup of tea in Stockport with Simon”. 

 Although trained academically, with a Masters Degree in Novel Writing, Simon long ago accepted he had stepped over to the Wrong Side - the wrong side of the tracks - and become a disco desperado, destined to pursue the beat into the outer reaches of the cultural supernova and then dispatch his findings back to the pages of the Right Side, reality itself.

 In a career in journalism that has spanned 15 years, he has worked as the editor of Ministry of Sound’s Ibiza magazine, “ A deranged literary presented TV and radio and also romp through some penned the longrunning columns Around the World in 80 Clubs and of the planet’s finest Dispatches. “It’s his job to take gutters and discos…” the temperature of the hottest parties on the map,” said Judge Jules in a Radio 1 programme, and it’s one he has undertaken dutifully. In the last few months he has been published in Mixmag, Clash, i-DJ, Shortlist, Tilllate, Hotline and the Manchester Evening News.

Simon with celebrity gangster Dave Courtney

Collected together for the first time, these 50 beats and pieces have been grouped thematically, and musically, into happy-hour bars, covering travel, celebrity, music, pop culture, politics and the varied wonders of inebriation… with the somewhat wonky results illustrated in full colour within the centre pages. Why? Well, as Simon once graffitied onto the walls of Zouk, Singapore: 

 Because life is a disco…

 …And then there’s always the after party Available at Simon at the recreated Hacienda on the set of 24hr party people

VIVA 108

Simon living the good life in Ibiza


PLAYING ON THE VIVA IPOD... Eminem - Recovery


y his own admission, ‘Relapse’ and ‘Encore’ just didn’t cut it compared to his first 3 albums, but Eminem has constantly raised the bar throughout his career, and is well and truly back to his best with ‘Recovery’. Gone are the comical accents heard on ‘Relapse’ and the poppy beats and annoyingly secondrate lyrics of ‘Encore’, ‘Recovery offers material more comparable to ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’, Eminem’s second, and best album. The subject matter is much darker than his previous two, from the opening track of

“Cold Wind Blows,” Eminem is incensed and “Talkin’ 2 Myself,” featuring Kobe, is clearly the sound of man splitting in two.To finish, Em said, “The Slim Shady LP was the greatest, the Marshall Mathers was a classic, The Eminem show was fantastic, but Encore didn’t have the caliber to match it”. Certainly true, but give this album a listen and you will realise one of the most fascinating artists in hip-hop and music in general is without doubt back and spitting fire!

Kelly Rowland- Commander


elly Rowland is well and truly back and is kicking the summer off in style! Hot on the heels of Grammy award winning No.1 smash ‘When Love Takes Over’ Kelly has teamed up again with DJ supremo David Guetta and releases her fabulous brand new single “Commander” through Motown on 17th May. Kelly has amassed over 60 million record sales since being in Destiny’s Child, she’s has had two international No.1 hits with duets with Nelly ‘Dilema’ and David Guetta ‘When Love Takes Over’. ‘Commander’ is another smash which is not only produced by the

legendary David Guetta but also written by Grammy award winner Rico Love (Beyonce - I Am…Sacha Fierce, Usher – Raymond vs Raymond). It has been an amazing year for Kelly who was signed personally by the President of Universal Motown records, Sylvia Rhone, for her new record. ‘Commander’ shows a different side to Kelly and for the video she plays a different role ‘the whole concept is very futuristic, very cool, it’s about me being the commander above anything, but it adds a different element of a club atmosphere – I had to pull out my dancing shoes for this video!’

The Flaming Lips - The Dark Side Of The Moon


ans of The Flaming Lips have come to expect the unexpected. But even the most ardent devotee of the band must’ve been surprised when a session recorded with their friends Stardeath and White Dwarfs spiralled into a complete re-recording of Pink Floyd’s classic album ‘The Dark Side of the Moon.’ Previously released on vinyl and digital formats, the album was released on CD on July 12th.The collaborative project was recorded after several weeks of both bands touring the world together and mutually citing Pink Floyd and

‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ as one of their primary influences and favourite bands of all time. The sessions were tracked in Oklahoma City, recorded by Trent Bell and Chris Harris, and mastered by Dave Fridmann. The album was co-produced by The Flaming Lips, Stardeath and White Dwarfs, Trent Bell, and Scott Booker, and features vocal assistance by Henry Rollins and Peaches. Like any recent Lips this takes a few listens and where they don’t quite pull off “Great Gig,” the rest is pretty faultless and in keeping with the fabulous ‘Embryonic’.

Kele Okereke - The Boxer


n the middle of 2009, mid-way through the biggest American tour of their career, Kele Okereke and his three Bloc Party alumni agreed that it was time to put a temporary full stop on band matters. Kele had intended to walk away from music for a year, to spend time catching up with himself, however he simply could not leave his creative impulses alone. Between some wholesome pursuits he booked time in the EMI recording studios at the bottom end of Tottenham Court Road. By the time he had written the freeform, cascading, Josh Wink-ish techno

meltdown that constituted the second half of the song Rise, he had an emotional blueprint for what would become his first solo record, The Boxer. You don’t really get shallow with Kele. But that is not to say you do not get fun. His understanding of what he could be as a pop star (solo! Unashamed!), melting the distinctions of dance music and cerebral pop came from two unusual touchstones. This album is marked by both its ambition and its sense of the new. For Kele Okereke, one suspects they start right now.

VIVA 110

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Kylie Minogue cover and interview


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