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In-Store Experience Public Relations Media Digital Experience Budget Evaluation Rebrith Advertising

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Rebirth Advertising conducted hundreds of surveys in order to accurately understand the perception of jcpenney. From this research we have learned the main issues jcpenney faces include poor perception of store image and merchandise. This campaign will change the way our target perceives jcpenney by showing customers how they have fresh styles that fit into their lives. Women in our target audience are at many different stages in their lives. A majority of these women are balancing a full time job with the responsibilities of being a mother. From our research we identified several misperceptions this audience held. Many people we surveyed described the store as being messy and cluttered and said the clothing was outdated and not appealing to them. The key points of our survey led us to our “Big Idea,” jcpenney is more than a department store, it is a lifestyle. This is shown through our “let life be your runway” campaign where we show women how real people, experiencing real life can still dress as if they belong on the runway. Traditional and non-traditional advertising tactics are the basis of this campaign. We know you are going to enjoy our new and innovative ideas. Just remember to “let life be your runway.”



Retail Environment

In the United States there are approximately 3,500 retail department stores that collectively earn annual revenue in excess of $70 billion. While unemployment rates have been high, in the past year they experienced improved store traffic, reduced discounting, and lowered clearance levels. The typical U.S. consumer is focused on buying less. By offering low-prices and high value, discount merchandisers consistently post increased same store sales. Discount stores’ prices do not fluctuate to the same degree as other department stores, which may discount an item several times before eventually selling it. Standard & Poor’s economists believe that discounters are retaining many of the higher-income customers who traded down in 2008 and 2009. Similar moderately-priced department stores (e.g. Kohls, Sears, jcpenney) have also recently seen a rebound in sales. On the other hand, premium department stores have had a more difficult time recovering, due to their higher price points. The only numbers increasing are their discount outlets such as, Off 5th and Nordstrom Rack. These stores have been lowering prices as a way to lure customers who may have previously traded down during the height of the recession. Advances in technology have broadened our retail environment from not only in-store, but also online. The combination of convenience, selection, and information makes e-commerce more attractive compared to brick and morter.


Retail Trends • Localizing merchandise assortments • Kiosks, point-of-sale (POS) systems that support online orders • Slowing or halting expansion plans and renovating instead • Creating and improving mobile commerce •Improving the e-commerce shopping experience • Using social networking sites for low-cost marketing and promotion • Consumer centered retailing: customizing messages and incentives to people based on past purchases • Store within a store concept • Adding exclusive lines as a means of differentiaing retail stores from one another • Using location based advertising and mobile advertising on cell-phones

Where jcpenney Fits

SWOT Analysis

Jcpenney operates more than 1,100 department stores nationwide, as well as one of the largest apparel and home furnishing sites on the Internet. Jcpenney has been and still is known for its low-cost, high-value products.

STRENGTHS • A well-established company • Affordable prices for people living on a budget and for people who were hit hard from the recession • Several exclusive and private lines • One of the largest online home decor selections • Over 1,100 locations and an online presence

Customers are drawn to discount merchandisers such as Wal-Mart and Target because of their everyday low price point. To combat this jcpenney expanded its “good” and “better” price point assortments and narrowed its “best” price point offerings in 2010. However, jcpenney does not focus on how they will retain their new higher-income customers that switched to jcpenney during the recession. As the economic environment improves, the company must take action to ensure that customers remain loyal to jcpenney.


In the past few years jcpenney has added more exclusive, stylish lines in hopes of attracting younger, more style-conscious women. Jcpenney’s private and exclusive brands account for approximately 50% of annual sales. The company has also strengthened its credibility as a style authority by collaborating with People Style Watch magazine. In addition, the website provides customers with a larger assortment of product offerings, compared to the company’s brick and mortar stores.

• Perceived to be less fashionable and of lesser quality than competitors • Vastly different experiences from store to store • Some brands are considered unappealing • Little to no destination brands • Diminished brand image from excessive sales and coupons


Style and Quality/Price Perceptual Map


OPPORTUNITIES • Cluttered media environments provide opportunities for non-traditional advertising • Consumer spending is trending toward exclusive brands • Social media use has increased among all demographic segments • Ever increasing smartphone usage and m-commerce activity












• Consumer interest trending towards specialty stores • Retail sales rely heavily on consumer confidence • Consumer habits are slowly returning to pre-recession • Off price channels are increasing in market share


0% 0%







Quality/ Price





RESEARCH Primary Research

jcpenney ads exposure

General Perception Surveys: 453 Target Market Surveys: 331 Targeted Market Perception Surveys: 190 Top of Mind Surveys:


Mall Interviews: 126 Online Surveys: 2,249 In-depth Interviews: 13 Total Surveys and Interviews: 3,554

When doing in-depth interviews with our target audience 7 out of every 10 people said that the floor plan needed to be easy to navigate or easy to find what they were looking for.

Survey Findings

“ “

It’s important that I know where things are. It drives me crazy when I have to look for things. - Melissa, 32

” ”

I don’t shop there because it’s always messy.


- Tory, 27

jcpenney ad recall

Perception of jcpenney “When you think of jcpenney what words first come to mind?”

Jcpenney is where my mother shops. Their target buyer is an older generation. -Susanna, 30*

Messy department store for clothing with less than cheery employees.

-Kirsten, 25*

Key Findings From Target Key Findings From Target Audience Surveys What persuades you to purchase? 40% Internet 35% Friends 23% TV

55% of respondents said style was very

important to them 55% of respondents said price was very important to them 81% of respondents said quality was very important to them 41% said they wished jcpenney has more stylish/trendy clothes

Dated! The store was very popular when I was younger but I haven’t heard much from them since.

On a 1-10 scale, jcpenney received a 5.50 shopping experience satisfaction rate.

-Jennifer, 33* *surveys conducted January 29, 2011


KEY INSIGHTS Research led to key insights into our target audience. 58% of survey respondents said they go to jcpenney for their low prices • focuses on communication style so jcpenney will become known as the place to go for affordable fashion. Research shows current ads are not memorable to the target audience. •Stronger ad copy and realistic situations will connect with women on an emotional level 18% of our target said they spend 12+ hours a week on Facebook. •Leverage social media as another effective touchpoint to help establish jcpenney as the go-to store for style at compelling prices Of the surveyed respondents, 41% said they wish jcpenney had more stylish/trendy clothes. •Raise awareness of current lines and introduce a new line to add to jcpenney’s portfolio According to research, consumers do not shop at jcpenney because it is difficult to navigate and is outdated. •Store renovations to change consumers’ perceptions while post-renovation promotional incentives to drive consumers in-store


TARGET AUDIENCE Primary Target: 

Secondary Target:

Stylish Samantha

Expert Erica

These women find shopping fun and don’t mind spending time to find the latest trends. They have browsed jcpenney stores on multiple occasions but are unlikely rewards members. Our goal is to increase our targets jcpenney purchases and crossshopping. These women want fast fashion and strive to reflect their unique style in their home’s decor. Stylish Samanthas dress primarily to please themselves, but compliments from friends and coworkers reaffirm their success. They have no qualms with buying an affordable version of the latest upscale fashions. They are not focused on wearing only designer labels but do place value in lines backed by celebrities or style experts. These women would be more likely to shop at JCPenney if they could identify the store with destination brands.

Expert Ericas always research before making purchases. They need to sure they are getting the best deal before they buy. Although jcpenney is known for its affordability, these women are hesitant to make purchases at our store because of its poor perception. However, with the help of this campaign Expert Ericas could research themselves straight into a JCP conversion. The quality of clothing along with great fashions at everyday prices is exactly what they are hoping to find. The campaign will open their eyes to what we have to offer.


THE BIG IDEA The Big Idea “Let life be your runway” embodies the idea of a self-confident woman. Jcpenney offers the latest styles in fashion and home decor at affordable prices. This appeal allows our target audience to have the perfect look for any occasion. The campaign shows “status drivers” turning everyday situations into “Runway Moments.” Extensive research led us to the insight that women in our target value the moments when they look their best and everyone knows it. Our campaign displays this self-empowerment through fashion. Jcpenney allows customers to wear stylish, runway inspired clothing without breaking the bank. Life isn’t about being on a real runway, or about expensive designer fashions. It’s about feeling that confidence and excitement in whatever you are wearing. “Let life be your runway” is about real people experiencing real life and enjoying every minute of it.

let life be your runway. 9

CREATIVE STRATEGY Creative Objectives • Increase primary target visits to jcpenney by 15% in 6 months • Increase secondary target visits to jcpenney by 10% in 6 months • Raise awareness, opinion and consideration of jcpenney among 30% of the primary target

market by February 2013 • Raise awareness, opinion and consideration of jcpenney among 20% of the secondary target

market by February 2013 • Improve awareness of brands offered by 15% by February 2013

Vision Rebirth’s integrated advertising campaign comprises various forms of communication channels: print ads, television and direct mailers, interactive web specials, smart phone ads, an upgraded smart phone app all the way up to innovative out of home advertisement and a revamp of The campaign presents jcpenney as the department store of choice to purchase fast fashion for life’s “runway moments.”


EXECUTIONS V.O : Runway Moment #42

V.O : Making an Entrance SFX: The Doors:’Soul Kitchen’

V.O : Fashion is a silent languagee

V.O : Or those perfect pumps

V.O : It shows your inner confidence

V.O : Today is your day...

let life be your runway.


V.O : Let life be your runway.

V.O : When you wear your favorite pair of jeans

Our print advertisements form an emotional connection to our consumers with the concise message: “I can make the simplest moments look fashionable.� Through this approach jcpenney redefines everyday occurences as fulfilling moments.


OUT-OF-HOME Strategically placed out of home elevator advertisements invite customers to step foot into our runway.

Creative building wraps placed around the outsides of recently renovated stores.


A four week “takeover” of New York City’s Herald Station will feature out of home ads lining stairs and wrapping pillars.

DIRECT MAIL Advertising back-to-school wear and holiday retail will help promote what jcpenney has to offer.

Advertising store renovations through direct mail will help promote jcpenneys improved shopping experience



changing the traditional pop-up ad is an effective way of Engaging the viewer. A picture can easily be over looked, but to watch a model emerge from and ad and strut across the screen will spark the interest of women looking to be fashionable.

Our new and improved website will serve the customer with a better online shopping experience.

Jcpenney brand ads will appear in between game levels, tempting gamers to click straight to the website.


Afforable Fashions.

Let Life Be  Your Runway.

“Share your runway moments” In social media outlets customers will be encouraged to share situations they consider to be “runway moments.” Peers will vote on a winning story that will be turned into an advertisement. The winner will also receive a $500 jcpenney shopping spree.

Rebirth will place banner ad s using behavioral and contextual targeting.


IN-STORE EXPERIENCE Little Improvements Make a Big Difference • Larger in store direction sinage for fitting roomes, customer service, brand sections, Red Zone sale etc. • Increased involvement by upper management at retail locations to help promote store cohesion • Modernize fitting room area • Better department organization (i.e. evenly spaced clothing racks) • Exchange carpeting for marble floors

Coffee sleeve ads will be placed in local chains

In 2012 jcpenney will test the localization approach first in 20 markets before implementing localized merchandise for all store locations

Post-Renovation Promotions • Direct mailers and coffee sleeves will be distributed by geo-targeted zip codes. Press releases will be sent to local papers and news stations. • Building wraps will display the new store renovations.


Undercover Boss Undercover Boss, a reality television show that airs every week on CBS, has upper management go undercover to examine the inter workings of their company. Undercover Boss will give jcpenney positive media exposure and the opportunity to notice differences with each in-store experience. According to Nielsen Company’s “Top Trends for 2010” Undercover Boss was ranked #1 for the most effective product placement on brand opinion for the episode featuring 1-800-FLOWERS.

Fitting Room

Attractive shopping bags carry advertising out of stores and onto the streets.

*Case Study: A Consumer Perspective


PUBLIC RELATIONS Goals • To build jcpenney’s brand as a preference for women 25-34 • To increase awareness of brands offered by 15% by February 2013

Strategy The campaign for jcpenney will focus on communicating the message that jcpenney offers affordable trendy fashion through a variety of events, promotions and partnerships.


• Tim Gunn - Tim Gunn’s Spring Style Tour • People Style Watch - Continued partnership • Leighton Meester - Me. • Oscars - Continued sponsorship

me by Leighton Meester A partnership between jcpenney and Leighton Meester will expand jcpenney’s current exclusive product offerings. Like jcpenney, Leighton has a classic look with a modern feel. Leighton has publicly expressed interest in designing a clothing line. She is known as a fashionista, and has appeared in People magazine for her great sense of style. Our target will identify with Leighton, and will wear her line because of her high source credibility. Her character’s classic wardrobe earned her a spot on TV Guide’s 25 most stylish people. She stars in the primetime television series Gossip Girl, which has the highest viewership of all CW shows among our target audience.


Tim Gunn’s Spring Style’s Tour Fashion mentor, Tim Gunn, will travel to five high profile malls where he will style women in the latest fashions.

Tim Gunn’s Spring In the City Contest

The five week tour in March of 2012 will coincide with the kick off of the “let life be your runway” campaign.

Five lucky winners will win the opportunity to be personally styled by Tim Gunn at the New York launch of the tour and be featured in the show. Additionally, Cindy Crawford, Nicole Miller and Charlotte Ronson will be stylists at the event.

Ten women in attendance will be chosen randomly to be “models.” This will ensure that women can picture themselves in the outfits Tim Gunn has chosen. Each model will get to keep the outfit they wear in the show.

The tour and contest will be publicized in several media outlets. Each will direct you to the jcp. com website to enroll for a chance to win.

Attendees will receive a gift bag and souvenir booklet. Fashions featured in the show will be available for 15% off.

Tour Stops • Manhattan Mall: New York City, New York • The Aventura Mall: Miami, Florida • Scottsdale Fashion Square: Scottsdale, Arizona • Woodfield Mall: Schaumburg, Illinois • Del Amo Fashion Center: Torrance, California

The winners will receive: • Airfare to and from New York City • Transportation to and from the airport • Hotel and dining accommodations for two nights • $500 shopping spree with the help of Tim Gunn






• To reach 75% of our primary market and prompt them to spend half of their average yearly retail spending at jcpenney. • The company will see a 6% increase in yearly sales if we can convert our primary market. • To reach 75% of our secondary market and prompt them to spend 10% of their average yearly retail spending at jcpenney. • The company will see a 7% increase in yearly sales if we can convert our secondary market. • The campaign uses a pulse strategy to maintain a steady level of advertising throughout the year, and spends more in selected quarters for more precise targeting. Heavy periods of advertisements will be placed during our launch and through the 3rd and 4th quarters when more money is being spent at jcpenney. Although it is important to have steady advertising in the slower months, Rebirth targets more advertising dollars in busy sales periods.

Overall, this campaign will be most effective by focusing on a combination of traditional and non-traditional mediums that will reach women through relevant advertising from a new and creative perspective. It was key to focus on media buying vehicles that will connect to the target audience and elevate their perceptions of merchandise from jcpenney.

Red dot indicates jcpenney stores in the area Purple circle indicates elevator placement Green square indicates subway station domination



Launch February 2012- February 2013 . We will provide a heavy amount of media coverage from August through February 2013.

The campaign will be launched nationally through television and print ads. Media outlets will be distributed to heavily populated areas with numerous jcpenney stores.

2nd Quarter February Tactic




March 20




April 19




3rd Quarter

May 16

Spring/Summer Launch





June 21


Mothers Day



July 18



Fathers Day


4th Quarter

August 16





September 20

Back To School





Fall/Winter Clothing

October 24




1st Quarter

November 22




December 19





January 24




February 21




18 Impressions Total Cost


Television Primetime

1,028,480,404 $36,841,482.00

Cable TV

1,515,193,428 $4,102,560.00

Print Better Homes/Gardens

Two Page Layout

Cosmopolitan InStyle

Two Page Lyout


Two Page Layout

Good Housekeeping Parents

Two Page Layout

Two Page Layout

Two Page Layout Two Page Layout

Direct Mail

Two Page Layout




Two Page Layout

Two Page Layout



Two Page Layout

Two Page Layout



Two Page Layout Two Page Layout








Online Interactive Banner Ads



Click Ads












Out Of Home Elevators



Herald Station



Smartphone Ads



Media Totals

3,142,986,931 $79,544,019.00


Promotions 9150000


Coffee Sleeves

Coffee sleeves will only be used to promote new store renovations in geo-targeted areas whenever the renovation is completed



Direct Mailers

Promotional direct mailers will be used to target the consumers in cities with jcpenney stores being renovated in 2012



Promotions Totals



Grand Totals



Promotional Print Ads

Media Flow Chart 22

Channels Television ($40,944,042) Primetime TV ($36,841,482)

Simmons research suggests women in our target audience spend most of their TV consumption during the primetime shows. Rebirth will run 30-second ads 40 times a week for 8 weeks, during the season openers and finales of the highest rating shows. Suggested networks: ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, CW Cable ($4,102,560)

Cable TV stations will reach the target audience year round by running 30-second spots on the highest rated stations 60 times each week for the entire length of the campaign. Using Simmons research data, Rebirth suggests placing ads in the following cable stations: Lifetime, MTV, TLC, VH1, Bravo, E!, HGTV, Food Network, Nickelodeon, ABC Family, with a lighter approach on TBS and USA

Print ($24,961,348) Magazines ($23,993,548)

Print ads will be placed in magazines frequently read by the target audience for the entirety of the campaign. Rebirth will run 4-color full-page ads every month, increased to two pages per magazine in selected months. Suggested magazines include Better Homes and Gardens (2 pages in July and November), Cosmopolitan (2 pages in May and June), InStyle (2 pages in February, March and October-December), Glamour (2 pages in February, March and October-December), Good Housekeeping (2 pages in July and November) and Parents (2 pages in March, April and September) Direct Mail ($967,800)

Direct mail will be sent out to the jcpenney rewards women in our target audience twice within the campaign. First will be in August to emphasize back to school and Labor Day sales, and secondly in the beginning of November for the upcoming holiday season.


*BIGresearch: Black Friday Weekend research conducted for the National Retail Federation

Online ($9,356,629) Interactive ($806,629) Through contextual and behavioral advertising, interactive banner ads will appear on sites visited by the target audience based on both psychographics and demographics as well as the most recent searches. Keywords and Click Advertising ($1,200,000) Department store related keywords will place at the top of the online search both on search engines and through Television ($3,600,000) Hulu allows the target audience to conveniently watch consumers’ favorite television shows. This also allows jcpenney to advertise to women who may have missed the initial airing. Pandora ($3,000,000) 30-second audio and display advertisements appear simultaneously on the listener’s play list. Facebook Engagement Advertising ($750,000) Consumers can engage with jcpenney advertisements the same way they interact with other content on Facebook. Engagement advertising through Facebook allows users to share content with their friends, giving advertisers viral impressions of their success.

Out-of-Home ($3,962,000) Elevators ($3,712,000) “Let life be your runway” advertisements are placed on elevator doors throughout malls with jcpenney stores in heavily populated states. This will occur during two months within the campaign, once to begin the launch and once to begin the holiday season. Suggested states: Florida, Texas, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Media Budget: $79,544,019 Promotions Budget: $1,484,644 Total: $81,028,663

Subway Advertising ($250,000) Ads will be placed on the stairs to and from Herald Square Station as well as creating a station domination throughout the busy 4 weeks before the holiday season. This benefits jcpenney by catching the eye of locals and tourists combined. While women are out buying holiday gifts and commuting to work, jcpenney will be in their focal point for at least a couple minutes in the third busiest station in Manhattan. Mobile ($320,000) Ads will be strategically placed in between levels of popular smart phone and iPad applications, and can redirect consumers directly to



45% of women 25-34 consider social media as an important way of communicating with others and do so on a regular basis. They are known as “Social Connectors.” Their cell phone usage is heavy and provides a bridge to their social world. In addition, 29% of smartphone owners have accessed a retail shopping app in the last 30 days.

Problem Of the social connectors in our target audience, only 13% are fans of jcpenney on Facebook. The jcpenney social media sites do not deliver a consistent message. The jcpenney social media platforms seem more like advertisement while they should sound more like a friend. 98% of customers have a cell phone and over half of them are using their it to access the internet. However, only 23% are

accessing jcpenney from their phone.



• Jcpconnection is the plan to create a cohesive digital retail experience. Jcpenney’s Digital Marketing Analysts will be retrained by Rebirth’s Social Media Team to ensure proper execution of the plan. The team suggests: • Listen to the customer first, and sell the product second. • Engage the customer in conversations and activities that they can participate in. • Advise the customer of current store news, fashion trends and tips. • Present a cohesive creative design. • Deliver a consistent message that extends across the various platform.

• Digital Marketing Analysts will re-train their social media staff to follow the jcpconnection plan to ensure that all messages are consistent on social media, Internet, and mobile platforms. • Staff will sign their initials after a response so the DMA’s can monitor who is responding to customers. • Analysts will be responsible for being knowledgeable of current fashion trends, style tips, and advice for the social media department to share. • Analysts will be responsible for making sure all customers in the social media and digital experience are satisfied by conducting surveys. By following the jcpconnection model, jcpenney should increase the overall customer digital experience.



let life be your runway.

connect shop

jcpager: This app sends a message to customer service employees from customers needing assistance so they do not have to wonder the store looking for an employeee but instead one will come to them.



• Smartphones in addition to, iPods, iPads, and iPhones • Improve current app by simplifying the app to Find, Connect, Shop

A new app on the page for ”Share Your Runway Moments” will be created


The page will be simplified with less clutter

• Digital coupons & promotions • The store nearest you • The store layout • Employees for help (jcpager) • Products using the search or barcode scanner

Connect • Users to jcpenney social media from the app • Users to style tips and videos • Users to customer service

Shop: • The jcpenney store from your phone • The jcpersonal shopper: recommendation based personal shopper. Recommendations come from selecting event type, item, how much they want to spend, when they need it by, quantity and color. They can select some or all of these specifications, fashions will be recommended to the customer.

Twitter • Social media staff will incorporate “hashtags” participating in popular topics. This generates more impressions and relevant posts. • Social media staff will tag celebrities affiliated with jcpenney for promotional purposes. • Social media staff will retweet celebrities and twitter users. Celebrities to generate impressions and users for customer service and other forms of engagement. • Social media staff will demonstrate a stronger customer service response. Customers will be rewarded for their participation.

Youtube • jcpenney will post video style blogs weekly • customers can submit “Share your runway moments” through video

Foursquare • promote & continue to offer incentives for check-ins and mayorship •Increase awareness of the app


BUDGET Print Internet OOH Mobile

Total Campaign Budget 100 Million



$9,356,629.00 $3,962,000.00



11.76% 4.98%


Total tv



0.40% 100.00% Mobile

3.5% 3.5%

11.9% 1.5%

media promotions prmotions commission contingency evaluation

















Media Budget


EVALUATION Presentation

Demonstrate methods to monitor plan performance. Put key performance indicators, bench marks, and additional implications. Explain implications of ongoing measurement.


Recommendations to monitor plan performance. Put key performance indicators, bench marks, and additional implications. Recognizes potential pitfalls in media and marketing. Money left over is to change plan and add things as needed.


We will evaluate the campaign as a whole among women 25-34 by monitoring jcpenneys share of wallet among these women. • Compare re-call of ads from 2012 Oscars to 2011 • Fans and followers will be tracked on social media • unique visitors will be monitored • Surveys for brand image and perceived store image before the undercover boss episode and after • Survey people at renovation events to track if they are a JCP shopper or a competitor’s customer • Track number of attendees at renovation events • Track foot traffic on a store by store basis throughout the campaign • Surveys for brand awareness levels at the start and end of campaign


REBIRTH ADVERTISING Media would like to thank you for allowing us to create the most cohesive, innovative and compelling campaign possible. Our agency specializes in reviving our clients’ brands by creating a vibrant strategic plan, repositioning the brand with a fresh perspective.


Mara Webster John Bickle Alan Hill Victor Holcombe


Kylie Tregre Mallory Asp Viktoria Wiberg Alexandra Ernst Alonso Andara


Jenn Booth Eddie Schneider Michael Caruso Michael La Rocca Kristen Diaz Cooper Mount

Public Relations

Mark Clayton


Dr. Yolanda Cal

let life be your runway.

NSAC 2010-2011  


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