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My Book of English technical drawing Eddie Esleiter Osoy Valenzuela The technical drawing is a language not spoken or written but can be drawn on planes of different types of materials, you can read what types of tools that can help us to develop these drawings.

Drawings and plans are life Lot 9 block B T.N.2 industry January 15 4827-9810 4895-4859 11/11/2011


DRAWING TECNICO___________________________________________pg2

TECHNICAL DRAWING INSTRUMENTS:_____________________ pg2 on pg 7


CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS __________________________pg 9 through 14

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN PRINCIPLES ________________________pg13 to

The common areas A HOME SON____________________________pg14 to 18

WINDOW TYPES OF PLANS THAT THERE ARE :_________________ pg 18-19

FOUNDATION AND COLUNMAS______________________________________________pg19 to 21 BIBLIOGRAFIA CONCLUCION ___________________________________pg22


THE TECHNICAL DRAWING The technical drawing is a form of lenguje that is used by all the engineers, architects and designers in the industry of all countries of the world also is used in the electronics and mechanics. The technical drawing shows the figures before they made us shows exactly the same. After a qeu specializes in technical drawing can also be specialized in other area such as: Drawing specific areas Drawing of wooden structures mechanical drawing Architectural design and construction Drawing of metal structures Drawing of cartoons

TECHNICAL DRAWING INSTRUMENTS: The following are some technical drawing instruments such as the following Wooden pencil: make in colors like blue and green and can be sharpened with a sharpener or sandpaper afilaminas


The mechanical pencil 0.5 mm, the plastic and metal do not need this or anything to sharpen sharpener

Pencil of two millimeters thick, is most often used by cartoonists it needs us to acerle tip of afilaminas

The afilaminas: to make a good a good line is to grind the mines there are two types of these afilaminas: plastic, sand and drum


TYPES OF MINE USED There are different types of mines of the darkest to the lightest shades in the dark mines are: EE, EB, 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B and HB that these are the darkest and also there are very Swabians at the time of draw and the most clear are: F, H, 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H and 8H these are the clearest and are also the hardest The boradores: the one used in technical drawing is the Swabian rubber as this halluda us not to break or damage the paper they are working on drafts is also the holder and eraser electric eraser

The sepillo or broom is used to shake after using the eraser to work non-staining to remove the draft.

The Compass: This is used to make circles and to the doors of a dwelling


The rapidografos: used to burn the picture that has been developed at the

Almuadilla or mouse, is used to smudge the worksheet with the rules To delete the template: used to erase small lines that are in more in the plane

The rule "T": the rule will only serves to draw horizontal lines for Apollo and the brackets are in barium forms as fixed head, moving head and other materials


The parallel rule: this is placed on the table and let it set in it and loved the corners of Lamesa

Squads: about 45 degrees and 30-60 degrees in the types are large, small and adjustable

The document pocket, are used to bring the two sets of plans

The drawing board: This is placed flat and are in sizes bariables


The scaler: This is used to doing things with the actual measurements are only very small

The escalsa are: 1:125, 1:100, 1:75, 1:50, 1:20 and 1:25

STROKE OF ANGLES UTILIZAND THE TWO TYPES OF SQUARES: Angulo is a space between two lines that meet at a point called the vertex angles are plotted against the clock

The circumference: a curved line contunua ending in the center


THE LINES ARE: Radius: a line connecting the center with any line of the circumference.

DIAMETER: it is a straight line that divides into two equal parts circusferencia

Secant: a line that intersects two points circusferncia without passing through the center


Tangent: line that touches a point on the circusferencia

Arch is a curved part of the circusferencia

BUILDING MATERIALS The blocks: are made of coarse clay with a higher than normal brick steps are:

Block of her measurements are: height 0.20m long 0.40m wide 0.15m


Block her measurements are: height 0.20m long 0.40m wide 0.15m 0.20my

Block U type your measurements are 0.20m long 0.40m wide high 0.20mo can be 0.15m

BOLCANICA SLAG BLOCKS HAVE THE FOLLOWING MEASURES: Facade type your measurements are: height 0.19m long 0.39m wide 0.19m

Facade type your measurements are: height 0.19m long 0.39m wide 0.14m


Piece of block as her measurements are: height 0.19m long 0.19m wide 0.14m

Block smaller piece of your measurements are: height 0.20m long 0.20m wide 0.15m 0.20my

Bricks: are sewn and custom-made pieces of clay are different in size and shape measurements are:

Perforated brick your measurements are: 0065 high, 0.23 long, 0.14 wide


Perforated brick your measurements are: 0065 high, 0.23 long, 0.11 wide

Brick tubular her measurements are: 0065 high, 0.23 long,

0.11 wide Tayuya its measures son.0.065 brick high, 0.23 wide

largo.0.11 Brick tubular her measurements are: 0065 high, 0.23 or 0.29 long, 0.14 wide


Super block her measurements are: 0.19 high, 0.39 long, 0.14 wide

Super septum her measurements are: 0.19 high, 0.39 long, 0.09 wide

U Solera her measurements are: 0065 high, 0.29 and 0.23 long, 0.11 wide and 0.14

Brick tubular her measurements are: 0.14 high, 0.29 long, 0.11 wide


Fachaleta her measurements are: 0065 high, 0.29 and 0.23 long, 0.025 wide

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN PRINCIPLES Functionalism: is that form follows function The formalism is that the function follows form The designer as a black box is that the designer makes the picture in your mind and can take it out just as I thought The designer as a transparent box, which designs is fully aware of what he does and as it does when working All housing is free areas such as gardens and patios

Anthropometry: the measurements studying man to see the space on the rooms and furniture

The common areas of a house are: living room, cociana, laundry, study rooms and other The rooms of a house divided into rooms and habitable Habits are: living room, dining room, study and bedroom Non habitalbes are: bathing, and cooking labanderia


The symbolism of Automobiles The three minimum measures are: 2.10mts high, 2.50mts wide, long 5.00mts

The combination of the room with the comedro have to do as long 5.50mts minimum width 3.00mts The table measures are: 0.80mts wide 1.30mts of alrgo, 0.80mts high

Minimum dimensions of the room are: Lower side of the room 2.70mts

Combination comedro room 3.00m x 5.00 = a 15.00m2 Psychic space: they are areas where people are active Ergonomics: is the science etudia people and everything that surrounds


The dimensions of the beds are: Imperial Type: length 1.90m, width 0.90m, height 0.45m

Semi marriage: 1.90m long, 0.45m wide high 1.50my

Marriage: length 2.00m, width 0.45m high 2.00my

Measures of furniture for kitchen and labanderia environment:


Washing Machine: High 0.90m, width 0.60m long 0.75my

Battery: 0.85m high, 1.10m long and 0.60m wide

Stove: 0.90m high, 0.60m long and 0.60m wide

Labatrastos: height 0.90m, width 0.60m long 1.00my

Refrijeradora: height 1.80m, width 0.70m long 0.70my


The minimum dedidas servicion bath will always have to be in width are 3.05m long is 0.90my The main bathroom minimum dedidas are 1.20m wide and 2.90m long

WINDOWS: The whole atmosphere of a home must have sufficient lighting and ventilation. For the area of environment lighting accounts for 15% of floor area And the ventilation area is 33% of iluninacion.

TYPES OF PLANS THAT THERE ARE: 1) plant: plant has furnished this plane, the main facade and two cuts one transverse and one longitudinal. 2) bounded plant: indication of levels of doors and window schedules and details 3) Plant foundation and columns, details and specifications. 4) Plant roof structures, beams and specification details.


5) plant installation and symbology specification idraulica 6) Plant and installation of sanitary sewers plubiales, details of boxes, symbols and specifications 7) Plant electrical equipment (lighting and power) symbologies and specification 8) Location map

FOUNDATION AND COLUMNS basic principles The subfloor moisture: a orizontal colmna part that melts into the ground and one outside this does not allow water to seep The walls: are those that charge a cover construction and shape to the house and serve with the other walls divicion besin The bracket: they are pictures or echos Sinch iron is used to tie four to six iron rods The link: it is an iron rod into a hook is tied between two and three rods Column: are parts of a house to support the weight of it


Run growth: this is based on a orizontal it receives all the burdens of the CONSTRUCTION

Sill: Horizontal pocicion are placed on the hearth and are moisture, middle and end that supports the entire weight of the walls and overload in a column

Concreto Reinforced concrito is the foundry iron rods in the

The shoe: a foot of one or more columns are placed in the


CONCLUCION The technical drawing is very well-crafted and very good practice to design us a good construction plans or SQ RATHER WE KNOW MORE THAN WE CONSTRULLAMOS all the basics



mi libro de ingles  

todo aserca de dibujo tecnico y como se desempeña y cada uno de los intrumentos del dibujo tecnico

mi libro de ingles  

todo aserca de dibujo tecnico y como se desempeña y cada uno de los intrumentos del dibujo tecnico