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Integrated Elements Imperative To Measure Quality Of Child Care From Professional Day Cares The concept of ‘day care’ was first appeared in France in 1840 and the same concept spread in all corners of the Europe in the late 18th century. In 1850, it was the United States that witnessed the establishment of day cares when New York Day Nursery came into existence in New York in 1854. Today’s modern world Canada is known for its private as well as subsidized day care centers that claim high quality early childhood education and care. Parents always look for high quality, affordable care and education for their children’s development and growth. To do so, all working parents put their faith in day cares. There are several evidences showing positive effects of high quality early childhood programs on the mental as well as physical growth and behavior of children who actively took part in the child day cares than who failed to do so. Physical as well as psychological health and safety is the first concern of all parents who want day care facility for their children. When we talk about the finding the best day care to have quality child care, there are several qualitative elements that every quality child care should possess to give the best care to children. These include: •

Day cares should appreciate every child who takes part in the day care.

They need to form a collaborative partnership with child’s families.

They should have a quality indoor and outdoor physical and learning environment.

They should possess a meaningful and child development related learning program.

They should have a supported workforce to give the children best care and attention.

They must follow effective administrative practices set by child care authorities at the program level.

They also need to set an effective infrastructure to display the vision of child care learning and development.

They should follow all government policies and processes based on evidence, planning and resources,

They should not overcharge parents with high parent fees.

They need to take genuine fees from parents.

They should have a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable child care practitioners.

They should train all toddlers in a manner so that they can develop smartly, and.


They should interact and communicate with parents at a regular basis to let the parents know about the growth, behavior and interests of their children.

Whether you are looking for a Preschool Calgary or Calgary Day Care, mentioned-above integrated elements can make a real difference to your selection.

Integrated Elements Imperative To Measure Quality Of Child Care From Professional Day Cares