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BA (Hons) Graphic design -



Preperation & Proposal - Part 1.

Module code: OUGD303

Module Title: Final Major Project

Name: Eddie Cooper

Date: 31/01/2013

Revised Prosition Statement & Rationale: In this module I aim to create a substantial body of work tying in my own personal interests with a focus on the subject areas that I would like to specialist in. That Being design for the cultural sector and design for the music sector with a focus on typography, editorial design and concept driven work with experimental outcomes.

Themes / Subjects: What Themes/Subjects will form the basis of your work for the final major project? This should include Theoretical and non design based content and concerns.

Design Context: Identify areas of professional/creative practices that will inform the contextualization of the work that you produce. This should include specific designer’s, studios, practitioner’s and products as well as broader creative disciplines and methods of Production / Distribution.


Exhibition Design for the cultural sector Design for the music sector Music Artist Branding Editorial Webdesign Print

- Studio DD: - Ritator: http://www.ritator. http://studio-d-d. com/ com/ - Ok-rm: - 2x elliot: http://www.2xelliott. http://www.ok-r m. - Aurèle Sack:

- Joe Gilmore/qubik: h t t p : / / w w w. q u b i k . com/

- Jim Wong: h t t p : / / w w w. g d - - Edwin van Gelder/ Main studio:

Design Dissaplins: What areas of graphic design practice do you in-

- Design for the cultural sector - Design for the music sector

tend to investigate in relation to the practical and conceptual production / distribution of work in response to selected briefs.

Design Skills: What practical design skills do you intend to further develop and apply during your final major project. What do you intend to use the skills for. Consider extending the use of skills that you already have in order to deliver work of a professional standard as well as identifying new skills that you will need to develop.


Branding Product, range & distrobution Typography Print Experiments with print finishes Editorial Publication design Image based design Concept driven outcomes

Proposed Briefs:

Brief 1: Codebreaker

List any briefs that you have already identified as possible starting points for your Final Major Project. You should include possible competition and Live briefs as well as identifying briefs that will allow you to develop a significant body of research and development in relation to your stated Themes/subjects, Design disciplines and production / distribution methods


A collaborative brief with Matthew Chatfield, design for the cultural sector with a focus on typography, editorial and conceptual design, creating a strong visual aesthetic, way finding, publications, promotional material, other... for a science exhibition based on codebreaking at the Nation science Museum.

Brief 2: Fashion Branding Rationale:

Branding and identity for a 3rd Year Fashion Student. An investigation on branding and identity with a focus on typography, editorial and conceptual design work to produce innovative, conceptual, unique visual identity for Gemma Wallis.

Brief 3: Wallpaper design Rationale:

An investigation into image based design and pattern design, creating a visual identity for a wallpaper company along with a range of wallpaper designs, with a focus on branding, repeat pattens, image work and specialist print finished and processes.

Brief 4: Bambooman Rationale:

Live Brief: Create the album artwork and a strong visual identity for the down-tempo minimal dub music producer bambooman. Produce artwork for a range of EP releases and studio albums at a range of different sizes and formats, also design promotional material

and a web presence for the producer. Design for the music sector with a focus on print processes, typography, image based design work and design for web.

Brief 5: That Duke Night Rationale:

An enterprise based collaborative brief with Michael Mooney with a focus on creating an effective identity and proposal concept for a night at the Garage Club in leeds.

Key texts: List a selected number of books, articles and texts that are central o your proposed area of practice. These should include a combination of design and non-design based books, theoretical texts as well as visual publications.

- Josef Muller-Brockmann (2008). Grid Systems in Graphic Design: A Handbook for Graphic Artists, Typographers, and Exhibition Designer. germany: Niggli Verlag. - Charles Petzold (2000). Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software [Paperback]. London: Microsoft Press. - W M J Arets (2011). Stills - Wiel Arets: A Timeline of Ideas, Articles & Interviews. Amsterdam: 010 Uitgeverij. - (2012). Pretty Ugly: Visual Rebellion in Design. Holland: Die Gestalten Verlag. - Robert Klanten (2012). Los Logos: 6. Germany: Die Gestalten Verlag. - Robert Klanten (2010). Los Logos: Compass. Germany: Die Gestalten Verlag. - Simon Garfield (2011). Just My Type: A Book About Fonts. England: Profile Books.

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Proposal for part 1  
Proposal for part 1  

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