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Science and data,

i want to collect data and display the information in this sort of style infographics style. Not really sure which directiong i would like to go in, but i feel it would need a strong content to support the visuals, so.. its not just a book filled with pretty shapes. Some things i have been researching into to visualise the data;

- String theory// a visual representation of string theory. - Slow light/Fast light// documenting light and the speed of light, documenting the data in this style. - Quantom theory science. - Many worlds hypothesis. - Unveiling the Brain’s Architecture. - Contours. - Sound. Basically using allot of date and allot of maths and using these patterns, colours and shapes to visualise them.


These are the visuals that i have been looking into, all a similar style, just nice patterns, shapes and colours all built up from documenting data. Conceptual artists such as; - Natan Sinigaglia. - Sojamo. - Woody Vasulka & Brian O’Reilly. - jack featherstone. - Leanne Eisen.

These are all Visualising things such as; - Studying scan Processing. - Cities and architecture made out of light, out of electrons. - Documenting flows of electricity through an electromagnet. - Data from analogue computers. - Contours of cities and landscapes. - Brain data images. - Scans of interesting objects that create patterns of light across the scanner.

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