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Corporate Event Planning

When a corporation decides to hold an event, the preparation that goes into planning it is crucial for the event to be successful. • Theme - There are many great corporate event theme ideas to choose from and implement into your event, but the one you decide to go with should tie in to the overall goal of the event and compliment your business. Experiment with event themes. Try a pop-up event.

• Target your audience : Try a local incentive trip or corporate retreat. You'll stretch your budget and help stimulate the local economy. Otherwise, down the road, who will be in a position to buy your products and services?

• Entertainment - Don’t skimp on entertainment, as it is vital for a successful event. Here are a few ideas to take your event to the next level with the right entertainment: • You can bring a Bit of Reality Television

• Say Hooray for Hollywood Even if you live in the middle of the country, you can bring the magic and excitement of Hollywood to your event. It can be lights, camera and action time for your event attendees.

• Social Media – Look to social media as a way to give rather than just get. Look for opportunities to engage and refer business to service providers with whom you connect online.

Catering and Menu Planning • Experiment with dishes from other cultures. • Try creative lunch formats for like indoor picnics and tailgate parties.

Devote quality time to designing more appealing vegetarian and vegan options. • Remember to incorporate strategies to cater to allergies and special dietary needs into your plan •

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Corporate event planning  

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