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m &ofllx ltf slvxl n $ nlxlt cilID iltE txl ta, trr sruc - ru|s $il HYltl{S rt l0 an: 137; 2'l1i a48i 53i 428; PREACHER TODAYal l0 - 0Oam: Fr Ksith Bri6td PARISHOFFICE:llonday to F.iday S - 30 am to 1I - 3) am TEL:0125233{161 €- mail: office@$int{ gOOKlllGS OF WEDDINGS& gAPTlSliS - Wedn€daF 6 to 7 pm

I€l I v20 -and; Colo$ian63 v l2-'17; Luke2v33-35




TUESDAY frtEDlTATlON @ HolyAngetr 7-30pm WEDNESOAY HOLYCOMMUI{ION 9-30am followed by cofieo

,4yxNluaso ddlthlltby/o/ COLLECTFOR MOTHERINGSUNDAY God of cotnpa*slon, whoa6 Son Je3u6 Chriat, lh€ child of liary, shared the life oaa holh€ ln l{.z.r€th' and on llre crc35 drev thGwhole human family lo himself: ltr€ngthen us in off daily living that In ioy and i. 6o.row ws rnay know lh€ pow€r of your ple3€nco to blnd togel'ler and to hesl; through Jetu! Chri3t your Son our Lord, who ia alive .nd reigru wlth you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, ono God, now and for ev€r. Amen

POSTCOIVIIUUNION PRAYER Lovlng God, as . molher fe6ds her childrcn at the br€aet you feod u. In thb sac.ahent wilh the food and drink ot eternal llte: help u6 who have tasted your goodnea3 to grow In grac. wiihin the hou*hold ot failt , through Jo3!r! ChrLt our Lord. Anen.



MOTHERS'UI{ION 2-30pm TOASTCLUB3 - 30 pm to 5 - 00 pm LENTFIL @tho Chapel 7-30pm STATIONSOF THECROSS7 - 30 pm

NEXTSUNDAY'SREADIIIGS:LENT5 Ezekiel 37v I - l4i RofiatB8 v5- 11,Jofin11v I -45 BIRTHDAYGREEITiGS - our good wiah€6 and prayeis go to tho3€ celebra0ng g!6ir birthd.y et this time

;3peci.lly:suE..s lTHls*); roxv wHELTo (6"1; JOHNYOUNG{9'"}

Pl€a3apray for t}|e souls ot the recendy departed rnd for th6e who3e annlversary ot dealtr occu|! at thir time e6pechlly: MARIO HERTO ; EILEE KI}{NAIRD; CHARLESHARWOOD:DE{}rls BARiIETT LENT Leht boxe6 tor USPG arc avallable to take hon6 - thGe Bhould be retum€d on Erstar Sunday. Thsrb a|l el3o l€alLta and €nvelop63 trom B8hop Chiiltorher in connection wilh his Lent Call to the dloc€ae. Pl€a3oretum any cnvolop€ on Ea3ter Sunday. TUESDAYEVENII{GS- a s€iies of 3llent m.dlt dons at Holy Ang€l! Church 7 - 30 pm

W6 w€lcome IARIA SASSO to b€ bapti!€d et 12 noon tod.y, .bo he.3pon6oB, lamily and friend6.

THURSDAYEVEI'lll{GS - a !€rie! of Lenbn filmr followed by dilcuaaions at The Chepsl, Whart Roed 7 - 30 pm. FRIDAY EVEXINGS - St ton8 ot the Croas l€d by th€ difiarent de€y 7 - 30 Fn at Holy Angeb.

THAIIK YOU - to eve.yons who helped make !p lhe posl€ for today.

Pteaaeaeethe apeciat/€ana,rfur morc dab s

TheCbi\tian conmunitf at St Peter's is colled to celebrate,lii'e and.eJlect the low ofcod in Je:ls Christ

MOTHERS' U |oN - ttre afremoon group meet thi3 Yvedh$day at 2 - 30 pm in St P€t6/3 C€nbe. Etizat cth Coiton will be giving sone 'Re,llectionr on Lgnf. ,,tl CO [Ul{lTY STREET TEAII - leoktng to promob po.llive rcLtlonlhip3 b€tween young peopte and adutts in Aah. tr you are inter€rbd in idning please contact Pet Scott at Th6 n€xt meeting la on Tu6day 5"' April at 6 - 30 pm - A3h C6ntr€ PE TECOST PARIY - CTAAT (Ch.trti.n! togeiher in Aah, Ash Vale end Tongham) er6 pl.nning . fr€e Pentecoct paaty for our local communlg again this ye.r on l2th June. Youa prayeB for this sharing & oufeach would bs much appr€ci.tad. lf you are avait.bte to hotp organi!€ plea3€join u3 on F.lday 8th Apnt at Sprn .t 60 Val€ Rord, Ash Val6 cul2 sHS for the ptanning m€€ting. lf you'd be willing to help on the dey, or have idea3 to rugg€3! pleai€ contact Alexandra Sandot8on, Sue Ch..dflck or .ny one of your churchl CTAAT rsps 01252 311074 ) {Afer: Th.nk Youl CHURCHESTOGETHERTEA - thor€ wi be no tee .t Holy Angeb on Sunday 17"',the nett tee wttt be at The Ch.pel, Wh.rf Road on Sunday I 5- Itay. SAIISAURYS'At{D TESCOVOUCHERS- once agaln Little Flche6 are collecting the 3upennarket voucheB to buy items of equipmenl for th€ Pre-6chool. Th€|l are coll6cting bore! in lhe foyer of St Peb/3 Centre. HOUSEGROUP- for Albb Study, praye. and a ch3nce for a chat with triends- lf you arc Inbrerbd in Jointng ple$e 3peakto Llnda Hill on 3,|:}716.

EASTERLILIES , Onco agaln thore is the opportunltyto l€mombel lov.d on.s this Ea.t ,tld6 by buying a lily - C2 pot 6tem. The lilles will be u3sd in the flow6r allangementa in churoh frcm Ea3tor day untll P€ntocoat.Tho names wl bs .rcorded In a sDecial meftorial book on disphy that podod. Pleaaeput nam€a on the lbt at thc of chursh PRINTINGCLEARLY, Please give th emoney to Fr Kcith to paar on to the Flowor cuild.


h€ld on Palm Sundsy 17- April st lt - 30 em in St P6te/3 Centre. To vote al thet m€€tng you need to tr€ on th6 Eloctoral Roll. It you arc not on l! pl€a3€3pe.k to Pauline Baxlsr The et€c{oral roll b ayaitabte for inap6cton at th6 back of church - Pleese check that yout details a|€ correct We arc abo looklng tor a people to G6rveon $o PCC, and foa nominadoG for Chuachwardena- please ae€ the tolm3 at the beck of church.


PALMSUNDAY 6 pm in Church

TOAST CLUB - our aft.r school club for chitdrsn of lnfei|t and Ju4io. Schqol rge mee!3 3 - 30 pm to 5 pm everythuftday in tsrm time. !!9.1;tug - tf you would like to ioln the l0o Club ptease fill out one of lh€ yellow forms In the bor at the back of church, lt corb €5 per rnonth. Each month tfie fir3t prlze is over e60.The next dr.w |3 on Sun&y 246 Apdt i; O|e Centra. THE HEALINGtllt{ISTRY , PriyerB for hea ng, with the laylng on ot hand3 end .noln$ng a|e r,su.tly off.€d during the l0 atn Sarvico on the fourth Sunday of month, abo at the lt - 16 am servlco on the lecond SundaF of llarch, June, September and llec€mber. tf you r€quirc the h€allng Itinbft' at other times, or woutd like to recelve Holy Communion at home wh€n you ar€ ill, pleale rpeak to the Recior. COUGHSAND SIIEEZES- lf you hav€ any lymptoms, you might like to r€ceive Hoty Communion by Inflnction .ather tian by drinking frotn the chatlce (t.e. by dlpping lho Ho.t (brEad) into th€ wins, blt being careftrt not to let your flngera touch the wlne.) lh|3 wttt hetp pBv€nt trs sprord of Infucton3 to othelB in the congrcgadon thb wlnt r.

oN SALEaFTERcHURcH 2ND & 4n SUNDAYSAND FROMTHEPARISHOFFICE t t l o NT O F R I 9 - 3 0 a m t o l l - 3 0 a m uk Everythtng you wanted to know about St Pete/. but w€lg efrald to ask. Hbto.y, 3torie3, how to get marri€d o. b.ptis€d, ih€ church, the c€ntre and S|e church famitv. PLUSthe all new St P6te/s Fecebook site for uo to tfii mlnutc ne{s, vlews and events In tl|o chujch. io don't wait You might miss sodethingl 8ut you can hetp maka it even bette.. lf the.E ato thin$ you'd llke .dd€d or tmprovod on the w€b .it , lend an to alanhillisr{ contact Alan on Fac€book.













ContactKathKnapmanfor moredetails on 0'1252 652966 TRANSPORT CANBE ARRANGED

St Peters Ash News Letter 3rd April 2011