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6 November Edition 4

The Newspaper for Miss West Lothian entrants

No dressing up for dress rehearsal IMiss N RESPONSE to questions on the T-shirts and jeans order of the day for finalists West Lothian 2011 finalists Facegroup, there is no need for girls to dress up for the dress rehearsal on Monday evening 29 November. The purpose of the dress rehearsal is for finalists to make themselves familiar with the layout of the venue at The Club, practice walking on the catwalk and have a final run through of their personality forms with the compere for the evening, Alan Scott. It’s also an opportunity to ask any last minute questions and find out exactly what being in the Grand Final of Miss West Lothian entails. One of the most important items on dress rehearsal evening is for finalists to be allocated the number which they will have on the big night. Over the

years, it has been felt that the fairest way to allocate the numbers is for girls to pick them out themselves from a hat. We normally ask for a volunteer to be the first girls out in front of the judges. There is no disadvantage or advantage in being out early, as the judges have an adjustments panel on their marking sheet, which is well used at the end of the first round, when all finalists come out together in front of the judges for one last time, after earlier coming out individually and in their groups of nine or ten. The rehearsal usually starts at about 6.30 and goes on until about 9.30 or 10pm. There is no need for girls to stay for the entire evening, although some do. It will probably be sufficient

to spend about an hour, as there will be a last minute chance for another run through on the Wednesday night. Miss West Lothian is a charity event and, as such, we are hoping for a large crowd on the evening. Girls are encouraged to bring as many supporters as they can to cheer them on, bearing in mind that mark for audience reaction. Each girl will get the chance to purchase two tickets, which will guarantee seated viewing at the front. After that, it’s first come-first served for supporters. However, the event is shown on all The Club’s huge TV screens, so everyone will be able to see the show, no matter where they are in The Club . The entry fee is £6, for a full programme of entertainment.

Sax on the beat as Stewart returns Saxophonist Stewart Wilson makes a return to this year’s Grand Final of Miss West Lothian

n The Miss West Lothian 2010 finalists pose for one last time with compere for the evening Alan Scott before getting ready for the catwalk and the judges

Keeping in touch through Facebook as Grand Final draws ever closer ALL the finalists have been added to a new Facebook group that we have set up for the purpose of sharing information and answering questions on a collective basis. However, if you have a question that you want answered on a purely individual basis, either PM the Facebook group or give Eddie a phone or text on 07963 483 442

Quick rundown of upcoming events THERE are a number of events coming up just before and after the Grand Final that girls can become involved in. There is some promotional work with Debenhams from 17 to 20 November. This involves a couple of hours a day or whatever commitment girls can

give. Several have already put their name forward, including previous contestants. Also coming up is the Christmas present wrapping for the West Lothian Toy Appeal and the Santa 2K charity run , which takes place from the Civic Centre on Sunday 5 December.

Miss West Lothian Newsletter 4  

Miss West Lothian Newsletter 4

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