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==== ==== eBook Download and Authoring FREE Info Visit: The eBook Revolution Info Site ==== ==== By bobby hutchinson Writing romance is not done by formula. Many people feel that there’s a template they can use which will produce a saleable story just by changing characters names and altering locations, but the fact is that writing romance is similar to a football game—the general pattern might be the same, but the plays are all different. Writing romance is anything but easy. Romance is about love and commitment, and the writer must keep that in mind during the entire creation process. There might be subplots that involve mystery, suspense, the supernatural—but the main theme is always the overcoming of seemingly insurmountable obstacles by the hero and heroine, resulting in their committing to a life together. The story, the plot, is the fascinating tale of how they arrive at the necessary happy ending. The challenge when writing romance is creating characters and situations that are totally believable, and creating conflict that seems a natural outcome of the coming together of diverse personalities. The writer must constantly ask herself whether the situation she’s presenting will suspend disbelief for the reader. Writing romance is not about having a reader believe the story—instead, it’s about the suspension of disbelief. Writing romance is both challenging and fun. The writer must find ways to make the pattern fresh and new and fascinating, even though the basic premise of two people falling in love has been told innumerable times before. It helps to remember that asking any couple how they met and fell in love will always result in totally different answers. It’s that vast array of possibility that stirs the imagination. In a logical progression, the characters meet, find one another or the situation impossible—in spite of intense attraction. They wrestle with their own ability to change, to adapt. Sound familiar? It’s what all of us struggle with. It’s called life. For the characters, there must come a time when the outcome seems impossible, the happy ending unreachable. This is known as “the moment of black despair.” How exciting to create such a situation— and how satisfying to find a logical and believable way of resolving the crisis. Once that tense moment is resolved, the writer must confidently bring the story to a logical, but highly romantic and satisfying conclusion. Endings are crucial. Here is the gift the reader has been anticipating, and it must live up to expectation. Far from being a formulaic and predictable endeavor, romance writing requires imagination, the originality to avoid cliché, the ability to be unpredictable, and the talent to tell a unique and believable story. Writing romance is a fascinating, difficult and endlessly challenging job. For those who succeed, it’s also satisfying and financially rewarding. Article Source: ==== ==== Write and Publish Your Own eBook in 7 or Less Days Visit: Write Your Own eBook ==== ====

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