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Things You Can Do to Build Better Websites A person with basic computer knowledge, access to a personal computer and the internet has the capability to build a website. There are several website building resources that can be made use of. This article will list down these resources to help you build a great website! Banner Makers- This resource is very useful when you are marketing or promoting your website to people. Banner Makers lets you create attractive and beautifully-designed banners that can be placed as an ad on other people's sites or blogs. Dead Link Checkers- Your website's ranking will fall if you don't constantly check out the links that you place within the website. There are two types of links - the internal links and external links. Internal links help your visitors to navigate within the site. External links are links that point to other source websites. Dead Link Checkers will help you to find dead or broken links within your website. Directory Services - One way to promote your site is to submit it to major search engines. Apart from that, it is a good idea to submit your site to internet directories. By doing this, you are placing your site in front of more and more people. The important thing to remember is that you should place your website under the appropriate category. Many a website has been lost in directories because it was not placed in the correct category. You must be prepared with a short synopsis of your website upon submission. Be patient because it can take from a few days to several weeks before your website can be approved for listing. Domain Name Searches- The importance of the right domain name for your website cannot be stressed enough. A domain name must be short and easy to remember. Long domain names are hard to remember for most people, especially if the name you chose is hard to spell. There are several Domain Name Search tools that are available online. Competitor Search- Another great website building resources are tools that do competitor searches for you. As you build your website, it's important that you find out who your competitors are. It's no different from building a brick and mortar business where you will need to be aware of your competitors. By using a competitor search tool, you can view other websites that have the same niche as yours and see where they are doing well or where they are also lacking. Page Hit Trackers - If you're serious about building a great website, make good use of Page Hit Trackers. This tool monitors the number of visitors to your site. By simply inserting an HTML code in your editor, page hit trackers will be able to tell you how many visitors your site has received, where they are coming from, which external links they used to leave your website. Web Page Ranking - This tool will monitor the popularity of your website. Page ranking shows how many other websites are also linking to your website. Each time that a website links to your site, this is considered a "vote". By placing this tool in your website, advertisers can easily see what your page ranking is and can make a decision if they will place an ad in your website or not. These website building resources are available online and will help you to build a great website! Are you looking for more information regarding website building resources? Visit today for a free ebook to download, "How To Make $100 Per

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