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==== ==== Thrifty Living Info You Need to See Visit: Thrifty Living ==== ==== By lucas1 The other day I was sitting with my Grandpa and we were carrying on about the world around us. Are conversations were mostly on pretty women and fast cars and just a good day in the summer where u could really just let loose. Be a young man and having my grandfather who was older then me I figured he was a little more experienced in the world of fiances and sales. So I asked my grandpa, "Grandpa was it this hard growing up in the olden days". My grandfather just looked at me and smiled and said it had it's hardships just like the one's you face today. Being young and foolish I tried to argue the point. I told my grandpa did kids get out of college with their bachelors and have no where to go. Was a waitress at the local steak and shake a phd student. Did everyday when you wake up and turn on the t.v. was their nothing but bad news and depressing stories. He looked at me realizing I take more in then I show. He told me that in his days the jobs were just as scarce in the depression era. He also told me that most the waitress were mothers and wives working while their husbands were out at war. He told me that in the joy of earning a buck was in comparison with the same joy I get on Christmas when I get a new present. My Grandfather also explained when he grew up there were no kids in the house watching t.v.. Everybody was playing outside he said opportunity wasn't that far away, you just had to look. My Grandfather told me that in the world of savings their are winners and losers. He could tell that I was a little baffled when he said a winner and a loser in the savings world isn't like baseball. A winner is someone who saves his money all his life in 401k's and mutual funds anything along those safe lines. A loser is someone who always needs to have the greatest things but no place to live but with their mothers. He said a better more polite way to say it is a new suit but torn underwear. My Grandpa told me that loans are very easy to come by and they look harmless when they are sitting in your bank account with no interest build up. But like fire a small flame becomes a blazing roar. At this moment I realized things have not changed as much as I thought. The world is always going to have it's up and downs. But the people in it is what makes a difference so if u see somebody not doing good educate them. It doesn't matter if they don't learn a thing, all that matters is that you tried. As the old saying goes you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Article Source:

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