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Airfare Secrets Revealed ==== ==== By Greg Travis If you love disney world you are going to love the ultimate disney world savings guide. In this article I would like to give you a review of Beth Haworth's guide. Before I give you my review I'd like to share with you about Beth Haworth (it is important to know who is writing the guide), share the strengths I found in reading the guide, the weaknesses and conclude giving you some final thoughts about the ultimate disney world savings guide. Who is Beth Haworth? She is a disney insider which allows her to know a lot of details about how the park works. As an ex employee she knows a lot of the ins and outs of disney world. She continues to travel to disney each year for at least a week. She has stayed in the luxury hotels but she has also stayed on disney's camping ground. So she has really become an expert on disney world. Strengths of the ultimate disney world savings guide One of the biggest strengths is how complete this guide is. It has information about anything and everything related to disney world: you have information related to lodging, using disney's shuttle, getting a special tour of the park when there are no crowds and it is closed, information on annual passes, discounts for people in the military, some really detailed tips on how an average family on a limited budget can actually afford to stay in the luxurious hotels. It is 142 pages of detailed information including charts, links to websites, etc. If anything, you might feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in there. Another strength is that unlike purchasing a book at a store this ebook is updated constantly as changes happen. She adds or changes things (such as prices) more than once monthly. So you always have access to the latest tips for saving at disney. My favorite tips relate to the options for saving on lodging which is where you can save a considerable amount. I think the guide has some great thoughts on how to stay on site and save on the shuttle from the aiport and the meals at disney. You can get you money back if the guide is not good for you. Clickbank's refund policy is pretty solid. You have the full sixty days to check it out. Weaknesses of the ultimate disney world savings guide The main weakness I discovered has to do with traveling with a family that is larger than four. I have three kids and some of the big savings for the lodging in the luxurious options don't apply quite the same. You can save but not as much. Along with this it does seem to take quite a bit of work to get some of the big savings on the lodging in these luxurious places (too complicated to explain here). I am not saying it is not worth it. It just seemed very technical. You'll understand if you ever get the guide. Her strategy to stay some days in the disney lodging and some days outside of disney to save money did not convince me. It seems to much of a hassle. Not worth it too me. Final thoughts on of the ultimate disney world savings guide Overall I think the ultimate disney world savings guide is worth it if you are planning a week trip or so to disney and are hoping that it won't cost you an arm or a leg. I hope this review has been helpful to you and has pointed you in the right direction. Have fun on you disney vacation!

Article Source: ==== ==== Airfare Secrets Revealed by Former Ticket Agent

Airfare Secrets Revealed ==== ====

The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide  

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