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==== ==== eBook Download and Authoring FREE Info Visit: The eBook Revolution Info Site ==== ==== By Christian A. Lautenschleger One of the most comment complaints for someone who rarely writers, or is just starting to on a regular basis, is writer's block in which the person is stuck while writing. Perhaps you have several really good ideas you want to put down on paper, but when it becomes time for you to actually sit down and transcribe what is in your head, you are dropping a blank. I have a few ideas for the person who needs a few pointers while stuck. The first thing I do when writing is to just write. It does not have to be anywhere perfect, but just as long as you start, you will be well on your way. Even if you are coming up with scatterbrained thought, just put in on paper (or your word processor on your computer), and go back and edit it later. Don't let a good idea slip! It is better to put an idea down to know you thought of it, than to finish your previous idea, while letting another one go. Also, when I start to put my thoughts into words, new ideas seem to just out. But if I had to wait to have a plethora of ideas and a perfect way to write them, I may never have thought of them. Break the silence, and turn on some music. This will be entirely subjective, as everyone his or her own tastes in music. I like to listen to classical music like writing, because it sooths my thoughts, and is not extremely busy. As really like to listen to upbeat music meant for clubs when I am not writing, but that is not very good music to have on in the background because of how business it is (plus, even in individual songs, there can be drastically different tempos; I don't experience that much when listening to Bach). If you have about half of what you want to write, just take a short break and walk about for a few minutes. Let your mind reset for a few minutes. Try to keep it fairly short, and do not start to do anything intellectually stimulating, as you want to prevent your mind from shifting gears to something outside of the scope of your subject. While you are working on your article marketing, you will more than likely experience writer's block at some point, even if you are an experienced writer. Using my advice will alleviate the strain of being stuck while writing can have. Practice, practice, practice. The more you write, the better you become, but you will need a few pointers along the way. My name is Christian A. Lautenschleger and I run I started the website to help people become successful internet marketers. Please visit to read more articles, motivation, and suggestions. Article Source: ==== ==== Write and Publish Your Own eBook in 7 or Less Days Visit: Write Your Own eBook ==== ====

Stuck While Writing  

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